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3,000 Finbow spreader rolls!

3,000 Finbow spreader rolls!  (Company news)

Finbow has now delivered 3,000 new top quality spreader rolls for the global paper industry. Roll number 3,000 was sent to our customer in Central Europe. In addition, Finbow professionals have performed a vast amount of roll maintenance work around the world.

In picture: One of these professionals completed 25 years of service with Finbow on the same week as roll number 3,000 was delivered. Congratulations! This group has a total of 250 years of experience in manufacturing, delivering and maintaining spreader rolls.

Roll number 3,000 was celebrated by the whole staff. During these 3,000 rolls, Finbow has become one of the world's leading experts in roll solutions and services.

Thank you to all our customers world wide – it is an honor to serve you all and grow together!
(Finbow Oy)

Toscotec to supply three tissue rebuild projects

Toscotec to supply three tissue rebuild projects  (Company news)

Toscotec will deliver three tissue machine rebuilds located at different mills to a confidential global producer.

Toscotec will rebuild the drying sections of two tissue machines, as well as the wet end and winding sections of another machine. The drying section rebuilds include the supply of two Toscotec’s third-generation-design TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryers, steam and condensate systems, and high efficiency TT Hoods, including one newly optimized combustion system. The energy efficiency given by the integration of the steel Yankee and the hoods will result in a significant reduction of the tissue machines’ thermal consumption.
The other project requires the modification of the approach flow and fiber recovery systems and the complete rebuild of the machine’s wire and pope reel sections.
The provision of expert services, including engineering, dismantling of old equipment, erection, commissioning, start-up, and training, ensures a complete package for the rebuilds.

Since the start-up of its first TT SYD in 2000, Toscotec is the forerunner and world leading manufacturer of Steel Yankee Dryers boasting close to 230 TT SYDs sold and over 200 currently operating in five continents.
These two new TT SYDs will replace the mills’ existing Yankee dryers. Toscotec holds the record as the manufacturer who supplied all of the SYD replacements that took place in Europe to date.

Riccardo Gennai, Toscotec Sales Manager, says: “We take pride in the continuous evolution of TT SYD. Toscotec started up the first steel Yankee dryer in the tissue industry. TT SYD’s third-generation design enhances the machine’s drying performance and energy efficiency to a degree that it really makes us stand out in the market.”
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

BillerudKorsnäs solution for E-Commerce mailers - the conscientious alternative for ...

BillerudKorsnäs solution for E-Commerce mailers - the conscientious alternative for ...  (Company news)

... consumers and online retailers

E-Commerce mailer bags made from BillerudKorsnäs’ Xpression E-com paper have 50 percent lower fossil emissions than virgin plastic mailer bags and using this leads to the removal of biogenic carbon from the atmosphere. This is proven by a new independent study that compares the environmental impact of different types of e-commerce packaging.

The global E-commerce market was already growing faster than other traditional channels prior to Covid-19, but the pandemic has boosted the move from brick and mortar stores to online purchasing. This transition is driving demand for packaging and increasing the stress on the planet from packaging waste. Retailers are currently stocking up for the Black Friday purchasing frenzy, the one-day event that has long been considered the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. E-commerce mailer bags made of Xpression E-com paper is one opportunity to meet the customer’s increasing demand for sustainability and will reduce the environmental impact of this surge in shopping.

“BillerudKorsnäs’ mission to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future clearly sets out why we exist how we view our role in society. Xpression E-com is a classic example of how we think outside the box when fighting climate change and reducing plastic waste”, says Malin Ljung Eiborn, Director of Sustainability at BillerudKorsnäs.

As a world-leading provider of sustainable packaging material, BillerudKorsnäs has developed Xpression E-com, a durable, resilient and recyclable paper specifically designed for E-commerce paper mailers. The environmental benefit of using Xpression E-com instead of plastic or recycled corrugated material has now been confirmed in a Life Cycle Analysis performed by RISE Research Institute of Sweden.

The Life Cycle Analyses considers the environmental impacts from raw material input, production, transport and disposal. The results show that choosing a mailer bag made from unbleached Xpression E-com will reduce fossil emissions by 50 percent when compared to a virgin plastic mailer bag. The findings are robust and hold true, even across the whole range of parameters considered in the sensitivity analysis, such as different material specifications, location and end-of-life assumptions.

‘’The importance of E-commerce has increased for many retailers as traditional Brick and Mortar sales channels have lost significant market share to online purchasing since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. This strong and sudden shift to E-commerce increases the focus on E-commerce packaging as an opportunity to communicate, and ultimately build a stronger relationship, with customers. We hope that this study will assist online retailers in making the correct decision when reviewing their packaging choices for the last mile delivery and ensuring that their customers get the sustainable alternatives they want.’’, says Valdemar Forsblom, Project Manager at BillerudKorsnäs.

Since the paper mailer bag is recyclable and manufactured by BillerudKorsnäs’ near fossil free production units, the overall conclusion from the analysis is that Xpression E-com mailer bags have a significant advantage over plastic mailer bags and boxes of recycled corrugated material. When biogenic emissions are included, the study shows that 1,000 mailer bags of Xpression E-com remove 50 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere across the life cycle. The paper is also better for the environment when considering emissions to air, water and soil that leads to eutrophication.
(BillerudKorsnäs AB (publ))

Product line 'Microbe Protect' by Epple: Antiviral tests confirm the rapid reduction of ...

Product line 'Microbe Protect' by Epple: Antiviral tests confirm the rapid reduction of ...  (Company news)

...corona viruses

Since their market launch in June 2020, the new varnishes of the "Microbe Protect" product line have impressed many distributors and printing houses or aroused their interest. On the one hand, with a strong print result, and on the other hand with an antimicrobial and antiviral varnish additive. The varnishes have now positively passed antiviral tests on a strain of the corona family.

"We always prove the performance of our products in profound tests. In the case of our "Microbe Protect" product line with an exclusive nanosilver active ingredient complex, customer interest in test series is particularly high," explains Dr. Carl Epple, member of the Management Board and Head of Innovation and Development at Epple Druckfarben AG. He adds, "This is why we have had various print samples tested by renowned external testing institutes to validate the antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness of the varnish additive. These include antiviral tests carried out with Finishfit® WBC Gloss Microbe Protect 2400 on a strain of the corona family.” The dispersion varnish is suitable for use on pharmaceutical and food packaging, magazines and playing cards, among others.

Information on antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness
The reduction of bacteria on the varnish film of Finishfit® WBC Gloss Microbe Protect 2400 was tested against common types of bacteria on different print samples according to ISO 22196:2011. The tests resulted in a reduction of the bacterial count by up to 99.99% (log level 4). In addition, a first antiviral examination of a print sample in accordance with the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute and ISO 21702:2019 against a strain of the corona virus family (BCoV) showed a reduction of 99.98% within one hour.

The varnishes of the Finishfit® Microbe Protect series contain an additive with antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness. What is behind it? The varnishes contain elementary silver nanoparticles that are firmly anchored in the varnish film. From there, positively charged silver ions reach the varnish surface, significantly reducing the number of bacteria and viruses. The effect is permanent and long lasting as the nanoparticles themselves are not released and cannot be rubbed off the dried varnish. The health protec-tion for users and consumers is thereby ensured.
(Epple Druckfarben AG)

Leonhard Kurz extends its machine range with a standalone metallization unit

Leonhard Kurz extends its machine range with a standalone metallization unit  (Company news)

Leonhard Kurz expands its DM-Liner series of machines for digital metallization with the standalone DM-Uniliner finishing unit. This transfer machine for the narrow web sector, which is equipped with inkjet technology, offers maximum flexibility in the finishing process. It can be employed before or after color printing.

Independent of the application method and printing system
The new DM-Uniliner finishing unit from Kurz expands its portfolio of DM-Jetliner and DM-Flexliner inline solutions with a standalone variant. It has been designed for print shops in the narrow web sector who require maximum flexibility in their finishing processes. Like the inline machines, the new unit utilizes the reliable inkjet technology. Label printers can employ the DM-Uniliner before or after color printing and thereby create a large variety of finished products. If the metallization is applied before printing, the colors applied by overprinting take on a brilliant metallic gloss. When designs with a rainbow color play or holographic structures are used, the overprinting creates shimmering and vibrant light and color effects. The visually appealing late stage customization process can be realized by post-print finishing.
Individualizations, personalizations, different language versions or variable motifs can be accentuated with great effect through metallization. The DM-Uniliner is also the right finishing solution for businesses that use a variety of printing systems. Labels already preprinted on different machines or yet to be printed can be metallized at any time. The standalone finishing unit does not limit the high processing speed of flexographic printing machines. It can process self-adhesive labels produced from a wide range of plastic and paper substrates.

Tailored to industrial requirements
The performance and process reliability of the DM-Uniliner has been optimized for industrial requirements. Thanks to the high pressure stability of the printing unit and constant web speed, the machine ensures smooth, fast processing with minimal waste. The DM-Uniliner processes up to 75 roll meters per minute. Substrate rolls of up to 800 millimeters in diameter can be used, which ensures long run times with no roll changes. The digital unit can cost-effectively process both small as well as large finishing orders. Different orders can be combined and processed in a single finishing pass. This makes metallization economical even for small runs.

Like all narrow web processing units from Kurz, the DM-Uniliner produces a flat, color printing equivalent application of the metallization layer. This characteristic of the metal transfer makes the machine predestined for finishing roll-fed labels. No distortion of the thin and flat coated labels occurs as they are taken up on a roll, and the labels can be further processed without difficulty. The smooth surface also enables problem-free multi-colored overprinting. The DM-Uniliner can apply the finishing on preprinted materials with a registration accuracy of ± 0.2 millimeters.

Multi-use function
Kurz has developed a multi-use function for its narrow web machines that is also available for the DM-Uniliner. If metallization areas of a transfer roll remain unused after the first finishing pass, the roll can be reused multiple times to apply overprintable metallizations. It is remounted in the winding system, and unused areas are detected by a print mark sensor and transferred to the substrate in a second metallization pass. If further sufficiently large unutilized areas remain, they can be applied in a third pass to maximize use of the transfer roll metallization layer.
(Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG)

Agfa introduces InterioJet water-based inkjet printing system for interior decoration

Agfa introduces InterioJet water-based inkjet printing system for interior decoration  (Company news)

Top print quality and advanced customization for digital printing of laminated surface designs

The InterioJet 3300 is a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on decor paper used for interior decoration, such as laminate floors and furniture. It boasts brilliant and consistent print quality and enables the creation of customized interior decorations, including brand logos, pictures or seasonal themes.

The InterioJet is built on the same inkjet printing platform as Agfa’s award-winning heavy-duty Jeti Tauro LED UV printing press for sign & display printing applications. It delivers the same printing reliability – now with print heads, inks and a drying system tuned to water-based pigment inks.

“The InterioJet 3300 will accelerate the transformation from analog (gravure) to digital printing in the laminated surface market,” states Tom Cloots, Director Industrial Inkjet for Agfa. “It is the ideal cost-efficient solution for medium and short production runs. “Its limited start-up time and high flexibility will enable suppliers of laminated surfaces to gain new business by responding to evolving market demands, including printing on demand and just-in-time delivery. The system allows interior decoration designers to let their creativity run free and create customized designs for every order.”

The InterioJet can print on two rolls at a time – each with a width of up to 155 cm and a weight of up to 600 kg – at a speed of up to 340 m² per hour. It achieves a brilliant and consistent print quality throughout, as well as across print orders. It excels through its superior contrast, sharpness, and color saturation, matching typical decorative industry color profiles.

Incorporating Agfa’s signature ‘Thin Ink Layer’ technology, the InterioJet boasts a low ink consumption, reducing production cost and footprint. It can be combined effortlessly with various impregnation and lamination processes.

Process automation through Asanti
Like Agfa’s wide-format inkjet printers, the InterioJet is driven by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, which adds to the system’s performance by controlling, simplifying and automating the entire printing process from prepress to finishing. Asanti’s comprehensive integration of file handling, color management and preflighting guarantees smooth, error-free jobs.

For advanced workflow and color management integration to the creative and reproduction processes, as well as cross-color management with the analog printing processes, Asanti handshakes with full compatibility to the latest AVA CAD CAM products.

Matched water-based pigment inks
In accordance with Agfa’s matched components’ approach – which ensures the accurate alignment of printing systems, workflow software and inks – the company developed dedicated water-based pigment inks for the InterioJet. These eco-friendly inks are light- and waterfast and use specific pigments that deliver a high color coverage. They have proved to be a perfect fit for standard lamination production processes. Thanks to the thin dried layer, they can be used to print great wood and natural stone designs (such as marble) without surface relief.

Bobst services for process optimization allow German packaging company Spiegel Verpackungen...

Bobst services for process optimization allow German packaging company Spiegel Verpackungen...   (Company news) increase its competitiveness significantly

More and more packaging manufacturers from around the word are using BOBST’s expert services for process optimization. For example, in 2017, the German company Martin Spiegel Kartonagenfabrik implemented a comprehensive optimization project supported by BOBST.

