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    23.06.2017   New Fusion℠ Strength And Performance Technology    ( Company news )

    Company news FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology combines specialty chemistries and state-of-the-art process control offering packaging paper and board manufacturers new capabilities to increase sheet strength and quality while reducing operating costs.

    With declining fiber quality, higher strength requirements at lower packaging weights and reductions in fresh water usage, traditional single-component strength additives become limited in packaging paper and board manufacturing. In addition, generating useful production insights from the large amount of process data can be challenging for mill operators.

    Solenis, a leading global specialty chemicals company, is launching FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology that merges a proven dual-component dry strength solution with exclusive cluster analysis software and Solenis’ OnGuard™ monitoring and control tool. The company combined these elements into a single solution that can be customized to each mill’s production requirements and business goals. As a result, mill operators can get improved insights from their manufacturing data and implement tighter process control.

    The Solenis dual-component dry strength solution overcomes the deficits of single-component systems. This novel cationic-anionic approach extends the performance of traditional strength additives and allows papermakers to achieve their high strength needs. Conversely, for wet ends, which run with high cationic demand, combinations of cationic resins can also extend strength gains beyond the limits of single-component solutions. For mill operators, FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology is designed to deliver increased strength and production with lower costs, reduced weights, less reliance on virgin fiber, increased use of lower-cost recycled fibers, reduced freshwater usage and reduced process variation.

    According to Stéphane Ménard, global marketing director, “Several packaging producers have started using FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology. Our most recent conversion has generated more than $1.5 million per year in savings while reducing packaging weights. We are excited to launch this program that fuses chemistry and technology to generate significant savings and ultimately build a competitive advantage for our customers. The FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology is the foundation for Solenis to introduce more leading-edge specialty chemicals and technologies to help packaging manufacturers meet and exceed their goals.”
    23.06.2017   DS Smith quality delivers record recognition from Mars    ( Company news )

    Company news It was a tour de force night for DS Smith at the Mars Chocolate QFI Awards dinner as DS Smith took home an unprecedented six awards including, once again, the Site of Excellence Award in the Corrugated category for DS Smith Noerdlingen, Germany!

    his is the 8th year running that DS Smith has won the top award in the Corrugated category and the 7th time for DS Smith Noerdlingen. In 2016 the plant supplied packs to Mars Chocolate sites in Germany, France and Netherlands with outstanding quality performance - a testament not only to great quality, but astonishing consistency.

    “It is a real honour to receive these awards on behalf of the men and women who strive for perfection every day in DS Smith plants. I think of the dedication, hard work and attention to detail that has delivered this amazingly consistent performance over the past years,” said Frank McCusker Mars Account Director at DS Smith.

    The awards were presented to Stefano Rossi, DS Smith Packaging CEO, Adrienne Liebenberg, DS Smith Packaging Sales and Marketing Director, Krzysztof Mroczek and Frank McCusker by Corinne Powell, Commercial Director of Mars Chocolate Europe, UK & Eurasia.

    The final award, for Innovative Design, is in many ways the most exciting as it was awarded this year for the first time. The award recognizes a range of initiatives and improvements where DS Smith used innovative techniques, materials and or designs to bring a special piece of packaging or display to market.

    “Innovation is a key part of the value we bring to the table for our customers,” said Stefano Rossi, DS Smith Packaging CEO.
    (DS Smith Plc)
    23.06.2017   Successful launch of the new Diana Easy folder gluer    ( Company news )

    Company news -Production of folder gluers at MK Masterwork’s European factory in Nové Mesto expected to increase significantly
    -Diana Easy meets customers needs for flexibility and productivity
    -Successful partnership between Heidelberg and MK Masterwork

    Photo: The new Diana Easy is produced in Nové Mesto. The folder gluer is truly modular and meets customers needs for flexibility and productivity.

    In May this year Heidelberg and MK Masterwork launched the new folder gluer model, the Diana Easy, simultaneously at China Print in Beijing and at a dedicated packaging event in Wiesloch, Germany. On June 1st, more than 40 customers were able to visit the MK Masterwork factory at an open house event held in Nové Mesto, Slovakia and see where and how the new machine is manufactured.

    The Diana Easy is the latest model to be produced in the Nové Mesto factory which has a history of manufacturing modules as well as entire Diana folder gluers for the Postpress Packaging market segment going back more than 30 years. Located in Slovakia approximately 120 km east of Vienna, the site is in a very attractive region for machine manufacturers, where more and more companies are investing in new factories. The site is ideally located to supply customers not only in central Europe but also throughout the world, thanks to Heidelberg’s extensive distribution network.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    23.06.2017   Oji: Announcement Regarding Sample Distribution for Cellulose Nano-fiber Powder Dispersible in ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Organic Solvent

    Oji Holdings Corporation (Oji) has succeeded in development of CNF powder dispersible in various types of organic solvent, and has commenced sample distribution as of June, 2017.

    The above development enables us to disperse CNF in various types of organic solvent which conventional CNF has not achieved. Its dispersion
    has high transparency and high viscosity, and therefore it can be expected
    to be applied to paints, inks, and polymer synthesis.

    From now on, we are trying to accelerate commercialization in a wider range of business fields and create new markets by commencing distribution of these development samples.
    (Oji Holdings Corporation)
    22.06.2017   Futura announces new board and CEO    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Fabio Perini

    Futura enters its next stage of development with a new Board of Directors and the promotion of Piero Ceccon to Chief Executive Officer.

    “Together with Faper Group President Fabio Boschi we have worked hard over the last few years to provide Futura with a strong and capable leadership, and we are now extremely happy to announce this important step in the company’s growth”, said Fabio Perini, founder of Futura, who has taken the position of Honorary President, with Boschi Chairman.

    The Futura board is completed by two other key managers: Giovacchino Giurlani, who oversees innovation and product development, working closely with Mr Perini and the rest of the team at FuturaLab; and Giulio Simonelli, who has been instrumental in implementing the highest operational standards at Futura over the years.

    Ceccon joined Futura three years ago to head up the company’s international operations, overseeing sales of technology and the ProCare service division. During this time the Lucca, Italy-based business has seen particularly strong growth worldwide, including numerous Andromeda line deliveries through which Futura has asserted its technical leadership in the field.
    (Futura S.p.A.)
    22.06.2017   Siegwerk is the first printing ink manufacturer to be awarded ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...“Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certification GOLD”

    As part of the 5th Cradle to Cradle® experts’ meeting in Vienna, Siegwerk’s new Sicura Litho NutriEco UV offset ink range was awarded “Material Health Certification GOLD” by the EPEA.

    Siegwerk, a leading provider of printing inks for packaging applications and labels has once again demonstrated its pioneering role in terms of product safety and sustainability by launching its new, low migration UV offset ink range Sicura Litho NutriEco. This innovative UV printing ink system, including overprint gloss varnish, was awarded Gold status of the “Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certification” by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) at this year’s Cradle to Cradle® experts’ meeting in May. Siegwerk is therefore the first ink manufacturer to market a low migration UV ink range that is suitable for cosmetics and food applications and complies with the highest international environmental research-related product standards. As part of the ink development project Siegwerk partnered closely with Werner & Mertz GmbH, an innovative brand owner that is now set to utilize this new, sustainable range of UV offset inks for its printing labels. Despite its currently limited color gamut and its suitability for a limited range of substrate, from now on, Siegwerk is also making Sicura Litho NutriEco available to all other interested customers.

    “We attach maximum importance to product safety and always make any effort to further improve the environmental footprint of our inks while upholding a strong ink performance. The EPEA’s Gold certification underlines the fact that we are on the right track here”, expresses Dr. Jörg-Peter Langhammer, VP Global HSE + Sustainability at Siegwerk, his delight about the certification. “It is a special honor for us, to actively support Werner & Mertz’s Recyclate Initiative by the development of these certified UV inks and thus fill another gap in the overall development of sustainable labels and packaging in line with the Cradle to Cradle principle.”

    According to the EPEA, Cradle to Cradle is a design concept that is inspired by the nature and represents innovation, quality and good product design. In particular, it is about the safe and potentially infinite use of materials and nutrients in cycles. This means that products are rated or benchmarked in terms of production, use and recycling. EPEA also monitors whether there are continuous product optimization processes in place, which pave the way for improved compatibility between humans and their natural environment. By awarding Material Health Gold certification, the independent Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in San Francisco (USA) is acknowledging compliance with stringently defined “Cradle to Cradle Chemical Profiling Methodology” benchmarking criteria, which are applied to all components and ingredients of the product in question. Gold certification is also only awarded to those products, which contain absolutely no substances listed in the so-called “list of banned chemicals”, and which do not pose any carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproduction-toxic (CMR) risks whatsoever. “We want to use this ‘Cradle to Cradle Certified’ label to provide consumers, the industry peers and regulators with a transparent and tangible validation of the quality and safety of a product”, explains Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA Switzerland, the idea behind this certification. “The Gold certification awarded to Siegwerk‘s printing inks therefore attests not only the chemical safety of printed ink layers to humans and environment, but also safe recycling of printed product packaging in currently established materials cycles.”

    A high degree of product safety is one of the main pillars of Siegwerk’s customer promise alongside best-in-class ink performance and continuous advice and support. The award of “Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold Certification” once again validates the fact that Siegwerk is able to fulfil the highest product safety and consumer protection criteria.
    (Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA)
    22.06.2017   Kemira opens its new sizing production line in Nanjing, China    ( Company news )

    Company news Kemira, a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries, announced the opening of its new AKD emulsion and cationic rosin production lines at its production site in Nanjing, Jiangsu province in China. With the inauguration of the new production line, Kemira is able to produce and supply all types of sizing agents (ASA, AKD, cationic rosin, surface size) to serve customers in mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and other Asia-Pacific region. The investment broadens Kemira's paper chemicals product offering and strengthens its already leading position in the pulp and paper industry.

    "The demand for high quality sizing products is increasing in APAC, especially for packaging and board grades," said Nichlas Kavander, SVP, Commercial, Kemira Pulp & Paper, APAC. "With the new investment in our Nanjing site, we are able to produce the highest quality sizing products and leverage existing infrastructure. The location in Nanjing Chemical Park provides access to utilities and an excellent logistic network."

    Sizing agents are used for improving water resistance in paper and board. They are an important part of Kemira's Total Chemistry Management (TCM) offering which ensures access to best chemical technology and applications and smart process management technologies. AKD production technology in Nanjing site is based on the highest Kemira Best Available Technology (BAT) quality standard. This is vital when supplying sizing agents to high quality applications such as food contact board grades and liquid packaging board (LPB).

    "Nanjing is the most developed and modern site in Kemira APAC using advanced production technology", said Hanspeter Enzmann, VP, Manufacturing, APAC. "The new production line is highly automated to ensure safety, best quality and quality consistency. It utilizes raw material of Kemira's own in-house production, ensuring that we are cost competitive and can guarantee the highest product quality in the market."

    In 2015, Kemira Nanjing was awarded as the Yearly Excellent Company in respect of 'Safety Management', Environmental Protective' and 'Fire Fighting by the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. Kemira's production in Nanjing has been expanding since the start in 2014. In addition to these new production lines, Kemira continues to invest in the Chinese market and production in Nanjing site by opening a new ASA production line in the end of 2017.
    (Kemira, Paper Segment)
    22.06.2017   Fully automatic selective folding system for various applications     ( Company news )

    Company news Creative ideas are constantly generating new forms of print materials. Innovative finishing solutions are a necessity, also as far as folding is concerned. This means that folding systems must be versatile. They process printing products from black+white or inkjet full colour printers as well as products based on the conventional printing technology. Flexibility, variability, short set-up times as well as online applications are therefore in high demand. MB Bäuerle offers the professional equipment for optimal production. Depending on the individual requirements, a wide range of modules can be combined to form different system machines. The technical base for this are individual components of the fully automatic prestigeFOLD NET line of folding machines.

    Typical applications vary from simple information sheets to creative mailings with options for code reading, fold gluing, signature production, technical documentation and newspapers. MB Bäuerle has developed different mobile fold units for these fields of application. The fold units can be combined to customer-specific solutions together with upstream or downstream processing units from other manufacturers.

