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Newsgrafik #121053

Kyiv CPM has installed a new plotter at the corrugated plant  (Company news)

Kyiv CPM has installed a new plotter of the Swiss company Zünd.

The equipment is used for cutting corrugated products. The new plotter will significantly increase the number of samples for customers, improve the quality of scoring, specially of double wall corrugated board.
(Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill JSC)

Newsgrafik #121056

Valmet Refiner Segments creates 6 GWh in energy savings annually  (Company news)

Energy cost is the major issue for producing mechanical pulp. Valmet Refiner Segments latest solutions lowers the energy consumption in the PGW process remarkably and thus creates major savings for the customers.

Valmet Grinding Surfaces Galileo and Turbine segments feature are examples of the latest solutions that tackle the energy consumption challenge at different phases in the PGW process. In addition, the overall optimization increases production rate and guarantees an excellent quality of the end product.

Diamond coated surface
Valmet introduced the Grinding Surfaces Galileo in 2010 to improve the grinding process. It is based on a steel core that has industrial-diamond-coated segments bolted to it and it replaces the pulp stone traditionally used for grinding. With this technology, a saving in energy as high as 300-500 kWh/per ton of produced paper can be reached. In addition, the overall production capacity can be increased by 20-50%.

Turbine Segments is the most energy efficient segment design
Reject refining is another energy-consuming part in PGW process. Turbine segments is a key to totally new approach to refining. The main objective is to produce fibers that have been treated uniformly and have as similar properties as possible. To achieve this, fibers and steam must flow in a controlled fashion through the disc gap, and all rotation and back flow must be minimized. The efficient flow reduces energy need in the refiner.

“To offer excellent optimization services to our customers, we are supplementing the Grinding Surfaces Galileo with Refiner Segments development in reject refining. The most energy efficient feature, Turbine segments, has been measured to reduce energy the most at the refining stage. In reject refining fibers are strong and high intensity refining treats them to good bonding properties thus creating excellent pulp,” explains Global Technology Manager Petteri Vuorio from Valmet.

Verzuolo Mill has reached significant energy savings with Valmet’s optimization solutions
Raffaele Marinucci, Mill Director, at Burgo’s Verzuolo Mill summarizes the results:
“We have co-operated with Valmet in two different projects, reaching good results. Earlier, replacing the conventional pulpstone with Valmet’s Grinding Surfaces Galileo, we reached energy savings of 10% and increased the production rate by 25%. Further, the energy savings generated after installing new Turbine segments on both reject refiners, amounted to 30%; estimated at about 6 GWh/year.
The combined result of the two projects has had a significant impact on the paper mill, both from an economic and environmental point of view in terms of CO2 savings.”
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #121058

Graphic Packaging Holding Company Appoints Paul McCann as Senior Vice President, ...  (Company news)

... Supply Chain

Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), announced that Paul McCann will join the company as Senior Vice President, Supply Chain. McCann will have responsibility for procurement, logistics, operations planning, global quality processes and for building Lean and Six Sigma capability. He will also lead the supply chain integration of the newly combined Foodservice and SBS businesses.

Mr. McCann joins Graphic Packaging from Monsanto Corporation, where he has been responsible for global manufacturing and supply chain. Prior to that, he held positions with Smurfit-Stone Container as Vice President Strategic Sourcing, Vice President and General Manager Asia, and Vice President and General Manager Fiber. Mr. McCann has also worked for Solo Cup Company as Vice President Global Procurement. "Paul's global supply chain expertise and strong leadership background make him extremely well-qualified to lead our supply chain team as they deliver on their priorities and complete the integration of the Foodservice and SBS businesses," said President and CEO Michael Doss.
(Graphic Packaging Holding Company)

Newsgrafik #121115

New Head of Sales & Marketing at Brigl & Bergmeister  (Company news)

On 1st of September 2018 Mr. Jost Orichel joined the Sales Team of Brigl & Bergmeister. He will be responsible for the entire Sales & Marketing activities of the B&B Group.

With Jost Orichel B&B could win an experienced manager who has over 30 years of specific industry knowledge. During his professional career he was employed at internationally acting companies like Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Group or AR Metallizing where he served amongst others as Sales & Marketing Director and Business Development Director.

In his last position he acted as Vice President Sales & Marketing at AR Metallizing.
(Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH)

Newsgrafik #121039

First Ever Venture Forum for Forest, Paper/Pulp, Timber & Wood Innovations & Technologies -   (Company news)

...Housing and Living with Wood – October 9th, Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg, Tiergartenstraße 15, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten

This forum is based on my experience. My father dedicated his life to the management of Germany’s eldest natural reserve „Siebengebirge“ (Cologne area), appr. 1,000 hectars of wood.

„Sustainability“ – the buzzword in industry - was firstly mentioned and realized in Saxony/Germany in early 18 century!

This forum is the very first forum that focuses on forest, timber and wood technologies.

We welcome any startup and SME along the entire value chain from green biotechnology, plant breeding, reforestation, any IoT & software applications, drones, timber works, smart services & trade, game & hunting, fire incidence detection and combating technologies, machinery, construction, furniture, viscose fiber, paper & pulp, pallets, wood based heating, biocomposites, wood composites, biomass technologies, wood recycling, wood surface protection (varnishes) and forest related services, smart cities green(ing)s and park, facade greening, roof gardening ...
(Leonhard Ventures Ulf Leonhard e.K.)

Newsgrafik #121051

Ahlstrom-Munksjö strengthens its capability to serve the South American market ...  (Company news)

... by investing EUR 21 million

Ahlstrom-Munksjö will invest EUR 21 million in its Coated Specialties business to improve capabilities and flexibility at its Jacarei plant in Brazil and better serve customers in South America with a broader offering.

The project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2019, and will expand the site’s capabilities of coating and calendering on the paper machine. It will allow Ahlstrom-Munksjö to offer more efficient, high-quality on-line coated products to its customer in the areas of self-adhesive and wet glue labeling, flexible packaging and sublimation printing. Demand growth for high value-added coated specialty papers has been robust in the region during past years.

The upgrade of the production line will also improve the company’s flexibility to deliver a wider range of product trims, better matching the needs of its customers. Additionally, it will open up further innovation opportunities in existing and new product areas. The benefit of the investment includes an improved product mix and increased production efficiency.

“The investment shows our long-term commitment to the South American market and our ambition to maintain a leading position in coated specialty papers. This allows us to better serve our customers, continuing to grow with them by developing sustainable and value added fiber-based solutions,” says Daniele Borlatto, Executive Vice President, Industrial Solutions.

“The project represents the latest step in the journey to reinforce our position in Brazil” says Valmir Piton, Vice President, Coated Specialties, and Country Manager, Brazil. In April, Ahlstrom-Munksjö agreed to acquire MD Papéis’ Caieiras specialty paper mill, located in the vicinity of Jacareì, in the Sao Paulo area. Following the acquisition, Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s presence in Brazil will comprise three operating plants, all near Sao Paolo, employing over 700 persons and with revenues of approximately of EUR 200 million.

Coated Specialties business is part of the Industrial Solutions business area, producing a wide range of products and materials often used in manufacturing and production processes, such as abrasive backings, electrotechnical insulation papers, coated label and flexible packaging papers, release liners and specialty pulp.
(Ahlstrom-Munksjö Corporation)

Newsgrafik #121055

Celupaper S.A. boosts production with a new Toscotec-supplied MODULO-PLUS in Argentina  (Company news)

Toscotec will supply a new MODULO-PLUS tissue line to Celupaper S.A. of the leading South American group Grupo Vual, based in Argentina. The MODULO-PLUS machine - PM5 - is scheduled for delivery in autumn 2019 and it will be installed at Papelera Nicaragua mill.

The MODULO-PLUS has a daily production of 65 tpd and is equipped with TT SuctionPressRoll, TT SYD-3200MM and TT Milltech-MGYH Multigen hoods. The scope of supply also includes the approach flow system, the steam and condensate system and the machine and distribution control system.

PM5 is the fourth repeated order awarded by Celupaper to Toscotec in 4 years. The Italian manufacturer had previously supplied a major rebuild on PM2 in 2015, then a MODULO machine - PM3 - in 2016 and finally PM4, a MODULO-PLUS line, which started up in mid-July 2018.

Toscotec’s Area Sales Manager Gabriele Romanini said, “The fact that Celupaper chose to work again with us on their PM5 project is an exciting challenge to exceed their expectations on productivity and energy reduction. Our TT DOES (Drying Optimization for Energy Saving) package, in combination with our Multigen Hood in cogeneration mode, is the core of this effort. We are currently working on the engineering, where the design of our system will integrate into the mill’s cogeneration plant with a gas turbine. Back in 2011, our Energy and Environment department won the PPI Efficiency Improvements of the Year Award with the Spanish producer L.C. Paper 1881 SA, for the effective integration of the tissue machine’s hood system with the cogeneration facility. Drawing on that experience, we expect to achieve substantial energy recovery and very interesting cuts on the machine operating costs”.

Mario Speranza, CEO of Celupaper S.A. commented on the order, “We invest in leading-edge technology to step up our growth in the high-quality tissue market in South America. Toscotec’s tailor-made design has once again provided us with the flexibility and competitive advantage we need to succeed. We knew that Toscotec had significant experience with cogeneration plants and therefore we have great expectations for the performance and consumption of PM5”.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #121064

Nazdar releases 184 Series solvent inkjet ink  (Company news)

Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the 184 Series, a newly developed digital imaging ink formulated specifically as a high-performance alternative for Mimaki™ JV150/300 and CJV150/300 digital printers using Mimaki BS4 ink.

Nazdar 184 Series users will benefit from low odour and enjoy the convenience of a range of packaging options, including 600ml bags and 2000ml bags compatible with MBIS.

"The new Nazdar 184 Series exhibits outstanding performance, with excellent outdoor resistance to colour fade and chemical attack caused by UV degradation or environmental pollution," said Stephen Woodall, Nazdar Ink Technologies' Global Segment Manager - Aqueous & Solvent Digital. "We've developed an ink with excellent performance and adhesion on flexible and pressure sensitive vinyl, banner material, blue back paper and backed mesh."
(Nazdar Limited)

Newsgrafik #121120

Innovative Testing Equipment for the Corrugated Board Industry  (Company news)

Emtec Electronic attends the Corrugated Week in Indianapolis, USA

For the first time, emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the Corrugated Week in Indianapolis, USA from September 24th to 27th 2018, together with its US representative Technidyne Corporation. At exhibition booth no. 848 the company will present innovative testing instruments for the corrugated board industry.