Photo: Managing Director Michael Spiegel (left) and Manfred Wöhning from Bobst Meerbusch at the BOBST die-cutter SP102 CER II

“Under increasing pressure from our competitors, it is more important than ever for us to produce cost-efficiently and to be in a position to offer packaging at competitive prices,” stated the company owner and Managing Director Michael Spiegel as he summarized the progress that has been achieved. “In close cooperation with experts from BOBST, we have been able to significantly increase the efficiency and stability of our production during the last two years. At the same time, we instigated a number of measures which simplified the work of the machine operators and improved their working environment.”

Continuous process optimization
“We are continuously discovering new options for how we, as a full-service service provider, can make the process even more attractive for our customers,” continued Spiegel. “In particular, the digitalization of the production processes is offering fascinating options for the future. So for us, an optimization project morphed into a continuous improvement process.”

There are three experts from Bobst Meerbusch engaged just on this project. They work hand in hand with Arnaud Jolliet, Product Development Specialist Business Unit Services at BOBST’s headquarters in Mex, Switzerland. The team engages further BOBST experts depending on the task involved. “The employees from Bobst Meerbusch have previously worked in packaging production and have a deep understanding of our situation and our processes. Their well-founded practical experience has helped immensely to quickly establish the specific measures we need and to get them implemented in a tailored manner,” stated Spiegel.

End-to-end optimization
The experts from BOBST first analyzed the production process from end-to-end. The main focus was on the die-cutters and the folder-gluers. This analysis was the basis for establishing the target goal for process optimization. For example, they defined the throughput per hour that manufactures of long-seam and crash-lock bottom boxes should be achieved in the future. Next, the team worked on optimization of the technical performance of the three flat-bed cutter-creasers and the four gluers. The operational abilities of the BOBST machines were optimized as a result of BOBST’s preventive maintenance service, Maintenance Plus.

In the die-cutting process, for example, the team adapted the specifications for the cutting dies as well as the size and positions of the stopping points in order to achieve higher approach speeds to the machines and to reduce the efforts required for reworking. Optimization of the work arrangement on the sheets minimized breakdown of the die-cutting. At the same time, the adaptations increased the service life of the punching tools. In addition to these measures the equipping processes were standardized.

This included replacing wear parts in the folder gluers, making repairs, correcting belt settings and optimizing the order control for the gluers as well as the organization of tool and wear parts according to the 5S method. There are equipping processes stored in the MATIC control for the machines to enable predominantly automatic manufacture of special packaging.

In addition, standardization of the pause regulation and the core working times as well as optimization of ergonomics in the packaging process increased the availability of the gluers. Folding carton designs were modified to make production simpler and more efficient. Standardized cleaning and maintenance processes were introduced both for the die-cutters and the gluers.

The machine operators received further training to be better qualified
These optimizations created the technical prerequisites for maximizing the capacity of these machines. In order to actually realize the gains in productivity in day to day operations, Spiegel organized further training for the company’s machine operators to obtain additional qualifications from BOBST. The training sessions took place on the machines at Spiegel Verpackungen.

The production planning was also completely restructured. Today the company is working according to the pull production principle, which has significantly increased the process efficiency. In addition, the interim storage area on the machines for semi-finished goods was significantly reduced.

All of these improvements have led to a paradigm shift in the company. “Now we are able to produce far more packaging on our machines in the same period of time,” said Spiegel. “We are therefore capable of handling our increased order volumes in just one shift.”

This work has been more than just a simple partnership
For both die-cutters and folder-gluers, BOBST has been the partner of choice for Spiegel for decades now. “We see BOBST as a premium brand,” he said. “It is also important for our customers that we put our trust in the highest quality and most productive technology. This process optimization has given BOBST the opportunity to emphasize its leadership one more time.”

With its new industry vision, BOBST is working to is shape a new reality where connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability are the cornerstones of packaging production. Similarly at Spiegel Verpackungen, there has been a shift to more environmentally friendly packaging materials as well as an increase in automation, as the company embraces Industry 4.0. Connected Services from BOBST will aid in this regard. Spiegel Verpackungen has already arranged for the purchasing of replacement parts for its BOBST machines to be conducted over the B2B portal MyBOBST, a standardized, simplified and transparent ordering process. The company is also considering implementation of the remote assistance service, Helpline Plus AR. This innovation provides a remote assistance service to BOBST’s customers using a smart headset with augmented reality glasses to enable technicians at BOBST view customer machines remotely through the eyes of the machine operator in the case of mechanical faults arising, and to issue remedial instructions.
(Bobst Meerbusch GmbH)

Arjowiggins launches revolutionary new translucent barrier paper

Arjowiggins launches revolutionary new translucent barrier paper  (Company news)

As part of its mission to help create a circular economy society, world-renowned paper manufacturer Arjowiggins has launched Sylvicta – a ground-breaking new sustainable alternative to plastics in packaging.

Truly revolutionary, Sylvicta is a translucent, functional barrier paper that has been proven to preserve the quality of food and cosmetics just as well as conventional plastics – all the while ensuring limited impact on the environment. Testament to its unique sustainable properties, the pioneering paper is fully recyclable, compostable, marine degradable and made from renewable raw materials.

Sylvicta’s distinct advantage is its very high barrier to oxygen – the leading cause of food spoilage – which means it can reduce food waste by prolonging shelf life during the transportation, retail and consumer phases of the value chain.

Through precision fibre refining, Arjowiggins’ experienced R&D teams have developed this unique translucent paper with a natural bonding, without the need of any harmful chemicals. The result is a paper with a barrier to oxygen, aroma, mineral oils and fatty foodstuffs.

When running through conventional converting lines, Sylvicta offers limitless creative possibilities: it can be foil-stamped, glued, embossed, printed in offset, gravure, and flexography, metallised, or coated with heat or cold-sealable materials.

Additionally, Arjowiggins is working continuously with packaging converters to open up an endless array of applications — from pouches for dry fruits, bags for salads, sachets for solid soap, sacks for pet food and flow-packs for chocolate bars, all the way through to metallised versions of Sylvicta for butter or margarine packaging.

Answering the market’s need for sustainable alternatives to single-use packaging and flexible laminates, Sylvicta offers brands a high-quality barrier packaging solution that enables them to reduce or even eradicate the use of plastics in their packaging. As such, it’s the ideal solution for creating a globally sustainable, circular economy – especially as it can integrate into existing recycling schemes.

“Despite the ongoing movement towards more sustainable packaging solutions, plastics still remain a popular choice, largely for practical reasons. Until now, most of the existing offer, mainly in single-use packaging, use unrecyclable, multi-layered laminates incorporating plastics or aluminium foil” explains Christophe Jordan, Managing Director of the Translucent Papers division at Arjowiggins.

“With Sylvicta, such solutions can be turned into fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging. The product is simply revolutionary – it can help to create the circular economy society we all desire.”

Sylvicta benefits from the exceptional environmental standards set by Arjowiggins Translucent Papers business. Like all of its products, Sylvicta is FSC and PEFC-certified, produced on a site that’s ISO 14001-compliant, and is carbon-offset through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme.
(Arjowiggins Scotland Ltd)

Voith launches the OnPerformance.Lab - a Remote Service Center for the digital optimization...

Voith launches the OnPerformance.Lab - a Remote Service Center for the digital optimization...  (Company news)

... of paper production

-Data-based remote service helps paper manufacturers increase the efficiency and availability of their production facilities.
-The service combines software-supported analysis of machine and process data with the expertise of Voith specialists.

Photo: The data-based remote service provided by the OnPerformance.Lab combines AI-supported analyses with sound industry knowledge and helps paper manufacturers to improve the efficiency and availability of their production facilities.

With the OnPerformance.Lab, Voith is now offering paper manufacturers the opportunity to identify and exploit improvement potential for their production through an in-depth analysis of process data. The Remote Service Center at the Heidenheim site became operational at an interactive online event attended by customers and Voith experts.

“The remote digital services provided by the OnPerformance.Lab enable customers to significantly improve the performance and availability of their production lines,” explained Dr. Jürgen Abraham, President Products & Services and Digital Business Officer at Voith Paper. “Within the scope of a service agreement, we leverage AI-assisted analysis and evaluation methods and the expertise of our engineers to help customers optimize their processes and reduce the use of resources in the paper manufacturing process.”

The optimization is based on process and machine data that are transferred via a VPN or cloud connection to the OnPerformance.Lab, where they are analyzed with the help of data mining methods and artificial intelligence. The continuous monitoring at the process level registers deviations immediately and allows fast and accurate corrections to be made. In addition, the industry-specific expertise of Voith's specialists facilitates the evaluation of the data and the development of individual, specific and implementable recommendations to stabilize and increase machine efficiency.

All OnPerformance.Lab services are designed to increase the performance and availability of the customer’s machines and reduce the use of resources in the paper manufacturing process. To guarantee a comprehensive improvement in all process steps, Voith experts pro-actively develop optimization proposals for discussion with the customer. The OnPerformance.Lab services are available for the entire production line from stock preparation to winder and can be scaled as necessary. In their service agreement, customers can specify a range of important KPIs such as fiber consumption, basis weight, paper moisture and grade change times, and can add others at any time.

With the OnPerformance.Lab, Voith is supporting the digital transformation of the paper industry. The efficiency improvements achieved through the Remote Service Center help manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness and at the same time make their production processes more sustainable.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

Nazdar outlines IMAGE, an innovative weathering prediction method, in new white paper

Nazdar outlines IMAGE, an innovative weathering prediction method, in new white paper  (Company news)

Nazdar has introduced IMAGE, a new method for generating colour profiles that predicts how outdoor inkjet prints will age, and released a white paper explaining the process.

Nazdar has released a white paper introducing IMAGE, a new process to accurately predict weathering of outdoor graphics.

As the manufacturer of the market's most comprehensive selection of screen printing, inkjet and narrow web inks, Nazdar has decades of experience in monitoring the behaviour of printed output. Using this expertise and combining it with the vast amount of industry data on weathering, Nazdar has developed the new approach.

In the white paper, Bruce Ridge, Director of Technical Services at Nazdar Ink Technologies, explains that established methods for predicting how prints will fade outdoors were originally developed for screen printing. However, the inkjet inks and technology used for four-colour process images are different - meaning aging profile are significantly less accurate.
"Weathering prediction processes have been developed over many years, but with inkjet printing gaining popularity in the production of outdoor-durable displays we need to update our approach," says Bruce. "In our latest white paper we outline IMAGE, a new process for generating colour profiles that can help graphics businesses design, sell and maintain graphics that will look better for longer."
(Nazdar Limited)

New stainless steel mounting system for aggressive environments

New stainless steel mounting system for aggressive environments  (Company news)

BAND-IT stainless steel strip 317L from Bormann & Neupert holds securely and combines highest corrosion resistance with good welding properties.

High humidity, high temperatures and contaminated water: For demanding industrial requirements on the materials and equipment used, Bormann & Neupert now offers the stainless steel strip 317L, a particularly robust, corrosion-resistant and at the same time easy to install fastening system. This makes it predestined for use in the paper and cellulose industry, among others. Here, the belts hold heavy, rotating drum filters for water treatment permanently and securely in place, even in aggressive, even chloride-containing environmental conditions.

Bormann & Neupert supplies the belts in widths of 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 inch on rolls with a length of 91.5 metres on stable, practical plastic carriers. The tape thicknesses of only 0.51 and 0.76 millimetres always allow for a particularly flat overall height. The tear resistance is up to 2580 Lbs. The tapes comply with ASTM A240 and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 as well as the global automotive quality standard IATF 16949.

Durable, strong and versatile
The key to corrosion resistance - even against weather and even maritime climate - is a particularly high molybdenum content of the stainless steel used. The low carbon content of the material also simplifies welding during assembly. Flanged edges prevent injuries and at the same time protect the surfaces on which the belts are mounted from damage. This predestines the belts, which are also heat-resistant, for many other industrial applications with the highest safety requirements - for example in the chemical industry, food production or in the automotive sector as well as in maritime applications.

Quick fastening also possible without welding
In addition to welding, the stainless steel strips can also be assembled using manual, battery-operated or pneumatic tools from the same supplier. They tension, close and cut the strips in just one step. This ensures quick and error-free installation with easy handling and a permanently constant level of the set tension.
(Bormann & Neupert by BS&B GmbH)

Mondi delivers innovative logistics solution to reduce waste and provide more efficient ...

Mondi delivers innovative logistics solution to reduce waste and provide more efficient ...  (Company news)

...customer service

-First global paper manufacturer to offer innovative logistics solution –
a "roll-on/roll-off" service for its kraftliner products, transported from Russia to its Italian customers
-This innovative transportation mitigates damage significantly, shortens lead order times and reduces packaging waste by one truck load per month
-Innovation has led to using a new and quicker transport route

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is the first global paper manufacturer to introduce an innovative logistics solution for its large reels, which provides benefits throughout the supply chain.