    In the context of a customer order, MB Bäuerle has developed a fully automatic selective folding system for a variety of applications. The use of so-called selective fold plates makes it possible to process products with different format lengths. Thanks to the mobile cut sheet transfer unit IF 52, the fold unit can also be easily connected with other components. The adjustability of height and angle of inclination allows paper transport between processing units with different infeed and outfeed heights.
    (MB Bäuerle GmbH)
    22.06.2017   Kruger Products: Home Stretch of the Crabtree Machine    ( Company news )

    Company news Kruger Products provided an update on the new No. 8 Paper Machine (PM8) Project at its Crabtree Plant and invited a few media and partner representatives in Lanaudière to visit the soon-to-be-completed project. The Company also took the opportunity to reveal its recent acquisition of a new $12-million winder, which brings investment in new production equipment at the Crabtree Plant to $67 million over the past year.

    Photo: The paper machine no. 8 in construction.

    “This new and more efficient paper machine and the additional winder will give the Crabtree Plant plenty of room to grow for many years to come, which is very motivating for our employees,” said Mario Gosselin, CEO of Kruger Products L.P. “We are particularly pleased with the progress of this project that we expect to complete on time and on budget.”

    Significant Benefits for Lanaudière
    By the time the 11-month project is completed, it will have required 180,000 hours of work by 260 people and generated an estimated 200 indirect jobs. Construction of the new building housing PM8 alone will have generated $7 million in labour expenses.

    Direct benefits for the Lanaudière region include a dozen local contractors, subcontractors and suppliers who were involved in the project, providing about $8 million in direct orders and approximately $6 million in local construction labour.

    Upon completion of the project to install PM8, more than 11,000 hours of training will have been given to Plant employees, including operators, reserve employees, mechanics and electricians, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and update their skills.

    Announced jointly by Kruger Products and the Government of Québec in July 2016, the $55-million investment to purchase and install PM8 received a $39.5-million loan from Investissement Québec, which is acting as an agent of the Government of Québec in this project. Kruger Products also received support from the Joliette RCM and the Municipality of Crabtree – through the Fonds de développement des territoires – Fonds d’aide aux entreprises volet 2 (Territories Development Fund – Business Assistance Fund, stream 2) – to complete this investment.

    The new paper machine will boost the Plant’s overall production by 29%, or approximately 20,000 metric tonnes annually, and help to consolidate about 640 jobs. The additional volume of paper products will primarily be for the away-from-home market, which includes restaurants and hotels, businesses and institutions.
    (Kruger Products)
    22.06.2017   Pöyry and Betulium sign co-operation agreement to unlock full value chain benefits for clients in ..    ( Company news )

    Company news ... bio-based businesses

    Pöyry and Betulium have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for co-operation that will enable both companies to serve their clients better in bio-based businesses. Pöyry and Betulium share common objectives in bioindustry: together they have the know-how and experience which can be used especially in the field of nanocellulose for composites, plastics and similar materials as well as for wood-based nanocellulose and material testing in both the forest and chemical industries.

    Betulium Oy is a Finnish clean-tech company established in 2013. Betulium provides renewable, biodegradable, and high-performance water-based cellulose materials to replace or supplement synthetic organic polymers in a vast number of industrial applications. Betulium runs a pilot plant producing material on an industrial scale in Espoo, Finland. Nanocellulose can be used in the manufacture of paper, feeds, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

    Pöyry has a proven track record in process engineering excellence in the chemicals and biorefining sectors and knows the complex bioindustry value chain, megatrends, drivers and business partners. Pöyry's highly-skilled experts can help clients to identify value added opportunities and commercialise bioproducts with engineering solutions that maximise profitability, sustainability and health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects.

    "Our services in bio-based solutions cover the whole project life cycle from identifying opportunities through market studies and developing the business idea to the design and start-up of industrial scale production plants. This co-operation initiative will benefit both parties but especially our clients who can make use of the whole value chain advantages reached from one source, enabling smoother and more efficient R&D operations," says Nicholas Oksanen, Executive Vice President of Pöyry's Industry Business Group.
    (Pöyry Plc, Forest Industry Business Group)
    21.06.2017   Installation of a laser cleaning system expands service portfolio    ( Company news )

    Company news Innovative laser cleaning from Zecher

    Regular deep-cleaning of operational anilox rollers is of crucial importance when it comes to high-quality printing. According to Zecher GmbH however, conventional procedures remove only part of the accumulated residues concerned. The premium manufacturer of anilox rollers has therefore taken up this challenge and carried out various tests in collaboration with the LaserEcoclean company. The outstanding results obtained have led to the installation of a laser cleaning system at Zecher’s works in the German town of Paderborn. This new facility further expands the portfolio of cleaning services offered by Zecher. Unlike conventional deep-cleaning methods, LaserEcoClean’s innovative laser cleaning gently eliminates all ink and varnish residues. Jörg Rohde, Head of Applications Technology at Zecher GmbH, is convinced by this system’s cleaning performance: “Microscopic imaging reveals that the inner recesses of the cells on cleaned rollers are barely distinguishable from those of a brand-new roller. After the cleaning process, the pick-up volume of the anilox roller can once again be used to its full extent, and printers benefit from the same uniform inking performance as before.” They can also be absolutely sure of the reliability of laser cleaning’s effect on the surface of the roller, which remains wholly unharmed by the cleaning process. “As a relatively low-power laser beam is used, the temperature of the ceramic surface is well below the material’s melting point, which prevents any damage to the outside of the anilox roller.” Laser cleaning is therefore enjoying growing popularity, thanks to both optimised printing performance and the eco-friendly nature of the process itself, which involves no consumables, hazardous waste or harmful chemicals. As this innovative cleaning option meets the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the printing industry, its role is expected to become more and more significant.

    Zecher GmbH is an international manufacturer of chrome and ceramic anilox rollers. With continuous further developments and various innovations in the field of printing technology to its name, Zecher currently counts on over 65 years’ experience in the manufacture of anilox rollers. Zecher produces more than 12,000 engraved anilox rollers annually at its main plant in the German town of Paderborn.
    (Zecher GmbH)
    21.06.2017   Highcon announces substantial Euclid Speed Boost    ( Company news )

    Company news Just one year after drupa, Highcon launched a major productivity boost for the Highcon® Euclid. The newly introduced capability dramatically increases the effective speed of the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machines by up to 40% for a B2 sheet size, reaching speeds of up to 2,750 sheets per hour. Highcon customers have already proven the productivity of the new boost function on their Highcon Euclid machines, which allows them to perform more jobs on the machine per day, with increased profitability.

    Pushing the boundaries of application and technology
    Through a combination of software development and mechanical upgrades, the Highcon Productivity Boost package extends the capabilities of the Highcon Euclid platform, allowing customers to produce high end decorative work, as well as regular die-cutting jobs with higher margins than ever before. The productivity boost applies to Highcon Euclid III, Euclid IIIS and the numerous Euclid machines installed around the globe.

    The Productivity Boost delivers the following improvement:
    -B1 (106 cm / 42 in.) – from 1,500 to a maximum speed of 2,250 SPH – a 15%-20% improvement
    -B2 (76 cm / 29 in.) – from 2,000 to a maximum speed of 2,750 SPH – a 25%-40% improvement

    Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, Highcon VP Marketing said “We are proud of the ongoing dialogue that we have with our customers that allows us to continuously work on improving the productivity of our machines. Highcon customers can now compete profitably against analog finishing even on simple, repeat jobs as well as earning premium prices for special high end decoration enabled only by our technology. The amazing applications produced by Wihabo and Ilan Print are testament to both the capabilities of the technology as well as the extremely high level of responsiveness it enables”.
    21.06.2017   New breed of business from cellulose    ( Company news )

    Company news ​Digitalisation of the media could have led to the gradual demise of the Finnish paper and pulp industry, but the sector already seems to have transformed. VTT is helping companies to reinvent themselves and develop new, higher value-added products.​

    Photo: Jani Lehto, Vice President for Biomass processing and products show­cases different kinds of products made from cellulose.

    Finland’s pulp industry has transformed since the turn of the millennium. Due to the digitalisation of the media, fewer newspapers and magazines are being printed and demand for paper has fallen dramatically.

    – A new turning point occurred in 2013, when the financial results of forestry enterprises began to improve. This was based on investments in energy and cardboard production in particular. Five biorefinery projects are underway in the spring of 2017, one of which has progressed to the investment phase. These are due to enter production between 2017 and 2022, says Ali Harlin, a Research Professor at VTT.

    Another idea is to utilise side streams, such as lignin, which have been burned for energy until now. The idea is to use all of the wood.

    Towards new, added-value products
    – Finland has traditionally exported low value-added pulp for processing abroad. Instead, we should aim to make products with the highest possible added value and sell them for higher prices abroad, says VTT’s Jani Lehto, Vice President, Biomass processing and products.

    The forestry sector has had to seek new, further processed fibre products which earn more euros from pulp. The most interesting new fibre products are packaging materials, textiles and composite materials.

    – We now have a blank sheet full of new opportunities. We can begin using Finnish fibres in a range of products never considered in this way before. These new products could even double the added value of the forest industry, Lehto says.

    What could cellulose replace?
    Cellulose is a renewable biomaterial, which can be disposed of by composting and incineration. It can be processed into very rigid or flexible, transparent and translucent materials.

    – All products made from oil can be replaced with cellulose made from wood. In other words, as Stora Enso’s most recent annual report says: “Everything that’s made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow,” Lehto explains.

    Replacing oil-based products with renewable materials is crucial to reducing the carbon footprint and combating climate change. The micro-plastics accumulating in the oceans are another major problem, which wood-based fibre products will hopefully solve.

    Renewable packaging materials
    – New packaging products include shaped, three-dimensional cardboard, which could replace polyester film. Similar products have so far been made of plastic only, says Harlin.

    Single-serve packaging is proving highly popular and the next hit product could be, say, a bag that sits upright as a replacement for tins. These are now mainly produced from multi-­layer plastic.

    Some of VTT’s new, fibre-based packaging solutions are already at the piloting stage. VTT researchers are developing an alternative to polystyrene used in interior packaging, for example.

    Recyclable clothes, fabrics and personal care products
    – Major growth is forecast in textiles. Recyclable clothes, fabrics and personal care products, as well as technical products such as filters, can be made from cellulose. Carbon fibres are also in demand as electric vehicles become popular, Harlin says.

    Hygiene textiles are growing faster than other kinds of textiles.
    – The ageing population needs adult diapers. VTT has been involved in developing and demonstrating a pulp-based, absorbent material suitable for adult diapers. Its absorption capacity is 30 percent better than current products, says Jani Lehmonen, Senior Scientist.

    VTT is developing a lyocell-type fibre based on ionic solvents, in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The fashion chain H&M has funded the application of technology to recycled raw material flows. Aalto’s loncel fibre is expected to set new quality criteria in the sector.

    A cellulose lyoncell developed by VTT is a good example of an added-value, new product which could be produced in Finland. Cellulose is easy to modify into soluble form and into a breathable fibre reminiscent of cotton. This method can be used to earn more money from the same quantity of wood, since cellulose carbamate in powder form is ten percent more expensive than conventional pulp. The price difference is doubled if the powder is converted into a fibre.

    Finland has a strong basis for acting as a supplier and manufacturer of textile raw materials. We have such raw materials on a sustainable basis compared to cotton. Finland has no shortage of water and we have certified forests, placing no strain on production sectors in the food supply chain.

    Fibre products are on the verge of breaking through
    Nano and micro-cellulose, cellulose films and 3D-printed products are among the key fibre-based products on the verge of making breakthroughs.

    Nanocellulose is a very finely ground cellulose with excellent strength and insulation properties. For example, nanocellulose can prevent fat from turning rancid due to oxygen penetration of food packaging. It can also be made into composite structures that are almost as strong as aluminium.

    – Industrial processes have already been developed for the manufacture of nanocellulose, and the first products are already on the market. Many new nanocellulose products, such as rheology modifiers, fibre yarns for composites, barrier films, printing platforms for e.g. flexible displays and car batteries, will be launched over the next decade, Harlin adds.

