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    29.09.2014   The Future of Graphic Arts Production is Now – The Ricoh ProTM VC60000    ( Company news )

    Company news Ricoh has revealed the future of commercial print – with the announcement of the Ricoh Pro VC60000, a new generation, continuous feed, inkjet technology platform for graphic arts, designed to excel at direct mail, book printing and marketing materials. The modular based system is the most versatile colour inkjet system available on the market.

    Ricoh believes the Pro VC60000 will set a new benchmark for quality in its class as a result of its unique multi-drop ink technology, achieving a physical resolution of up to 1200x1200 dpi with a dynamic variable drop size within each pixel, providing significant additional perceived print quality. The Pro VC60000 will meet the high productivity needs of commercial printers with a duplex system offering fast speeds, producing nearly 100,000 A4 images per hour. It is the ideal investment for medium to large graphic arts printers seeking to future-proof their business and to reach new clients with new innovative applications and accelerate offset to digital migration. Shipments are expected to start in EMEA in early 2015.

    Peter Williams, Executive Vice President and Head of the Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe, says, “The wait for graphic arts businesses seeking the optimum inkjet platform and partner to grow their business is at an end. At Ricoh, we’ve combined our 25-year experience in print head and ink development with our software and services expertise to ensure we can work closely with our clients as they grow and change for the future.”

    In addition to enabling outstanding image quality, the Pro VC60000’s Ricoh-developed, long lasting print heads and high viscosity water-based pigment inks ensure graphic arts businesses can control costs with a reliable system that delivers maximum uptime while minimising the environmental impact. Flexibility, essential for a busy print operation, is met with its ability to produce premium output on a broad range of media that includes uncoated, coated offset, digital, treated and recycled. The optional protector coat unit provides a durable “scratch & scuff resistant” layer. Fast set up times and easy to produce personalised print runs ensure clients get their messages tailored to who they want and on time, as the Pro VC60000 can meet tight deadlines faster than traditional printing methods.

    Whether integrating into a fully digital or hybrid offset workflow, the Pro VC60000 Digital Front End, the TotalFlow Print Server R600A, ensures native support for PDF, PDF/VT and AFP/IPDS together with JDF and advanced colour management support. It also comes with a new user interface designed specifically for the challenges of graphic arts production.

    Williams says, “We’ve successfully been developing our digital front end print servers for almost 40 years, giving us a deep insight into what clients need to operate effectively. Our success is based upon our approach to providing scalable print servers that are flexible enough to handle integrated workflows in mixed environments. The latest DFE builds on this success, coming fully equipped to handle the demanding needs of fully digital and hybrid offset workflows.”

    The Pro VC60000 is further supported by Ricoh Process Director and Process Director Express, powerful modular software that allows print services providers to automate the flow of jobs through production smoothly and with complete integrity, while retaining flexible control of their print and mail production processes.

    The Pro VC60000 complements the existing InfoPrint 5000 series of inkjet presses and extends Ricoh’s comprehensive range of inkjet solutions into graphic arts. The Pro VC60000 will also follow the same strategy as the successful InfoPrint 5000 series, whereby the investment is future-proofed with an ongoing development plan and continuous upgrade path. Like the InfoPrint 5000 series, it will easily integrate with third party finishing devices. Ricoh will also continue to enhance the InfoPrint 5000 series to meet future customer needs.

    Williams says, “We know that technology-led change has been reshaping the graphic arts industry rapidly over the last decade. We firmly believe that one step for graphic arts businesses seeking to future-proof their business, keep pace with the speed of change and adapt to evolving client requirements is to invest in a leading technology system like the Ricoh ProTM VC60000. Printing on offset coated papers in class-leading resolution, they will be able to transfer offset jobs to this digital system. Our clients, many of them primarily offset printers, will gain enhanced productivity while carefully controlling costs and creating new ways to service their clients.”

    Ricoh’s continuing commitment to innovation means that commercial and corporate print clients can select the optimum blend from the company’s fast expanding portfolio of production-oriented products and solutions to support the profitable evolution of their businesses. In addition to the introduction of the Pro VC60000 continuous feed that extends the existing portfolio of inkjet presses, the colour cut sheet offer is growing fast with today's ProTM C7100X series launch to meet medium and low volume print production needs, along with the ProTM 8100 mono press. The hardware portfolio is completed by wide and large format printers, configured for graphics and for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) requirements. Ricoh’s software solutions deliver supreme connectivity and performance across the spectrum of workflow needs that professional production printers have, whether in mixed or digital-only environments.