The ProVantage Komiwhite reels with a width of 280cm, a diameter of 139cm and a weight of nearly four tonnes, presents a logistical challenge when it comes to transporting krafltiner products. To address this issue, Mondi is now transporting large reels on more efficient "roll-on/roll-off" (RoRo) vessels from its mill in Syktyvkar (Russia), via Bronka (Russia) and Luebeck (Germany), to the Innocenti terminal in Milan (Italy) without the need for them to be placed in shipping containers.

Giovanni Mondini, Sales Director at Mondi Italy:
"With this new way of transporting large reels, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint even further when moving goods. There is no longer a need for additional packaging materials to wrap around the reels to protect the cargo during transport. This innovation has led to us decreasing the amount of protective material waste by one truck load per month. Additionally, we now dispose of far fewer damaged reels."

The RoRo service for large reels provides several benefits including:
-Using a new route which reduces transit times, by as much as a week
-The product is less exposed to adverse environmental factors, which significantly lowers the risk of damage to the consignment
-It rolls-on and off the ships and trains seamlessly

This efficient and innovative logistics solution is now being considered for further destinations including Antwerp and Hamburg, to serve customers in the Benelux states and Germany in a safe, sustainable and reliable way.
(Mondi Syktyvkar OAO)

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE implements the successful upgrade of the PM5 pre-drying section

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE implements the successful upgrade of the PM5 pre-drying section  (Company news)

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE has successfully implemented the second step of a 2-stage rebuild-concept to PM5, with an upgrade of the pre-drying section which has made a significant step towards improving over-all productivity.

After the installation of a smarnip shoe-press, completed in 2019 as part of the first step of a performance increase concept, further improvements of the web-run and drying capabilities of the pre-drying section were executed during Phase 2 during the summer shut-down in 2020.

ALLIMAND, a French paper machine manufacturer, together with its German representative FIPPTEC, defined the improvement concept and implemented the installation of four new stabilizing boxes with corresponding vacrolls, and the required modifications to the hood and ventilation systems.

These steps now enable faster and more secure tail-threading, more robust web-runs with less web-breaks, and the chance to maximize full manufacturing capabilities and increase capacity for most of the grades manufactured on PM5. All trial runs showed a marked improvement in the performance of the machine with good runnability and product quality.

With this investment DREWSEN has taken another important step towards expanding its market position for Thermal base papers, Thin printing papers, Label papers, Barrier papers for food packaging, and moreover, papers manufactured to replace plastic.

Valmet to start co-determination negotiations for temporary lay-offs in Finland

Valmet to start co-determination negotiations for temporary lay-offs in Finland  (Company news)

The global Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause uncertainty in Valmet’s operating environment. This has impacted especially the workload in the services business which is done close to customers.

During the year, Valmet has strived to balance the workload of the services employees by moving employees to other parts of the company, reducing new recruitments and by utilizing vacations. Also, temporary lay-offs have already been realized earlier this year.

Due to financial and production related reasons, especially because of the decreasing workload, the company started co-determination negotiations for temporary lay-offs in Finland on November 24, 2020. The employees under negotiations are Services business line’s employees in Finland and the employees of the EMEA area organization in Finland. The lay-offs are going to be temporary and they are estimated to last up to 90 days at maximum.

At this point it is estimated that the need for temporary lay-offs concerns around 360 employees. The targeting of the lay-offs and the number of impacted employees will be finalized during the co-determination negotiations.

Valmet employs about 5,200 people in Finland, of which about 1,680 employees in Services business line and EMEA area organization.
(Valmet Corporation)

ACHEMA postponed to 2022 - ACHEMA Pulse in June 2021

ACHEMA postponed to 2022 - ACHEMA Pulse in June 2021  (Company news)

ACHEMA 2021 will be postponed to April 4-8, 2022. This decision was taken after intensive discussions with the community and in the ACHEMA Committee in view of the continuing uncertainty caused by the Corona pandemic. From June 15-16, 2021, ACHEMA Pulse will offer the worldwide ACHEMA community the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and make new contacts with highlight sessions, top-class discussions and lectures as well as interactive formats.

Seven months before the start the organizers have decided to postpone ACHEMA to April 4-8, 2022 after intensive consultation with exhibitors and partners. With this early decision DECHEMA wants to give exhibitors planning security in the light of the long-term preparation and investment required by a show of this size. The ACHEMA Committee, representing the exhibitors, had previously also unanimously voted for a postponement to 2022, expressing at the same time their strong commitment to ACHEMA.

"Our claim is to be the global meeting place for the process industry and to make it possible to experience it with all senses", explains Dr.-Ing. Thomas Scheuring, CEO of DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH. "As things stand at present, we will not be able to live up to this claim in June 2021, because we have to assume that travel will not yet be unrestricted at that time". The organizers see the postponement by about nine months as an opportunity to create a diverse, lively and multi-sensorial ACHEMA. "We want to meet the expectations of exhibitors and visitors for an ACHEMA", explains Dr. Björn Mathes, Member of the Executive Board of DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH. This requires a comprehensive exhibition program and the opportunity for personal contact.

ACHEMA Pulse in June 2021
However, exhibitors and visitors do not have to do without the global exchange on the latest trends in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries in June 2021: From June 15-16, 2021 ACHEMA Pulse will provide inspiration for new solutions that the industries urgently need right now. Presentations by top-class and visionary speakers will shed light on the latest topics in the process industry, linked to interactive discussion formats and lectures that address key global issues of relevance to the ACHEMA community. In addition to the focus topics Digital Lab, Modular and Connected Production and Product and Process Security, these include the launch of the Digital Hub with its many aspects. Sustainability is also on the agenda of ACHEMA Pulse. In virtual PRAXISforums participants can find out about concrete technology developments. In addition, the winning teams of the first ACHEMA Innovation Challenge will present their solutions to the global community. In this interactive competition teams of students, companies or start-ups develop solutions to questions that currently concern many companies. The Challenge starts in January 2021, pre-registration will open shortly.

Interactive platform
Via the ACHEMA Pulse Platform, exhibitors and participants can also expand their business networks, make contacts and start conversations. The platform deliberately dispenses with a graphically animated exhibition. Instead, it offers fully integrated digital company and product/service profiles in which exhibitors can individually present the diversity of their offerings. Participants can contact each other at any time via chat, audio or video call. In addition, sophisticated matchmaking options allow contact to be established on the basis of offers or requests or even speed dating based on common areas of interest. The intelligent individual calendar ensures that time at ACHEMA Pulse can be used optimally.

This makes ACHEMA Pulse an interactive and flexible business platform for the process industry, which further brings the ACHEMA motto "Inspiring Sustainable Connections" to life. "When developing the platform it was important to us that the ACHEMA community has numerous opportunities to take advantage of this business platform and initiate discussions or topics themselves. More digital interaction is part of the strategic concept of future ACHEMAs, and we are glad that we started developing a corresponding offering at a very early stage," says Björn Mathes. "This is not a substitute for a physical exhibition, but rather a valuable addition, which however already now offers us the opportunity to set impulses and initiate contacts that can be developed further until April 2022".
(DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH)

Changes in Valmet's Executive Team

Changes in Valmet's Executive Team  (Company news)

Mr. Jukka Tiitinen (photo, M.Sc., Engineering) has been appointed Area President of Valmet’s North America Area as of April 1, 2021. Jukka Tiitinen is currently employed at Valmet as Area President, Asia Pacific. He will continue as a member of Valmet’s Executive Team reporting to President and CEO Pasi Laine.

Mr. David (Dave) King, the current Area President, North America, has decided to retire after a long, successful career at Valmet as of March 31, 2021.

“I want to thank Dave for his dedication and excellent contribution to Valmet’s success in the past years. It has been a true pleasure to work with Dave. I am pleased that Jukka Tiitinen starts leading our North America Area after Dave’s retirement. Jukka is a home-grown Valmeteer with experience from many different organizations and cultures. Prior to leading the Asia Pacific Area, Jukka successfully headed our Services business line for several years and was located in North America. With this background, I believe Jukka is in an excellent position to lead our North America Area and grow it further,” says Pasi Laine, President and CEO, Valmet.

The search for Jukka Tiitinen’s successor as Area President, Asia Pacific will commence soonest possible.
(Valmet Corporation)

Dr. Nicolas Wiedmann succeeds Herbert Forker as CEO of Siegwerk

Dr. Nicolas Wiedmann succeeds Herbert Forker as CEO of Siegwerk  (Company news)

Siegwerk Chief Executive Officer Herbert Forker (63) has announced his retirement effective March 31, 2021. He has held the position for more than 21 years. He will be succeeded by Dr. Nicolas Wiedmann (47, photo), who previously held the position of General Manager for the Business Segment Special Applications and Member of the Executive Board of the Business Division Aftermarket and Special Applications at Hella GmbH & Co KGaA. He will join Siegwerk on January 1, 2021, and will take over full responsibility following the transition period and Forker’s departure at the end of March.

Wiedmann brings many years of experience in managing global businesses and implementing change processes. Apart from his most recent position at the automotive supplier Hella GmbH & Co KGaA, he held executive roles at Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG, a polymer processing company producing plastic packaging amongst others, and Johnson Controls Automotive Europe in Germany. The PhD physicist has successfully built up innovation and product roadmaps, led merger and acquisition activities and introduced new customer and Supply Chain Management strategies to ensure efficient and sustainable business growth. During his tenure at McKinsey & Company in Duesseldorf, he led international consultant and client teams as Engagement Manager, focusing on automotive, high-tech and TIME industries (telecommunications, information technology, media and electronics).

“I am excited about the opportunity to join Siegwerk at such an important time in its long history as we prepare the company, and our employees, our Siegwerkers, for the future,” said Wiedmann. “I plan on continuing this transformation process which Herbert Forker has led and to seize new opportunities in the dynamic packaging industry. I am also looking forward to meeting our more than 5,000 Siegwerkers around the world soon and getting to know my new leadership team.”

Forker joined Siegwerk in 1999. He has proven himself a visionary in the packaging ink industry. Through numerous acquisitions, a strong focus on innovations in packaging inks and sustainability and an early adopter of disruptive digital strategies, Siegwerk is well positioned for its strategic direction as a “global circular and digital packaging solutions provider.”

By consistently transforming Siegwerk and by rapidly adapting to changing market developments in the packaging ink segments under Forker’s leadership, the family-owned company has more than quadrupled both sales and profitability.

In 2016, Forker and Siegwerk owner Alfred Keller were named “Entrepreneurs of the Year” by Ernst & Young. “It has been my honor to serve the Siegwerk family for more than two decades,” said Forker. “I am proud of what we all have achieved as a company. Successfully implementing our current strategy to be a circular and digital packaging solutions provider is an important step in remaining globally competitive. I wish Nicolas Wiedmann and the Siegwerk team all the best and will support him any way I can to ensure a smooth leadership transition and uninterrupted business continuity.”
(Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA)

Bonifatius looking forward to a Rapida 106 X

Bonifatius looking forward to a Rapida 106 X  (Company news)

-Eight-colour perfector press with coater and reel-to-sheet feeder
-20,000 sph in perfecting mode is a clear competitive advantage
-Substrate flexibility from lightweight papers to board production
-Spotlight on digital processes

Photo: Bonifatius will be taking delivery of an eight-colour Rapida 106 X with perfecting unit for 4-over-4 production, inline coating unit and reel-to-sheet feeder in spring 2021

The printing and publishing house Bonifatius in Paderborn/Germany recently ordered a new Rapida 106 X. Its installation is scheduled for early 2021. By investing in this highly automated eight-colour perfector press for 4-over-4 production with additional inline coating, the company has doubled down on its commitment to the medium of print, even in these currently troubled times. Moreover, it is one of the first printing houses in Germany to opt for the new Rapida generation, which was only recently unveiled at the virtual trade fair “Koenig & Bauer Live”.

Bonifatius makes regular investments in new production equipment. In the past years, a new hall was added to the production complex which today houses a very highly automated 16-page web press. In the meantime, it has also been joined by new post-press machinery. The trend towards ever shorter runs calls for constant optimisation of the way production is structured. The new eight-colour press gives the company the option of printing covers with a high-quality finish in a single pass. Reaching speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour, and this in perfecting mode as well, the press is also able to deliver the content for short-run products more economically than its webfed counterpart. This means less waste, faster makeready and greater flexibility in the handling the large number of product variants. The RS 106 reel-to-sheet feeder system allows the same types of paper to be printed on both the sheetfed and webfed presses.

Replacement investment with added punch
There were many reasons for the purchase of the Rapida 106 X: After six years of production, the time had come to consider replacing the Rapida 106 that had been used to date. After weighing up different offers and testing the latest technology, the specialists from Bonifatius were impressed by the Rapida 106 X that they went to see at Krüger Druck und Verlag in Merzig. The commanding level of automation and the high production speeds of the new Rapida generation in perfecting mode represent a clear competitive advantage when compared to the other possible alternatives. Moreover, the production chain at Bonifatius is already configured for the use of the Rapida technology. The operating concept for the new series has undergone significant modernisation, yet many elements nevertheless remain familiar to the printers. That will make the transition even easier.