The special EST12 Surface & Sizing Tester determines those surface parameters of paper and board, which are relevant for the converting process, in particular the surface sizing / hydrophobicity and surface porosity. With its help, converting properties, such as printability, gluability, coatability and dusting tendency can be predicted. It enables the optimal runnability during the finishing or converting process of paper/board. An according modular system PDA.C02 Penetration Dynamics Analyzer for more applications is available.

Alongside with the EST12, emtec will have the CAS touch! and FPA touch! on display. These instruments represent the most-modern charge measuring systems for the wet-end in paper and board production and are used to measure the interaction between particles or fibers with additives and process chemicals in the pulp suspension. The use of both instruments in the production process helps to optimize the utilization of chemicals with the objective to stabilize the process, to improve the product quality and to reduce cost.

The new measuring method to measure the mineral filler content of the ACA Ash Content Analyzer, is nondestructive, quick, easy and accurate. Typical mineral filler and pigment content in paper and board, such as calcium carbonate, kaolin/ talcum, titanium dioxide, and the total mineral filler content in percent are determined. It enables optimal process control due
to instant availability of measuring results, and helps to narrow down the specifications for the filler content in the finished product and therefore to optimize the consumption of fillers.

Additionally, emtec Electronic will inform about its DSS Dimension Stability System, a modular measuring system for the investigation of the dimension stability of paper, board and foils in one-sided contact with temperature or liquids. The WSD module Wet Stretch Dynamics Analyzer measures the dynamics of the change in dimension of paper under onesided
liquid contact. And the HSA module Heat Shrinkage Analyzer predicts the dimension stability of paper, board and foils in contact with high temperature during the converting process.
(emtec Electronic GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120999

New development engineer joins Palcut  (Company news)

Palcut is strengthening its development department with the appointment of Karsten Mosegaard

Photo: Karsten Mosegaard (35) has been recruited as a development engineer at Palcut A/S in Borbjerg, near Holstebro. He is returning to Palcut after a short spell with another company in the area.

Karsten Mosegaard’s job will be to customise Palcut's palletising solutions for various industries, including food and beverage. He will be responsible for the technical dialogue with customers and for designing and monitoring product development until the products have been manufactured, installed and successfully integrated in the customer’s palletising line.

Karsten Mosegaard has left his position as project manager at Linatech in Kjellerup, where he has been involved in development for the medicinal sector. He previously worked for Palcut for six years as an engineer, the position to which he is returning.

He served his apprenticeship as a metalworker with Alfred Priess in Vinderup, and Karsten Mosegaard has subsequently qualified as a technical designer at Herningsholm Erhvervsskole in Herning.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Karsten Mosegaard back to Palcut. He has many years of experience and is an expert in customising our solutions to meet the needs of customers. This is important because 80 percent of Palcut’s installations have to be adapted to suit the relevant packaging line,” said Rudi Pedersen, managing director of Palcut A/S.
(Palcut A/S)

Newsgrafik #121031

RISE becomes a partner in Treesearch  (Company news)

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden becomes a partner in Treesearch, Sweden's so far largest investment in fundamental research and knowledge and competence building in the field of new materials and speciality chemicals from forest raw material.

The collaboration between academia, industry, private foundations and the government creates a world-leading, open research environment in the form of a national research platform, which contributes to the development of competences and knowledge that enables future innovations based on the forest. Through RISE's participation, the possibilities for scaling up and further developing the research results generated within Treesearch are now strengthened.

RISE is Sweden's research institute with 2,300 employees, of whom more than 300 people are directly involved in research, development and innovation linked to forest raw materials. RISE infrastructure extends from advanced X-ray equipment for material characterization to pilot and demonstration plants for scaling up manufacturing processes of bio-based materials and chemicals.

For many years there has been close cooperation between RISE and the academy. Researchers at RISE have, for example, been active in the Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC), funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, which will be the core of Treesearch's research activities. The involvement in Treesearch also strengthens the link between fundamental research and RISE’s industry-funded "The Bioeconomy Research Programme", which develops and demonstrates new technologies. The new partnership will also increase the cooperation areas within the strategic innovation programme BioInnovation.

“Treesearch is an important investment in building long-term skills and we are very pleased to be part of it. As an innovation partner for both business and society, we can help to transform knowledge and skills into new business opportunities,” says Pia Sandvik, CEO of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

“We welcome RISE as a partner in Treesearch. Not least, the availability of RISE research infrastructures with associated expertise, advanced instruments and unique pilot facilities will support research, postgraduate education and our opportunities to contribute to innovation,” says Treasearch Manager, Daniel Söderberg.

Newsgrafik #121034

Every 3 years once again - Marbach presents its innovations at the Scanpack in Gothenburg  (Company news)

Marbach will exhibit at this year's Scanpack. From 23 to 26 October 2018 in Gothenburg (Sweden). Here everything will revolve around packaging. At the largest trade fair for the packaging industry in Scandinavia, Marbach will present its innovations at its 24 m² stand.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "For our visitors we have packed our cases with the innovations of the last months, with these our customers will be able to increase their performance. Digital zone levelling reduces make-ready time when setting up the cutting-die in the machine. The height-adjustable anvil for reverse cutting of packaging also reduces make-ready time. The lightblanker blanking tool is easy to handle, flexible and can be quickly converted to sheet delivery. In the field of hot foil stamping, Marbach has developed a way of archiving hot foil stamping plates for repeat jobs with the thinplate technology. This saves customers the set-up time of the plates. And last but not least, Marbach will bring its marbanick|2 to Gothenburg, with which pre-defined nicks in 3 different sizes can be inserted easily into cutting rules."

Marbach warmly invites all interested visitors to its booth G05:02.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #121036

Moritz J Weig trust's in Trimble Wedge Process Data Analysis  (Company news)

The Paper mill company Moritz J Weig GmbH & Co in Germany has decided to integrate Trimble’s Wedge process diagnostic tools at the paper mill in Mayen according their Digitalization Strategy.

Privately owned Moritz J Weig is a group of companies which offers recycling, cardboard and packaging products in Central Europe. The company was founded 1931 and its line of business includes manufacturing of paper and paper products.

Trimble´s Wedge is fast online process diagnostics system. It enables huge amount of process data from different sources for analysis and diagnosis of the root cause of different disturbances in the process.
(Savcor Oy A Trimble Company)

Newsgrafik #121041

Expansion of chemical recovery capacity at Södra Cell Värö mill  (Company news)

The massive upgrade of the Södra Cell Värö mill in Sweden was recently completed. The mill's capacity has been increased by 64%, with a new maximum at 700,000 ADMT/year of Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft. This new capacity allows development and reinforcement of Södra's market position. Besides capacity, environmental performance has been a key focus area for improvements, including water consumption being significantly reduced through a combination of 100% reuse of evaporation condensates in the mill and the installation of high consistency wash presses in the upgraded fiberline. The use of fossil fuels had already been eliminated through the installation of a new lime kiln, but with the completion of the expansion project the mill has become even more energy efficient. This allows an increase in production of renewable power and biofuels, which helps the surrounding region to further reduce its use of fossil fuels.

A white paper reviews changes made to the evaporation and chemical recovery boiler area as part of the project and their role in the production capacity increase, improved environmental performance, as well as increased efficiency of the upgraded mill. Valmet supplied almost all the process equipment for the complete pulp mill. The white paper reviews changes made to the evaporation and chemical recovery boiler area as part of the project and their role in the production capacity increase, improved environmental performance, as well as increased efficiency of the upgraded mill.

All given parameters, including information not traditionally shared by the customer, should be evaluated in a plant optimization. With everything taken into account, the evaporators and recovery boiler can be optimized within the context of overall mill upgrade, to meet customer requirements, including optimal energy solutions, the lowest possible environmental impact on air and water, and high availability. The Södra Värö mill upgrade of the recovery island has demonstrated that:
-Increased and more stabilized product solids lower emissions as well as improved the energy efficiency of the recovery island.
-Many different mill effluents can be incorporated in the black liquor evaporation plant to reduce the outflow from the mill and/or allow destruction and chemical recovery in the recovery boiler.
-With hot water production integrated in the upgraded evaporation plant, overall energy efficiency can be increased significantly - here exemplified as hot water that is led to the mill's secondary heating system and also to Södra's nearby sawmill.
-Recovery boiler design upgrades continues to show the potential for additional incremental gains in capacity compared to what was believed to be ultimate limits before.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #121096

John Holton joins Toscotec North America  (Company news)

Toscotec North America, Inc. Green Bay, WI and Toscotec S.p.A. Lucca, Italy announced that John Holton has joined the group as Technical Support and Service Coordinator for North America.

Holton comes to Toscotec with over 30 years of Tissue Industry experience and will assist Toscotec’s growing customer base in North America.

Holton is a 30 Year TAPPI Member active at the Committee Level and past presenter and contributor to Tissue World Exhibitions in both the US and Europe.
(Toscotec North America)

Newsgrafik #121098

A.Celli Safety Upgrade: safety first!  (Company news)

The best choice to manage the adaptation and compliance of industrial machinery or plants.

The A.Celli Group has always retained technological developments and the safety aspects of machines to be its key growth factors. The Group’s approach to occupational safety is a foundational theme for the company, and the high number of plants sold throughout the world in relationship with a practically inexistent history of accidents on the job is the most evident proof of this philosophy.

Today, the complexity of industrial systems requires increasingly attentive consideration of the theme of safety. Preventing accidents on the job is not a calculation based on a single machine but an outcome of the management logic adopted throughout the production process.

And in addition to the normal risk factor, unpleasant unexpected events can arise from deficiencies at the operating phase, lack of clarity in procedures, negligence by operators or human errors. Without forgetting that year after year, international norms and directives to regulate the issue abound.

For this reason, A.Celli offers its customers the complete solution for plant modification, repair, verification and/or compliance.

The service offered includes:
- Analyses surveys and assessment of customer demands
- Engineering study on components sizing and on plant design with reference to binding norms in the country in question.
- Project management, document handling and issuing of certifications.
- Installation, commissioning and start-up
- Software modification and updating of electrical and pneumatic diagrams.
- Review of manuals and layout of new safety devices.
- 24/7 technical support hotline
- 12-month warranty from the date of completion of the modifications.

The best choice to manage the adaptation and compliance of industrial machinery or plants.
So what are you waiting for?

Contact A.Celli Customer Service ( for a quick consultancy or a dedicated case study.

A.Celli Safety Upgrade: safety first!
(A. Celli Paper S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #121109

Mitsubishi to show coated specialty papers for the label and packaging ...  (Company news)

... industry at Labelexpo Americas 2018

Picture: Heat-sealed BARRICOTE barrier paper bag and microwave suitable THERMOSCRIPT thermal paper label

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper offers a large range of excellent coated specialty papers; worldwide and for a variety of applications. At Labelexpo Americas 2018 (25 – 27 September 2018, Chicago), the Germany-based company will show its wide range of papers dedicated for label and packaging applications.