    Ricoh Pro VC60000 Features Summary
    - Premium print quality with Ricoh print heads and fluids, using multi-drop ink technology and physical print resolutions up to 1200x1200 dpi with dynamic variable drop size within each pixel

    - High productivity with fast speeds able to produce up to 40 million impressions per month

    - Versatile with a broad range of media support that include uncoated, coated offset, digital, treated, recycled papers. The optional undercoat unit allows the Ricoh Pro VC60000 to print on offset coated stocks. The optional protector coat unit provides a durable “scratch & scuff resistant” layer.

    - The Ricoh developed Digital Front End, TotalFlow Print Server R600A with native support for a wide range of data streams together with JDF and advanced colour management support

    - Future proofed with ongoing development plan and continuous upgrade path

    - Compatible with Ricoh Process Director and Process Director Express

    - Extends Ricoh’s high volume inkjet portfolio, complementing the existing IP5000 series.
    (Ricoh Europe PLC)
    29.09.2014   Asia Pulp and Paper signs New York Declaration on Forests at UN Climate Summit to help ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...tackle climate change

    Mr. Teguh Ganda Wijaya, Chairman of Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP), joined a number of companies, governments and NGOs to sign the New York Declaration on Forests at an event at the UN Climate Summit 2014. The declaration is an unprecedented international, multi-sector commitment to safeguard the world’s forests and to help tackle climate change.
    All signatories of the Declaration have committed to a vision of slowing, halting, and reversing global forest loss while simultaneously contributing to economic growth, poverty alleviation, rule of law, food security, climate resilience and biodiversity conservation.

    The declaration, which was formalised at an event hosted by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, highlights that reducing emissions from deforestation and increasing forest restoration are key to tackling climate change. Partners are called on to work together to:
    - At least halve the rate of loss of natural forests globally by 2020 and strive to end natural forest loss by 2030.
    - Restore 150 million hectares of degraded landscapes and forestlands by 2020 and significantly increase the rate of global restoration thereafter, which would restore at least an additional 200 million hectares by 2030.
    - The full list of commitments have the collective target of achieving a reduction in emissions by 4.5-8.8 billion tons per year by 2030.

    ​Teguh Ganda Wijaya, Chairman of APP said: “United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has done the planet and some of its most critical ecosystems a great service in convening this ground-breaking meeting of governments, global business leaders and NGOs. Business can take the lead in delivering these commitments, but we must work closely with all stakeholders including governments and NGOs to truly tackle deforestation and climate change. One of the most effective ways to do this is by conserving forest, planting trees, and protecting the natural forest that surrounds.
    “We at APP also believe that forest-based products can help in this regard because they retain carbon, are recyclable and, when sourced from responsibly managed plantations, are often more sustainable than the alternatives."

    Aida Greenbury, APP’s managing director of sustainability added: “We have shown through our own Zero Deforestation policies that ambitious targets to protect the world’s remaining forests can be agreed, implemented and achieved by companies operating in emerging economies. Our view is that wherever a company is involved in the forest supply chain, they should be implementing these policies immediately. There is no time to waste.”

    APP announced its Forest Conservation Policy and zero deforestation commitment in February 2013 and over the last 18 months, has been working successfully to implement this policy. Earlier this year, the company made a further commitment to support the protection and restoration of one million hectares of tropical rainforest landscapes in Indonesia, one of the most ambitious conservation commitments ever made by a private company.
    (APP Asia Pulp & Paper Company Ltd)
    29.09.2014   New Eco High-Speed Inkjet Paper from Mitsubishi    ( Company news )

    Company news Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is introducing two new eco inkjet papers for high-speed printing: JETSCRIPT DT 8002 and DT 9002, which are suitable for Transactional and Transpromo communications and complete the Mitsubishi range.

    The new inkjet papers have matte eco top-surfaces and are printable on both sides. They are characterized by high whiteness, excellent opacity and high smoothness. Superb drying and processing properties make it the medium of choice for high-speed inkjet printing of Transactional and Transpromodocuments.
    They are available in 80gsm and 90gsm. The lighter 80gsm version, DT 8002, saves postage costs and is therefore particularly suitable for mailings. Both products are specially developed and designed for use with pigment inks, but also suitable for dye inks.
    They are of course as FSC® Mix certified products available.