Managing director Tobias Siepelmeyer and his team particularly value the extremely fast makeready on the Rapida 106 X, not to mention its high production speeds, the fast-reacting inking units, the sidelay-free infeed with DriveTronic SIS, the fully redesigned delivery, the inline colour control system which requires only 3 mm high colour bars, and the fact that the plates no longer have to be bent before mounting. Further praise is given to the quality of service assistance from the company Steuber, which provides local support for users of sheetfed offset presses from Koenig & Bauer in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. The media house has enjoyed a collegial relationship with Steuber over many decades.

Other outstanding features of the Rapida 106 X are remote-controlled plate stretching using the console (paper stretch compensation), the VariDryBlue IR/hot-air drying systems, simultaneous plate changing using DriveTronic SPC, and the CleanTronic Synchro washing systems that enable parallel washing processes.

In addition to commercial printing, there are also plans to use the new Rapida 106 X for packaging production. This is why it has been configured with both lightweight and board-handling accessories. The presses currently in use are already printing regular packaging jobs today – including food packaging on substrates up to 600 g/m2. The Rapida 106 X, however, will also ensure that there are sufficient units available for spot colours and coatings.

Digital and environment-oriented
The year 2020 has directed a spotlight on digital processes at Bonifatius. In the print section, the new MIS PrintPlus has replaced an analogue production planning system and allows for direct networking with the printing presses. The Rapida 106 X itself incorporates a number of digital solutions ranging from autonomous printing and the LogoTronic Cockpit with displays of performance indicators to a maintenance manager and additional smart services. The company uses smart software to prepare the content for cross-media output and publishes attractive digital content on the Internet in addition to its printed editions.

Even so, the specialists at Bonifatius are firm believers in the printed product. “It still earns its place in the communication mix,” says Tobias Siepelmeyer, whose conviction is founded not least on experience with his own book and magazine publishing house. Text books and leisure magazines are segments which are continuing to grow. Some 50 per cent of the publisher's products are sold through bookshops, including shops owned by the company itself. Another trend that Bonifatius has recently identified is seeing advertisers beginning to turn their backs on social media. The increasing prices for online ads is one of the reasons for this.

Bonifatius is fully committed to ecological print production. Digital job data increase the efficiency of both makeready and production. Materials consumption, energy input and transport processes can be optimised. That saves natural resources and helps the company to achieve the environmental targets it has set itself. Bonifatius has eliminated industrial alcohol from its production process, and the publishing house, print centre, bookshops and media offices all use green electricity. The environmental management system is certified in accordance with FSC, PEFC and EMAS standards, as well as ISO 9001 and 14001. Bonifatius offers its customers climate-neutral printing (Climate Partner) and is entitled to use the “Blue Angel” ecolabel. A detailed environmental statement provides information on the company’s ecology goals and reports on the results achieved to date.
(Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))

Appvion Introduces MISSION ZERO Recyclable Hot and Cold Beverage Cup Stocks

Appvion Introduces MISSION ZERO Recyclable Hot and Cold Beverage Cup Stocks  (Company news)

Appvion Operations, Inc. announced the first of a comprehensive line of Sustainable Packaging Papers under the MISSION ZERO™ brand with the introduction of recyclable hot and cold beverage grades.

-Water-based, dispersible, barrier coating
-Manufactured without plastic film
-Recyclable and repulpable
-Broad basis weight and caliper range for cup sidewall and bottom
-Works with all standard converting equipment
-Excellent Heat Seal and Printing Surface
-Manufactured in FDA cGMP certified facility

"MISSION ZERO hot and cold cup products encourage the transformation, innovation, and optimization in the paper and packaging value chain, a closed loop system, and circular economy by addressing the environmental concerns related to the life cycle of current plastic-coated cups," said James Taylor, Director, Business Development-Packaging and Specialty Coatings.
(Appvion Inc.)

Södra Cell chooses Cellwood – again

Södra Cell chooses Cellwood – again  (Company news)

We are thrilled to announce that Cellwood Machinery has, once again, been entrusted with a pulper-rebuild to Södra Cell. This time a horizontal 2W80 – 125/84SF to the project “Expansion SCV 2.0” to Södra Cell-group.

Södra Cell Värö, one of the world’s largest pulp mills for long fibers sulfate pulp, has decided to carry out the project “Expansion SCV 2.0” with the ambition of increasing production capacity in order to reach 780,000 tons / year.

A prerequisite for the increased production capacity is to ensure a stable process of dissolvement along with low maintenance and low energy demand. The contract covers one complete rebuild of the existing pulper from 2016 to a brand new Grubbens 2W80 – 125/84 SF with a capacity of 2800 Air-Dry pulp/day. The project also includes a shaft unit with complete installation supervision and commissioning.

The delivery will take place at Väröbacka in March 2021.
(Cellwood Machinery AB)

Clemens Zotlöterer becomes an entrepreneur after 5 years on the board of Papiertechnische...

Clemens Zotlöterer becomes an entrepreneur after 5 years on the board of Papiertechnische...   (Company news)

..Stiftung (PTS)

After the meeting on 24 November 2020 of the Board of Trustees of the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS), Chairman Dr. Stefan Karrer announced that after almost 5 years, sole director Clemens Zotlöterer (photo) will leave the foundation in April of the coming year 2021 at his own request.

"With the foundation we have laid in recent years, the Papiertechnische Stiftung is well equipped for the future," said Dr. Karrer, praising the successful and trusting cooperation. Clemens Zotlöterer will move to the real estate sector as part of a corporate succession.

In 2016 Clemens Zotlöterer joined the Papiertechnische Stiftung, which was in financial difficulties. As a consequence, the Munich location was closed and research activities were concentrated in Heidenau / Dresden. Over the last few years, the research focus was sharpened and the administration was modernized and adapted to the circumstances. With a million-euro grant from the State of Saxony approved this year, the site will be further modernized and the building will be brought up to the latest standards. Despite Corona and an overall difficult development for the paper industry, the Papiertechnische Stiftung will be able to look back on a successful year in 2020.
(Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS))

A.Celli Slittomatic™ upgrade: the ideal solution to every cutting demand

A.Celli Slittomatic™ upgrade: the ideal solution to every cutting demand  (Company news)

Choose A.Celli and get the best longitudinal cutting technology for a superior quality production.

Today more than ever, the concept of production flexibility in the nonwovens market is embodied in the ability to automatically manage a number of different cuts.

Changing recipes in record times, adapting to different production cycles, being able to count on an operational programming flexibility: these are the standards that every company must guarantee. To meet this growing needs, A.Celli has developed SlittomaticTM , the automatic slitting units positioning system.

In turning to A.Celli technology, you will be able to benefit from a dedicated development and quotation for the replacement of any cutting system (on A.Celli machines as well as on machinery built by other manufacturers) in favour of SlittomaticTM technology.

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular, A.Celli SlittomaticTM is a system that allows:
-Increasing productivity, making knife positioning and precision faster based on the recipe;
-Enhancing operator safety and eliminating the “human error” variable;
-Augmenting knife performance (Electrostatic Bar + Dust Removal System);
-Knife life management system;
-Reducing machine downtime thanks to intelligent maintenance monitoring.

The service offered by A.Celli also includes:
-Supervision for electrical and mechanical installation;
-Commissioning & start-up;
-Project Management;
-Software modification and issuing of licenses and SW Keys;
-Updating of electrical and pneumatic diagrams;
-Review of manuals and layout;
-24/7 Technical Support Hotline;
-12-month guarantee from the date of completion of the modifications
(A. Celli Paper S.p.A.)

Resolute Announces Appointment of Remi G. Lalonde as President and CEO, Succeeding...

Resolute Announces Appointment of Remi G. Lalonde as President and CEO, Succeeding...   (Company news)

...Yves Laflamme

Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) announced that after a 39-year distinguished career with Resolute, Yves Laflamme will be stepping down, and retiring, as of March 1, 2021. The board of directors has unanimously selected and appointed Remi G. Lalonde as the company's next president and chief executive officer, effective on the same date. Mr. Lalonde, 44, currently serves as senior vice president and chief financial officer. Upon becoming president and CEO, Mr. Lalonde will be appointed to Resolute's board of directors.

"The Resolute board of directors enthusiastically supports Remi Lalonde's selection as the company's next president and CEO. He has an outstanding track record of success as well as strength of character and exemplary personal integrity. Remi's superior leadership skills demonstrated on a range of strategic initiatives have consistently impressed the board," stated Bradley P. Martin, chairman of the board of directors. "Remi has very good relationships with our stakeholders, sharp analytical skills, impressive credentials, and a strong business drive. We are confident he will guide the company through its ongoing strategic transformation, delivering improved shareholder value. Remi is the right person at the right time for Resolute."

As president and CEO, Yves Laflamme advanced Resolute's strategic transformation, divesting non-core assets and using the proceeds for debt repayment, organic growth in the company's pulp business, and acquisition of three sawmills in the southern United States. Recent results in Resolute's tissue business reflect Mr. Laflamme's commitment to continuous improvement. He has been a steadfast supporter in the development of internal talent, building a strong crop of future company leaders. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Laflamme has guided the company in exceedingly difficult times while generously supporting the communities in which employees work and live. Mr. Laflamme invested in the development of sustainable biomaterials, highlighting the added value Resolute brings to fiber. He has also remained committed to expansion of the company's state-of-the-art Toundra Greenhouse joint venture, doubling its future production capacity. Mr. Laflamme is expected to continue to support the company and Mr. Lalonde in an advisory capacity after March 1, 2021, working on specific mandates.

"The board of directors express their appreciation to Yves Laflamme for a job well done. Yves reinforced Resolute's vision and values, focusing on safety, sustainability, profitability, accountability and teamwork. His commitment to continuous improvement, particularly in the area of costs, serves as a model to the entire organization, including the company's leadership team and board," added Mr. Martin. "His leadership of Resolute and support of our operating communities set the foundation for shared prosperity. Yves' unwavering commitment to workplace safety and environmental stewardship earned Resolute extensive North American and global recognition."

"I am honored to succeed Yves Laflamme as Resolute's next president and CEO," said Remi Lalonde. "I first want to thank the board and our shareholders for their confidence in offering me the opportunity to assume the leadership of this company. I also want to thank Yves for his support and guidance. In my capacity as CFO, I am fortunate to work in partnership with Yves, and I sincerely appreciate the trust he has placed in me with important projects and the leadership role he has had me play in our overall development. I wholeheartedly believe that Resolute has a bright future. I am excited to lead this talented team of 7,000+ dedicated people as we accelerate the evolution of our business to generate long-term value for our shareholders and to drive sustainable economic activity in the communities where we operate. The road ahead is certainly not without its obstacles, which will require some tough decisions, but we are up to the challenge. I am confident Resolute's culture, one of dedication, rigor, teamwork and setting high expectations, is exactly what we need to build on our progress."

Mr. Lalonde has been with Resolute for 11 years, rising through a series of successive roles in corporate, manufacturing and senior leadership. He has been serving as the company's senior vice president and chief financial officer since November 2018, after serving briefly as vice president for strategy, M&A, business development and procurement. Before then he was general manager for two and a half years at Resolute's Thunder Bay, Ontario, pulp, paper and power complex. He initially joined the company as senior counsel, securities in 2009, and took on the additional role of vice president, investor relations in 2011. In 2014, Mr. Lalonde was appointed vice president and treasurer, before moving into operations in Thunder Bay in early 2016. He began his legal career at the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in New York City as an associate in the financial institutions and corporate & finance groups, where he worked for over six years. He graduated with a bachelor of laws from the University of Ottawa in 2003 and a bachelor of applied sciences in civil engineering from the University of Ottawa in 1999. Mr. Lalonde has led a number of important mandates for the company, and has represented Resolute in major negotiations with governments, private counterparties, unions and stakeholders. He is admitted to practice law in New York and Ontario.

"Remi represents the best of our Resolute culture; he works hard, welcomes collaboration and ideas of others, and believes in truly sustainable outcomes," said Yves Laflamme. "Remi consistently delivers superior results. He grew rapidly within the Resolute ranks, taking on one challenge after another, and each and every time, he hit the ball out of the park. As we pass the baton, I am pleased for Remi and for the entire Resolute organization who will benefit from his capable stewardship and drive to succeed."
(Resolute Forest Products)

bvdm climate initiative offers forest afforestation in Germany

bvdm climate initiative offers forest afforestation in Germany  (Company news)

With immediate effect, the climate initiative of the print and media associations is supporting climate protection projects in Germany. In addition to the well-known certified climate protection, the regional climate can thus be improved and the German forest stand promoted.

