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News - Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH

News - Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH

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Paper Art Award – Hahnemühle encourages contemporary paper art  (Company news)

The new Paper Art Award is presented for outstanding positions in contemporary paper art. With this award, Hahnemühle and its partners d’mage, Canon, and paper positions berlin pay tribute to paper as a material in the visual arts. Together, the partners are also opening the world’s first paper art museum, Haus des Papiers, in Berlin. The aim: to promote the value and significance of paper art.

Hahnemühle, d’mage and Canon have been cooperating and committed to sculptural paper art since 2017. As a result, the summer ateliers Paper Residency ! under the direction of d’mage have evolved. Each year, four scholarship holders are given the opportunity to work freely and extensively with paper without cost pressure. The concept allows a playful sculptural and/or three-dimensional processing of, among others, large-format, and fine art prints. Within this framework, many creative and unique paper artworks have already been created. A few selected ones were shown for the first time at the paper positions berlin in September 2020 and met with great enthusiasm. Inspired by the artworks and reactions, the concept of the joint award and paper art museum was formed.

Paper Art Award
The Paper Art Award is a new award for outstanding sculptural visual paper art. With an amount of 36,000€, it is the most highly endowed paper art award focusing on paper as a material. It will be awarded for the first time at the art fair paper positions berlin on 10.06.2021. Thereafter, up to three first-class artists will be honoured with this prize each year. There are no age, residence or origin restrictions for the participating artists. However, the artworks must meet one specific criterion: The artwork must be sculptural or three-dimensional paper art consisting of artistically processed or handled paper (drawings, paintings, or prints).

A highly competent jury consisting of gallery owners and artists, as well as guest judges from d’mage, Canon and Hahnemühle will select the winners. In addition to meeting the criterion, artistic quality, independence, innovative practice, potential and possibilities for further artistic development are also included in the evaluation.

The Haus des Papiers (House of Paper)

The Haus des Papiers (House of Paper) is the world’s first museum of sculptural paper art. Some of the exhibited works are Paper Art Award winners and purchased for the museum’s collection. Another part are loans from befriended artists and galleries. Among them are Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Burcak Bingöl, Astrid Busch, Thea Djordjadze, Aleksandra Domanovic, Lars Eidinger, Goekhan Erdogan, Christiane Feser, Andrea Grützner, Leiko Ikemura, Ismene, Lindsey Landfried, Alex Lebus, Guy Lougashi, Ulrike Mohr, Jana Schumacher and Rosemarie Trockel.

d’mage, Canon and Hahnemühle see the museum as a European centre for paper expertise, paper art and printing technologies. It is to become part of a large network. The House of Paper will open with a vernissage on May 22, 2021. It can be found at Seydelstraße 30, in 10177 Berlin.

“Hahnemühle paper inspires artists all over the world. We are now pooling our expertise as a manufacturer of the finest media with two strong partners. Together with the international camera and printer manufacturer Canon and the Hahnemühle Certified Studio d’mage Berlin, we are launching a new excellence award in Berlin’s international art scene. Paper in its diverse, yet unique form will be the central element of the competition. We are excited and looking forward to this international project.” – Jan Wölfle, President and CEO of Hahnemühle Group.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle launches FineNotes Collection for stylish writing  (Company news)

Hahnemühle FineArt is delighted to announce the launch of it’s premium FineNotes writing range at CAA Digital Creative Days – Hahnemühle´s first digital tradeshow from Sunday 31st January until Tuesday 2nd February 2021 – the same dates CreativeWorld would have taken place.

Photo: FineNotes by Hahnemühle Manuscript Notebooks

Founded in the Solling valley in 1584, the launch of the new Hahnemühle FineNotes range extends the brands world renowned expertise into the manufacture of the finest stationery. Hahnemühle has refined the craft of papermaking for over four hundred years. With a host of distinugished accolades, innovative FineArt products and a strong brand presence internationally, Hahnemühle FineNotes will be presenting new fine writing instruments, notebooks and writing paper which will have worldwide appeal and distinction.

The three product lines within the FineNotes range are built on a historically rich foundation: Writing Instruments, Notebooks and Writing Papers. “With Hahnemühle FineNotes we implemented our unique product vision of the finest papers and writing instruments imprinted with the Hahnemühle DNA. Premium watermarked writing papers fill our Iconic and Manuscript notebook series. The patterns of the mould-made wires in our paper machines inspire the guilloché surfaces of the limited edition writing instrument series, First Edition,” says Martin Hopp, Business Manager Stationery & Merchandising at Hahnemühle. All FineNotes products are handcrafted to perfection from exquisite raw materials. Distinctive watermarks, fine engravings and beautiful embossings are finely crafted characteristics for the discerning consumer drawn to these products.

Hahnemühle FineNotes products in detail: FineNotes Writing Instruments include fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens of luxury and class. They are offered in a series of three ranges, First Edition – limited – Slim and Bold Edition. The ornamental pattern of the guilloché surfaces is reminiscent of the mould-made wires used by Hahnemühle’s papermakers.

The writing instruments complement the new Premium Notebooks perfectly for people who let thoughts flow through their hand onto paper. These notebooks, from the Iconic and Manuscript series, are valuable companions that appeal to all the senses. The finest Hahnemühle watermark paper encased in a noble leather book, preserving very personal entries and guarantees haptically and visually impressive writing experiences.

FineNotes Writing Papers will continue what began with Hahnemühle´s genuine handmade papers for royalty and nobility more than 400 years ago. When a pen glides across fine paper and ideas take shape, that is art: the art of writing and the art of paper in equal measure.

“The Hahnemühle brand has created the finest FineArt papers – since 1584. This history is now reflected in our new FineNotes collection. After the global launch, we will continue to strengthen and develop our sales activities with selected partners in the stationery industry and in cities accross the world” Business Manager Martin Hopp gives a concluding outlook.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Great success – Hahnemühle's CAA digital Creative Days  (Company news)

Lots of spectators on Sunday
The first three-day CAA digital Creative Days, which Hahnemühle organised at the end of January were a complete success. For the first time, this virtual event was hosted together with the partners Schmincke and da Vinci as the Creativeworld in Frankfurt could not take place. The colourful and varied Hahnemühle program attracted many interested parties. The product and brand updates were recorded in the Enstyle Studios, professionally accompanied and streamed live in 4K quality on the Hahnemühle YouTube channel. All recordings were produced in English and uploaded directly, so international customers could also access all news promptly, regardless of time differences. Despite the weekend, many national and international customers did not miss the welcome note from the CEOs of da Vinci, Schmincke and Hahnemühle.

Moderator Dany Michalski hosted the live sessions
Throughout all live sessions like the keynote “Recap & Outlook 2020/2021” by Jan Wölfle, CEO of the Hahnemühle Group, as well as the global product launches for the Natural Line and FineNotes, the lively and eloquent presenter Dany Michalski hosted the program.

With the global launch of the Natural Line, Hahnemühle revealed the secret of its latest addition to the range of artist papers. Since 2008, with the introduction of the mixed media paper made from Bamboo, the company has been focusing more and more on fast-growing and sustainable raw materials. With the new Agave Watercolor and Hemp Sketch papers, Hahnemühle is consistently focusing on further resource-saving papers in keeping with the zeitgeist of environmental protection. The new Hahnemühle Natural Line product family includes all papers made from environmentally friendly fibers.

In addition, product manager Rana Ardal-Altun and marketing director Ann Kristin Nohlen announced a range extension to a very successful product launch last year. Toned watercolor books, which are very popular with urban sketchers, are now available in three new formats. The grey and beige toned papers with a classic watercolor structure are now available in A5, A4 and in the trendy square format 20 x 20 cm.

With the international launch of FineNotes by Hahnemühle, the brand is expanding its paper expertise into the field of writing culture. The collection for stylish writing includes noble, leather-bound notebooks with premium writing paper with watermarks as well as fine writing implements with fine engravings or fine embossing – for a tactile handwriting experience in our digital age! The global launch of the high-quality stationery products received excellent feedback.