    With DT 8002 and DT 9002 Mitsubishi is responding to the needs of its customers and the market, and completes the wide JETSCRIPT range. Inkjet Papers for all applications from one source - only from Mitsubishi HiTec Paper.
    (Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)
    29.09.2014   GLV to Become Pure Water Treatment Company with the Sale of its Pulp and Paper Division and ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... will Rename Itself Ovivo

    Key Transaction Highlights
    -Sale of the Pulp and Paper Division for $65 million to the Verreault Family
    -Resulting in a pure water treatment company
    -Significantly strengthens balance sheet with low net debt
    -Paves the way for accelerated organic and acquisition growth
    -GLV Inc. to change its name to Ovivo Inc. following closing of the transaction
    -Marc Barbeau to be appointed President and Chief Executive Officer
    -GLV's Board of Directors recommending that disinterested shareholders vote in favour of transaction

    Picture: Richard Verreault, the President and Chief Executive Officer of GLV

    (All amounts in Canadian dollars)
    GLV Inc. ("GLV" or the "Corporation") announced that it has executed a definitive agreement for the sale of its Pulp & Paper Division (the "Division") for $65 million on a debt-free basis to a corporation owned by Richard Verreault, the President and Chief Executive Officer of GLV and Laurent Verreault, the Executive Chairman of the Board of GLV (the "Purchaser"). This transaction will allow GLV to become a pure provider of water treatment products and solutions in a rapidly growing industry with attractive long-term fundamentals. In addition, the transaction will significantly strengthen GLV's balance sheet and position it for accelerated organic and acquisition growth.

    Upon closing, GLV will receive $60 million in cash, transfer a debt of $2 million to the Purchaser and receive a balance of sale of $3 million payable over the next 42 months. The transaction price will be subject to usual post-closing adjustments related to working capital. GLV expects limited tax leakage from the transaction. Transaction value represents approximately 6.1x the Division's last five year average EBITDA, adjusted for its share of head office expenses.

    GLV's net debt following the transaction is expected to be approximately $10 million. The Corporation has received a commitment from National Bank of Canada with respect to a new revolving credit facility to be implemented upon closing of the transaction. A line of credit of $60 million will be available for general corporate purposes and $80 million will be available for letters of credit.

    Upon closing of the transaction, Richard Verreault will step-down from his current roles of President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of GLV and Laurent Verreault will continue to act as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Verreaults will remain important shareholders of the Corporation exercising the same voting power. Marc Barbeau who currently acts as President of the Ovivo division and Executive Vice President of GLV will be appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Following closing, GLV will change its name to Ovivo Inc. to reflect the Corporation's focus on water treatment products and solutions.

    "The Board of Directors of GLV has been considering the sale of the Pulp & Paper Division for quite some time. Over the past years, GLV has solicited and received expressions of interest for the Pulp & Paper Division, none of which was superior to today's proposed transaction. The sale of this Division represents an opportunity for GLV to become a pure water treatment company and utilize the net proceeds to redeploy in Ovivo's higher growth opportunities", said Mr. Marc Courtois, Chair of GLV's Committee of Independent Directors (the "Independent Committee") which is overseeing the transaction. The Board of Directors believes this transaction is in the best interest of all our shareholders."

    Mr. Marc Barbeau, President of Ovivo and Executive Vice President of GLV said: "There are several exciting growth opportunities available to Ovivo and our stronger financial position following this transaction will enable us to further expand our business. I am excited about my future role and look forward to continue to leverage the Ovivo platform to deliver value to our shareholders."

    Mr. Laurent Verreault, Executive Chairman of the Board of GLV said: "Richard and I are pleased to have reached an agreement to acquire the Pulp & Paper Division. We believe that the sale of the Pulp & Paper Division is the right strategic decision for GLV to focus on its core water treatment business and strengthen its financial flexibility to capitalize on growth opportunities. We are optimistic about Ovivo's future and intend to remain an important shareholder of the Corporation. We are also pleased to acquire the Pulp & Paper Division, the founding activities of GLV and to ensure that its head office will remain in Quebec".

    The transaction has been approved unanimously (Laurent and Richard Verreault withholding their votes) by the Board of Directors of GLV following the unanimous recommendation of the Independent Committee composed of Mr. Marc Courtois, Ms. Chantal Bélanger and Ms. Sylvie Lalande. The Board of Directors of GLV also unanimously (Laurent and Richard Verreault withholding their votes) recommends that shareholders (excluding Laurent and Richard Verreault) vote in favour of the transaction at the special meeting of shareholders to be called to approve the transaction.

    Formal Valuation and Fairness Opinions
    KPMG LLP ("KPMG") has provided the Independent Committee with a formal valuation pursuant to which, as at September 24, 2014 and subject to the assumptions, limitations and qualifications contained therein, the fair market value of the Pulp & Paper Division ranged from $63 million to $71 million. KPMG has also provided an opinion that as at September 24, 2014, subject to the assumptions, qualifications and limitations provided therein, the consideration to be received by GLV pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement is fair, from a financial point of view, to shareholders (other than Laurent Verreault and Richard Verreault). National Bank Financial Inc., acting as financial advisor to the Corporation, has also provided an opinion that as at September 24, 2014, subject to the assumptions, qualifications and limitations provided therein, the consideration to be received by GLV pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement is fair, from a financial point of view, to shareholders (other than Laurent Verreault and Richard Verreault). The formal valuation and the fairness opinions will be included in the management information circular to be mailed to shareholders in connection with the approval of the transaction.