The Kyoto Protocol, the most important instrument in international climate policy, stipulates that, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, climate protection must be implemented where it can achieve good sustainable effects through efficient and additional measures. For this reason, CO2 emissions are offset using the internationally recognized Gold Standard mainly in developing countries. For companies that would like to make an additional commitment in Germany, the German Printing and Media Industries Federation, together with the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald, is now offering the opportunity to participate in an important reforestation project in Germany. The selected reforestation area is located in Siebenbäumen, district of Herzogtum-Lauenburg in Schleswig-Holstein. The so-called ash shoot death - caused by a fungus - was rampant on this area. The stocks of ash have declined sharply and are now to be reforested through the "Climate Protection German Forest" project.

Every compensation via the Gold Standard certified climate protection projects can be combined with the "Climate Protection German Forest" within the CO2 calculator, i.e. the planting of a new tree can be added for every started compensated ton of CO2. The print shop receives an additional certificate for its client for the tree planting carried out.
(Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V. - bvdm)

Mondi Ansbach steps up its customer proposition by offering more sustainable packaging ...

Mondi Ansbach steps up its customer proposition by offering more sustainable packaging ...  (Company news)

-€30 million investment expands product portfolio and improves processes
-Successful installation of state of the art machinery for optimised operations
-Broader range of corrugated solutions for more specialised and sustainable customer uses

Last year, Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper manufacturer, announced that it would expand its existing plant in Ansbach, Southern Germany, to become the largest heavy-duty corrugated cardboard plant in Europe. The “Ansbach 2020” project, an investment worth €30 million, is in its final stages of completion and is meeting its customers' needs with innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

The plant successfully installed state of the art machinery, including a new corrugator, die-cutting-machine, inline-machine, paper storage, shipping facility, waste processing facility and intralogistics system. The investment is strengthening the plants position as the go-to-expert for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions in the region. Furthermore, the updated machinery results in less energy consumption and reduces the carbon footprint of the plant.

The improvements delivered by this investment include:
-Increased production capacity, leading to shorter delivery times to customers
-Broader range of corrugated solutions for more specialised customer uses
-Enhanced product quality

The investment also includes a Customer Innovation Centre, which will offer facilities for workshops, product development, optimisation and product presentations. This hub will lead to further innovation and testing of packaging solutions to reduce their enviornmental impact and will mark the project completion in 2021.

Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach is the home of award-winning packaging solutions. In 2020, the plant developed two ScanStar award-winning transportation packaging solutions for Volvo. The team works closely with its automotive industry customers to create value-added corrugated solutions that protect heavy-duty goods such as brake boosters and headlamps, while improving processes and logistics. The ScanStar jury especially highlighted the factors cost-effectiveness, sustainability, stability and improvement in work ergonomics.
(Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH)

DS Smith launches new sustainable packaging solution for temperature sensitive deliveries

DS Smith launches new sustainable packaging solution for temperature sensitive deliveries  (Company news)

Nowadays is becoming more and more clear that consumer shopping habits drastically changed over the past months. The response to the Covid-19 pandemic was translated into an acceleration of e-commerce market. Indeed, recent research from DS Smith revealed that European consumers plan to continue or increase buying groceries online (62%) and order home meal kits (49%). What consumers do worry about, is the packaging that their order arrives in. Or more specifically: its impact on the environment.

To answer the sustainability challenges raised by the growth in e-commerce, DS Smith and TemperPack are partnering to introduce ClimaCell®, a sustainable thermal insulation barrier for temperature sensitive goods such as meal kits, perishable groceries and medical products.

How does it work?
A combined pack will include:
-a transport box – to protect and ship the content
-insulation material – the thermal barrier between the inside and outside temperature (ClimaCell®)
-and cooling agent (e.g. Gel packs)– to maintain the required temperature inside

Leading alternative for your sustainable thermal shipments

Looking for a sustainable solution to replace your EPS foam insulators?

By using ClimaCell® thermal liners is easier to tackle consumers worries about the environment.

The product, which is made from paper and bio-based materials, can be easily recycled in paper recycling bins by consumer after use. It will replace the difficult to recycle EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, over 350,000 tonnes of which is used in packaging annually, with just a third of this plastic packaging waste being recycled in Europe.

In addition, switching from EPS foam to ClimaCell® reduces your carbon emissions by 65%.

Incredibly customisable
We help you to identify the best insulating solution for your deliveries. To meet your needs DS Smith will look at your thermal requirements and consider the different aspects of your supply chain. Through this holistic view, we ensure your deliveries arrive at the destination in perfect condition and ensure the perfect customer experience.
(DS Smith Packaging)

Clampitt Paper President Retires; Promotions Bring New Leaders for 2021

Clampitt Paper President Retires; Promotions Bring New Leaders for 2021  (Company news)

Clampitt Paper Company, the only family-owned paper distribution firm in Texas, enters its 80th year in business with announcements of senior level changes.

The firm’s president, Tom Christian (photo), is retiring after a very successful 44 years with the company. Tom exemplifies the American Dream. He began working for Clampitt Paper in 1976, starting his career working in a labor position in one of the company’s warehouses. Through the years, he advanced to positions in customer service and outside sales, then moved into commission sales where he excelled and became a sales manager. Over time, he grew into senior executive positions, rising from vice president of sales, to executive vice president and ultimately became president in 2014.

“Tom is a rock star and he’s helped Clampitt grow into new geographies and build market share,” says Don Clampitt, Chairman and CEO. “We’re going to miss him but sure wish him well.”

Promotions Solidify Team to Lead Company Into the Future
Taking over the helm as president is Scott Hider who most recently served as the firm’s vice Vice President of Sales and Wide Format. Before that, he was the Sales Manager for Clampitt’s Dallas operations and was the recipient of the coveted Max Clampitt Sales Award. “Scott has proven himself over and over again throughout the past 27 years,” Clampitt says. “I’m really proud of all he has accomplished and expect great things will result as he tackles this new level of responsibility.”

At Scott’s side will be Andrew Snyder who has been promoted from Vice President of Operations to Chief Operating Officer. Andrew has 22 years in the printing and paper distribution industry. In his 13 years at Clampitt Paper, Andrew has served as interim division manager, spearheaded the launch of and led the firm’s 40+ operations employees in Dallas. “Despite being faced with a variety of historic challenges, from the paper industry and the world at large, Andrew has continuously found a way to help Clampitt Paper to move forward in a safe and compassionate manner,” Clampitt says.

Moving up to Vice President of Operations is Charles Myers. At Clampitt Paper he has been part of the merchandising team and most recently Director of Customer Service and Purchasing. Prior to joining Clampitt Paper in 2007, Charles spent 17 years in the commercial print industry building experience in customer service, purchasing, and operations.
(Clampitt Paper Company)

Mank surprises 2021 with 'formative experiences' for trend-conscious hosts

Mank surprises 2021 with 'formative experiences' for trend-conscious hosts   (Company news)

INSPIRATION novelties as the perfect setting for multi-coloured tableware

Picture: Mank Malaga

Hosts will find a gastronomic experience of a particularly professional kind in the newly published main catalogue INSPIRATION 2021 from Mank Designed Paper Products. In contrast to previous years, this year the focus is on new embossing techniques and attractive trend colours. An extensive modernisation of the production facilities allows the presentation of many novelties for a successful restart of the gastronomy 2021.

"An outstanding innovation are our high-quality embossed designs on Linclass material" reports Mank art director Rotraud Hümmerich. These new embossed motifs LUDO, WENCKE or MALAGA are available in various basic colours both as napkins and table runners. Due to the simple elegance of the motifs, these series create a particularly balanced ambience on the table. Due to the colour variations they can also be perfectly combined with existing multi-coloured tableware and are therefore extremely versatile.

Two more new designs in the hip industrial style are coming out in the new year: With LUDO and LUKAS, Mank shows how the new trend colours ALTROSA and LIME can also conquer their place in the hotel and catering industry.

As usual, the 2021 catalogue is clearly arranged according to motifs. So customers can quickly see which products and qualities are offered for the design of their choice. "Mix & Match" is also the motto here. All around the gastronomic year Mank offers with INSPIRATION 2021 a red guide to table culture, which provides the right table-top designs for every season and occasion.

And finally, some particularly good news: Almost all Linclass- and Linclass-Light napkins can be supplied in biodegradable quality from 2021. These products are compostable according to DIN EN 13432.
(Mank GmbH Designed Paper Products)

Keep the circular economy spinning with UPM Raflatac's range of LabelLoop™ solutions ...

Keep the circular economy spinning with UPM Raflatac's range of LabelLoop™ solutions ...  (Company news)

...created from recycled label liner waste

The labeling industry’s first truly closed-loop solutions for paper materials are here with the introduction of the UPM Raflatac LabelLoop™ range. Now available in the Americas market, this product portfolio includes paper label face materials constructed from recycled paper label liner – a first of their kind. The products were officially launched at this week’s Pack Expo Connects event.

Today’s brands are looking for innovative solutions to help them meet their sustainability commitments, such as landfill reduction targets and increased use of recycled content. LabelLoop addresses this need and illustrates the company’s dedication to enabling the circular economy and working toward a future beyond fossils.

Silicone and adhesive residue on waste liner causes major contamination, so liner that does get recycled is often downcycled into lower quality material. Now, with LabelLoop, these liners can continue to be used by the labeling industry, getting UPM Raflatac, its customers and end-users one step closer to a true circular economy.

The label liners used in LabelLoop materials are collected via the RafCycle® by UPM Raflatac service and through other industry initiatives. The paper liners are de-siliconized and converted to recycled pulp by Sustana Fiber. It is then turned into paper face stock by other suppliers. UPM Raflatac uses these new materials to create semi-gloss label stock with up to 30 percent post-consumer waste. They offer the same high standards of print quality and high-speed converting as compared to UPM Raflatac’s standard offering and are suitable for a variety of end-uses. These products are also FSC™-certified (FSC C012530), which allows brands to show their commitment to responsible raw materials sourcing.

“We’re incredibly proud to bring this exclusive new product range to market – a true first in the packaging industry,” says Scott Conrad, Segment Manager, Prime Business, Paper Laminates, UPM Raflatac, Americas. “Label liners are often landfilled or downcycled, so to turn them into new LabelLoop products that do not sacrifice performance represents a tremendous step forward in our company’s quest to label a smarter future. We think this will bring great value to sustainability-minded brands looking to go circular with their packaging materials.”
(UPM Raflatac Inc.)

Georgia-Pacific Completes $100 Million Expansion of Bowling Green Dixie Facility

Georgia-Pacific Completes $100 Million Expansion of Bowling Green Dixie Facility  (Company news)

Expansion increases production of plates and bowls, adds more than 70 new jobs

A worldwide pandemic and 75 days of rainy weather in Kentucky couldn’t stop a dedicated team from completing a $100 million expansion at Georgia-Pacific’s Bowling Green Dixie facility. The investment created more than 70 new jobs and includes an 80,000-square-foot building, a new printer and presses. GP will continue meeting the needs of customers as demand grows for Dixie plates and bowls.

“I’m proud to celebrate this significant investment and what it means for job growth, wages and economic health in one of Kentucky’s great cities,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said.

Originally built in 1991, the plant has seen several expansions in its nearly 30 years of operation. Production at the facility represents about one quarter of all paper plates and bowls produced by GP. Bowling Green is one of two facilities GP operates in Kentucky. Since 2013, the company has invested more than $200 million in its Kentucky operations.

To celebrate the start-up of the new operations area while also maintaining effective COVID-19 distancing and safety protocol, Georgia-Pacific hosted a virtual ribbon cutting event with local employees and community leaders.

“This is an exciting investment for our employees and our community,” said Jimmy Lindsey, Bowling Green plant director. “We thank Mayor Bruce Wilkerson, Bowling Green Chamber President Ron Bunch and all our community friends and neighbors for their support as we worked through this project. This investment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our highly-skilled team and their efforts to continuously create value for our customers.”
(Georgia-Pacific Corporation)

Sofidel America receives 2020 Forest Stewardship Council Leadership Award

Sofidel America receives 2020 Forest Stewardship Council Leadership Award   (Company news)

Global tissue manufacturer recognized for its forest management, conservation efforts

Sofidel America, the U.S. subsidiary of Sofidel Group, a global leader in the manufacturing of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use, announced it has been awarded the 2020 FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Leadership Award, which recognizes organizations that contribute toward responsible sourcing and forest management.

The award recognized Sofidel for promoting FSC® to its retail partners, estimating that more than half of its finished products sold in 2020 will carry the FSC® logo.

“Sofidel has adopted what is commonly known as the ‘gold standard’ for responsible forest management and has actively championed the strategy with existing and new partners,” said Derek Dafoe, vice president marketing and sales in the U.S. “Our strategy has helped our partners provide leadership in the realm of sustainability and continues to distance Sofidel from our competitors. We are committed to a sustainability focused growth strategy that includes utilizing responsibly managed natural resources in the North American market.”

Sofidel Group places strategic importance on sustainability as a lever for growth and development. The Group has set objectives to minimize its impact on natural capital – in line with the UN Agenda 2030 sustainability goals – and to maximize social benefits, with the goal of creating shared value for all stakeholders.