There will be some innovations in the internationally established Hahnemühle calendar competition. The calendar will no longer be produced as an offset printing process, it will change to digital printing. This is an important step with regards to environmental protection. Due to the change in printing processes less waste will be generated, energy is saved and emissions will be reduced. Printing plates will no longer be required, the use of chemicals will be reduced and on-demand printing will minimise any excess.
For the first time the calendar will be printed on specially developed Hahnemühle FineArt paper. This makes the calendar even more valuable as a collector’s item. In addition to the technical news, the eagerly awaited topic of the 2022 competition ‘Joy & Happiness’ has been announced in the event “Calendar Painting Competition – What’s happening next?“.

Live hands-on sessions by Gris030 and clips by international artists such as rabi_rabi and Césc Farre, who showed the new papers in action, made end-user hearts beat faster. The program was rounded off with Q&A sessions with the Hahnemühle team in various languages ​​and personal Zoom meetings with dealers, influencers and press contacts.

Positive summary of the three-day event
‘The first virtual CAA digital Creative Days were very exciting for all of us in the run-up and during implementation. The feedback we received and the continuously increasing number of views of the content produced demonstrates to us that this was the right way to inform our customers on business updates during this challenging time.
Despite the pandemic and the lockdown in many countries, we could effectively communicate our new product launches globally. It goes without saying that a virtual trade fair can not replace personal contact with our business partners. Product launches are also much more difficult when the mere view of a product has to be convincing and the feel, especially with analog products like our papers, is missing. Nevertheless, virtual events are a good alternative, ”said Jan Wölfle, CEO of the Hahnemühle Group, in summary.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Paint and Draw what brings Joy and Happiness – The Hahnemühle Calendar Competition ...  (Company news) now open

” For 2022, we would like to have an art calendar full of positive energy. In 12 monthly pictures we simply want to spread pure joy and happiness. So this year’s theme of our painting competition is “Joy & Happiness” says Barbara Knipper, the organiser of the annual calendar competition at Hahnemühle.

The theme and call for entries is eagerly awaited by the international artist community every year. For more than 10 years, the competition has regularly attracted several thousand paintings from all over the world – paintings, drawings, collages or traditional prints.

The submission phase runs from February to June each year. Participants can upload up to five works of art via an online portal. The artworks must meet two criteria: they have to be painted on Hahnemühle or Lana paper and in landscape format only. The closing date for entry is the 30th June 2021. A panel of judges will select 36 artworks and the shortlist will be announced in the Autumn. A video on the Hahnemühle homepage and social media channels will introduce the finalists.

“This year, a few innovations promise to attract even more attention in artist circles and the public: the limited edition calendars will be printed digitally on demand and the calendar will be available for purchase,” explains Stefan Neumann, Head of Technical Support at Hahnemühle.

But before that happens, the 12 winning images will be chosen and announced in November. The winners are guaranteed the prestige of being represented in the art calendar of the world-renowned Hahnemühle brand. In addition to 10 printed calendars, they will receive an exclusive creative package from all Creative Art Alliance partners consisting of valuable artist papers from Hahnemühle, paints from Schmincke and brushes from da Vinci to the value of EUROS 350. Last but not least all artists will share in the proceeds from the sale of the calendars.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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TIPA World Award 2020: Hahnemühle Natural Line wins 'Best Inkjet Photo Paper'  (Company news)

Hahnemühle is delighted that this year not only one FineArt inkjet paper from its collection has won a TIPA World Award, but three! With the Hahnemühle Natural Line and the paper grades Hahnemühle Bamboo, Hahnemühle Hemp and Hahnemühle Agave the inventor of Digitial FineArt Inkjet papers has once again succeeded in convincing the Technical Press Imaging Association – in short: TIPA. All three papers of the Hahnemühle Natural Line are awarded the TIPA World Award 2020 in the category “Best Inkjet Photo Paper“.

The editors and publishers of 30 photo and imaging magazines from all over the world are excited about the papers from Hahnemühle’s Natural Line:
“The Hahnemühle Natural Line appeals in both their sustainable manufacture and their unique surface characteristics. The cellulose in these papers is supplied by raw materials that require minimal maintenance and do not need any pesticides. Each 290 GSM paper has a unique look and feel. Bamboo is a warm tone paper with a lightly textured surface; Hemp is a bright white matt paper with a slight textural surface; and Agave has a more textural surface with a bright white base.”

The Natural Line has a special place in the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection. It focuses on FineArt inkjet papers made from unique raw materials: bamboo, hemp and agave. The plants that provide the cellulose require minimal maintenance, grow quickly and don’t need any pesticides. Their rapid growth means that more cellulose can be produced on the same cropland than with other raw materials, and they also require much less water, helping to save valuable resources and protect the environment. The new FineArt inkjet papers from the Natural Line are the next step in our continuous pursuit of sustainability and careful use of our resources. The Natural Line complements the Digital FineArt Collection with special fine art inkjet papers made from unique raw materials and supports under the Green Rooster initiative environmental projects on regional and international level.

Additionally, all three paper grades do not require optical brighteners, are acid and lignin free and completely vegan – like all our Digital FineArt Collection papers.

Clean water, natural fibres, first-rate expertise in paper production and absolute commitment to the production site in Germany have been the foundation of Hahnemühle’s success for more than 435 years. Hahnemühle treats its natural environment with respect and is socially responsible – after all, it wouldn’t be able to create high-quality paper without this kind of uncompromising dedication. Hahnemühle is proud of all it has achieved so far and is constantly working to improve sustainability and conserve resources. Sustainability plays a key role at its production site as Hahnemühle is located close to a nature reserve.Thus, environmentally friendly paper production is a high priority. A careful and responsible use of valuable resources such as water, fibres and energy is a matter of course.

The Hahnemühle Natural Line papers are therefore the result of Hahnemühle’s willingness to innovate, its commitment to sustainability and its sense of responsibility.

All three sustainable premium inkjet papers of the Hahnemühle Natural Line celebrated their worldwide premiere at the Photo Plus Expo in New York in autumn 2019. The world innovation was to make its debut in Germany at photokina 2020 this year to demonstrate that perfect FineArt printing can be taken to a new level with sustainable papers. Unfortunately, this is being postponed unitl the new date in 2020. The outstanding artist papers from the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection are and will remain unique in the market.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle Delivers Consumables for New COVID-19 Cartridge-Based Test System  (Company news)

The new high-volume COVID-19 cartridge-based test system is capable of rapidly detecting multiple virus infections.

Within one hour, the system is providing positive or negative results for COVID-19, as well as more than 20 other viruses. Large quantities of patients can be tested through this industrial-grade test system, which is currently being deployed in the market via several medical hardware system providers. In this context, authorities classified Hahnemühle in March 2020 as a mission critical (systemrelevant) production facility to ensure continued production and supply chain peace of mind during this difficult period in the fight against COVID-19.

Photo: Consumables for Corona /Covid 19 Tests ©Hahnemuehle

“Hahnemühle has been innovating in the area of life sciences since 1883, and is also known as one of the inventors of pure filtration and analytical systems. We provide these solutions to companies within the healthcare sector, hospitals, and laboratories. We are proud to be a contributor to the global fight against COVID-19”, says Jan Wölfle, President and CEO of Hahnemühle FineArt Group.

This high-volume cartridge-based test system for coronavirus consists of a one-time use cartridge, including agents and substrates from Hahnemühle, plus a computer based analytical system from various hardware vendors. Samples are multiplied within the one-time use cartridge and results are delivered within one hour. The system can detect evidence of more than 20 viruses within the sample and was upgraded and approved in March 2020 to also detect COVID-19. Suspected cases can be tested faster, in higher volumes, isolated and, if needed, treated much more efficiently and with more scalability than in the past.