    There is already a cellulose suitable for additive manufacturing (3D printing). 3D technology is ideal for personalisation, or making individualised products.
    (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
    21.06.2017   Esko solutions bring increased throughput and less waste to Visix production operations    ( Company news )

    Company news Esko Automation Engine, Kongsberg C64 Cutting Table key to improved profitability, productivity

    Esko (, the global leader in software solutions for packaging brand management, design and prepress, reports that Visix, a manufacturer of flags and banners based in Roeselare, Belgium and serving Belgium and France, has installed a Kongsberg C64 cutting table with Esko Automation Engine. These acquisitions have helped the company increase throughput and reduce waste through increased automation and elimination of prepress and production bottlenecks.

    “Visix has set the standard for craftsmanship and experience since 1903 when, trading under the name of Demeere Vlaggen in Ypres, the company specialized in handmade flags and embroidered chasubles for processions, associations and communities,” explains Stefaan Devlaminck, who is in charge of production. “Today, we combine this level of craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology in the manufacture of flags, banners and other promotional textile products using the latest large format textile printers, finishing equipment and production software. Key to our success is the ability to automate the production flow, and we have partnered with Esko to achieve this.”

    In addition to its 3.2-metre Kongsberg C64 cutting table with Esko Automation Engine, Visix has also deployed Esko’s Device Manager. “The 3.2-metre format for the cutting table is the same width as our grand format printers and downstream calender,” Devlaminck adds. “We have found the most efficient textile run to be 20 meters long by 3.2 meters wide, and the Kongsberg fits perfectly into that flow.”

    Following creation of print files using the Adobe Creative Suite, Visix uses i-cut Preflight, part of Automation Engine, to check for quality and bleed prior to printing. This process tags the file with XML metadata that guides it through the rest of the production process. “The next step,” Devlaminck states, “is to create a test or proof for customer approval. Automation Engine helps us there as well, automatically generating the proof and establishing the necessary follow-up action items in an automated flow. Once we have customer approval, Automation Engine takes over again, allocating a barcode to the job and routing it to what we call a ‘gang run,’ or a funnel dedicated to each substrate. Files are then automatically nested or imposed to make optimum use of the substrate.”

    This process has worked so well for Visix that Devlaminck reports that even though the company is able to produce much more work now, there is actually less overall waste. “And it saves us a huge amount of time,” he adds. “Before, all the nesting was manually calculated which took a lot of time and could be prone to error.”

    And the automation doesn’t stop there. By adding Esko Device Manager, Devlaminck and his team benefit from automatic selection of cutting parameters and required cutting blades for each file from the XML metadata, generated by Automation Engine in a sequence that guarantees maximum production efficiency. Compensation settings within Automation Engine to automatically adjust for shrinkage or stretch are also important for the final product quality.

    “We’re able to see exactly where in the process a job is at any given point in time, and this is an important benefit to us,” Devlaminck comments. “Device Manager shows us whether the file has been printed, and whether or not it has been cut. This helps us in planning and gives us instant access to information customers may request, related to the job status. The bottom line is that we can now seamlessly operate from file acceptance through final delivery in a highly automated fashion. Prepress is no longer a bottleneck, and mistakes are kept at a minimum. These solutions have taken Visix to the next level in terms of throughput, machine utilization, productivity and profitability, enhancing our craftsmanship even more while ensuring the best possible customer service.”
    (Esko Belgium)
    21.06.2017   SP Denmark has successfully completed installation of a new, state-of the art 10-colour ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...printing machine

    The brand new 10-colours flexographic press has been successfully installed in Segezha Packaging’s production facility in Aalborg, Denmark.

    “The new investment will significantly expand the plant’s printing capacity as well as meet increased demand for high-quality flexo-printing among our clients. Following the market trend toward more complex printing requirements, our aim is not only to fulfil the customers’ high expectations but to surpass them every time”, commented Artem Maslov (photo), CEO of Segezha Packaging.

    The machine was delivered by the supplier earlier this year. Following a special training program for the printing specialists and required technical adjustments, the flexographic press is now fully operational.

    The new flexographic printing press equipped with web cleaner function allows the removal of paper dust before printing, as well as with other paper & ink saving features, which make the machine a valuable addition to SP Denmark production facility.
    (Segezha Packaging LLC)
    21.06.2017   SCA Gemerská Hôrka drives efficiencies in femcare production with integrated ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... TRESU printing units and F10 iCon ink supply system

    Picture: SCA Gemerská Hôrka Printer Unit Machine

    SCA Gemerská Hôrka, one of Slovakia’s largest manufacturers of female hygiene products, is reporting a ‘step change’ in quality, safety and process efficiency improvements, after installing four-colour TRESU flexo printing units featuring F10 iCon automated ink supply systems on several of its converting lines.

    SCA’s Gemerská Hôrka factory is the centre for production of its Libresse feminine care product. As well as supplying the Slovak market, the plant is also an international distribution centre.

    Replacing offline single printing units with an ‘open’ ink supply and chamber, the new TRESU printing units integrate into the production lines, enabling SCA to manufacture its products and apply brand identification graphics, in a single pass for the first time.

    Featuring two printing chambers, the printing units handle non-woven liner products between 85mm and 300mm wide, using water-based inks. The TRESU printing units with F10 iCon supply system were chosen for their robust design and high levels of automation that ensure better output, predictable quality and reduced waste.

    TRESU’s F10 iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure and viscosity from the container, through the chamber, to the press in a fully enclosed environment, maintaining constant, pre-set ink density values for complete production runs. Furthermore, the F10 iCon performs fast and thorough chamber-cleaning automatically, returning almost all unused contents for reuse. Simultaneous ink change cycles on printing stations take minutes, delivering significant time and materials savings per job. The units at the Gemerská Hôrka factory also feature TRESU’s chamber doctor blades with rubber seals and clamping systems for blade exchanges within two minutes.

    Peter Kelemen, technology area engineer from SCA Gemerská Hôrka comments: “The existing ink supply system in previous systems was based on an open ink chamber and manual viscosity measurement. This created a challenge when we needed to change inks and chambers, as the cleaning process was slow and there was risk of contamination.

    We therefore sought an ergonomic solution that provided effective branding in multiple colours as well as reduced waste. The installation of TRESU’s printing integration unit featuring the F10 iCon provides a step change in performance, bringing predictable quality without manual input, with reduced logistics, faster changeover times and a clean, safe, emission-free working environment.”

    TRESU’s mechanical and electrical engineering team managed the installations together with training sessions for SCA operators over a six-month period.

    Kelemen concluded: “SCA has benefited from the structured and highly professional project management from TRESU that has enabled a swift and smooth installation. This has been a very successful project for both companies and an excellent base for further future collaboration.”
    (Tresu A/S)
    21.06.2017   ANDRITZ and PulpEye enter into cooperation agreement    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ and PulpEye have entered into a cooperation agreement to promote, market, and sell PulpEye analyzer technology exclusively in ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER package offerings.

    Photo: PulpEye sampling and analyzing cabinet

    This ANDRITZ and PulpEye cooperation will enable customers to benefit from improved online chip and fiber datalytics in order to optimize the right process parameters in fiberlines and pulping processes, for instance by improving yield and optimizing chemical consumption. Furthermore, ANDRITZ and PulpEye can also provide customers with a remote online platform for operations support through IoT solutions.

    PulpEye is an innovative measurement technology company focusing globally on online pulp quality analysis applications for the pulp and paper industry. The PulpEye equipment is used to control the quality of any kind of pulp – sulfate and sulfite pulps, both short and long fiber, bleached and unbleached, TMP, CTMP and BCTMP as well as NSSC, OCC, and de-inked pulps. Recent product launches include modules measuring vessel cells and fiber wall thickness, as well as a fast consistency calibration module.
    (Andritz AG)
    20.06.2017   Orchids Paper Announces Start-Up Of Its New State Of The Art Paper Machine    ( Company news )

    Company news Orchids Paper Products announces the startup of its new State of the Art 100% QRT Paper Machine in Barnwell, South Carolina, with paper machine capacity of 35,000 tons per year. The QRT Paper Machine is new technology capable of manufacturing both ultra-premium and premium tissue, towel, facial, and napkin paper at a lower manufacturing cost compared to traditional ultra-premium machines. This paper is an integral part of Orchids strategy to penetrate the ultra-premium tissue and towel market, which is growing at a rate of 3-5% compared to a 1% overall tissue market growth rate. The machine will also provide flexibility to produce premium products which will give our retail customers more choices in product selection within the premium and ultra-premium product segments. The paper machine has started up in optimization mode and is expected to be producing at 70% of production capacity in the third quarter of 2017, 85% in Q4 and 100% by January 1, 2018.

    This schedule will help Orchids satisfy the significant additional demand for the premium bath tissue and towel business from a major new customer, which was announced earlier this year. Shipments to that customer started as scheduled in June from both Pryor and Barnwell and full implementation of the sales to this customer are expected in July. In addition to helping satisfy this demand, the new machine allows Orchids to selectively target additional business, both private label and branded, in the ultra-premium sector of the paper market.

    Jeff Schoen, Orchids Paper Products CEO, stated, "QRT technology is a quantum step forward in terms of quality, capacity, and opportunity for Orchids. The new paper machine provides the flexibility to manufacture the highest quality products at a competitive cost advantage, and increases our ability to diversify our business."
    (Orchids Paper)
    20.06.2017   Stora Enso has appointed Satu Härkönen as Head of Communications for Media Relations in ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Finland and Wood Supply Finland

    Stora Enso has appointed Satu Härkönen (photo) as Head of Communications for Media Relations and Wood Supply in Finland.

    Satu Härkönen has been working for Stora Enso since 1995 in several leadership positions within sales, marketing and communications. Her most recent position was Project Manager for Stora Enso’s FIS Nordic World Ski Championships sponsorship in Lahti, Finland. Before that she was Head of Marketing and Communications for Wood Supply Finland. She holds MSc degrees in Forestry and History.

    Satu Härkönen started in her new position on 1 June 2017. She reports to Ulrika Lilja, EVP, Communications in Stora Enso.

    Liisa Nyyssönen, previously Head of Media Relations in Finland and SVP, Communications in Paper division, will continue as SVP, Communications in Paper division, and report to Kati ter Horst, EVP, Paper division in Stora Enso.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    20.06.2017   Lecta Merchanting Division announces a price increase in its paper grades    ( Company news )

    Company news ​Lecta Merchanting Division, made up of Torraspapel Distribution in France, Spain and Portugal and Polyedra in Italy announces a price increase for deliveries of coated and uncoated woodfree papers, carbonless and other grades effective 1 July 2017.

    This is the second movement in prices this year after the first applied in March and it is a consequence of the continuous price increase applied by producers in different paper qualities and also current good levels of demand.

    The progressive erosion in margins has forced Lecta Distribution to implement a 5 to 8% price increase in all channels for deliveries to its markets in Southern Europe.

    All paper grades will be affected by this necessary price adjustment.​

    Our customers will be informed personally by our sales teams, who will provide any further information they should require.
    20.06.2017   Heidelberg takes over Fujifilm’s coatings and pressroom chemicals operations in the EMEA region     ( Company news )

    Company news -Key step in pursuit of growth strategy aimed at comprehensive, cross-sector portfolio for customers in EMEA
    -Investment in growth segment of consumables expands market position for coatings and pressroom chemicals
    -Customers benefit from comprehensive application expertise, combined performance promise, purchasing advantages, and synergies within the portfolio
    -Fujifilm will continue to focus on supplying total pressroom solutions to plate customers.

    By taking over the coatings and pressroom chemicals operations in the EMEA region of its strategic partner Fujifilm Europe BV, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is expanding into the attractive growth segment for consumables. This transaction is another step in pursuing the company’s growth strategy of developing a fully comprehensive cross-sector portfolio that is geared toward specific customer requirements. Fujifilm will continue to focus on supplying total pressroom solutions to plate customers.

    Photo: Heidelberg takes over Fujifilm’s coatings and pressroom chemicals operations in the EMEA region, production site in Kruibeke, Belgium.

    At the start of the new financial year 2017/18, as previously announced, Heidelberg adapted the company’s structure to its digital future. This move saw the Heidelberg Digital Technology (HDT) and Heidelberg Digital Business & Services (HDB) segments established on April 1, 2017. HDT combines operations in sheetfed offset, label printing, and postpress and is responsible for developing, producing, and marketing the appropriate technologies and products for new business models. HDB, meanwhile, is where Heidelberg will manage its operations in services, consumables, remarketed equipment, digital printing technology, and solutions throughout the value-added chain. The expansion the company is pursuing in consumables and the design and implementation of new business models are helping to extend this value creation for customers.