The Group carefully assesses its supply of raw material and monitors its suppliers on the performance of the factories producing pulp, as well as on the origin of the wood. In 2019, 100% of the cellulose purchased by Sofidel was certified by independent third parties with forest certification systems. Sofidel has also signed the Vancouver Declaration, a pledge promoted by FSC® to work towards more sustainable forest products.

“We are proud to be recognized by such an authoritative institution like FSC for our responsible forest management system,” said Anthony Burton, quality system director in the U.S. “This is one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy, together with energy efficiency ad optimized use of water and sustainable packaging, aimed at creating increasingly efficient products with a more and more reduced environmental impact.”

This award is an added recognition of Sofidel’s sustainability efforts. Recently, the Group had its emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as consistent with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Specifically, Sofidel has committed to reduce its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 40% per ton of paper, its scope 3 emissions from its pulping suppliers’ process by 40% per ton of paper by 2030, and its remaining scope 3 GHG emissions by 24% per ton of paper by 2030 from a 2018 base year.
(Sofidel America Corp.)

Hamburger Containerboard’s new paper machine 2 (PM2) launches its first tambour

Hamburger Containerboard’s new paper machine 2 (PM2) launches its first tambour  (Company news)

With the launch of the first tambour of new PM2 at Hamburger Containerboard’s location in Spremberg, Germany, a milestone in the project plan was completed this weekend.

The tambour of brown Testliner arrived on Sunday 14.11. at 15.00 local time and was celebrated accordingly after a two-year building phase of the new, state-of-the art PM2 paper machine.

Due to setbacks by Covid-19 and a fire in the stock preparation area earlier this year, the production start was a tough challenge for all parties involved.

“We are extremely happy to get our first tambour of high-quality packaging paper from PM2 and we can’t wait to deliver this great product to our customers”, said Harald Ganster, Managing Director of Hamburger Containerboard Divison.

“This is a great day and this was a huge team effort. We are still on track and I’d like to say a big thank you to our team and the suppliers that delivered this project almost on time,” adds Uwe Aman, project leader of PM2 in Spremberg.

Construction site PM 2
With an investment volume of EUR 370 million, Hamburger Containerboard is expanding its production site in the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park into one of the most modern and powerful paper mills in Europe. At full capacity utilization of new PM2, additional 500.000 tons of high-quality white and brown packaging papers are produced annually. The total capacity at the Hamburger Containerboard Spremberg location reaches therefore almost 900.000 tons per year.
(Hamburger Rieger GmbH)

Södra 360 Experience highlights sustainable choices with VR format

Södra 360 Experience highlights sustainable choices with VR format  (Company news)

Södra has introduced the Södra 360 Experience, which takes advantage of virtual reality (VR) technology to increase knowledge about the role of the forest in society today and in the future, while also demonstrating the values and breadth of Södra’s business.

“There is a need and opportunity to increase knowledge regarding the forest and the positive climate effects it gives as well as how we manage it sustainably,” says Maria Baldin, SVP Communications and Sustainability at Södra.

The VR provides close encounters with forest owners and experts, and users of forest products as they go about their lives, surrounded by renewable wood-based materials.

“Our customers will benefit from this innovative new way to explore Södra’s world, from the sights and sounds of our members’ forests to its use in everyday life. Meanwhile, our customers’ customers, in other words consumers of forest products, can take a journey down the value chain, learn about sustainable forestry with its multiple beneficial impacts on their daily lives, and feel positive about their purchase decisions involving wood.” Maria Baldin continues.

Visitors to the virtual reality (VR) Södra 360 Experience can move from the forest into an interactive modern living space and a townscape, where the sustainable uses of wood – from paper products to textiles, energy and construction materials – are featured in detail. The Södra 360 Experience can be accessed on screen or with VR headset, and users can make discoveries and find answers to their questions through its intuitive functionality.

Visit the 360 experience:
(Södra Cell AB)

Mondi scoops six awards for its expertise in Turkish packaging competition

Mondi scoops six awards for its expertise in Turkish packaging competition  (Company news)

Picture: FloralBox solution. (Photo: Mondi)

- Mondi scoops six competency awards across three categories at the Turkish Crescents and Stars for Packaging 2020 Competition
- Products from both corrugated and flexible packaging teams recognised

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has scooped six competency awards in the prestigious Turkish Crescents and Stars for Packaging 2020 Competition, organised by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturer’s Association.

The company’s innovative approaches to sustainable and effective packaging solutions were recognised in four different categories:
Industrial and Transportation
- Cable Reel from Mondi Adana Plant
- FloralBox from Mondi Tire Plant
Flexible Packaging
- Unilever Recyclable PP Base Soup Packaging from Mondi Kalenobel
- Orkla Metal Free Structure for Chips from Mondi Kalenobel
- Safe Bottle Box from Mondi Karaman Plant
Point of Sale, Presentation and Storage Products
- One Piece from Mondi Izmit Plant

Almost 280 different packaging products were assessed across the 13 award categories in the ninth Crescents and Stars for Packaging competition. The award wins demonstrate Mondi’s cross-market approach to packaging, spanning a range of industries and serving very diverse business and consumer audiences.

Sevinç Yener Çimecioğlu, CEO Mondi Tire Kutsan said: “The standard of entries was very high, so we are delighted to receive these awards. The Crescents and Stars for Packaging competition credits the way we combine creativity and technology to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, finding ideal, unique packaging solutions for their goods. We are contributing to a better world by making innovative solutions using paper where possible, plastic when useful.”

Umit Sahin, Managing Director, Mondi Kalenobel added: “It is fantastic to be recognised for the sustainable packaging we created in collaboration with our customers Orkla and Unilever. This is testament to the hard work of our teams and the strong relationships we enjoy with our global clients. Our aim is always to work closely with our valued partners through our customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, to create sustainable packaging that works for the products, consumers and the environment.”

The winners of the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition 2020 will be presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies at a later date, once large scale gatherings are permitted due to the pandemic.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Archroma tops Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) list of industrial ...

Archroma tops Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) list of industrial ...  (Company news)

... chemical companies driving supply chain transparency

Picture: Heike van de Kerkhof, CEO of Archroma, delivering a message at the online 2020 Green Supply Chain Forum of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs. (Photo: Archroma)

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has been recently ranked number 1 in the “industrial chemicals” list published by the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) for driving transparency in their supply chain.

Archroma also entered the Top 50 of companies in IPE’s Green Supply Chain CITI Evaluation, at the 47th position. The evaluation dynamically assesses brands on the environmental management of their supply chains in China.
Archroma supplies industries as diverse as textiles, fashion, packaging, paper, adhesives, paints, and construction, with innovations and solutions that can be found in many consumer goods, from paper and packaging, to home décor paints and textiles, to clothing and car seats.

With a wide array of products used every day, everywhere, the company is committed to operate along the principles of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”. The Archroma team is therefore committed to sourcing safe and sustainable raw materials and intermediates from like-minded partners.

Archroma’s efforts in this area have been noticed and rewarded earlier this year with the EcoVadis Gold award.

Heike van de Kerkhof, CEO of Archroma, recently delivered a message at the IPE 2020 Green Supply Chain Forum online, and commented: “As industry leader, we have the responsibility to keep on addressing the climate challenge, and to do everything we can together to reduce our impact on the environment. This is where the approach of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs supports us. They encourage us to challenge our suppliers in terms of safety, health and environment, and to go even beyond our own strict policies and processes.”

“We congratulate Archroma for its excellent acceleration of supply chain oversight during 2020”, said Linda Greer, Ph.D., IPE’s Senior Global Fellow, “and we are delighted to welcome them into our Top 50 in their very first year. We hope that companies sourcing chemicals for manufacturing take note of this leadership in sustainability, as it is so rare to see in the chemical sector.”
(Archroma Management GmbH)

MPM Announcing Dr. Rajan Iyer

MPM Announcing Dr. Rajan Iyer  (Company news)

Dr. Rajan Iyer (photo) to Serve as New Vice President of Research & Development and Technical Services

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the United States, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Rajan Iyer as its new Vice President of Research & Development and Technical Services.

Dr. Iyer will oversee the company’s new product development efforts, guiding Monadnock’s portfolio development of award-winning and sustainably-advantaged fine printing, packaging, and technical papers. He replaces Paul Ciccone who has announced his retirement. Paul (Mr. Ciccone), a 41-year Monadnock veteran, will remain with the company for an undetermined period of time to ensure a smooth transition.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Dr. Iyer to the Monadnock family,” said Richard G. Verney, Chairman and CEO, Monadnock Paper Mills. “His demonstrated engineering expertise and strategic business acumen will prove to be invaluable as we continue to optimize our sustainable offerings, particularly in the alternative fiber space.”

His most recent role was with Georgia-Pacific, where he was responsible for Innovation – Tech Service as a Senior Product Development Engineer. Prior to that, Dr. Iyer was the Technical Director & Rapid Commercialization Manager for Georgia- Pacific’s Chemicals Division. Earlier in his career, Dr. Iyer served in a variety of technical, product development and research roles with both BASF and Imerys.

“Monadnock lies at the intersection of premium quality, performance, and sustainability,” said Dr. Iyer. “I’m looking forward to joining this dedicated team and helping the company achieve its ambitious growth goals — through smart product development and expert partner and customer support.”

Dr. Iyer earned a master’s and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Maine, a master of business administration from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Bombay.
(MPM Monadnock Paper Mills Inc.)

Toscotec-Rebuilt Hoods yield double-digit consumption reduction at Wepa Giershagen

Toscotec-Rebuilt Hoods yield double-digit consumption reduction at Wepa Giershagen  (Company news)

Wepa Group is one of the largest tissue manufacturers in Europe, with 13 sites, 21 paper machines, a production of approx. 780,000 t/year, and a positive annual growth trend. Since 2002, Toscotec and Wepa’s cooperation has been particularly strong at Wepa Marsberg-Giershagen, where Toscotec supplied a new tissue line on a turnkey basis, completely rebuilt PM 5 in two different steps and installed new hoods on other two existing machines, with the result that all tissue machines at the mill are now equipped with TT Hoods.

PM 4 and PM 7 Hood rebuilds: Consumption reduction & Speed increase
In order to evaluate the return on the investment, it is always interesting to compare the efficiency of the equipment – consumption and performance - before and after the rebuild. This comparison is particularly clear if we look at PM 4 and PM 7, where the modification involved only the hoods and the air system. After the installation of TT Hood on PM 4, the mill achieved a 12.5% reduction in gas consumption and 50mpm increase in machine speed. The results on PM 7 were similar, with a 13.3% reduction in gas consumption and 50mpm increase in speed.

In general terms, for a tissue machine that produces 30,000 t/y with a thermal consumption of 1.3MWh/t, 10% of drying energy savings equals a cost reduction of approximately 4 €/t, i.e. 120,000 €/y. Additional savings coming from electrical load reduction and machine speed increase must also be considered.
The above figures offer a clear picture of the potential benefits coming from the use of fully updated equipment including state-of-the-art devices dedicated to:
- Energy saving: complete heat recovery chains for steam generation, air and water heating
- Hoods regulation: automatic balancing system
- Pollutants control: burner management system, burner control and fine-tuning.

TT Hoods: customized technology for the highest reliability
TT Hoods are entirely custom-made, in order to meet the needs of the paper machine. At WEPA Giershagen, Toscotec calculated the best combination of the open area, hole diameter, and hole pattern to achieve top performance and efficiency.
TT Hoods are designed and manufactured at Toscotec’s headquarters in Lucca, where its engineers and workers have more than 20 years of experience in hoods and air systems. This expertise guarantees the reliability and the constant improvement of their design and performances.

The art of project management in rebuild projects
Finally, time schedule is always essential in rebuild activities. Wepa Giershagen required Toscotec to schedule every phase of the project, allocating the right resources and time, in order to guarantee an accurate paper-to-paper machine shutdown period. On Wepa Giershagen PM 7 for example, the scheduled paper-to-paper shutdown was of 360 hours. The entire work was completed and tested in only 332 hours, i.e. 28 hours ahead of schedule.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

A.Celli Paper and Aktül Kağit: only two weeks to start up the rewinder

A.Celli Paper and Aktül Kağit: only two weeks to start up the rewinder  (Company news)

Aktül Kağıt is a company that produces tissue paper from 100% virgin wood pulp, managing Private Label products for the main local and foreign chains. It also supplies high quality jumbo rolls for numerous converting facilities, located both in Turkey and abroad.

The collaboration between A.Celli Paper and Aktül Kağıt started at the beginning of September since the Turkish company was looking for a customizable, plug-and-play cutting solution, perfectly adaptable and compatible with any standard rewinding system or complete tissue line.

To meet the needs and requirements of the Tissue producer, A.Celli Paper showed its E-WIND® T80S solution: a latest generation, modular and fully automated rewinder, running at 1.000 mpm, with built-in electrical cabinets and capable of managing products that involve a specific volume, diameter and cutting format while also guaranteeing extra capacity during production peaks.