“Fast testing to detect COVID-19 is essential in the fight to contain and mitigate the coronavirus outbreak. Many manufacturers are increasing their capacity as fast as possible and are requesting these cartridge-based consumables in high volumes from us. To that end, we are deploying additional resources and developing, in tandem with our customers, additional solutions to help fight this global pandemic. By the end of this year, we will increase our monthly capacity to provide consumables for up to at least 20 million COVID-19 tests per month. Special procedures have already been put in place since January to ensure that all guidelines from authorities are proactively followed globally. Our Production and Finishing Departments are in rotating 3-shift schedules, while the Sales and Administration Departments are working in a similar shift schedule both on- and off-site to ensure mission critical business continuity”.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle Natural Line at Gian Paolo Barbieri  (Company news)

Lately, our Natural Line Papers were presented for the very first time at an exclusive launch event with ImageConsult in Italy. Close to one hundred print studios and photographers, as well as press gathered to learn about the special features of our sustainable papers, at no other place but Gian Paolo Barbieri’s studio in Milan.

At this iconic location, Digital FineArt Product Manager, Andrea Sippel gave an in-depth presentation about our company’s history, the Natural Line papers and the story behind their development. The first part covered the history of Hahnemühle and its beginnings in 1584. She further explained why the paper mill is located near a nature reserve and how the paper production even started. The second part of the presentation was fully dedicated to our Natural Line papers and Green Rooster initiative. Our Export Area Sales Manager for Southern Europe and Latin America, Luciana Leite, was on site, too. Both described in detail how Hahnemühle’s sustainability efforts are anchored deeply in the company and why a respectful attitude towards the environment is part of our success.

On top of this, ImageConsult organized an exclusive test printing with various photographers and print studios from all over Italy. Numerous works of these Italian photographers were displayed to show our latest paper invention in usage. Via a central portal interested photographers could register, receive a DIN A3 set of Natural Line papers and send it back printed. The result was a diverse, colourful and varied portfolio on paper made from Bamboo, Hemp or Agave. One of the highlights at the launch event. The reactions were overwhelming – papers made from sustainable raw materials that are true FineArt inkjet papers and do something good at the same time.

The Natural Line has a special place within the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection. It focuses on FineArt inkjet papers made from exceptional raw materials – Bamboo, Hemp and Agave. The undemanding plants from which the required pulp is obtained are fast-growing and do not require pesticides. Due to their fast growth, they provide more pulp than other raw materials on the same area while requiring significantly less water. This saves valuable resources and protects the environment.

In addition to this successful launch event with ImageConsult, Andrea Sippel and Luciana Leite visited other Hahnemühle partners and certified studios in Italy. One of the stops was the Hahnemühle Certified Studio NEWLAB in Brescia. An exclusive Hahnemühle Natural Line Event was also held there.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Global innovation for PHOTOPLUS Expo 2019: The Natural Line  (Company news)

For Hahnemühle, the leading trade fair for photography and imaging in the US, PhotoPlus Expo in New York, is all about FineArt papers, exclusive photo art and perfect prints. The new Natural Line is completely unique on the market and will see its world debut in New York.

The FineArt industry will see a new paper range that elevates FineArt printing to a new level. As the inventor and pioneer of genuine artist papers for inkjet printing, Hahnemühle fulfils the wish of many photographers to include FineArt papers made of 100% natural and unique fibres in the Digital FineArt Collection.

The new FineArt inkjet papers from the Natural Line are the next step in our continuous pursuit of sustainability and careful use of our resources.

About the Natural Line
The Natural Line has a special place in the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection. It focuses on FineArt inkjet papers made from unique raw materials: bamboo, hemp and agave. The plants that provide the cellulose require minimal maintenance, grow quickly and don’t need any pesticides. Their rapid growth means that more cellulose can be produced on the same cropland than with other raw materials, and they also require much less water, helping to save valuable resources and protect the environment.

The new FineArt inkjet papers from the Natural Line are the next step in our continuous pursuit of sustainability and careful use of our resources.
-Bamboo · 290 gsm, 90% bamboo fibre, 10% cotton, natural white, smooth matt surface
-Hemp · 290 gsm, 60% hemp fibre, 40% cotton, white, smooth matt surface
-Agave · 290 gsm, 70% agave fibre, 30% cotton, white, textured matt surface
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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TIPA Award: Photo Rag® Metallic is 'Best Inkjet Photo Paper 2019'  (Company news)

Hahnemühle is delighted to receive the seventh TIPA Award for a Fine Art Inkjet Paper. As the inventors of the Digital FineArt Papers for Inkjet Printing, Hahnemühle has also attained another product innovation with Photo Rag® Metallic, which has been named the best product in the imaging industry by the Technical Press Imaging Association – TIPA for short.

Photo: Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic

The editors and publishers of 30 photo and imaging magazines around the world are excited about Photo Rag® Metallic and stated:
“Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic adds a special touch to Fine Art images. For printmakers who want an extra “glow” on selected images, this 100% cotton, 340 gsm, natural white paper offers a high-gloss metallic finish. The paper features a special silvery shimmering surface effect for bold colours, a deep black and fine delineation of colour and tone. It is a prime choice for images with metallic elements, reflections, ice and snow or architecture. It is also a unique choice for black and white images with high contrast tones. Photo Rag® Metallic has no optical brighteners, is acid and lignin free and is ISO9706 compliant/museum quality for high age resistance.”

Photo Rag® Metallic is the brand-new paper from Hahnemühle’s renowned Photo Rag® family, which elevates fine art printing to a new level. It fulfils the wish of many photographers for a 100% FineArt cotton paper – now with a metallic surface. The evenly shimmering metallic effect corresponds perfectly with the feel and structure of a real artist’s paper and is unique on the market.

“As the oldest German artist paper manufactory, we are the pioneer of FineArt papers. We have developed these papers and refine them for more than 15 years now for photography and art reproductions. The renewed TIPA World Award boosts our innovative power and strengthens our worldwide reputation as quality leader “, says product manager Andrea Sippel.
With different roll and sheet sizes, photographers can choose from a wide range of options. Users get the best printing results with our Hahnemühle ICC profiles. The ICC profiles are available for download on the website.

Photo Rag® Metallic celebrated its worldwide premiere in autumn of 2018 and is currently a real magnet at the world’s photo fairs. After Photokina, Photo Plus Expo or Salon de la Photo and the Photography Show, the first Metallic Fine Art paper was last week in the spotlight at Fotografar in Brazil and at the Photo & Imaging in Seoul in May. In Tokyo, the paper will be awarded the TIPA World Award on May 20, 2019.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle is an iconic brand of the German economy  (Company news)

Once again Hahnemühle had been honoured with the prestigious award “German Standards – Brands of the Century”. After 2016, the paper manufactory is again member of the ‘Brands Bibel’ compendium. The latest edition of the book “German Standards – Brand of the Century” published every third year by Dr Florian Langenscheidt presents German brands of different product segments that are assessed as the strongest.

“As one of 200 companies in different product segments, Hahnemühle has consistendly confirmed that we live by enduring values. We deliver quality by tradition and are trusted worldwide”, says Ann Kristin Nohlen, Marketing Director.

An advisory board of top-class brand experts selected Hahnemühle as the “Brand of the century” for the second time in the product category “Feinstpapier” (fine paper). “We have confirmed our standing in the top class of well-known German brands. Our award as ‘Brand of the Century’ is a first class business card, “continues Nohlen.

Hahnemühle products are considered the benchmark in the industry with the “Brands of the Century” award. The new logo will grace the products for the next three years.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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photokina thrills Hahnemühle  (Company news)

Hahnemühle’s fair booth in the guise of a gallery was very popular with photokina visitors. On all the days of the fair, there was a great rush at Hahnemühle, the world market leader for FineArt inkjet papers. Five of the more than 30 motifs were printed on the new Photo Rag® Metallic, which the guests were particularly impressed by.

“We are delighted with the fact that the response to Photo Rag® Metallic—with its fine touch of silver—was so positive, but I have to admit that we were surprised by the euphoric feedback of the public,” said Andrea Sippel, Hahnemühle’s Product Manager Digital FineArt Media. “At the same time, we also were very happy with the interest in the artist signings and the sales of the sample packs, giving visitors a chance to try our FineArt range.”

