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Durst unveils new strategies and developments to customers at Durst Tech Days 2018   (Company news)

Durst, an inkjet pioneer and manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, unveiled the latest technology developments in large format print, service and software at the successful Durst Tech Days (May 18-19).

Over two days at the Durst headquarters in Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy, and its other manufacturing site in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria, guests were told that sales of its new award-winning technology, the P5 platform, are building so fast that delivery times are now up to 10 weeks. Hot on the heels of winning the European Digital Press Association (EDP) Award for P5, which was presented to Durst CEO Christoph Gamper during FESPA, Durst reported first results from the successful P5 field-test at Panorama in Spain. Panorama printed around 24,000 sqm in the first month alone and everything is progressing well.
For the Durst Tech Days at Brixen the focus was on roll-to-roll printing systems, software and preventive maintenance concepts; at Lienz there were demonstrations of Durst P5 and Durst Water Technology for flatbed printing on the agenda. Tailored presentations were held over the two days.

Unveiled for the first time were:
- The Rho roll-to-roll wide-format portfolio of 3 and 5 meter printing systems with UV LED curing technology and with the newly issued UV LED ink. The new model will be the Durst Rho 512R LED.
- Industrial soft signage took a close look at the successful Rhotex 325 fabrics and dye-sub printer with higher productivity and greater paper selection. Visitors were shown how performance has increased by 40% in standard production and told there have been around 50 installations since the launch in October 2016.
- Latest Durst Analytics software offering preventive service and maintenance via remote monitoring of the most important machine parameters.
- Important updates in Durst Water Technology – first announced two years ago – with the award-winning Durst WT 250 now achieving industrial production in flatbed printing.
- A roadmap and strategy for Durst’s Professional Services Division as well as workflow updates and new ink announcements.
- Confirmation that Durst will be unveiling new family members of the P5 and other developments at the SGIA show.

In another step forward, first plans have been unveiled whereby print service providers can benefit from Durst’s world-class technology without making a large initial capital outlay. The idea involves Durst investing in print businesses through a rent-first concept for up to four years. Those who qualify for the scheme will be offered a top-maintained pre-owned machine through a “full service contract”.

Christoph Gamper, Durst CEO, said: “The Durst Tech Days were created to give our customers an exclusive preview to our latest technologies and thinking. Designed to address every day production needs and meet ever-changing market demands, the innovations promote efficient, cost effective and optimum operation.”

Barbara Schulz, Executive Vice President Global Sales, added: “New developments, to be effective, need to be put in context. Customers want to understand how they will work in their own production environment to maximize their investment. Durst Tech Days were created to allow them successfully to do just that.”
(Durst Phototechnik AG)

Newsgrafik #120269

Avery Dennison inspires designers, converters and brand owners with new award-winning ...  (Company news)

...‘Black & White’ inspirational envelope

A collaboration of Avery Dennison with Italian design agency Smith Lumen and Italian printer Rotas Italia has resulted in an award-winning design project in wine & spirits. Converters, designers and brand owners are now being invited to receive their own copy of the ‘Black & White’ envelope, with its set of inspiring wine and spirits labels that follow a common design theme.

Ralph Olthoff, segment director wine & spirits, from Avery Dennison, said that Smith Lumen and Rotas Italia were asked to create a range of labels with a shared creative and narrative concept: “Black and white are iconic design colours, especially in the wine and spirits segment, and we wanted to show how a brand story can be created which starts with the paper itself, and goes on to incorporate the individual brand’s style and messaging. The results have been outstanding – and we were delighted to see our ‘Black & White’ envelope win first prize in the ‘Literature Design’ category at the 23rd Brand Identity Grand Prix earlier this year.”

Drew Smith, CEO and founder of Smith Lumen, said that materials in the Black & White Collection from Avery Dennison offered a stimulating starting point: “The creative concept for this project was completely free – and there is nothing more exciting for a brand design firm. We closed our eyes, caressed the papers and listened to the story they had to tell. Contrasts between the black and white and the strong and delicate textures – structured and soft – brought out in us memories and sensations linked to exploring different places and traditions.”

“We created an ‘Inspired by Diversity’ concept, expressing the contrasting emotions which make every journey an experience. All of this was enabled by high quality materials. We were able to deliver a complete project, in which creative design, physical materials and productive technologies went hand in hand.”

Francesco Celante, president and founder of Rotas Italia, said that the Black & White Collection papers offered important printing benefits: “These materials deliver the profound and luxurious levels of black that are difficult to achieve using print on its own. There are also subtly different white materials that interact extremely well with the printed designs. Collaboration with creative agencies is a fundamental aspect of our job, especially when we are facing projects with high standards, like this one using the Black & White Collection. Working with Smith Lumen on these special materials was a pleasure for us - we were able to express clearly the sensations they wanted to evoke. Smith Lumen had a clear vision of what we could achieve with such outstanding papers, and our own experience with high-value applications allowed us to bring their creativity to life, with exceptional end results.”

Materials used in the project include the brilliant white Fasson® Martele Extra White (finished design ‘Calavera Bianco’); the velvety Fasson® Martele Black (finished design ‘Bondi Beach Brew’); deeply textured Fasson® Cotton Touch Craft (finished design ‘Ekapa’); deep black Fasson® Cotton Black (finished design ‘La Fleur du Mal’); a sensual Fasson® Soft Touch White (finished design ‘Echo’); and opulent Fasson® Soft Touch Black (finished design ‘Anami’).

Various consistencies of the papers enabled three-dimensional effects, using emboss and deboss techniques. The black-pulp papers also allowed extremely high-end finishes that more conventional black-coloured papers cannot deliver due to glimpses of the white ‘pulp’. Different printing techniques used included copper and gloss leaf, braille paints and stand-out silk screen colours.
(Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)

Newsgrafik #120283

Sitma boosts its presence in French market thanks to cooperation with Viapost  (Company news)

Sitma worked in partnership with Viapost, a logistic subsidiary of the French postal service La Poste, to develop a sorter specifically designed for the postal delivery service. Available in two versions, first one is for sorting parcels and the second for sorting irregular shaped items mostly originating from international e-commerce (PPI).
The pilot project, specific for the management of the “PPI”, has given excellent results so that Sitma and Viapost have now outlined an agreement for the exclusive delivery of several units to be installed throughout France in the next 3 years.

Photo: Viapost headquarters

Easy Sort, the sorter which has conquered the French market
The partnership between the two companies was born following a specific need arised by Viapost, which was looking for a simple and reliable system for the sorting and delivery of normal-sized parcels, usually managed by La Poste during peaks of activity. One of the basic requirements in handling these packages was the ability to move the units quickly and easily between departments, according to their strategic needs.
Sitma won the tender and Viapost found his ideal partner for this particular job. Sitma has consolidated technical skills and a good history of automation. The two companies therefore began work as partners to develop Easy Sort, a modular unit which, in its "sort and move" set-up was specifically designed to deal with small and medium parcels with a regular shape.

A forefront solution
Easy Sort features an automatic loading conveyor equipped with a product code reading system. Its minimal footprint allows for easy arrangement within complex layouts, while its modular conception simplifies movement between various distribution sites.
The unit boasts great performance, with capabilities of up to 7,200 pieces per hour. The system is also available with a double exit configuration, making it an extremely flexible solution as well.

The first two sorters were installed in the Viapost premises at Cavaillon in October 2016, then an order was placed for two more sorters which were installed in 2017 in the Ile-de-france and in the North.

2017: the technological challenge for the management of PPI
During 2017, the need arose for a machine to deal with so-called “PPI” small, irregularly shaped items with addresses which are difficult to read. Not only are PPI physically difficult to sort, they also mean higher running costs and therefore require special sorting and delivery systems.

Whereas there are many different systems available for letters, to date no such system has existed for parcels capable of dealing in a cost-effective way with PPI. La Poste, expecting to manage 1,000,000 PPI a day by 2020 commissioned Viapost to find a convenient solution and, thanks to Sitma, this involved the development of a special version of Easy Sort to deal with PPI.

“We had the following needs: find a simple and economic solution, steady and compact, that could guarantee high availability rates and low maintenance. Sitma could satisfy all of these requirements, thanks to its capacity to listen, to evolve their technology, to demonstrate a pragmatic creativity and deliver in very short time!” said Mr Pascal Cesari, Industrial Director at Viapost.

Beyond the limits of sorting
Cooperation between Sitma and Viapost has brought about amazing levels of innovation in postal intralogistics, especially as regards PPI. As well as our sorting solutions, we at Sitma have also been developing another solution for a Viapost problem: a vertical sacking system for parcelling PPI after they have been sorted. The main advantage of this solution is to combine parcels by destination inside a sack. Sacks of different sizes are then labelled and handed over to mail staff for final delivery, bringing a further optimization to the last mile logistic.
(Sitma Machinery S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #120322

Huhtamaki: Trialling a new fiber based ready meal packaging  (Company news)

A trial version of a renewable fiber based ready meal packaging will be tested with consumers in the UK starting end May. Huhtamaki is part of a three-party consortium developing an alternative to existing plastic ready meal trays.

The concept is tested with two Italian style ready meals at a major UK retail chain in May-June. The trial is part of a project aiming at developing a bio-based ready meal package for the UK market. The new tray offers a viable alternative to black plastic packaging, which is problematic for the waste processers’ lasers that identify materials for recycling.

Ready meal consumption continues to grow throughout Europe and new sustainable solutions are welcome. The new material feels like cardboard and is made of fiber derived from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources.

“We hope this novel solution will be well received and that this project will be a tipping point for the adoption of bio-based packages in this segment. We know that alternatives based on renewable materials are needed,” said Steve Davey at Huhtamaki.

“Both producers and consumers are demanding alternatives to plastic packaging. The material Durapulp is a renewable alternative and suitable for sensitive substances such as food,” said Catrin Gustavsson, Senior Vice President of Innovation and New Business at Södra.

Huhtamaki has developed this new packaging concept in partnership with Södra and Saladworks in an EU-funded project called FRESH. The FRESH-project will continue until 2020.
(Huhtamaki (UK) Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120324

New Fujifilm food safe ink gives the Jet Press 720S primary food packaging capability  (Company news)

Jet Press 720S folding carton solution is first B2 digital printing solution approved for primary food packaging

Fujifilm Europe announces the launch of a new food-safe ink which significantly extends the application versatility of the Jet Press 720S for packaging production by enabling it to print on primary food packaging.

The market is seeing a growing increase in the number of packaging brand owners and specifiers who are looking to achieve greater shelf stand-out and to differentiate their products from their competitors. At the same time they are also looking to reduce stockholdings, optimise supply chains and find digital press solutions that will allow them to more profitably print offset quality, customised packaging in much shorter and more frequent runs.