    “We are systematically gearing our portfolio towards profitable growth,” says Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of Heidelberg. “Taking over the coatings and pressroom chemicals operations of Fujifilm in EMEA is helping us become a digital company and enabling us to offer our customers a fully comprehensive portfolio ranging from technology to consumables and service.”
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    20.06.2017   Metso at Valve World Americas 2017 in Houston, Texas: valve solutions for maximum uptime ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... to secure reliability and financial success

    Metso will showcase its extensive valve offering for oil and gas, pulp and paper and other process industries at Valve World Americas taking place June 20-21at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

    Caption: One of Metso's workshop presentations at Valve World Americas 2017 will focus on the challenges in actuator sizing and selection in the downstream marketplace.

    Valves are key elements in any plant's flow control and their reliability can be affected by issues such as wear, stress and shock. "All customers look for high process uptime with no unscheduled production breaks to reach high profitability. Uptime is really the synonym for reliability and financial success, in all industry sectors," states Kyle Rayhill, Director Oil and Gas Business Management, Metso.

    Metso invites Valve World Americas visitors to meet with us and discover our world-leading solutions improving plant reliability and safety through well-planned valve optimization, best-practice maintenance planning and advanced digitalization. Meet Metso at Hall C, booth 401.

    Metso experts' participation in conference workshops
    June 20th at 11:00 am
    -Valve Monitoring and the Internet of Things - George Buckbee, Head of Performance Solutions. The presentation will cover practical issues, such as data access, cyber security, and especially what to do after you identify these valves with issues.
    -Control Valve Reliability Prediction - Ville Kähkönen, Oil and Gas Business Manager

    June 20th at noon at Speaker's Corner
    -Live demonstration of partial stroke testing - Mark Buzzell, Business Manager, Valve Controls

    June 21st at 10:30 am
    -Moderating the Actuation & Automation workshop - Todd Harrison, EPC Account Manager
    -Challenges in Actuator Sizing and Selection in the Downstream Marketplace -Steven Hocurscak, Product Manager. His presentation will focus on the challenges in sizing and selection of pneumatic actuation for on/off automated valves. The presentation will attempt to address the various challenges from the perspective of the manufacturer, distributor and the customer.

    Introducing novel Neles NDX model with a double-acting function
    The new Metso Neles NDX intelligent valve controller range is expanding with a double-acting Ex d-certified device. The latest Neles NDX model will continue delivering the same performance, reliability and improved user experience as the first model. It too will suit a wide range of customer applications, regardless of industry or the brand of valves being used.

    Expertune PlantTriage - Identify hidden performance issues
    PlantTriage gathers process data from control systems and monitors thousands of control loops. It oversees process control loops night and day, diagnoses and prioritizes opportunities for improvements, and pinpoints major economic paybacks in a very simple and understandable way to enable fast and easy decision making.
    (Metso Corporation)
    20.06.2017   Valmet to supply an Advantage NTT tissue production line to Sofidel S.p.A in Spain    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will supply a complete tissue production line to Sofidel's Ibertissue mill in Buñuel, Navarra, in Spain. The delivery includes an Advantage NTT 200 tissue production line, stock preparation equipment and automation system. Start-up of the new line is scheduled for third quarter 2018.

    The order was included in Valmet's first quarter 2017 orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    The up-coming new line in Spain will be Sofidel's fourth Valmet Advantage NTT tissue line in Sofidel's machine fleet. Previously the company has bought one NTT machine to their Delitissue mill in Poland and two NTT machines to their new site, Circleville in Ohio, USA. All in all, this is the 15th tissue machine supplied by Valmet to Sofidel.

    "What we have seen from the performance of the Advantage NTT lines started up so far, we are more convinced than ever that this is the technology for the future. It will give us the flexibility we need to get a competitive advantage in the market," says Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of Sofidel

    "We are of course excited that Sofidel once again decided to go for the Advantage NTT technology to support their path toward future tissue making. It is a perfect match for Sofidel's ambition to produce high quality tissue products with low energy consumption supporting their goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," says Jan Erikson, Vice President, Sales, Tissue Mills business unit, Valmet.

    Technical information of the delivery
    The new tissue machine will have a design speed of 1,800 m/min in textured mode and 2,000 m/min in plain mode. The production line is optimized to save energy and fiber as well as add possibilities for product differentiation and increased capacity of premium quality products.

    Valmet's scope of supply comprises a complete tissue production line including an Advantage NTT tissue machine, with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. It will also be featured with the Advantage tissue technology including, an AirCap hood with Air system, WetDust system and a SoftReel B reel. Valmet will also deliver detailed mill engineering, stock preparation equipment as well as an automation package including DCS (distributed control) and QCS (quality control) systems.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    19.06.2017   Schattdecor continues to invest in the development of its international locations    ( Company news )

    Company news By the end of 2018 Schattdecor will invest about 120 million Euros in the development of its current locations. With this, Schattdecor is implementing the largest investment program in the company’s history. Particularly noteworthy is the involvement with the impregnation company, Saintdecor, in Wuhan, China, which will expand the capacity of impregnation currently being done at the sites in Italy, Russia and Brazil. With this investment, Schattdecor is preparing itself, globally, for the future.

    Currently, Schattdecor is producing at 14 locations in nine countries and has a total of 12 impregnation channels, 7 lacquering channels, 35 printing machines, one single-pass digital printer and 12 lab printing machines. In 2017 the company will invest further in their print and impregnation activities as well as in surface refinement and trendsetting technologies.

    In the area of printing (printed Surfaces by Schattdecor), Schattdecor US will add a new rotogravure printing press by the end of the year. An additional rotogravure printing press will be installed in the first quarter of 2018 at the location in Turkey in order to meet the market growth forecast in that region. Beyond that, Schattdecor is reacting to the market dynamics in China and will add two rotogravure printing presses in Shanghai in the fall of 2017. Another printing production location in Quzhou is planned for the beginning of 2019. Also at Kingdecor in Quzhou a new paper machine will be installed in the third quarter of 2018.

    In the area of impregnation (impregnated Surfaces by Schattdecor), the investment in the Chinese impregnation location, Saintdecor, in Wuhan is especially noteworthy. Schattdecor took over 50% of the company after the joint venture contract at the end of March 2017. Production is scheduled to start in mid-2017 with two impregnation lines and one resin kitchen. “To offer the customers in China better service, Schattdecor AG decided to invest in a new impregnation plant called Saintdecor. These strategic measures take into account the importance of the market growth in China, as well as securing supplies to Chinese customers,” said Ulrich Ringelberg, Chairman of Sales International.

    Furthermore, investments are being made in Italy, Brazil and Russia. First of all, in Rosate, Italy, one more impregnation channel is being added to the four existing lines. There is also an option for a sixth channel. Production on the new line is set to begin in mid-2018. “The impregnation activities in Rosate have experienced strong growth in recent years. Since 2011, two new impregnation machines have been put into operation. At present, we produce on all four exiting impregnation machines 24/7,” explained Marco Aquino, General Director of Schattdecor Italy. A new production area with warehouse, resin kitchen and other infrastructure, totaling 10,700 m², will also be built at the Tschechov facility in Russia. Upon completion a new impregnation line will be put into operation in mid-2018. “The Russian wood-based materials industry is highly competitive and will continue to be very interesting. Schattdecor is once again showing with this investment that we believe in our customers and that they can count on Schattdecor as a reliable supplier in Russia,” mentioned Jens Palmen, General Director of Schattdecor in Russia. In Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Brazil the company will add approximately 5,000 square meters of production and warehouse space. This construction includes new offices, a cafeteria and other infrastructure measures that will be finished at the beginning of 2018.

    In the area of finished surfaces (finished Surfaces by Schattdecor), the headquarters in Thansau, Germany will invest in a lab lacquering line for radiation cured lacquer for the foil and lacquer development to support the growing demand for foil surfaces. This line will launch in mid-2018. Also, in Poland, the expansion of the office building and the new construction of the 2,500 square meter paper roll warehouse will move forward. By the middle of May 2017 the plant will be at maximum size and provide the capacity for two further lacquering channels.
    (Schattdecor AG)
    19.06.2017   Greycon Expands in ASEAN Region    ( Company news )

    Company news Greycon is expanding their global reach into the ASEAN region by employing more consultants local to their customers. One of the most recent additions to Greycon’s expansion is Indonesia where Greycon has appointed Mario Laksmana as the new Sales Manager for the ASEAN region.

    Greycon has been winning new business with major players in Thailand and India like Cosmo Films, SRF, Trident Paper, Siam Kraft, by combining knowledge and skills with local resident experts. Greycon has made this possible by developing and growing over the last 30 years to establish itself in key global locations with over 500 sites in 40 countries.

    Mario Laksmana, Sales Manager at Greycon commented: “After hearing about Greycon’s reputation and success in the industry. I was excited to be part of an innovative company and help to expand the business throughout the ASEAN region. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds at Greycon. Forging new relationships and building on old ones.”

    Mario has been associated with Business Development and Consultancy, providing end-to-end IT Solutions for various industries. Starting in 2011 he has been concentrating on Enterprise Systems & Software Business for the manufacturing industry through joining recognised ERP companies like SAP and INFOR, with Supply Chain Management as part of his interest.

    Greycon’s strength is in providing a suite of solutions that understand the complexity of roll-base and flat-sheet material production. There are currently 2000+ planners worldwide using Greycon systems every day. This number is continuously rising as is Greycon’s presence in the global market.
    (Greycon Ltd)
    19.06.2017   Colbert Packaging Adds Executive Bench Strength, Taps Industry Veterans Kevin Kenjarski and ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... John Lackner for New Leadership Roles

    Colbert Packaging Corporation, a leading manufacturer of custom folding cartons, rigid setup boxes and paperboard specialty products, announced that it has welcomed two industry veterans, John Lackner and Kevin Kenjarski, to its leadership team. Lackner joined Colbert Packaging as vice president of corporate operations last month, and earlier this week, Kenjarski stepped into a newly created vice president of sales and marketing role.

    “We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to support our growth in recent years – from our new facility in Wisconsin to several major equipment purchases, including new press installations in all three facilities in the past 24 months alone. The decision to add executive bench strength was also rooted in the need to support our growth, particularly as we continue looking toward 2020 and beyond,” said Jim Hamilton, president and CEO of Colbert Packaging. “John and Kevin both possess diverse experiences and deep industry knowledge, and we’re pleased to welcome them to our team.”

    John Lackner came to Colbert Packaging from Graphic Packaging, formerly Walter G. Anderson, where he served as director of operations, overseeing two manufacturing facilities in the Midwest. Prior to that, he spent 23 years moving up the ranks at MeadWestvaco (now WestRock) and its AGI Media packaging business, which traded hands several times before eventually being acquired by Multi Packaging Solutions. Lackner gained valuable hands-on experience on the production floor early in his career while serving as a pressman and finishing department manager, and since then, he has proven to be a capable operations leader.

    Today, as vice president of corporate operations, Lackner has overall responsibility for production operations at Colbert’s three facilities, including manufacturing, facilities maintenance, inventory management, and shipping and receiving. Ultimately, he is tasked with ensuring that the company meets all plant safety, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction objectives.

    Kevin Kenjarski brings a dual background in plastics and paperboard packaging to the Colbert leadership team. His credentials on the paperboard side include serving as vice president of sales and marketing for Clondalkin’s specialist packaging division, which produced packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care markets, and is now part of Essentra. He also spent a decade at MeadWestvaco in various sales and sales management capacities. Kenjarski is a customer-centric individual committed to fostering long-standing partnerships with customers.

    As vice president of sales and marketing for Colbert Packaging, Kenjarski is leading a team of seasoned sales professionals. His focus is the company’s strategic sales growth through maintaining, evaluating and earning opportunities at current customers, while pursuing new account development across all product lines. He will also oversee all marketing strategies.

