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Asahi Photoproducts to showcase its Clean Transfer Technology at Gallus Innovation Days  (Company news)

Best-in-class solution for UV flexo printing, ideal for in-house plate production

Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, announced it will be attending Gallus Innovation Days for the first time. The event takes place in St. Gallen, Switzerland, from 26 to 28 June 2018, the third Open House event hosted by the well-known Swiss manufacturer. Asahi Photoproducts will be showing its AWP™ DEF/DEW plate solutions featuring Clean Transfer Technology, exhibiting in Hall 1 as a Gallus partner.

“Gallus is without doubt a leading manufacturer of flexo presses for labels, continually broadening its portfolio,” says Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager at Asahi. “We believe there is great potential for synergies with Gallus in terms of innovation and quality. Our popular water washable AWP™ plates are industry leaders in UV flexo printing and are especially suitable for printing operations who wish to produce their plates in-house.”

Asahi’s Clean Transfer Technology has been developed with fixed colour palette printing in mind, delivering the quality and precise register this printing technique requires. All future Asahi plates will be equipped with Clean Transfer Technology, delivering the outstanding quality and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) demanded by leading converters in a highly competitive market.

Asahi’s AWP™ DEF/DEW plate technology provides a viable alternative to conventional flexo printing plates. Its water washable printing plate technology does not require high temperatures or VOC-based solvents. It provides high register accuracy, making it particularly suitable for printing with a fixed colour palette and enabling odourless production. In addition to saving time and money and reducing waste, it also supports energy savings, whilst assuring exceptional quality and brilliant prints.

Clean Transfer for real-life flexo applications
Colognia Press, based in the Czech Republic, has recently discovered how AWP™ plates with Clean Transfer Technology can lead to significantly higher productivity in flexo printing. The company uses Gallus presses and water washable flexo plates and was able to increase machine availability by 110%, simply by switching to an Asahi plate production system. The previous flexo printing plates had caused lengthy downtimes for plate cleaning and changing. The Asahi solution enables Colognia Press to print practically any job up to several kilometres long without having to stop the machine. Even a 22-hour job ran without interruption from start to finish, maintaining consistent quality with the same set of plates.
(Asahi Photoproducts Europe n.v./s.a.)

Newsgrafik #120410

Heidelberg on track to meet medium-term targets – aiming for growth in 2018/2019  (Company news)

-Significant progress with digital transformation thanks to
---successful launch of subscription model,
---start of series production for digital presses,
---expansion of consumables and e-commerce business, and
---ramp-up of Digital Platforms
-Solid development in 2017/2018 underlines specified targets
-Outlook - positive effects of new strategy expected to become increasingly clear:
---moderate growth in sales and net result after taxes
---expected in financial year 2018/2019
-Medium-term targets confirmed:
---Group sales set to increase to around €3 billion and
---net result after taxes to > €100 million

Photo: Rainer Hundsdörfer (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer)

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) made significant progress with the Group’s targeted digital transformation in financial year 2017/2018 (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018). By the beginning of June, several customers had already opted for the new subscription model that offers Heidelberg products and services as part of a usage-based all-in contract running over several years. The total of over 30 contracts being targeted for the new financial year 2018/2019 looks set to generate business worth some €150 million over the standard five-year term of these models. However, as the number of contracts concluded is just starting to pick up, this will only be reflected in the company’s figures to any significant extent from financial year 2019/2020 onward, when it will also help stabilize Group sales.

In addition, the series production of digital presses for packaging and label printing (Primefire and Labelfire), which also started in financial year 2017/2018, will have an increasingly positive impact on sales. The aim for the coming years is to deliver at least one digital press per month to customers. As the number of systems installed increases, stable, recurring sales of consumables will also continue growing and exceed machine-only business. Further positive impetus is anticipated from additional sales of consumables, increased levels of e-commerce business thanks primarily to our newly founded Heidelberg Digital Unit, and the ramp-up of Digital Platforms.

The recently agreed sale of the research and development building in Heidelberg marks the successful conclusion of the planned infrastructure projects at the Heidelberg and Wiesloch-Walldorf sites. Another important step as part of efforts to improve operational performance – among other things by reducing process and structural costs under the “Operational Excellence” initiative – has thus been completed.

Heidelberg can thus confirm the medium-term targets communicated in the summer of 2017. These include an increase in Group sales to around €3 billion, an operating result (EBITDA) of €250 to 300 million, and a net result after taxes of over €100 million.

“As announced at the last Annual Accounts Press Conference, Heidelberg is well on the way to achieving its goal of once again becoming the lighthouse of the industry. Our digital transformation will continue systematically in financial year 2018/2019. Both our new subscription model and the new digital presses remain in high demand. Given that this will have a substantial impact on our sales and result from 2019/2020 onward, we can confirm our medium-term targets,” commented CEO Rainer Hundsdörfer.
(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

Newsgrafik #120412

Toscotec to supply a dryer section rebuild to Papertech PM1 in Tudela Mill, Spain  (Company news)

Toscotec was selected to rebuild the dryer section of Papertech PM 1 at Tudela mill, Spain. The customer has recognized Toscotec is the right partner to provide the best technology available in the drying process and to accomplish the company targets.

The ambitious aim of the project is to improve the actual gross production, by overcoming several constraints by intelligently applying Toscotec’s Steel Dryer technology and its features. The base project goals were: increasing the production, by maintaining the same length of dryer section, and drying a wider paper sheet with the same dryer face length.

The scope of supply will be on a turnkey basis, confirming once more the consolidated skill of Toscotec to manage complex projects and coordinate all the involved parties.

With this achievement, Toscotec will strengthen its reputation for being an all-round partner for Paper and Board manufacturers.

A key factor of the dryer section modification is to replace completely the last four sections with TT SteelDryer technology, thus resulting in 20 new TT SteelDryers with increased diameter and drying face width. The scope of supply also includes TT AirTail, an advanced rope-less tail threading system, specifically designed for low speed and high basis weight.

Toscotec’s service specialists will provide erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

Delivery is forecast within the end of 2018, with start-up at beginning of 2019.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #120413

New flagship production site for Peterson  (Company news)

Peterson, one of the leading players in the Scandinavian packaging industry, announces the construction of a new Norwegian flagship production site in Halden. Operations currently located in Sarpsborg city centre, adjacent municipality to Halden, will be transferred to the new site.

Photo: Visualisation of the new Peterson production site in Halden, Norway

Peterson, one of the leading players in the Scandinavian packaging industry, announces the construction of a new Norwegian flagship production site in Halden. Operations currently located in Sarpsborg city centre, adjacent municipality to Halden, will be transferred to the new site. The new factory's efficiency in terms of even higher delivery reliability and shorter delivery times will be a clear win for customers and will keep Peterson at the forefront of innovation in the 4.0 industry of the future.

Ultramodern site thanks to full greenfield rebuild
The new plant in Halden will be unique in the entire region, as the greenfield project enables a state-of-the art set up. For this purpose production equipment will be completely renewed. Finished products will be stored at and distributed from a new high-bay warehouse, fully integrated with all digital production systems. The high-bay warehouse will offer exceptional commercial benefits in terms of delivery reliability and delivery times. Total production capacity will increase significantly. It’s expected to be completed by autumn 2019.

"Peterson has a long history in the Østfold region. Therefore we are very pleased to invest in a brand new factory located in the same area, close to our customers. We will be able to offer our customers improved quality and service levels. The rebuild is a solid long-term investment for the future of Peterson and its customers," said Dan Johannessen, Managing Director of Peterson.

Long-term company vision and strategy reconfirmed.
In 2017, shortly after the acquisition by VPK Packaging Group and Klingele, Peterson already announced an investment program covering the entire Nordic region. Both shareholders now reconfirm their long-term vision and strategy for the Scandinavian market. Through the shared ownership, Peterson also has a significant position in the packaging alliance Blue Box Partners, offering access to a European-wide sustainable packaging network.

"The move of operations from Sarpsborg to Halden will sustain Peterson’s market leading position and give us a unique platform to be at the forefront of innovation, fully equipped to answer the needs of the 4.0 industry," concludes Dan Johannessen.
(Peterson Packaging AS)

Newsgrafik #120414

Pro Carton: Welcome to the New President  (Company news)

At the Pro Carton AGM on 8th June 2018 Roland Rex formally stood down as President of the association after eight years in the role and Horst Bittermann (photo) was duly elected as his replacement. Roland has led the organisation magnificently over his period in charge having been responsible for much change and was the catalyst behind the controversial “cartons don’t create plastic waste” campaign which has become the foundation of Pro Carton’s rather outspoken marketing stance.

Horst Bittermann has a distinguished career history which includes 3 years in private banking and 15 years in retailing in a variety of senior Sales and Marketing roles. He came into the packaging industry ten years ago and is now responsible for the Marketing team at MM Karton as well as for driving the company’s Key Account Management approach to the FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Retail sectors. His experience in classical marketing, communications and research will prove to be a major asset for Pro Carton going forward.

Horst had this to say about his new role:
“I am delighted to be the President of Pro Carton at this exciting time for the cartonboard industry. Pro Carton is the voice for cartonboard and folding cartons – the Natural Choice of Packaging. I believe that we need to communicate the sustainable nature of our products even more intensively, louder and clearer to the brand owners and retailers and ultimately end consumers.
Packaging has to deliver on three main functions, the 3 P’s. Protect the product, promote the sale of the product and protect the environment. Folding cartons support premium and natural appearance on shelf and are an extremely eye-catching medium. Cartons do not leave any long lasting scars on the environment but help to protect it by reducing product damage or food waste.
Cartonboard is made from renewable sources, is biodegradable and is virtually fully recyclable and epitomises the circular economy.
I am fully convinced that cartonboard and folding cartons will be the winner in the coming decade and that Pro Carton can play an important role in achieving that success.”
(Pro Carton)

Newsgrafik #120439

Rockwell Automation, the main sponsor and protagonist of iT’s Tissue 2018 ...  (Company news)

... “The Italian Technology Experience”, the only event of its kind in the world, now in its third edition

From June 25 to 29, the 12 network members of iT’s Tissue will open the doors of their companies to welcome visitors from around the world, demonstrating Italian excellence and quality in the technological tissue production chain. Rockwell Automation, in addition to acting as the main sponsor, will participate in all the open house events with their solutions specifically designed to produce added value.

Always a promoter of the culture of innovation and technological excellence, Rockwell Automation, a global leader in automation products and services, is participating in the third edition of iT’s Tissue as the main sponsor and supplier of solutions specifically designed to produce added value.

This is the third appointment with iT’s Tissue, an event that has grown over the course of each edition. In 2015 the number of operators present at the event had already doubled from the previous event, with 1500 people coming from 70 different countries representing 320 companies, all of whom appreciated the open house formula. This year from June 25 to 29, visitors will once again have the chance to see machines operating where they were designed and built, and to expand their knowledge about the latest innovations in terms of automation solutions developed to support machine manufacturers and end users, helping them to reach ever more challenging efficiency and productivity goals.

There are 12 Network Members of iT’s Tissue: A. Celli, Elettric80, Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini, MTC, OMET, PCMC, Pulsar, Recard, TMC, Toscotec. 12 brand leaders in their sectors, all sharing a desire to promote Italian expertise at a global level, giving life to a district that is synonymous with excellence and quality in the tissue sector. The beating heart of the Tissue Valley, with industrial businesses located in the surrounding area of Lucca, extending to complete the production chains in Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Lecco.

Visitors can organize their tours of the open houses in advance based on their own interests. Specifically, those who want to explore Rockwell Automation solutions for converting can reserve a visit at Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini and PCMC, while those interested in the paper production process can visit A. Celli, Recard and Toscotec. Visitors interested in handling and inspection of product quality aimed at improving line efficiency can visit Pulsar Engineering for palletizing, logistics and complete Elettric80 factory integration, while for packaging, the companies to see are TMC and Fabio Perini with the CASMATIC brand. MTC is the only company where it is possible to see converting solutions for folded products.

All the aforesaid companies have already chosen Integrated Architecture solution by Rockwell Automation for their machines. For the occasion of iT’s Tissue, Rockwell Automation decided to focus attention on some of the concepts that make up the DNA of the company, presenting some new solutions and some integrations on the adopted architectures.