THERMOSCRIPT® thermal papers: the demand for phenol-free thermal paper is rising significantly. Mitsubishi has been using phenol-free developers for thermal papers for many years; with and without topcoat; for labels, tickets, receipts or lottery tickets, including integrated security features. Linerless is a fast-growing label segment. The THERMOSCRIPT LL 77 series of thermal papers, launched at Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels, offer a cost-effective linerless solution; also phenol-free of course.

JETSCRIPT® inkjet papers: as a leading manufacturer of coated inkjet papers, Mitsubishi is constantly developing these product lines. Against the backdrop of ever faster inkjet printing systems and the required compatibility of the media with different ink technologies, the demands on inkjet papers are growing. Mitsubishi naturally fulfils the requirements thanks to the special surfaces and properties of the JETSCRIPT products. Mitsubishi will be presenting samples of a JETSCRIPT product innovation to selected visitors at Labelexpo Americas 2018.

GIROFORM® carbonless papers: with GIROFORM DIGITAL ONEforALL, Mitsubishi has been offering a universal carbonless copying paper specially developed for digital printing since 2016. Personalized, individual forms and documents are no longer a problem with this 80 gsm (21 #) carbonless paper. ONEforALL is certified by HP Indigo and is suitable for all current digital toner printing systems, black & white copiers etc. With its explanatory films, for example on fanapart gluing, Mitsubishi offers the best technical service.

BARRICOTE® barrier papers for food packaging: with this new business segment, Mitsubishi offers brand owners, food retailers and packaging industry particularly sustainable and effective barrier solutions for food packaging. The range comprises paper products made from virgin fibres and water-based barrier coatings. With a total absence of plastic films, aluminium, extruded polymers, varnishes, laminates and fluorocarbons, BARRICOTE papers offer effective protection against mineral oils, grease & oil as well as water & water vapour. All products are approved for food contact, FSC® Mix and PEFC™ certified and recyclable. Applications are, amongst others, heat-sealed and cold-bonded pouch papers, laminating papers for cardboard and paperboard as well as wrapping papers.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper offers coated speciality papers of the highest quality, Made in Germany, delivered to all continents including North- and South-America, reliably and consistently. On-site sales contacts are available to customers as well as an excellent technical service. Regional warehouse solutions ensure a constant availability of the products; fast, safe and worldwide.

Come and visit us at Labelexpo Americas 2018: Hall A, stand 1048.
(Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)

Newsgrafik #121007

Nazdar sticks to Ink Innovation at Labelexpo Americas 2018  (Company news)

Nazdar Ink Technologies will present its diverse range of inks developed for narrow-web printing applications at Labelexpo Americas 2018, Booth 547.

Held northwest of Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL from September 25th to 27th, Labelexpo Americas 2018 will feature product launches, live demonstrations, workshops, academies, an awards evening, and a two-day expert-led conference. It is the region's biggest event for the label and packaging printing industries, offering a great opportunity to meet the people behind the technology and see the equipment live.

As a prominent supplier to the flexible packaging, folding carton and label markets, Nazdar will be displaying a variety of inks ideal for Labelexpo Americas 2018 visitors. Experts with years of experience will be on hand to explain the technologies and benefits behind its UV and LED flexo, UV offset and UV letterpress inks, durable UV coatings, water-based flexo, UV and LED rotary screen inks, and UV and LED overprint varnishes and adhesives.

Nazdar has nearly a century of ink development expertise and experience working with key equipment manufacturers, enabling the Shawnee, KS based company to offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. In addition to narrow-web applications, Nazdar also manufactures screen printing and digital inkjet inks and coatings for specialty graphic applications.

"Labelexpo Americas is a great opportunity for businesses in the label and packaging markets - and those considering moving into them - to meet us and discover why our inks and coatings are used worldwide," comments Mike Harjung, Nazdar Vice President, Narrow Web Products.

Nazdar will exhibit at Booth 547 at Labelexpo Americas 2018.
(Nazdar Limited)

Newsgrafik #121010

Sappi Europe announces price increase for Packaging and Speciality Papers as of 1 October 2018  (Company news)

The continuous rise of input costs make further corrective pricing measures inevitable.

Therefore, Sappi Europe announces price increases for all Packaging and Speciality Papers with effect of October 1, 2018.

The increase will be 8% for all uncoated grades including glassine and 6% for all coated grades for Flexible Packaging, Label Papers, Containerboard, Silicon Base Papers and Paperboard. The price rise will apply to all European and Overseas markets.

Your Sappi sales representative will reach out to you during the next weeks regarding your exact pricing details. Existing agreements will be certainly respected.
(Sappi Europe S.A.)

Newsgrafik #121011

Flint Group's Flexographic division launches two new products and presents complete portfolio...  (Company news)

... at Labelexpo Americas

Latest innovations in thermal platemaking solutions designed to increase productivity, efficiency and safety

The Flexographic business of Flint Group is gearing up for an exciting presentation at the upcoming Labelexpo Americas 2018, to be held in Rosemont, IL September 25 – 27. As an integral part of the “Flint Group Label Factory,” an unmatched product and service portfolio that covers all steps of the value chain for label printing, the Flexographic division will demonstrate how it adds value to prepress and press side operations with its latest innovations in nyloflex® printing plates, plate processing equipment and rotec® sleeves and adapters for label and narrow web printing.

“As a solutions provider, Flint Group is able to share its expertise in the different flexo printing components to develop products that synergistically work together to deliver added value to our customers,” states Jim Rogers, Vice President / General Manager Flexographic. “For example, we used our technical competence in the area of inks to foster our development of the nyloflex® XVH thermal printing plate to work optimally with low migration UV flexo inks to ensure longer and cleaner print runs. Flint Group’s comprehensive approach to developing solutions that meet our customers’ challenges is seen across the product portfolio.”

Highlighted at Labelexpo Americas will be the nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System with its latest plate addition, the nyloflex® XVH Digital plate, a new, versatile, hard durometer plate with an inherently flat top surface. It can be used as-is or further tailored with the use of surface screening. This thermally-processed printing plate provides extraordinary detail that rivals the quality of solvent-processed plates. The nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor will demonstrate “Thermal like you’ve never seen before,” exhibiting unprecedented quality and more consistent and stable plate production

To expand Flint Group’s offering for the label market, the nyloprint® WF SHARP will be launched at the show. The water washable, film based plate for the high-end label market improves quality with the highest line count for reproduction of the finest details. This plate is suitable for all types of processing equipment with a flexible polyester base, which results in excellent adaption to different cylinders.

Also on display will be the rotec® Eco Bridge, a unique adapter for use on flexographic printing presses and plate-mounting equipment. It features a breathable metal ring that creates an air pillow around the entire circumference of the adapter for easy and fast mounting of sleeves. It uses 90% less volume of compressed air, reducing noise and enabling cost savings.

Visitors can see for themselves how the rotec® High Performance Sleeve offers superior dimensional stability and incorporates the new easy-mount technology to increase the ease and speed of mounting sleeves on press. This improves productivity and makes on-press job changes faster and smoother.

The rotec® High Speed Sleeve, to be on display at the booth, has been developed with a highly compressible surface to reduce press bounce and enable printers to increase press speeds as much as 30-80%. Its exclusive composition also supports a significant increase in press speed.

With the broadest range of products for the narrow web industry, Flint Group will have experts on hand from three divisions – Flexographic, Narrow Web, and Digital Solutions (Xeikon) – to assist you in meeting the challenges of your prepress and press operations.

Visitors to the show are also invited to our Speaker’s Corner, where Flint Group and other industry leaders will share their knowledge and be available to answer questions. This is a valuable opportunity to meet with the experts and gain additional capabilities.

On September 26, Flint Group will reveal the winners of its 14th Annual Print Awards which celebrate the best label submissions from Flint Group’s Narrow Web, Flexographic and Xeikon customers. The awards will recognize customers for their outstanding print produced with the range of product solutions from Flint Group.

All are invited to join the “Happiest of Happy Hours” daily at 4:00 pm in the Flint Group booth for refreshments and a great chance to network with printers and converters from across the industry.
(Flint Group)

Newsgrafik #121094

De Jong Packaging Completes Acquisition Of Gaster Wellpappe  (Company news)

De Jong Packaging Holding (DJV), the only independent corrugated manufacturer in the Netherlands is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Gaster Wellpappe and expands it’s production to Germany.

With three locations in Heidelberg and Augsburg the company fits well in the philosophy of DJV. Ad Smit, CEO of DJV: “We are very pleased that the Gaster Family has chosen for DJV. Both the chemistry and philosophy of both family companies are a match.” Julia Gaster-Kohl, CEO of Gaster Wellpappe adds: “I’m pleased I’ve met Henk de Jong and his company, who shares the philosophy of our family and I’m looking forward to develop the Gaster Wellpappe company together.”

The acquisition of Gaster Wellpappe will strengthen our business activities. Gaster Wellpappe will continue the activities under her own name.
(Gaster Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG)

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Esko demonstrates at Labelexpo Americas 2018 a wide range of solutions and product integrations...  (Company news)

... that result in ‘Packaging Connected’

Esko tools offer faster, error-free label production, with exceptional quality through unique, functional integrated tools

The challenges facing label converters today center around producing high volumes of short run jobs with quicker deadlines and better quality. This situation can easily be handled with optimized workflows that link all supply chain partners.

At Labelexpo Americas 2018, visitors to the Esko ( booth (#5202) will learn how integrated and automated solutions, such as color specification, 3D pack shots and design reviews, can link brand owners, designers, premedia and the pressroom into a highly productive and efficient workflow. The result – Packaging Connected – drives faster throughput, higher quality, and ‘Right First Time’ production.

From Design to Print
Visitors are welcome on the Esko booth, to see a demonstration of each leading component of Esko’s Packaging Connected solution, including:
-Job specification data: Esko WebCenter is the leading solution for job specification data flows all the way from MIS/ERP systems to the press control station, automating press setup and inline quality inspection setup, driving faster setup time, less waste, and greater equipment uptime.
-Design: Esko Studio and Store Visualizer are the preferred solutions for designers, helping them to create better artwork and hyper-realistic 3D mockups for presentation, proofing and quality control. The automated creation of virtual 3D nine-view pack shots added to a digital job asset library drives a consistent consumer experience across all media channels, online and physical packs—and ultimately connects the consumer with the brand through the package.
-Color specification: X-Rite ColorCert Suite is the prime solution to simplify color communication across all internal and external stakeholders, from design to the AVT inline inspection system, removing errors and enabling faster setup time, and longer equipment uptime. This is significant for label producers with many short run jobs.
-Digital job assets are stored centrally in MediaBeacon, the leading marketing asset management solution and shared with all stakeholders, from the brand’s product and online marketing teams to the designers and prepress department. The new MediaBeacon connectors for the Adobe Creative Suite applications significantly simplify sharing of brand marketing assets. This guarantees consistency between online and physical brand assets, and assures a consistent brand experience for the consumer.
-Centrally stored and approved packaging content: With pre-approved marketing assets—such as ingredient copy, marketing slogans, logos and symbols—centrally stored in Esko WebCenter, creation of packaging variants can be a 100% automated process, resulting in error reduction, faster time to market, and quicker response to changes.