Delivering exceptionally consistent, high quality output ready for finishing on carton board or synthetic media up to 600 microns thick, the Jet Press 720S folding carton solution already satisfies these requirements fully, with around one third of all European customers already producing some form of packaging on the press. German print house Straub Druck & Medien AG is one such customer and its CEO, Francisco Martinez, comments:
"Packaging buyers want consistency and solid and bright colours, and the Jet Press presses are delivering all of this. We believe packaging will grow in tandem with our commercial printing operation over the next few years, and the Fujifilm machines are essential to our success in this sector."

However, the new food safe ink forms a key additional component of the Jet Press folding carton solution, making it the first B2 digital press approved for primary food packaging. This makes it ideal to meet the growing requirement for a reliable digital solution to produce high quality folding cartons for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics/household/personal care markets.

The new, low migration, aqueous food safe ink complies with stringent primary food contact regulations, including Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21 and European Commission Regulation 1935/2004 (for full list, see Editor’s Notes), and has been specially formulated to work with inline (via a bridge) and nearline UV or aqueous coating.

A number of Jet Press 720S customers are currently using the press only for printing packaging, including secondary food packaging. One of those is Belgium-based Packaging for Professionals (P4P). Established to fill a gap in the European packaging market for high quality, low volume packaging produced on demand, it has built its business around the Jet Press 720S. P4P’s co-founder & CEO, Mohamed Toual, comments:
"Traditionally, clients in the packaging industry have doubted the ability of a digital press to match the quality of litho or flexo printing. However, our customers have been hugely impressed with the quality of the products we have produced on the Jet Press 720S. The feedback we have received has been universally positive and we are very confident that this will continue."

For companies looking to diversify into packaging, the Jet Press folding carton solution can also incorporate Phoenix imposition and planning software from Tilia Labs. This software optimises the way jobs are collated, or “ganged”, for printing based on minimising waste or maximising printing speed. This ganging function supports true shape nesting and automatically provides users with different options to arrange jobs.

Taro Aoki, Head of Digital Press Solutions in EMEA for Fujifilm, comments:
"The introduction of a new food safe ink further demonstrates Fujifilm’s commitment to developing the Jet Press platform and to bringing new solutions to market in response to customer feedback. With the ongoing trend towards more creative, personalised and shorter run packaging, forward-thinking converters are increasingly looking for digital printing technologies that offer the reliability and print quality their existing systems have delivered, but with the ability to profitably print short runs. The Jet Press 720S has already proved itself to be a high-performance and highly versatile press for both commercial and folding carton applications. The introduction of our new, food-safe ink, together with options for inline and nearline coating and specialist pre-press software, takes that versatility to a new level and will appeal to many folding carton converters."
(Fujifilm Europe GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120331

Valmet launches a new tool to monitor former dewatering  (Company news)

Valmet extends its quality control systems expertise to the paper and board machine forming section with the introduction of the Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement (IQ Dryness). Utilizing microwave technology, the IQ Dryness measures the water layer thickness on the web, which can be used to calculate the web dry content. As well as removing most of the water, the majority of paper properties are also developed in the forming section. The inclusion of IQ Dryness in Valmet's paper quality control family opens new possibilities as it helps to close the information gap between the stock approach system and dry end quality sensors.

"Perhaps the biggest effect is the better management of dewatering. This has a great influence on the amount of the subsequent drying energy needed with potentially big cost savings in paper production. An increase of just 1% in dryness before the dryer can reduce the amount of energy needed to evaporate the excess water by approximately 4%," says Marko Toskala, Director, Quality Management Solutions, Valmet.

All grades and furnishes
Unlike other measurement technologies, Valmet IQ Dryness is not sensitive to conductivity which makes it suitable for use with all grades of paper and board. As well as energy savings with vacuum optimization; quicker startups, faster grade changes, fewer breaks and improved break recovery are just a few of the benefits that continuous measurement of water removal makes possible.

Optimized dewatering not only improves bonding for multilayer board machines but can also reduce the problems of blow induced breaks caused by excess moisture in the middle layer entering the drying section. Additionally, the measurement facilitates the online monitoring fabric condition together with improved troubleshooting of pulsation, vibration and other quality destroying wet end problems. The sensor's small size enables measurement in places inaccessible earlier.

Complete moisture management
This new sensor joins the Valmet IQ family of single point and scanning measurements to provide papermakers with a complete picture of MD and CD moisture from the forming and press sections, dryer and size press right up to the reel. Together with sophisticated moisture controls and an extensive range of actuators to control moisture levels and profiles, Valmet can close the loop to offer improved efficiency and runnability as well as better paper quality and printing properties.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120354

Meet 270 International Exhibitors at MIAC Exhibition this 10.11.12 October!  (Company news)

At MIAC 2018 you can meet more than 270 International Companies in just three days and only in one place, for a full overview of the technology and the equipment available to the Paper Industry and the Tissue Converting sectors.

During the 3 days of Exhibition take place several international Conferences dedicated to the paper and tissue sector. Participation is free of charge.

Download the free Invitation Ticket of MIAC in PDF format!
Print and deliver it directly at the reception of MIAC in order to receive the free Admission Card.

Last edition of MIAC registered 6000 visitors from 53 countries.

A 3-day event dedicated to the paper industry sector - 25th edition!
(Edipap Srl)

Newsgrafik #120356

Emtec Electronic GmbH at the Zellcheming-Expo in Frankfurt/Main  (Company news)

Also this year, emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the Zellcheming Expo in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. At exhibition booth no. G18 (hall 4.1) the company will present a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process – from the wet end to the finished products – can be controlled and guided in the right direction, to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs. To meet steadily the changing demands and requirements in the paper and board industry, the focus is again on further
developments and innovations.

Photo: ACA Ash Content Analyzer

The FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online is an Online measurement device for the fully automatic determination of the Zeta Potential of fibers in paper and board machines with two independent sampling points. The data transfer is working by standard interface to the process
control system. An optional data storage is possible on the Internet server, so that the measurement data can be seen with Internet access from all over the world.

The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables the determination of the mineral filler content without combustion, that means without destruction of the samples, within seconds. Both, the total mineral filler content, as well as the individual filler components (e.g. calcium carbonate, kaolin/talcum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide) and their percentage distribution are given.
(emtec Electronic GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120259

Rhyguan holds rewarding talks at inaugural Labelexpo Southeast Asia   (Company news)

Rhyguan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of converting machinery, held rewarding talks with new customers and partners while attending the inaugural Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018, May 10-12, at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

Three machines on display
The converting machine manufacturer displayed their Kiss-330-SD flat bed die cutting machine (photo) and Top-330-DDS double semi/full rotary die cutting machines on their 60sqm stand, as well as a Smart-420-HMS inspection machine on the AVT stand. Visitors, mainly from Thailand, Malaysia and India, showed great interest in the product offerings, and Rhyguan held rewarding talks with big label groups and press manufacturers on future cooperation.

A very nice show in Bangkok
“We had a very nice show in Bangkok – there were many visitors, and we had some very interesting conversations on matching our product portfolio with new customer needs and requirements. For people who missed the event, the Kiss-330-SD and the Smart-420-HMS will now show at Press Systems Group’s showroom, our agent in Thailand, while the Top-330-DDS is currently being installed at Simat Technologies, where employees are also going through press operation training,” says Lavida Jiang, Export Manager, Rhyguan.
(Zhejiang Rhyguan Machinery Co. Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120261

Drytac ViziPrint adds vibrancy to highlight Courageous heARTS' charitable cause  (Company news)

Drytac, an international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the print, label and industrial markets, has donated its ViziPrint® Impress media to help Courageous heARTS, a Minneapolis based charity, to create a stunning window display for its youth workshop.

Courageous heARTS is a non-profit organization in the USA with a vision to offer a safe space for young people to co-create art, build community and develop into leaders. Founded by Lindsay Walz in 2013 - after surviving the devastating 2007 35W Bridge collapse and finding art therapy in her own journey to healing - Courageous HeARTS' vision is to provide a safe space for young people to express themselves through art.

In March 2018, Drytac reseller Standard Dynamics and local print business Image360 teamed up to sponsor a storefront makeover to highlight the Courageous heARTS charitable cause and its mission to ‘Create, Connect, Lead'. The formerly anonymous storefront space has now been transformed with dazzling, bright graphics.

The window graphics are printed on Drytac ViziPrint Impress PET film and incorporate collaborative artwork created by Courageous heARTS members. The film is easy to apply and easy to remove and is suitable for application onto glass, acrylic and other non-porous surfaces. It is ideal for creating high quality graphics for retail storefronts, POP and backlit displays, privacy and decorative glass applications, and much more.

Courageous heARTS founder, Lindsay Walz, is ‘thrilled' with the new window front. She comments: "We have already experienced a surge in foot traffic since the new signs went up and the name recognition we have developed within the community is now connected to our physical space.
"The storefront now expresses the same vibrant energy that everyone experiences inside the colorful studio space."

Drytac ViziPrint Impress range of adhesive film for window graphics is available from your local authorized Drytac reseller.
(Drytac Europe Limited)

Newsgrafik #120297

W&H joins CEFLEX ‒ promoting circular economy as a common goal  (Company news)

The European initiative CEFLEX aims to improve the contribution of flexible packaging to the circular economy. The aim is to find better system design solutions by 2025 through cooperation between the many players along the entire value chain. In May this year, German machine builder Windmöller & Hölscher joined CEFLEX.

Caption: W&H has joined the CEFLEX European recycling initiative

CEFLEX is a collaboration project carried out by European companies that
represent the entire flexible packaging value chain. The initiative looks at the entire life cycle of flexible packaging from production, consumption and collection to waste management and secondary raw materials. An important goal is to develop guidelines for flexible packaging that are recognised throughout Europe by 2020. Other working groups deal with new technologies, infrastructure and business models as well as end markets for recycled material.

Transforming flexible packaging into a closed material system will represent a major challenge for the flexible packaging industry in the future, explains W&H CEO Dr. Jürgen Vutz. “CEFLEX is an important step towards combining expertise in this area and working together to find circular economy solutions for flexible packaging. As the world market leader for machines for manufacturing flexible packaging, we can make an important contribution to the technological advancement, in particular,” states Vutz when explaining the involvement of W&H in the collaborative initiative.

In addition to Windmöller & Hölscher, more than 70 other companies and organizations are involved in the CEFLEX project – these range from raw material suppliers to packaging processers and brand owners. These stakeholders all hold important positions in the flexible packaging value chain.
(Windmöller & Hölscher KG)

Newsgrafik #120316

Pöyry will make Finnpulp's basic engineering  (Company news)

Finnpulp has signed a basic engineering partnership agreement with the Finnish Pöyry Oyj for the bioproduction mill planned to be constructed in Sorsasalo, Kuopio. One key factor in the decision-making was Pöyry’s strong, 60 years of experience in thousands of forest- and paper industry projects. This was significant because all basic engineering will be accomplished with the partner company with very limited basic engineering resources delivered by Finnpulp. The environmental impact assessment was also made together with Pöyry, and it gives excellent knowledge of the bioproduction mill and its environmental requirements.