The concept of safety as interpreted by Rockwell Automation, which has always been at the forefront in the world from a perspective of safety solutions for the industrial sector, is expressed through the integration of new functionalities that combine safety and productivity. For example, at Futura it will be possible to see how the Kinetix 5700 ERS4 servomotor associated with new generation safety CPU provides more flexibility in safety system operations – for example, it is possible to work on a machine in maintenance or in configuration by simply slowing it down instead of having to stop the machine completely. This means that production is not interrupted, resulting in increased productivity in the machine without impacting the desired safety level.

Machine designers have always needed to reduce the size of machines and find solutions that allow end users to lower energy costs in machines with particularly elevated power consumption. At Gambini, Fabio Perini and PCMC, visitors can see a prototype of a regenerative solution from the Kinetix 5700 series, the main platform for these types of applications. Today the regenerative unit is presented as a prototype, part of the motion control integrated platform, which in the case of system braking allows recovery of the kinetic energy produced by the stoppage into the power mains network. In addition to permitting reuse of a significant source of energy, responding to an energy savings and sustainability principle, this also allows removal of a separate regenerative unit in favor of more scalable and compact newer generation solutions, resulting in an important reduction in machine dimensions.

Like all of the solutions offered by Rockwell Automation, this new series is flexible and scalable, and the regenerative unit is available in different sizes to answer to a wide range of machine design philosophies. Based on specifications that require application to the entire line or to the single modules that make up the machine, an appropriate power converter can be used, alternating the regenerative unit with a high power PowerFlex 755T AFE -Active Front End– , with a sufficient power rating to be mounted upstream of the entire line, with regenerative units with lower power ratings from the Kinetix 5700 series, which also have the advantage of maintaining the DC bus constant.

It will also be possible to get a first look at the brand new high-power units (Large Frame Drives), which allow covering several applications in a tissue line with the Kinetix 5700 series.

Naturally, these are only some examples of applications and advantages offered by Rockwell Automation. Visitors will be able to chat with Rockwell Automation specialists available to demonstrate the applications and provide detailed information at all 12 companies.
(Rockwell Automation S.r.l.)

Newsgrafik #120459

Henkel Adhesive Technologies at iT’s Tissue 2018  (Company news)

Fulfilling demanding consumer needs – with Henkel’s high-impact tissue solutions

Henkel is proud to present its solutions and demonstrate its commitment to the personal hygiene industry at this year’s iT’s Tissue, to be held in Lucca, Italy, June 25 to 29. Over the past few years, the main focus of Henkel’s product development has been to increase operational efficiency for converters. This year, Henkel is displaying its next generation of products and services supporting converters to meet consumer needs in the fields of health, wellness and comfort. Henkel’s high-impact solutions are aimed at enhancing tissue manufacturers’ products and operations to “be more”: more efficient, more sustainable and more reliable. This year’s innovations by Henkel in the area of sustainability, consumer safety and consumer experience include additives, softeners and fragrances. Furthermore, Henkel will also present the latest novelties for pick-up, tail-sealing, core winding and lamination applications.

iT’s Tissue 2018 is taking place in the heart of the so called “Tuscan Tissue Valley”. 12 of the leading technology companies will host open house events, presenting their latest innovations. At the event, experts from the tissue world will share their knowledge and experience as well as their insights on industry trends. Overall, more than 1,500 industry specialists from over 70 countries and from across all continents are expected to participate in the event. The exhibitions will encompass technologies in tissue making, converting, packaging, handling, palletizing and factory automation.

As a global leader in the adhesives market and an important partner of the industry, Henkel will participate as a gold sponsor and partner in this third event of iT’s Tissue. In collaboration with key industry players such as Perini, Futura, MTC, Omet, and PCMC, Henkel will showcase its high-impact solutions to address the most important topics relating to adhesives and additives. For the first time in Lucca, Henkel will showcase their sensory room. This presentation will create a completely new experience of the products: a wide range of fragrances, product samples of printed paper treated with additives and softeners will be made tangible through smell, sight and touch.

“In the past our adhesive developments in the tissue industry focused on driving efficiency in production and converting processes. Now, our offerings aim at bringing our tissue customer’s products to the next level, by applying deep consumer insights to the development of our solutions – increasing the end product’s value in health, wellness and comfort significantly,” explained Michel Verstraeten, Henkel EIMEA Business Director for Hygiene Adhesives.

His colleague, Francesca Lucca, Henkel Business Manager for Tissue Adhesives Europe, elaborates: “As Henkel’s goal is to deliver unique value to its customers and consumers, a very close relationship with our OEMs and partners within the industry is a vital part of our strategy. We bring our tissue expertise and extended consumer know-how from our Laundry & Home Care, and Beauty Care divisions to generate new insights and propose new solutions to the world of tissue. These combined insights then form the basis for our latest solutions for the tissue industry.” She concludes: “iT’s Tissue is a perfect opportunity for us to enter into a dialog about the coming trends and developments with the different stakeholders in the tissue industry. Hence, we are very happy to be a gold sponsor of the 2018 event.”
(Henkel AG & Co. KGaA)

Newsgrafik #120461

Duni launches fully recyclable coffee mug during the Volvo Ocean Race  (Company news)

Duni is an official supplier of the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg for environmentally adapted products and services at the event's restaurants and dining area. During the event, a unique coffee cup will be launched, and it will be the first in Europe of its kind. For the first time, Duni has managed to create a fiber-based takeaway cup of the compostable bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane, and paper pulp. The mug can be used for a variety of drinks, both hot and cold. Bagasse is a material that breaks down quickly and returns to soil within a few weeks in industrial composting.

"Developing sustainable products has been one of Duni's top priority areas for several years, and today we offer a wide range of alternatives with high design factor under our ecoecho® brand," said Saloni Deva, IR and Communications Manager at Duni. "In bagasse, we have found an incredibly interesting material that we constantly are investigating and testing to get into upcoming product lines. That we have now found a solution to produce one of the most used products - a takeaway coffee mug - is a success in itself, both for Duni and for the environment."

The coffee mug is launched in six sizes, and can be profiled with print.
(Duni AB)

Newsgrafik #120465

ANDRITZ to supply recovery boiler and pre-evaporation system to Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf ...  (Company news) Austria

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf, part of the Smurfit Kappa Group, to supply a HERB recovery boiler and a pre-evaporation plant for its mill in Nettingsdorf, Austria.

The new investments are part of the company’s Future Energy Project, which involves the implemention of sustainable energy initiatives at the Nettingsdorf mill. Start-up of the pre-evaporation plant and the new recovery boiler is scheduled for mid-2019 and mid-2020, respectively.

In addition to reducing emissions, the new HERB recovery boiler will produce more electricity than a traditional one. The boiler for Nettingsdorf will have several advanced features, including a smelt spout robot, an advanced sootblowing control with a hanging parts’ weight change indicator, and a process simulator. The EPC delivery scope covers mechanical equipment, automation, electrification, and instrumentation.

As a boost to energy efficiency at the mill, the new pre-evaporation plant utilizes ANDRITZ’s proven Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) technology to increase the Nettingsdorf mill’s evaporation capacity. MVR units operate with very low specific energy consumption and also produce clean condensate that will be reused in other mill processes to minimize consumption of fresh water.

The new equipment will reinforce the industry-leading position that Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf currently holds due to its low energy consumption. Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf produces kraftliner.
(Andritz AG)

Newsgrafik #120383

Esko further Simplifies Flexo Platemaking  (Company news)

The industry’s only automated flexo prepress and platemaking solution now provides much easier and faster access to plates with the highest quality and consistency

Esko ( introduces two new solutions – the CDI Crystal 4835 and Print Control Wizard – taking its ‘Flexo Simplified’ offer to a completely new level.

Flexo platemaking, in most cases today, is a process with many manual steps that require highly skilled operators to produce the right plate for the right job. These new launches mark the first and only automated flexo platemaking line in the industry, and to streamline the entire process, Esko has made it more automated and much easier to use. This not only improves the productivity of platemaking, it also ensures quality and consistency throughout, and simplifies flexo platemaking considerably.

CDI Crystal 4835 – the easiest to use CTP device
Esko follows the successful introduction of its CDI Crystal 5080 flexo imager with the introduction of the CDI Crystal 4835. This new launch supports the 48x35 inch plate size that is popular with flexo converters and provides the same benefits as the CDI Crystal 5080. The Crystal CDI features automatic plate loading and unloading and is very easy to use. Users report significant benefits in both time and quality. Operators need minimal training and spend 50% less time at the device. In addition, plate waste and plate inconsistencies resulting from manual plate handling are completely eliminated.

An early user of the CDI Crystal 4835, Lene Hoegh Madsen, Prepress Manager at the packaging group Schur in Germany, confirms: “The CDI Crystal and XPS Crystal are very easy to operate. We can train new operators very fast, and that enables us to make plates at night or early in the morning depending on our needs, and not only when our platemaking expert is in.”

CDI Crystal combined with Crystal XPS: ease of use, automation and plate quality consistency
The innovative XPS Crystal exposure unit has been introduced for both the 5080 and 4835 sizes in the past few years. These systems are unique and have received awards for reducing the manual steps from nine steps to just one, and for delivering plates of higher quality and consistency thanks to their unique and patented digitally controlled simultaneous UV light main and back exposure.

Using the CDI Crystal in combination with the Crystal XPS frees up operators from mundane and repetitive tasks. It also means that there is only a single system to monitor.

Print Control Wizard software combined with CDI Crystal XPS: flexo expertise out of the box
The new Print Control Wizard software adds a new level of simplification in the platemaking department. Esko has worked its decades of expertise into an easy-to-use wizard that takes the complexity out of flexo platemaking. Flexo platemaking is now easier to use and easier to learn for everyone, without the need to hire dedicated flexo platemaking experts.

The application goes beyond excellent screening and outputs the right plate fit for purpose based on a range of print run parameters. The plates produced through Print Control Wizard deliver superior print quality; they use a screen and dot gain curves that take into consideration the press, substrates, inks, anilox and other print run parameters.

“The first customers that worked with Print Control Wizard confirm that it is as simple as entering the production parameters in order to get superb screening fit for the print run”, says Robert Bruce, Flexo Product Manager with Esko, “and the print results prove it: the plates last longer on the press and deliver brilliant, consistent quality.”

A quality growth path
Esko’s innovative Crystal line delivers flexo plates with unmatched quality and consistency for all flexo printing applications. The benefits build up along with the configuration:
-CDI Crystal standalone for ultimate ease of use and plate waste reduction
-CDI Crystal combined with the Crystal XPS adds automation and unparalleled plate consistency
-CDI Crystal XPS combined with Print Control Wizard adds flexo know-how out of the box. With this configuration, you can automate the production of consistently high-quality plates without the need for platemaking experts

“Esko has always and will continue to protect customers’ long-term investments,” says Pascal Thomas, Director Prepress and Platemaking. “With these three Crystal quality levels, we offer a transparent and modular growth path for our customers, who can decide what level of quality and automation best fits their business.”

Push the button solution
The combination of the Crystal CDI 4835, XPS 4835 and Print Control Wizard delivers the highest possible quality flexo print results available in the industry today. “As run lengths and deadlines get shorter, converters and premedia need to continuously improve efficiency,” explains Geert De Proost, Director Solutions Marketing at Esko. “By expanding our flexo solution portfolio with these innovations, we simplify flexo platemaking even further. Today it comes yet another step closer to be a simple ‘push the button’ solution.”
(Esko Belgium)

Newsgrafik #120392

Nazdar Ink Technologies fulfils objectives at FESPA 2018  (Company news)

Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced it experienced a positive and successful FESPA 2018, held in the Messe Berlin in May. Following the event, Nazdar says it met its core show objectives of showcasing new and existing products to a broad international audience and developing closer relationships with European partners.

FESPA 2018 had record-breaking attendance figures with more than 33,000 visitors across the four-day event. James MacDonald, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nazdar, comments: "The show was busy, with lots of people showing a significant interest in our stand. The venue itself was excellent and we enjoyed many meetings with customers, dealers, distributors and OEMs.

"FESPA gave us a great opportunity to talk about our wide range of inks and coatings, as well as our new UV-LED products for both inkjet and screen printing. We also had the chance to demonstrate our huge range of industrial screen print products and our new Nazdar 2800 Series Durable Graphic Screen ink. This is one of the first dual-cure UV/UV-LED inks specifically formulated for the durable decal market, offering excellent adhesion on vinyl and print-treated polyesters."