“The label industry needs answers to ever tighter deadlines and shorter print runs,” explains Udo Panenka, Esko President. “At our recent EskoWorld users conference, we proudly demonstrated to more than 500 Esko users how Esko connected software and hardware solutions help the entire packaging ecosystem to collaborate more efficiently and solve their key challenges. Esko supports label printers to reduce time-to-market from currently 198 days to an aspiring 30 days, to produce better quality labels and to reduce errors. Not only do we connect the supply chain – we make it easier for brand owners to connect to their consumers with less expensive, more impactful packaging.”
(Esko Belgium)

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TRESU debuts at Fachpack 2018 with high-performance flexo equipment and ...  (Company news)

... machine solutions: ink supply solutions for efficiency, quality consistency and speed

TRESU Group will be presenting comprehensive ancillary solutions for automatically regulating ink supply on flexo presses at Fachpack 2018, 25-27 September, Messe Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany (Hall 8, Stand 8-304). At the stand there will also be information about its Flexo Innovator printing line for high-speed paperboard applications and coating systems for digital folding carton lines.

TRESU’s ancillary solutions, comprising chamber doctor blades and ink supply systems, provide enclosed, automatically controlled ink and coating circulation, resulting in clean print, uniform ink density, reductions in material waste and makeready times, and faster production speeds.

TRESU’s chamber doctor blade systems maximise print quality, efficient ink use, and savings on waste. Central to the performance of TRESU’s chamber doctor blade systems is the company’s unique “Pressure Control Technology”, which prevents the occurrence of microfoaming to ensure clean, uniform print on the substrate – even for high-viscosity metallic coatings. A key feature of the technology is a long-life rubber seal system that provides an airtight enclosure, preventing leakage and enabling ink pressure to be maintained at consistently high levels. A liquid barrier forms between the rotating anilox cells and the chamber, preventing air from entering in the cells and transferring during production. The chamber doctor blades also feature fast, safe blade exchange as standard.

The chamber programme includes lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and ceramic variants. Systems are available for web widths from 185mm to 6000mm, and offer time and ink-saving features. They are designed for label, flexible packaging and paperboard printing and coating applications.

MaxiPrint Concept for mid and wide-web applications
For web widths from 1600mm to 6000mm, the new MaxiPrint Concept chamber features an integrated cleaning nozzle with a robustly designed water-shot mechanism for fast, efficient, automatic cleaning of the chamber and the anilox roll after production. A low-pressure shot mechanism ensures minimal water loss during cleaning. The TRESU P-Line pneumatic clamping system ensures fast, safe blade exchange within two minutes.

Narrow-web SAVEink chamber
The new SAVEink chamber, for narrow web applications, and FlexiPrint Easy chambers, for flexible packaging, feature a lightweight carbon fibre ink-repellent surface with high corrosion resistance. The SAVEink chamber is light for fast and frequent job or ink changes and features a pre-set doctor blade for precise application control for press widths up to 800mm.The sealed chamber easily locks into place so there is no risk of spilling or ink contamination.

The F10 iCon for automatic ink supply
The F10 iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure and viscosity, to ensure a constant, accurate ink density on the printed substrate, without any air contamination. This energy-efficient system also provides thorough automatic cleaning, achieving a complete ink change cycle in between five and 15 minutes. As part of the automatic cleaning, a very large proportion of the unused ink can be returned to the bucket. The F10 iCon system can be specified for the Flexo Innovator, or retrofitted on line, stack and even large CI presses. Information on TRESU’s full range of coating circulators and conditioners for high-viscosity coatings will also be available on the stand.

Setting new standards – the Flexo Innovator
On its stand will be information, animations and samples that demonstrate the TRESU Flexo Innovator inline press for advanced, high-quality, high-speed packaging production with folding carton board, paper, laminates and metallic substrates.

Custom-configured in web widths from 670mm to 1700mm, the Flexo Innovator is able to integrate water-based, solvent and UV-curable inks. It can include a host of value-adding complementary processes, including double-sided printing, gravure coating (double-sided), inkjet, cold foil lamination and converting. Speeds of up to 800m/minute are possible.

Efficient coating for digital packaging printing
At the stand there will also be information on TRESU’s coating systems for integration with sheet-fed digital folding carton printing presses. These apply added-value full-surface and spot coatings as well as metallic embellishments directly after the printing stage. The TRESU Pinta is available for Xerox iGen presses, and the TRESU iCoat 30000 is designed for use with HP Indigo 30000 digital presses. Both perform at the same speeds as the presses and offer setup times of less than five minutes. Additionally, TRESU supplies a comprehensive range of consumables such as varnish media, tapes and sleeves, as well as cutting equipment, thereby covering every element in this coating workflow.

“We are very excited about attending Fachpack for the first time,” said Henrik Kristensen, vice-president, TRESU Ancillary. “This show has grown to become an important marketplace for both suppliers and brand owners. As providers of complete ink supply systems and printing lines for over three decades, TRESU has been advancing the quality, speed and production efficiency of flexography for packaging. With our stand presentations of equipment for all sectors of the flexo industry and packaging samples, we aim to show at first hand that flexo is the solution for building strong retail goods brands and maintaining margins in the value chain.”
(Tresu A/S)

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RECOX+ recovery boilers for peak performance  (Company news)

By combining technology, automation and services expertise, Valmet can provide a complete recovery boiler solution with relentless performance.

Photo: Every recovery boiler is tailored to meet customer needs.

The requirements for chemical pulp production are changing rapidly. Chemical pulp producers are looking for more efficiency from the basic operations – better reliability and higher performance, as well as a safe operating environment. Additionally, the environmental regulations – for example, for emissions into air and water – are getting tighter, and society's expectations are higher when it comes to issues like odor control.

These requirements also impact the design and use of recovery boilers. The recovery boiler can be described as the heart of the mill. It's a vital part of the chemical cycle and steam production, and its operations impact the whole pulp production process and the mill's profitability. Nobody wants to have the heart broken – and the pulp mill can't afford the recovery boiler breaking down, as it disables the entire mill.

"Our new concept, called RECOX+, combines our total offering, including boiler technology, automation and optimization solutions, as well as our comprehensive services offering, to ensure a complete solution and relentless performance of our recovery boilers," explains Teemu Toivo, Director of Sales for the Recovery business unit.
Tailoring together with the customers

Over the years, Valmet has continuously developed its recovery boiler technology, automation features and related services together with customers to meet their toughest demands and expectations. Many of these features are linked to the performance, reliability and safety of the boiler operations.

"There is no 'one-size fits all' when it comes to pulp mills and recovery boilers. For some customers, we tailor the boiler for high electricity production, but for others a robust design is the deciding factor. We offer state-of-the-art technical features more as modular options. This enables us to work together with each customer to design the boiler that best suits their needs," explains Pekka Rikkinen, Director of the Recovery Boiler technology unit.

One example of new technology that improves the safety, efficiency and productivity of the recovery boiler is Valmet's Smelt Spout Cleaning Robot. It efficiently removes smelt deposits from recovery boiler smelt spouts in a carefully designed sequence, without the need for operating personnel to be exposed to this dangerous procedure.

Optimized recovery boiler for chemical pulp mills
An optimized recovery boiler has a high reduction rate and is energy efficient. It makes operation easy and safe, and it is built to last: the robust design and superior material choices mean less maintenance and minimized risk of corrosion.

"Our recovery boilers can go as long as 18 months without a cleaning shutdown. This is made possible by good design, expertise in materials, combustion know-how and optimization, reduction control optimization – and naturally by the professional operators running the boiler. Our technology and automation teams have developed many of these features together," says Rikkinen.

"It is important to maximize chemical recovery and thermal output. Our Recovery Boiler Optimization solutions are designed for high reduction efficiency, steady smelt flow, high total titratable alkali (TTA) concentration, maximizing superheated steam temperatures, minimizing flue gas losses, efficient sootblowing and cleanability," explains Timo Laurila, Business Manager for Recovery Analyzers and APC at Valmet.

Partnering for operations and maintenance
Earlier, recovery boilers were often shut down for cleaning and maintenance one or two times a year, and the shutdown from liquor to liquor took at least a week. Now the shutdown is only once every year or two, and the pressure part working time can be as little as 48 hours. Naturally, this requires excellent shutdown management.

"The best results in executing maintenance shutdowns are achieved when we pre-plan them thoroughly together with the customers. The preplanning covers not only the work and schedules, but also the planning for safety and cooperation between the different companies operating on-site. This way, even really challenging shutdowns can be executed in a tight schedule," explains Olli Talaslahti, Sales Manager for Valmet's Services.

"Our experience in chemical recovery stems from deep process technology knowledge and a large installed base of boilers of every size. For each project, we assign a team of experts that works together to tailor a solution for the customer's needs, and we have a network of service professionals to support operations throughout the lifetime of the boiler. Our expert services include various process changes to remove bottlenecks, increase efficiency and reduce emissions," says Jussi Mäntyniemi, VP for Valmet's Recovery Business Unit.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Arctic Paper: Growth while pulp price put pressure on paper margins  (Company news)

•Q2 sales revenue amounted to PLN 792,4mn (EUR 1187,8 mn).
•EBITDA Q2 amounted to PLN 66,8mn (EUR 115,8 mn).
•EBIT Q2 was PLN 45,5mn (EUR 110,8 mn).
•Price increases have not offset the rising pulp prices during the period.
•Speciality products share of sales have slightly increased, which is in line with the strategy.
•The Annual general meeting decided to pay a dividend of PLN 0.2 per share.

Per Skoglund (photo), CEO Arctic Paper S.A.
“The price increases we have implemented have not yet fully compensated for the rising pulp cost and we are working hard to defend our margins.
“During the period we have advanced the implementation of the new strategy
– A Future in Paper. Our efforts are already showing progress: one example is the continued growth of speciality products with a higher revenue per tonne.”

For the second quarter, which typically is the weakest quarter, Artic Paper Group increased its turnover to PLN 792,4 million (compared to PLN 703,1 million in Q2, 2017) and reached an EBITDA of PLN 66,8 million (64,6 million). For the paper segment, turnover rose to PLN 558,8 million (513,2 million) while EBITDA fell to PLN 19,7 million (26,8 million).