With the ‘Artist Signing’ campaign, renowned photographers signed limited edition prints on Hahnemühle papers to then give away to fair visitors. It was the third edition of the popular campaign following 2014 and 2016. This time, the artists on site were Mária Švarbová, Eva Gieselberg, Arina Dähnick, Martin Häusler, Stefan Nimmesgern and Francesco Gola who signed a total of more than 400 exclusive FineArt prints.

Meanwhile, the sample packs comprising different paper selections were available at prices from €5 to €10. As it was the case in previous years, the complete proceeds will be donated to charity. This year, Médecins Sans Frontières will be the beneficiaries of the proceeds amounting to nearly €12,400.

The award bestowed on Hahnemühle by the Technical Image Press Association, TIPA for short, was the icing on the cake of a successful fair for Hahnemühle. Photo Gloss Baryta, a paper part of the ‘Hahnemühle Photo’ range, was awarded the prize ‘Best Inkjet Photo Paper’.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle the 'Brand of the Century'  (Company news)

Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH is delighted to announce another prestigious award: ‘Brand of the Century’ as documented by the ‘Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards’ (Brand Award of the German Standards) together with inclusion as a member of the ‘Brands of the Century’ compendium. The latest edition of the book published every third year by Dr Florian Langenscheidt presents German brands of different product segments that are assessed as the strongest. The number of brands making it to the compendium as ‘Stars on the Brand Sky’ amount to a total of approximately 250 companies.

“We are truly delighted with this award,” said Ann Kristin Plüss, Hahnemühle’s Marketing and Communications Director. “This accolade is awarded to those German companies that have set exemplary standards with their products.” An advisory board consisting of top class brand experts selected Hahnemühle as ‘Brand of the Century’ in the product category ‘Feinstpapier’ (finest paper). “We are honoured by having been made a part of this extraordinary brand project and to have the chance of taking a place in this line-up of tradition rich brands,” concluded Ann Kristin Plüss.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle @Achema 2015  (Company news)

Take the opportunity to get to know us as your reliable partner, whether you are looking for individual paper solutions or standard products for your daily lab work or meet your persons of contact.

Hahnemühle´s highlights for you at Achema 2015:
-Our syringe filters: retuned range at very attractive prices.
-Freshly printed for Achema: our two new product catalogs for filter papers and microfiltration.
-Your portrait on a filter paper: illustrator Marc Robitzky sketches you with a wink.
-Win a iPad 3 mini, including a soft cover!
and much more ...

Want to make an appointment by email? Send us your appointment proposal to
We will contact you and would be happy to send you a voucher for a free day ticket.

Pay us a visit at hall 4.2, stand J11! We look forward to meeting you!
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle Paper Launch and Artist Signing  (Company news)

Hahnemühle invites six photographers for Artist Signing sessions on each photokina day. An exclusive, limited Hahnemühle photokina-Edition each of 100 prints by Stefan Milev, Kirill Golovchenko, Nomi Baumgartl, Mario Marino, Andreas H. Bitesnich and Jochen Brillowski will be awarded to visitors. The Artist Signing will take place from September 16 to 21 at Hahnemühle´s booth in Hall 3.1, A25.

Furthermore Hahnemühle will introduce »FineArt Baryta Satin« This natural white FineArt Baryta Satin captivates due to its satin finish and provides exceptional image results with large colour space and intense color reproduction. FineArt Baryta Satin is an ideal medium for colourful photographs and black and white photographs and reproductions as it provides an extremely deep black (Dmax), rich colours and an outstanding sharpness of details to achieve high resolution images. The 300 gsm paper is made of 100 % a-cellulose is acid-free and has no optical brighteners, and meets the requirements for longevity according to ISO 9706.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #106962

New acrylic block by Hahnemühle  (Company news)

Acryl 330gsm, the new block by Hahnemühle, is slightly glossy and features a subtle linen structure. Its white paper is particularly suited for pastose paint applications. The surface gloss remains even after the painting while the structure makes for the look and feel of a classic canvas. Acryl 330gsm doesn’t need to be stretched or moistened before being used. The artist can work right on the block or on a cut off sheet of paper – the paper remains smooth anyway. “I tested different techniques, first of all layer painting – and partly with a lot of water, sand and varnish. I scratched, sanded and washed… and was really happy.” says painter Conny Niehoff. Hahnemühle_Acryl_330 Acryl 330gsm is available with immediate effect in the formats 24 x 32cm, 30 x 40cm and 36 x 48cm. Sheet stock is available in the same formats and – in addition – in the format 50 x 65cm.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Analytica 2014 - A Major Event for Hahnemühle  (Company news)

‘Increased numbers of visitors, promising talks, cumulative expertise in one place’ is the positive balance Hahnemühle draws of Analytica 2014. The fresh and colourful booth design caused great attention. Colourful eye catching product images presented the range of filter papers, membranes, syringe filters and filtration pumps of the worldwide operating paper manufacturer based in Dassel, Germany.
The focus was set on the preview of the new compact filtration unit for the microbiology. Visitors at the booth could try out the system themselves and became aware of its advantages. The positive reactions received are promising. HFA -Kompakte Filtrationseinheit“We are very pleased, to be able to serve the customer demand for system solutions which are easy to handle and attractive in terms of pricing. Reducing the risk of contamination due to the compact surface, as well as the time and cost savings through the integrated high-performance liquid pump are huge benefits for users” suggests Dr. Horst Rosenbauer, Product Manager Filtration at Hahnemühle.
“The increased internationality of the visitors and the requests for customised products for laboratory and industrial applications Analytica is gaining more and more importance for direct customer contacts”.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Time to shine: Hahnemühle Canvas Metallic  (Company news)

Hahnemühle Canvas Metallic 350 gsm is a bright white fine art inkjet canvas with an extravagant metallic gleam. The novel surface will impress every observer with its elegant silver and pearlescent gloss.
The metallic finish on this finely-structured fabric ensures an extremely lively and appealing image effect.Smaple prints Hahnemühle Canvas Metallic 970x470px The inkjet coating guarantees photographs and art reproductions with extremely high densities, large color gamut and sharp resolution.

Canvas Metallic in detail:
-Novel surface with an elegant silver and pearlescent gloss
-Extremely high densities for dark colors
-Large color gamut
-Perfectly suited for the Hahnemühle Framing System

“This iridescent Canvas Metallic is a great product that extends our successful Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Canvas range perfectly. For vibrant and shimmering art productions, digital art or collages as well as fine art photo prints, Canvas Metallic offers an entirely new, Hahnemuehle Canvas Metallic roll and box1amazingly shiny three-dimensional look. The sample print on Canvas Metallic shows a painting of Jesus Vilalonga which blend perfectly with the elegant silver shine. With a superbly wrapped genuine fine art print on Canvas Metallic, artists and photographers can impress with radiance in galleries, museums and collectors in the truest sense of the word.” – Andrea Sippel, Product Manager of Digital FineArt Paper for Hahnemühle GmbH.
Available in 17″, 24″ and 44″ wide rolls – 12 meters length.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Luxurious Gloss: The striking Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta  (Company news)

