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Newsgrafik #119673

Just published: Web database and book editions Birkner 2018 – International PaperWorld  (Company news)

Order now the new web database and book editions from Birkner 2018 - International PaperWorld and stay connected in the global network.

With the combination or individual offers fur use of the current database contents in web and book you have all advantages of professional reasearch in the Birkner media available to you.

• Over 28,000 updated company profiles from 153 countries
• Location, management, manufacturing, product, brand and service information
• Detailed multilingual search functions with convenient data export options
• Unique linking of current news with company profiles

Take advantage of the new low-priced single or combination prices and just fill in the order form here.
(Birkner International PaperWorld)

Newsgrafik #119827

UPM launches a new biocomposite material for 3D Printing: naturally perfect prints both for ...  (Company news)

... fine detail or large scale

UPM Formi 3D is a new type of biocomposite that has been specially developed for 3D printing. It brings together advanced cellulose fibre and biopolymer technologies.

With a matte finish and a surface that feels natural to the touch, filaments for 3D printing can be produced in light colours as well as dark. The new material has been engineered to flow smoothly through small nozzles enabling fine details. At the same time, UPM Formi 3D's fast cooling and low shrinkage ensures improved dimensional stability and makes it the ideal material for large scale printing. UPM Formi 3D's self-supporting molten stage properties enable round or other complex shapes to be produced without a separate support material. Wood like post processing of prints is another benefit of the new biocomposite: fine sanding, reduced paint absorption and easy to glue with PVAC.

UPM Formi 3D is produced and sold in granule form to producers of filaments for 3D printing or directly for large scale printing from granules.

Typical UPM Formi 3D end use applications are prototypes, design, education and concept modules e.g. for architecture. UPM Formi grades are available with FSC® and PEFC(TM) certification.

Newsgrafik #119830

Kyiv CPM signed a contract with Andritz  (Company news)

Kyiv CPM signed a contract with Andritz company for PM-1 modernization, including supplying a new shoe press and colander. Delivery of equipment is scheduled for the end of December 2018, installation in January 2019.

This project will improve cardboard surface characteristics quality and cardboard profile modification. After the project implementation is expected steam reducing up to 20% per year due to increasing dry paper content.
(Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill JSC)

Newsgrafik #119831

Laying of the foundation stone for a €100-million investment at the Pischelsdorf site ...  (Company news)

... in Tullnerfeld|Lower Austria

Wheat starch production to double with a second processing line

Picture: Chairman of the AGRANA Supervisory Board Erwin Hameseder, Provincial Governor Lower Austria Johanna Mikl-Leitner, General Secretary Josef Plank of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and AGRANA CEO Johann Marihart (fotocredit: AGRANA/Martina Draper)

The fruit, starch and sugar group AGRANA today laid the foundation stone for a second wheat starch production plant at the site of its Pischelsdorf biorefinery in Lower Austria in the presence of Provincial Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner. Through the investment of around € 100 million, AGRANA will be doubling its wheat starch production and, as a result, increasing its total annual processing capacity at the Pischelsdorf site, from around 800,000 tonnes at present, to over a million tonnes, and also creating 45 new jobs at the facility.

“The plant expansion project will safeguard the long-term competitiveness of the Pischelsdorf site and is in response to increasing demand, particularly from the paper industry due to the growing need for packaging materials for online traders,” highlighted AGRANA CEO Johann Marihart.

With around 200 employees, the Pischelsdorf site also houses Austria’s only bioethanol facility in addition to its wheat starch plant. The close integration of both plants enables the cereals processed to be utilised to an extent of 100 percent. After extracting wheat starch and gluten, the remaining unutilised fractions of the raw materials are used in the production of bioethanol and the GMO-free, protein-rich, animal feed ActiProt. This product substitutes approximately 200,000 tonnes of the EU’s annual imports of genetically-modified soya grits from overseas. The last production step involves capturing high-purity CO2, which is extracted from the fermentation tanks of the bioethanol plant and liquefied by the industrial gas company Air Liquide. Consequently, several top-quality products are manufactured from a single commodity. “We are very proud of our Pischelsdorf biorefinery. This is a shining example of total resource utilisation and plays a major role in achieving our aim of establishing a closed business cycle,” Marihart adds.
(Agrana Stärke GmbH)

Newsgrafik #119835

Ahlstrom-Munksjö plans to invest about EUR 27 million for improved financial and environmental ...  (Company news)


Ahlstrom-Munksjö plans to invest about EUR 27 million for improved financial and environmental performance

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has decided on two investment projects, totaling EUR 27 million, both with attractive financial returns and improved environmental performance and employee safety. This supports Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s strategic ambition to maintain a leading position in selected niches of the global fiber-based solutions market that offer positive growth outlook and are supported by sustainable market drivers.

These projects will not materially impact current year’s capital expenditure plan. The capital expenditure guidance for 2018, published on February 13, 2018, remains unchanged.

Recovery boiler investment in Billingfors and a bailing line in Aspa Bruk, Sweden
As one of the global leaders in electrotechnical paper manufacturing for insulation of high voltage cables and transformers, Ahlstrom-Munksjö plans to increase pulp production capacity and improve environmental performance of the Billingfors pulp line, Sweden. The investment involves rebuilding the recovery boiler and debottlenecking the pulp line. When completed in the third quarter 2019 the plant will meet stricter environmental regulations thanks to improved process combustion, reducing air emissions. The financial benefits include lower maintenance costs, and higher pulp and insulation paper production. The total investment is approximately EUR 23 million and the final investment decisions is conditional on receiving a new environmental permit from the authorities, expected in Q2 2018. Installation work will be made during a scheduled maintenance shutdown in the summer of 2019.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has also decided to modernize the bailing line at Aspa pulp plant, Sweden. The investment of EUR 4 million will improve safety level at the bailing line, improve production efficiency and give access to a more favorable customer mix. The new line is estimated to start during the first half of 2019. During the modernization production will continue normally.

Both Billingfors and Aspa plants are part of the Industrial Solutions business area, producing a wide range of products and materials often used in manufacturing and production processes, such as abrasive backings, electrotechnical insulation papers, release liners and specialty pulp.
(Ahlstrom Munksjö Group)

Newsgrafik #119837

Voith to build new XcelLine paper machine and BlueLine stock preparation for Grupo Gondi  (Company news)

Grupo Gondi has entered into a contract with Voith to supply a new paper machine with an annual production capacity of 400,000 metric tons. The new paper machine will be located in a facility in Monterrey in Northern Mexico. Voith will supply the complete BlueLine stock preparation and XcelLine paper machine from wet end process to winder, which should minimize the number of interfaces for the customer and maximize the operating efficiency of the project.
From early 2020, the new state-of-the-art PM 7 will operate at the new Papel y Empaques Monterrey (PEM) plant. The machine will have a working width of 6,660 mm at the reel and a design speed of 1,200 m/min to produce testliner and corrugated medium with basis weights in the range of 90 to 250 g/m2.

"With the new paper machine, Grupo Gondi will strengthen its position in the Mexican market for high-performance light weight recycled containerboard. It will also enhance our integration levels since our converting capacity has risen in recent years as we have expanded converting plants and grown through acquisitions. Voith will supply an extended scope of services, including the stock preparation, the paper machine, supporting sub systems and automation. Voith’s ability to deliver an advanced, full-line, state-of-the-art system was very important to us and we continue to work closely with our partners at WestRock in connection with project planning and execution," states Eduardo Posada, CEO at Grupo Gondi.

The XcelLine paper machine offers a range of special technical features that both improve the quality of the finished paper and reduce energy consumption. The scope of supply also includes a Tandem NipcoFlex Press, a TopFormer F, and an EcoCal calender. Moreover, the PM 7 will be equipped with a VariFlex NG winder with an operational speed of 2,500 m/min, with MCS, DCS and QCS completing Voith’s scope of delivery. Voith will supply the project with an extended scope, including detailed engineering for process, automation and electrical engineering.

In addition to the paper machine and the BlueLine stock preparation system, MERI, a Voith company, will supply the major sub-systems – material handling, internal water treatment, sludge handling, and reject handling. These systems are designed to lower operating costs while maintaining a clean and safe working environment.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

Newsgrafik #119839

Smooth die-cutting of paperboard - Marbach webguides ensure stable production processes for ...  (Company news)

...inline die-cutting

Marbach is well-known for its customized solutions. Numerous customers rely on Marbach webguides which optimize the production process for inline die-cutting of paperboard.

Inline die-cutting (web-fed), is a printing and finishing process which takes place "in one line". The process means, not a paperboard sheet is die-cut, but a roll. The roll material is first fed through the printing machine before it is processed directly in the die-cutter. Inline die-cutting is used, for example, in the production of cigarette, liquid and direct packaging for food products.

Marketing manager Tina Dost: "The big advantage of inline die-cutting is speed. However, because the printing and die-cutting processes are directly related, it is of utmost importance that both processes run without interruption. To ensure that the further processing process is stable, the paperboard roll must be optimally positioned in the die-cutting station. If this is not the case, machine standstill can result in cost-intensive production downtimes. This is why our customers rely on Marbach's webguides. With this simple but efficient solution, malfunctions during inline die-cutting can be avoided."

Webguides are special elements by which the paperboard web is guided during the die-cutting process. This is necessary because with inline die-cutting, the carton roll is "pushed back" from behind at high speed when it is transferred from the printing unit to the die-cutting station. This may cause airflow under the paperboard material. Webguides are ideally suited to prevent this from happening. They are applied to the steel counter plate and ensure optimal positioning of the paperboard material during die-cutting. Because of the webguides, the paperboard lies flat on the steel counter plate at the beginning of the die-cutting process. This permits safe ongoing processing in the die-cutter which results in a smooth production process.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #119864

ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2018: Highlights for visitors  (ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2018)

Once again offering a multifaceted program, the ZELLCHEMING-Expo, platform for the European pulp, paper and supplier industry, will be taking place in Frankfurt am Main from 26 – 28 June 2018.

Future-oriented lectures at a top level
Speakers will talk about key topics in the pulp and paper industry at the exhibition forum. Presenting their ideas and solutions in lectures and panel discussions, a broad public will be engaged. Visitors can benefit from free and specific training for their individual application over the three days. Main topics of this year's exhibition forum are:
- Paper Industry 4.0 - Economic success through digitization
- Fiber based products - Bioeconomy
- Paper, Consumer & Consumption 4.0
- Best Practice Talks "Learn from the Best"

Exhibiting companies still have the chance to register for the 20-minute presentation at the exhibition forum and to highlight their exhibition participation beyond their stand space.

The Cellulose Symposium is the scientific platform of the ZELLCHEMING association, where experts from research and industry exchange their ideas on the topic of 'bioeconomics', in particular, about products and production processes of cellulose and paper-based materials. The focus lies on issues, such as the science of materials, lightweight construction, the textile industry and the existing platforms of the pulp and paper industry.