Nazdar also noted an increased number of visitors to its stand looking for advice on application problems that might be solved by switching to Nazdar inks. "People were very interested to find out more about our OEM-compatible wide format inkjet inks, as well as the benefits and compatibilities of our UV-LED ink products. Many people came onto the stand with perplexing print applications in mind which we could address using the excellent InkAnswers technical team based on the stand. This was also a great chance to discuss our worldwide distribution and support model," adds James MacDonald.

Nazdar felt that the key messages coming back to them from visitors were that this was a good show and that they themselves are very busy with good business forecasts. MacDonald continues: "Most of all, they are looking for more ways to improve their production output and profitability; it was great to have the opportunity to explain in detail how Nazdar is superbly placed to help them with this."

FESPA 2018 also provided the ideal opportunity to build relationships with key international partners. MacDonald concludes: "FESPA is an ideal place to catch up with dealers, distributors and OEMs from all over the globe and reaffirm our relationship with them, as well as build several connections. We also engaged with other EU industry associations and media publications. Overall it was a great show and we are very much looking forward to FESPA 2019."
(Nazdar Limited)

Newsgrafik #120402

UPM Raflatac's smart label solution makes recycling smarter than ever  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac combines digitalization with circular economy. By adding RafMore smart label solution to its RafCycle® recycling process, UPM Raflatac is able to optimize the waste collection process from its customers. The smart labels added to the recycling containers and scanned by a mobile app tell when the customers' waste is ready to be collected.

Photo: Per Hasso, Warehouse assistant at Xellia Pharmaceuticals shows how RafMore application works.

RafCycle is a cost efficient waste recycling solution that collects label release liner waste from our partners throughout Europe. The RafMore smart label solution was tested with several RafCycle customers in Denmark and Sweden, and the waste material collected from these customers can be turned into new products at UPM Plattling paper mill in Germany where the paper release liners are de-siliconized and recycled into pulp and paper, closing the loop.

Previously, the waste collection process was done manually, which required a lot of communication between UPM Raflatac and the customers. By combining two innovative solutions, UPM Raflatac makes recycling smarter than ever.

"We now give our RafCycle customers unique codes through which we can track the exact amount of waste and give direct feedback via the RafMore mobile application. This helps us to better manage our logistic processes, making the waste collection process more efficient. By doing so, we offer our customers better service and help them to make more sustainable choices," says Claus Søndergaard, Sales Manager, Denmark, UPM Raflatac.

"We have been using RafCycle for recycling our glassine liners from our production for several years now and it has been a great solution. Recently, we implemented the new RafMore solution which made for logistic efficiency in our warehouse because it moved the planning of RafCycle pickups into the hands of UPM Raflatac. The mobile app itself is easy to install and use. On top of the logistic app solution, we now have a better overview of the total volume that has been moved from waste to a resource," says Per Hasso, Warehouse Assistant, Xellia Pharmaceuticals.

Xellia Pharmaceuticals was an early adopter within the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of the RafCycle program and enter into a circular economy solution for their glassine waste.

RafMore is much more than a label - it is a completely new innovative solution that allows brand owners to turn ordinary product labels into smart packaging that tells an ever-evolving story. Using the latest digital printing technology, RafMore transforms traditional product packaging into connected packaging with a unique traceable identity. UPM Raflatac is planning to take RafMore into use in other countries.

UPM Raflatac leads the label industry with RafCycle®, an innovative recycling concept that offers a new life for label waste. Label recycling provides numerous benefits to printers, packers, brand-owners, and, of course, the environment. UPM Raflatac currently has more than 100 RafCycle customers globally.
(UPM Raflatac Oy)

Newsgrafik #120404

Group CVB Ecologistics acquires paper mill in France  (Company news)

Group CVB Ecologistics has acquired the assets and activities of Papeterie de Raon, a paper mill in Raon L’Etape, France. The mill in Raon, established in 1880, has stopped production in March of this year after it went into receivership.

At the papermill an advanced stock preparation is available to process difficult recyclable grades of recovered paper of which amongst others milk cartons and comparable grades which are often coated both sides and also with foil. Processing these grades has been done already for over 4 decades and since 2010 also the plastic of the consumed liquid packaging is recycled and transformed into raw material which is used for the production of high quality plastic end products.

Restart of production in Raon is planned for the 2nd half of June with 30 experienced paper makers.

With this take-over CVB wants to offer a guaranteed circular solution for pre- and post-consumer liquid packaging. Until the end of last year the volumes of (production) waste liquid packaging supplied by CVB partners/suppliers were sold in China and to Raon. With new legislation for imports into China and the closure of Raon outlet of these difficult recyclable grades were at risk, reason to find for today’s and future suppliers a sustainable solution.

With this forward integration CVB will be able to close the (recycling)loop by using these difficult grades to produce bleached and unbleached packaging paper of 18 to 50 grams.

As part of group CVB Ecologistics the paper mill has been renamed to Raon Circular Regeneration (RCR in short).
(C.V.B. EcoLogistics b.v.)

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Valmet to supply an off-machine multinip calender for UPM Specialty Papers in Germany  (Company news)

Valmet will supply an off-line multinip calender for UPM Nordland Papier at its Dörpen Mill in Germany. The new off-line calender including Valmet's machine control system will be designed to give the final high quality for the demanding release and glassine paper grades after the grade conversion rebuild. The start-up of the machine is scheduled for the end of 2019.

Photo: Shaking hands to seal the deal, from left Esa Happonen (Valmet), Petri Paukkunen (Valmet) and Rolf Bauer (UPM)

The order is included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The total value of an order of this type is typically around EUR 20-30 million.

Technical details about the delivery
Valmet's delivery for the new high-capacity off-line calender will include a calender unwind, an OptiCalender Multinip calender, OptiDry air dryers and a wind-up station. Off-line calender will be equipped with Valmet DNA machine control system.

The multinip calender has 14 nips providing superior quality for the end product. Calendering is effective already in the first nips. Each nip is loaded with the same extreme nip load at high temperatures giving the end product low surface roughness, low oil absorption and high transparency.

The approximately 4,500-mm wide off-machine calender will produce release paper grades with a basis weight range of 48-120 g/m2. The design speed of the machine will be 1,300 m/min.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Nilpeter USA Advances Partner Support in the Northeast Region  (Company news)

Nilpeter is pleased to announce a restructure of our partner support setup in the Northeast region. Effective July 1, 2018, Keith Nagle will be taking over sales responsibilities in the Northeast region from Senior Sales Representative Bob Loescher.

Photo: Keith Nagle takes over sales responsibilities in the Northeast region for Nilpeter USA.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Support
Keith Nagle has been the Nilpeter Digital Product Manager and Technology Manager for the past two years. Prior to that Keith Nagle was an Applications Specialist, and has a long history in Production Management. As a frequent committee chair and speaker at many industry events Keith Nagle brings with him a wealth of knowledge and support to continue Nilpeter’s presence as a preferred solutions provider in the region.

Structure in Place for Continued Success
Bob Loescher has done a tremendous job in maintaining and growing Nilpeter’s market recognition in the region, and leaves behind a great structure, which enables Keith Nagle to continue on with that success. Bob Loescher will be moving on from Nilpeter as he accepts an administrative sales position with Compass Color and Coatings. He will stay on through June to insure a smooth transition and no lapse in partner support.

A Great Asset to the Nilpeter Team
“Bob Loescher has been a great asset to the Nilpeter team. His attention to detail and his professional drive have been second to none. We are sad to see him leave our team but know he is going to a great opportunity and industry partner. There is no better person to step into his role then Keith Nagle, he will hit the ground running without hesitation. Nilpeter is very fortunate to have the depth of resources that continue to make the brand stronger. Nilpeter wishes nothing but success for both these gentlemen” says Paul Teachout, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nilpeter USA.
(Nilpeter USA Inc.)

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New EyeC ProofBook inspects multi-page documents with more speed and precision  (Company news)

With the new version of EyeC ProofBook, printers and their customers inspect multi-page documents like brochures, prospectuses, books and catalogs with greater speed and precision. Inspections are performed five times faster than with the previous model due to a new high-performance scanner and an improved algorithm for locating defects.

The new EyeC ProofBook scans and examines up to 20 pages a minute at 300 dpi. The system compares the front and back of each page against the approved PDF template and shows the operator the suspicious pages for more precise examination of the deviations. The intuitive user interface helps perform a full inspection in just a few clicks and is available in all major languages. The print image quality can be checked at any time and the inspection results traced with the inspection report generated at the end of the inspection.

The EyeC ProofBook has a duplex scanner with an automatic feeder that can take up to 200 pages. The system scans and inspects size A6 to A3 documents at up to 600 dpi and can pull in paper from 35 to 128 g/m². Moreover, regular operation as a flatbed scanner allows random sample inspection of folding boxes, labels and flexible packaging. With additional software options, the system also reads 1D and 2D codes.
(EyeC GmbH)

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Smurfit Kappa expands its range of Bag-in-Box packaging solutions with the launch of its Thermo Bag   (Company news)

Smurfit Kappa, leader in complete Bag-in-Box® packaging solutions, has expanded its range of packaging solutions for the fresh apple juice market.

Smurfit Kappa Bag-in Box® developed the Thermo Bag to meet the specifications of hot filling which is a commonly used processing method in the drinks industry. During hot filling, the product is pressed, filtered, pasteurised, heated and filled at a high temperature to facilitate sterilisation and then immediately cooled for preservation and taste. This method has the advantage of extending shelf life, removing any harmful microorganisms, reducing costs and simplifying the process.

Hot filling is widely used in the production of fresh (not from concentrate) apple juice which has grown increasingly popular due to its freshness and health benefits. Bag-in-Box® packaging is an attractive option for both consumers and producers because in addition to maintaining the product’s quality it is eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Smurfit Kappa’s innovative new Thermo Bag is a barrier bag made from special coextruded PE film (MDPE for thermo-resistance and LLDPE for flexibility) and EVOH for oxygen barrier.

“Thanks to their low carbon footprint and extended shelf life, our Bag-in-Box® products offer a more sustainable choice of packaging for many industries and Smurfit Kappa relentlessly continues to develop higher performance materials for the drinks market,” said Thierry Minaud, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box®.

“The Thermo Bag is bringing competitive advantage to producers and enhanced quality to consumers.”

Smurfit Kappa’s Thermo Bag is a further example of the company’s extensive capabilities in the drinks industry.
(Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box France)

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Iggesund Paperboard announces 150 redundancies  (Company news)

Iggesund Paperboard, a subsidiary within the Holmen group, is currently implementing efficiency measures to secure an efficient business and safeguard the long-term profitability of Iggesund Mill. The redundancies are part of an efficiency package aimed at improving production capacity and reducing costs.

Local negotiations with the affected employee organisations will now begin with a view to completing the cutback in personnel before the end of the year.

- We have a strong position in the global paperboard market, but we need to work proactively to maintain our competitiveness. With this in mind, we are preparing to increase production capacity by around 100 000 tonnes and will now also be conducting a review of the organisation in order to ensure efficient operations and long-term profitability at Iggesund Mill, says Daniel Peltonen, CEO of Iggesund Paperboard.
(Iggesund Paperboard AB)

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Logson Group Completes Acquisition of The Cardboard Box Company  (Company news)

Logson Group, the UK’s largest independent supplier of corrugated packaging, announces the acquisition of the Cardboard Box Company, an independent sheet plant based in Accrington, Lancashire.

The Cardboard Box Company has a turnover of more than £17m and is one of the UK’s best invested sheet plants, with 90 employees.

Peter Street, Owner and Founder of the company, commented; “It has been a great journey since I first entered the packaging sector with the Cardboard Box Company in 1999. I have great trust in the Logson team to guide the business on the next stage of the journey. They know us well and understand the culture we have worked so hard to develop. I look forward to supporting the business in an ambassadorial role for many years to come.

Alex Kelly, CEO of Logson Group added; “Having courted Peter for many years, we are delighted to have finally acquired, what we believe, is one of the UK’s finest sheet plants. The business is well positioned to meet the increasing demands of key high growth sectors including Home Retail, FMCG and POS.

Ken Shackleton Managing Director at the Cardboard Box Company, who will continue to lead the business, commented; “This is a great fit for our business, the Logson approach will allow us to maintain our identity and entrepreneurial flair, backed by the financial strength and scale of the UK’s largest independent corrugated packaging group. We have exciting plans for our business moving forward and this move can only enhance our offering to both new and existing customers.”