Hahnemühle complements the successful HAHNEMÜHLE PHOTO line with a true Baryta quality. The new Photo Silk Baryta is an excellent alternative to Ilford Gold Fibre Silk. The new Hahnemühle inkjet Baryta debuted in the beginning of March at the Photography Show in Birmingham and WPPI in Las Vegas.
“Photo Silk Baryta will enrich the world famous brand of Hahnemühle with another great paper for photographers and print studios. It has an interesting paper color and a true Baryta layer that guarantees a silky gloss and excellent color gamut for brilliant color and velvety blacks,” says Norbert Klinke, Director Marketing & Sales.
Swedish fashion photographer Per Zennström is also thrilled by Photo Silk Baryta. His concepts are to be seen in crisp, brilliant colors as well as in velvety, deep blacks and gray tones on the sample prints featured in the HAHNEMÜHLE PHOTO sample book. “The fine structure of the paper, the luster of the printed area and the pleasant matte surface in unprinted areas captivates every observer. This paper provides a real wow factor for the eyes and a real Baryta paper ‘touch and feel’ experience for the fingertips.”
The white paper with a smooth surface impresses haptically and visually. The Baryta layer below the ink-receiving coating ensures the look of an analog Baryta paper. The color rendering and color density is impressive. With a grammage of 310 gsm, fine art inkjet prints on the new paper are very presentable. ”
Photo Silk Baryta is perfect for intense, vibrant color prints or black and white motifs with great contrasts from all genres of photography. The paper contains a minimum amount of long-term stable optical brighteners to guarantee an elegant white of the paper. It is an alternative to the Baryta papers without optical brighteners which are available in the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection – if desired” adds Klinke.
Photo Silk Baryta is available from mid-March in sheet and roll formats in the HAHNEMÜHLE PHOTO range.
Introductory kits with printed and unprinted samples will be provided to authorized Hahnemühle dealers and Certified Studios.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Summary: Creativeworld 2014 – Hahnemühle the trend  (Company news)

Hahnemühle FineArt introduced two new products at this years Creativeworld /Paperworld. The paper manufacturer evoked a rapturous response with its “Style Sketch” a trendy product for “Urban Sketching”. The stylish sketch book has a black cover with a colored core and a corresponding ring binding. Pablo Ientile, Illustrator and Urban Sketcher used the “Style Sketch” at the Hahnemühle booth and presented impressively the different applications of the high-quality papers. It is suitable for sketches, illustrations, designs and manga with pencils and coloured pens, as well as for fineliner, ink pens and watercolor and acrylic paints.
“Hahnemühle Easy Frame” was introduced for the first time at Creativeworld/Paperworld. The innovative new stretch frame enables mounting of Canvas and soft artist papers. With Hahnemühle EasyFrame artists, photographers and print studios have the opportunity to present their paintings, photo prints and reproductions quickly and easily. The 5-minute demonstrations at the booth attracted many visitors. The launch is planned soon.
“We were very satisfied with the show. We had interesting conversations that let us have an opticmistic view to the year. Also promising is the significant increase of visitors from our export markets at the show as well as the feedbacks we received from visitors about our two new products,” said Norbert Klinke, Director of Marketing and Sales at Hahnemühle FineArt.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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CreativeWorld 2014 – Sketching in a stylish way with Hahnemühle Style Sketch  (Company news)

To match the current mega trend ‘Mobile Sketching’ Hahnemühle will present new fancy spiral bound sketch booklets at this years CreativeWorld from 25th to 28th of January 2014 in Frankfurt. The strong black covers have a striking red, blue or green coloured core with a corresponding coloured spiral and can be fully opened to provide a sturdy base for studies and notes.
Pablo Ientile, an globetrotting artist and ‘urban sketcher’ will open his studio at the Hahnemühle booth hall 4.1, E10 to draw exclusively for Hahnemühle´s trade partners in the new ‘Style Sketch’. Visitors will have the chance of watching him in action, posing for him or providing proposals and ideas for his illustrations. They can also win one of his works of art in a new ‘Style Sketch’ booklet.
In addition to Hahnemühle´s traditional painting and drawing papers, the market-leading inkjet papers are in focus. The German artist paper manufactory presents the world’s esteemed papers for fine art reproduction, digital art and photo printing. Beside the established Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection with award-winning papers, the range ‘Hahnemühle Photo’ will be on display. The portfolio comprises the first PE papers with microporous inkjet coating by Hahnemühle and two attractive entry-level qualities. It’s ideal for Creativeworld visitors from the traditional artist segment who want to market their originals as a limited edition digitally printed.
Creativeworld Frankfurt is the first show where the artist paper manufacturer will present their new Corporate Desing including the revamped logo and a new typography in Europe. Beside the mentioned changes, a new trend-setting digital strategy has been launched. With its transparent, open and modern expression and suiting customer demands, the new appearance reflects Hahnemühle´s central values: passion, perfection, openness, respect in the collaboration and sustainability.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle at the 2014 Creativeworld!  (Company news)

Creativeworld in Frankfurt on Main will be held from 25th to 28th January. Having emerged from the creativity area of the ‘Paperworld’, the Creativeworld as independent fair now represents the biggest gathering for artists as well as hobby and handicraft demand.
It goes without saying that we as your conversant manufacturer of finest artist papers also will be represented at this year’s Creativeworld. In addition to our traditional painting and drawing papers, we will take our sketch books to the fore – on the occasion of the major trend ‘mobile painting’. Furthermore, we present our inkjet papers for fine-art printing – for art or photo reproductions.
The name Hahnemühle stands for paper production with passion. The best raw materials, skilled craftsmanship, committed employees and a relationship with you, our customers, that is based on partnership are of major importance for us.

Plan your Creativeworld visit with us. We expect you in hall 4.1, booth E 10.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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From mini to maxi – Hahnemühle Sketch Books  (Company news)

For the big trend ‘Mobile Sketching’ – even ‘Street art’ or ‘Urban Sketching’ called – Hahnemühle offers a comprehensive range of sketch books and sketch journals in artist paper range. We present here in the new Hahnemühle blog two products.
This is where colour comes in: Put a Hahnemühle ‘Sketch & Note’ booklet in your pocket as a everyday companion and be ready to start sketching wherever you are. Enjoy the trendy cover colours of the new sketching journals. A hard wearing stitched binding holds 40 pages of full-grain natural white 125 gsm paper, which is perfectly suited for drawings and notes with pens of any kind. ‘Sketch & Note’ is available in A4 for your briefcase, A5 for your backpack or pocket-sized A6 and A3 for maximium sketching fun. German illustrator Marc Robitzky uses enthusiastically Hahnemühle ‘Sketch & Note’ booklets : “I can let off steam in the colorful creative A3 size sketchbooks. The booklets are flexible and up for everything. My sketchbooks are my creative diaries.” German artists Cordula Kerlikowski likes to draw and paint in the new Hahnemühle ‘D & S Mini Sketchbook’. “The book fits perfectly in my palm . It is ideal for my botanical studies. In my studio I´m using the mini sketches to create a bigger work of art.” This sturdy black cover protects the thread-sewn natural white sheets . The 140 gsm thick paper is ideal for drawings with pencil, charcoal, red chalk, fineliner, colored pencils or drawing inks. For creative people who love hand charming haptic, all Hahnemühle sketch books and booklets are also an ideal gift.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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International German PR Award 2013  (Company news)

Picture: Stephan Freist, Barbara Knipper (Hahnemühle), Ute Weingarten (Artpress), Bettina Scheerbarth (Hahnemühle), Stephan Fink (Fink&Fuchs PR), Michael Siekiera (Hahnemühle), Ulrich Nies (DPRG-President)

At the end of October the prize-giving ceremony and gala occasion for the "Deutscher PR Preis 2013" (International German PR Award) took place in Wiesbaden, Germany. We are one of the happy award winners in the category "small and medium sized enterprises". We are absolutely delighted to receive an award for our intensive work and ideas, which we developed together with external parties.