On 28 June 2018, a free workshop entitled "Technologies of TODAY for the products of TOMORROW" by the Paper Technology Foundation for Young Professionals will take place at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo. The competition offers enthusiastic young people the chance to come up with creative ideas when answering the pressing questions posed in the production of. Registration is via the PTS website.

Exhibition: Key players and newcomers present their know-how
Visitors will also be close to the heart of the industry at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2018 exhibition. Around 150 companies will present their latest products and services there. In addition to well-known key players many smaller medium-sized companies are also represented. In addition, numerous first-time exhibitors will present themselves to a broad audience at the "Newcomer Pavilion".

Creating networks through participation in the supporting program
The established evening events "After Fair" on the first day of the exhibition and the "Summer Evening" of the ZELLCHEMING Association on the second evening of the exhibition offer visitors the opportunity to network and continue talks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Just in time for this year's FIFA World Cup, the ZELLCHEMING Cup, a table football tournament, will be held, facilitating contact between visitors and exhibitors and also win attractive prizes.

Registration and order of entrance tickets
At, visitors can register for a free day ticket and find out more about the event. Impressions of the exhibition are provided in the exhibition film.
(Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure e.V. - Verein ZELLCHEMING)

Newsgrafik #119782

YFY rolls out X-Trim to Xinwu mill in Taiwan   (Company news)

Working towards its goal of zero emissions and zero waste, Yuen Foong Yu Paper (YFY) appointed Greycon to roll out its trim optimisation solution, X-Trim, to the YFY Xinwu mill in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Implementation and acceptance completed in January and the project went live last month (March 2018).

Yuen Foong Yu Paper produces reading and writing, industrial and home use paper and ranks among the 50 largest paper manufacturers in the world. It is characterised by a fully integrated production chain covering upstream (forestry, pulp), midstream (paper manufacturing) and downstream (printing, packaging, and design) operations, which yield beneficial synergy effects.

Mr. Li Benyuan, IT manager at Yuen Foong Yu Paper said: “We have worked with Greycon since February 2014 when we integrated X-Trim into our mill in Yangzhou, China. The success of its trimming optimisation solution has led YFY to expand its usage to the mill in Taiwan. We are developing a blue print for a green business and the inclusion of X-Trim assists with both reducing waste as well as increasing production efficiencies.

“We are driven towards achieving zero emissions and zero waste. To date we have developed methods of producing pulp that converts agricultural wastes, such as rice and wheat straws, into raw materials for paper production through enzyme-catalysed decomposition. This process reduces deforestation, carbon emissions and solves the problems of pollution from traditional chemical pulp production methods. We also participate actively in the carbon footprint verification process. During the production processes, methods of recycling to reduce the amount of waste generated are directly implemented. Existing wastes are also converted into raw materials or used as fuel.”

Tian Jinlong, Business Development Manager at Greycon said: “Over the last four years we have witnessed Yuen Foong Yu Paper continually improving in achieving trim waste reduction, increasing overall production efficiency, and time-saving allowing its planners more time to focus on analytical rather than the routine work of feeding orders into our ERP system. X-Trim has enabled overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvement through minimum pattern and knife change numbers. The software integrates easily with Yuen Foong Yu Paper’s Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and in-house manufacturing execution system (MES), optimising its supply chain management (SCM). We are confident that YFY will experience significant benefits with the Xinwu Mill being trim optimised and look forward to sharing the success with them.”
(Greycon Ltd)

Newsgrafik #119784

Kodak announces John O’Grady as new President of Print Systems Division  (Company news)

Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK) announced John O’Grady, current President of the Consumer and Film Division and former General Manager of World Wide Sales for Print Systems Division, will become President of the Print Systems Division effective April 24, 2018.

Picture: John O’Grady

O’Grady will replace Brad Kruchten who is retiring after 36 years with Kodak. “Brad has been an important part of our company for many years, and I thank him for his tremendous commitment to Kodak and outstanding accomplishments,” said Jeff Clarke, CEO Kodak. “John O’Grady is very well positioned to lead the Print Systems Division. His industry experience is unparalleled.”

Commenting on his new role O’Grady said, “It’s difficult to follow a leader like Brad Kruchten, but he’s built an all-star team and I look forward to working with them as we continue to deliver world-class commercial printing solutions. With new products in our portfolio like our SONORA X plates and the NEXFINITY electrophotographic press, we are poised to thrive globally.”

Kruchten added, “Throughout my career at Kodak, I’ve had the pleasure of working with scores of fantastic, talented people. We’ve accomplished so much together, and I wish my Kodak family the very best moving forward.”

Clarke will lead the Consumer and Film Division on an interim basis until a successor is appointed, working closely with O’Grady during the transition.
(Eastman Kodak Company)

Newsgrafik #119821

Goodbye Waste - Get to know the newly developed ICCd smart  (Company news)

manroland web systems offers a wide range of service upgrade solutions to give its customers the possibility to reduce costs and increase quality – both important aspects at the highly competitive market for commercial printers. Part of those solutions is the newly developed ICCd smart – a compact version of the proven highly dynamic cut-off register control for reducing waste.

Photo: ROTOMAN HiPrint

InlineCutoff Control dynamic (ICCd) is one of the fastest cut-off register control systems that is available on the market. The proven system now has been adapted to the market demands for easy, economic and fast upgrades for existing presses. The result: ICCd smart.

ICCd smart is a variety of the standard ICCd, where an existing camera at the folder superstructure is used, instead of an additional camera at the folder infeed. Hereby a highly dynamic control by adjusting the folder drive offset is enabled, what leads to a significantly lower tolerance of the cut-off register at the folding knife. Therewith a dynamic control of the entire cut-off register tolerances at the folding knife is possible. For the customer this means improved printing quality and immense waste reductions when changing the speed, after blanket washing and reel changes – those can be up to 100%. Therewith costs are saved and quality is increased, what furthermore leads to new customers in a highly competitive market environment.

Besides, ICCd smart offers a complete integration into PECOM-X and an operation at the folder HMI. It is also connected to the worldwide online remote support of the TeleSupportCenter.

An upgrade with ICCd smart is possible for ROTOMAN, LITHOMAN and EUROMAN presslines that already use a manroland-ICC cut-off register control.

ICCd runs at several ROTOMAN presslines
Several customers have already reacted to the requirements of the competitive market and invested in the highly dynamic cut-off register control from manroland web systems. That has been installed at numerous ROTOMAN printing systems and is running already – further retrofits are in progress.

Investment pays out in just one year
“The highest benefits are the reduced waste rates. Due to cost savings, the investment has paid back in just one year”, Josef Ellenrieder, Product Manager Upgrades & Retrofits manroland web systems. “InlineCutoff Control dynamic smart enables an absolute precise folding and therewith highest product quality. With the “smart”-version, it is now possible for us to upgrade the system at ROTOMAN presslines, what enabled many customers to benefit from the immense advantages.”

The customer benefits are obvious: a reduction of the cut-off register waste up to 100%, at a reel change 30%-60% and after blanket washing 100%. This saves costs and brings new customers – not only by cost-per-copy but also by the increased quality.
(manroland web systems GmbH)

Newsgrafik #119822

Stora Enso's first quarter 2018 operational EBIT higher than expected at EUR 369 million  (Company news)

Stora Enso’s operational EBIT for the first quarter of 2018 was approximately EUR 369 million. This is well above the earlier guidance for the Q1 2018 operational EBIT. Sales for the first quarter of 2018, amounting to approximately EUR 2 579 million, were similar to the fourth quarter 2017 sales of EUR 2 511 million. The result was better than expected, mainly due to:
-The good pricing environment in Paper and Containerboard (Packaging Solutions)
-Higher volumes at Consumer Board division’s European mills
-Continued strong operational performance

On 9 February 2018, Stora Enso guided that its first quarter 2018 sales were estimated to be similar to or slightly higher than the amount of EUR 2 511 million recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017. Moreover, based on the same guidance, operational EBIT was expected to be somewhat higher than the EUR 280 million recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The second quarter 2018 sales are estimated to be similar to or slightly higher than the amount of approximately EUR 2 579 million recorded in the first quarter of 2018 and operational EBIT is expected to be in line with or somewhat lower than the approximately EUR 369 million recorded in the first quarter of 2018. The impact of annual maintenance shutdowns is expected to be approximately EUR 40 million higher than in the first quarter of 2018, and it is included in the above guidance.

Stora Enso will announce its first quarter 2018 results on Friday 27 April 2018.
(Stora Enso Oyj)

Newsgrafik #119824

New Head of Sales Adhesives at Follmann for the corrugated board and book binding industry ...  (Company news) well as end-of-line packaging

At the end of last year, Sebastian Drewes (photo) took over the position of Head of Sales for “Tape + Carton” within the “Print + Packaging” Business Unit at Follmann in Minden. In this position, the 41-year-old business graduate will be primarily responsible for the further expansion of the company’s adhesives business in the corrugated board and book binding industry, as well as in end-of-line packaging. Prior to his last position as Paper + Print Key Account Manager at Ammeraal Beltech, Sebastian Drewes worked in sales in Follmann’s packaging department for several years.

“We are delighted that Sebastian Drewes, an experienced sales expert, has returned to us to take up this position. Thanks to his many years of previous experience with us, he is well acquainted with our market, products and services”, enthused Dr Jörg Seubert, Managing Director at Follmann.

And Sebastian Drewes is also very pleased to once again be working with the internationally active family business. “Follmann is an innovative company that invests in the future and is heavily tailored towards the needs of its customers. It’s great to be working together with both old and new colleagues to further expand the distribution of our high-quality dispersion and hot-melt adhesives for the paper and packaging sector as well as the graphics industry.”
(Follmann GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #119862

Mondi joins WWF's Climate Savers business leadership programme  (Company news)

Global packaging and paper group adopts 2050 science-based targets to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C

Mondi Group has joined the ranks of global climate leaders by signing up to Climate Savers, WWF’s climate leadership programme for businesses. The packaging and paper group commits to reduce its specific production-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 0.25 t CO2e/t production by 2050. This commitment and others made as part of its participation in the flagship programme are in line with climate science targets required to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C.

Mondi’s participation in Climate Savers is an extension of a strategic global partnership between Mondi and WWF that started in 2014. The partnership focuses on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sector. In joining Climate Savers, Mondi commits to working to further reduce GHG emissions across its entire value chain and to taking actions to positively influence the packaging and paper industry as well as policy makers. Climate Savers members aim to transform businesses into low-carbon economy leaders.

Peter Oswald, Chief Executive Officer, Mondi Group says, “As a global player in the packaging and paper industry, we are part of an energy intensive sector. We’ve managed to reduce our specific CO2 emissions by 38% since 2004 by focusing on operational efficiency and energy efficiency. We join the WWF Climate Savers programme to reinforce our long-standing commitment to climate change mitigation and to demonstrate to the rest of our industry that using energy efficiently is not only necessary for the environment, but also good for business. We are proud to confirm our commitment to the science-based target needed to keep global warming well below 2°C for our production-related emissions.”