During the period the pulp price reached a record high. According to forecasts, the pulp price will continue to rise in the foreseeable future, thus putting continued pressure on our margins. However, in Q3 we have seen a tendency towards a stabilization in the price for short fibre pulp (BHKP), which accounts for more than two thirds of our pulp consumption. The price increases we have implemented have not yet fully compensated for the rising costs and we are working hard to defend our margins.

The challenging market conditions stresses the value of combining our paper operations with our 51 percent ownership in the pulp producer Rottneros AB, which reached a turnover of SEK 596 million (472 million) and an EBITDA of SEK 118 million (83 million).

For the second quarter, production amounted to 160,000 tonnes, equal to last year. During the period we have advanced the implementation of the new strategy – A Future in Paper. Our efforts are already showing progress: one example is the continued growth of speciality products with a higher revenue per tonne. We are currently developing new high end products and grades to further increase sales. We are also committed to achieve greater efficiency in our operations in order to strengthen our margins.

All together, we are confident that our efforts will result in stronger future performance for our paper segment.
(Arctic Paper S.A.)

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Wiha e-screwdriver packaging nominated for ProCarton award  (Company news)

Nominated: the pack with the knack

And the nominees are ... The packaging for speedE®, the world’s first electric screwdriver by Wiha, has been confirmed as a finalist for the leading European Carton Excellence Award 2018. The innovative packaging for the revolutionary hand tool developed and produced by Karl Knauer of Biberach has clearly impressed the jury. While most commercially available tools are packaged in plastic boxes, the responsible persons at Wiha aimed to base successful sales on a packaging concept of sustainable cardboard that effectively presents the new tool, and has strong advertising appeal. By conveying emotion, the packaging significantly raises the commercial profile of the speedE® sets. “The element of surprise when unpacking the item, the carefully conceived inside and the feel of the packaging all emphasise the prestige of this exceptional hand tool,” says Oliver Wedinger, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer, describing the packaging solution.

The first impression is the high quality exterior.
Even before the outer shell is removed, the exclusive feel of Wiha’s world first product is visible and tangible. The design of the packaging, the use of unusual material (for the sector) and a finish combining soft-touch and UV coating draw the eye at the point of sale, while the embossed logo and hologram serve to underline the originality of speedE® and entice customers to take a closer look at the product.

Opening up the wow effect
“Folding out the packaging is a bit like opening a treasure chest. The e-screwdriver is held firmly in place by padding that you lift up,” explains Oliver Wedinger of Karl Knauer, outlining the features of the packaging. The high quality of the product is evident from the ‘wow’ factor experienced during unboxing, as the speedE® screwdriver is unveiled on a kind of stage. Lifting the layers of the corrugated cardboard insert, the buyer uncovers the full set of speedE® equipment. Like the speedE® screwdriver itself, the accessories are fixed in place thanks to the intelligent design of the packaging, which enables them to be transported securely.

For more than 75 years, Wiha has been synonymous with professional hand tools that enable people to work with maximum efficiency, speed and comfort. No wonder craftspeople from around the world are customers of the innovative family-run enterprise, which – like the packaging manufacturer – is based in the Black Forest region. “We are delighted with the nomination, which we believe recognises our development work and expertise in innovative and effective brand packaging. Needless to say, being confirmed as an award winner would be a great thing for us, and our client Wiha,” says a confident Oliver Wedinger.
(Karl Knauer KG)

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Zanders invests millions in converting power plant to gas   (Company news)

More sustainable energy production as part of a long‐term investment program

Zanders is sending out a clear message of commitment to its Bergisch Gladbach location: The manufacturer of high‐quality specialty papers and cartonboard is converting its on‐site power plant from hard coal to natural gas and is investing several million euros in modernization. The conversion is part of Zanders' future‐oriented investment program for sustainable increases in efficiency.

The power plant conversion alone promises a significant increase in efficiency in the production processes of the paper mill. In common with a gas grill, which heats and cools down much faster than a coal grill, a gas-fired power plant enables rapid changes of load. This will transform starting and stopping the paper machines into considerably more flexible and efficient processes as well as contributing to a longer service life of the systems. In addition, the previous coal-fired operation produced costs for the disposal of the ash. This expenditure will be eliminated completely and efficiency will be further enhanced by a simultaneous reduction in the overall cleaning effort. Regarding the CO2 balance, Zanders expects a reduction in emissions of over 40 percent.

"The conversion of two boilers in our power plant has mostly been completed. The gas has been flowing since the end of July and the commissioning of the first boiler is expected to be completed by the end of August, so that we will probably no longer need coal for the steam supply of our plant during normal operation by the end of September," explains Ralf Wenz, the power plant manager at Zanders. "We are now preparing the conversion of the third boiler, which will take about a year. By that time, both main boilers and the reserve boiler, and thus the entire power plant, will be converted to gas." According to Wenz, the total investment will amount to around seven million euros.

The conversion to gas represents the high point of a whole series of steps and measures with which Zanders intends to increase energy and cost efficiency in production in the medium and long terms: These include the gradual installation of new LED lighting throughout the plant; the insulation of the steam pipes as well as the optimization of the compressed
air system.
(Zanders GmbH)

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Sappi Europe to increase prices for Woodfree Coated and Woodfree Uncoated paper  (Company news)

Due to continued cost increases and solid demand, Sappi is forced to pass on this cost inflation by increasing its CWF and UWF prices in sheets and reels by 6-8% effective on deliveries from October 1st 2018 for all European and Overseas markets.
(Sappi Europe S.A.)

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Gomà-Camps boosts capacity with Voith XcelLine Machine for Ejea de los Caballeros  (Company news)

At the beginning of the year the new Tissue XcelLine TM 7 successfully started up at the Ejea de los Caballeros mill of Gomà Camps Consumer in Spain. The smooth startup of the tissue line was achieved thru the modern and efficient XcelLine concept.

“From stock on wire, to paper on reel it took only 30 minutes and the TM 7 speed-up is over achieving the planned start up curve. This was a great team performance.” José Ignacio González Sarasúa, Mill Manager of Gomà Camps Consumer S.L.U., confirms. “With passion and technological knowledge all the specialists involved teamed up, resulting in the remarkable success of TM 7 project.”

The TM 7 will have a working width of 2,800 millimeter and produces toilet paper and paper towels from 100 percent virgin pulp at a working speed of 2,000 meters per minute. Voith delivered the entire process line package to Gomà Camps: from BlueLine stock preparation and the double dilution approach flow system, the TM 7 XcelLine tissue machine, auxiliary equipment and system accessories all the way to the full automation, electrification and engineering. In addition, extensive services and replacement parts were included in the delivery, such as the entire clothing package, which is ideally coordinated with the requirements of shoe press technology. The entire new plant will be serviced 100 percent by Voith in an integrated maintenance and service concept.

Voith's XcelLine machines feature seamlessly coordinated and integrated components, technologies and services that enable fast start-up, excellent performance and high added value for its customers' investments. The scope of supply includes technologies that enable increased productivity and a lower use of energy and natural resources, including the MasterJet Pro T headbox, the modern NipcoFlex T shoe press, the EvoDry Y steel plate Yankee cylinder, the high-efficiency EcoHood T drying hood and the EcoChange T reel with automatic reel spool exchange. The NipcoFlex T shoe press contributes to the low energy consumption as well as to high super soft tissue qualities.

“With the integration in the Ejea site, the new TM 7 is a strategic step to strengthen our presence in the Iberian Peninsula and to deliver superior tissue quality with focus on sustainability,” explains Jordi Gomà-Camps, President of Gomà-Camps Group S.L., “From the very first minute of the project Voith was a true and reliable partner. With the latest Voith technologies installed in the process line, we ensure to have a competitive advantage for the best of our customers.”
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

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Minerals Technologies Signs Agreement with Shouguang Meilun to Construct a ...  (Company news)

...150,000 Metric Ton Per Year Satellite PCC Plant in China

Minerals Technologies Inc. (NYSE:MTX) (“MTI” or “the Company”) announced that it has signed an agreement with Shouguang Meilun Paper Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd. (“Chenming Paper”) to build a 150,000 metric ton per year satellite precipitated calcium carbonate (“PCC”) plant at its paper mill in Shouguang, Shandong Province, China. The facility will be operated by a newly created joint venture with Chenming Paper in China. This is MTI’s ninth satellite in China.

“We are very pleased that Chenming Paper has selected Minerals Technologies as their partner to construct and operate a satellite PCC plant that will provide our technology for their paper machine at Shouguang,” said Douglas T. Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer. “This agreement demonstrates the value that PCC continues to bring to papermakers and advances our growth in the Chinese paper market.”

This facility is scheduled to begin operation in the second half of 2019. D.J. Monagle III, Group President, Specialty Minerals and Refractories, commented further, “Chenming Paper is a leading brand in China, known for their excellent management team and efficient operating practices. We are pleased that they have confirmed the value of our PCC technology in their fine paper grades. Our PCC will be used as a paper filler to improve brightness, opacity and bulk, and to reduce the expense to the papermaker of higher-cost fiber. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with this excellent paper company.”
(Minerals Technologies Inc.)

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Resolute to Sell Fairmont, West Virginia, Recycled Pulp Mill  (Company news)

Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) announced that it has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement with ND Paper LLC, a subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited ("Nine Dragons"), for the sale of its Fairmont, West Virginia, recycled bleached kraft pulp mill (photo), for $55 million plus certain elements of working capital, payable in cash.

Nine Dragons is primarily engaged in the production and sale of a broad variety of packaging paperboard products, including linerboard, high-performance corrugating medium, coated duplex board, as well as recycled printing and writing paper and specialty paper. In addition to nine paper mills operating in Asia, Nine Dragons, through its wholly-owned subsidiary ND Paper, also operates two U.S.-based facilities in Wisconsin and Maine.

ND Paper has agreed to offer employment to Fairmont mill employees, effective upon closing of the transaction, which is expected within the next two months.

"We are proud of the progress we have made together with the mill employees over the years to improve the Fairmont operation," said Yves Laflamme, president and chief executive officer of Resolute. "We are pleased that the local community and broader region of the state will continue to benefit from the economic and social impact of the mill's operation."

"Proceeds from this asset sale will enable us to further increase liquidity, and continue to improve our balance sheet and financial flexibility," added Laflamme. "Over the coming days, we will communicate with our customers to discuss the transition of supply as we seek to optimize our recycled bleached kraft pulp business at our Menominee, Michigan facility."