What did we do to receive this highly regarded award?
In recent years we have been strongly engaged in art projects such as sponsoring of artists and exhibitions, our international painting competition, art and photo activities around paper in laboratories and the very successful art platform Upon Paper. We have set-up our new communication strategy and started our expansion globally.
Due to our social media engagements we've formed an intensive dialogue with customers and fans of our products, which brought us new creative impulses and ideas. We have developed a digital strategy which increased our market reach significantly due to social media and especially new content e.g. moving images.
These activities have attracted great interest among media and bloggers. A variety of articles in new medias, supplements and business pages of national and international key medias such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, F.A.Z., Frankfurter Rundschau, Welt, Focus, Vogue, Handelsblatt, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, Cicero and Guardian are some of the highlights in the last two years.
We could not realise all that we wanted to achieve alone, so we called on external partners. The successful cooperation with Fink & Fuchs PR, Wiesbaden, and Artpress, Berlin for selected projects has brought us significant steps further and enabled us to reach faster defined targets.
The award will not be the end of our work, it is more an incentive for the great projects we are currently working on e.g. our digital strategy and plenty more other lovely projects, which will be published in the upcoming months. Watch this space.
We would like to thank all those that have supported and enriched us with their interest, cooperation and ideas in the last year, whether artists, photographers, bloggers and journalists and of course our market partners, colleagues and all of our many customers.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle Certificates of authenticity in usage - Fine Art fine certificated  (Company news)

Do you want to guarantee the authenticity of your limited artwork and prints on Hahnemühle paper to prevent the risk of fakes?
Use the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity: Every certificate consists of one high-quality deckle-edge paper with Hahnemühle watermark and fluorescent safety fibres with the addition of a consecutively numbered holograph. A second equivalent numbered holograph could be applied to the backside of your artwork. Text and layout of your certificate can be designed by yourself.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle debuted new photo papers at Focus on Imaging   (Company news)

Focus on Imaging, Europe's biggest annual imaging show, took place at the Birmingham NEC 3-6 March 2013. This year, Hahnemühle FineArt unveiled a completely new range of papers titled 'Hahnemühle Photo'. Also on display will be an updated range of digital fine art inkjet albums, new archival- and portfolioboxes as well as the new deckle edged fine art papers that were launched at the end of 2012.

The Hahnemühle Photo assortment in detail:

Photo Glossy 260
A high-gloss PE paper with micro-porous coating for picture results like the ones provided by photographic laboratories. With its grammage of 260 gsm, Photo Glossy features a higher stability than most of the inkjet photo papers and guarantees long-lasting fade resistant prints.

Photo Luster 260
Structured as Photo Glossy 260 but features a semi-gloss finish. Prints on this paper captivate by their fine low-key gloss.

Photo Matt Fibre Duo 210
This warmtone paper with its smooth surface can be printed on on both sides and is particularly well suited for albums or portfolios.

Photo Matt Fibre 200
Featuring a warm tone, a smooth surface and the characteristic surface feel of an artist paper, Photo Matt Fibre 200 represents the ideal paper for making your first steps in the fineart-inkjet printing world.

New fine art inkjet boxes from Hahnemühle
Hahnemühle FineArt announced additionally the launch of a range of archive and portfolio boxes for storing fine art inkjet prints. The boxes are acid free and age resistant. Made in Germany, the boxes are supplied flat packed to save space and can be quickly and easily folded into the completed box.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle to launch range of archive & portfolio boxes  (Company news)

Hahnemühle FineArt has announced the launch of a range of archive and portfolio boxes for storing fine art inkjet prints. The boxes are acid free and age resistant and have been designed in conjunction with museums and galleries in China for the safe storage of precious artworks and artefacts. The boxes will be unveiled at Focus on Imaging in Birmingham 3-6 March 2013.
Made in Germany, the boxes are supplied flat packed to save space and can be quickly and easily folded into the completed box. The boxes come with an outer colour of Dove Grey, which is the favoured colour of museums and archival institutions, whilst the inside is natural white.
Available in four sizes to hold A4, A3, A3+ and A2 sheets, the boxes are constructed from a microwave board in a thickness of 1.6mm for A4 and a heavier 3.0mm board for the larger sizes.
Kristie Becker, Marketing and PR contact for Hahnemühle in the UK says “We often receive enquires from consumers who have had problems with their images yellowing due to being stored in non-archival and non-acid free environments. With the introduction of the new Archive and Portfolio Box Range, artists and photographers now have a protective storage solution for their precious images. As the boxes meet conservation grade standards they are also suitable for use by curators in museums and galleries for archiving images and documents.”
The new boxes will be introduced at Focus on Imaging along with a new range of papers entitled ‘Hahnemühle Photo’, which were announced last month. Hahnemühle can be found at their new location of stand L11 during Focus on Imaging in Birmingham 3 - 6 March 2013.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle news for 2012 photokina  (Company news)

At the 2012 photokina, Hahnemühle will launch another paper intended for book and album printing. In cooperation with designer Michael Sontag, photographer Per Zennström will demonstrate the complete process of a fashion photography shoot at booth D017 in hall 06.1. Hahnemühle will also present the latest issue of the art magazine UPON PAPER. In addition, the fine art experts will demonstrate the variety and efficiency of precious fine art papers at part of the show ‘see me, feel me, print me'.

Hahnemühle wraps models in paper
Titled ‘No Limits - Paper makes creativity visible', Hahnemühle will show the complete process of a fashion photography shoot: from the design to the perfect fine art print. To do so, star designer Michael Sontag wraps his models in dresses made of artist paper. Sontag doesn't draw his collection, he rather works like a sculptor by draping the dresses right on the model. For the demonstrations in booth D017 in hall 06.1 he has created more than 10 dresses. A 30-minute making-of shows him creating the single copies.
During the shooting at the stand - by fashion photographer Per Zennström - the dresses are illuminated by different colours and forms, resulting in a permanently changing optical impression of the subject. The elusive moments captured by the pictures afterwards are subjected to image editing at a computer and the created pictures then will be printed in top quality. This extraordinary performance can be admired on every day of the fair.

Matt Fibre Duo for book and album print
The new ‘HARMAN Professional Inkjet by Hahnemühle Matt Fibre Duo' was specially designed for the printing of bound books and albums. It can be printed on both sides and with its grammage of 210gsm it meets the fine art paper standards. At the same time, it's thin and flexible enough to be bound. When binding books, the paper fibres always should run parallel to the back of the book cover to make turning the pages easier and avoid breakage of the spine. Therefore, the direction of the fibres is identical in all the sheets of a package and indicated on each box.

Special show in hall 2.2
In the photokina special show ‘see me, feel me, print me', all visitors are not only provided a visual impression of the variety of Hahnemühle papers but can also can feel the tactile qualities, as media samplers of the Digital FineArt Collection papers are available. Visit Hahnemuhle at the special-show booth in hall 2.2.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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The best paper for creative leisure time - Hahnemühle paper for watercolour, sketch or pastel  (Company news)

No matter if on a holiday trip or at home - good paper is the basis for the development of drawing or painting talents. Professionals are aware of this fact and hobbyists quickly discover this following their first, disappointing experiences with a low-quality paper. Be it for painting trips, workshops, courses or just your creative activities at home - Hahnemühle manufacture top-class art papers for all genres ‘Made in Germany'. Some of the company's bestsellers will soon be available once more at your specialist art store.

Hahnemühle watercolour postcards in the attractive metal box
A mini watercolour, as an individual holiday greeting or invitation is a wonderful idea. The limited edition metal box contains 30 postcards and features a nicely structured watercolour paper. All the cards come with an address box on the backside and consequently are ready to be sent. The box with the new Venice motif is both a perfect travel companion and a creative gift.

Carnet Aquarell & Carnet de Voyage - painting books with spiral binding
Both books represent perfect tools for creating watercolours outdoors as they can be used without needing a pad. Due to the spiral binding, the sheets can be turned fully to give an absolutely flat painting surface every time. Carnet Aquarell and Carnet de Voyage are handy companions for painting trips and are available in a square and landscape format. The natural white paper can be used for painting with watercolours, gouache, Indian ink or combined techniques. Flamboyant nature motifs on the covers of both books spark the painting desire.

New edition of the Hahnemühle Anniversary Edition Sketch Pad
Due to unprecedented demand from Hahnemühle enthusiasts, there will be a new edition of the sketch pad launched in 2009 on the occasion of Hahnemühle's 425th anniversary. The natural white fine grain paper with its sturdy 140 g/m2 weight, is extremely popular with designers, painters and graphic artists. The limited new edition will be available in specialised art retailers from July, 2012, in A4 and A3 formats.