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, leader of WWF’s global Climate & Energy Practice says, “Climate change is one of the biggest threats of our future, with fundamental impacts on places, species and people everywhere. To change things for the better, we need to start acting now. We welcome Mondi’s efforts toward helping build a more sustainable business world and are happy to have them join the Climate Savers programme.”

To achieve its climate goals, Mondi has developed an ambitious programme to improve energy efficiency, replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, sustainably manage its forests and associated ecosystems, and source its raw materials responsibly. Mondi is also active in developing packaging and paper products that help its customers and consumers reduce their own carbon footprints.

Mondi’s Climate Savers agreement will run at least until the end of 2020, concurrent with phase two of its global partnership with WWF.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119794

Integrated management system at Kodak’s Osterode plate manufacturing facility ...  (Company news)

... successfully recertified

Picture: Plate manufacturing facility in Osterode

Triple certification for quality, environmental and occupational safety management

Kodak provides offset printers with a modern portfolio of plates for high quality, profitable and environmentally efficient production. Strict compliance with environmental, quality and occupational safety standards, as well as continuous improvements in these areas, is a central element of the Kodak philosophy – and plate manufacturing is no exception. A quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 was introduced for this purpose at Kodak’s biggest plate manufacturing facility in Osterode (Germany) back in 1995; it was followed in 2001 by an environmental management system to ISO 14001:2015 and in 2005 by an occupational health and safety management system to BS OHSAS 18001. ISO 50001, the energy management standard, has been implemented since 2013.

The official certification of the 9001, 14001 and 18001 management systems was renewed in March 2018 to take account of the newest requirements of the ISO standards. All relevant functions and processes at the Osterode plant were reviewed by experts from DNV GL, an international certification company, in a complex re-audit.

Renewed confirmation of excellence
The auditors came to the conclusion that the management systems at Kodak’s Osterode site significantly exceed the ISO requirements and all certifications were therefore renewed without any issues. They emphasized a number of particularly positive aspects:
- Significant, measurable and continuous improvements in quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management performance
- Very good monitoring of legal compliance with regard to occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy
- Comprehensive emergency management system with 24/7 readiness
- Excellent communication processes throughout
- Good plant condition monitoring

“The successful recertification of our integrated operational management system is the outcome of numerous improvement programs in different areas. Without the ongoing and single-minded commitment of the entire team at our Osterode facility, this would not have been possible. At the same time, this recertification represents an important milestone in our sustained drive to further optimize our processes and our resource efficiency with innovative approaches that help raise customer satisfaction,” said Sven Freyer, Director Plate Manufacturing Germany, Print Systems Division, Kodak. “Our clients can thus be certain that every KODAK offset printing plate is manufactured in line with the very latest environmental, quality and occupational safety standards, and that their own sustainability efforts will be perfectly supported and complemented.”
(Kodak GmbH)

Newsgrafik #119810

Kimberly-Clark Announces Strategic Investment in its Mobile, Alabama Mill  (Company news)

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has approved a capacity expansion project at its Mobile, Alabama manufacturing facility that will support K-C Professional's continued bath tissue category growth in North America.

"The Mobile team is excited about the role we will play in supporting the projected growth of the bath tissue category in North America as a result of this capacity expansion project," said Todd Visscher, Mill Manager for Kimberly-Clark's Mobile operations. "This investment, the commitment of our employees, and the community support will together bolster Mobile Mill's competitive position within Kimberly-Clark."

With an estimated investment of more than $100 million, this two-year project is expected to deliver improved capacity, greater manufacturing efficiency, and enhanced product quality.

Less than a year ago, Kimberly-Clark announced another significant investment in the Mobile facility for the construction of an on-site state-of-the-art combined heat-power plant and various other production enhancements.

"This investment is a testament to the strength of Kimberly-Clark's Mobile facility and its workforce," said Bill Sisson, President and CEO of the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.

"It's rewarding to see Kimberly-Clark make another significant re-investment in its Mobile mill, which has been a major employer in the area for more than two decades," said Greg Canfield, secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce. "We've forged a great partnership with Kimberly-Clark over the years, and the state and local teams will continue to support the company's future successes."

"This expansion by Kimberly-Clark is about more than just jobs - it's about a global, Fortune 500 company reinvesting in our city and deepening a partnership that dates back more than 20 years. When existing businesses are thriving in combination with new jobs and investment, that's a winning formula. That's how we're transforming Mobile into the most business-friendly city in America," said City of Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

Mobile County Commission District 1 Commissioner Merceria Ludgood said, "We're happy that Kimberly-Clark has found Mobile County's economy good for business as they continue to invest and provide jobs. In just the past year, Kimberly Clark has committed more than $200 million in improvements to their plant here."

Kimberly-Clark employs more than 680 workers at the Mobile site, where it first established a presence in 1995 by acquiring it from Scott Paper Company, and produces bath tissue and paper towels under the Scott, Cottonelle, and K-C Professional brand names.
(Kimberly-Clark Corp.)

Newsgrafik #119811

Valmet Dryer Fabrics are optimized for durable and reliable performance  (Company news)

Durable and reliable dryer fabrics make the paper-making process predictable and minimize the need for unplanned fabric changes. Valmet has developed new products to ensure that dryer fabrics remain durable and reliable, even under challenging conditions. Valmet offers optimized, economical solutions that match customers’ exact needs.

“Our customers appreciate easy tail threading, good runnability, long life and low fabric cost – regardless of their machine or the paper grade. The high quality of our dryer fabrics comes from our expertise dating back over half a century, and the millions of square meters of fabrics produced,” says Juha Paavolainen, Valmet’s Product Technology Manager.

The largest product group in Valmet’s portfolio of dryer fabrics is the double-warp polyester (PET) fabrics - after the product name renewal called Valmet Dryer Fabric OR, OP and EOS.

Optimized materials for different operating conditions
Factors limiting the running time of dryer fabrics include hydrolysis, contamination, wear and damage.

“Our PPS-reinforced dryer fabrics are excellent for hydrolysis-prone positions. However, contamination and mechanical wear are sometimes even more crucial for the dryer fabric’s running time than hydrolysis, and for those challenges, we have developed a totally new material: MHR. It can withstand hydrolysis to a sufficient degree, but it measures notably higher in seam strength and loop elasticity than PPS. The double-warp structure of our dryer fabrics lets us optimize them for different operating conditions, and our professionals ensure that customers get the best product for their needs. Right now, we’re studying even more hydrolysis-resistant yarns to replace expensive PPS material, and it looks very promising,” says Paavolainen.

New products developed for recycled furnish
Using recycled furnish with a high sticky content and consequent use of latest high-pressure cleaners has changed the requirements for dryer fabrics. Going forward, Valmet is developing new materials and products aimed at matching these requirements.

“For example, our new Valmet Dryer Fabric DG has a relatively open sheet side surface to prevent dirt bridging in between the yarn knuckles, while the machine side is smooth for good sheet runnability. Its unique weave pattern has been designed to improve the high-pressure cleaning effect by arranging weft yarns so that the water jet against the fabrics’ running direction is directed through the fabric. Valmet Dryer Fabric DG shares the double-warp structure and durable warp loop seam of other Valmet dryer fabrics to guarantee long life and low fabric cost,” explains Paavolainen.

The new edge reinforcement solution gives durability under harsh conditions
For a maximum running time and a stable performance of its dryer fabrics, Valmet has developed a new edge reinforcement material: Valmet Edge Seal TR. It has excellent heat, chemical and wear resistance, and its flexibility ensures good performance when the length or tension of the fabric is changed during the run, as well as while the fabric is bending around the rolls.

“Valmet Edge Seal TR consists of specially developed polymers, utilizing extensive laboratory testing to find the optimal properties. The next step, applying the material at the edges, is carried out with our modern equipment, tailor-made tools, and professionals in Finland and in China. We are aiming for nothing less than uniform edge quality with complete adherence and the best performance,” says Paavolainen.

To complement the wide range of dryer fabrics, Valmet offers fabric care and maintenance products and services. With a comprehensive range of on-site services, laboratory analysis for used fabrics, fabric guides, stretchers and HP cleaners, Valmet extends fabric lifetimes and makes its dryer fabrics a high-quality but also an economical choice.
(Published in Forward 1/2018)
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #119812

New-Generation Sleeves from Flint Group Offer Superior Performance and Easy Sleeve Mounting  (Company news)

-Base sleeve construction incorporates novel easy-mount technology
-Easier handling with up to 25% weight reduction
-Experience at Flint Group booth# 519 / FTA INFO*FLEX Exhibition

Flint Group introduces two new-generation sleeves - the rotec® Smart Sleeve and the rotec® High Performance Sleeve - now with new easy-mount technology incorporated into the base to increase the ease and speed of mounting sleeves on press. This enhancement improves productivity and makes job changes on press faster and smoother. The intermediate layer of the sleeves utilizes the newest in advanced polyurethane materials to allow for up to a 25% weight reduction and provides easier and safer handling of sleeves. The rotec® High Performance Sleeve has an additional barrier layer which provides superior dimensional stability. Both sleeves employ the same well-known and high-quality polyurethane outer layer proven in the rotec® Blue Light Sleeve, which exhibits excellent scratch and solvent resistance for a long-lasting, value-added product.

Flint Group continues to focus on innovative product solutions for its flexographic customers. Trends in flexo printing continue toward shorter print runs and more job changes, while printers aim to achieve better print quality with lower costs and improved health and safety. The new rotec® Smart Sleeve and rotec® High Performance Sleeve were developed with these challenges in mind, using new-generation polyurethane materials with a brand new weight-optimized construction and ground-breaking easy-mount technology.

“Printers are finding that the rotec® High Performance Sleeve significantly reduces press bounce and allows them to print jobs faster than ever, sometimes up to 100%. This has been proven at several different press trials,” explains Bob Adler, Sales Director for the rotec® brand in North America. “In addition, the special construction of the barrier layer builds dimensional stability into the sleeve, so it performs better on more challenging jobs by holding tighter tolerances. ”

The rotec® Smart Sleeve and rotec® High Performance Sleeve are the next step in what is already a strong product line from Flint Group that works smarter to help customers achieve their target goals. Flint Group will demonstrate the new-generation rotec® sleeves at the upcoming FTA INFO*FLEX Exhibition May 7-8, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN, where Flint Group experts will be on hand to discuss your particular printing sleeve requirements.
(Flint Group)

Newsgrafik #119816

Rondo invests in Durst Corrugated single-pass technology  (Company news)

The leading corrugated board producer from Austria responds to the market's flexibility requirements by expanding the production portfolio with the Delta SPC 130 printing system

Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has announced the first installation of the Durst Delta SPC 130 printing system in Austria at Rondo Ganahl AG. The leading corrugated board manufacturer will produce packaging and displays with offset and flexo technologies at 6 locations and will set up its digital center at the St. Ruprecht/Raab branch. The focus will be on the Durst Corrugated flagship Delta SPC 130, which achieves print speeds of up to 9,350 m2/h based on Durst single-pass printing technology and, in combination with Durst Water Technology, enables sustainable and odorless packaging products. With this investment, Rondo, which has recently been awarded two Wellpappe [corrugated board] Austria Awards, is responding to changing demands in the corrugated board market that requires rapid and flexible solutions for the sampling, versioning and personalization of promotional activities. In particular, the trade and brand manufacturers are also looking for partners that support them with seasonal promotions, special editions and individual products in a timely and high-quality manner. Other print service providers in Austria have recognized this and invested in the Durst Delta WT Corrugated Multi-Pass printing systems. Rondo is going one step further by relying on industrial productivity and scalability with Durst Delta SPC 130 single-pass technology.