Finnpulp’s bioproduction mill will be the first mill in the world that will utilize intelligent processes and artificial intelligence from the beginning. The basic engineering will take into account the requirements of optimization in the digital ecosystem from raw material, supply chain and back office to the quality and quantity of production. The basic engineering will include preparation of the construction stage of the mill’s processes, technologies and mill site layouts. This phase, which has now been started, will last to the first quartal of 2019 and after that Finnpulp will have binding offers of bioproduction mill’s main machinery, which allows making the final construction decision.
(Finnpulp Oy)

Newsgrafik #120317

New Valmet Paper Lab offers improved usability and faster testing with upgrade potential for ...  (Company news)

... existing users

A new operator interface for Valmet's successful paper testing system Paper Lab opens new opportunities for users by making automated paper testing more accessible, faster and even easier to use with minimum training. Paper Lab is suitable for testing all grades of paper and board with a wide selection of industry standard paper quality tests.

Photo: Valmet Paper Lab - automated board and paper testing laboratory

The new interface makes entering sample data quick and easy with an integrated barcode reader with graphic and dynamic display pages guiding the user through every step of the testing process. Commissioning is simplified with faster customized configuration and very little training is required to take advantage of Paper Lab's comprehensive testing capabilities. The new interface is also available as an upgrade for current Paper Lab users. Those supplied prior to 2009 require the newer measurement frame but retain the ability to utilize most of their existing test modules.

"Valmet Paper Lab is under continuous development but will always combine the latest technology and be compatible with most measurement modules. New users as well as those upgrading older systems will benefit from the widest selection of testing modules, as well as faster and easier testing in addition to better connectivity to LIMS, DCS, QCS, and information/enterprise wide systems," says Tuomo Kälkäjä, Business Manager, Paper Testing.

Based on the Valmet Analyzer Client, the new Paper Lab operator interface is Linux based, offering lower lifetime costs, improved security and open source freedom from 3rd party licensing. Better diagnostics and a live view of testing operations improve the user experience and builds operator confidence whether used in laboratory or on the machine floor.

Valmet Paper Lab is a modular and scalable automated paper testing system for grades of paper and board. With the widest selection of industry standard tests on the market, reporting can detail over 400 properties. The testing system is based on more than 30 years of automated paper testing experience with almost 300 units delivered to paper and board mills around the world. The new Paper Lab provides an easy to learn and intuitive tool for paper property testing which together with Valmet Industrial Internet remote support can take automated laboratory to a new level of performance.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120319

Gallus Innovation Days 2018 - 26. June 2018 - 28. June 2018   (Company news)

Two years ago more than 800 visitors came from all over the world to attend “Gallus Innovation Days”, which was held for the second time at the Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG headquarters in St. Gallen, in 2016. Now Gallus will continue this success story in an even larger exhibition area. During the “Gallus Innovation Days 2018”, which are taking place from 26 – 28.June 2018, Gallus will present how digitization will change our label business and how Gallus can support you to manage this drastic industrial paradigm shift.

Gallus Innovation Days 2018
26 – 28 June 2018
Harzbüchelstrasse 34
9016 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Opening times
Tuesday, 26 June 2018 9:00 - 17:00
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 9:00 - 17:00
Thursday, 28 June 2018 9:00 - 17:00

Under the motto Solutions for Printing Champions, Gallus will be presenting a large number of product innovations.

Gallus Smartfire – Getting started in digital printing made easy.
This year Gallus celebrates the new digital label printing system Gallus Smartfire, which impresses with an extremely simple handling and can be easily operated by anyone with average prepress knowledge. This label printing system is designed for ever-changing short runs and is an affordable alternative to getting started with digital printing.

Innovations in conventional label printing
For the first time, Gallus will present in live demonstrations the new Gallus Labelmaster Advanced with automatic register control in transverse and longitudinal adjustment.
(Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG)

Newsgrafik #120328

Sequana's Wizernes mill to be sold and rebuilt  (Company news)

It seems as if Sequana is ready to sell its Wizernes paper mill in France. The former fine paper mill might be converted to produce packaging papers in the future.

A buyer has been found for the idled Wizernes paper mill in northern France of Sequana subsidiary Arjowiggins. According to a statement by the Filpac CGT trade union, the former fine paper mill, which has been down since mid-2015, is to be sold to a local entrepreneur from the paper industry. Sequana did not wish to comment on the events and pointed out that the project had not yet been completed. Filpac CGT also said that the purchase agreement had not yet been signed.

According to local media, the prospective buyer is Henri Bréban, CEO of the nearby packaging company Express Packaging. Filpac CGT says that Bréban intends to produce packaging paper in Wizernes in the future, which fits the current activity of his company Express Packaging.
(EUWID Pulp and Paper)

Newsgrafik #120329

Paper Vietnam will open tomorrow - Visit for free, come and join us!  (Company news)

13 − 15/ 06/ 2018 · 9:00 am − 5:00 pm Free Entrance
Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)
799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Let's get you to meet amazing business prospects!
Paper Vietnam 2018 – The only trade fair for Pulp and Paper industry in Vietnam will open tomorrow!
The event will present plenty of business opportunities with many paper companies and full series of applicable conferences. Paper Vietnam 2018 - the BIGGEST & LARGEST in the past 6 years with the participation of nearly 80 exhibitors from 15 countries from leading markets, such as: China, India, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, Japan, and many more. The show promises to update the latest technologies, create business opportunities, and develop the market for enterprises in the field.
Opening Ceremony will take place at 9:00 am on 13 June.

Seminar by Vietnam Pulp & Paper Association
14 June, 2018 - VIP LOUNGE - Ground Floor, Hall B
-Overview about Vietnam pulp and paper market - The prospect in short term - By Mr. Vu Ngoc Bao - Industry Expert, Former General Secretary of the Association 10:00 am − 10:30 am
-What the paper industry needs to do and the role of the association in promoting the development of the paper industry - By Mr. Dang Van Son, General Secrectary of the Association 10:30 am − 11:00 am
-The Energy Solution for Paper industry − By Martech Co.,Ltd 11:00 am − 11:30 am
-Panel Discussion 11:30 am − 12:00 pm

Get the opportunities to connect with business around the world in wide range of industry!
(Minh Vi Exhibitions and Advertisement Services)

Newsgrafik #120286

Twin Rivers Paper Completes Acquisition of Pine Bluff, Arkansas Paper Mill  (Company news)

Twin Rivers Paper Company LLC announced that it completed the acquisition of the paper mill located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Twin Rivers, headquartered in Madawaska, Maine, produces specialty packaging, label, publishing, and technical specialty papers as well as dimensional lumber. It is owned jointly by Atlas Holdings LLC and Blue Wolf Capital.

Photo: Durable unbleached grocery sack made from TR Bag Kraft

The mill acquired under this agreement produces Multiwall, Converting and Bag grade unbleached kraft papers serving a variety of food, agricultural, and industrial applications. With basis weights between 40# and 78#, the mill has a capacity in excess of 140,000 US short tons. This acquisition marks Twin Rivers’ second investment in packaging and technical markets in recent years, following the purchase of the paper manufacturing assets of the Burrows Corporation in 2016.

“Over the past few months we’ve learned a great deal about the mill and our new partners,” said Bob Snyder, Chief Executive Officer of Twin Rivers. “Twin Rivers has a proven process and track record of success. Our priority moving forward will be to provide the focus, experience, and resources required to achieve an unprecedented level of operational excellence and stability at the Pine Bluff mill.”

“We are pleased to add this facility and its valued associates to our company,” said Ken Winterhalter, President of Twin Rivers. “We are confident we have the teams in place to provide a seamless and efficient transition for our customers and that the Pine Bluff mill will live up to Twin Rivers’ reputation for outstanding service.”
(Twin Rivers Paper Company)

Newsgrafik #120288

Product selector: Customize your roll cover with new software  (Company news)

-Product selector software combines ideal product characteristics
-Each NanoSelect roll cover is custom-made
-Individually matched modules extend service life and improve paper quality

The NanoSelect calender roll covers are tailored precisely to the specific requirements of a paper machine and as a result increase machine efficiency and paper quality. The desired roll cover properties are determined in consultation between a specialist from the paper manufacturer and the Voith sales engineer. The NanoSelect calender roll covers are configured using the specially developed product selector software.

Photo: The Voith consultant uses the software to put together the best technology for the roll cover. The result is a mixture of standard and application-specific components.

Through the product selector and NanoSelect calender roll covers Voith is offering a new and unique way of satisfying individual customer requirements. Because the requirements that a roll cover needs to meet differ from paper machine to paper machine. This is why paper manufacturers often have to make compromises when selecting a cover. The new product selector software now allows paper makers to quickly and easily configure and procure the ideal roll cover for their specific application.

During a consultation with a sales specialist from Voith, the customer prioritizes their most important properties on the basis of parameters like wear or barring resistance. The consultant uses the software to put together the best technology for the roll cover. The result is a mixture of standard and application-specific components. This means that every cover is a one-off and is produced individually for the customer. Voith is grouping these customized roll covers under the new product name NanoSelect.

As NanoSelect roll covers are ideally matched to the requirements of a specific application, they facilitate the production of paper in the desired quality.

Regardless of the paper manufacturers' individual requirements they can use the product selector and NanoSelect to configure their roll covers in an ideal way to obtain the desired properties. For example, if a paper producer has a barring problem in a SoftNip calender despite low loading, a new module in NanoSelect will help reduce this. Another example is the gloss module, which results in a higher gloss and can potentially allow for the adaptation of color formulations and the associated savings.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

Newsgrafik #120289

Stora Enso to expand Performa Brilliance grammage range  (Company news)

Stora Enso now offers a new 370 g/m2 basis weight as part of its Performa Brilliance carton board range. The new, higher grammage is intended for high-quality folding cartons and graphical products such as calendars, cards and displays.

Introduced in 2015, Performa BrillianceTM sets a new standard for brightness, smoothness and visual appearance of folding boxboard (FBB). It is ideal for packaging cosmetics, fragrances, perfumes, beauty and hair care products and luxury products such as jewellery, watches, champagne and fine spirits. Graphical end uses include greeting cards, book covers, calendars and lottery tickets.

"Performa Brilliance offers the highest whiteness on both the top and reverse side of all FBB products in the market, and very high brightness and bulk. The new, higher basis weight enables our packaging and graphical customers to expand the use of Performa Brilliance to new applications, where you need high thickness," says Product Manager Eva Lundqvist.