The Cardboard Box Company will continue to operate as a stand-alone brand within the Logson Group, joining sister brands of Board24, Boxes and Packaging, Cases24, Boxshop and Jardin Corrugated. Collectively they form a unique mix of companies offering a full range of corrugated packaging solutions from 18 locations across the UK.
(Logson Group)

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Insolvent Paper Manufacturer Feldmuehle Uetersen Is Reorganized  (Company news)

-Subsidiary of Kairos Industries takes over the paper company
-More than 95 percent of jobs have been saved
-Employees waives ten percent of salary by the end of 2019

The Schleswig-Holstein paper company Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH will be transferred to a subsidiary of the Berlin-based Beteiligungsgesellschaft Kairos Industries AG with effect from 15 June 2018 and will be continued in full. ‘Feldmuehle GmbH’ was founded specially for the transfer.

As a result of the refurbishment 400 and thus more than 95 percent of 420 jobs were preserved. The insolvency administrator and restructuring expert Dr. Tjark Thies from the Hamburg law firm Reimer Rechtsanwälte had concluded an acquisition agreement with Kairos in May 2018. This agreement was under several challenging conditions, which were met this week.

"The successful completion of this refurbishment is largely thanks to the dedication, flexibility and responsiveness of the Feldmuehle employees," says Thies. At the end of May 2018, the Feldmuehle Works Council approved a ten percent salary waiver for employees until 31 December 2019, thereby creating an essential prerequisite for the financing of the acquisition. "Such constructive and responsible behavior is not a matter of course even in insolvency proceedings," says Thies. In addition to the restructuring contribution of the employees, the trustworthy cooperation with Ruppert Fux Landmann GmbH, Ernst & Young GmbH and the GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälte mbB also contributed significantly to the successful takeover by Kairos.

Kairos Industries AG is a specialist in takeover and operational support of German medium-sized companies in special situations, as well as Group edge activities and business units with potential for increased earnings. It was supported in the current transaction by lawyers from Morrison & Foerster LLP and Crowe Kleeberg auditing firm from Munich. The acquisition of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH is aimed at a long-term entrepreneurial commitment; and the strategic successful realignment of the company, which began at the end of 2017, will be continued.

Founded in 1904, the traditional company Feldmuehle produces around 250,000 tons of paper annually and filed for insolvency on 24 January 2018, at the district court of Pinneberg. Feldmuehle products are mainly used worldwide for the production of classic print products and in the packaging industry.
(Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH)

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Lecta to Increase Prices by 5% on CWF 1S and Self-Adhesive Ranges  (Company news)

Lecta announces a price increase of 5% on all its CWF 1 side grades and self-adhesive materials.​​​

The price increase is a consequence of the continuous increase in manufacturing costs. The new prices will be effective on deliveries from July 2nd, 2018.

Lecta sales teams are at our customers' disposal to coordinate the price increase implementation.

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Another New PMP Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium Tissue Making Lines for C&S will boost ...  (Company news)

... Chinese tissue market development!

PMP is supporting the dynamic development of one of the leading Chinese tissue producers – C&S with another new Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium Tissue Making Lines!

The partnership between both companies has begun on 30th November 2016 with a contract sign for (3) Tissue Machines design and delivery. The first start-up took place on 7th November 2017 in Tangshan Mill, followed by start-ups in Yunfu mill: TM3 was brought on stream on 17th January 2018 and TM4 on 4th February 2018. With state-of-the-art solutions applied, each TM presents attractive media consumption levels - all of them are on or below guaranteed levels. Thanks to dedication and hard work of both teams currently (3) Tissue Machines are up & running with great results, bringing pride to all involved!

Thanks to successful partnership, at the beginning of 2018, PMP was awarded with repeat orders from C&S to supply other new Tissue Machines.
The idea of whole investment was to expand C&S’ share on the Chinese Tissue market. C&S has decided to execute the project together with PMP, due to excellent references of the state-of-the-art technology implemented by PMP worldwide. Customer has chosen Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium, from a wide span of tissue making solutions offered by PMP. Chosen solution was a perfect match to customer’ expectation, due to premium tissue quality provided from the 1st day, high TM efficiency and high return on the investment, as well as a perfect balance between achieved capacity and optimum energy savings.

With the following new projects on stream step by step, C&S is strengthening its position on Chinese tissue market and its future looks bright.
(PMPoland S.A.)

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Prices to rise on greaseproof papers from Nordic Paper  (Company news)

The company will increase prices on greaseproof papers by 6% on all despatches from 1st July 2018.

Business Unit Sales and Marketing Director, Peter Warren says “Over the past year our business has endeavoured to keep cost inflation to a minimum by driving internal efficiency, reorganising logistics and making targeted investments.
However, our objective is to continue delivering our premium products of Natural Greaseproof and ensure supply stability for our customers. In order to do this, we need to recognise and address these significant developments in our market.”
(Nordic Paper Åmotfors AB)

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Colors & Effects® portfolio grows: BASF invests into capacities and extends color palette for ..  (Company news)

...Paliocrom® effect pigments

-Investment reflects increasing demand, especially in the area of automotive coatings
-New Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 (photo) sets benchmark for golden effects

The demand for effect pigments, which BASF manufactures and sells under its global brand Colors & Effects®, is increasing. By 2020, the company will extend its production capacity for Paliocrom® effect pigments by more than 30%. With this investment of about €15 million to the Ludwigshafen and Besigheim sites in Germany, the company underlines its position as one of the leading suppliers of aluminum-based effect pigments which allow customers to create new, trendy coatings with high-quality effects.

The latest addition to the Paliocrom family is the new grade Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 (future L 2158), which enriches the golden orange-to-red color range. This newly launched product is a highly saturated, mid-shade effect pigment that simultaneously delivers superior travel, gloss, and hiding power, thus supporting modern paint technologies.

Displaying a unique color appearance in thin-film applications, Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 exhibits maximum chroma, lightness, and flop behavior. It also features excellent gassing stability and adhesion with just one universal grade and is suitable for solvent- and water-based systems.

With its exceptional brilliance and unmatched styling options over a wide color range, Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 sets the new benchmark for golden effect pigments.
(BASF SE Paper & Water)

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PMP to supply (2) Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium tissue machines for Baoding Yusen Health ...  (Company news)

... Supplies Co. Ltd (China)!

On 29th March 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed a contract with Baoding Yusen Health Supplies for the delivery of (2) Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium lines.

The (2) Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium will be characterized with 3500mm reel trim, operating speed of 1600 m/min, daily capacity 75 t/d and a basis weight 12.5-31 gsm each. This project will be based on a PMP Integrated Tissue Mill concept, which means 2 machines (left-hand and right-hand) in the same building, a shared control room as well as a warehouse. The same model of right and left hand machines layout in one building is the most compact solution and the two machines can share a common spare parts base. As a result, both space and costs are saved as well as number of personnel required to run the installations. At the same time high production flexibility plays a significant role in achieving top installations effectiveness.

The PMP’s scope of supply will cover for each machine: the single layer Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic Headbox, 4-roll Intelli-Former® Crescent Former, Intelli-Press® equipped with Intelli-SPR® dia 1400 mm which will maximize the amount of water removed from the sheet, 16ft Steel Intelli-YD®, Intelli-Hood® (YD cap type) and Intelli-Reel®. In addition, PMP will provide mechanical drives, electrical drives, lubrication system, steam & condensate system, dust & mist removal systems (on machine parts only), DCS and control system. The PMP team will also provide erection supervision and technological start-up.

The new project will be implemented based on the Optimum Cost Solution philosophy by executing the tissue machine fully designed in Europe (PMPoland), manufacturing of the key components such as a hydraulic headbox and a steel Yankee in Europe, and the remaining manufacturing, as well as tissue machine pre-assembly and tests completed at the PMP Center of Excellence: PMP IB, Changzhou (China). This combination allows to lower a cost of investment for the customer, while maintaining the premium quality of the equipment supplied. Both machines will start-up by the end of 2019.
With the excellent performance of operating reference and continuous new orders, PMP Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc Technology has been recognized worldwide to be a high-quality, high-efficient and ultra-low consumption solution for tissuemakers.

Year by year, PMP increases its presence in China through implementation of projects for both tissue & paper customers. Only in the last decade in Mainland China, PMP provided 16 CF tissue machines and 28 capital machine rebuilds both in tissue and paper side, including core technological units such as Intelli-Jet V® Headboxes, Intelli-Nip® Shoe Presses, Intelli-Sizer® Size Presses, etc. Combination of a state-of-art technology and rich experience of PMP and convenient local service from PMP IB results in smart integration of assets & competences. This way PMP Intelli-Tissue® tissue solutions bring excellent support for its users daily.
(PMPoland S.A.)

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Accrol is delighted to announce it has become the first UK tissue converter to offer customers a plastic-free solution on all its products, which include toilet roll, kitchen roll and facial tissues.

The Group has worked closely with its supply partners over the last six months to develop a new, commercially viable and environmentally beneficial paper wrap packaging solution for all its products. Accrol is now offering this plastic-free packaging to its customers, which include the major discounters and grocery retailers, enabling them to help consumers reduce single-use plastic consumption.

Plastic packaging has become the industry standard on tissue products over the last 30 years. Accrol's move to offer the first plastic-free tissue packaging solution has been driven by high profile campaigns, like Sky Ocean Rescue, Ocean Recovery Alliance and Clean Seas, on the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Gareth Jenkins, CEO of Accrol, said: "Following numerous campaigns highlighting the damage caused by plastic waste, we were determined to offer our customers and, ultimately, shoppers a viable paper wrap alternative. This packaging is now available to all our customers. We are determined to lead the tissue industry in the UK and will achieve this by listening closely to our customers and reacting rapidly to their changing needs. I hope that our commitment to offering plastic-free tissue products and reducing the impact of the industry on the environment will encourage others in our sector to follow suit."

Dan Wright, Chairman of Accrol, added: "I am delighted that the team has been able to develop a viable and sustainable alternative for our industry. This marks a step change for the business, retailers and consumers."
(Accrol Papers Ltd)

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Grafoprojekt expands production horizon with Europe’s first Ricoh Pro™ T7210  (Company news)

Croatian general commercial print service provider Grafoprojekt is embracing new production opportunities after investing in Europe’s first Ricoh Pro T7210 UV flatbed solution, supplied by Ricoh partner Eurocop. The 100 square metres per hour Greenguard certified system has allowed the operation to explore new markets and win new business.

Founded in 1988, the family owned operation with ten employees, supports a broad client base. Its wide variety of services range from brochures, leaflets, posters, catalogues, labels, business cards and books to standalone advertising signage, billboards and stands.

Goran Božanić, owner of Grafoprojekt says: “We continuously monitor market trends and invest in the latest technologies to enable us to better support our clients’ requirements. We have established a strong reputation for a fast, reliable and high quality service. The Pro T7210 is helping us to continue to deliver that while enabling us to move into new market sectors. One of our first jobs was for interior panels for a hotel. The client was very happy with the results and we are excited to be able to expand our services in this way.”

Graham Kennedy, Head of Commercial Inkjet Business, Commercial & Industrial Printing Group, Ricoh Europe, comments: “The ProT7210 is a highly versatile system. Its ability to handle a wide range of substrates and sizes allows commercial and industrial printers to take a more creative market approach. With it they can very easily broaden their print production horizons, develop new markets and win new business.”
(Ricoh Europe PLC)

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ANDRITZ achieves remarkable results for premium tissue at its PrimeLineTIAC  (Company news)

The ANDRITZ PrimeLine Tissue Innovation and Application Center (PrimeLineTIAC) in Graz, Austria, has developed very successfully since its official launch in March 2018.

Many international and renowned customers from the pulp and paper industry as well as from research laboratories and universities have visited the world’s most modern research center for tissue – with the focus on trials and test runs, for example to optimize fibers for a specific product, improve product qualities, increase dryness, and reduce energy consumption, in order to develop new products and processes in the tissue sector. ANDRITZ has also carried out several R&D projects and achieved remarkable results.

Since the plant was started up, the pilot facility has been operating with conventional tissue grades. New ANDRITZ products such as the latest shoe press technology, PrimePress XT Evo, have been developed successfully, and existing products and technologies, like the ANDRITZ Vertical CrescentFormer (VRT), have been optimized. The Vertical CrescentFormer produces conventional tissue grades with lower energy consumption and better sheet quality.