"We're delighted that our digital Durst Delta SPC 130 high-performance printing system that we produce for the corrugated board industry from our location in Lienz, East Tyrol has also impressed Rondo, an innovative manufacturer in Austria," says Christoph Gamper, CEO of the Durst Group. "In line with the motto 'Innovation made in Austria', we see a high degree of awareness concerning market situations, as well as a very high level of willingness to lead the way as a first-mover and to create new impulses, particularly in this market."

Durst founded the Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing segment in 2016 in order to promote digitization in the corrugated board industry. After initial customer installations of the Delta WT 250 Multi-Pass printing system, Durst developed the Delta SPC 130 high-performance printing system. This system is based on the latest generation of single-pass printing technologies that Durst already deploys in its Label Printing and Ceramics Printing segments. Alongside the more cost-efficient production of shelving and sales packaging in small- and medium-sized job runs, the Delta SPC 130 also supports sampling, customizations and versioning - directly and without setup costs. With the development of a marking-free ink system based on Durst Water Technology, Durst already enables odorless and sustainable packaging products in the food retail sector. With this innovation, Durst was able to impress Schumacher Packaging in Germany in 2017 and to gain the company as its field test partner for readying the product for market. The field test is now in its final stages, in which additional peripherals and third-party solutions are tested so as to further increase the level of automation. With this continuous development, Durst is providing the investment security that is necessary to accelerate digitization in the corrugated board industry.
(Durst Phototechnik AG)

Newsgrafik #119842

Lecta Presents a New Collection of Printed Samples from the Creaset Range  (Company news)

A collection of one-side coated papers for labels and packaging

A new collection of printed samples showcasing the extensive portfolio for label and packaging applications from Creaset, Lecta’s range of one-side coated.

The collection, presented under the slogan “Creaset ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES”,
comes in two unique A5 envelopes printed on CreatorSilk 300 g/m2 coated semimatte paper. Each envelope contains printed samples of all the papers in the collection together with images of the final applications illustrating the numerous label and packaging possibilities that the Creaset range offers.

The entire Creaset range is manufactured with ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free)
woodfree pulp and is produced in accordance with ISO 14001 and EMAS
environmental management standards, ISO 50001 energy management standard,
ISO 9001 quality management standard and OHAS 18001 occupational safety and
health management standard. In addition, it is all available with PEFCTM and FSC® Chain-of-Custody forest certifications upon request.

Newsgrafik #119800

UPM sells its Myllykoski mill site and premises to Redeve Oy  (Company news)

UPM sells its Myllykoski mill site and premises, located in Kouvola, Finland, to Redeve Oy. The buyer is specialised in real estate development. The transaction was completed today and the ownership of the real estate was transferred to the buyer with an immediate effect.

UPM closed its Myllykoski paper mill in 2011. Since then, UPM has been searching for a solution to enable further usage of the site.

"We have been searching for a credible buyer for quite some time and have investigated several options. We are very pleased with the end-result. Redeve is well-known for their capabilities and experience in real estate development. We believe they will bring business and prosperity to the site," says Samuli Eerolainen, Director, Real Estate at UPM.

"We are honoured to be chosen as the developer of Myllykoski site, and we would like to thank UPM for the trust shown in us. The industrial site of Myllykoski is a highly interesting location for our company. Its development begins immediately," says M.Sc. (Tech) Jari Lahtinen from Redeve Oy.

The contract includes the mill site with its premises, as well as 100 hectares of land. As announced earlier, the biomass boiler, turbine and generator from Myllykoski site have been acquired by Blue Energy Europe in Germany.

Newsgrafik #119802

Agfa Graphics launches Adamas, its newest performant, versatile and eco-friendly printing plate  (Company news)

Debuting in spring 2018, the Adamas solution demonstrates Agfa Graphics’ continuing commitment to eco innovation. Adamas brings robustness to a whole new level and offers every benefit of chem-free solutions. The most durable chem-free plate available on the market, Adamas boosts efficiency, both in plate throughput as well as in run length, with optimal press performance, zero water and up to 75% less waste compared to similar products.

Maximizing efficiency and eco-friendliness
Commercial printers seek cost efficiency and process optimization without compromising on performance. In Adamas, Agfa Graphics brings new technologies to the table that empower printers to deliver high-quality results in less time, and with less waste. To maximize performance, this highly sensitive plate was designed for use with Agfa Graphics’ dedicated Adamas clean-out units. Due to their eco-driven design, they can be simply cleaned with pH-neutral clean-out solution and zero water.

“When we designed Adamas, we kept every need of the most advanced commercial printers in mind. The result shows innovation on all fronts – increased durability, enhanced performance and responses to the biggest market trends, such as low-power curing inks,” asserts Iris Bogunovic, Product Manager for Thermal Plates. “Adamas is a testament to our ECO3 sustainable innovation drivers, which bring ecology, economy and extra convenience to our customers. With Adamas, commercial printers enjoy every advantage of chem-free printing, combined with new technology, ThermoLink, that takes press performance and process efficiency to new heights.”

ThermoLink: the ultimate in high performance
Agfa Graphics’ patented ThermoLink technology is at the heart of Adamas. Run lengths as long as 350,000 copies are no challenge for this durable plate. ThermoLink technology contributes to its chemical and mechanical robustness and optimum plate performance.

Superior results, run after run
Adamas delivers superb results no matter the application, from commercial sheet-fed and cold-set to heat-set printing. Even more, the plate is perfectly compatible with low-power curing UV inks. No matter how abrasive or demanding the conditions are, Adamas guarantees superior press performance and durability.
(Agfa Graphics Belgium)

Newsgrafik #119805

Siegwerk expands Ink Safety Portal services and resources   (Company news)

Siegwerk further enhances its global commitment to product safety with strengthened Ink Safety Portal knowledge database.

With its Ink Safety Portal Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA, one of the leading international suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has created an expert platform offering knowledge on crucial Product Safety and Regulatory (PSR) topics. The information includes amongst others: printing ink ingredients, regulatory affairs requirements, exposure assessments and safety evaluations. The Ink Safety Portal was first launched in 2017 and offers customers a diverse collection of key elements relating to safe printing inks and safe food packaging. Siegwerk now has added new services and resources to further improve the usability of the portal.

“As consumers become increasingly critical of health-related aspects and personal well-being, more scrutiny has been placed on how products they consume are packaged,” said Dr. Evert Delbanco, Director Food Safety & Toxicology.” With our Ink Safety Portal, we’ve created a comprehensive knowledge database bundling our expertise and making it available to customers and other interested parties.

New features of the Ink Safety Portal
Available now, the following new features added to the Ink Safety Portal make it an even more valuable tool for Siegwerk customers. This is a sample of what’s new:

A Worst Case Calculator allows users to determine the maximum amount of substances that could lead, in the worst case, to migrate into packaged food. The calculator offers in a user-friendly style different variables to determine the exact results: migrant name or chemical identifier, content of migrant in solid ink film, dry ink applied per square meter, area coverage of ink and surface-to-mass ratio. If the results of the worst case calculation for the packaged food unit are lower than the applicable thresholds, no further measures are required. If not, users will need to perform further refinements such as migration modeling or migration testing for which Siegwerk’s Ink Safety Portal also offers valuable guidance and support services.

Another new resource on the portal is a video which explains “NIAS”, or Non-Intentionally Added Substances. The term “NIAS” refers to all chemical substances which are not intentionally added and do not have an intended and specific function within the ink formulation. These can be for example impurities in the raw materials, a reaction intermediate formed during the production process or a decomposition product. To ensure consumers are not harmed by any substances migrating from packaged material, all “NIAS” are subject to risk assessments conducted by Siegwerk product safety experts.

Providing guidance and support
Siegwerk’s global commitment to product safety is based on proactive transparency and shared responsibility along the entire packaging value chain with the manufacture and marketing of safe inks. “Our product safety guidance includes global regulatory initiatives, brand owner requirements and safety and risk assessments targeting raw materials to end use applications,” explained Dr. Jörg-Peter Langhammer, Vice-President Global HSE. The Ink Safety Portal underlines the company’s claim to differentiate itself from competition through high-quality services in the field of product safety. “Sharing knowledge with customers is just one important component of this approach. Safe and legally compliant quality products form the basis for customer trust – a key element for long-term relationships,” added Dr. Evert Delbanco.

To ensure the safety of its customers’ products, Siegwerk offers a complete range of migration-optimized inks and varnishes for all printing processes and supports its customers with training courses on all matters of food safety and regulatory compliance.

The Ink Safety Portal can be accessed via the Siegwerk homepage or
(Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA)

Newsgrafik #119807

APP successfully starts up Toscotec's Prodergy tissue machine at its Perawang mill  (Company news)

Toscotec’s new Prodergy tissue machine fires up at APP Group’s Perawang mill, in Indonesia. This start-up is part of a major APP order of Toscotec’s Prodergy machines, to be installed at APP Indonesian paper mills.

PRODERGY is Toscotec’s leading innovation: an AHEAD-2.0L tissue machine, 5.6 m width, 2,000 m/min operating speed, featuring a second generation TT SYD-22FT and steam-heated hoods. Toscotec’s 22 ft diameter steel Yankee dryer constitutes a world record: the biggest steel Yankee dryer ever manufactured worldwide for tissue application. This breakthrough equips Toscotec with a significant advantage in terms of technological innovation. Prodergy’s unprecedented drying efficiency is threefold, combining the benefits of the largest diameter TT SYD ever delivered worldwide, an efficient press configuration and steam-heated Yankee hoods. Each element of Prodergy’s drying equation contributes to the best possible energy efficiency of the tissue making process. The exclusive use of steam energy throughout the entire drying process ensures significant cost reduction compared with gas energy drying. The design of the TT SYD 22ft and the steam-heated Yankee hood system with multiple energy recovery stages deliver the highest dryness rate with minimum consumptions. The press configuration guarantees the highest possible degree of mechanical dewatering before entering the energy-based drying section of the AHEAD-2.0L.

Toscotec’s Sales Director Marco Dalle Piagge affirmed, “We are extremely proud of this incredible achievement. The first 22 ft TT SYD ever manufactured and delivered worldwide, and installed on a top performance tissue making line. We are making history and we expect Prodergy to set a new record for energy efficiency in tissue”.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #119785

Announcing New Envi Wall Art  (Company news)

A 100 Percent Wood-Fiber Alternative to Canvas Gallery Wrap

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. (MPM), a family-owned manufacturer that delivers high-performance specialty papers for the technical, packaging and printing markets, introduces Envi Wall Art™. Envi Wall Art is a beautiful, matte canvas-embossed substrate designed for on-demand printing of fine art, photography, residential and commercial décor, and point-of-purchase signage. Envi Wall Art provides a unique new revenue stream for photo labs, on-line custom decor portals and front-gate photographic print service providers (PSPs).