Performa Brilliance is available with the FSC®, PEFCTM and EU Ecolabel certificates upon request. The entire range covers now 180, 200, 215, 230, 245, 260, 280, 300, 320, 345 and 370 g/m2 basis weights. The board is also available with linen embossing for a distinctive look and feel.
(Stora Enso Oyj)

Newsgrafik #120290

Arctic Paper: A satisfactory result in a challenging market environment  (Company news)

-Q1 sales revenue amounted to PLN 789,7mn (EUR1 188,9mn).
-EBITDA Q1 amounted to PLN 71,2mn (EUR1 17,0mn).
-EBIT Q1 was PLN 47,2mn (EUR1 11,3mn).
-Continued high pulp prices affected the result of the period.
-Decision was taken to invest PLN 29m (EUR 7m) in an expansion of the hydro power plant at the Munkedal mill.
-New strategy for the paper segment being implemented to reach the financial goal of EBIT 10 percent by 2022.

"The past quarter demonstrates the benefits of combining our paper operations with our ownership in the pulp producer Rottneros AB." (Per Skoglund (photo), CEO)

During the first quarter of 2018, Arctic Paper Group had a turnover of PLN 789,7 million (compared to PLN 773,9 million in Q1, 2017) with an EBITDA of PLN 71,2 million (75,5 million).
The paper segment generated a turnover of PLN 573,6 million (575,1 million) with an EBITDA of PLN 31,1 million (39,1 million).

The continued rise in pulp prices is putting pressure on the margins. However, during the period price increases have been implemented that partially compensate for the increase in costs, and we are planning for further prices increases. Developments in the exchange rate between the
euro, dollar and Swedish krona has mainly been positive for the paper segment.

The result of the period was affected by production disturbances at th
e mill in Grycksbo, occurred during the commissioning of paper machine PM10 after a planned maintenance and investment stoppage. This year Easter fell in the first quarter, which also contributed to reduced sales in this period.

Production amounted to 169,000 tonnes (176,000), with a more favourable product mix increasing the sales volume of our premium brand Munken during the period. A decision has been taken to invest EUR 7 million in the hydropower plant at Munkedal, which strengthens our sustainability profile and competitiveness.

For Rottneros AB, of which the Arctic Paper Group owns 51 percent, net turnover increased by 15 percent to SEK 541 million (472 million) and EBITDA by 31 percent to SEK 101 million (77mn).

The past quarter demonstrates again the benefits of combining our paper operations with our ownership in the pulp producer Rottneros AB. The result of this quarter confirms that we are on the right track. It is now important that we continue in line with our strategy to strengthen the
profitability of our paper segment.

“Continuing increases in pulp prices are putting pressure on the margins. However, during the quarter we have implemented price increases that partially compensate for the rising cost and we are planning to increase prices further."
Per Skoglund, CEO of Arctic Paper S.A..
(Arctic Paper S.A.)

Newsgrafik #120291

FEFCO re-elects its President   (Company news)

On May 22, 2018, the FEFCO General Assembly re-elected Dr. Jan Klingele (Managing Partner, Klingele Papierwerke) as President and Jean-Paul Macharis (President, VPK Packaging) as Vice-President for a term of two years, and elected Saverio Mayer (CEO Europe, Smurfit Kappa) for a first term as Vice-President. Nina Iversen (Managing Director, Glomma Papp) was confirmed as honorary Vice-President.

“The corrugated industry is showing really good market growth, thanks to e
-commerce and the robustness of the economy and international trade in Europe and worldwide,” said Jan Klingele. “FEFCO achieved much during the last two years with the “Circular by Nature” communication campaign and the dissemination of the positive messages by the national corrugated associations creating a multiplying effect among the target audiences.”
(FEFCO I.A. Fédération européenne des fabricants de carton ondulé)

Newsgrafik #120321

ANDRITZ to supply a PrimeLineTM W6-XT tissue machine to Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC in Russia  (Company news)

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC to supply a tissue machine PrimeLineTM W6-XT, including stock preparation, automation, and electrification, for its mill in Vorsino (Kaluga region), Russia, for the production of high-quality facial, toilet, napkin, and kitchen towel grades made of 100% virgin pulp.

Start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

The new PrimeLineTM W6-XT tissue machine has a design speed of 2,100 meters per minute and a paper width of 5.6 meters. The combination of a 16 ft. steel Yankee and the latest PrimePress XT shoe press technology enables a high drying capacity and achieves remarkable cost savings and operational flexibility compared to systems operated with conventional presses and cast Yankee dryers.

Additionally, the drying section of the machine is equipped with a ReEvaporation system to reduce drying energy costs even further. The system uses the waste heat in the hood exhaust to recover steam from the condensate stream, thereby reducing the amount of fresh steam required.

The scope of supply also includes stock preparation with an approach flow system. The centerpiece of the line is the ANDRITZ Papillon refiner that treats fibers gently in the cylindrical refining zone in order to achieve superior fiber properties at low energy consumption. The approach flow system features the ANDRITZ ShortFlow concept, which allows a minimized number of equipment items and very low storage volume as well as fast grade/color changes at the tissue machine. ANDRITZ also provides process pumps, piping, and instrumentation as well as on-site services.

“Our new tissue machine is equipped with a new PrimePress XT shoe press, which provides high productivity and product quality, together with an ANDRITZ Papillon refiner and ShortFlow system. These technical and technological characteristics will significantly reduce the consumption of water and steam in the production process and also minimize costs in general,” says Irina Galakhova, Executive Director, Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC.
(Andritz AG)

Newsgrafik #120326

NETZSCH expands its range for ACHEMA: The xLC® stator adjustment unit triples service life....  (Company news)

... of the pump

Another component was added to the product portfolio of the NEMO® progressing cavity pump from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH in Waldkraiburg: the xLC® unit. This triples the service life of the pump, particularly when conveying difficult, abrasive media. The xLC® unit is an essential part of this. When wear occurs in the rotor-stator system, this new unit allows the performance of the pump to be re-established by adjusting the preload between the conveyor elements.

It is important for the xLC® stator adjustment system that the elastomer in the rigid metal sleeve of the stator is flexible, which was made possible with the development of the proven iFD stator® 2.0. The xLC® adjustment system uses this characteristic so that the elastomer is not vulcanised into the housing but rather fixed through axial pressing. To regulate the preload in the rotor-stator system, the elastomer in the sheath is extended by pulling or shortened by pressing, which changes the preload between the pumping elements. In case of wear, compressing the elastomer increases the preload and re-establishes the reduced sealing line. How it works: If the stator has to be adjusted due to declining performance of the pump, the setting nuts of the system are adjusted, compressing the elastomer insert in the metal housing once again. A scale with seven defined stop points facilitates gradual adjustment of the stator with only two setting screws while also showing the remaining potential until stator change.
(NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120244

Sunshine Paper automates scheduling planning processes to improve efficiencies   (Company news)

China’s largest producer of coated and uncoated white top test liner and world-class preprint home base, Sunshine Paper, has automated its scheduling process for its five cutters by integrating opt-Studio with its SAP ERP solution. The system went live in April 2018.

Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Company Limited, founded in 2000, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market in 2007 owning total assets of RMB 10 billion. Sunshine Paper has a total paper capacity of 1.3 million tons per year, is one of China’s top 15 papermakers and a global top 100 papermaker.

Mr. Li Jinhai, CIO, at Sunshine Paper said: “In our endeavours to improve and optimise production processes to mitigate the increased environmental costs due to the new Environmental Protection Tax which has been implemented in China, we approached Greycon which implemented its X-Trim trim optimisation application for us in 2009, to review the planning functionality for our sheeting processes. Following its review, and based on the success of its trim solution X-Trim which they implemented for us in 2009, we requested Greycon integrate its advanced scheduling planning software, opt-Studio, with our ERP to schedule the sheet orders in our five cutters.

“The adoption of opt-Studio provides us with improved short and mid-term planning capabilities; we can refresh the schedule automatically on every machine in seconds, giving the planner and other users full visibility of the impact of the decisions or external events.”

Tian Jinlong, Business Development Director at Greycon said: “Rising environmental costs will intensify the competition in the paper industry and companies are implementing new solutions and upgrading existing products to ensure efficiencies are maximised. Profitable Chinese companies are finding it easier to invest in upgrading however, smaller companies are under more pressure and may even be squeezed out the market.

“Sunshine Paper approached us with a brief to optimise its planning functionality on its cutters. The integration of opt-Studio enables the optimisation of schedules, improving the production throughput. Since the system manages the scheduling of the orders, the effort of the planners will now be diverted to analysis and optimisation instead of the routine work to feed the orders and their sequence into the ERP-system. opt-Studio will also change decision-making from that of being based on past experience, to fact-based decision-making. The powerful what-if functionality allows the planners to perform different kind of analyses to determine the most efficient way forward.

“The integration was organised using Greycon’s standard methods, Integration Manager and schedule release to Microsoft SQL Server based database table,” said Jinlong.
(Greycon Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120252

New head of the Holmen Paper business area   (Company news)

Lars Lundin has been appointed Senior Vice President Paper and will take up his new role no later than the first of december 2018. He succeeds Nils Ringborg, who will remain part of Group management as advisor to the CEO.

- Lars has shown himself to be an excellent manager of change, with years of experience in both production and marketing. His collection of skills will be invaluable in the continued drive to develop our business and I have no doubt that Lars will take Holmen Paper to new heights, says Henrik Sjölund, President and CEO of Holmen.

Lundin has amassed thirty years of experience in the pulp and paper industry with previous employers such as Stora Enso. His most recent post was CEO of paperboard manufacturer Fiskeby Board.

- I’m impressed by the journey that Holmen Paper has made in changing from newsprint paper to today’s strong position in book and speciality paper. Over many years in the industry, I’ve followed Holmen’s progress from a distance and now I really look forward to being part of the team. I hope and believe that my experience will hone Holmen’s competitiveness even further, states Lars Lundin.
(Holmen AB)

Newsgrafik #120267

LIC Packaging backs Fusion Topliner  (Company news)

Italian packaging provider appreciates wide range of weights and excellent results with offset and flexo, soon also available for digital post-print

With Italian company LIC Packaging, Sappi has gained a renowned packaging manufacturer as a new customer. The company uses the brilliant white double-coated fresh fibre Fusion Topliner, as well as the recently launched uncoated version, Fusion Uncoated. Both products are being printed exclusively with post-print processes. Depending on the run length and quality requirements, the company uses either offset or flexo print. Digital printing will be added shortly, once a new HP C500 digital printer for direct corrugated board printing is installed in June 2018.