At the beginning of 2018, the PrimeLineTIAC pilot plant was reconfigured to operate in textured mode. Now, just a few months later, ANDRITZ is able to present remarkable results in this field that clearly surpass the results of similar technologies on the market. Furthermore, the first customers have conducted successful trials to improve TAD operations. Within the next few months, internal R&D trials at ANDRITZ will concentrate on different configurations and developments for the production of textured and structured tissue, with the focus on reducing investment and operating costs.

“Our PrimeLineTIAC enables us to operate independently of third-party intellectual property and/or R&D facilities. It also ensures that we can use ANDRITZ technologies globally without any restrictions. These are very important advantages for our customers and ourselves,” says Klaus Blechinger, VP and Head of the ANDRITZ Tissue Product Group.

With its new PrimeLineTIAC, international technology group ANDRITZ offers utmost flexibility to customers and other stakeholders by covering all tissue grades required by the market. The pilot plant features various configurations for the production of conventional, textured, and structured (TAD) tissue. It is available to tissue producers and suppliers, research and development companies, universities, and also for ANDRITZ’s own R&D activities.

Metris PrimeControl E – THE Digital IIoT SOLUTION FOR TISSUE
To optimize and monitor the R&D activities and trials, as well as to develop new, pioneering solutions for OPP (Optimization of Process Performance), ANDRITZ has installed its own Metris PrimeControl E hardware and software at the PrimeLineTIAC. It is used to monitor and control the different pilot machine configurations as well as the stock preparation and includes alarm management, advanced reporting, drive systems, quality control systems, and remote support. Special condition monitoring equipment and features identify imminent faults or malfunctions in the machinery, and the relevant information is visualized directly at the production line with the aid of augmented reality. Reports on energy and resource efficiency capabilities are available to monitor and optimize consumption of energy and other resources. Metris PrimeControl E is available for every ANDRITZ tissue machine supplied.

The PrimeLineTIAC is sponsored by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG as part of its R&D infrastructure promotion program.
(Andritz AG)

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Lecta Commits to Solar Energy at Its Condat Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare mill  (Company news)

The new solar thermal power plant will be the largest in France.

In keeping with its commitment to the environment and increased energy efficiency, Lecta has announced its participation in an innovative renewable energy project to harness solar radiation for thermal power to be used in manufacturing processes at its Condat Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare mill.

With the help of an expert specialized in the installation of thermal power plants for the paper industry, starting this fall Lecta will have thermal solar power from the plant with a capacity of 3.4 MWth. Its total surface area will be 1.4 hectares, with 45,434 square feet of solar panels deployed on the surrounding land and an ability to provide around 3,900 MW/year of energy. Panels with solar trackers, mechanical devices that orient the collectors, will follow the position of the sun during the day and convert the sun's rays into thermal energy that will be sent to the mill as hot water.

Given the environmental benefits, including reduced gas consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as increasing the value of undeveloped land, job creation and, most importantly, promoting renewable energy in the New Aquitaine region with what will be the largest thermal solar power plant in France, the project has received the support of ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), which is financing 65% of the costs.

After the completion of the initial phase, which included its presentation to the local administration and securing the required licenses, the land is now being prepared for construction within the expected timeframe, with completion initially anticipated for September of this year.

With this project at its French mill, Lecta consolidates its position as an environmentally responsible company committed to solar energy as a sustainable, renewable resource, supporting its innovative use in manufacturing processes. ​

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The careful choice of material is the key to success  (Company news)

Choosing a paperboard for a sophisticated packaging based on the kilo price can be like shooting yourself in the foot. What appears cheap can turn out to be expensive when you also consider how the material functions in the production process and what the end result looks like on the retail shelf.

When Vincenzo Leara of Gpack Group was asked to produce the packaging for the Carolina Herrera fragrance range Good Girl, he was asked to do a test. Test runs of the same packaging were done first with a well-reputed single-ply paperboard and then with the multi-ply Invercote from Iggesund Paperboard. When the results could be compared, the choice clearly fell on Invercote.

Photo: When Vincenzo Leara produced the same packaging using first Invercote (to the left) and then a well-reputed single-ply paperboard, the difference became obvious.

The packaging series for Good Girl requires 12 different production stages. They include gold foil stamping, embossing, partial flockage, foil stamping on flockage, negative embossing and die cutting.

“The raw material’s dimensional stability, durability and creasing ability were particularly important in this case,” Vincenzo explains. “In a multi-stage production process, the dimensional stability is decisive – if the material moves even a fraction, you can have a misregister late in the process. Then you lose everything, both the material and all the work you’ve done.”

He has over a decade’s experience of producing packaging with extremely high quality demands. Gpack, where he works, has over 50 years of experience. Vincenzo is one of the people who do not immediately consider the material’s price per kilo. Instead, he considers what is called the total cost of ownership.

“With cheaper and often lower quality material, the cost of the material is of course lower,” he says. “But if you also consider the machine set-up time between the various stages, the risks of rejects and of having something go wrong, then the more expensive and higher quality material can easily turn out to be cheaper when you take everything into account.”

The Carolina Herrera fragrance brand is owned by Puig a third-generation family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona, which originally suggested Invercote, but which also considered the results of the test runs. The decisive factors were the appearance of the creases and also how well defined the edges of the flockage were, which was considered to be important to the packaging’s ability to catch the consumer’s eye at the point of sale.

“Overall we select our foldings brands as prescriptors, in cooperation with our printing partners, but we make the final decisions on which materials to use,” mentions Puig.

“The visible differences represent what you can experience between how a single-ply and how a multi-ply paperboard behave,” Vincenzo Leara continues. “And in my eyes Invercote performed best in terms of structure and resistance.”

The background for this lies in the increased possibilities of variation that result from the multi-ply production process, underlines Invercote product manager Edvin Thurfjell:
“We can control the paperboard’s properties by varying the fibre composition of the different layers. That option is not available to manufacturers of single-ply paperboard.”

Gpack Group was previously called Cartotecnica Goldprint but changed its name in the autumn of 2017. It has four production plants in Italy, one in Poland and the last one is in France: the company Alliora, with a total of 480 employees and a global turnover of over €85 million.
(Iggesund Paperboard AB)

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Océ enters the packaging market with the Océ LabelStream 4000 series  (Company news)

Changing market dynamics are the driving force behind the growth of the packaging industry. Orders for smaller quantities are placed more often. Producers and retailers are looking for ways to reduce waste and costs. The lead time from production to final sales to the consumer has to be shorter and shorter. Producers and retailers want to differentiate themselves from the competition.

To address this growing industry, Océ entered the packaging and label printing market on 5 June 2018, with the launch of the Océ LabelStream 4000 series. With this new digital Océ press, labels can be personalized and printed in small batches. Based on an average label size, the printer can produce 480 labels per minute, or 28,800 labels per hour.

The Océ LabelStream 4000 series printer is based on inkjet technology and can produce short runs on a cost-efficient basis for specific products, customers or target groups. The digital printing of packaging and labels also offers opportunities to print personalized messages for custom advertising. Canon and Océ have 35 years of experience in digital inkjet technology and are now bringing this knowledge to the growing market for packaging.

The launch of the Océ LabelStream 4000 series is part of an ongoing Océ program for the development of new inkjet production printers. Examples are the Océ VarioPrint i300 in 2015 and the Océ Colorado 1640 and Océ ProStream 1000 in 2017.

All these products are part of Canon’s strategy to grow in the commercial print market. Océ plays an important role in this strategy. “Aggressive investments in R&D are important for the next 3 years,” said Toshizo Tanaka, CFO of Canon Inc. at the beginning of this year. Océ spends €160 million annually on R&D and is one of Canon’s leading research centers around the world.
(Océ Holding B.V.)

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PCMC launches enhanced anti-bounce functionality for Fusion presses  (Company news)

The patent-pending SteadyPrint technology monitors and reduces bounce in real time

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), part of Barry-Wehmiller, is pleased to announce the launch of SteadyPrint, a new anti-bounce feature that is now part of the Fusion series of flexographic presses. SteadyPrint helps to mitigate the challenges of bounce and further enhance the Fusion’s ability to produce high-quality output through a wide speed range.

“Printers have historically faced challenges with printing certain bounce-causing attributes of brand images,” shared Dave Wall, PCMC’s Printing, Coating and Laminating Value Stream Leader. “Through a complete review of mechanical and controls design, the team has developed a design package that will help to mitigate those challenges.”

SteadyPrint enhances the design of mechanical elements to minimize the effects of forces experienced during printing. The technology monitors and reduces bounce in real time, reduces press vibration and noise, and allows printing through speed ranges without changing impression.

“PCMC always takes the time to listen to and learn from the industry and our customers,” said Rodney Pennings, PCMC’s Printing, Coating and Laminating Sales Director. “This new technology is something that our customers were telling us was a need. We’re excited to be able to offer this addition to our presses.”

SteadyPrint will be a standard feature on all Fusion presses moving forward. Customers can view this technology in person during Impact, an event hosted by PCMC at its Green Bay headquarters on August 22, 2018.
(PCMC Paper Converting Machine Company)

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BillerudKorsnäs joins fight against ocean litter, announces U.S. events  (Company news)

Global leader in sustainable packaging material says ocean litter is among top concerns for consumers in megacities

BillerudKorsnäs, a sustainability leader in the global packaging industry and provider of packaging solutions, is encouraging action against ocean litter in a series of just-announced U.S. events, in theme with this year's World Oceans Day. The Swedish company has outlined an ambitious mission to challenge conventional packaging and bring more sustainable practices to the industry.

"Between the growing chorus from consumers to address single-use packaging waste to reports from ocean researchers on declining ocean health, the problem of ocean litter has reached critical awareness," said Peter Malmqvist, BillerudKorsnäs Marketing Director, Americas. "What we need now is collaboration for sustainable development."

BillerudKorsnäs will bring together business leaders and consumers in a series of U.S. events as part of its mission to challenge conventional packaging, as well as its partnership with Tara Expeditions Foundation, a floating research institute studying the ecological crisis in the oceans on a globe-traversing schooner.

Events and meeting places for a sustainable future include:
• Challenge 2018, Portland (July 8-9):
o BillerudKorsnäs partners with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) to host public tours of Tara Expeditions' vessel
o Business and community leaders convene to explore how science and sustainability can improve environmental conditions through innovation in packaging
• Challenge 2018, New York (September 19-21):
o BillerudKorsnäs and Tara Expeditions Foundation sail to the East Coast to host a series of tours and talks on packaging sustainability, consumer preferences and brand loyalty
• Challenge 2018, Boston (September 26-28):
o BillerudKorsnäs, in cooperation with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Tara Expeditions Foundation, host industry education and networking events in conjunction with SPC Advance (members-only event)

In addition, the events will address findings from a global panel of more than 3,000 consumers in 16 megacities on consumer attitudes toward sustainability, which found ocean litter among the top three concerns. The survey also found that consumers are willing to change their behavior in order to create a more sustainable future in their cities.

"Together with researchers, the business community and politicians, we can achieve more sustainable development," said Malmqvist. 

Packaging and Sustainability Progress
BillerudKorsnäs also has a program to help global brand owners gain control of their Asia-Pacific packaging needs while achieving significant operational and environmental savings.

"For instance, brands can realize up to 40 percent savings in freight shipping costs by minimizing air – unnecessary space – in corrugated containers," notes Tor Lundqvist, Head of Americas, Corrugated Solutions. "This makes for a smarter supply chain and is one piece to the sustainable packaging puzzle."

BillerudKorsnäs' climate goals have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, which was initiated by the UN, WWF and the World Resources Institute, to assist the world's companies adopt climate targets in accordance with the United Nations' Paris Agreement.

Earlier this year, BillerudKorsnäs, in collaboration with LafargeHolcim, also introduced the D-Sack, a dissolvable sack for cement and other construction materials. Similar to detergent pods tossed into washing machines, this innovative paper sack gets tossed into cement mixers with its content and dissolves during the mixing process, thus minimizing cement waste, eliminating packaging waste and ensuring a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace.