Envi Wall Art, when properly scored, die-cut and folded, looks just like a quality canvas gallery wrap, without the fuss of a wood frame construction. It is UV flatbed inkjet printable. It scores, die-cuts cleanly, and folds easily to create beautiful, sturdy, dimensional artwork.

This canvas-like replacement for conventional gallery wrap may be printed, scored, die-cut and shipped flat, saving time and money in assembly and mailing. The consumer can fold and hang their new artwork on the wall in less than a minute. All the PSP needs is a UV flatbed printer, scoring and die-cutting equipment.

“Envi Wall Art is a great addition to our EnviPortfolio® of printing substrates,” said Richard Verney, Chairman and CEO of Monadnock. “We are pleased to offer such a unique product to the printing industry.”
(MPM Monadnock Paper Mills Inc.)

Newsgrafik #119786

Smurfit Kappa and HP bring first digital post-print corrugated press to Europe   (Company news)

Smurfit Kappa is installing a revolutionary new industrial-scale HP PageWide C500 digital press for corrugated printing which will provide greater customisation and flexibility for customers.

The HP PageWide C500 Press, which will be the first commercial HP single pass press in Europe, is HP’s most technologically advanced digital press for corrugated application. The press will be installed in Smurfit Kappa’s Interwell plant in Austria.

With a fully integrated stack-to-stack workflow, the press combines digital simplicity with off-set replaceable print quality on both coated and uncoated paper. The cutting-edge technology will provide brand owners with customised packaging solutions that can drive sales across both online and traditional sales channels.

Smurfit Kappa is the European leader in shelf-ready and eCommerce packaging development which are delivered through its ShelfSmart and eSmart services. The graphic flexibility and quality of the new HP PageWide C500 Press will further enhance the company’s service to drive brand recognition and provide fit-for-purpose packaging.

Furthermore, the HP water-based inks facilitate printing on both primary and secondary food packaging without an additional barrier which can comply with even the most stringent global food safety regulations.

Speaking about the investment Saverio Mayer, Smurfit Kappa CEO of Europe, said: “This new press is the perfect solution for our Interwell plant. It comes after a successful collaboration between Smurfit Kappa and HP.

“We are both early adopters in our respective industries and constantly strive to provide pioneering, market-leading solutions for our customers.”

“We are delighted that Smurfit Kappa will be the first in Europe to install the C500 Press which showcases brand new technology and offers all the flexibility of digital printing. This press is going to fundamentally change the corrugated industry by digitalising it,” said Cristóbal Macedo, Director, EMEA Corrugated Business Director, HP Inc.

The press will be installed in April and will support Smurfit Kappa’s extensive customer base in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector by strengthening the power of their brands in an increasingly competitive, consumer-focused world.
(Smurfit Kappa Interwell GmbH & Co KG)

Newsgrafik #119788


The most important event of the year for the wide format printing industry will be taking place once again from 15-18 May 2018 in Berlin.

Visitors to the KATZ stand at FESPA 2018 (hall 1.1, booth C41) can look forward to seeing the full range of KATZ DISPLAY BOARD products. The booth will embrace a ‘pop-up store’ style to present the many different ways in which KATZ DISPLAY BOARD can be used, and many elements of the booth itself will be produced from this unique material.

Trade fairs are the perfect opportunity to showcase innovations, so KATZ will be taking this chance to unveil its new corporate design for KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS. The FESPA stand will showcase the full range of products in a way that moves the core benefit of “best for digital printing” even more into the spotlight, while still focusing clearly on the increasingly important issue of sustainability. The design shows the products’ strengths from an appealing new perspective, placing a particular emphasis on functionality and ease of use. These two issues are becoming increasingly important for machine operators and users. The new CI, which has been tailored to the target group of signwriters, offers an impressively clear and targeted style of communication and presents KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS in a modern look. The new range of visuals clearly shows the different ways in which this material can be used and processed, and the new choice of colour codes promotes excellent brand recognition.

The CI revamp also included optimisation of all the company’s communication media, from flyers and sample books to the complete catalogue, all of which will now be presented for the first time at FESPA in Berlin.
(Katz GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #119790

Kelheim Fibres celebrates 4,000,000 tonnes of Viscose Fibres  (Company news)

On Monday 9th April speciality fibres manufacturer Kelheim Fibres produced their 4,000,000th ton of viscose fibres!

The “jubilee tonne“ was produced on line 2 and is a Galaxy® fibre – an appropriate coincidence according to production manager Konrad Brunner: “This speciality fibre is made for the tampon industry, one of the most important pillars of our business. This fibre combines our strengths: unique and patented fibre properties meet production conditions that fulfil the strict hygiene requirements of this sensitive final product. It’s not by chance that we have established a world-leading position in this area.”

Photo: Production Manager Konrad Brunner (on the right) and a part of his team proudly present the 4000000th tonne of viscose fibres from Kelheim.

Considering that about 5.000 shirts or even 500.000 tampons can be produced from one tonne of viscose fibres alone, we can get an idea of how many people all over the world have come into contact with viscose fibres from Kelheim.

CEO Craig Barker is proud of the “anniversary”, too: “Of course, there are bigger viscose fibre plants than ours. Plants that can produce the same amount of fibres in less time. But there is no one else who is able to put more than 80 years of experience in every single one of their fibres. At Kelheim, there are families working in the third or even fourth generation for our company. Their loyalty as well as their engagement and know-how are the cornerstone of our success: Our employees, together with our consistent innovation strategy and our small and flexible production lines, make us the world’s leading manufacturer of viscose speciality fibres. To further reinforce that position is our goal for the next million tons of viscose fibres and beyond!”
(Kelheim Fibres GmbH)

Newsgrafik #119791

Balakhna Paper Mill 'Volga' exceeded the newsprint production plan in 2017  (Company news)

Last year 217250,534 tons of the newsprint were produced in the Volga’s paper-making workshop No.3, that is 494 tons more than it was planned. A.V. Gurylev, Deputy General Director for Production informed us about it.

“We did well last year. First of all, this is made clear by the fact that in February 2017 we managed to adjust the new newsprint output in the world market: the newsprint made from 100% TMP of the lower substance - 40 gsm. In December last year this newsprint was ranked in Top-100 best goods of Russia,” - Andrey V. Gurylev told about the production results of the year.

He also mentioned that in 2018 the bar will be set even higher: the paper workers will have to produce 235133,470 tons of the finished product that is 18376,876 tons more compared to the previous year.

Moreover, Deputy General Director for Production shared the nearest plans for 2018: “Nowadays we negotiate with the companies-manufacturers of the paper-making equipment for increasing the TMP production volume and launching the former waste disposal unit of the Groundwood mill with the subsequent Paper machine №5 launch. Its test launch is planned to realize this summer in order to run diagnostics on the equipment being in long downtime.
And at the end of January we have planned to conduct the exploratory run of the unbleached newsprint on the PM 8 which is in demand in the Chinese market today. Time will tell which of these and other projects we manage to realize,” – A.V. Gurylev summarized.
(Volga JSC)

Newsgrafik #119818

emtec and Technidyne at the PaperCon 2018 - Non-destructive Qualitative and Quantitative ...  (Company news)

... Measurement of the Filler Content of Paper and Board

Emtec participates at the New Technology Showcase and Poster Session at the PaperCon 2018

Emtec Electronic presents its measuring innovations and proven methods to the paper and packaging professionals at the PaperCon 2018 from April 15 - 18, 2018 in Charlotte, NC, USA.
The developer and manufacturer of measuring equipment will participate at the PaperCon with Technidyne, its US sales partner, and will be present at the Technidyne booth no. 812.

Additionally, this year Mr. Alexander Gruener from emtec will introduce the topic “Nondestructive Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement of the Filler Content of Paper and Board” at the New Technology Showcase on April 17, 2018 at 11:17 am. On the same day, he will also present the new method to optimize the filler content in paper and board at the Poster Session of the PaperCon.

The new measuring method to measure the mineral filler content of the ACA Ash Content Analyzer (photo), which will be presented, is nondestructive, quick, easy and accurate. Typical mineral filler and pigment content in paper and board, such as calcium carbonate, kaolin/talcum, titanium dioxide, and the total mineral filler content in percent are determined. It enables optimal process control due to instant availability of measuring results, and helps to narrow down the specifications for the filler content in the finished product and therefore to optimize the consumption of fillers.

Moreover, stand visitors can view the following measuring equipment at the Technidyne booth for the paper, board and tissue industry:
FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer and CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System
The two lab devices for the measurement of the zeta potential of fibers and the particle charge are of the latest technological standard. Based on their significantly smaller size and lower weight than comparable devices, they allow for a comfortable carriage (one device in a transport case with carry-on luggage size, or both devices combined in one regular-sized transport case), and leave more space in the laboratory. The customers appreciate especially the easiness of use.

TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer
The multifunctional measuring device determines the individual softness parameters and automatically computes the hand feel (HF) of tissue products. Stand visitors can bring their samples for comparison of the three single parameters of softness: Real Softness, Smoothness, and Stiffness. The unique measuring device can be used in the R&D, QA or production lab with different PC software available. An update for the TSA is now available for customers.

EST12 Surface & Sizing Tester
The special tester determines those surface parameters of paper and board, which are relevant for the converting process, in particular the surface sizing / hydrophobicity and surface porosity.
With its help, converting properties, such as printability, gluability, coatability and dusting tendency can be predicted. It enables the optimal runnability during the finishing or converting process of paper/board. An according modular system PDA.C02 Penetration Dynamics Analyzer for more applications is available. Stand visitors can bring their paper and board samples of the same type and application to compare their surface pore structure and hydrophobicity.

The emtec and Technidyne team at the stand will be happy to help concerning any further questions.
(emtec Electronic GmbH)

Newsgrafik #119768

Sibress FlexoControl 3D Plus: Innovative precision measuring device for the quality ...  (Company news)

... control of flexographic plates

Picture: Single exposure of the side view of dots on a flexo plate

Sibress, manufacturer of measuring and analysis systems for the quality control of flexographic and packaging printing from Starnberg, Germany, brings an innovative plate measuring device on the market with the mobile FlexoControl 3D Plus for the analysis of production parameters during flexographic plate production. The easy to use system can measure grids on flexographic plates in a fineness between 30 and 85/cm (80-216 lpi).

FlexoControl 3D Plus has an innovative optical system with increased optical enlargement, which better and more precisely captures the side and flank view of the grid points. The tool was also further developed to measure relief depths, flank angles as well as - particularly important - the base (ground area) of the printing points.