Mould-made Ingres papers for pastel painters
A new touch-and-feel-sample swatch featuring Hahnemühle Ingres paper and is available from good artist retailers. The structure of the Hahnemühle Ingres papers is a pleasure for both the eyes and the fingers - even before a pastel is created on them. The surface feel of the paper manufactured in traditional style is conveyed by the new Hahnemühle product flyer featuring 21 sensation and colour patterns. The precious Ingres paper is manufactured on the mould-made machine with a laid finish and is not only suited for pastel painting but is also perfect for graphics, prints or book covers.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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HARMAN by Hahnemühle - Award for Gloss Baryta   (Company news)

In early 2012, the British magazine Amateur Photographer bestowed the 'Gloss Baryta Paper' - a product of the HARMAN by Hahnemühle range - with an award. In the category 'accessories,' the paper was recommended for professional inkjet prints. The AP awards are given annually and represent an accolade for products for ambitious photographers. HARMAN by Hahnemühle's Gloss Baryta is a true barite paper with a grammage of 320gsm and made solely from alpha-cellulose. The barite coating features several layers and makes a particularly glossy surface matching the traditional impression of darkroom barite paper.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Book & Album - New FineArt paper for photo books and albums   (Company news)

With Photo Rag® Book & Album, Hahnemühle extend their product range of premium-coating cotton papers. This paper is particularly interesting for all those who use FineArt-inkjet prints for binding books or albums.
The special converting ensures a homogeneous fibre orientation in every single sheet, thus meeting an important precondition for binding a book. The orientation of the fibres is indicated on every package. In addition, Photo Rag® Book & Album features a grammage of 220 gsm, thus being about a third lighter as well as slightly thinner and more flexible than the classic Photo Rag®. "With this enhanced version of our bestseller, we meet the demands of many users who want a product that is well suited for binding without forcing them to accept compromises when it comes to the high quality demands for FineArt-inkjet prints," said Norbert Klinke, Hahnemühle Man-ager Marketing and Distribution. Photo Rag® Book & Album is available since March, 2012, in five formats from A4 to big sheets in the dimensions 66.5 x 92cm.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle FineArt makes successful presentation at Paperworld 2012   (Company news)

The company's participation in the Paperworld trade show is a clear success - strong visitor turnout at the booth, positive feedback on the acquisition of Reflex and an award for the new Hahnemühle Sketch Diary.
Reactions to the takeover of Reflex Premium Papier GmbH by Hahnemühle FineArt and private investors have been positive across the sector. Meetings with media representatives and numerous one-to-one discussions with customers at the Paperworld reflected this general sentiment. "As a medium-sized company rooted in Germany, we have sent out a positive signal to our industry", said Michael Siekiera, managing Director of Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH and the recently established Reflex Premium Papier GmbH.
And the papermaker from the German federal state of Lower Saxony had yet another reason to be happy about its performance at the four-day trade show, ranking among the prize-winners of the 'Creative Impulse Innovation Award'. These prizes are presented annually by Messe Frankfurt and the German trade magazine HobbyArt. Hahnemühle's handy Sketch Diary won an award in the category "Creative Product of the Year". The notepad and sketchbook for artists and amateurs is the perfect everyday companion. It features lined pages for jotting down notes and blank pages for drawings. The slightly rough sketch paper invites users to make illustrations, take down their thoughts and record their memories. The books are available at retailers with a black or cream hardcover and comes in A6, A5 or A4 format.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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M-real divests the Reflex mill's Premium Paper business to Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH and...  (Company news)

... private shareholders of Hahnemühle

M-real Corporation, has agreed to divest the Reflex mill’s Premium Paper business to Walzmühle AG that is owned by Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH, the Hahnemühle management and private shareholders of Hahnemühle. The divestment includes the complete Premium Paper business and related assets as well as approximately 100 of M-real’s employees.
Premium Paper products are used in high-quality graphical end-uses, such as letterhead, brochures, books, calendars and envelopes.
The divestment is expected to be closed during 1Q 2012. The divestment would decrease M-real’s annual sales by approximately EUR 20 million and it would not have a material impact on M-real’s operative result. The divestment is not expected to have a material non-recurring result or cash flow impact taking into account the bookings made in 4Q 2011.
“We are very satisfied that the well-recognised speciality paper producer Hahnemühle takes over the Reflex Premium Paper business. Our actions to build a Business Park at Reflex by finding other producers to the site have been very successful. Thanks to our Business Park concept, more than half of the originally over 400 jobs can be saved at the mill. Key issues in the success have been excellent cooperation with the union, works council, local authorities and Metsä Tissue Corporation who is already our partner at the site. Based on this experience we have a good opportunity to implement the Business Park concept successfully also at Gohrsmühle mill,” says M-real’s CEO Mikko Helander.
After the divestment of the Premium Paper business, M-real has no operations left at the Reflex mill. The discontinuation of the carbonless paper converting was agreed in late 2011. In October 2010, M-real sold the paper machine 5 and some related assets at the Reflex site to Metsä Tissue.
(M-real Corporation)

Newsgrafik #96341

Best of European Portrait Photographers honoured by Hahnemühle  (Company news)

Hahnemühle is proud to be the sponsor of the FEP Portrait Awards 2011. This award is one out of eight categories in the most prestigious photo award in Europe. The competition is conducted annually by the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) - a network of 24 National Professional Photographers Associations from 21 European countries.
All photographers in the FEP Hahnemühle Portrait category shot impressive portraits. They have the gift to capture the subjects' personality, profession or dream in only one image. "Hahnemühle provide genuine artist papers on which all these impressive portraits come to life. When these images go to print, they deserve the best archival papers with a surface range and quality matching the high standard required by the photographers" says Bettina Scheerbarth from Hahnemühle during the award ceremony at the end of November 2011 in Brussels.
Winner of the FEP Hahnemühle Portrait Golden Camera is Igor Sakharov from Russia with a series of very strong but intimate portraits of a musician and an actor.
Ingrid van Heteren (Netherlands), winner of the FEP Hahnemühle Portrait Silver Camera shot portraits of a girl like a magical fairy tale character.
Then you have FEP Hahnemühle Portrait Bronze Camera award winner Carl Tighe from Ireland, whose images of a classical beauty jump right out of a frame.
Chairman of the Jury, Master QEP, Jørgen Brandt, gives the following resumé: "The images from the competition illustrates that exceptionally high quality photographic excellence comes in many forms, from different cultural regions - and that we can all understand these European photographic language and find inspiration in this diversity."
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #85921

Rice Paper - laid-finished paper for fine art reproductions   (Company news)

Rice Paper
100 gsm · 100 α-Cellulose · white

This laid-finished paper is designed for fine art reproductions of Asian ink paintings (Sumi-e). It gives each print the appearance and significance of an original ink drawing.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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A concert on Hahnemühle paper in Milan   (Company news)

He paints wild spots, squiggles and lines of colour on a big paper web: Gabriele Amadori, professor for stage and light design, paints sounds on a 20-metre Hahnemühle Etching board roll. Amadori is an internationally renowned musician, painter and performance artist. Within the framework of the project 'Sans Papier/Sons Papier', Amadori realised in late May - in the Politecnico di Milano - a concert made of paper. "He takes melodies, gestures and colours from the room onto our real mould-made paper," describes Giuseppe Re, Hahnemühle sales representative for Italy, describes the project. Seven drummers performed the jazz tune 'Concerto di Carta', with singing and dancing as well as the performance 'music painting' by Gabriele Amadori completing the project.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #82331

Hahnemühle Passepartout Mounting Boards: To frame, present and archive  (Company news)

A passepartout makes a picture presentable and archivable. Mounting boards by Hahnemühle blend in perfectly with watercolours, graphics or drawings as well as modern fine-art prints, photos and art or photo reproductions. Passepartouts look particularly impressive if their surface is laminated with coloured real mould-made paper. So, the white core of the mountings board is made visible if you opt for a bias cut. I addition, Hahnemühle mounting boards also can be used for other purposes: as medium for pastel paintings, to preserve valuable museum and archive pieces or to archive photos. After all, they meet the highest conservation standards.
(Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #78591

HARMAN by Hahnemühle decorated with TIPA Award 2011 'World Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper'  (Company news)