BMO Capital Markets is acting as Resolute's financial advisor on the transaction. Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP and Jackson Kelly PLLC are acting as Resolute's legal counsels.
(Resolute Forest Products)

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Zanders GmbH: insolvency proceedings are opened - Business operations are continued  (Company news)

Picture: Dr. Marc d'Avoine, Lawyer

On 1 September 2018, Cologne district court has opened insolvency proceedings over the assets of Zanders GmbH. Lawyer Dr. Marc d'Avoine was appointed as insolvency administrator. The managing directors Ferlan, Köhler-Ma and Dr. Geiser have at the same time discontinued their previous operational activity.

Under the leadership of the insolvency team with ATN lawyers Dr. Marc d'Avoine, Oliver Teubler and business graduate Paul Michels and with the support of external consultants, the operation of the paper producer with more than 500 employees will be continued. Whether and which reorganization measures have to be taken will be decided in a timely manner on the basis of the ongoing analysis. The chosen restructuring course will be continued.

Zanders stands for quality and high quality products worldwide. This excellent reputation forms the basis for the search for potential investors. Interest is present in the market, initial talks are already under way. A conclusion is expected at the earliest in October. The team around Dr. d'Avoine continues to be confident that it will be able to reach a viable solution for all concerned, paving the way for Zanders GmbH into the future.
(Zanders GmbH)

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Meet 270 International Exhibitors at MIAC Exhibition on 10.11.12 October!  (Company news)

At MIAC 2018 you can meet more than 270 International Companies in just three days and only in one place, for a full overview of the technology and the equipment available to the Paper Industry and the Tissue Converting sectors.

During the 3 days of Exhibition take place several international Conferences dedicated to the paper and tissue sector. Participation is free of charge.

Download the free Invitation Ticket of MIAC in PDF format!
Print and deliver it directly at the reception of MIAC in order to receive the free Admission Card.

Last edition of MIAC registered 6000 visitors from 53 countries.

A 3-day event dedicated to the paper industry sector - 25th edition!
(Edipap Srl)

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Fine Completes Maintenance and Improvements at Al Keena Paper Mill   (Company news)

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products, recently completed a comprehensive repair and renovation of its factory and machinery at Al Keena paper mill in Jordan. This careful and comprehensive process not only ensures the machines will continue to run smoothly for years to come, but also guarantees that the factory will continue producing the same high quality paper products that consumers have come to expect from Fine.

The factory, which had slowed operations during the renovation process, returned to full capacity with a ribbon cutting ceremony, attended by FHH’s CEO James Michael Lafferty, senior members of the group, and Al Keena staff. The ceremony was proceeded by a tour of the facilities, and a final inspection of the extensive array of machinery at the factory.

“Maintaining the quality and reliability of our machinery is crucial to us here at Fine,” said Lafferty. “Machines, just like us, need some attention and time off once in a while, so we gave our machines the repairs needed to ensure that our employees are working with nothing but the best machinery, maintained in perfect working condition.”

Lafferty concluded by saying “The machinery at Al Keena will last for many years to come, and with it we will continue to produce the best hygienic paper products available anywhere in the MENA region and beyond. I am very proud of Al Keena team for the tremendous work they have done in transforming the mill to a world class one.”
(Al-Keena Hygienic Paper Mill Co Ltd)

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Crecia-Kasuga started up a Valmet Advantage Tissue machine in Japan  (Company news)

Crecia-Kasuga Co., Ltd has successfully started up a new tissue line, jointly delivered by Valmet and Kawanoe Zoki Co., Ltd., at the company's new production facility in Fuji, Japan. The inauguration ceremony was held during summer and the line is now in full operation producing tissue products for the Japanese consumer market.

The project has been very successful and the cooperation between Valmet, Kawanoe Zoki and Crecia-Kasuga has been smooth and efficient.

"We at Valmet appreciate the fruitful cooperation between the three companies. This is the first tissue machine equipped with an Advantage ViscoNip press in Japan. Just like in all previous installations over the world, the result has been excellent in terms of product quality and energy efficiency," says Ingmar Andersson, VP Asia Pacific Sales, Tissue Mills business unit, Valmet.

"We are very impressed about the new tissue machine which combines the latest technology with joint know-how of three companies. It started successfully on schedule and the performance exceeds our expectations. We appreciate the support from Valmet and Kawanoe Zoki," says Mr. Hirofumi Narita, President, Crecia-Kasuga.

"It is a great pleasure to contribute to the introduction of the latest tissue machine technology in the Japanese market. The Advantage DCT equipped with an Advantage ViscoNip press provides a unique value-adding performance," Mr. Takahiro Shinohara, Executive Managing Director, Kawanoe Zoki, adds.

Valmet's delivery included an Advantage DCT 135HS machine with Valmet's key technologies OptiFlo Headbox, Advantage ViscoNip press, AirCap hood and steel Yankee dryer. Manufacturing of other equipment, site assembly and installation services were performed by Kawanoe Zoki. The new line has an annual production capacity of 36,000 tonnes.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Finishing with UV and LED technology  (Company news)

At the Fachpack exhibition, which takes place from 25. to 27. September in Nuremberg, UV system manufacturer IST Metz will be presenting a broad product portfolio of UV lamp and LED solutions for the finishing of packaging. The world market leader in UV curing systems will be exhibiting together with PrintCity Alliance in hall 7A , stand 7A-138.

UV lamp systems are used primarily for print jobs with very exacting and diverse requirements. These are mainly highly-finished products such as packaging in the luxury segment, but also involve print jobs with stringent safety requirements in production – such as printing food packaging, for example. The BLK lamp system from IST Metz, which was developed for the highest industrial requirements, is predestined for this. Compared to conventional UV systems, the BLK LAMPcure offers an extraordinary increase in drying performance without increasing the UV lamp output. This means more productivity with reduced operating costs.

New LEDcure LED system – compact, modular, powerful
A clever modular basic concept in combination with its extremely robust and compact design allow the user maximum flexibility and versatility with the new LEDcure LED system. The system is freely scalable in length and can be adapted to all machine formats and installation situations. This makes it possible to use an LEDcure unit at different positions on a machine.

Inert solutions for food packaging
A specialty of UV printing is the curing of inks and coatings under oxygen-reduced conditions. In this form of UV curing, oxygen is replaced by an inert gas, usually nitrogen. IST Metz’s inert UV systems are gaining in importance, especially in packaging printing, because they enable products with flawless sensory characteristics while at the same time complying with the legal requirements for food packaging.

Newsgrafik #121014

Finbow: Agency agreement has been signed between SH-Papertec and Finbow  (Company news)

Stefan Helmschrott of SH-Papertec has a long experience in paper mill operations and technical sales in Germany and Europe. He will represent Finbow products in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Switzerland where he is already operating with other principles. With Stefan on board we can offer local service to our clients in these countries.

Finbow (a brand of Logistic Oy of Pirkkala, Finland) is a leading provider of new spreader rolls and spreader roll service/modernisation. 3000 deliveries globally since 1985 establish a vast knowledge base to be able to offer solutions with unparalleled cost of operation and reliability for paper makers and machine builders. Innovative solutions, e.g. SmartBowTM data collection and analysis system provide Finbow customers tools to improve their operation and cost efficiency.

SH-Papertec is a well-connected agency with focus on papermaking in Germany and Central-Europe. With hands on experience in paper mill operations Stefan can assist Finbow customers in reaching more stable operation environment and cost efficiency. Market knowledge and personal connections in paper mills ensure excellent communication between Finbow and customers.

Please join me in welcoming Stefan/SH-Papertec to Finbow family.
(Finbow Oy)

Newsgrafik #120929

Paper Vietnam 2019 – Booth Spaces Now Open For Booking  (Company news)

Paper Vietnam Expo 2019
The 8th International Exhibition & Conference on Pulp and Paper Industry
26 − 28 June, 2019 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), HCMC

We are delighted to announce that booth spaces in Vietnam's leading exhibition for pulp and paper industry, Paper Vietnam Expo, has now opened for booking!

50% of the booths have been reserved.
So book your preferred booth location now, while it is still available!

Highlighted Exhibitors in 2018
Paper Vietnam Expo is the largest Exhibition and Conference in Vietnam for Paper, Pulp and related industries.
Given its definitive role in connecting businesses in the industry, many acclaimed brands seek to join the expo to find new prospects and strengthen old network.
We have included some of the favorite exhibitors in 2018, which will be a useful reference for you to make plans for Paper Vietnam 2019.
(Minh Vi Exhibitions & Advertisement Services)

Newsgrafik #120983

Talga and BillerudKorsnäs sign LOI over graphene packaging application  (Company news)

Australian advanced materials technology company, Talga Resources Ltd (“Talga” or “the Company”)(ASX:TLG) is pleased to advise it has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with BillerudKorsnäs, a Swedish based multinational packaging company.

Under the LOI, Talga and BillerudKorsnäs will jointly explore potential benefits of incorporating a Talga graphene (Talphene®) product into a BillerudKorsnäs packaging application.

Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson: “Talga is excited to be working with BillerudKorsnäs who are at the forefront of paper and board packaging innovation, sustainability and performance. We look forward to exploring our graphene product technology toward success of the application”.

BillerudKorsnäs’ CTO Magnus Wikström: “Talga’s advanced solutions fit very well with BillerudKorsnäs’ vision of challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future. We are happy for this collaboration and look forward to jointly explore new possibilities together with the Talga team”.
(Talga Resources Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120985

High expectations met with Kruger's grade conversion rebuild  (Company news)

The interest in lightweight linerboard is on the rise in North America. In response, Kruger converted their newsprint machine in Trois-Rivières to board machine to produce the finest 100-percent recycled high-strength linerboard on the market.

Photo: Anish Patel, Superintendent of PM 10.

Kruger has over 50 years’ experience in the packaging industry. They put that experience to good use when they entered the market with their premium XTR linerboard in 2017. Having a strong customer base caused high expectations. But when the bar is high, it feels even sweeter to succeed.

“We met the market’s expectations,” explains Gino Lévesque, Vice President of manufacturing at Kruger. “We promised our customers lightweight, high strength board, and that’s what they got. And trust me, they did all kinds of testing when they got the sheets for the first time.”

PM 10’s grade conversion journey started five years earlier. After initial planning, it became obvious that their best newsprint producing machine, at the Trois-Rivières mill in Canada, was the most suitable candidate for conversion. “Valmet presented us an integrated, overall solution in terms of technology and were willing to take a kind of calculated risk, too,” Levesque says, explaining the rationale behind the choice of supplier for the reconstruction project.

Kruger also took advantage of Valmet’s piloting services to develop the right rebuild scope. “Valmet’s pilot machine in Finland was adapted to show the different grades that could be produced on PM 10“, says Anish Patel, Superintendent of PM 10.

The transformation that works – and why
Grade conversion adds an extra layer to the complexity of a rebuild project, as the mill has to adapt and learns the tricks of the new grade. “With liner, there are more parameters to control than with newsprint. If the printer is complaining, it’s easy to go and fix things. In packaging, there are plenty of customers, and you have to make sure that every parameter is under control. You can never tell which deviations can lead to large stresses in the box manufacturing,” Levesque explains.