Razor sharp, high-resolution image capturing for exact plate analysis
Sibress FlexoControl 3D Plus is the only flexographic measuring device in the world that simultaneously captures the surface as well as the lower areas of grid points and their base from the side. Two cameras record the surface and flanks of the grid points, whereby the side camera can detect the entire visible area thanks to a newly developed method. The new aperture control of the side camera additionally permits the exact adjustment to the lighting or the requirements of different plate materials and grids. Both functions together make it possible to show every point in the image in razor sharp resolution, to display the finest details and ensure a high level of measurement accuracy.

Exact evaluation of all important parameters
All grid points in the active measuring range are captured and analyzed and evaluated by the Versatile@flex-software. Thanks to the split screen mode, images can be compared directly with each other. The user sees the evaluation of parameters such as the grid tone value, grid width, point diameter as well as point scope on the one side. The grid point is shown from the side in the window next to it, which can be evaluated with the further developed tool for geometric measurements. Other functions include the measurement of color controls, CMYK evaluations, statistics, the saving of measurement curves or the automatic creation of measurement protocols with images in PDF format.

Furthermore, the software presents the results of measurement series in clear designs and characteristic line diagrams. The captured images and graphic illustrations of the measurement results can be archived and reloaded later for in-depth analyses or statistics.

Always calibrated for precision
Another excellent feature of the FlexoControl 3D Plus is the automatic calibration. Together with an optional laser edged calibrating target, the fully automatic calibration ensures the permanent accuracy of measurements. This is in particular an advantage for companies with quality management demanding a regular inspection and calibration of the measuring technology. The side camera look is calibrated in the factory in the X, Y and Z axes, whereby the Z calibration is additionally compared with a special microscope in an independently developed procedure.

Mobile or stationary in action
FlexoControl 3D Plus is available in a mobile version consisting of a measuring device and transparency unit or as a stationary model. The measuring device is guided onto a holding arm for the stationary version and immediately reaches the selected measuring position while being lowered. The device can be used together with the separate light unit as a mobile version by simply unlocking the guide arm. Since the device has a long USB cable, large plates can be comfortably measured on the entire area.

The stationary version of FlexoControl 3D Plus will soon have a micrometer connection so that precise plate thicknesses can be determined as well. Furthermore, Sibress will implement other useful software functions as well as a device for measuring sleeves with FlexoControl 3D Plus. More information about FlexoControl 3D Plus and the entire product portfolio from Sibress can be found at

Newsgrafik #119775

Al Mawrid invests again in high-end flexo printing technology from Heidelberg  (Company news)

-1st Heidelberg Inline Converting System ICS installed in 2012 with full customer satisfaction
-2nd inline flexo press will be installed in Dubai to expand production capacity
-Multi process inline technology produces different structures daily

Photo: Al Mawrid will receive a Heidelberg ICS multi-process press including modular units for cold-foiling, gravure printing, inline die-cutting and embossing.

Since 1980, Al Mawrid Printing & Advertising, a unit of the Thomsun Group, has looked to technological leadership and strong supplier partnerships to drive them to new heights of global repute and printing excellence. .

Al Mawrid produces an incredible variety of packaging, including food packaging, bakery boxes, medicine boxes, perfume boxes, kraft boxes, e-flute boxes, duplex and food board printed boxes, PE coated board printed boxes, special packaging board printing which can be used directly in oven and deep freezers.

In 2012, Al Mawrid ordered its first Heidelberg inline flexo press. The combination of a Heidelberg ICS with an inline die-cutter Heidelberg FCL in a printing width of 670 mm was mainly meant for the production of cigarette packaging. Through their successful and efficient production with their first installation, Al Mawrid has come back and ordered another Heidelberg ICS.. In the Middle East and Africa all signs point to growth. Due to the growing market demand for highly finished packaging and the great success of the first installed machine, Al Mawrid decided to invest in a second Heidelberg ICS multi-process webfed solution. The press, consisting of flexo and gravure printing as well as different converting modules will be installed soon, driving Al Mawrid’s growth further forward.

“The excellent flexo printing and value-adding quality of products that were printed on our first ICS excite our customers. What we internally especially appreciate about the flexo printing press is the easy operation, the low maintenance, the combination of various printing and converting methods within one machine and the enormous output combined with reliability and high uptime”, explains Justin Ninan, production manager at Al Mawrid.

“We do exclusively have Heidelberg printing equipment for many years. Therefore it has been no question to invest in a Heidelberg press again. We do have great synergies especially in the usage of tools, spare parts and operator know-how. Plus we can increase production reliability as we are able to switch printing jobs very easy. “
(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

Newsgrafik #119776

Valmet receives orders for three Valmet IQ quality control systems from E.I.L  (Company news)

Valmet will deliver three Valmet IQ quality control systems with Valmet IQ Fiber optical sensors to the Italian system integrator E.I.L to be installed on three new tissue machines in EMEA area during 2018. The orders are included in Valmet's first quarter 2018 orders received.

"These three new orders are a step forward in our partnership with Valmet. We established this partnership in 2012 with the aim of integrating Valmet's quality control systems in our tissue machine projects. Valmet's IQ quality control system has proven to be highly appreciated in many end-user's installations for the accuracy and reliability of its quality measurements and controls," says Andrea Poleschi, Sales Manager, E.I.L.

"These three new orders from E.I.L are another key achievement in the long series of tissue quality control systems, which we have been successfully delivering in the EMEA area since 2012. Valmet is committed to developing and delivering innovative quality measurements, controls and reporting tools for the industrial digitalization of the tissue making industry. Our Valmet IQ quality control system has clearly a competitive advantage to improve the tissue makers' performances," says Luigi Caggiano, Country Manager, Italy, Valmet.

Information about Valmet's delivery
The three quality control systems to be delivered are based on the new tissue Valmet IQ 15 scanner, equipped with the optical sensor Valmet IQ Fiber and the advanced quality reporting tool Valmet IQ Reports.

The Valmet IQ Fiber sensor is a non-nuclear fiber weight measurement that has been developed especially for tissue to provide accurate moisture and fiber measurement with high frequency across the sheet. It is one of the latest Valmet innovations to bring the latest advances in quality control to the tissue machine.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Konica Minolta takes monochrome production to next level with AccurioPress 6136 series launch  (Company news)

The affordable and cost-effective series consists of three models: AccurioPress 6136, AccurioPress 6136P and AccurioPress 6120. Each delivers greater productivity to enhance job capacity, reliability and flexibility enabling operations to expand their capabilities.

“With the highest productivity in its class, this takes monochrome production printing to the next level. Konica Minolta has been a pioneer and set new standards in the industry for over 10 years. This next generation series of monochrome products will help our customers to be well prepared for today’s and upcoming demands in the printing industry." (Ines Wennemann, Production Printing Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe)

The Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6136 series can produce a monthly peak volume of up to 3.24 million A4 pages and offers the highest media flexibility in its class. It enables print providers to create more business opportunities by handling a wide range of essential digital printing applications. The series supports various media types, such as coated and embossed paper from 40gsm up to 350 gsm. There is an intelligent paper catalogue and optional envelop fuser aiding media flexibility to provide ultimate performance for the user.

Perfection in real-time registration automation
Automatic and real-time density and registration adjustment is delivered by the IQ-501 as is the ability to create printer profiles with skill-less operation. This helps eliminate input time and reduces errors. Curl adjustment is managed via RU-518.

The environmentally friendly series also offers the highest finishing flexibility in its class with over 728 different configuration possibilities. These choices include Konica Minolta own-developed finishing as well as partnerships with market leading companies such as Watkiss, GBC and Plockmatic.

Konica Minolta’s OpenAPI provides high scalability
OpenAPI provides high scalability via a seamless interface between Konica Minolta production printing devices and third-party solutions and there is seamless integration with AccurioPro workflows. It enables accounting, authentication or scan routing such as YSoft Safe Q and Nuance eCopy Sharescan. A unified UI and remote panel operation help smooth set up while operations can be flexibly controlled and confirmed with a mobile device.Konica Minolta’s IWS (Internal Web Server) allows the User Interface to be customised based on operator requirements, which makes every day work more efficient.

“IQ-501 is a unique invention that helps customers produce perfect print products while support for customer workflows facilitates easy integration. Last but not least, professional finishing options save time and eliminate errors while delivering high-quality products in one click." (Ines Wennemann, Production Printing Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe)
(Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH)

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Europac presents alternative to conventional beer packaging  (Company news)

-A sheet of die cut cardboard that can be folded to become a bottle carrier instead of the traditional box-style packaging
-Outstanding shelf visibility from the high-quality flexographic printing and the structural design, which allows the product itself to be seen
-Strong commercial potential in a solution that can be used for the beer sector or other bottled products, such as cold drinks, water or fruit juices

Grupo Europac’s goal to become a strategic packaging partner for its clients is based on the development of packaging solutions that bring value to its clients’ businesses as well as those of its clients’ clients.

With that philosophy in mind, the company has developed an alternative to the conventional beer packaging product. This ready to take solution serves both transportation and point of sale display purposes for a six-pack of bottled beers. It comprises a sheet of die cut cardboard that can be folded to become a bottle carrier.

This design reduces the amount of cardboard used when compared with the classic box-style packaging solutions. Furthermore, visibility is enhanced and the ability to tell this product apart from others on the shelf is increased due to the high-quality flexographic printing and its structural design, which allows the product itself to be seen. Finally, this solution offers incredible functionality for end customers via a handle that has been designed to make it easier to carry.

Pierrick Vincelot, Product Development Manager at Europac, highlights “the commercial potential for this alternative to standard packaging solutions, which can be used for both the distribution and sale of beer or any other bottled product, such as cold drinks, water or fruit juices”.
(Europac Papeles y Cartones de Europa S.A.)

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Anilox roller manufacturer has a new sales partner in France  (Company news)

Zecher cooperates with Daetwyler-Hell France S.A.S.

Zecher has a new sales partner in France since mid-March. „We are convinced that we have found the right partner for the French market with Daetwyler-Hell. Our customers will benefit from the market knowledge and active market cultivation.”, says Zecher Sales Manager, Thomas Reinking.

Daetwyler-Hell France, from now on, will supply customers in France with Zecher anilox rollers. The company is a subsidiary of the Heliograph Holding Group in France and represents all the group companies. Therefore they can look back on many years of experience in the fields of gravure, flexo and offset printing. Thomas Reinking, Sales Manager at Zecher, emphasizes: "Daetwyler-Hell is the ideal cooperation partner for us, as they have a strong presence in the French market and their customers can benefit from a comprehensive service."

Both Daetwyler-Hell and Zecher can benefit from the synergies of this partnership. Daetwyler-Hell plans to further expand its existing product portfolio with the anilox rollers from Zecher. "We´re already looking forward to a good cooperation with Zecher. The big advantage for our customers is that they can get a complete printing solution from a single partner.", says Jean-Philippe Mouiche, CEO of Daetwyler-Hell.
(Zecher GmbH)

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Sanfaustino Label invests in Nilpeter MO-4 for production of superior, ...  (Company news)

... value-adding labels in Brescia

Picture: The Nilpeter MO-Line will be installed at the Sanfaustino Label site in Brescia, Italy

Due to expansion, Sanfaustino Label has acquired an MO-4 offset press in order to add capacity and thereby sustain its growth.