“One of the reasons we chose Fusion Topliner is its comprehensive weight range. It enables us to fulfil any requirements across the different types of corrugated board,” says Piero Bertoldo, president of LIC Packaging. Other criteria driving the decision included the brilliant white appearance, strength values and the absence of cracking Fusion Topliner offers. An additional benefit of this fresh fibre liner is that it has been approved for food packaging, since Fusion Topliner complies with all key regulations for food contact in Italy and across Europe. From a geographic perspective, LIC Packaging benefits from a location that is close to Sappi’s Ehingen production site in Germany, ensuring fast delivery of paper to Northern Italy.

The range of applications for Fusion comprises primarily food packaging, including corrugated cartonboard for frozen food, pizza boxes and carrier packages (trays) for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as displays and cardboard packages for glassware, electronics and other consumer goods. LIC Packaging uses Fusion in weights ranging from 90 to 160 g/m2. An innovative application of Fusion is its use on G/N fluting for offset post-print at a flat weight of 90 g/m2. Fusion has successfully proved its stability and surface quality during lamination on mini-fluting and subsequent offset printing.

This successful implementation is no accident. “We were impressed with the open-minded approach and desire for innovation LIC Packaging applies when developing new packaging ideas,” explains Andrea Riva, Sales Manager Italy, Iberica and Global Key Account Manager at Sappi. “LIC Packaging is an important reference customer for Sappi in Italy and presents an unique example of the versatility that a high-quality fresh fibre topliner can offer packaging converters. This is confirmed by the excellent results that have been achieved in all common printing environments, from offset to flexo and digital.”
(Sappi Europe S.A.)

Newsgrafik #120284

Kotkamills en route towards a plastic free world – one coffee cup at a time   (Company news)

ISLA® Duo cupstock is Kotkamills' solution to an ever-growing problem. It does not contain any plastics or waxes that are harmful for the environment or health. Easy recycling makes ISLA® Duo cups an integral part of the circular economy and makes sure that the valuable wood fibre can be reused.

The world is changing at a rapid pace towards a plastic free future. Development requires new and innovative solutions that can answer to new demands. Consumption and recycling are consumer's choices, but it is up to manufacturers to provide products that answer to these challenges. Kotkamills' ISLA® Duo answers to these specific challenges.

"World's coffee cup markets are vast. No sustainable and responsible actor has provided plastic-free and easy-to-recycle products. Coffee cups covered with PE plastics can be recycled but globally it has been difficult and inefficient due to the separation process of plastic. It is great that Kotkamills can lead the way and act as a Game Changer in the industry", Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen states.

Plastic free cupstock
A traditional single-use coffee cup includes a barrier layer made from plastic, which prevents absorption of liquids and greases. The barrier layer in ISLA® Duo products is a water-based dispersion coating instead of PE plastic. Being plastic-free enables the products to be easily recyclable in normal paper and board recycling, and the wood fibre can be reused fully. ISLA® Duo cupstock doesn't contain any waxes harmful for the health nor do they cumulate in the nature like plastic.

"Circular economy and keeping valuable materials in use as efficiently as possible are a key piece of the future. In this issue Kotkamills wants to act as an example and lead development. ISLA® Duo is enabling a plastic free future where recycling is easy and a part of our daily routines”, Hämäläinen concludes.

Kotkamills is a responsible partner that delivers renewable products and performance to its customers' processes via product innovations created from wood, a renewable raw material. Our product range includes fully recyclable consumer board products AEGLE® and ISLA®, and one of the key brands of the company is Absorbex®, an innovative laminating paper product for the laminate, plywood and construction industries. Moreover, Kotkamills offers ecological, technically sound and visually attractive wood products for demanding joinery and construction.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #120307

ANDRITZ receives order from UPM to rebuild paper machine in Dörpen  (Company news)

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from UPM Nordland Papier, Germany, to rebuild paper machine #2 (PM2) in Dörpen, Germany, to produce release/glassine papers.

With the rebuild of PM2, the UPM group will increase the capacity of release paper production by an additional 110,000 t/a. Start-up after the rebuild is scheduled for the final quarter of 2019.

The complex rebuild with demanding technological requirements, not only for the equipment but also for the process and product quality, was prepared in close cooperation between UPM and ANDRITZ. Apart from the rebuild of PM2, the ANDRITZ scope of supply also includes modification of the stock preparation system, approach flow and broke system.

The modification of the stock preparation system includes ModuScreen CP police screens for the short and long fiber lines and two refiners TwinFlo TF-S34 for the long fiber line. For the approach flow system, ANDRITZ will deliver a new Short Flow deaeration silo including vacuum system, new headbox screens ModuScreen HBE for the HC and LC lines, and fan pumps. In addition to these items, a two-stage broke screening system with ModuScreen F, a thickening drum PRS2060, and a deflaker DFL3 are included in the scope of supply. For broke conversion, ANDRITZ will deliver an HC pulper FibreSolve FSH6 and an additional deflaker DFL3.

All sections of the paper machine will be modified. One of the key components is the ANDRITZ PrimeFlow SW dilution water headbox. The PrimeForm and PrimeForm HB hybrid formers include new dewatering elements that are considered to provide maximum flexibility for dewatering and also improve sheet formation.

The key component in the press section is a new PrimePress X shoe press with a PrimeSteam VIB steam blow-box for profiling in order to achieve the required dryness. The first dryer group will be rebuilt as a single tier with new PrimeRun Jet and PrimeRun D stabilizer boxes. Ropeless tail threading will be added to the pre-dryer and after-dryer sections.

Between the dryer sections, a new PrimeFilm film press will be installed including contactless, high-intensity drying. Furthermore, the after-dryer section will be equipped with a new PM hood and a new dry broke pulper. At the end of PM2, a complete new re-moisturizing system – PrimeSpray VIB – for both paper sides is included in the scope of supply. Finally, the moisturized paper will be wound using a complete new PrimeReel CenterDrive reeling system.

The entire field instrumentation wiring and piping are also part of the delivery. Furthermore, the scope of supply includes the complete detailed engineering, full equipment installation, start-up, commissioning, and training for all the equipment.
(Andritz AG)

Newsgrafik #120309

Valmet to deliver a cooking plant to Burgo Ardennes pulp mill in Belgium  (Company news)

Valmet will supply Burgo Ardennes with a batch cooking plant for its pulp mill in Virton (photo), Belgium. The order is included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The start-up of the cooking plant is planned for the beginning of 2020.

"The new cooking plant will improve pulp characteristics and utilize wood raw material in a more efficient way. Additionally, we will improve local environment around the mill, mainly the odor, and reduce the energy consumption within the process area," says Michel Hartman, Mill manager at Burgo Ardennes mill in Virton.

"Valmet continues to bring valuable solutions to our pulp customers. This delivery shows once again the strength of our cooking technology portfolio," says Patrik Lidbäck, Sales Manager, Pulp and Energy Valmet.

Details about Valmet's delivery
Valmet's scope of supply includes a new batch cooking plant with auxiliaries, such as platforms, piping and instrumentation. The installation of the supplied equipment, the commissioning and start-up services are also included.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120313

Bain Capital Acquires Cordenons  (Company news)

Bain Capital Private Equity, a leading global private equity firm, through Fedrigoni Holding Ltd, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Gruppo Cordenons, a leading international manufacturer of high-end specialty papers for luxury packaging and premium publishing applications. The transaction remains subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Photo: Ivano Sessa, Managing Director of Bain Capital Private Equity

Generating around €89M sales in 2017, Gruppo Cordenons produces high-end specialty graphic papers, as well as industrial filtration paper, and distributes its products in more than 90 countries. Gruppo Cordenons has a portfolio of more than 2,500 SKUs, including metallic and iridescent papers, an innovative marked, laid and embossed papers.

Gruppo Cordenons will be acquired and managed as an independent company.

However, over time, Fedrigoni Group shareholders see a significant opportunity to share best practices, increase operations know-how and improve service and innovation by strengthening its range of high value-added special papers and key relationships with customers, supplemented by a brand that is widely recognized on international markets, where Gruppo Cordenons generates almost 70% of its turnover.

Ferruccio Gilberti, Gruppo Cordenon Chairman and CEO, stated, "Bain Capital's goal to create a first-class global player in high-end specialty paper will allow Gruppo Cordenons to face, with even more determination, an increasingly global and competitive market while maintaining independence of the "Cordenons" brand."

Ivano Sessa, Managing Director of Bain Capital Private Equity and Chairman of Fedrigoni Holding, Ltd, stated, "In a worldwide market that presents very interesting growth patterns for specialty papers, the acquisition of Gruppo Cordenons represents a step forward for Bain Capital in its objective to create an Italian champion and leading global player in high-end specialty paper."

Eugenio Berenga, Fedrigoni S.p.A. Chairman and CEO stated, "Gruppo Cordenons is a company that allows the group to further strengthen the offer and service to its customers, especially in high value-added papers for luxury packaging. This is an important step towards international leadership in the specialty papers sector."
(Bain Capital LP)

Newsgrafik #120271

Stora Enso opens Europe's largest wood fibre-based biocomposite plant  (Company news)

Stora Enso has opened Europe’s largest wood fibre-based biocomposite plant. The opening ceremony took place at the company’s Hylte Mill outside of Halmstad in south-west Sweden, and was attended by more than 150 guests.

Stora Enso’s investment of EUR 12 million in a biocomposite plant is part of the company’s ongoing process of becoming a renewable materials company. It shows that Stora Enso is a leader in the bioeconomy, with the ability to provide innovative, more sustainable alternatives to plastic. The company’s biocomposites, DuraSense™ by Stora Enso, make it possible to reduce the consumption of plastic by up to 60% and replace it with renewable wood fibre.

Uses for biocomposites include everything from consumer goods to industrial applications, such as furniture, hand tools, automotive parts, toys and kitchen utensils. The combination of natural wood fibre, polymers and additives offer the mouldability of plastic with the sustainability and workability of wood.

“Biocomposites are another step towards replacing fossil-based materials. There is great potential for these renewable materials, so we are delighted to be opening Europe’s largest wood fibre-based biocomposite plant today,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso.
(Stora Enso Oyj)

Newsgrafik #120273

DS Smith: Proposed acquisition of Europac and fully underwritten Rights Issue  (Company news)

DS Smith Plc (“DS Smith”, or the “Company”), a leading international packaging business, is pleased to announce the proposed acquisition of Papeles y Cartones de Europa, S.A., known as Europac (“Europac”), a leading Western European integrated packaging business (the “Acquisition”).

The offer price of €16.80 per Europac share (the “Offer Price”) values the entire share capital of Europac at €1,667 million (£1,453 million), with an implied enterprise value of €1,904 million (£1,659 million).

Europac is a leading, Spanish listed, approximately 42 per cent. family owned, highly complementary, vertically integrated packaging business. Europac has a diversified customer portfolio with strong customer relationships and FMCG orientation.