    Lackner and Kenjarski join a well-established executive team that also includes Nancy Colbert MacDougall, chairman of the board and daughter of Charles Colbert, the company’s founder; Jim Hamilton, president and CEO; Kraig Lang, CFO; and Bill Snyder, vice president of administration.
    (Colbert Packaging Corporation)
    19.06.2017   Mohawk Named North American Distributor for PaperTyger® Product Range    ( Company news )

    Company news Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, has been named as strategic, stocking distributor for the PaperTyger® product range in North America and the exclusive converter for PaperTyger branded envelopes.

    The celebrated durable PaperTyger product range is well-known for seamlessly blending the look and feel of paper with the unique properties of tear, water and grease resistance. The entire offering also performs on press like conventional papers and carries the additional benefit of being FSC certified.

    “We are excited to add the durable PaperTyger range to our product portfolio as a result of a partnership with Chase Corporation’s Durable Paper Products division. This is a unique offering that rounds out our specialty digital portfolio, allowing us to serve a broader range of needs for commercial printers and designers across North America,” said Mike Madura, Vice President, Product Development/Management, Mohawk.
    (Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.)
    19.06.2017   Specialty paper manufacturer Felix Schoeller's STYLine® wallcovering substrate qualified for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Xeikon digital presses

    Xeikon, a market leader in digital colour printing technology for the labels and packaging as well as the document printing industry, reported that it has qualified Felix Schoeller STYLine® nonwoven wallcovering media for use on Xeikon digital presses as part of the alliance between the two companies. Specifications for the STYLine® media are available on Xeikon’s Printmedia website:

    The cooperation between Felix Schoeller and Xeikon started last year when the paper manufacturer and printing specialist worked together to qualify a range of papers for Xeikon presses. This product portfolio, including both wallpaper and high-end digital printing papers, opened up a whole range of new applications and design options for customers, and is now further expanded with the STYLine® range.

    STYLine® nonwoven wallpapers have been specifically developed for digital printing technologies. With their soft and pleasantly matt surface, they guarantee excellent homogeneous print results and are also PVC-free. STYLine® wallpapers ensure very easy handling and excellent dry strippability. Felix Schoeller also reports high customer satisfaction, especially regarding the soft-touch feeling.

    “We have seen excellent market response to our Wall Decoration Suite,” comments Dimitri Van Gaever, Business Development Manager, Xeikon. “We are pleased to be adding the Felix Schoeller STYLine® media to our catalogue of qualified wallcovering substrates. It’s a soft wallcovering and it works perfectly with our newly released coreless rewinder which was specifically developed for wall decoration. We expect to see good market uptake of this exceptional wallcovering substrate, especially with the growing demand for customized interior décor solutions, both among interior decorators and consumers. We are looking forward to hearing visitor response to the new media selections at FESPA 2017.”

    Xeikon’s Wall-Decoration Suite enables cost-efficient production of high-quality wall decoration for commercial, retail and residential purposes. It consists of five major components: a Xeikon Digital Press, software-driven dedicated workflow, application-specific toners, process optimization tools and pre- and post-press solutions.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing and R&D Center)
    19.06.2017   Now it's us who's SCA!    ( Company news )

    Company news Thursday 15 June, the forest products company SCA and the hygiene and health company Essity are traded as independent companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. The demerger of the former hygiene and forest products group SCA has thereby been completed.

    SCA, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, was founded 1929 as a forest products company. Therefore, the SCA name will stay with the forest company. We will continue to build this strong brand, together with our customers and business partners, who have always known us and our products as SCA.

    The foundation for our operations is the forest, 2.6 million hectares in Northern Sweden, an area nearly the size of Belgium. From this growing and renewable resource, we manufacture wood products, pulp, paper for packaging and print and renewable energy. Our operations create demand and value for the forests of others, and the efficient transport solutions we develop for our own products are also offered to other companies who need to transport their goods.

    We grow and plant seedlings that will grow for a century before they are harvested to become renewable and recyclable products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We bring this long-term perspective into everything we do.

    We manage our forests in a way that maintains their biological diversity, while the growing trees sequester the atmosphere's carbon dioxide.

    SCA is an important part of society in Sweden, being an important employer with strong ties to the communities in the north where our industries an businesses are located. We create jobs, we develop infrastructure and we turn a renewable natural resource into export revenues.

    We are committed to creating value as a sustainable business for our shareholders, our customers and our employees.

    Welcome to SCA!
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)
    16.06.2017   Paperworld China unveils evolving trends in China's stationery retail market     ( Company news )

    Company news Leading brands confirm participation
    TEDxKids serves as an ideal sharing platform to reveal new generation views and emerging opportunities

    Paperworld China, Asia’s leading fair for the stationery and office supplies industry, is scheduled to take place from 21 – 23 September 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. Launching its 13th edition, the show will continue to pioneer the industry through the introduction of initiatives in line with the latest market trends. The three-day show is expected to welcome over 500 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions such as China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan and the UK.

    With increasing disposable income and popularity of internet and online shopping platforms, Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated, quality-driven, and prioritise services and experiences over products. With this change comes numerous opportunities for the stationery and office supplies retail industry.

    To reflect these trends, the 2017 fair will continue to highlight “Small yet Beautiful”. This showcase will gather global-renowned brands that focus on the Chinese market’s potentials and display trendy stationery, office supplies, gifts and other lifestyle products in one place, along with a resting and business discussion area. Following the successful debut last year, “Small yet Beautiful” will return with expanding scale and occupy approximately 200 sqm of exhibition space, double in size compared to the last edition.

    Ms Judy Cheung, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd is confident about the effectiveness of this showcase. “Through featuring 'Small yet Beautiful', we aim to demonstrate an effective business model to help stationery retailers maximise their business performance. China’s retail industry and market landscape is evolving. Many brands are transforming from a conventional bookstore or stationery shop to a place that combines stationery, gifts and travel accessories. These modern retail stores that serve as a coffee shop and bookstore at the same time emphasise more on an integrated experience of shopping, dining and socialising. The outstanding business performances of these stores clearly demonstrate their surging popularity among consumers. 'Small yet Beautiful' is an accurate reflection of these changing trends and we believe it can provide new insights and opportunities for the stationery industry.”

    Leading brands confirm participation
    In addition to the “Small yet Beautiful” showcase, Paperworld China will also feature “Oriental Sense” that demonstrates innovative products combining contemporary designs and traditional Asian elements.
    These themes and showcases developed in response to the latest market trends, which are well-received by the industry, and many brands have shown their support to the fair through early confirmation. Participating brands include Akashiya, Comf-Pro, Comix, DAHLE, Daycraft, Dong-A, Durable, Edu3, ELCO, Herma, Kidstoyo, Kinbor, Lyra, Max, Online, Platinum, Pilot, Schneider, SDI, Simbalion, Snowhite, Weway and Zebra.

    TEDxKids serves as an ideal sharing platform to reveal new generation views and emerging opportunities
    Over the years, Paperworld China has developed into an all-encompassing platform for business, knowledge and information exchange for industry players. To further promote this aim, the organisers will be the major sponsor of TEDxKids, a platform for children to share their views, curiosity and ideas. The event will take place on 23 September during the fair. Some of the most remarkable students chosen from primary and secondary schools in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai will share topics on creativity. The event is expected to spark thought-provoking dialogues between fair-goers and the new generation.

    Ms Cheung added: “Sharing ideas can broaden the thinking of participants and inject new inspiration and energy into the industry. This event provides a chance for the industry to understand the thoughts and needs of the younger ones. For many companies, this kind of information is also vital and beneficial to the planning and execution of their business activities.”

    The show is jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, the China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts and Guangzhou Foreign Trade South China Exhibition Corp Ltd.
    (Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd)
    16.06.2017   Bobst Italia makes an impact at gravure innovation event    ( Company news )

    Company news Stirring and dynamic were the words buzzing through the two days dedicated to the gravure innovation event “Extending the scope, new technologies for gravure” held on 11th and 12th May 2017 at Bobst Italia, in San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy. Indeed the company put together an exciting and dramatic programme to demonstrate its advantage in leading innovation through constant evolution of its product range.

    Photo: Demonstration of the RS 6003C HS gravure press in front of the large audience of participants.

    “We had great information to share and created a spectacular show to tell our story” explains Michele Vitiello, Head of Gravure & Lamination Business Unit Web-fed and Managing Director of Bobst Italia “The event was a big success in two ways that make us proud: the success achieved from the point of view of the event content, showcasing the quality of the innovations presented and the success of the event format that we chose to convey the information to the participating audience”.

    The technology part of the days started mid-morning at a location in the Monferrato hills, where Michele Vitiello greeted participants before the delivery of two presentations on equipment and services.
    After a quick overview of the BOBST gravure product range, Giovanni Caprioglio, Sales & Marketing Director, Gravure and Lamination Product Line, Bobst Italia, pinpointed the two main areas of improvement in the latest configuration RS 6003C HS gravure press. These included a new dryer technology and revisited inking systems, which have been developed along four main requirements of performance, ergonomics & safety, environmental sustainability and energy savings.

    Backed by data, which were then verified during the machine demonstration in the afternoon, Giovanni Caprioglio illustrated how the quantum efficiency of the new twin flow drying system not only enables the shortening of the length of the dryers and lowers the residual solvent on the web to unprecedented levels in the industry, but also how it impacts in a cascading way on the performance of other functions, improving the overall press performance.

    The presentation of the latest High Speed Meter roller (HSM) and Multi-Purpose Inking (MPI) designs, alongside their technical specifications and respective advantages, more broadly illustrated the BOBST approach and proximity to its customers worldwide. “We believe that when the ‘know-how’ is supported by the ‘know-why’, technology can be truly effective. It succeeds in maintaining the focus on creating real value in each of the market we serve, taking account of the local needs for every new development we engineer, such as the inking system”, said Giovanni Caprioglio. He concluded his presentation with details of three machine demonstrations that were to take place in the afternoon.

    A presentation of BOBST Services given by Julien Laran, Head of Supply Chain & Operations and Mathieu Robyr, Head of Technology Deployment, was also very focused on the pursuit of innovation and excellence.
    BOBST Services is enhancing its capabilities to serve web-fed machine customers more rapidly. As one part of a transformation program, the technical personnel workforce will be increased by over 50% over the next 3-4 years. At the core of the BOBST Services offer is provision of support to customers to keep productivity at an optimum level and during the Open House, new, innovative and connected services were demonstrated to the enthusiastic audience. New monitoring Apps will help customers to remotely monitor their production or machine downtime across all machines on the shop floor in real time. Production data can be accessed and analyzed at any time and from anywhere, using mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

    After lunch, the participants moved to the production plant of Bobst Italia, where the action began with the doors opening on an engaging setup to showcase a 9-color RS 6003C HS gravure press, 1300 mm in print width.

    The demonstration started with the press rapidly achieving a speed of 500 m/min printing in reverse with solvent-based inks on a 17 micron BOPP film to produce a typical high-end high volume confectionery pack, followed by an automatic splice on the rewinder at full speed. The audience noted the low level of noise that was experienced as the machine reached the higher demonstration speeds; a 5 dba reduction has been enabled by the incorporation of a new sound dampening technology in the dryers. The Twin Flow air circulation design of the semi-floatation dryers is a first for the industry. The dual impingement and floatation technology is not new for BOBST, which has made it one of the hallmarks of its laminators and coating machines. However, BOBST is the very first manufacturer to apply it on a gravure printing press, generating an increase of up to 15% in drying performance. The press then came to a stop for a sample to be cut out and taken to the lab to measure the level of solvent retention.

    A pre-washing sequence was performed on board and the flexibility in job preparation and ink logistics of the Twin Trolley was then demonstrated. The machine resumed printing after the TAPS sequence, BOBST renowned automatic pre-setting system, and speed quickly went up to 500 m/min. All the while, up-close images of the various on board operations and animation of working principles were shown live to the audience on a huge wall screen. In addition, dedicated screens on the machine were showing data relating to the extraordinary performance of the register accuracy and correction speed during the ramp / up down, as well as the press’ low level of energy consumption. After the press came to a stop, the presenter went up to the two upper decks, which now make it possible for the operator to access both the dryer and the ventilation systems from the catwalk, before reading the outcome of the lab analysis on the printed sample. The result showed a solvent-retention level below 6.6 mg/m2 on both days!