HARMAN and Hahnemühle are delighted about the award for their HARMAN by Hahnemühle portfolio. It´s an honour for both companies, renowned for expertise and excellence in photographic paper manufacturing and coating. With the slogan ‘Two Legends. One paper' a range of seven media for the sophisticated fine-art inkjet print has been successfully established.
Hahnemühle stands for highest quality and expertise in the paper-manufacturing field. Back in 1998, the company launched the first true artist papers for the modern inkjet printing technology. Today, Hahnemühle retains its leading position in the market for digital Fine Art papers. The products from the paper maker with more than 425 years of experience are of museum quality and meet the highest demands for aesthetics and durability.
HARMAN technology Ltd took over the black and white photo manufacturing branch of ILFORD in 2005. Since then, the development of new inkjet coatings has resulted in HARMAN's ability to produce the best inkjet media with the look and feel of traditional darkroom paper. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Bamboo-Mixed Media – artist-paper roll 265gsm  (Company news)

Nature enthusiasts and environmentally conscious artists are devoted users of the Hahnemühle bamboo-fibre papers. New to the range is the artist-paper Bamboo-Mixed Media roll for watercolours, acrylics, pastels and mix-techniques. The roll has a width of 1.25 metres and a length of 10 metres, thus guaranteeing even more painting pleasure. The natural-white artist paper with its unique surface is extremely popular as the bamboo fibres can absorb a lot of water without causing the paper to undulate. Bamboo is a multi-year reed that produces more oxygen than a broadleaf tree. The Hahnemühle product range already includes painting blocks and sketch books in different formats. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #68651

Photo art on World Tour - Original originals  (Company news)

"Every whisker and wrinkle is visible - and so three-dimensional that it seems as if I could touch them," pondered a visitor standing in front of Antoine Schneck's striking portrait of African Yerbaguiba Lompo. This picture alongside 40 others - all large-size prints on the Digital FineArt paper suiting the respective picture - made up the Hahnemühle Anniversary Collection. "If - as witnessed in this exhibition - photographers give their pictures a personal touch, craft is turned into art," assesses Hahnemühle's Managing Director Michael Siekiera. "The entrants from all over the world as well as our distributors and employees - in cooperation with the involved galleries - have turned this global exhibition project into a major success." (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle: Picturesque photo art from Sweden  (Company news)

Photo poetry from Göteborg: American Sarah Cooper and Austrian Nina Gorfer combine their knowledge of art, architecture and photography under the pseudonym Cooper & Gorfer. For the yearbook of the Röhsska Museum for Fashion & Design, they created gorgeous pictures of a model in a Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth. "The work of the two artists is poetic and suggestive at the same time," says Giuseppe Re, representative for Hahnemuhle Scandinavia. Cooper & Gorfer add: "Hahnemühle's true artist paper boosts the quality of our pictures in a beautiful, nearly haptic way." (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Hahnemühle Photokina Review: Enormous brand awareness  (Company news)

Our fair booth proved to be a true visitors' magnet for both new and long-term customers from all around the world. In addition to the Digital FineArt Collection papers, we also showcased the newly launched HARMAN Professional Inkjet by Hahnemühle range. "With this compressed portfolio we thrilled both professional photographers and digital fine-art print newcomers," says product manager Bärbel Manggold. Another highlight: the relaunched website as an ideal, free addition to the hologram system. "Our customers appreciate the additional value when publishing their works at," adds Manggold. "Artists can rely on a high level of protection against forgery while the potential purchasers attain certainty regarding the origin of the respective picture." (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #62363

Portraits with a wink  (Company news)

All over the world, he is an extremely sought after portraitist who paints the likes of the Stones, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Paul Newman - always with respect but every now and then with minor, likeable exaggerations. Collectors throughout the world love his style - which has become known as: 'Krugerized portraits'. In international workshops he puts his painting technique across and underlines the importance of working with good material. He recommends Hahnemühle paper, for instance the square sketch paper Quattro as an interesting format. Furthermore, he publishes the limited editions of his drawings and paintings on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt paper. He loves the surfaces of the true digital artist papers and attaches importance to the quality of the prints coupled with the longevity of the papers. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #60413

No risk of confusion – A new look for our syringe filters   (Company news)

Hahnemühle FineArt has modified its range of branded ALBET® LabScience syringe filters and membranes.
Hahnemühle has changed the look of the syringe filters and has added further membrane types and sizes to the range.
New in the assortment: Membranes and syringe filters made from cellulose mixed esters. The new look of the syringe filter is more user friendly. Due to the print on the filter housing, users have a permanent guarantee that they have chosen the correct syringe filter. Additionally, by colouring the edge of the syringe filter a differentiation of the membrane type is partly assured. Dangerous confusions are avoided.
"The permanent contact with our customers, allows us to adjust to the fast growing customer demands" says Dr. Horst Rosenbauer, Product Manager Filtration. "Customer service and first class raw materials make our products something special".
For the first time, the new modified range has been presented at Ilmac 2010 in Basel and at the HETInstrument in Amsterdam. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #58323

Metre-by-metre art on Hahnemühle water-colour paper   (Company news)

Susanne Haun paints on the Veneto reel

Portraits, birds, flowers, skulls, mountains, fishes, angels... and all that in one picture. That's what Berlin's artist Susanne Haun currently is painting in a continuous work of art. The water-colour paper reel Veneto features a length of 10 metres long and a width of 40 centimetres. The detailed drawings are created with drawing ink and a quill while the shadows are painted - with water and brush - in watercolours. The picture with its length of several metres could be called ‘Work in Progress' as Susanne Haun keeps on working on it whenever she feels like doing so. And she reports about the progress of her work and the inspiration for the respective subjects in her blog in the World Wide Web. Just visit the blog from time to time and take a look at the ‘Online-Zeichen-Protokoll'. In mid-July, the huge picture celebrated its hump day, with five metres of the 10-metre reel being completed. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #57921

Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet Photo Cards – Mini prints with major effect  (Company news)

No matter whether it's a holiday snapshot or luxury mini portfolio: the inkjet photo cards are back in their attractive metal box. This time they are available in the three popular varieties: Photo Rag®, 188 g/m², FineArt Pearl, 285 g/m² and Baryta FB, 350 g/m². Every metal box contains 30 post-card format papers for durable inkjet-prints. The box with its engraved rooster represents a both practical and shapely packaging for this 'extra-value product'. Please note: the photo-card boxes are only available as long as stocks last. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #57053

Enrique Moya González - Between photography and art print  (Company news)

He crosses borders - in both the geographic and the artistic sense: a Spaniard living in Italy and combining digital pictures with traditional painting or printing techniques. For his large-format works of art, Enrique Moya Gonzáles uses the Hahnemühle copperplate printing cardboard. And he treats every single sheet manually: he folds, stamps, draws, paints and prints. Often, the backgrounds of his pictures are photos and therefore, he applies a specially mixed coating on every sheet before imprinting it. Fingerprints on the sheets are deliberate and represent the artist's typical trademark. Afterwards, he paints his unique copies with lines or patterns. His motto: "The line is the language of art." (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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Newsgrafik #56121

Hahnemühle FineArt Papers conform to newest ISTA requirements  (Company news)

"Reliable seed testing" is the title of the new Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH brochure. The brochure provides readers with information about the newest ISTA 2010 requirements regarding the use of filter papers for seed testing. The brochure also gives an overview of the wide range of seed testing papers offered by "Albet® LabScience". The paper production of Hahnemühle is orientated towards the demands made by the ISTA (International Seed Testing Association). All seed testing papers from Hahnemühle meet the requirements of the strict international guidelines. If required, customers receive a conformity certificate.
The papers have a high absorbency due to their low density which guarantees storage of sufficient moisture for the duration of the whole test. Despite the high absorbency of the paper, roots of the seedlings are not able to grow into the paper. Hahnemühle offers several paper types for the recommended ISTA methods TP, BP and PP. The range includes pleated strips, sheets or round filters as well as coloured germination papers for a better contrast. All seed testing papers are made in Germany from purest cellulose and are free of toxic substances. (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

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