The D-Sack demonstrates how challenging conventional packaging can positively reduce litter and support a more sustainable future.
(BillerudKorsnäs AB (publ))

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BW Papersystems acquires QUESTEC technology  (Company news)

The acquisition adds technology for the converting of lightweight materials

BW Papersystems, part of Barry-Wehmiller and a leading manufacturer for the corrugating, sheeting and paper-converting industries, has acquired the QUESTEC technology from Ph-QUESTEC, based in Germany. Adding this specialized, innovative rotary crosscutting technology—which serves the printing industry, and has special lightweight paper and film applications—will perfectly complement BW Papersystems’ already robust sheeting and paper-converting product and technology offerings. The transaction, Barry-Wehmiller’s 106th acquisition, became final June 1, 2018.

The talented team members associated with the QUESTEC technology will find a new home as part of BW Papersystems’ operations in Germany, contributing and sharing their valuable knowledge with the global team.

“We are excited about integrating the QUESTEC technology into our sheeting product line,” said Patrick Walczak (photo), BW Papersystems Senior Vice President Sales, White and Blue Paper. “Not only does it provide opportunities to enhance our offerings for inline reel-fed printing, but it also helps us serve new markets, such as plastic film-cutting, cut-to-register applications for labels and other single-web specialty products.”

The unique QUESTEC technology successfully handles and cuts very thin web-based paper and film grades. For the inline-printing industry, as well as the specialized plastic-film industry, both the standalone and integrated QUESTEC crosscutting and contact-free sheet transport solutions provide precise, versatile production options.

“Our BW Papersystems product portfolio continues to get broader and more diverse,” said Neal McConnellogue, President of BW Papersystems. “But, I am even more grateful for the addition of the knowledge, talent and legacy of our new QUESTEC team members.”

Added Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO: “I am excited to welcome our new team members and share our people-centric culture with them, as we continue to enhance and grow BW Papersystems’ offerings.”
(BW Papersystems, Inc.)

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ANDRITZ to reconfigure TMP bleach plant for Kruger Trois-Rivières  (Company news)

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Kruger’s Trois-Rivières Mill, located in Québec, Canada, for a major reconfiguration of their TMP (thermo-mechanical pulp) peroxide bleach plant.

Start-up is scheduled for the final quarter of 2018.

Photo: An existing ANDRITZ twin wire press will be converted from an LC to an MC headbox. © ANDRITZ

The scope of supply includes:
-Delivery of new ANDRITZ components: HC mixer, HC bleach tower discharge system, two MC pumps
-One reconditioned pulp screw press
-Upgrade of two existing twin wire presses to achieve a higher production rate
-Modification of one existing ANDRITZ twin wire press to move the drive to the other side
-Basic engineering, erection supervision, as well as commissioning and start-up assistance are also part of the ANDRITZ scope.

Kruger decided to place this order with ANDRITZ because of the longstanding excellent business relationship between the two companies, ANDRITZ’s full process capabilities, and its flexibility to use new as well as used and rebuilt components.
(Andritz AG)

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PMP to provide core technological items to JSC Mayak, Russia!  (Company news)

At the beginning of 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed two contracts with JSC Mayak (Russia), for a delivery of Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and Intelli-Sizer® puddle size press. Both items will be implemented at MP2 located in Penza, Russia.

The investment on PM2 rebuild, will allow JSC Mayak to produce high performance products (fluting, testliner made of 100% OCC) that will be converted into packaging boxes for various industrial use. At the same time the investment will rise company's competitiveness at Russian P&P Market to a higher level.

The main goal of the project is to bring the new quality of production process and final product. A new PM2 will perform at the operating speed of 450 m/min with the reel trim of 2900 mm.

PMP will deliver a state-of the-art, 4 channel Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox will bring excellent formation and production flexibility (basis weight range of 80-220 gsm). PMP’s Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox technology has become an iconic solution in the Pulp & Paper industry.

PMP’s scope of supply also includes Intelli-Sizer® puddle size press, with maximum nip pressure of 60 kN/m, to improve sheet quality and increase web tensile strength. Intelli-Sizer® will be equipped with air-turn system, which will significantly improve PM’s runnability. In addition, PMP will cover erection supervision, start-up and commissioning assistance, as well as operation and maintenance trainings.

The delivery, installation, and start-up for both items are scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2019.
(PMPoland S.A.)

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Futura: remarkable revelations for iT's Tissue  (Company news)

The anticipation is building at Futura as it prepares to reveal a series of innovations and a super-focused service organization at FuturaLab, with its full-size, R&D converting line during iT’s Tissue in Lucca, June 25-29.
Futura’s open house during iT’s Tissue will center on built specifically for research and development.

A snapshot of innovations to be presented at It’s Tissue includes: a unique automatic reel handling and processing system which is safer, more effective and less dependent on manual operations; advanced dust control which minimizes downtime therefore maximizes overall equipment effectiveness (OEE); new standards in automation and process control; and leadership in Industry 4.0 integration.

Head of Technology and FuturaLab, Giovacchino Giurlani, said: “The ambition remains to produce a better roll more efficiently. What is changing is that to achieve this depends not only on all the adjustments and refinements possible on a converting line, but on gathering data and analysis and using this in a smart way to optimize the lines via advanced process control.”

Futura sees its role in the market as pushing the technological boundaries in consumer and professional tissue markets worldwide, while providing innovative services representing a focused new approach.

With a large number and variety of converting lines now operating throughout the world, Futura’s ProCare service and spare parts provision is evolving to ensure industry-leading support now and in the future. All will be revealed during iT’s Tissue, but a key appointment is that of Simone Graunar who, having built up considerable experience of customer service with Futura, has taken on the role of Futura’s Customer Care Manager Worldwide.
(Futura S.p.A.)

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Successful Print4All for Koenig & Bauer  (Company news)

-Service drive in the Flexotecnica “Active Corner”
-Flexotecnica at Print4All
-Wipak Iberica wins at FTA Europe Diamond Awards 2018
-Growth market flexo printing

Photo: Established and new service offerings were presented in the KBA-Flexotecnica “Active Corner” at Print4All

Print4All in Milan was a success for Koenig & Bauer. The so-called “Active Corner” at the trade fair showcased existing service offerings which have been successfully implemented in web offset presses. These products have now been adopted in Flexotecnica’s product portfolio and will be offered by the Koenig & Bauer subsidiary. It was also shown, for example, how press faults can be corrected faster with the help of augmented reality data glasses. With the data glasses, Koenig & Bauer remote maintenance specialists can see in real time what the customers’ service technician can see on site and possible faults can be remedied. What is more, a raft of new integrated solutions aimed at minimising makeready and waste were presented as well as further optimisations to improve quality and reduce energy consumption.“The feedback we got was entirely positive. The services, quality and new developments regarding our presses were well received by our customers,” says Stefano Squarcina, sales and marketing director at Flexotecnica.

“BEST IN SHOW” Award for Wipak Iberica
The Diamond Awards have been awarded during Print4All for the second time after 2016 by FTA Europe. The big winner of the evening was Wipak Iberica. The company scooped awards in the categories “FLEXO PRINT ON FILM - WIDE WEB” and “BEST IN SHOW“ for the best printwork out of all participating companies. The print samples entered were printed on a Evo XD from KBA-Flexotecnica. Stefano Squarcina: “We are thrilled that Wipak Iberica won two awards for printwork produced on our machines“. FTA Europe was founded in 2015. It represents the common interests of the European flexo industry and also provides a common platform for European flexo associations to promote knowledge exchange, collaboration and alignment.

Wipak produces high-quality packaging solutions
The Wipak Group develops and manufactures highly innovative premium-quality packaging solutions for food products and medical instruments and devices. Wipak is part of the packaging division of the Finnish Wihuri Group, which employs more than 5,000 highly qualified professionals all over the world. The comprehensive services and technical support in the fields of product development, packaging design and film printing offered by the company form the pillars of its company strategy.
(KBA-Flexotecnica S.p.A.)

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Velvet Care has a new owner - Abris Fund is the new majority shareholder in the company  (Company news)

We are pleased to announce that on May 28, 2018, the transaction to acquire the majority of shares of Velvet CARE Sp. z o.o. by Abris Capital Partners fund has been finalized. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has approved this transaction. Thus, a new era in the history of our company begins.

Photo: Artur Pielak, President of the Board of Velvet CARE Sp. z o. o.

The acquisition procedure of majority shares of Velvet CARE, the leading manufacturer of cellulose personal hygiene products, by the Abris fund has just been completed and this means further strengthening of our company's dynamic development strategy, including international expansion within the Central and Eastern Europe region.

"We are pleased that from the moment of signing the contract, we have managed to successfully close the acquisition of Velvet CARE in less than three months. Our approach to this investment is consistent with our long-term investment strategy - make Velvet CARE a leading player in Central Europe. We are convinced that together with such an experienced team as Velvet CARE has, we will achieve this goal in a few years. " - says Paweł Gieryński, Managing Partner at Abris Capital Partners. Artur Pielak, President of the Board of Velvet CARE Sp. z o. o., comments: "One of our key principles inscribed in the company's DNA is to focus on the dynamic company development and on achieving ambitious goals. Therefore, we feel responsible for the selection of business partners who will help us to fulfill these goals. While opening the next chapter in the company's history, this time with our new partner Abris Capital Partners, we share a similar approach to business. We will continue to focus on international expansion through the acquisition of strategic entities in our region, as well as through organic development in selected markets of Western Europe."
(Velvet Care Sp. z o.o.)

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Mondi wins Eurosac Grand Prix 2018 for e-commerce packaging   (Company news)

Mondi, the global packaging and paper Group, has won the Eurosac Grand Prix at the 2018 Eurosac Congress for MailerBAG in Malta. A paper bag designed to lower the logistic costs and simplify the shipping process. Eurosac is a trade federation that represents the European multiwall paper sack industry.

Catherine Kerninon, General Delegate of Eurosac, commented, “Our jury chose Mondi’s MailerBAG as this year’s Grand Prix winner not just because of its innovative characteristics, but also because it is a clever solution for a huge growing market.”

MailerBAG is a solution that can take the shape of the packed goods reducing the volume that is being transported and as a result the high logistic costs e-retailers face. Moreover, the paper is a more stable material on the conveyor belts at the logistic centres and needs no time to be prepared and filled.

What makes the bag unique and different than other similar market solutions is its ability to be easily closed and returned, due to its flap with a double adhesive strip with release liners. The first adhesive strip securely closes the package for shipment, and the second can be used to reclose the mailer and send the item back in the same packaging.

Made of one-ply, high-performance sack kraft paper in brown or white, MailerBAG also rates highly on sustainability for its light weight, renewable material, recyclability and reusability. It is available in folded or pinch bottom construction, with or without gusset and a patent is pending.

The Grand Prix 2018 was presented on 25th May to Claudio Fedalto, Sales & Marketing Director, Mondi Industrial Bags, by the president of Eurosac at its annual congress held this year in Malta.

Claudio Fedalto said, “We expect constant fast growth in the e-commerce sector and have been working on specially adapted packaging solutions to meet these trends. With our paper bag, our customers in e-commerce have a highly efficient and sustainable paper mailer for their products – one that will please their own customers with the convenience of fast and easy returns.”

Mondi’s MailerBAG also offers to our customers the possibility of premium branding – an important advantage in highly competitive markets. Compared to plastic based solutions, the paper bags can be printed with a great variety of colours for more sophisticated graphic designs. Customers also have the option of choosing a laminated outer ply for a luxurious appearance.
(Mondi Bags Austria GmbH)

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Valmet hires nearly 400 young people as summer trainees in Finland  (Company news)

This summer, nearly 400 students will work as summer trainees in Valmet's locations in Finland. Additionally, young people from elementary and high schools will work at the company through a Finnish summer job program aimed at getting to know working life.

Valmet will employ summer trainees in 16 locations, with the largest number of trainees located in Tampere and Jyväskylä. Most of the summer employees, over 220, will work in engineering, customer service, sales, marketing, product development and financial administration. Around 40 percent of the summer trainees will be employed in the production facilities.

"We are excited to welcome so many young people to join us as trainees for the summer. We can offer them a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain working experience in a global, rapidly developing company. In return, the trainees provide us with new approaches and fresh ideas. We hope that this experience will inspire and motivate our trainees to become future professionals in the pulp, paper and power industry as well as automation," says Julia Macharey, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Valmet.