    The action subsequently moved in to the BOBST Italia Competence Center for two more demonstrations.

    If the RS 6003C HS breakthrough developments earned it the first demo’s spotlight, the RS 6002C shaftless gravure press, presented last year at drupa and not before shown in demonstration at an open house, succeeded in creating great interest for its capabilities; particularly highlighted by the type of job application and the 18 micron LDPE substrate processed by the machine.

    The demonstration started with the press make-ready, using the TAPS system, which is part of the RS 6002C standard supply. The press was then accelerated to 300 m/min printing speed, performed a splice on the rewinder and was brought to a halt. The audience was then shown a cylinder pre-washing sequence and a cylinder change.
    All throughout, the tenure of the register was extremely accurate, making the press ideal to print sensitive substrates at high speed, which are notably critical to process in gravure, and for handling thinner materials for the production of packaging, which are less costly to produce and also fully recyclable.

    Finally, the demonstration of the CL 850D also focused on a value added packaging–enhancing application that reflects current market demands. From a technical point of view, the in-register coating of a matt lacquer on a pre-laminated composite substrate – 17 µm printed BOPP and 15 µm metallized BOPP film – highlighted the exceptional performance at speed variations of the BOBST Registron® system: after a splice at the speed of 400 m/min the register was back generating only 60m of waste!

    At the close of the day, satisfaction was high at Bobst Italia. “A customer who tells you that the event was great, and that he looks forward to the next one, puts the seal of success on the Open House” comments Michele Vitiello. “We are happy to have showed our customers how technological excellence continues to thrive at BOBST but also to see how our know-how, experience and commitment to our corporate values, are instrumental in sustaining their loyalty”, he concludes.
    BOBST Italia’s gravure innovation forum and open house was attended by 180 guests, including 150 converters coming from numerous countries worldwide.
    (Bobst Italia SpA)
    16.06.2017   Food packaging with the best story    ( Company news )

    Company news ​A packaging with natural look and feel has won the Swedish “Matverk” food producers’ prize 2017. The product is “Slaktarens Hemlighet” (Butcher's Secret) from the Swedish region Ångermanland.

    The award is given to a food product concept with the best taste, quality, story and packaging. The winning package is made from renewable, virgin-fibre-based board, which is safe in food contact and an ideal material for creative designs. The package design was jointly created by the winning team and sketched by Linnéa Liljedahl. The package is made of carton board, CKBTM by Stora Enso , in 220 gsm basis weight. Printing on the board’s brown backside gives the product natural look and feel, underlining the local food produce and authenticity.

    Slaktarens Hemlighet won the first prize in the national contest final. Its idea was based on the Spanish pork speciality ’secreto’, flavoured with dry salt and smoke. The package also got a honorary diploma of the Matverk marketing jury.

    "The product concept is nearly perfect. Well packed and presented with a good story. Familiar, yet entirely new. Top class craft. The flavour, texture and aroma make even the most picky person smile. A new hero to take its place among the classic foods of the region,” said the jury.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    16.06.2017   BillerudKorsnäs Goes with Large Procemex Integrated WIS and WMS Systems    ( Company news )

    Company news Procemex to deliver production wide integrated web inspection (WIS) and web monitoring systems (WMS) for BillerudKorsnäs board machines in Gruvön (Board Machine 7) and Gävle (Board Machine 4) in Sweden.

    The new BM 7, which is scheduled to start operation in 2019, will have an annual capacity of 550,000 tons of primary fibre-based board, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. BM7’s sheet width is 8.0 meters and running speed 1000 m/min. The total investment is approximately €585 million – the largest in the company’s history – includes the construction of the new BM at the Gruvön production site and rebuilds in the existing pulp mill.

    Gävle Board Machine web inspection and monitoring systems start-up will take place in October 2017.

    The Procemex delivery is exceptional with the amount of the smart cameras: the Gruvön Board Machine 7 will be equipped with close to 150 Procemex web inspection and monitoring cameras. Gävle Board Machine 4 will have close to 120 web inspection and web monitoring cameras. Both systems include automatic stopping controls for slitter winders.

    Modern Procemex integrated and high resolution web inspection and monitoring solutions give BillerudKorsnäs as a liquid packaging producer totally new possibilities for advanced and new technical solutions to improve production line efficiency and the product quality to fulfil end users’ increasing quality requirements.
    (Procemex Oy)
    16.06.2017   Esko CDI imagers produce plates for five of six Best of Show FTA Excellence in Flexography awards    ( Company news )

    Company news In addition, the majority of FTA Excellence in Flexography recipients work with Esko solutions

    Esko ( announces that five of the six Best of Show winners at this year’s 2017 FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards used Esko CDI digital flexo imagers. In addition, more than 70% of all awards were submitted by companies who are customers of Esko CDIs and/or software.

    The Excellence in Flexography Awards recognize exemplary package printing. Awards are judged over a three-day period by a group of flexographic industry experts. Categories in the Excellence in Flexography Awards include wide web, mid web, narrow web, combined corrugated, preprinted linerboard, envelope, self-promotion and non-traditional flexography, and students. The 2017 Excellence in Flexography Awards honored 121 as being noteworthy flexographically printed pieces.

    “It was exciting for Esko to, in some small way, celebrate in the tremendous achievements of our customers. For us, it is very gratifying to see so many Best of Show entries using plates prepared with our software and imaged on an Esko CDI for a wide variety of categories—from narrow to wide web format. Award results demonstrate that Esko flexo plate making solutions can be used successfully for virtually any application that requires high quality flexo,” explains Rory Marsoun, Esko VP, Market Development, Esko Americas.

    The five 2017 Best of Show Entrants who used plates imaged from Esko CDIs included:
    -The Tops Herb Seasoned Croutons/Italian Seasoned Croutons Wrapper, printed by Transcontinental Robbie. Plates were created by The ALC Group.
    -The Terra Sweets Medley Wrapper (photo), printed by Industrias de Plasticos S.A.
    -The Cozy Sunday Morning Body Cream Label, printed by Smyth Companies, LLC
    -The Berkley Jensen Ultra Laundry Detergent Carton, printed by Advance Packaging Corp. Plates were created by Printron.
    -The Paralyzed Veterans of America Tropical Flowers Envelope, printed by MackayMitchell Envelope Company

    “Esko wishes to congratulate all of the entries that contributed to make the 2017 FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards so successful. Esko is proud of the solutions we offer to our customers. But that is only one small piece—it takes a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to get the most out of any prepress and press software and equipment. We are proud to play a small part in their successes,” comments Mark Quinlan, President, Esko North America. “We commend everyone’s efforts. Their clients have reason to be proud of the work they produced. In the year ahead, we hope that our customers find even more extraordinary ways to demonstrate the excellence of their work. We will be there to help them.”
    (Esko Belgium)
    16.06.2017   Heidelberg presents new growth strategy – significant improvement in sales and result targeted ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... in period to 2022

    -Strategic focus on technology leadership, digital transformation, and operational excellence
    -Group targets for 2022 defined and underpinned with specific measures:
    Targeted increase in sales to around €3 billion, in EBITDA to €250–300 million, and in net profit after taxes to over €100 million
    -Initial strategic measures already implemented– two acquisitions (DOCUFY / Fujifilm coatings & pressroom chemicals in EMEA) and enhanced efficiency
    -Presentation of annual financial statements for 2016/17 confirms targets achieved

    At the Annual Press Conference for 2016/17, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is underlining its aspirations to further strengthen the company’s trailblazing position in the printing press sector with the presentation of a new corporate strategy. The company’s Management Board is presenting “Heidelberg goes digital!” – a package of measures for the years ahead with a strategic focus on technology leadership, digital transformation, and operational excellence. Following the successful turnaround with a return to sustained profitability, Heidelberg will now also be aiming for continuous growth. Group sales of around €3 billion are being targeted with a large number of specific measures in the period to 2022. The company has set its sights on a further significant improvement in profitability, with EBITDA of €250 to 300 million and a net profit after taxes of over €100 million. Sales in financial year 2016/17 were just over €2.5 billion, EBITDA at €179 million and the net result after taxes at €36 million.

    “Over the next five years, Heidelberg will once again become a leading light in the sector, enjoying strong growth and profits. We’ve defined the relevant success factors and have already introduced initial measures. This marks the start of a new era of growth for Heidelberg,” said the company’s CEO Rainer Hundsdörfer (photo).
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    16.06.2017   Valmet launches new Industrial Internet offering and starts partnership with Tieto    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet takes its Industrial Internet services to the next level by launching a new offering and opening four Performance Centers for energy, pulp, paper and board and tissue customers. At the same time, Valmet has signed a partnership agreement with Tieto, which is the first step in building a leading Industrial Internet ecosystem bringing the key players together.

    "Valmet is the leading process technology, automation and services provider for pulp, paper and energy industries globally. The technologies we provide to our customers are equipped with advanced sensors and measurement devices that gather important data from machines and processes. Furthermore, Valmet's automation systems that many of our customers have provide a solid data source. Combining the data from these sources with data from customers' other mill and plant systems creates an enormous amount of data. The core benefit to our customers is that our experts know which data to analyze and how to utilize it. This know-how is built into our Industrial Internet applications and services," says Jari Almi, Director, Industrial Internet, Valmet.

    Industrial Internet offering for reliability and performance
    Valmet's Industrial internet applications and services are built to improve the reliability and performance of customers' processes. The Industrial Internet enabled reliability services consist of online monitoring, predictive diagnostics and data analysis to improve mill and plant efficiency, to help to plan right-timed maintenance and to prevent unplanned shutdowns. Valmet's Industrial Internet enabled performance services concentrate on integrating data from different systems together with production data to optimize mill and plant level operations. They also include both individual process and the whole machine fleet optimization services.

    Four Performance Centers to provide Industrial Internet services
    Valmet has established four Performance Centers that are the customer's channel to all Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services. Customers can contact the Performance Centers and get real-time support from Valmet experts and the customer's processes can also be monitored remotely. Moreover, the Performance Centers offer data discovery and big data analysis services based on agreed targets. Performance Centers have been established for pulp, energy, paper, board and tissue industry customers and the Valmet experts work in them both physically and virtually where ever they are through a remote connection.

    Solution ecosystem with leading industry players
    To provide comprehensive Industrial Internet offering to its customers, Valmet is building an Industrial Internet solution ecosystem that brings leading industry players together. The purpose of the ecosystem is to create new value-adding applications and services to pulp, paper and energy industries. This will offer superior performance for Valmet's customers, compared to each actor operating independently. The now signed partnership with Tieto is a significant step in building the ecosystem.

    "This partnership with Tieto is an important step towards creating a strong Industrial Internet ecosystem and comprehensive services for our customers. Through this cooperation and the companies' complementary offerings, production process and business data can be integrated and optimized for the customers' benefit," says Jari Almi.

    "We are pleased to be part of new data-driven ecosystems and to deepen our partnership with Valmet to innovate new services and solutions around supply chain and processes optimization. The collaboration starts around Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Systems, and we are looking forward co-creating new opportunities around industrial internet and data to our customers," says Satu Kiiskinen, Executive Vice President, Tieto.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    16.06.2017   Changes to the forest products company SCA's Executive Management    ( Company news )

    Company news As a final step in the split of the SCA Group into two listed companies, the Board has – in connection with Magnus Groth being relieved of his duties as President and CEO – appointed Ulf Larsson (photo) as President and CEO of SCA. Magnus Groth has been appointed President and CEO of Essity Aktiebolag (publ), which has been admitted for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm.

    The distribution of the SCA Group’s hygiene and health company, Essity Aktiebolag (publ), approved by the 2017 Annual General Meeting, has now been completed. As previously communicated, the forest products company SCA has a new Executive Management Team effective today.

    In line with this, the Board of Directors has relieved Magnus Groth of his duties as President and CEO and appointed Ulf Larsson as President and CEO, and relieved Fredrik Rystedt of his duties as Executive Vice President of the forest products company SCA. Magnus Groth and Fredrik Rystedt will remain in their positions at Essity Aktiebolag (publ) as President and CEO and Executive Vice President and CFO, respectively.