The Acquisition, DS Smith’s transaction expenses and the refinancing of Europac debt will be financed from a rights issue to raise approximately £1,000 million (c.€1,171 million) net of expenses (the “Rights Issue”), which has been fully underwritten on a standby basis, and a new committed debt facility of £650 million (c.€746 million).

The Acquisition is conditional on the receipt of acceptances from Europac shareholders representing at least 50 per cent. plus 1 share of the entire share capital of Europac, receipt of regulatory approvals and the approval of DS Smith shareholders.
(DS Smith Plc)

Newsgrafik #120274

St1 and SCA form partnership to produce renewable fuels  (Company news)

The energy company St1 and the forest products company SCA have formed a partnership to develop large-scale production of renewable fuels from tall oil. The planned production site will be St1's refinery in Gothenburg

Poto: Ulf Larsson, President and CEO of SCA

The aim of the partnership is to construct a new facility to produce advanced renewable fuels from tall oil with a capacity of 100 000 tonnes per annum. Construction of the new facility, subject to permission process and final approval from both companies, is expected to cost around 500 MSEK to build and is planned to be operational in 2021. Tall oil is a residual product from the production of kraft pulp in SCA’s mills Östrand, Obbola and Munksund. SCA is presently expanding its kraft pulp mill Östrand and as a result the production of tall oil from the mill will increase by more than 100 per cent.

Between the two partners, the parties constitute the full value-chain from the raw material to the refining process, distribution and sale of the renewable fuel to the customers.

"Partnership with SCA is a key element in implementation of our renewable fuels investment program and it secures supply of raw materials to meet the ambitious Nordic climate targets for 2030," says Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Board of St1. “SCA works with a number of interesting development projects in renewable energy, and we see interesting opportunities to further develop the cooperation.”

"When we start working on more refined energy products, partnership with a company that knows the processes and the market, is very valuable," says Ulf Larsson, President and CEO of SCA. “St1 is a company with the ambition to work with us in the change towards renewable fuels.”
(SCA Forest Products AB)

Newsgrafik #120278

Koenig & Bauer and hubergroup will cooperate on conventional sheetfed offset inks  (Company news)

-Strategic partnership for high-quality packages
-Tested colour qualities for optimum performance
-Cooperation at global level

Koenig & Bauer recommends the use of conventional sheetfed offset inks from hubergroup for its high-performance Rapida presses. Both companies have agreed on a strategic partnership. The aim of this global partnership is to offer joint users the optimum complete service and quality package. The inks bearing the "Recommended by Koenig & Bauer" quality seal are available from the hubergroup sales network.

Rapida users applying hubergroup inks will benefit from Koenig & Bauer's experience with these inks. Both partners will continue to evaluate and optimize this package to meet changing market requirements. The result is consistent, repeatable and high quality print products. The process standardization achieves a new quality.

Dirk Winkler, head of printing at KBA-Sheetfed, says, “I see particular strengths in the optimum performance and stable ink-water balance. In addition, the combination of press and ink is characterised by very good colour brilliance and high print contrast, a smooth printing and excellent printing of solids. However, the cooperation in the development of new ink systems and their standardization and, of course, the joint support of users, e.g. in the field of food packaging, is crucial.

Thomas Kleps, Head of Sales Europe at hubergroup, emphasizes the advantages of this partnership for print shops: "Our customers have always appreciated hubergroup's special service in application technology and process optimization. The close cooperation with Koenig & Bauer will further expand this know-how, and our joint customers will directly benefit in the area of business development. They will be guaranteed the same high quality of standard and spot inks in all segments of sheetfed offset printing worldwide – be it commercial, packaging, food packaging or labels".

As with other strategic partners, KBA-Sheetfed works with hubergroup on a global scale in the areas of sales, customer training and product development. In addition, the experts from both companies regularly exchange views in strategy workshops.
(Hubergroup Deutschland GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120282

Nippon Paper Group Announces Reorganization of Production Structure for its Paper Business  (Company news)

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) has announced that, at a meeting of the Board of Directors, the Company resolved to reorganize the production structure for its paper business as follows.

1. Background and Purpose of Reorganization
Since the global financial crisis, domestic demand for paper in Japan has been in a state of structural decline due to development of IT. Since 2009, as the top manufacturer of newsprint and printing paper, with the aim of optimizing the balance of supply and demand, the Company has reduced its annual production capacity by approximately 1.7 million tonnes. By carrying out a further reorganization of its production structure on this occasion, the Company will seek to further optimize the balance of supply and demand, and to improve the revenue structure of its paper business by reducing fixed costs and increasing the operation rate. In shutting down the relevant production equipment, the Company will take every possible measure to ensure stable supply and quality for its customers.

By implementing this reorganization of its production structure as part of its Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2018 – FY2020), the Company will seek to enhance the earning power of its paper business. Moreover, in order to accelerate the growth of the entire business, the Company will work on expansion of its business operation in growth areas (packaging, household tissues, healthcare, chemicals, energy, etc.) and early commercialization of new business.

2. Outline of Reorganization of Paper Business Production Structure
(1) Hokkaido Mill (Yufutsu) is to shut down all paper production machines and related equipment for the production of paper. In addition to continuing its chemical business operations at the mill, moving forward, the Company will also advance considerations for the mill to become a location for establishing new business operations; including biomass power generation. (253,000 MT/yr)
(2) Fuji Mill (Fuji) is to shut down all paper production machines and related equipment for the production of paper. As of May 2018, the mill commenced operation of Crecia-Kasuga Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Hirofumi Narita), producing household tissue. Moving forward, the mill will seek to utilize its location in close proximity to a major metropolitan area in order to shift towards becoming a production location for household paper products. (135,000 MT/yr)
(3) Kushiro Mill is to shut down its No. 8 paper production machine due to a decline in newsprint demand. By doing so, the mill will seek to shrink fixed costs and increase production efficiency and enhance its cost competitiveness as a newsprint production location. It is planned to transfer production of a portion of newsprint currently produced using machine No.8 to machine No. 6 at the same mill. As a result, it is planned to transfer (partial) production of heavy-sack kraft paper, unbleached kraft paper and semibleached wrapping paper currently produced using machine No. 6 to the Company’s Hokkaido Mill (Asahikawa), and to Shin Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.’s Shimada Mill. (143,000 MT/yr)

As announced in a previous press release (“Nippon Paper Industries Reviews the Production Structure of Coated Paper”) dated August 3, 2017, coating machine No. 1 at Akita Mill and coating machine No. 2 at Ishinomaki Mill were both shut down as of May this year.
The combined reduction in production capacity of these shutdowns in conjunction with the shutdown of the equipment outlined above is approximately 760,000 tonnes per year (equivalent to 18% of overall capacity).

The Company plans to continue its employment of the approximately 350 employees involved in the operation of equipment the shutdown of which has been determined on this occasion, based on the assumption of transferal, mainly to growth areas and/or new business operations within the Nippon Paper Group.
(Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120299

One week to Paper Vietnam 2018 - Set up meetings with Exhibitors now!  (Company news)

13 − 15/06/2018 · 9am − 5pm Free Entrance
Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center
799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Let's get you to meet amazing business prospects!
Paper Vietnam 2018 – The only trade fair for Pulp and Paper industry in Vietnam will open in 1 week!
The event will present plenty of business opportunities with many paper companies and full series of applicable conferences. Paper Vietnam 2018 - the BIGGEST & LARGEST in the past 6 years with the participation of nearly 80 exhibitors from 15 countries from leading markets, such as: China, India, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, Japan, and many more. The show promises to update the latest technologies, create business opportunities, and develop the market for enterprises in the field.

Seminars by Vietnam Pulp & Paper Association
14 June, 2018
Overview about Vietnam pulp and paper market - the prospect in short term 1:15pm − 2pm
What the paper industry needs to do and the role of the association in promoting the development of the paper industry 2pm − 2:45pm
How to make success in investing paper industry − Experience from XUAN MAI PAPER CO., LTD 2:45pm − 3:15pm
The Energy Solution for Paper industry − By Martech Co.,Ltd 3:15pm − 3:45pm
Panel Discussion 3:45pm − 4:30pm
(Minh Vi Exhibitions and Advertisement Services)

Newsgrafik #120303

Pasaban upgrades a laminating line and a cartonboard sheeting equipment for an important ...  (Company news)

... packager in France

The laminating line is now able to produce either laminate paper rolls or sheets depending on customer’s demand.

With the objective of improving the performance of one of their laminating lines and their Pasaban KDD 1500 paper sheeter, Pasaban Upgrades service carried out two different projects.

On the one hand, a new configuration for the laminating line was designed by adding two new pieces of equipment; a rotary unwinder and a rewind stand. On the other hand, an electrical upgrade of the sheeter was carried out, adapting it to work both OFFLINE and INLINE with the laminator.

Both the rotary unwind stand and the rewinding station installed on the laminator allow automatic splicing at maximum speed, capable of reaching 200 m/min. The two systems have electrical motors and everything is controlled by a high-performance PLC.

Regarding the sheeter upgrade, it was necessary to carry out improvements to the electrical system for which Pasaban drives and PLCs were used.

Currently, after the changes have been made, the sheeter can be fed by either its unwinders or by the laminator working INLINE. The sheeter is prepared to cutting in register on printed mark.

These solutions have enabled or customer to adapt the performance of their equipment to their specific needs, giving option to several configurations.

The project although complex due to space problems, it has been satisfactory and both the customer and ourselves are satisfied with the final result.
(Pasaban S.A.)

Newsgrafik #120247

Mondi Group completes acquisition of Powerflute  (Company news)

Further to the announcement made on 22 December 2017, Mondi confirms that all conditions have been satisfied and it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding shares in Powerflute Group Holdings Oy (“Powerflute”), a division of Nordic Packaging and Container Holdings, for a total consideration of €365 million on an enterprise value basis.

Powerflute operates an integrated pulp and paper mill in Kuopio (Finland) with an annual production capacity of 285,000 tonnes of high-performance semi-chemical fluting. The business will be integrated into Mondi’s Packaging Paper business unit.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mondi Group CEO Peter Oswald (photo) said, “We are excited to have completed this acquisition, which supports our strategy of investing in high-quality packaging and paper assets, further broadens our containerboard product range, and extends our geographic reach.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #120248

The new marbanick|2 by Marbach - For perfect nicks  (Company news)

Marbach has recently updated its handheld device for placing nicks into cutting rules. So far, this tool – that is known on the market under the name marbanick – could place a nick with a predefined width and depth into the cutting rule. With the new marbanick|2 version, width and depth of the nicks can now be varied in three steps.