To ensure a smooth transformation, the operators received thorough training during the six-week shutdown. Both Levesque and Patel praise the team spirit. “We had the right people in the right place. We have a good mix of young engineers in the team, and we also have experienced papermakers to help with problems that young engineers fresh out of school haven’t come across yet,” Patel says.

Success comes from having good expertise on both sides. “Being one team with Valmet has been the key. This is not a customer-supplier relationship – it’s a true partnership,” says Levesque.

The team was put to the test when some challenges arose. “Valmet had a positive and collaborative attitude, despite the challenges we went through with the OCC plant. There was no blame game involved, and we saw how Valmet’s team adapted and tried to help in any way possible,” Levesque continues.

Kruger has also taken advantage of Valmet’s knowhow after the initial tune-up period by having a Valmet expert on-site to help with further optimization of the machine.

Surpassing industry standards with innovative technology
Kruger’s ambitious target is to be among the best linerboard mills in North America and to provide their quality-conscious clientele a strong, stable, flat sheet with the best strength-to-basis-weight ratio. The technical scope of the rebuild was crafted with that in mind.

“Kruger did the choice of implementing the latest technology available and had dedicated proper resources to exploit the full potential of that technology,” says Levesque. “We have excellent sheet formation, and the new dilution headbox means excellent CD profiles. We had some issues with the pick-up. They were resolved by changing the felt design, and apart from that we’ve had very good experiences with the OptiFormer forming section with shoe and blade technology,” Patel says.

He is also happy with the retrofitted shoe press. “Obviously, it has provided us with more capacity with more dryer sheet, and it has been straightforward to use. The first sleeve exceeded its warranty life, and it was in excellent condition considering the beating it experienced during the start-up,” he continues.

During the start-up, the mill was forced to push the upper and lower limits of the machine. “It showed to us that the machine has the flexibility and ability to run within wide limits. We were able to go as low as 88 gsm or as high as 171 gsm or over. We do not have to play with the tilt, rod design or all these different elements every time we change grades. It gives us a certain flexibility to make the transition from light to heavy weight without the downtime that comes from changing the equipment. It increases efficiency,” Patel says.
More capacity with steel cylinders

Kruger chose steel cylinders instead of cast iron cylinders for their rebuild. The machine had a footprint that it had to fit within without moving the current reel and winder. In order to reach their target capacity, they needed to get the highest efficiency for drying. The thinner shell of steel cylinders enables higher heat transfer.

“The steel dryer cans are performing well. We were initially a bit concerned, but in nine months of operation, we haven’t had any issues,” Patel shares his experiences. The use of OCC as raw material made them concerned about cleanliness. “We haven’t had any sticky issues. The doctors are new, which definitely helps, and we have fabric cleaning devices making sure that fabrics stay clean.”

The paper machine has good evaporation rates, and they’ve been able to meet or exceed the machine speeds that we guaranteed.

Attitude for going forward
When asked about the success of the project, Levesque says: “Marketwise, we are now providing a solution to the market that makes people talk about us. But, we have the attitude to keep moving forward.” Patel feels the same. “We’re continuing to make the board better and taking advantage of all the new technology we have on the machine. Valmet DNA is a very powerful tool for collecting data, and we’re using it for optimization. While we are producing a very high quality product, Kruger is committed to pursue the development of this product line in order to exceed the customer requirements regarding the low basis weight high strengths ratio.”

And how does the future look for Trois-Rivières PM 10? Very good, as long as they keep delivering the results.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120988


Spicers reports earnings and cash flows substantially up on prior year
• Statutory profit after tax was $3.5 million for the full year ended 30 June 2018 (FY2018), 107.5% higher than the prior corresponding period (pcp).
• Underlying EBIT(1) for FY2018 was $8.0m, up $3.1m (63.1%) on pcp.
• Net cash inflow from operating activities was $17.3m in FY2018, an improvement of $11.0m on pcp.
Key features of the FY2018 results:
• Net sales revenue of $384.0m returned to growth, 0.9% higher than pcp. Print & Packaging and Sign & Display revenue streams both grew, at 0.5% and 2.6% respectively.
• All Regional Segments delivered local currency underlying EBIT(1) results ahead of pcp, via a mix of healthy trading results in key product categories and broad reductions in operating costs.
• Australian FY2018 underlying EBIT(1) of $4.2m was 80.6% higher than pcp, an overall result driven by improved trading in key product categories.
• Restructuring in the Australian organisation (including Corporate) delivered labour cost savings of $2.2m in FY2018, up on previous expectations.
• Australia’s FY2018 result included a loss on building cladding projects of $1.9m. This category has been exited with the total estimated contract loss on the final project booked in the FY2018 result.
• New Zealand delivered FY2018 underlying EBIT(1) of $7.4m, up 1.2% in local currency terms, with solid profitability across product categories and tight control of trading expenses contributing to this result.
• Asia’s FY2018 underlying EBIT(1) of $2.2m was 18.1% higher than pcp in local currency terms, driven by strong sales in Print & Packaging categories.
• Underlying Corporate costs were $0.9m (13.6%) lower than pcp, with savings realised across all key expense areas.
• Profit after tax from continuing operations was $3.6m, significantly up on pcp by $3.2m, with a similar level of restructuring costs, $2.0m, in both periods.
• A small loss of $0.1m on discontinued operations was recorded in FY2018.
• FY2018 net cash inflow from operating activities was $17.3m, substantially up 174.5% on pcp, driven by a sharp reduction in net working capital levels.
• The ‘net cash’ position at 30 June 2018 was $45.1m, with no debt drawn.

Commenting on the results, Spicers’ Chief Executive Officer David Martin (photo) said:
“These pleasing results for FY2018, with overall earnings and cash flows strongly improved on prior year, reflect the ongoing drive of our people across the business to deliver on our strategic priorities.
Our focus on customer and market engagement has driven improved trading results across our key product revenue streams, particularly in Australia and Asia. Our New Zealand business continues to deliver solid returns in challenging market conditions.
We have accelerated cost savings in our Australian organisation from the streamlining of operational and administrative activities. Our New Zealand business also delivered significant reductions in trading expenses, particularly from the successful relocation of its Auckland premises during the period.
Our sharp management focus on supply chain efficiency and working capital has generated strong operating cash inflows in FY2018, particularly in the second-half. Product portfolio breadth and inventory levels continue to be tightly managed, while overall debtor and creditor payment terms have both been improved in the period.
These strong FY2018 results reflect a business delivering on its promises to customers and shareholders. Going forward, we will continue to use our structured approach to portfolio and product segmentation to generate profitable revenue growth and identify new growth opportunities. We’re driven to continue to optimise operating returns and cash flows, across our Print & Packaging and Sign & Display product categories.”

Jonathan Trollip, the Chairman of Spicers, added:
“I am pleased that Spicers has been able to deliver substantial improvements in earnings and cash flows in FY2018, and thank our people for their commitment in achieving this. Following these strong results, the Board is reviewing options to recommence some form of distribution to shareholders, and will update the market accordingly when a decision is made.”
(Spicers Limited)

Newsgrafik #121062

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE exhibiting at FachPack 2018 in Nürnberg  (Company news)

For the first time DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE will be present at FachPack (Hall 9 / booth 461) in Nürnberg.

Photo: PROBARRIER Nature Greaseproof Paper

Especially new and environmental friendly packaging papers will be introduced to visitors and interested parties from 25. – 27.09.2018. This includes different product types e.g. with an innovative natural barrier solution for the problematic MOSH & MOAH topic and a 100 % fluorine-free greaseproof paper exclusively made out of natural and renewable resources.

Newsgrafik #120938

TRESU's advanced flexo solutions at Fachpack 2018: Flexo Innovator paperboard printing line  (Company news)

TRESU Group will be presenting its Flexo Innovator press (photo) and ink supply solutions for brand owners and board, flexible packaging and label converters at its début appearance at Fachpack 2018, 25-27 September, Messe Nürnberg, Nuremberg Germany.

On its stand (Hall 8, Stand 8-304) will be information, animations and samples that demonstrate the TRESU Innovator inline press for advanced, high-quality, high-speed packaging production and exhibits of its value-adding, performance and quality improving ancillaries.

Designed for the needs of brand owners and packaging converters, the Flexo Innovator is the result of TRESU’s own research and development and exceptional engineering, to deliver the shorter runs, higher quality, and fast turnarounds needed to compete in today’s market conditions.

Setting new standards – the Flexo Innovator
TRESU’s Flexo Innovator, a complete printing line and coating system for high-value packaging applications, combines outstanding print quality, high-speed production and fast job changes with ergonomic design and sustainable printing.

Available in web widths from 670mm to 1700mm, the Flexo Innovator is a custom-configured, multi-process inline printing and converting press for folding carton board, paper, laminates and metallic substrates.

An efficient single-pass alternative to labour-intensive central impression presses, the Flexo Innovator is able to integrate water-based, solvent and UV-curable inks. It also offers additional high-end complementary processes including double-sided printing, gravure coating (double-sided), inkjet, cold foil lamination and converting, in a single operation.

High-speed unit-to-unit drying, automatic ink supply and sleeve systems are features of this stable, efficient platform that is capable of speeds up to 800m/minute.

The low-level inline architecture means that all units are easily accessible and that make-ready preparations can be made on unused units while the press is running. The ability to handle multiple processes means that time is saved in transferring materials to off-line finishing equipment, and the risk of handling damage is reduced.

With environmental concerns a high priority of brand owners and converters alike, the TRESU Flexo Innovator has been designed for sustainable production. Features that reduce substrate and ink waste, energy and emissions, reduce the press’s environmental footprint and demonstrate TRESU’s commitment to sustainability.

Comprehensive ancillary program for automated flexo ink supply
Also exhibited at the stand will be TRESU’s ancillary solutions, comprising chamber doctor blades and ink supply systems. These provide enclosed, automatically controlled ink and coating circulation, resulting in clean print, uniform ink density, reductions in material waste and makeready times, and faster production speeds.

TRESU’s chamber doctor blade systems feature a long-life rubber seal system that provides an airtight enclosure, preventing leakage and enabling ink pressure to be maintained at consistently high levels. This in turn eliminates microfoaming. Fast, safe blade exchange comes as standard. The chamber programme, available for widths between 185mm and 6000mm, includes lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and ceramic variants. For web widths from 1600mm, the new MaxiPrint Concept chamber features an integrated cleaning. The SAVEink chamber is suited for widths up to 800mm.
The F10 iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure, and viscosity, to ensure a constant, accurate ink density on the printed substrate, without any air contamination. It also provides thorough automatic cleaning and fast automatic ink changes.