Valmet supports the Responsible Summer Job 2018 campaign
For the fourth consecutive year, Valmet is participating in the Responsible Summer Job campaign organized by T-Media and the Economic Information Office (TAT) in cooperation with corporate partners. The target of the campaign is to challenge companies to increase the amount and quality of summer jobs offered in Finland. Valmet wants to promote responsible practices to ensure the trainee periods are safe and fair, and to give meaningful opportunities and experience to the trainees.
(Valmet Corporation)

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IKEA and Neste take a significant step towards a fossil-free future  (Company news)

IKEA and Neste are now able to utilize renewable residue and waste raw materials, such as used cooking oil, as well as sustainably-produced vegetable oils in the production of plastic products. The pilot at commercial scale starts during fall 2018. It will be the first large-scale production of renewable, bio-based polypropylene plastic globally.

IKEA wants to have a positive impact on people and the planet while growing the business, which includes using more renewable and recycled materials and explore new materials for IKEA products. As part of this journey, IKEA is working to change all of the plastic used in IKEA products to plastic based on recycled and/or renewable materials by 2030.

Plastic is traditionally made from virgin fossil materials, which contribute to climate change and is a finite resource. By changing to plastic based on renewable material, IKEA can secure the production for the future, and eliminate the need for extraction of fossil fuel for the purpose of making plastic.

One of the ongoing projects towards eliminating virgin fossil-based raw materials in plastic products is a collaboration between IKEA and Neste, which was initiated in 2016. Thanks to this collaboration, IKEA and Neste are now able to turn waste and residue raw materials, such as used cooking oil, as well as sustainable vegetable oils into polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) plastic. PP and PE plastic are some of the most commonly used plastic.

“This new material represents a significant step towards a fossil free future. No one has ever before been able to produce PP plastic from a fossil-free raw material other than on a laboratory scale. Together with Neste, we are ensuring that there is an opportunity to scale up the production of this material”, says Erik Ljungblad, Category Manager Plastic Products at IKEA of Sweden.

“The production of bio-based plastics at a commercial scale is a major achievement in the cooperation between Neste and IKEA, while it also marks a significant milestone in Neste’s strategy. IKEA is the first company to benefit from the developed supply capability that helps companies and brand owners towards replacing fossil-based raw materials with sustainable bio-based raw materials,” says Senior Vice President Tuomas Hyyryläinen from Neste’s Emerging Businesses business unit.

The pilot at commercial scale of PP and PE plastic, chosen to contain 20 percent renewable content, will start during fall 2018. The production of bio-based plastics will be based on Neste’s 100 percent renewable hydrocarbons. IKEA will use the new plastic in products that are part of the current product range, such as plastic storage boxes, starting with a limited number of products. As capacities improve, more products will follow.
(Neste Corporation)

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Recycled paper bottles expected to hit supermarket shelves  (Company news)

The Choose Water bottle, developed by a British scientist James Longcroft, aims to replace plastic bottles and help save the world’s oceans from plastic waste.

The outer case is made from 100% recycled sustainably sourced paper pulp, while the waterproof inner lining is made from fully biodegradable and sustainable materials – the exact details of the composition is a closely guarded secret whilst patents are still pending. The company claims the inner lining is actually beneficial to the environment, neutralising soil acidity and providing nutrients to aquatic environments.

All elements of the bottle will fully biodegrade within ‘a few months’, whether they end up in the ocean or landfill. They don’t leave behind toxic micro-particles, or leach heavy metals into the environment

The steel cap on the bottle will also rust and fully decompose within a year whereas, plastic usually takes hundreds of years to break down.

Longcroft, who lives in Scotland, is finalising patents and started crowdfunding in order for the bottles to be mass produced and stocked in supermarket shelves. He has raised just over £35,000 and expects the water bottle to be launched in September 2018.

According to The Times, he hopes the bottles will be sold for about 85p and 90p so that they become a worthwhile alternative to plastic.

And it doesn’t stop there. Not only is the bottle completely biodegradable and sustainable, the brand also donates 100% of its profits to go to Water for Africa, helping provide clean water to thousands.
(Two Sides)

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KaiCell Fibers Ltd’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been completed and the EIA-report has been submitted to the local authorities. The environmental impact assessment report prepared by consulting company Pöyry covers three project alternatives and the so-called the zero option. The results of the impact assessment will be presented at a public event in Paltamo in June.

In the environmental impact assessment process, there have been three project alternatives where the production of bleached pulp is 500 000 – 600 000 tonnes per year and the volume of further processing of textile fiber from 100 000 tonnes to 400 000 tonnes per year. The company will submit an environment permit application later this year.

The options are intended to determine the potential impacts of production facilities. The progress of the project has been reported to local stakeholders, and the impact of the project has been discussed in different occasions from the point of view of the surrounding community.

"We are pleased with the dialogue we have already had with various parties during the EIA process. We have organized several meetings with different stakeholders to reach a comprehensive understanding of the project impacts and the attitudes of local residents toward the project. In this context, I would like to thank all those involved in the process - the dialogue has been active and constructive," says Jukka Kantola (photo).

The most significant impacts are related to the economy. The societal impact of the project is approximately EUR 200 million per year, widely generating widespread prosperity especially in the Kainuu region. Process solutions and waste water treatment are based on the best available technology (BAT) to keep the environmental burden under control. There are currently almost 20 pulp mills in operation in Finland, therefore the process solutions are well known and there is a great deal of expertise related to those in Finland.

"KaiCell Fibers is a responsible actor that takes environmental protection needs into account. The plant is built to operate for decades and our only option is to fit it into the surrounding, beautiful natural scenery in Kainuu as well as possible", concludes Jukka Kantola.
(KaiCell Fibers Ltd)

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Esko ArtPro+ Packaging Editor ready for production  (Company news)

Next generation of leading packaging editor defines new standard for ease of use and automation

ArtPro+, the successor of the world’s leading packaging and labels prepress editor ArtPro, is ready to move prepress production to the next level

Esko (, announced a major new release of its packaging and labels prepress editor, ArtPro+. Built on decades of experience – with over 25.000 Esko prepress editors currently in use – this latest version is designed to fit the needs of today’s prepress production.

ArtPro+ is part of the Esko Software Platform 2018, the latest version of Esko’s market-leading portfolio of integrated software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, color management and supply chain collaboration in the packaging, labels, display and sign markets.

The fastest prepress editor in the industry
With this version of ArtPro+, prepress operations complete the editing work 40% faster. This new version of ArtPro+ requires fewer clicks to complete tasks, features faster opening and saving of files with native PDF, and has faster trapping.

As Isidore Leiser, CEO of French label converter Stratus Packaging, confirms: “The majority of the PDF artwork we receive today is processed through ArtPro+. It works just great to run our prepress production: we measured an increase in productivity and improved our service and customer satisfaction. The very fast Trapping tool, Preflight and Action Lists are just a few of the unique features we use a lot. And what’s more, it is very simple to use. The implementation was really easy – as new operators didn’t need much training time. Last but not least, ArtPro+ is seamlessly integrated with the Esko packaging management platform WebCenter, where our customers can connect, review and approve the artwork, significantly improving delivery time.”

Built for Automation
ArtPro+ is built bottom-up with automation in mind. Most label and packaging tasks today can be automated using the prepress editor for quality assurance and exception handling tasks. Not only can ArtPro+ be run through Esko’s Automation Engine, tasks can now also be highly simplified through automation within the editor, without any need for scripting.

Automation not only dramatically improves production speed, but it also further drives down the risk of human errors. The combination of the new ArtPro+ and Automation Engine gives print service providers and label and packaging converters the solution they need to effectively deal with the faster turnaround times and ever-shortening print runs that have become common in today’s printing and converting environment.

Key new features
The new release includes three new feature updates that are unique in the marketplace and key to operator productivity:
-Operators can build PDF Action Lists without any special know-how or IT skills: Do it once in the editor and then repeat many times to cope with repetitive tasks. This automated action can be done by anyone and gives every operator a productivity boost at their fingertips.
-Searching and managing fonts locally for the many different designs the operators are working on takes a lot of time and creates one of the biggest risks for errors. With a new font management connector for ArtPro+, everyone can now have immediate access to the fonts needed, when needed, to achieve quality output for designs. Other than Adobe, this integration with Extensis Universal Type Server is unique in the industry. As a result, prepress professionals can make real-time edits to fix critical, last-minute text changes, reducing expensive print errors and costly press delays.
-In other prepress editors, output for specific purposes, such as proof, reporting, production and finishing, require a variant of the master file. ArtPro+ is the only editor that uses the intelligence of structural design inside the editor. ArtPro+ leverages the intelligence of the CAD data to maintain only a single file for all output purposes, eliminating file duplication, errors, and the need for redundant tasks.The benefit is that everything is kept together in one file – the same file that is used to drive output.

Practical Information
ArtPro+ will be commercially available with the release of Esko Software Platform version 18 in June 2018. All ArtPro and PackEdge customers under maintenance contract worldwide are entitled to free upgrades to the ArtPro+ 18 version. The new ArtPro+ release can also be tried through the Esko store 30 days free of charge (

To simplify the adoption process, Esko plans a series of events, roadshows and training webinars to train customers on the new ArtPro + version.
(Esko Belgium)

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Smurfit Kappa's Facture Paper Mill celebrates 90th anniversary  (Company news)

Smurfit Kappa’s Cellulose du Pin Paper Mill in Facture, France is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The mill, which began operating in 1928, quickly established itself as a leading supplier of kraftliner in France and then extended its reach throughout Europe.

The Cellulose du Pin mill produces kraftliner from local maritime pine and recycled fibres and has a strategic location in the heart of the Aquitaine Forest beside a major transport route connecting Madrid, Bordeaux and Paris.

The plant produces 500,000 tonnes of kraft annually. Smurfit Kappa’s paper-based packaging is the packaging of choice for many brands which are seeking a more sustainable, high quality alternative to plastic and it is used widely in both the eCommerce and retail sectors. Kraft paper in particular is a very suitable material for the high-specification digital print used to make brands stand out on the shelf.

Commenting about reaching the milestone, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin, Nicolas Le Feuvre, said: "With 90 years of experience behind us, we look forward to the future with confidence. The ingredients for success are there; on one hand we have a group that strongly supports our development with ongoing investment and on the other hand we have the expertise of our talented employees working together to help us reach the highest European standards.”

The mill will celebrate its 90th anniversary between 15th to 24th June with a range of events planned including an exhibition showcasing how the circular economy is at the heart of its operations and tours of the mill.

The Cellulose du Pin Paper Mill is part of Smurfit Kappa’s worldwide global network managed through an optimised supply chain system.
(Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin)

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Kotkamills adds a new member to its family of plastic free consumer boards  (Company news)

Kotkamills’ family of AEGLE® consumer boards is complemented by the freshest member of the family. AEGLE® Barrier Plus promotes the wider use of non-plastic packaging solutions. Easily recyclable AEGLE® Barrier Plus packaging board is especially suited for packaging greasy food, sandwiches, bakery products and frozen foods.

The packaging industry is one of the key players in preventing litter ending up in the oceans and nature. Traditionally, packaging industry uses plastic barrier layer on packaging board in order to prevent grease and fluids from absorbing into the packaging material. Alternatively, organic fluorochemicals can be used as grease barriers but they might be harmful for the health. Degradation of plastic can take up to hundreds of years in natural conditions which means they are a burden for the environment for a long time, even ending up in the food chain.

Kotkamills AEGLE® products do not contain plastic, harmful fluorochemicals or waxes. The barrier layer of AEGLE® consumer boards is a water-based polymer dispersion which enables easy recycling since no plastic needs to separated from the wood fibre. AEGLE® products can be recycled with normal paper and board waste. Easy recyclability guarantees the precious material to remain in circular economy.

“AEGLE® consumer board family got its first family member as AEGLE® Barrier Light was launched this spring. We are proud to announce that the product family is now one family member richer. Our plastic free packaging boards answer to a number of societal challenges, for example preserving the precious materials in circular economy and the prevention of added litter in the environment.” Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen states.
“Food industry demands packaging solutions now and in the future. Our job is to create sustainable solutions that offer consumers a pro-environment choice with small everyday choices. Conscious consumers chooses a solution that is sustainable and better for the environment when it is made easy to access and use.” Hämäläinen ends.

Kotkamills is strongly involved at the forest and packaging industry’s PulPaper fair from 29th to 31st of May at Helsinki Messukeskus. On Wednesday May 30th Niilo Pöyhönen, Senior Vice President, Consumer Boards and Saila Kettunen, Director, Barrier Boards are giving a presentation on Kotkamills’ new products and solutions at the fair’s Future Square stage. On May 31st an excursion from the fair to Kotkamills’ factory will be arranged. Kotkamills’ new products are on display at PulPaper on stand 6g91.