Nicks play a greater role in producing a packaging blank. Because nicks ensure on the one hand a smooth transport of the board sheet through the die-cutting machine, and on the other hand freedom from waste of the produced blank. For packaging producers, it is vital that the packaging has small and as few nicks as possible, because they distract from the appearance of packaging. There are two kinds of nicks: transport nicks which have an impact on the speed of the producing machine. And waste nicks which are largely responsible for the waste-free characteristics of the produced blank.

Marbach developer Sascha Wormser: “Transport nicks should ideally be grinded by the die-maker during the cutting-die production. Also, there are automatic nick grinders available at Marbach, for regrinding on-site. Sometimes it makes sense for our customers to optimize waste nicks directly on the machine – matched to the local conditions. Especially for this kind of case, we have developed the new marbanick|2. Because with it our customers can place three different thicknesses of nicks into their cutting rules. So that nicks can be optimally adapted to local requirements. Placing a nick is very easy, safe and controllable. The cutting rule will not be destroyed in an uncontrolled manner.”

The new marbanick|2 has not only been equipped with three levels, but also importance has been attached to good handling and achieving the best ergonomic characteristics. So the follow-up model is not only better, but also easier to handle than its predecessor.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120250

Delfort Wattens paper mill in Austria starts using Wedge  (Company news)

Paper mill Wattens is the fourth Delfort mill to engage leveraging Wedge Process Diagnostics System. The system delivery will commence in June.


Delfort is an Austrian paper maker group dedicating to highly specialized grades. With mills in Europe, The United States and Vietnam, Delfort is a global leader in its product categories.

Trimble Forestry’s Wedge Process Diagnostics is a powerful, easy to use tool for improving industrial plant efficiency. Wedge anticipates upcoming problems and quickly finds the original root causes.
(Savcor Oy)

Newsgrafik #120253

Europac invests more than 13 million euros in environmental improvements  (Company news)

-Between 2017 and 2018, the Company will have invested 13.5 million euros in minimising the environmental impact, waste management and energy efficiency, of which 8 million correspond to 2018
-The Europac Group manufactures biodegradable and recyclable products using raw and natural materials
-The business model is characterised by its use of recycled raw materials, the optimisation of consumption of materials and re-use of 80% of waste generated

The presence of the Europac Group throughout the value chain of the packaging industry makes it a benchmark in the circular economy, characterised by the use of natural and recycled raw materials, the optimisation of consumption of materials and re-use of 80% of waste generated in the production process. Between 2017 and 2018, investments in minimising the environmental impact, improving waste management and increasing process efficiency amounts to 13.4 million euros, of which 8 million correspond to 2018.

Against the backdrop of World Recycling Day on Thursday 17 May, the Company restates its intention to become an integrated waste manager on the Iberian Peninsula, with three waste treatment and re-use centres in Spain and another three in Portugal at which the Company has environmental licences to treat more than 150 types of different waste.

Recovered paper is part of this waste, which is re-used as a raw material in the paper production process at all the Company’s facilities. Specifically, 365,000 tonnes a year of recovered paper, 40% of the needs of this raw material, come from self-supply. With the resulting paper, cardboard sheets are manufactured that are turned into packaging - a biodegradable and recyclable product manufactured from recycled raw materials.

Re-use of production process waste
However, recycling and the re-use of waste is also present throughout the whole production process. Firstly, 90% of the water needed to dilute and transport cellulose fibres from recovered paper is recycled in closed circuits to be re-used in other processes and returned to the natural environment after passing through waste water treatment plants (WWTP).

Furthermore, the WWTP filters retain the sludge which, after undergoing a composting process, is transformed into organic fertilizer for the agriculture sector. Similarly, the sand from the process to purify the cellulose pasta is re-used as a raw material in companies in the cement and ceramic sectors.

Lastly, the only waste generated in the packaging production process are the cardboard cut-offs from the conversion process, where the corrugated board sheets are cut and die cast to form boxes. These cardboard cut-offs are once again incorporated in the process as raw materials.
(Europac Papeles y Cartones de Europa S.A.)

Newsgrafik #120255

Esko Text Recognition makes text changes in outlined artwork fast, safe and simple  (Company news)

Esko ( has extended its portfolio of innovative solutions with Text Recognition, a new plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® that makes last-minute copy changes to outlined text fast, safe and simple.

The Esko-unique OCR plug-in for Adobe Illustrator helps packaging professionals to produce packaging in an optimal way. It eliminates work-arounds that were cumbersome when even the tiniest of copy changes was required.

Text Recognition is the only OCR tool on the market that converts outlined text in artwork to live, editable text directly in Illustrator. This way the designer is able to make copy changes in just seconds within Illustrator. The Text Recognition plug-in for Adobe Illustrator is available as a part of the Esko DeskPack collection of plug-ins for packaging professionals, or as a standalone product for anyone working with Adobe Illustrator.

The software has a unique Font Recognition function; when a copy change needs to be made, the software compares the character in the artwork to the fonts on the user’s computer, choosing the best matching active font. This eliminates the need to manually evaluate every font and re-type entire paragraphs to find the correct text layout. It works with foreign languages too, even with completely different glyphs like Chinese, Japanese or Korean; and its unique Compare function highlights copy changes in a ‘before and after’ view, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Frank Woltering, Product Manager Graphic Editing, states: “This tool is unique and keeps the operator working in the platform he knows best and likes the most: Adobe Illustrator. Other OCR providers offer work-arounds, but users usually consider these complicated and time-consuming. It is part of the DeskPack collection of Esko plug-ins in Adobe Illustrator for packaging professionals, and it is available as a standalone product for people who work with Illustrator outside of the packaging business.”

“Until now, making even the simplest copy change could take designers easily half an hour. With the Text Recognition plug-in, designers can make copy changes in seconds. The overall impact is faster order-to-delivery times, enhanced productivity by being able to handle more projects in a day and a higher first-time-accurate ratio as last-minute copy errors can quickly be caught and changed before going to print.”
(Esko Belgium)

Newsgrafik #120256

Ortviken reduces carbon emissions from fossil fuels by 60%  (Company news)

SCA is aiming to become completely fossil free. The Ortviken paper mill (photo) has taken a major step in the right direction and last year reported the lowest level ever of emissions from fossil fuels.

In conjunction with BioCoop, Ortviken invested in a new combustion unit which made it possible to replace oil and LPG with wood powder. In 2012, Ortviken emitted 43,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, a figure that dropped to 17,000 tonnes in 2017.

"This is the lowest level of emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from oil and LPG ever. In 2017, we emitted 26,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide compared with five years ago. This is equivalent to 283,000 journeys in a Volvo car between Sundsvall and Stockholm," says Charlotta Lindberg, environmental engineer at the Ortviken paper mill.

The main reduction since 2012 has been in oil consumption, from 10,000 m3 to 2,000 m3. During the corresponding period, LPG has fallen by almost 10 %.

Eventually, all of SCA will be fossil free, which means we have to find other alternatives to oil and LPG. One major challenge is that it can sometimes be difficult to obtain fossil-free fuel. During the harsh winter this year, for example, demand for pellets exceeded supply.

"But we are highly ambitious and are constantly working to find alternatives so we can eventually achieve our target to become completely fossil free," concludes Charlotta Lindberg.
(SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB)

Newsgrafik #120292

PMP is expanding its presence at the North American P&P market!  (Company news)

PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) is pleased to announce that Al Pospischil has joined their team as a Regional Sales Manager in the Southeast, USA.

Al brings over 35 years of experience to the PMP team and will help represent PMP’s products in mills in the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia and Northern Florida.
(PMPoland S.A.)

Newsgrafik #120294

NETZSCH exhibits at ACHEMA: The pump manufacturer presents three new products  (Company news)

NETZSCH will present its new products for the process industry at ACHEMA in Frankfurt from June 11th to 15th at booth C27 in hall 8.0. In order to be able to offer maintenance-friendly, high-performance and process-optimized pumps and accessories for the chemical industry, paper and pulp production, the ceramics and paints and varnishes industry, NETZSCH has consistently expanded its product range according to the "full-service-in-place" idea.

Since many media, for example oils and greases, must be conveyed at a constant temperature, the compact TORNADO® Smooth can now also be heated so that the desired temperature can be kept constant throughout the process steps. The pulsation is kept as low as possible with wing or multi-lobe helical rotors.

A new component of the NEMO progressing cavity pump is the xLC stator adjustment unit, extending the lifetime of the rotor-stator unit by axial compression. The component triples the life of the pump, especially when pumping difficult, abrasive media. When wear occurs in the rotor-stator system, this new system allows the performance of the pump to be re-established by adjusting the preload in the rotor-stator system.

Another innovation presented at ACHEMA is the twin-shaft grinder N.Mac®. The N.Mac® is designed to fragment a variety of materials and is ideal for wastewater treatment in industrial applications. The N.Mac®, available in channel or inline housing constructions with flanges, can be installed into effluent channels or piping to protect downstream equipment, such as pumps, from damage or blockages.

We are looking forward to your visit!
(NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120295

Forest and packing cluster's top event brought together professionals in Messukeskus   (Company news)

Simultaneous events of the forest and packing industries were held in Messukeskus in Helsinki in May. The event showed that the industry is looking into the future and that companies are developing themselves in the digitalising world with sustainability as a top priority. During the three days, the forest industry’s PulPaper, the packing industry’s PacTec and the new Wood & Bioenergy events and their smaller events were visited by more than 9,200 visitors.

The event saw almost 500 companies ranging from forest industry giants to small start-up businesses. The stands and the programming highlighted the potential of circular economy, new materials, innovative packing methods and IoT, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

- The theme of the renewed PulPaper, looking into the future, and the new cooperation with professionals of the packing and bioenergy sectors sparked a lot of interest, and the number of our conference attendees was almost tripled since the previous event. The companies’ strong faith in the future could be sensed in the event’s positive atmosphere, which one seasoned visitor summarised like this: “PulPaper returned to its roots,” said Antti Lindqvist, CEO of PI.

- We are extremely happy with the new concept of the fair. We launched our easy-to-recycle paperboard products, AEGLE® Barrier Plus and ISLA® Duo, and they sparked immense interest among the visitors, and our presentations on the Future Square stage summoned a great crowd. In addition to our own stand, Kotkamills was featured on many of our partners’ stands, so our company and our products were significantly and positively visible during the fair. The highlight of the fair was the excursion to our factory in Kotka, says Johanna Mäkelä, Communications Manager at Kotkamills.

Focus on future’s potential
Finland is a leader of the forest industry, constantly developing new wood-based products in addition to the traditional paper and pulp industry. The theme of the event, “Visit tomorrow today,” refers to new innovations and technologies that the forest industry can harness to evolve in the digitalising world.