Efficient coating for digital packaging printing
There will also be information on TRESU’s coating systems for integration with sheet-fed digital folding carton printing presses. These apply added-value full-surface and spot coatings as well as metallic embellishments directly after the printing stage. The TRESU Pinta is available for Xerox iGen presses, and the TRESU iCoat 30000 is designed for use with HP Indigo 30000 digital presses. TRESU supports these workflows with a comprehensive range of consumables such as varnish media, tapes and sleeves, as well as cutting equipment, thereby covering every element in this coating workflow.

Allan Sander, vice-president, TRESU Solutions, comments: “Thanks to TRESU flexo technology, from ink supply systems, to complete printing and converting lines, brand owners and converters are benefiting from advances in quality that can be comparable with gravure and offset, reduced cost per unit, increased productivity and faster time to market. A visit to the Fachpack 2018 stand is strongly recommended to discover how these technologies are providing the basis for profitability and operational excellence in label and packaging printing.”
(Tresu A/S)

Newsgrafik #120955

Avery Dennison continues to pioneer change by launching recycled PET liners in Europe  (Company news)

Avery Dennison will be the first pressure sensitive labelling material supplier to introduce liner made from recycled PET (rPET) commercially in Europe. This move reflects the firm’s commitment to finding more sustainable solutions for the labelling industry.

Jasper Zonnenberg, global director films, explains that the new rPET liner uses carefully selected post-consumer waste (PCW) and will be introduced in October 2018 across a number of self-adhesive constructions:
“Avery Dennison has established eight ambitious sustainability goals that we are committed to achieving by 2025. As part of these goals we are focused on reducing waste, not only throughout our operations, but also through the whole value chain. We are determined to pioneer change across the industry. With a continued innovation focus on solutions that are responsibly sourced, use reduced amounts of material and are more easily recyclable we are pleased to be able to introduce a rPET liner to our portfolio - a liner that is not only easier to recycle, but itself is made of recycled materials.”

“As availability of suitable rPET is currently limited we will initially have a limited supply of our rPET liner - however we will soon be able to scale up production significantly and we aim to have rPET as an option across all of our filmic and paper constructions.”

Zonnenberg added that the introduction of PCW rPET liner requires careful management during liner production to ensure the stability and robustness that 100% virgin resin PET liner is known for:
“Conversion and application speeds are helping to drive the ongoing rise in demand for PET liners, and we have been careful to retain those benefits, while also supporting converters and end users as they make the transition from glassine. These new rPET liners are another example of our determination to provide solutions where higher productivity goes hand in hand with improved sustainability -- creating a win-win for both productivity and the planet.”
(Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)

Newsgrafik #120973

Toscotec to supply TTSteelDryers to Cascades Packaging at Cabano Mill, Canada  (Company news)

Cascades Packaging selected Toscotec for the supply of TTSteelDryers to be installed at its Cabano mill in Canada. This is a repeated order, following a previous order by Cascades Packaging for a major dryer section rebuild at Kingsey Falls mill. Cascades Packaging confirmed its trust in Toscotec, as the right partner to achieve its strategic objectives of paper machine optimization.

On this project, Toscotec will supply seven TTSteelDryers for the first dryer section, specifically designed for an operating steam pressure of up to 11 barg. The new steel drying cylinders will allow a boost of production and an increase in sheet width at the beginning of the dryer section. Thanks to their reduced shell thickness, TTSteelDryers feature a higher heat transfer rate, compared with cast iron dryers. Since the thermal conductivity of steel and cast iron is similar in the range of operating temperatures, steel dryers with thinner shells offer a higher drying capacity. The scope of supply also includes erection supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

Toscotec thus further strengthens its partnership with the Cascades Group in North America. With this new reference, the Italian supplier also reinforces its leadership with respect to the design and upgrade of the dryer section of paper machines.

Delivery is expected for mid-November 2018.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #120976

Esko makes packaging professionals 'Dream Big'  (Company news)

Seminars planned in five cities across Europe to help Packaging, Sign and Display professionals automate, digitize and connect

Brands and suppliers in the packaging, sign and display supply chains face many challenges in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace. Esko can help: During this series of five seminars attendees will receive a wealth of new ideas and approaches for the future of their businesses.

Ghent (Belgium), August 24, 2018 – Esko ( will be conducting a series of five full-day educational seminars for packaging professionals over the next several weeks.

Seminars will be held in:
-Stuttgart on Tuesday 11/09
-Düsseldorf on Thursday 13/09
-Malmö on Wednesday 02/10
-Paris on Thursday 11/10
-Manchester on Tuesday 30/10

These seminars will consist of plenary sessions with expert and thought-leadership content as well as break-out sessions dedicated to specific segments across labels, flexible packaging, corrugated carton, folding carton, sign and display production.

“We are excited to be presenting these important educational sessions,” said Eddy Fadel, Vice President Sales EMEA of Esko. “Content will be presented by industry experts from Esko and selected partners. We’ll frame the market challenges, talk about ways to address those challenges, as well as provide attendees with the latest updates on the Esko Cloud Project, our recent acquisition of Blue Software, and other areas of interest. Break-out sessions will allow attendees to take advantage of a deep dive in their specific areas of interest with our experts. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of time for questions and answers, networking with peers, and more.”

Mr. Fadel also reported that the event will wrap up with a Town Hall Q&A, followed by a festive networking cocktail. “This will be an important educational and networking opportunity for representatives across the supply chain,” he added. “To make the seminars even more valuable, we will share results from our internal “Problem to Portfolio” process, a tool that helps to structurally identify the most important pain points by market segment, to prioritize and validate them, and then to incorporate the most important aspects into the Esko innovation funnel and product development roadmap. This will provide attendees with valuable insight into Esko’s future plans and how those developments are likely to positively impact their future businesses”

Most break-out sessions will also include a customer case study, illustrating how Esko helps its customers to solve particular pain points or business challenges and providing attendees with actionable ideas they can implement once they return home.

“During these sessions, we will zoom in on the importance of implementing agile solutions that meet the digital transformation that our industry is undergoing,” concluded Mr. Fadel. “The goal is to make this a fun, highly interactive and value-added event.
(Esko Belgium)

Newsgrafik #120980

DS Smith awarded two ScanStars  (Company news)

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition which is held annually and it rewards the best packaging solutions in Northern Europe. This time eight solutions were awarded, of which 2 were given to DS Smith. One to Finland, one to Sweden.

The Finnish awarded packaging solution was a transport packaging for beverages (photo) designed for Refresco Finland Oy.

The challenge was to create a new transport packaging for TetraPak beverages. One requirement was the need to be able to pack manually, use less material, but made of recyclable fibers and must be recyclable, and it needed to protect the caps during transportation.

DS Smith created a solution which answers to all of these needs – and even more! The transport packaging created for Refresco Finland Oy is made of fully recycled and fully recyclable material and it has been used as litel fibre as possible. The design of the transport packaging is based on CHEP pallets and is easy to use in retail warehouses and then ready for retail shop floor without re-palletizing. The whole packaging is tied to the pallet with locks so there is no movement during transportation and it is safe to handle. The new structure protects plastic caps and keep packaging stable during transportation meaning fewer damaged products and increased customer satisfaction. The solution is designed to let the primary packaging be seen on the shop floor which helps to increase sales as well.

The other awarded DS Smith designed solution comes from Sweden. This smart packaging solution has been designed for the growing eCommerce sector and it is called 2Way. The inside-out packaging solution is for product shipment and returns. It can be printed according to the need to support the brand or even to be used as a gift box. The clever one-piece corrugated board structure can be folded both ways effortlessly. Being a single piece, it is simple to assemble and it is flat when stored. In summary the benefits of 2Way are:
-Rapid erecting
-Inside out convertible
-Efficient use of material
-Easy and cheap to produce
-No additive glue or utilities needed
-Easy to dispose and recycle

The motivation by the jury:
This smart inside-out packaging solution is for product shipment and returns in e-commerce. The clever on-piece corrugated board structure can be folded both ways effortlessly. It could, however, have a small pictogram for folding instructions. Shows a lot of potential for gifting and branding. Communicates that it is a sustainable solution.
(DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy)

Newsgrafik #121042

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper welcomes 25 new apprentices  (Company news)

On August 1st 2018, twenty-five new trainees launched their professional career at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper’s mills in Bielefeld and Flensburg. Among them are eleven paper technologists, six machine and plant operators, two industrial clerks, three industrial mechanics, two electronics technicians and one electronic for automation technology.

Photo: Our new apprentices at the Bielefeld mill

An exciting time awaits the new apprentices (15 at the Bielefeld plant and 10 at the Flensburg plant) with many new experiences over the next few years: whether it will be on the large paper machines, the ultra-modern coating machines or in the management and distribution of the globally acting manufacturer of coated specialty papers.

For Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, the training of young people has always been a high priority. "Competitive production and worldwide sales of our high-quality specialty papers is only possible with well-trained specialists" says Andreas Born, Head of Training in Bielefeld. “And we are pleased to provide this training in-house!”
(Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)

Newsgrafik #121061

New Mineral Oil Repellent Barrier Paper for food safety!  (Company news)

Mineral oil components in foods are undesirable and harmful. It has been proven that saturated mineral oils (MOSH) accumulate in the human body. Aromatic mineral oils (MOAH) are considered carcinogenic.

The paperboard packaging made from waste paper is a relevant source of mineral oil contamination in food. These recycled fibres contain, for example, mineral oils from newsprint inks. These oils evaporate, penetrate conventional paper, cardboard and some plastics, and accumulate in food. Sources are therefore both the primary packaging made from recycled solid board and transport packaging made from corrugated board.

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE has developed a packaging paper that keeps the advantages of current paper packaging materials and additionally provides an effective barrier against mineral oil migration. A barrier layer of natural, vegetable and mineral components prevents gaseous mineral oil constituents from passing into the interior of the package. The advantages paper has, the natural feel, the unrestricted recyclability, compostability and a good cost-benefit ratio, remain.

PROBARRIER Nature Mineral Oil Repellent Papers can be processed by conventional methods into bags or as inner liners for cartons.

Newsgrafik #120971

Arvid Sundblad new CEO of Fiskeby Board  (Company news)

Arvid Sundblad, formerly working for Iggesund Paperboard, has been appointed new CEO of Fiskeby Board as of 3 September 2018.

Fiskeby Board AB, the Swedish manufacturer of WLC carton board, is pleased to announce Arvid Sundblad as its new CEO. He will assume the position on 3 September 2018 and will take over the formal responsibility of the managing director Lars Lundin in September. Mr Sundblad was Sales and Marketing Director at Holmen Iggesund Paperboard until February 2018.
(EUWID Pulp and Paper)