    Ulf Larsson holds a B.Sc. Forestry and has been an employee of the SCA Group 1992. He has served as President of the Forest Products business area since 2008, which following the now completed distribution, comprises the forest products company SCA. He has also been Executive Vice President of the company since August 2016.

    Toby Lawton will hold the position of CFO in the new Executive Management of the forest products company SCA. Toby Lawton holds a Master’s Degree and between 2014 and 2017 has held the position of CFO at Vinda International Holding Limited, listed on the Hong Kong Exchange.

    Further information regarding the new Executive Management Team of the forest products company SCA is available on the company’s website (

    In accordance with the resolution passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting on May 17, 2017, the forest products company SCA’s Board of Directors will, as of today’s date, comprise Pär Boman (Chairman), Charlotte Bengtsson, Lennart Evrell, Annemarie Gardshol, Ulf Larsson, Martin Lindqvist, Lotta Lyrå, Barbara Milian Thoralfsson and Bert Nordberg. The employees have appointed Roger Boström, Hans Wentjärv and Johanna Viklund Lindén as regular Board members and Stefan Lundkvist, Per Andersson and Maria Jonsson as Deputy Board members.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)
    15.06.2017   Jane Molony Named President of the ICFPA    ( Company news )

    Company news The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) announced Jane Molony (photo) as its new president. Molony, Executive Director of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA), will serve in this capacity for the next two years.

    “Across the world, wood, paper and tissue products touch lives every day in ways that often go unnoticed. Without our industries’ products, many people would not be able to teach, read or learn; businesses would not be able to ship merchandise, or protect goods; nor would people be able to improve their lives through the basics of personal hygiene. Forest and paper products also have a great environmental and economic story to tell. It is a story that has been proudly told by the ICFPA for 15 years. I am particularly honoured to take charge of this group of leaders,” said Molony.

    Molony was elected at the ICFPA’s annual meeting in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was attended by 18 representatives from ICFPA members associations, who discussed future activities, cooperation and sustainability-related issue.

    Molony succeeds Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, president and CEO of the Brazilian Tree Industry, who served as ICFPA president for the past three years.

    “It has been a privilege to help the ICFPA continue its legacy of advocacy on important issues of interest of this global industry, and I have put significant efforts in communication. I believe this industry has a remarkable story to tell and we are just scratching the surface when it comes to public awareness and understanding of the sustainable benefits of the global forest products industry,” said Carvalhaes. “It was a great pleasure and honor to be part of this important forum and network of leaders and Ibá will continue to advocate towards the global forest industry and the plantations based industry locally and globally.”

    “On behalf of the entire ICFPA, I would like to thank Elizabeth for her leadership and guidance,” said Molony. “I look forward to continuing to work with her and the other members of the steering committee to ensure a strong global forest products industry.”
    (ICFPA International Council of Forest and Paper Associations)
    15.06.2017   The AEGLE lands at CosmeticBusiness Munich    ( Company news )

    Company news On 21 – 22 June 2017, the trade fair CosmeticBusiness opens its doors in Munich to present the latest innovations for the cosmetics industry. We are pleased to announce that Kotkamills will be exhibiting for the first time at this trade fair to present our unique AEGLE range of packaging material solutions for the world of cosmetics.

    Material solutions include:
    AEGLE White
    A fully coated board with a coated reverse, offering a premium printing surface and excellent converting characteristics

    AEGLE Pro
    A fully coated board with an uncoated reverse offers exceptional carton making opportunities from a board with market leading stiffness, high bulk and a beautiful printing surface

    AEGLE Zero
    A special uncoated folding boxboard with an uncoated reverse, for where a natural look is as important as excellent printing and conversion properties. Offering the opportunity for creative packaging design where the values of pure, organic quality are implicit in the final product choice

    Visit Kotkamills in Hall 4, Stand F18, at CosmeticBusiness trade fair on 21 – 22 June at MOC Munich to meet the team and discuss the opportunities for packaging differentiation using the Kotkamills AEGLE range of folding boxboards. We look forward to welcoming you!
    (Kotkamills Oy)
    15.06.2017   Bekaert Solaronics to install three infrared drying systems GemDryer® and three ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) at Dongda Paper, China.

    Bekaert Solaronics will supply Hangzhou Dongda Paper Co. Ltd with a 3-rows infrared GemDryer® (photo) and one Energy Recovery System (ERS) for coat drying on its PM2. This order comes just after the installation in 2016 of two GemDryer® and two ERS after-press and existing coater on the PM1 of Zhejiang Dongda Paper Co., Ltd. Dongda Paper manufactures coated recycled board.

    Bekaert Solaronics has a long-lasting experience in the optimization of non-contact drying systems. The combination of the GemDryer® with the ERS will help to increase the machine speed-up after press and coating stations and realize significant energy savings by using directly the exhaust from the infrared dryers as an energy source for the air dryer.

    Moreover, thanks to their compactness and coupled with the high performance Gem12+ emitters, the GemDryer® systems meet the customer needs in terms of high power density, drying flexibility and efficiency and ease of maintenance.
    (Solaronics SA)
    15.06.2017   Ismo Nousiainen appointed CEO of Metsä Fibre as of 1 January 2018    ( Company news )

    Company news M.Sc (Engineering) Ismo Nousiainen (photo) has been appointed the deputy CEO of Metsä Fibre Oy, a part of Metsä Group, as of 1 August 2017 and the CEO of Metsä Fibre and a member of Metsä Group Executive Management Team as of 1 January 2018. Nousiainen has worked for Metsä Fibre since 2001. Since 2008 he has been in charge of Metsä Fibre’s production.

    Metsä Fibre’s current CEO Ilkka Hämälä starts as the CEO of Metsäliitto Cooperative on 1 January 2018 and as the President and CEO of Metsä Group on 1 April 2018.
    (Metsä Fibre Oy)
    15.06.2017   Succeeding in a disruptive world    ( Company news )

    Company news New for 2017 - Join the entire paper value chain this September in Berlin, Germany as Smithers Pira schedules PRIMA 2017.

    The conference will move from its traditional date in May, to a new position in the paper industry events calendar of early to mid-September. The 2017 event which will be the 48th annual conference will be held in Berlin from September 6th-7th.

    Smithers Pira and the advisory board are currently developing this year’s programme for the 48th edition of PRIMA and we want to give you an exclusive preview of what's to come.

    We’re pleased to announce PRIMA 2017 will focus on ‘Succeeding in a disruptive world’ and will include sessions on:
    -Market trends in the pulp, paper and packaging industry
    -Brand owners & retailers perspectives and consumer engagement
    -Models of communications - new ways of communications
    -Innovations and disruptive technology

    Plus more still to be announced...
    (Smithers Pira)
    15.06.2017   Metso to donate EUR 1 million to three Finnish universities    ( Company news )

    Company news Metso is donating a total of EUR 1 million to Tampere University of Technology, Aalto University and the University of Oulu. Through the donation, Metso wishes to support Finnish scientific research and its application in practice.

    Photo: Students of the University of Oulu engaged in teamwork at the university's Tellus Innovation Arena. (Photo: University of Oulu)

    "The opportunity for continuous, varied scientific research work in cooperation between universities, companies and other parties is essential for building a sustainable future. It is also of utmost importance that universities' training programs produce top experts with knowledge and skills that promote companies' ability to renew and succeed. Through our donation, we want to support universities representing branches of science important to us in their ability to offer internationally competitive scientific research and education," says Matti Kähkönen, President and CEO of Metso Corporation.

    Metso has engaged in cooperation with leading universities around the world for decades. This EUR 1 million donation is a part of the program for the centenary of Finland's independence. The donation is shared by Tampere University of Technology, Aalto University and the University of Oulu. Education and applied research at these universities in the fields of minerals, materials technology, mechanical engineering and design are also central success factors in Metso's international business.

    "Tampere University of Technology has carried out long-term research and product development in cooperation with Metso in several fields, including materials technology, mechanical and production engineering, and hydraulics. The donation from Metso is a great recognition of this fruitful partnership," says Mika Hannula, President of Tampere University of Technology.

    "Metso has engaged in close cooperation with all Aalto University Schools. In addition to materials technology, mechanical engineering and business and economics, important and topical areas for us both include design, digitalization and the Internet of Things. We warmly thank Metso for this donation", says Tuula Teeri, President of Aalto University.

    "We highly value our partnership with Metso Corporation. We share the same objectives and values, which include the sustainable utilization of natural resources and the search for innovations. Interfaces for cooperation can be found in several branches of science. We have trained many experts working in key positions at Metso, and even now, our students are training and working on thesis projects at the company. Our cooperation in research is particularly related to process and environmental technology, measuring technology and minerals. I hope that we can further enhance our cooperation and promote our shared goals through project activities," says Jouko Niinimäki, President of the University of Oulu.

    The donations in question are based on the decision of Metso Corporation's Annual General Meeting on March 23, 2017, which authorized the Board of Directors to decide on giving donations to universities and colleges up to a maximum amount of EUR 1,000,000.
    (Metso Corporation)
    15.06.2017   Exhibition forum of ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2017 entirely dedicated to the topics digitalization, ...    ( ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2017 )

    ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2017 ...“Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0”

    At the exhibition forum participants will not only be informed but also inspired by the main topic “Industry 4.0” for new development opportunities in their companies.

    With the keynote speech under the heading “Good sides, bad sides – Why the paper industry also has to reinvent itself,” web journalist and TV presenter Richard Gutjahr (photo) sensitized for the future topic on the first exhibition day:
    “Not even one in two represents of the paper industry believes that the digitalization, the “Internet of Things” and the “Industry 4.0” will have a profound effect on the own business.

    But the lessons of history tell us that especially those who feel the safest will be hardest hit by the change. The lecture will show why the step from the analog to the hyper interlinked digital age will be bigger than the invention of the book printing and why no industry will remain untouched by this change.”

    Practical knowledge-transfer
    Other sources of information provide the workshop “Industry 4.0“ of the ZELLCHEMING technical committee pulp and paper testing (TEST), the workshop “Technologies from TODAY for the products of TOMORROW” of the Papiertechnischen Stiftung as well as the lecture series “The VDI and its effects on the paper industry” of the ZELLCHEMING technical committee microbiology. This year, the already established Cellulose Symposium will present again the latest discoveries in the field of polysaccharide research.

    Learn from the best: Presentation of revolutionary and long-lasting ideas
    The exhibitor lecture series “Best Practice – Learn from the best“ under professional supervision of the association ZELLCHEMING e.V. as well as the lecture series of the publisher Deutscher Fachverlag with presentations from exhibitors of the market place, will also offer particular insights into practice.
    (Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure e.V. - Verein ZELLCHEMING)
    14.06.2017   Heidelberg at China Print 2017: Simply Smart, paves the way for the future of ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Chinese Print Media Industry

    -Largest print show in Asia attracts over 200,000 visitors
    -Heidelberg as technology leader exhibits the digitized future of the industry
    -Successful sales launch of new Speedmaster CX 75 in China
    -High demand for locally produced machines

    Photo: The presentation area on the Heidelberg stand was always full of enthusiastic visitors during the China Print show time.

    China Print 2017 – from May 9th to 13th in Beijing, this year’s biggest trade show for the print media industry has come to a successful conclusion. Over 200,000 visitors mostly from China but also from other countries in Asia took this week to find out the future industry trends. During the show, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has presented innovative Packaging and Commercial Printing solutions under the motto “Simply Smart”, showing itself the strong driving force behind the industry’s digitization.

    “We were very pleased with the outcome of the trade show. Customers showed great interest in our new products and services for the digitized future. We are confident that we’ll continue to profit from the potential offered by this region in the future”, says Mr. Rainer Hundsdoerfer, CEO of Heidelberg. “China still plays an important role for Heidelberg, who is among the top 3 markets for Heidelberg together with Germany and USA. Heidelberg is fully committed to the development of Chinese printing industry, particularly with a modern and highly efficient factory in Shanghai.”

    “For Heidelberg, ‘Simply Smart’ is more than just a motto. It is the principle we apply to the development of solutions designed to make handling processes and technologies as easy as possible. It is how we see the intelligent, highly automated print shop of the future. So we offer our customers comprehensive and smart solutions, to ensure that they remain at the technology forefront in line with Industry 4.0”, explained Rene Ludvigsen, Regional Head of Heidelberg Asia.