- Significant development is constantly taking place in Finland, and the event succeeded in showing the many possibilities of the wood-based industry. The “Visit tomorrow today” theme was visible in the programming and on the stands. On the Sulzer stand, we showed that our passion is to be a part of the transformation, together with others, says Reijo Vesala, Business Development Manager at Sulzer.

- The Finnish packing industry is thriving, and PacTec Helsinki has established itself as an important meeting place for the packing industry. The quality programme and innovations presented by the exhibitors offered a versatile glance into the present and future topics of the field. The event atmosphere was great and we received plenty of positive feedback from both visitors and exhibitors, says Antro Säilä, CEO of the Finnish Packaging Association.

The simultaneous events were accompanied for the first time by the Wood & Bioenergy event. The new event was well received by the industry.

- When the entire field is brought together, it offers added value to everyone and we also receive visitors from our neighbouring countries. All in all, the visitors were very distinguished, and the fair was visited by key personnel like CEOs and production managers. Our stand was also visited by many Russian visitors, says Hannu Voutilainen, Managing Director of Suomen Linkki Sawmill Machinery Ltd.

The next PacTec in 2020, PulPaper in 2022
The next forest cluster event is planned together with professionals for spring 2020. The next PulPaper is organised in four years in 2022. The PacTec fair is organised in March 2020 together with FoodTec, a food industry event, Sign, Print & Pack, a graphic industry event, and Gastro Helsinki, a food and restaurant event. Packing, food and graphic industries have significant synergy benefits that will profit the fair visitors and exhibitors during the renewed fair. A strong combination of simultaneous events will offer new possibilities for all industries.

PulPaper, PacTec and Wood & Bioenergy were organised in Messukeskus in Helsinki on 29–31 May 2018. The events included the exhibition, seminars and other programming, evening programme and visits to the Metsä Group bioproduct mill in Äänekoski and the Kotkamills board mill.

The next trade fair in Messukeskus is the chemical safety seminar Helsinki Chemicals Forum on 14–15 June.

Newsgrafik #120233

Stora Enso enters into strategic partnership with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences  (Company news)

Stora Enso has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Through the agreement Stora Enso and SLU intend to establish a long-term collaboration in research and development, education, competence building, and innovation within the fields of forestry and bio-based materials.

The main objective of the collaboration is to jointly drive research projects to develop new knowledge within sustainable forestry and wooden biomaterials. Special focus areas include bio-based materials, forest and ecosystem management, forest technology and plant- and forest production. Moreover, the collaboration will act to strengthen competence development of staff members at Stora Enso and SLU.

“Collaborating with leading educational institutions, such as SLU, is a key component of Stora Enso’s strategy and an enabler in our continued transformation into a renewable materials company,” says Stora Enso’s CEO Karl-Henrik Sundström (photo). “Our vision is to replace fossil-based materials by innovating and developing new products based on wooden materials. By liaising with the world’s leading forestry science university, we can accelerate this development while also increasing our exposure to educated talents in our field.”

“We are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading forest products companies,” says Peter Högberg, Vice-Chancellor at SLU. “Stora Enso’s ambition to be an influential force in the bio-economy matches SLU’s strive to break new ground in research and education for bio-based technologies. Through this agreement, we can together strengthen the link between academics and business towards the common goal of a renewable future.”

Under the agreement Stora Enso and SLU aim to have an active portfolio of shared projects. Each party assigns relevant representatives to participate in a dedicated Steering Group for the collaboration which will be responsible for developing and managing the collaboration.
(Stora Enso Oyj)

Newsgrafik #120235


Mill Trial Realizes a 4% Increase in Production

FITNIR Analyzers Inc. is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its product suite, FITNIR MC.
Utilizing NIR spectroscopy, FITNIR MC delivers rapid, online moisture content measurements. With soaring costs, high variability and short supply
of wood chips, FPInnovations in partnership with FITNIR Analyzers, developed FITNIR MC to provide high-quality and timely chip moisture data necessary for process optimization and cost savings.

At the 2017 TAPPI PEERS conference, Wesley Gilbert of FPInnovations, presented the results of applying this latest NIR analyzer in conjunction with a novel control strategy to a dual vessel continuous digester.
A trial at a Canadian mill analyzed the moisture content of wood chips
being fed to the digester and demonstrated exciting benefits including a 4 percent increase in production, translating to an impressive $14 million
gain in revenue.

“We are encouraged by the response FITNIR MC has received since its initial launch at the TAPPI PEERS Conference in the fall of 2017,” said Thanh Trung, VP of Technology with FITNIR Analyzers. “There is an
obvious need in the market for an online wood chip analyzer of this calibre and functionality that has the ability to measure moisture content and possibility to expand to other biomass properties.”

Currently, a trial is underway with FITNIR MC for measuring the moisture content of hog fuel to the power boiler and has garnered excellent success
and uptime, given the variability in available sources.
Hog fuel and wood chip moisture content are only two applications of the technologyto date. Other potential measurement applications include lime mud moisture or solids content for kiln operation, and the measurement of other biomass properties such as density, lignin and extractives.
(FITNIR Analyzers Inc.)

Newsgrafik #120237

ABB introduces new ABB AbilityTM Web Monitoring System for paper industry applications  (Company news)

Innovative high resolution web monitoring system designed for the fastest paper, board or tissue machines.

ABB, the pioneer in Web Imaging Systems, introduces their new ABB AbilityTM Web Monitoring System, for the paper industry. Part of ABB’s suite of Quality Management Systems (QMS), the Web Monitoring system incorporates a new generation of imaging hardware and software to provide real-time web monitoring and analytics, for the quick identification of product deviations that can result in sheet breaks and lost production. With this technology, the paper production can run efficiently at its highest speed while maintaining the highest quality.

Photo: With the ABB’s Web Monitoring System operators have immediate access to videos from each camera as of the last few hours to the last few days.

Accurate web defect detection, imaging and identification all play crucial roles in process improvement. Through the QMS Web Monitoring System’s unique level of integration with the QMS Web Imaging System, critical insight is provided for the diagnosis and prevention of web breaks and improved sheet stability.

ABB AbilityTM Web Monitoring System includes a new generation of high-speed cameras that deliver the required high resolution and sharp images. This is complimented by high speed video processing and synchronization, unique analytics, and operator interface features to reduce disruptive events and analyze process behavior.
(ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120238

EFI Extends Fiery Command WorkStation to Inkjet Printers for Seamless Production Control  (Company news)

New version of Fiery for wide- and superwide-format inkjet printers is 5x faster and integrates into Command WorkStation

Silicon Valley printing technology company Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII) introduced two milestone digital print workflow solutions at FESPA 2018 in Berlin:
-a new version of Fiery® Command WorkStation® (photo) and
-Fiery XF 7, an updated digital front end (DFE) for EFI wide and superwide format inkjet printers.

Fiery Command WorkStation is one of the world’s most popular interfaces for the management, layout, and editing of production digital print jobs.
Print operations using EFI Fiery XF and Fiery proServer digital front end (DFE) print servers – including sheetfed, high-speed inkjet, wide format and superwide format printers – can now manage multiple printers across all environments from a single, easy-to-use, and familiar Command WorkStation
In addition, the new Fiery XF 7 digital front end for wide and superwide format printers enables production speeds up to five times faster than earlier versions.

Digital print production evolved
According to a study by Keypoint Intelligence, wide-format production volume is on the rise, and nearly half of the respondents across several different print organizations plan to purchase a new wide format printer
in the next two years.
Especially for print professionals familiar with a Fiery workflow and new to wide-format printing, the latest version of Fiery Command WorkStation
will ease entry into this new revenue opportunity by making it easy to unify production operations. Using a single shared interface across multiple print technologies delivers major business benefits to digital print facilities, such as reduced operator earning curves, operational efficiencies and production staff flexibility.

Medienhaven GmbH, a digital printing company based in Bremen, Germany, was
a beta site for Fiery XF 7, and has reaped the benefits.
“We like the structured and clear layout of Fiery Command WorkStation. We
know it well already from the Fiery server that drives our cut-sheet print
engine,” stated Medienhaven Managing Director Peer Rüdiger.
“It’s great to have the same user interface available at different workstations to drive both our cut-sheet and wide-format printers.
“Based on our beta experience,” Rüdiger added, “we estimate we'll save around 10% in downtime by not having to use different applications to administer different printer technologies and Fiery servers. Moving to Fiery XF 7 with Command WorkStation was very easy with a fast learning curve due to our familiarity with Fiery tools.”

Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7
Fiery Command WorkStation’s new client and job management interface brings Fiery wide- and superwide-format printer users many productivity and usability benefits already familiar to Fiery DFE users in other print environments. It provides dedicated modules such as the visual Fiery Job Editor, enabling users to more easily focus on specific tasks such as tiling, step and repeat, or color edits, and it offers a larger screen area for job previews and settings.
Powerful search and filtering tools deliver greater usability for finding and grouping jobs, and the context - sensitive interface only shows operators the tools they need, when and where they need them.

Andy Banks, technical director of Northampton, UK-based wide-format technology reseller Nth Degree Imaging remarked, “Being able to save searches and filter at a granular level is key to ensuring automating repetitive actions and taking time and potential for error out of the production process.”

Fiery automation and the associated time savings benefit a broad range of users.
Daniel Judge, technical director for London-based distributor Velmex Distribution Ltd, noted, “I like that Fiery XF 7 encompasses the existing workflow automation approach, but also caters to the flexibility needed in production graphics.
EFI has done a good job of understanding and addressing these requirements in this new release.”

These benefits are in addition to the market-leading capabilities Fiery
DFEs already deliver to wide- and superwide-format printer users such as unrivalled color and quality, and superior productivity.

New Fiery capabilities
Continuing Fiery Command WorkStation’s tradition of innovation and value, this newest release offers additional productivity-enhancing features including Archive Manager (for cut-sheet print production) and thumbnail view.
• Archive Manager offers a simple and safe solution to store jobs on a
network location. All archived jobs are in one view, so it's easy to find and share them with other Fiery DFEs as the need arises.
• Thumbnail view gives users the option to visually list jobs showing their
first page preview to help them find jobs faster.

Fiery make-ready enhancements include:
• Better integration of Fiery Impose with Duplo finishers to automate offline finishing for custom layouts. Users can import the layout file for the Duplo finisher to set up imposition in seconds and save the setup for use with future jobs.
• Fiery JobMaster™ software now includes image editing features that give
users the ability to touch up scanned pages without leaving the application.

“We are excited to bring 20 years of Fiery Command WorkStation innovation to our Fiery wide- and superwide-format printer users,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing at EFI. “Now Fiery Driven™ print environments that include wide-format printers will experience a new level of efficiency, convenience, and productivity – which facilities need and deserve in today’s fast-paced production environment.”
(efi Electronics For Imaging Inc.)