To confirm the great versatility of the machine, suffice it to say that it only took our customer 2 weeks to start up the machine, from the date of arrival of the shipment to the day the rewinder started to process paper. Moreover, in addition to this extraordinary record, with an additional week we were also able to reach the guaranteed contractual productions.

Thanks to this supply A.Celli Paper has offered its customer a considerable leap in quality built on three pillars: the minimization of installation times; cost containment and the achievement of long-term performance.
(A. Celli Paper S.p.A.)

ACME Graphics installs KODAK FLEXCEL NX System to enable consolidated colour ...

ACME Graphics installs KODAK FLEXCEL NX System to enable consolidated colour ...  (Company news)

... management between digital and flexo printing, meeting growing business demands

In April 2020, Miraclon customer ACME Graphics opened a new flexo trade shop branch in Cape Town. With national lockdown restrictions being enforced across South Africa, it was vital for them to have operations up and running quickly, having been recognized as an essential supplier to the industry. As a key part of its new operation, the company purchased a FLEXCEL NX system from Miraclon’s channel partner Thunderbolt and, in close collaboration with Miraclon, the system was installed in time for production to start as soon as they opened their doors.

Having now been operational for a few months, the technology has proved to be transformative for ACME, enabling the company to launch its new cloud-based colour management concept, ACME Digital Colour. Hauke Liefferink, Managing Director of ACME Graphics, says of the concept: “This is a completely new application that allows you to utilize your flexo press in the same way you would digital – there are no restrictions on the printable colour gamut. I believe this is a radical departure from the thinking behind extended colour gamut or printing with a fixed ink set. The fidelity of the FLEXCEL NX Solution is key here in delivering a flexo printed result that matches the digital press – we have not been able to achieve this with any other plates.”

Founded in 1997, ACME Graphics is the fastest growing flexo plate producer in South Africa. With manufacturing sites in three cities, the company supplies plates for producing packaging and label products for the food supplies, pharmaceutical and sanitation industries. Hauke comments: “We opened up the Cape Town facility in April as part of our move towards becoming a national manufacturer and to enable brand owners and packaging converters to access our services countrywide. The addition of the FLEXCEL NX system has been invaluable for us and means we can now bring our new ideas to market and offer the biggest range of flexo plate choices in the South African marketplace.”

Innovation was a key consideration for ACME Graphics, and the FLEXCEL NX Solution has met all the expectations of both the company and its customers. Other product benefits highlighted included the rapid set-up, enhanced colour fidelity and improved ink laydown. “We can now process conventional digital plates and flat-top dot plates with or without surface engineering,” continues Liefferink. “And additionally, we can process KODAK FLEXCEL NX plates with ink-saving DigiCap technology. Since installing the FLEXCEL NX Solution, customers are very happy with the quality of the plates and the feedback that we have received to date has been excellent.”

In addition to opening its Cape Town flexo trade shop, ACME Graphics has developed its new virtual repro offering,, which allows the company to offer its repro services and its new ACME Digital Colour technology to narrow web label printing companies worldwide. Hauke concludes, “KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology allows ACME to deliver what I’d like to call a ‘true digital colour experience’ on a flexo press, printing without spot colours at up to 400m/min. With our HDFlexoRepro offering, we are also able to connect with a network of NX users worldwide to increase our reach.”
(Miraclon Corporation)

Sitma introduces “Fast Pack”: the fastest solution for the fastest-growing sector

Sitma introduces “Fast Pack”: the fastest solution for the fastest-growing sector  (Company news)

The latest machine from Sitma is called Fast Pack. A high-performing and flexible solution for e-commerce businesses, it’s the product of our company’s fifty years of experience in the packaging industry, as well as our expertise in logistics. These two strengths have led not only to Fast Pack’s development, but to an entire portfolio of e-commerce applications for packaging a wide range of goods: from industries like cosmetics and personal care, to clothing, electronics, books, music and media.

Quick and flexible, for constantly changing needs
Fast Pack adopts the same characteristics that have made Sitma a brand leader in machine and system design for the logistics industry. This includes first, its flexibility, meaning it can consecutively prepare packages of various shapes and sizes while working at different speeds, reaching up to 3,500 packages per hour. The machine concept is modular and can be programmed to best suit the line’s layout and the client’s production needs. Fast Pack also handles varying shapes and sizes, measuring the product beforehand to create customized packages. These characteristics make it the ideal solution for fulfillment in the growth-heavy e-commerce industry, where package form and dimensions often vary widely.

Sustainability drives us
Like all machines and systems in the Sitma line-up, Fast Pack is the product of a design philosophy devoted to sustainability. It allows for use of innovative materials with a reduced environmental impact in place of traditional plastic films for packaging, such as paper (from 60 gsm to 150 gsm) or different types of biofilm. The ability to create tailor-made packages also guarantees two advantages: on the one hand, the packaging material is optimized, reducing the amount of product that then has to be disposed of by the end user, and on the other hand, it facilitates transport in later phases of the supply chain, limiting “empty transport journeys” as much as possible and optimizing the load of transport vehicles in order to sensibly reduce their carbon footprint.

The new frontier of traceability
Another added value for the line is the option to include an innovative family of accessory units for managing complex data. These integrate and expand the possibilities offered by consolidated technology such as in-line printers and labelers. Sitma has implemented a hardware and software system that allows information tracking when managing e-commerce orders throughout the entire distribution chain, ensuring it is unique and interconnected.

Track and trace the Sitma way: how it works
In the preliminary phases, product data is collected and then analyzed, linked and further enhanced. Each product, which includes the package and its content, is assigned a distinct ID number, which is then tracked and traced throughout the whole process. The technology Sitma uses is engineered to be perfectly integrated with the client’s WCS and databases, thereby enhancing the already existing information by adding the possibility to carry out a further data control. All of this ensures greater effectiveness and minimizes the possibility of errors, waste and reworkings.

A family of systems suited to every need in the e-commerce industry
This offer perfectly satisfies the needs of Industry 4.0, which doesn’t stop at the packaging phase. The end-of-line proposal is also highly flexible and automated. It can include integration with weighing and labelling systems, or installation of digital in-line printers for printing transportation information or other details directly on the package. As for the packaging phase, in addition to Fast Pack, Sitma’s line-up of solutions dedicated to e-commerce includes: Quick Pack, Thick Pack and e-Wrap. Whatever the type of product or package, Sitma offers the best solution, customized to meet the needs of each individual client.
(Sitma Machinery S.p.A.)

New range of ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings set to reinvent recyclability in packaging

New range of ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings set to reinvent recyclability in packaging  (Company news)

-Advanced new ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings from ACTEGA provide an effective, sustainable alternative to traditional plastic PE laminates used across the packaging industry.
-The water-based products simplify both packaging production and end product recycling, whilst simultaneously offering a host of impressive features and - viewed over the entire process - delivering cost efficiencies to the customer.
-The barrier coatings and aqueous TPE dispersions form part of the new dedicated ACTGreen® product line: a robust, triple-headed portfolio focused on making a decisive contribution to sustainability.

ACTEGA, manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds with a focus on the packaging and printing industry, today announces the launch of its latest offering, ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings – a range of advanced water-based barrier coatings and next generation thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) dispersions – representing a huge step forward in packaging sustainability.

With both fill products and packaging needing to be mutually protected from the effects of oils, fats, water and external substances, plastic polyethylene (PE) laminates have traditionally been adopted across the packaging industry – despite the complex, costly and increasingly scrutinized recycling process, which involves using specialist technologies to separate the plastic from the cardboard substrate. ACTEGA’s new ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings range, however, comprises barrier coatings and TPE dispersions (YUNICO®) for coating and binding which are all water-based, enabling substrates to be widely and easily recycled utilizing standard practices. Facilitating time and cost efficiencies throughout the production line, and offering extreme versatility through a series of possible secondary features, ranging from heat sealability to heat resistance, the ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings provide an effective, economical and truly sustainable solution for conscientious printers and packaging converters looking to answer the ever-increasing call for reduced plastic use.

Designed around an expressed commitment to making a decisive contribution to sustainability, but also with ACTEGA’s characteristic packaging expertise and innovation at its core, the company’s ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings deliver a host of additional customer benefits alongside their superior performance and environmental credentials. By eliminating the need for PE laminated materials, ACTEGA’s ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings not only streamline the production process and deliver invaluable cost savings throughout the entire production process but also, critically, enable converters to transform their business model from one which is restricted by the lengthy delivery times or bulk storage costs of PE laminated board, to an efficient just-in-time production system which is able to thrive in the increasingly competitive and demanding packaging sector. Compatible across sheet-fed offset, flexo and gravure printing – and with the possibility for processing via different coaters from roller to air knife – the versatile barrier coatings reflect ACTEGA’s committed approach to both reducing plastic use and removing barriers to sustainable practices.

“Throughout our ten operative companies, we have always championed our high customer orientation, and with production facilities across the globe, we are extremely well-placed to listen and respond to our customers in each market. What we are hearing universally is that the call for sustainability is, understandably, louder than ever,” explains Markus Locher, Global Barrier Manager at ACTEGA Paper and Board. “We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings provide a robust and viable alternative to non-recyclable PE linings that will allow packaging manufacturers to not only respond to the increasing pressures that they’re feeling from brand owners regarding environmental issues, but to optimize their own operations and production processes too. The unavoidable need to shift away from plastics and find workable, profitable and environmentally sound alternatives is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges facing the packaging industry today, and we are proud to be taking firm steps in the right direction with this latest offering.”

Depending on the product, barrier coatings from ACTEGA are able to provide effective protection from water vapour, water, oil and fat, with additional barrier effects against alcohol, alkaline and acidic liquids and dairy products. Further to this, its novel aqueous TPE dispersions with YUNICO® technology make it possible to combine these different properties within a single dispersion – for example, specific barrier properties; tactile effects (e.g. smooth, soft, silky, rough); heat sealability in high and low temperature ranges; and certified recyclability. By compounding TPE components, ACTEGA is able to adjust variable properties and create tailored solutions which are unique to each client’s needs and compatible with various substrates from paper to aluminium.

“As a worldwide market leader, we feel a real responsibility to utilize our knowledge, expertise and passion to continually innovate for solutions which benefit not only our customers but also the wider world,” continues Markus Locher. “Our entire ACTGreen® Barrier Coating portfolio is designed with that at its core; pushing one step further from just formulating our products sustainably to actually developing smart, game-changing solutions that enable the production of more sustainable end products.”

Valmet is planning a new shared, modern office building in Tikkurila, Vantaa, ...

Valmet is planning a new shared, modern office building in Tikkurila, Vantaa, ...  (Company news)

...for its personnel currently working in Järvenpää and Hakkila

Valmet is planning a completely new, shared office building for its personnel in Järvenpää and Hakkila, which would be constructed in Tikkurila, Vantaa. The whole personnel of the two locations, except for the technology center located in Järvenpää, would move into the new building. Approximately 520 people, together with 130 employees of our partner companies, currently work at the Järvenpää site, and approximately 70 people work in Hakkila.

The Järvenpää and Hakkila personnel would be invited to participate in the space planning of the new premises. The building would be designed for Valmet’s sole use, and it would be move-in ready in 2023.

“This planned new office building would be a significant investment in our personnel in Finland. Efficient and smooth collaboration and work satisfaction require modern, functional premises. For Järvenpää, in particular, it is time to move forward to a new era in this respect. We hope that our personnel affected by this matter will actively participate in designing the new premises to ensure that they will support our operations and our personnel’s well-being at work in the best way possible far into the future. Tikkurila is a strongly developing and active district offering fine services and located at the center of excellent transport connections. As a location, it would serve our current needs and future goals in many ways,” say Vesa Simola (photo), EMEA Area President, and Aki Niemi, President, Services Business Line.

Valmet’s current premises at the Järvenpää site are located in several separate buildings, some of which have been constructed in the 1970s.

For the Järvenpää personnel, the change of working location will require the processing of the matter through statutory labor negotiations, which have been started in Järvenpää today, on November 19, 2020. The planned move will not have any impact on the number of personnel.
(Valmet Corporation)

DS Smith Paper Mill Pushes Carbon Reduction Goals using Green Electrical Power in Croatia

DS Smith Paper Mill Pushes Carbon Reduction Goals using Green Electrical Power in Croatia  (Company news)

Belišće Paper Mill (photo) energy switch predicted to result in 23% reduction in annual carbon emissions.

DS Smith, the FTSE 100 leading provider of sustainable packaging has today announced that Belišće Paper Mill, situated in Eastern Croatia has made significant steps forward in Co2 reductions by switching to green energy to help power its paper making operations.

The Belišće Paper Mill which produces up to 215,000 tonnes of paper a year is targeting a 23% reduction in CO2 emissions annually, equating to a saving of up to 27,000 tonnes of carbon. This figure equates to removing nearly 6,000 passenger vehicles off roads, or just under 67 Million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle*

Providing the green energy electricity ZelEn, HEP Opskrba was first to offer this unique product in Croatia. The company ensures the green electricity provided to DS Smith, is produced from renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, eligible biomass, and low-impact small hydroelectric sources.