As part of the Italian Gruppo Sanfaustino, specialized in products and services related to the label and packaging sector. Sanfaustino Label has been providing solutions within the Wine & Spirits, Food Industry and Personal Care for over thirty years. The father of the five Frigoli brothers, who manage the company today, founded the company in 1957. Since 1999, Poligrafica San Faustino SPA is a Milan-listed company with an annual Group turnover of approx. 50M Euros.

Installation of the Nilpeter MO-4 in Brescia
The new MO-4 will be installed in a completely renovated, ultra-modern plant, which meets the BRC standards. “We have experienced a steady flow of new as well as recurring customers, which is the primary reason for this investment”, explains the CEO. “We believe the key to our success is customer satisfaction - and we achieve this by being flexible and provide great customer service”.

Recently reaching 100 worldwide installations, the MO-4 has also been named “The Winemaker’s Choice”. “The MO-Line is a perfect match for us”, R&D Manager Giovanni Brescianini says. “We always take an innovative approach – and this offset press is indeed innovative when it comes to flexibility and efficiency to handle higher volumes and complex labels”.

Sanfaustino Label produces pressure-sensitive labels in 5 production plants in North and Central Italy. Each plant has its own specialisation. The headquarter is located in Brescia. This is where everything - from pre-press to planning, production, and quality control - is managed and monitored.
(Nilpeter A/S)

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COLORLINE IQ – The unique digital printing paper   (Company news)

Brilliant digital printing on Koehler's new recycled paper

The new, truly unique COLORline IQ digital printing paper is made entirely from secondary fibers and features the Blue Angel ecolabel. COLORline IQ boasts exceptional double-sided printing, good folding qualities, and homogeneous transparency, while maintaining the natural feel of recycled paper.

Developed specifically for HP Indigo printing machines, it allows you to achieve crystal clear, high-contrast printing results with
exceptional brilliance COLORline IQ comes in the colors Diamond and Champagne, with grammages ranging from 120 to 270 gsm and a matt or rough surface, and is ideal for digitally printing personalized documents in small batches such as calendars, mailings, leaflets, brochures, invitations, and much more.
(Papierfabrik August Koehler SE)

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Paper-based packaging solution with integrated sealing functionality  (Company news)

An innovative paper for flexible packaging with improved sealing properties and increased sustainability

In 2016, Sappi was the first manufacturer to launch an innovative packaging paper with integrated sealing functionality. This innovative and sustainable packaging solution generated a great deal of interest in the market and has gradually been developed further. Now Sappi is introducing Sappi Seal to the market, the second generation of this flexible packaging solution with improved sealing properties, which is also recyclable. It is designed to replace hot seal laminates made from plastic with materials containing a high proportion of renewable raw materials. Sappi Seal is single side coated and has been finished with a dispersion coating on the reverse side, which achieves good results with hot sealing.

“Brand manufacturers as well as consumers are looking for alternatives to plastic packaging materials. Sappi Seal will contribute to the use of more resource efficient and renewable materials for flexible packaging,“ says René Köhler, Head of Business Development Packaging and Speciality Papers at Sappi.

Sappi Seal was developed for use as flexible standard packaging in the food and non-food sectors, where hot sealing properties are required. This includes primary packaging, such as sachets, but also secondary packaging, such as flow-wraps for sweets, toys or DIY goods. In addition to its excellent hot sealing properties, Sappi Seal also provides a decent barrier against water vapour. The new speciality paper is also recyclable within the paper waste stream.

Sappi put great emphasis on user-friendliness when developing this paper. As a result, Sappi Seal can be opened easily and smoothly, without uncontrolled tearing. Its homogeneous and light surface provides good printability and finishing properties with all common finishing techniques. Its natural appearance and pleasant feel ensure an eye-catching brand presence. Sappi Seal is available with FSC or PEFC certification and was produced according to the requirements of recommendation BfR XXXVI (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung - Federal Institute for Risk Assessment). Sappi Seal is available with a grammage of 67 g/m2.
(Sappi Europe S.A.)

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Economic Value Report reveals £11.5 Billion Contribution of the UK's Paper-based Industries  (Company news)

Confederation of Paper Industries’ seeks Industry Sector Deal with Government

Photo: Andrew Large, Director General of the CPI

Relevant to over 140,000 jobs, the Confederation of Paper Industries’ (CPI) first ever Economic Value Report has set out the importance of the UK’s Paper-based Industries to the UK economy.

The headlines of the Economic Value of the UK’s Paper-based Industries are:
• Nearly 1,500 companies
• 56,000 direct jobs and a further 86,000 indirect jobs
• £11.5 billion turnover
• £4 billion gross value added.

The scope of the report covers the manufacturing of paper, the conversion of paper into corrugated packaging, the conversion of paper into tissue for hygiene products and the recovery and recycling of paper from both business and households.

CPI is also launching its initial proposals to Government for a Sector Deal for the UK’s Paper-based Industries.

It is pleased to announce that Miles Roberts, CEO of FTSE100 listed DS Smith, has agreed to chair a Paper-based Industry led Sector Deal Implementation Board, which we expect to meet for the first time in the first half of 2018.

Commenting on the publication of the report, Andrew Large, Director General of the CPI said: “This is a major step forward for the UK’s Paper-based Industries in demonstrating the importance of the industry to the UK economy. We look forward to working with the Government to negotiate a Sector Deal.”

Miles Roberts, CEO of DS Smith, commented: “Our industry is at a critical period of its development as it faces the twin challenges of a post Brexit trading era and structural change in how packaging and waste is perceived by the public. A strong partnership with government will allow us to maximise our contribution to the UK economy and show how the Paper Industry sits at the heart of the Government’s Clean Growth and Future of Mobility strategy.”

Our proposals for Sector Deal negotiations focus on:
• Driving paper recycling quality and recyclability
We aim to improve both the volumes of paper collected for recycling and the quality of that paper through wider adoption of source segregated household recycling practices
• Extending the 2050 Decarbonisation Roadmap and Action Plan
Building on the success of the UK’s Paper-based Industries in reducing their carbon intensity and improving energy efficiency
• Building UK capacity in the bio-economy
We want to establish projects to develop innovative uses for recovered paper that cannot be recycled through the conventional papermaking process
• Developing industry training
Developing here in the UK the industry’s future leaders at all levels and
rebuilding the training infrastructure
• Building the investment potential in UK papermaking and downstream conversion
Working with Government and consultants to build the business case for new investment in UK paper making and downstream conversion capacity
(Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI))

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CapMan Buyout to sell Walki to One Equity Partners  (Company news)

Funds managed by CapMan Buyout have agreed to sell their holdings in Walki Group to private equity company One Equity Partners. Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Walki Group is a leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, specializing in the production of fibre based, intelligent, multi-layer laminate products for markets as diverse as energy saving construction facings to consumer packaging. Funds managed by CapMan acquired Walki in 2007 and the profitability of the company has developed very favourably especially during the last years.

“During CapMan’s ownership period Walki has successfully executed its growth strategy, both organically and through acquisitions. Walki has invested in the growing construction laminates segment in Western Europe whilst maintaining its leading position in the industrial packaging market. Walki has also expanded significantly in Eastern Europe. I want to thank Walki’s management and personnel for their hard work. I am convinced that a large, international private equity player like One Equity Partners with experience from the packaging sector is the right partner for supporting the growth of Walki in the future," says Anders Björkell, Partner at CapMan Buyout.

“We are very satisfied to have One Equity Partners as the new majority owner. One Equity Partners has a successful track record in developing packaging companies globally and we share a common vision on how to grow Walki into an even stronger company to the benefit of our customers and employees. Further, I would like to thank CapMan for the continuous support during CapMan’s ownership," says Leif Frilund (photo), President and CEO of Walki Group.

“One Equity Partners is an experienced investor in the packaging industry with a number of successful former investments. With top positions in all of its three business areas Construction, Consumer and Industrial, Walki is poised for future growth. With this acquisition, we leverage our expertise in the industry and form a powerful platform for buy-and-build opportunities in an attractive market", says Johann-Melchior von Peter, Senior Managing Director at One Equity Partners.

The transaction is subject to the approval of the competition authorities.
(Walki Group Oy)

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Hannover Messe: Flexible electronics without sintering – successful small-scale production of ...  (Company news)

... new hybrid inks

Research scientists at INM have developed a sinter-free conductive ink based on gold and silver nanoparticles coated with conductive polymers. INM’s hybrid inks enable inkjet printing of conductive structures without any thermal or UV treatments. The inks can be prepared in polar solvents such as water and alcohols, and many of their properties such as their density or viscosity can be customized. Testing samples will be available upon request.

The developers will demonstrate their hybrid inks at stand B46 in hall 2 at this year’s Hannover Messe, which takes place from April 23 to 27.

Conductive inks are widely used in to print electronics. They are suitable materials for flexible photovoltaics, lighting, touch screen electronics, wearable devices, large-area heaters, sensors, 3D conformal antennas, and health and biomedical applications, among others. Existing inks require annealing after inkjet printing before they become conductive.

“Our new hybrid inks become conductive immediately upon drying, are mechanically flexible, and compatible to inkjet printing,” explains the INM materials scientist Tobias Kraus. “The hybrid inks contain a small organic polymer fraction that helps to maintain its electrical conductivity, even if the substrate material is bent,” Kraus continues. This enables printing on almost any substrate, like foil, paper, or textiles, since the final annealing steps at relatively high temperatures are avoided.

INM scientists have recently scaled the production of these hybrid inks to a level that is sufficient for small-scale production. “The scaling of nanostructured products requires optimized processes in order to maintain quality while lower prices,” says Kraus. Samples of the material are now available for testing applications.
(INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials)

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Valmet MAP shows the route to better refiner management  (Company news)

The Pankaboard mill, located in Lieksa, Eastern Finland, is a world leader in the production of high thickness folding boxboards and uncoated cartonboards for packaging, various graphical and industrial applications and food service products. Continuous product development and new innovations employed by the mill have ensured that the products from their two distinctly different board machines, BM2 and BM3, always fulfill specific customer needs. As part of this philosophy, Pankaboard recently installed a Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) to help provide better refiner control of the multiple furnishes to the board machines.

Photo: Valmet MAP on the machine floor in Pankaboard

Good drainability reduces breaks
The main target of refining is to improve the bonding ability of fibers so that they form strong and smooth paper sheet with good printing properties. At the same time, the degree of refining affects drainability and drying of the sheet with the multiple furnishes and forming zones in the board machine adding further complexity. Freeness, the primary indicator of drainage potential, is now measured online by Valmet MAP to help machine operators set refining intensity for desired results. This avoids excessive refining of top and bottom ply furnishes which, as well as wasting energy, results in a more compact fiber network which can reduce dewatering of the middle layer and cause blistering and delamination in the dryer. “The refiners need to be operated continuously in the sweet spot for best furnish quality and good drainability,” says Tomi Hankaniemi, Pankaboard Production Manager. “Our primary objective was to reduce blowing breaks caused by poor drainability.”