    And Benny Huang, Head of Heidelberg China Ltd. added, “it is time for us to put forward the concepts including ‘Smart Print Shop’, ‘Smart Services’ and ‘Smart Collaboration’ during China Print this year. Visitors will not only learn Heidelberg’s vision of a digitized future and the Print Industry 4.0, but also see for themselves a truly digitized, integrated and networked print shop on our booth. Our customers expect us to deliver added value solutions, and we are actively helping them make the transformation to a digitized future.”
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    14.06.2017   Finally – a plastic-free blister pack    ( Company news )

    Company news One of the world’s most widely used forms of packaging – the blister pack – can now be made totally in paperboard. Two major benefits are reduced environmental impact and less consumer rage and self-injury. Blister packs are made to hang on a holder in the retail store and often consist of a paperboard backing plus a moulded transparent plastic front section to display the product to the consumer. The Norwegian converter Moltzaus’s ingeniously designed Cefapac improves both the pack’s environmental performance and its openability, and has already won awards.

    Caption: Ski wax from the global leader Swix in an easily opened, plastic-free pack. The pack could just as well hold a deodorant or skin cream from a manufacturer who wants to move from a fossil-based packaging material to a renewable, non-fossil-based one.© Iggesund

    “Our development work had two starting points – environmental impact and ease of opening,” explains Eirik Faukland, the packaging veteran in charge of R&D at Moltzau. “To get around the well-known problem of the extreme difficulty of opening plastic blister packs, the basic concept was to replace the plastic with paperboard. What’s unique with the Cefapac solution is that we chose to replace all the traditional creases with perforations, which gives the desired openability.”

    However, when perforations replace creases, the risk is that they cannot protect the pack’s contents well enough. The choice of which paperboard to use is therefore crucial.

    “Invercote’s superior tear strength is a prerequisite for a good-quality pack,” Faukland says. “Both the strength and how it performs in the various stages of converting and filling are crucial.” He says another benefit is that in the packs Moltzau has produced so far, the perforations have allowed the customer to increase the speed of the filling lines compared with those using creased packaging blanks.

    The world-leading manufacturer of ski wax, Swix, is currently packing some of its waxes in Cefapacs and plans to expand the trial. Other products in Cefapacs already on the market are dressings for wounds and non-prescription medicines. In the autumn of 2015 Cefapac was honoured with a Scandinavian packaging award, Scanstar, and in 2017 will receive the WorldStar award from the World Packaging Organisation.

    As the pack’s designer, Eirik Faukland has also been warmly praised by representatives of the Swedish and Norwegian Rheumatism Associations, which represent rheumatism sufferers. The associations actively encourage the packaging industry to develop more easily opened forms of packaging.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    14.06.2017   Savcor: Delfort Feurstein awarded an order for Wedge    ( Company news )

    Company news Austrian specialty paper group Delfort has placed an order for Wedge for their Feurstein mill. The system will be the second Wedge to Delfort Group. Process Diagnostic System was delivered in May.

    The mill is located in Traun, also the home of Delfort corporate headquarters in Austria.

    The mill focuses on manufacturing tipping base papers, ecopac papers, thinprint papers and special cigarette papers.
    (Savcor Forest Oy)
    14.06.2017   Rengo to Revise Boxboard Prices    ( Company news )

    Company news Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; Chairman, President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that it will revise the prices of its boxboard products.

    In recent years, as prices of raw materials and chemicals and distribution costs rise, the environment pertaining to boxboard production has grown increasingly severe. Rengo has previously engaged in thorough cost reduction initiatives and worked hard to maintain its pricing; however, the situation is now such that it is impossible for Rengo to keep prices at the same level through its own efforts alone.

    For this reason, Rengo announces it will be revising the price of its boxboard as set out below. The company hopes that its customers are able to recognize the circumstances that have led to this revision.

    1. Applicable products: all grades of boxboard
    2. Price revision: an increase of 10 yen per kg over current prices
    3. Start date: all consignments from July 1, 2017 onwards
    (Rengo Co Ltd)
    14.06.2017   Valmet to rebuild Alas Dorada's tissue machine in Alas Doradas, El Salvador    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet has been trusted as supplier for the rebuild of Alas Dorada's PM4 in El Salvador. The main target for the rebuild is to raise production capacity by increasing press dryness, and enable improved paper quality as a second stage. This will be achieved by installation of an Advantage ViscoNip press (photo) combined with an Advantage ReDry web heater. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for end of the year 2017.

    The order was included in Valmet's second quarter 2017 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

    "We have evaluated several options carefully and found that Valmet's Advantage ViscoNip technology will provide the press dryness, capacity and product quality we are aiming for. We are also convinced that Valmet's technology, process skills and experience will ensure an efficient installation and reliable future operations," says Carlos Jerez, Technical Director, Alas Doradas.

    "We are excited to support Alas Doradas in their technology upgrade to increase their production. We are also proud to have been chosen as supplier after their long and careful evaluation and we see this as a start of a long-lasting relation," says Kent Nika, Sales Manager, Tissue Mills unit, Valmet.

    Technical information about the delivery
    Valmet's delivery for the machine rebuild includes a replacement of a current suction press roll with an Advantage ViscoNip press for increased production, improved product quality and decreased energy consumption. A new Advantage ReDry web heater will further enhance the targets by utilizing exhaust air and humidity from the hood, to heat the web and thereby increase post pressure consistency.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    14.06.2017   Orchids Paper Products Company Announces 2017 First Quarter Results And Suspends ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Quarterly Dividend To Preserve Financial Flexibility

    Orchids Paper Products Company (NYSE MKT: TIS) reported results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. The following tables provide selected financial results for first quarter 2017 compared to first quarter 2016 and to fourth quarter 2016.

    Jeff Schoen, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "As we expected, the first half of 2017 was going to be a challenging period until the new business awarded started to be produced and shipped. Sales were negatively impacted in January and February by one-time inventory reductions in preparation for a restage of private label programs that started to ship in March. Costs were negatively impacted by the continued effect of start-up costs for our Barnwell, South Carolina plant. Looking to the second quarter, production of the new volume that we announced in January, representing 3.0MM cases or more of new business, has begun, which we expect to be fully implemented by the beginning of third quarter. As previously stated, we expect the new volume to generate in the area of $15 million to $20 million of EBITDA and to attain a run rate of $50 million to $60 million of EBITDA when our new capacity is sold out.

    "Operating cash flow less changes in working capital provided $7.4 million in the first quarter of 2017, relative to $6.8 million the fourth quarter of 2016. We avoided stock-piling inventory and were able to exit some rented warehouse space. Despite spending $18.0 million on capital projects, we only increased financings by $11.5 million.

    "Regarding the Barnwell, South Carolina, project, the two converting lines are ramping-up to meet the new demand, and the paper mill is scheduled to be in production in June and to be immediately capable of making and selling parent roll capacity in excess of that required for converted product sales. The ramp-up of the paper mill is expected to continue throughout the third quarter."

    First Quarter 2017, relative to First Quarter 2016
    Net sales decreased $12.4 million, or 26%, primarily due to heavy promotional activity by brand-competitors and other competitive pressures. Parent roll sales were $2.5 million in both quarters, and converted product sales decreased $12.4 million to $32.9 million. $10.2 million of the decrease in revenue was attributable to the decreased number of tons sold, and $2.2 million was attributable to a decline in the average price per ton that reflects a changing mix of customers buying a changing mix of products.

    Cost of sales, exclusive of depreciation, decreased $3.6 million, or 11%. Tons sold decreased by 20% leading to a decrease of $7.0 million in cost of sales; however, the average cost per unit increased 9%, offsetting $3.4 million of this decrease. The addition of labor, overhead, and start-up costs for Barnwell, not yet being offset by production and absorption, account for the largest portion of the relative cost increase. The decline in production volumes drove decreased absorption and unfavorable efficiency variances to which we attribute roughly $4.4 million of the change in cost. Increases in repairs and maintenance, $0.5 million; direct labor, $0.4 million; and other cost increases were more than offset by savings, principally from lower fiber costs and from decreased freight costs.

    Interest expense increased $0.3 million, or 97%, due principally to increased debt levels. Our interest rate is also variable and dependent upon our financial leverage. Most interest incurred continues to be capitalized to the Barnwell, South Carolina, capital project, pending its completion.

    A tax benefit of $0.4 million was recognized in the first quarter of 2017 compared to tax expense of $2.8 million in the first quarter of 2016, reflecting both the decline in pre-tax earnings and the Company's recognition of tax credits. The effective combined tax rate estimated in the first quarter of 2017 is 30%.

    As a result of the foregoing factors, a net loss of $0.9 million, or ($0.08) per basic share, was recognized in the first quarter of 2017 compared to net income of $5.4 million, or $0.53 per basic share, in the first quarter of 2016.

    First Quarter 2017, relative to Fourth Quarter 2016
    Net sales decreased $2.4 million, or 6%, as customers tended to work-off high inventory levels following heavy promotional activity by brand-competitors and other competitive pressures in prior quarters. Parent roll sales remained similar between the quarters, declining less than $0.1 million, while converted product sales decreased $2.3 million. A decline in the number of tons sold resulted in a $2.7 million decrease in net sales, while a higher average selling price per ton increased net sales by $0.3 million.

    Cost of sales, exclusive of depreciation, increased $1.2 million, or 4%. Tons sold decreased by 7% leading to a decrease in cost of sales of $2.0 million; however cost increases of $3.2 million, or 11%, more than offset the decrease. The decline in production volumes drove decreased absorption and unfavorable efficiency variances to which we attribute roughly $1.3 million of the unfavorable change in cost. Additionally, approximately $1.0 million of the unfavorable change in costs of sales resulted from seasonal fluctuations and certain costs that are not expected to be reoccurring, including unfavorable variances in purchasing rebates, increased freight costs for shipments of parent rolls from Pryor to Barnwell (that will be avoidable once Barnwell's mill is operational), seasonal social security expenses, Barnwell's mill labor in training, and other unfavorable variances related to employee benefits. Mexicali's costs increased approximately $0.3 million due principally to increased fiber costs on the West Coast and increased local electrical rates, while Pryor benefited from $0.2 million of cost savings from its mix of fiber. In the fourth quarter, Barnwell had a favorable inventory adjustment of approximately $0.4 million, which was not replicated in the first quarter. Repairs and maintenance, freight costs for shipments to the West Coast, and other overhead costs increased approximately $0.4 million in net.

    Interest expense remained relatively flat at $0.5 million in both the first quarter of 2017 and the fourth quarter of 2016. Most interest incurred continues to be capitalized to the Barnwell, South Carolina, project, pending its completion.

    A tax benefit of $0.4 million was recognized in the first quarter of 2017, as discussed above. A tax benefit of $0.4 million was also recognized in the fourth quarter of 2016, reflecting the Company's recognition of Oklahoma, South Carolina, Indian Employment, and Foreign tax credits.

    As a result of the foregoing factors, a net loss of $0.9 million was recognized in the first quarter of 2017 compared to net income of $2.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2016.

    First Quarter 2017 EBITDA relative to Fourth Quarter 2016 EBITDA
    To assist in summarizing the changes that occurred in first quarter of 2017, a bridge follows, intended to show the significant changes in EBITDA between the first quarter and the immediately preceding quarter, the fourth quarter of 2016. EBITDA of $6.0 million in the fourth quarter of 2016 is being compared to EBITDA of $2.7 million in the first quarter of 2017.

    -Average selling prices increased, contributing $0.3 million.
    -Sales volumes declined, reducing the gross margin by $0.7 million.
    -A reduction of approximately $1.3 million is attributable to unfavorable absorption and manufacturing variances in turn attributable to decreased production and sales volumes.
    -One-off changes and ramp-up costs of $0.9 million were incurred, e.g. labor incurred during training of new employees in Barnwell, timing of recognition of rebates, and other factors noted in the cost of sales section above.
    -A reduction of $0.3 million is attributable to changes in inventory adjustments at Barnwell and to increased repairs and maintenance at Barnwell that may or may not be reoccurring.
    -Net favorable cost adjustments of approximately $0.3 million in the fourth quarter were not reoccurring in the first quarter.
    (Orchids Paper Products Co)

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