Dalibor Sipl, Energy Manager for DS Smith, in Croatia:
"We are very proud to have the Belišće Paper Mill and all our operations across Croatia switch to green energy. Our partnership with HEP Opskrba, who will provide 60% of our energy requirements at the mill, will be a key driver in our overall strategy to reduce the impact of our operations here in Croatia."

Mario Puntaric, Director for HEP Opskrba:
"The partnership with DS Smith across their operations in Croatia will support their environmental goals, as well as protecting natural resources. As we see more companies becoming socially responsible and environmentally aware, DS Smith are leading the way as the one of the biggest users of green electricity in Croatia."

The company recently launched it’s Now and Next Sustainability Strategy which reaffirmed its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions against a 2015 baseline by 30% relative production by 2030. In the past year, DS Smith has hit a number of sustainability milestones including an 11% reduction in emissions in 2019 compared to 2015 on a like-for-like basis.
(Duropack Beliš¢e)

New UPM Solide kraft paper family - strong, translucent and visual

New UPM Solide kraft paper family - strong, translucent and visual  (Company news)

To offer our customers a full portfolio of packaging papers, UPM Specialty Papers has launched UPM SolideTM, a family of kraft papers that feature a versatile combination of strength as well as converting properties. All grades in the portfolio offer excellent printability to maximise the shelf impact of packaging. All papers in the UPM SolideTM family are recyclable in regular paper recycling stream.

“UPM has made a commitment to novel climate positive innovations. The UPM SolideTM kraft papers are produced using 100% renewable and strong fibres from sustainably managed forests” highlights Dirk Ryckaert, Sales Director, UPM Specialty Papers.

“UPM Solide Lucent, for example, is a new translucent paper that offers a great alternative to plastics even on fast packaging lines where runnability is key” continues Ryckaert. “Our committed team of experts are ready to explore how the UPM Solide product family can be applied to your end-uses”.

Ensuring the safety of packaged products is a shared responsibility. UPM takes product safety very seriously and we do our utmost to ensure our papers are safe to use. Our product safety systems cover the entire manufacturing process from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of end products.

The UPM SolideTM products are certified as safe for direct food contact. The products have received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). In addition, mills producing UPM specialty papers are certified according to ISO 22000 food management systems. The product range also offers alternatives that are free from optical brighteners.
(UPM Group - Paper Industry)

Application flexibility enhanced by roll option on Ricoh Pro™ TF6251 hybrid flatbed UV printer

Application flexibility enhanced by roll option on Ricoh Pro™ TF6251 hybrid flatbed UV printer  (Company news)

Print Service Providers can now benefit from highly flexible print production on roll fed media, as well as rigid media, with the Ricoh Pro TF6251 hybrid flatbed UV printer.

Photo: The Ricoh Pro TF6251 hybrid flatbed UV printer flexibly handles roll fed media and rigid media

Building on the successful Ricoh Pro TF6250, the all in one hybrid system supports the versatile production of a wider range of applications for sign and display, industrial, graphic arts and interior decor. It also delivers high productivity with its 12 Ricoh inkjet print heads. On its compact 2.5m x 1.3m sized table, the print heads enable flatbed print speeds of up to 116 sqm per hour in four color draft mode. For roll print, speeds are up to 67 sqm per hour in four colour draft mode. Excellent image quality and exceptional reliability are also integral attributes.

Building on the successful Ricoh Pro TF6250, the all in one hybrid system supports the versatile production of a wider range of applications for sign and display, industrial, graphic arts and interior decor. It also delivers high productivity with its 12 Ricoh inkjet print heads. On its compact 2.5m x 1.3m sized table, the print heads enable flatbed print speeds of up to 116 sqm per hour in four color draft mode. For roll print, speeds are up to 67 sqm per hour in four colour draft mode. Excellent image quality and exceptional reliability are also integral attributes.

The combination of tried and tested technology and leading inkjet capability offers a number of benefits for multidiscipline print operations including:
-A hybrid rigid and flexible solution that supports production of a wider range of applications from one device.
-A single system with a smaller footprint than two separate devices while also offering energy consumption and ink savings. A choice of two types of inks - the Ricoh DG130 versatile UV ink that offers high adhesion and Ricoh GP120 graphic art UV ink (for roll to roll only) that delivers high colour gamut for greater flexibility.
-The ability to print on rigid board of up to 11cm depth to allow the expansion of services offered.
-Faster curing and lower energy using Ricoh LED lamps to save time and money.
-Low print temperature to ensure the careful treatment of the printed substrate.
-Low energy consumption for more environmentally conscious and cost effective production.
-Greenguard certified inks supporting a sustainable approach.

Operator productivity is maximised by the Ricoh Pro TF6251’s easy to operate, updated user interface. It allows last minute adjustments and simplifies operation with capabilities such as auto material thickness detection.

Further efficiency is provided by ColorGATE Productionserver Select. Users benefit from consistent and predictable colour output and spot colour support for client satisfaction. As well as from container and tiling functions, and process automation. The Adobe PDF Print Engine is key to outstanding performance.

Graham Kennedy, Director, Industrial Print, Commercial and Industrial Printing Group, Ricoh Europe, says: “Ricoh developed this flexible solution in response to clients’ production needs. It is a timely addition to our portfolio, particularly as operations strive to find ways during the pandemic to develop their services while remaining competitive and adaptable. The Pro TF6251 combines our market leading inkjet head technology expertise with our proven flatbed and roll fed capabilities to create a highly versatile and responsive solution. We believe it will open up a number of production possibilities for print operations that are looking to be increasingly creative with the services they deliver and the markets they serve.”

The Ricoh Pro TF6251 will be available from 1st January 2021 in Europe.
(Ricoh Europe PLC)

The machines are running at full speed at Lessebo Paper

The machines are running at full speed at Lessebo Paper  (Company news)

As a Swedish producer of paper, Lessebo Paper is committed to developing high performance and environmentally responsible papers and boards for the international markets. Despite the challenging circumstances with Covid-19, Lessebo Paper can see an increase of interest in their eco-friendly papers.

“The pandemic has made us further understand the complex links between the environment, our social systems and our health. This is something that our customers also recognise” describes Ebba Ingvarsson (photo), Communication Manager at Lessebo Paper.

The emissions from Lessebo Paper are more than 96% lower than the average producer of graphical paper. The Lessebo Paper strategy of promoting local suppliers has proven to be beneficial in current times, and also ecologically desirable in the long term.

Ingvarsson explains “We have become the clear choice for sustainable graphical paper thanks to our deep-rooted passion for eco-friendly production. Our latest figure of 22kg CO2 per tonne produced paper is a symbol of our hard work and the investments that have been made. The average European producer of graphical paper emits 616kg CO2 per tonne produced paper.”

“The pandemic has contributed to a decline in the market but in spite of this, the machines at Lessebo Paper has been running to full capacity since a few months back due to a steady flow of orders” explains Tom Olander, one of the owners of Lessebo Paper.

“Furthermore, our focus for the past few months has been to ensure employee safety and business continuity and we are looking to the future with confidence”.
(Lessebo Paper AB)

Mercer Stendal produces 10 millionth ton of pulp

Mercer Stendal produces 10 millionth ton of pulp  (Company news)

After 16 years of pulp production, the 10 millionth ton of pulp rolled off the production line on October 14, 2020 at the pulp mill in Arneburg. It is an expression of 18 years of successful work at the Arneburg site and marks a remarkable milestone in the development of the company.

Photo: We have made it possible! This is what it says on a banner in front of the Mercer Stendal pulp mill. It shows the production milestones on the way to the 10 millionth ton of pulp.

After the short two-year construction phase of the mill, which went according to plan, the first pulp rolled off the production line in July 2004. In the following years, the company succeeded in establishing itself successfully in the market. With products of high quality and high reliability, the company succeeded in developing stable customer relationships in Europe and Asia. In some areas, the Arneburg mill has set new standards in global pulp production. With the operation of the largest biomass power plant in Germany with high energy and plant efficiency, the plant is also symbolic of the energy turnaround. With its green products produced on the basis of renewable raw materials, the company sees itself as part of the bio-economy and also as part of the solution in the process of the ecological reorientation of the economy.

The milestone achieved with the 10 millionth ton of pulp represents a great joint effort. Many supporters from the region, the state and federal governments, authorities, customers, suppliers, business partners, social partners and, above all, the mill's employees have contributed to this success. The establishment of this important business location in the Altmark would not have been possible without this help. For this reason, it is important for the plant management to say thank you and to emphasize that the commitment and support have been worthwhile.

"In the current pandemic situation we are refraining from holding a festive event", explains Managing Director André Listemann. "We very much regret not being able to pay due tribute to this milestone in our company history. We hope to be able to make our contribution to the containment of the infection".
(ZS Zellstoff Stendal GmbH)

Mutoh MS41 Replacement Inks

Mutoh MS41 Replacement Inks   (Company news)

STS Inks introduces the first Mutoh replacement inks for the new 1641SR and 1682SR Eco-Solvent printers.

Are you looking for prints that will stand up to even the most aggressive conditions? Formulated for exceptional durability (up to 2 years), the STS MS41 Eco-Solvent inks feature unbeatable scratch resistance under harsh conditions, which is critical to the production of outdoor banners and other graphics. Revolutionary and more efficient than ever, STS MS41 Eco-Solvent inks provide a rich ink density for bright vivid prints, quicker drying time, and minimal odor to manage.

Available in CMYK Lm Lc and Lk
In addition, the STS MS41 Eco-Solvent Ink is tougher than ever before and boosts the performance of Mutoh’s 1641SR and 1682SR printers, and you can only find it at STS Inks!

Benefits to using STS Eco-Solvent Ink:
• GBL free replacement inks truly Eco-friendly
• OEM quality and performance
• Excellent adhesion and compatibility
• Outdoor durability and scratch resistivity without lamination
• Enhanced color gamut
• Industry leading third-party warranty
• Up to 2 years of durability
(STS Inks)

Valmet included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index among the world's sustainability leaders

Valmet included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index among the world's sustainability leaders  (Company news)

Valmet has progressed well with its Sustainability360º agenda emphasizing continuous improvement of even more sustainable business practices. As one indication of the good progress Valmet has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) already for the seventh consecutive year. The company was listed both in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices. The total number of companies included this year in the DJSI World for 2020-2021 is 323.

The comprehensive ranking evaluates companies’ economic, environmental and social performance.

"Being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the seventh time is a great recognition for Valmet’s progress in sustainability, as continuous improvement is the key criteria for the inclusion. It shows that our people do systematic and successful work for more sustainable practices through the whole organization. I want to thank all Valmeteers participating in this work around the world," says Pasi Laine (photo), President and CEO of Valmet.

Valmet’s sustainability agenda focuses on five core areas: sustainable supply chain; health, safety and environment; people and performance; sustainable solutions, and corporate citizenship.

In 2020, Valmet has also received other sustainability acknowledgements. In January, Valmet achieved the best A rating in CDP’s climate program ranking. In February, Valmet was awarded the Bronze Class Sustainability Award in S&P Global SAM’s annual Sustainability Yearbook 2020, and in April, Valmet was reconfirmed as a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe.
(Valmet Corporation)

Ahlstrom-Munksjö joins CELAB, a global coalition for circularity in the label industry

Ahlstrom-Munksjö joins CELAB, a global coalition for circularity in the label industry  (Company news)

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has joined CELAB (Circular Economy for Labels), a global coalition recently created to promote the development of circular economy for self-adhesive label materials.

The purpose of CELAB is to create greater recyclability for the products in the self-adhesive label industry by enhancing and promoting options for recycling their waste streams around the world. There are two main process stages in the value chain of label materials which generate waste streams. The first stream is generated from the unused surrounding area of the self-adhesive face stock material after cutting the labels; this is also known as “matrix waste”. The second stream arises from the liner from which the label is peeled away during dispensing. Turning these waste streams into resources offers important sustainability improvements.

The consortium comprises both global and regional members in the self-adhesive labeling value chain. It includes many of the largest players in the self-adhesive label industry, such as producers of base materials like papers and films, producers of other components like silicones and adhesives, manufactures of self-adhesive laminates, and printers of self-adhesive labels.

“We are excited to become part of the CELAB coalition and join forces with other major players to drive important sustainability initiatives in the markets where we operate. For us responsible business conduct means focusing not only on our own operations but on the whole value chain and finding solutions in active dialogue with our customers and suppliers,” says Heli Nykänen, Manager, Group Sustainability and Capital Investments.

As a global supplier of release liner papers, Ahlstrom-Munksjö takes part in the coalition’s global steering committee as well as regional branches in Europe and North America. The company also looks forward to further expand the program into other regions where it operates.

Through diverse release liner technologies and manufacturing in Europe, and North and South America, Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a comprehensive range of sustainable paper substrates that matches the needs of all release liner segments, from labeling to specialty tapes, hygiene and medical to self-adhesive graphics, as well as composites to food and baking.
(Ahlstrom-Munksjö Corporation)

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