Online freeness measurement
The Valmet MAP analyzer was installed in April 2017, with a total of 12 automatic samplers to measuring freeness on both machines after pre-refining and machine refining for top and back plies as well as after middle ply, enhancement pulp, broke pulp and groundwood pulp refining. The analyzer cycles through the samples automatically providing sequential measurement updates for all 12 points in about one hour. “We ran laboratory correlations during the first two months until midsummer with roughly 15 different pulp grades and mixes,” says Hankaniemi, “The results have been so good that no further checks have since been necessary.” The hourly freeness values for the 12 measured points are displayed in trend format on dedicated displays in both machine control rooms. “Operators now know exactly what is happening and can see the results of control actions almost instantly. Earlier it could be difficult to know whether a change had been made or what effect it had,” says Hankaniemi. Operators now actively use the trend information to adjust refining energies, especially made easier with freeness limits for BM2 redlined on the display. “It’s still quite new but we’ve determined freeness limits for the top and back plies on BM2 and operators can see exactly where they are. Breaks due to excessive moisture have now been reduced, they still occasionally occur but we can now better determine the cause.”

Standardized measurement method
Valmet MAP automates the TAPPI T227 standardized measurement method to provide reliable and accurate freeness results with the high availability of an online analyzer. Not only providing a high degree of repeatability, the standardized measurement provides freeness results that are comparable between different mills. The modular design also allows other fiber property measurements to be added to the standard platform and utilize the same automatically sampled points in the process. Timo Pursiainen, Maintenance Engineer with the mill’s technical maintenance partner, Caverion, reports no significant problems during the first nine months of operation. “It was a pretty straightforward installation and simple maintenance only involves monthly cleaning, taking an hour or so,” he says.

“ROI measured in months”
“It’s been a positive surprise, how much more information the device brings and how effective and repeatable it is,” says Hankaniemi. “Runnability on both board machines has been improved with reduced blow induced breaks and that has improved sheet quality.” When asked about the return on investment, his cautious reply is, “Measured in months, it was certainly a good purchase!”
(Valmet Corporation)

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BrokeGo: Efficient transport of waste paper  (Company news)

-Reliable and safe paper removal following web breaks
-Conveyor belt highly wear-resistant even under sudden loads

With BrokeGo, Voith has developed a reliable fabric for broke conveyors which quickly and safely removes broke following a web break. The strong and highly wear-resistant belt transports the broke directly to a pulper for further processing.

Web breaks cannot always be avoided. Generally, the broke paper drops into an area underneath the machine. To remove this broke efficiently and safely, Voith has developed BrokeGo, which is suitable for all paper grades. The ribbed upper surface stops the paper slipping from the belt. The underside is made from wear-resistant material, which results in a longer service life.

BrokeGo needs to have very different properties from the dryer fabrics that are often used as conveyor belts in the broke conveyor. BrokeGo was specially developed to meet the specific requirements of paper transport after web breaks in particular.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

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SCA: Kristina Enander new Business Area President Pulp  (Company news)

Kristina Enander, presently manager of SCA’s Ortviken paper mill, has been appointed new Business Area President Pulp.

SCA’s Business Area Pulp comprise the Östrand pulp mill in Timrå, Sweden. One of Sweden’s largest industrial investments ever is about to be concluded and put on stream. The extended pulp mill will have a capacity of one million tonnes of pulp per annum and will be the biggest production line for bleached softwood kraft pulp in the world.

Kristina Enander takes on her new position as of November 1, 2018. She succeeds Åke Westberg, who will retire from SCA.
(SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB)

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Michelman Using PaperCon 2018 to Promote its Collaborative Innovation & Waterborne ...  (Company news)

... Functional Coatings to Packaging Value Chain

Michelman will introduce PaperCon 2018 attendees to its proven line of waterborne and environmentally responsible functional coating solutions. Their variety of compostable, recyclable and renewable coatings help brand owners increase sustainable practices that reduce waste and utilize fewer raw materials.

Attendees to the exhibition can also discuss how Michelman’s collaborative approach with the entire packaging value chain, including paper mills, converters and brand owners, accelerates the concept-to-commercialization cycle. Their innovations produce better and more sustainable packaging with improved product, print receptivity, digital printing, and heat seal protections.

Michelman’s functional coatings produce a multitude of barrier and functional properties that are critical to product protection and brand packaging. Michelman’s well-known brands, including Michem® Coat 525, VaporCoat® 2200R and HydraBan® 430 will be featured at the show. These and other leading Michelman solutions are used as barriers to oxygen and oil migration, and for grease, oil, water, moisture and stain resistance.

Michem Coat 525 is used primarily for its robust grease and oil resistant properties, as well as its water resistance, release, cold and hot melt gluability, and compliance with specific food contact regulations.

VaporCoat 2200R provides water and grease resistance and excellent MVTR properties on kraft liner and other substrates. When properly applied over a base coat, this repulpable coating is recommended as a replacement for some curtain coating applications, poly-laminated board and plastic bags.

HydraBan 430 is a waterborne dilutable coating that provides good water beading and water repellence to paper substrates and is cold set gluable with most adhesives.

These and many other solutions can be discussed at Michelman’s booth #924. The event is being held April 15-18, 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.
(Michelman Inc.)

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Mimaki brings inspiration for creatives to Pure Digital  (Company news)

“Build Your Imagination” by understanding how digital printing opens new possibilities

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting systems, announced it will be bringing inspirational samples and the printers that created them to Pure Digital, scheduled for 17 to 19 April in Amsterdam. Mimaki will be located on Stand 12.107, occupying 48 square meters. Mimaki is a Gold Partner at this important event, designed to help the creative community better understand the possibilities digital printing opens for them. This first edition of Pure Digital is co-located with Building Holland.

“It is always enlightening and rewarding to interact with the creative community,” said Ronald van den Broek, General Manager Sales at Mimaki Europe. “They always take what we imagine much farther than we ever could. All we need to do is show them some possibilities, and they are off and running! Not only will we have the printing equipment available at Pure Digital, but we will also have some stunning examples for retail and home décor that are sure to inspire. This will be a must-visit stand for creatives attending Pure Digital.”

On Display
In addition to stunning samples sure to generate new ideas for attendees at Pure Digital, Mimaki will showcase its UV printing technology to demonstrate how it can be used to print directly on a wide range of materials for interior decoration and architectural purposes. This includes:
-UCJV300-160 (photo), an integrated printing and cutting solution ideal for printing on window graphics, wallpaper and more.
-UJF-3042MkII, with the ability to use multiple different types of inks to support a very wide range of applications and materials, including printing directly on wood, metal and glass.

Mimaki will also bring samples produced on its new and innovative 3DUJ-553 3D printer, which can be used for creating detailed architectural models and other 3D projects. The printer has a number of unique capabilities, including its ability to produce objects in more than 10 million different colours, eliminating the need to paint or otherwise decorate them post-production.
(Mimaki Europe B.V.)

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Favini nominated for Luxe Pack in Green for their Sustainability Channel dedicated to ...  (Company news)

... the company's green numbers

Favini is pleased to announce that it is a nominee for the prestigious award, LUXE PACK in Green, during LUXE PACK Shanghai 2018, the event dedicated to the latest global trends in the packaging sector.

Photo: During LUXE PACK Shanghai exhibition, Favini showcases the new Majestic Gold Fever paper

LUXE PACK in Green is the award given every year to the company that has shown particular attention in the development of innovative packaging which at the same time is respectful of the environment. A highly qualified jury selects the finalists and the winner based on the materials used, the processes developed, the efficiency of the technology and the sustainability criteria adopted.

This year Favini has been nominated for its Sustainability Channel. This dedicated channel summarizes the company’s commitment to the environment in the period between 2009 and 2016: 7 years of constant activities to improve control of emissions to air, optimization in the management of water resources and energy consumption. Additionally the channel features the important projects that are carried out specifically aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities.

Always attentive to trends in the field of design, luxury and fashion, Favini confirms itself as a trend setter in luxury packaging: In fact it is during this edition of LUXE PACK Shanghai, the new Majestic Gold Fever paper is presented. An exclusive surface, where the purity of gold meets the world of packaging, to create elegant and precious nuances. Applications in the world of luxury, fashion and communication are endless, including exclusive event invitations, classy precious box packaging and of course for shopping bags that will never go unnoticed.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #119701

Integrated automation and control system increases efficiency of FFS lines  (Company news)

Market leader W&H offers new automation modules for proven FFS-Line

Photo: The complete FFS line from W&H, comprising the TOPAS, PLATINUM palletizer and the ARGON stretch hooder.

Machine manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) offers a new integrated automation and operating concept for its FFS packaging line (Form, Fill, Seal) with EASY CONTROL, which enhances the efficiency of the line. Higher transparency, ease of use and the integration of the entire FFS line lead to increased efficiency and quality in production. In addition to detailed information on the integrated FFS packaging line with EASY CONTROL and the proven bagging system TOPAS, visitors of the ACHEMA exhibition can expect further interesting news from W&H in hall 3.0, which will be published at the beginning of the fair. The FFS plant TOPAS is one of the most widely used systems worldwide with around 1,000 systems sold and is already the fastest FFS machine on the market today.

Until today, operators of FFS lines have been faced with the challenge of individually controlling and monitoring the lines different components and third-party equipment. The result: Loss of efficiency due to different operating systems, additional interfaces and error sources as well as lack of comprehensive production data. W&H as a full-line supplier of FFS lines consisting of FFS machine TOPAS, palletizer PLATINUM and stretch hood machine ARGON has now developed a modular automation and operating concept that increases uniformity across the entire FFS line.

"EASY CONTROL consists of various modules and can be individually tailored to the needs of the customer", explains Rafael Imberg, Sales Director FFS Bagging Systems at W&H. One new module allows the integration of thirdparty equipment, such as metal detectors, inkjet printers and weighing scales, into the line management systems. The benefits are obvious: the operator only has to learn a single system. Another module provides a MOBILE function that makes status alerts available anywhere via smartphone or tablet PC. “The machine can report an upcoming roll change, for example, and the operator can then plan the most efficient route and resources in advance”, says Imberg. Staff working in the back-office can use an “Office” function to pull and analyze all of the production data. “We offer a database that covers the entire line and this hasn't been done before. The comprehensive analysis options enable companies to manage production far more effectively,” explains Imberg.
(Windmöller & Hölscher KG)

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Kemira increases prices of colorant products globally   (Company news)

Kemira, a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries, announces price increases for all colorant products globally.

The price increase of 15-25% for all colorants will become effective for shipments made on or after April 15, 2018 or as contracts allow.

While Kemira continues to take actions to mitigate the impact of increasing costs, it is necessary to adjust our pricing in order to compensate for the rapid and recurring increases in key raw materials and transportation costs.
(Kemira, Paper Segment)

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