Kotkamills is a responsible partner that delivers renewable products and performance to its customers' processes via product innovations created from wood, a renewable raw material. Our product range includes fully recyclable consumer board products AEGLE® and ISLA® and one of the key brands of the company is Absorbex® an innovative laminating paper product for the laminate, plywood and construction industries. Moreover, Kotkamills offers ecological, technically sound and visually attractive wood products for demanding joinery and construction.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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AVENTUS ‒ the new specialist for solutions for packing of free-flowing loose goods up to ...  (Company news)

... finished pallets

HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER introduce their new joint company at Achema

Caption: Dr. Jürgen Vutz (CEO Windmöller & Hölscher), Kai Lammers (Managing Director Aventus) and Florian Festge (Managing Partner Haver & Boecker) announced the foundation of AVENTUS at the press conference during ACHEMA.

HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER presented their new joint venture AVENTUS at the Achema trade fair on June 12. AVENTUS is specialized on solutions for the packing of free-flowing loose goods up to finished pallets. The joint company was officially founded in June with each party holding a 50% share. NEWTEC, the HAVER & BOECKER subsidiary specialized in palletizing, is now a 100% subsidiary of AVENTUS. Once under full operation, AVENTUS will employ over 300 employees and reach sales of approximately 80 million euros. With the joint company, the market leaders bundle their strengths to shape the future of filling and palletizing together.

“Today’s megatrends of globalization and digitalization are impacting the filling and palletizing markets,” Florian Festge, Managing Partner at HAVER & BOECKER, explains the motives behind the joint venture at the press conference. “Rapidly increasing innovation cycles, linked production processes worldwide along with higher demands for flexibility are only some of the challenges the market faces. In order to optimally fulfil the customer needs of today and tomorrow, we need a strong and focused team. With AVENTUS this is precisely what we will create,” says Festge.

The name AVENTUS is derived from the names of both parent companies. “Avena means Hafer (the German word for oats), and ventus means wind. The new name symbolizes the unification of the best of both companies,” says Dr. Jürgen Vutz, CEO at W&H. Appointed as Managing Director of AVENTUS is Kai Lammers. The graduate engineer worked at W&H for the last 16 years, most recently as Division Manager Service-Sales. “With Kai Lammers we have an experienced manager who possesses technical expertise as well as production and international experience,” says Vutz.

The portfolio of AVENTUS will include filling technology for open bags, FFS
bags and big bags as well as palletizing and load securing technology. “With access to products of both HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER &
HÖLSCHER, AVENTUS covers the entire value-creation chain. With this
broad product range, we are able to very specifically fulfil customer
requirements: from standard to special applications, from low-speed to highspeed systems. The customer has one contact person and receives everything from a single source.” The AVENTUS portfolio is especially
interesting for customers from chemicals, food and animal feed markets.

For service AVENTUS will benefit from the structures of both parent
companies. “AVENTUS will offer service on all 5 continents, with access to 52 service centers, and over 500 service technicians,” says Lammers. “Like its mother companies AVENTUS promises long-term service and guarantees
service for existing machines from both companies as well as for new
machines,” says Lammers.

Although the exact location is not yet decided, it is certain that AVENTUS will have its headquarters in Münsterland, Germany. By 2020 it will have its own production, R&D and other functions there. With NEWTEC a second
production site is located in Alsace, France.

Lammers also offered a view of the future direction of innovation: “Based on the product portfolio of both companies, AVENTUS will keep developing the product range in the future. Topics such as the integration of the entire valuecreation chain and increasing digitalization with respect to Industry 4.0 have already been worked on in both parent companies over the ... finished pallets

HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER introduce their new joint company at Achema

Caption: Dr. Jürgen Vutz (CEO Windmöller & Hölscher), Kai Lammers (Managing Director Aventus) and Florian Festge (Managing Partner Haver & Boecker) announced the foundation of AVENTUS at the press conference during ACHEMA.

HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER presented their new joint venture AVENTUS at the Achema trade fair on June 12. AVENTUS is specialized on solutions for the packing of free-flowing loose goods up to finished pallets. The joint company was officially founded in June with each party holding a 50% share. NEWTEC, the HAVER & BOECKER subsidiary specialized in palletizing, is now a 100% subsidiary of AVENTUS. Once under full operation, AVENTUS will employ over 300 employees and reach sales of approximately 80 million euros. With the joint company, the market leaders bundle their strengths to shape the future of filling and palletizing together.

“Today’s megatrends of globalization and digitalization are impacting the filling and palletizing markets,” Florian Festge, Managing Partner at HAVER & BOECKER, explains the motives behind the joint venture at the press conference. “Rapidly increasing innovation cycles, linked production processes worldwide along with higher demands for flexibility are only some of the challenges the market faces. In order to optimally fulfil the customer needs of today and tomorrow, we need a strong and focused team. With AVENTUS this is precisely what we will create,” says Festge.

The name AVENTUS is derived from the names of both parent companies. “Avena means Hafer (the German word for oats), and ventus means wind. The new name symbolizes the unification of the best of both companies,” says Dr. Jürgen Vutz, CEO at W&H. Appointed as Managing Director of AVENTUS is Kai Lammers. The graduate engineer worked at W&H for the last 16 years, most recently as Division Manager Service-Sales. “With Kai Lammers we have an experienced manager who possesses technical expertise as well as production and international experience,” says Vutz.

The portfolio of AVENTUS will include filling technology for open bags, FFS bags and big bags as well as palletizing and load securing technology. “With access to products of both HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER, AVENTUS covers the entire value-creation chain. With this broad product range, we are able to very specifically fulfil customer requirements: from standard to special applications, from low-speed to highspeed systems. The customer has one contact person and receives everything from a single source.” The AVENTUS portfolio is especially interesting for customers from chemicals, food and animal feed markets.

For service AVENTUS will benefit from the structures of both parent companies. “AVENTUS will offer service on all 5 continents, with access to 52 service centers, and over 500 service technicians,” says Lammers. “Like its mother companies AVENTUS promises long-term service and guarantees service for existing machines from both companies as well as for new machines,” says Lammers.

Although the exact location is not yet decided, it is certain that AVENTUS will have its headquarters in Münsterland, Germany. By 2020 it will have its own production, R&D and other functions there. With NEWTEC a second production site is located in Alsace, France.

Lammers also offered a view of the future direction of innovation: “Based on the product portfolio of both companies, AVENTUS will keep developing the product range in the future. Topics such as the integration of the entire valuecreation chain and increasing digitalization with respect to Industry 4.0 have already been worked on in both parent companies over the past years. At AVENTUS we will continue to drive these developments with bundled strengths and expertise. This will result in innovations that will be of great benefit to our customers."
(Windmöller & Hölscher KG)

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Tissue Paper Industry Professionals from Four Continents to Convene at Tissue World Istanbul  (Company news)

Tissue World Istanbul, the international gathering of tissue industry, will take place at the Istanbul Congress Center from 4 to 6 September 2018. Proving its industrial success with a record level of attendance in 2016, this year’s Tissue World Istanbul will also welcome for the first time the hygiene non-woven machinery suppliers.

UBM, one of the world’s largest fair organizers, will organise Tissue World Istanbul, the international gathering of tissue industry, at the Istanbul Congress Center from 4 to 6 September 2018. Supported by leading industry players, Tissue World Istanbul 2018 is getting prepared to unite industry leaders with their global experience and enriched contents.

Istanbul holds a strategic importance in tissue industry, being at the crossroads of an important regional business network and is recognized as the most comprehensive tissue exhibition in the region covering the Middle East, Middle Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkic Republics.

Organized biennially since 2014, Tissue World Istanbul has welcomed more than 1600 industrial professionals from 65 countries in 2016, proving its regional power. UBM is primed for moving one jump ahead of its current achievement. The hygienic non-woven machinery suppliers will also be welcomed to the fair this year to enable exhibitors and visitors improve their business networks and opportunities.
In this context, retail industry representatives, logistics companies, tissue suppliers, consulting firms, non-woven producers, related civil society organisations and public authorities will meet at Tissue World Istanbul 2018.

Tissue World Istanbul is of critical importance to Turkey
Esin Aslihan, UBM Istanbul Brand Director mentioned that the primary goal of Tissue World Istanbul is to serve the development of tissue industry in the region and added: “Turkish tissue industry, which has achieved to grow with new investments each year and increased the rate of employment, accomplished to boost exports at one and a half rate in the last 7 years. We aim at serving the development of both our industry and country in support with new business opportunities and a wider business network brought by this successful trade show. This year, the non-woven machinery manufacturers will also be exhibiting on the show floor. By doing this, we are getting prepared to unite leaders and decision makers of the industry with 360 degrees of coverage and we are inviting all industrial representatives to discover the ways to move our industry much further.

Lutfi Aydin, Production Director, Hayat Kimya Global Tissues commented about Tissue World Istanbul as follows: “As one of the globalizing players of FMCG, we continue our investments without slowing down with around 8.000 employees in 9 countries and 12 brands in categories of hygiene, home care products and tissues.

Hayat Kimya started its tissue production in Turkey 12 years ago and now became the largest tissue producer in the Middle East, Eastern European and Africa with its well-known brands Papia, Familia, Teno and Focus.

Tissue World Fair units tissue manufacturers and industrial professionals to help us discuss with all our stakeholders, introduce our innovations and technologies and prepare grounds for inspiringly new cooperation. We pride ourselves on being among the main sponsors of Tissue World Istanbul, as the largest tissue producer in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.”

Industry leader Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products to introduce new products at Tissue World Istanbul
Embodying many forerunner brands in categories of tissue papers, baby care, self-care, household care and non-household products, Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products supports Tissue World Istanbul as one of its main sponsors. Defining its vision to become a powerful regional player with its self-hygiene brands, Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products is mainly focused on new target markets including Caucasia and the Middle East in addition to the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

In this context, the company will introduce its newest products at Tissue World Istanbul including Selpak Deluxe Cotton-Added toilet papers in the upper segment, Bamboo-Added towels and Selpak Comfort product range in middle segment in addition to semi-finished product portfolio on a wide range. V-folded toilet papers under Selpak Professional brand, focused on non-household use, and Sensor Towels included in recyclable product portfolio with specially designed dispenser will also debut at the fair.

Lila Paper Group again taking its place between exhibitors and sponsors
Alp Ogucu, Managing Director, Lila Group highlights that Tissue World Istanbul is ready to meet industrial expectations and continues: “We are proud to be the sponsor of Tissue World Istanbul which covers not only tissue paper producers but also raw material supports to meet a vital demand of the industry. Lila Paper also exports to 68 countries and therefore, one of the main reasons we took our place in this platform is that Tissue World Istanbul addresses our target markets including the Middle East, Middle Asia and Africa. The conference also casts light upon the future of industry as a platform where industrial developments are discussed. This year, we will bring critical topics to the table including possible bottleneck in raw material resources due to global warming and climate change as well as industrial capital development at Tissue World Istanbul, which we expect to meet our demands”.
(UBM Exhibition Singapore Pte Ltd)

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International Paper Will Not Make Offer to Acquire Smurfit Kappa  (Company news)

International Paper Company (NYSE: IP) confirmed that the company will not make an offer for Smurfit Kappa Group plc ('Smurfit Kappa'), given the lack of engagement by Smurfit Kappa's Board of Directors and Management.

In February 2018, International Paper provided representatives of Smurfit Kappa's Board of Directors with a proposal to acquire the company. Following discussions with shareholders of both companies, IP put forward a revised proposal on March 26, 2018. IP believes the revised proposal was highly attractive and formed a sound basis for engagement, which the company viewed as essential to determining the full value potential of the combination.

"While we continue to believe in the strategic and financial potential of this combination, our commitment was to proceed in a disciplined manner that would create value for both sets of shareholders," said Mark Sutton (photo), Chairman and CEO of International Paper. "Moving forward, we remain focused on executing our strategy and are excited about our outlook. We have many levers to create shareholder value and will be responsible stewards of our shareholders' capital," added Sutton.

As a result of this announcement, International Paper is bound by the restrictions set out in Rule 2.8 of the Irish Takeover Rules. International Paper reserves the right within the next 12 months to set aside this announcement where so permitted under Rule 2.8 (including Rule 2.8(c)(ii)).
(International Paper)

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