    Transaction Details
    Pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement, GLV has a 45-day go-shop period that will extend from September 24, 2014 to November 7, 2014 (the "Go-Shop Period"), during which National Bank Financial Inc., as financial advisor to GLV, will solicit third-party interest in submitting a proposal for the Division which is superior to the proposal made by the Purchaser. The Purchaser will have a right to match any superior proposal. If GLV is successful in soliciting a superior proposal for the Division during the Go-Shop Period, and the Board changes its recommendation, there will be a break fee payable to the Purchaser of $1.0 million. In all other cases where a superior proposal is received and the Board changes its recommendation, the Purchaser will be entitled to a break fee of $2.0 million. Laurent and Richard Verreault have agreed to enter into a support and voting agreement agreeing to vote their shares in favour of an acquisition proposal for the Division that the Board determines to constitute a superior proposal prior to the shareholders' meeting, subject to the terms and conditions of the definitive agreement.

    The completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of 66 2/3% of the votes cast by Class A subordinate voting and Class B multiple voting shareholders present in person or by proxy at the special meeting of shareholders of GLV voting as a class and by the majority of GLV's disinterested shareholders, being all shareholders excluding Laurent and Richard Verreault, in accordance with applicable rules governing related party transactions. The transaction is also subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

    The Company intends to mail a management information circular in the upcoming weeks to its shareholders for a meeting expected to be held in November 2014. Details of the transaction as well as the rationale for the Board of Directors' support of the transaction will be set out in the information circular.

    Further details regarding the terms of the transaction are set out in the Share Purchase Agreement which is now available under the profile of GLV at The management information circular will also be available at when mailed to the shareholders.

    National Bank Financial Inc. acted as financial advisor to GLV and Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP acted as legal counsel. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP acted as legal advisor to the independent committee of the Board of Directors of GLV. Stikeman Elliott LLP acted as legal advisor to the Verreaults.
    (GL&V Canada Inc.)
    29.09.2014   EPW update #2 - Speaker shortlisted for award | EPW Innovation Exhibition | New sponsors    ( Company news )

    Company news Registrations for the European Paper Week 2014 opened at the beginning of September. If you haven’t yet registered, hurry up and do so before tomorrow 30 September to benefit from the early bird fee!

    Mazzucato shortlisted for inaugural New Statesman prize
    The key speaker of our Annual Meeting, university of Sussex economist Professor Mariana Mazzucato, is one of six “world-class thinkers” who have been shortlisted for the first-ever New Statesman SPERI Prize in political economy. Professor Mazzucato’s influential 2013 book, The Entrepreneurial State: debunking private versus public sector myths, debunked the myth of an innovative private sector versus a static, bureaucratic State. The book used the history of the internet, biotech, nanotechnology and the emerging clean technology sector to show how radical innovations only happened because of state investment. Her popular TED talk on the subject has been viewed online more than 600,000 times. It used the history of the iPhone to illustrate this point in a concise and dynamic way.
    Join our Annual Meeting and get to see her in person!

    First time at EPW: Innovation Exhibition
    For the first time ever, EPW will open its doors to an exhibition of exciting innovation projects from our industry. The Biofore concept car from UPM will be on display, while VTT, Innventia, CTP and PTS will show innovative products, proving that the pulp and paper industry is moving forward.

    New sponsors
    Siemens is now a gold sponsor, joining our platinum sponsor StepChange Consulting and our other gold sponsors Imerys and Valmet. We are every so thankful to our sponsors and partners for their support.
    (European Paper Week)
    29.09.2014   FILTECH 2015 – Conference programm now published     ( Company news )

    Company news With the FILTECH Show taking place from 24.-26. February 2015 the City of Cologne in Germany will turn into the top-meeting-place for all those involved with filtration and separation and adjacent sectors. The story of growth continues and FILTECH, the largest and most important special interest event world-wide, has again expanded its exhibition space at the new venue in Cologne. On 12,000 square metres of exhibition space, 350 companies will present their cutting-edge products and innovations to an international audience of buyers, sellers, users, designers, R&D experts, and the academic world. FILTECH 2015 will feature innovative companies and market leaders from the world-wide filtration and separation industry, including both a strong line-up of returning companies as well as an impressive collection of first-time exhibitors. With clearly more than 50% foreign visitors FILTECH has a distinctly international flare and is a unique platform for learning about trends, gathering information, and generating business – a great opportunity to discover new markets.
    The international Conference is the platform for academia and all those keen to learn about latest research, solutions & approaches, and will feature 160 technical papers by experts from all over the globe. Knowledge and know-how transfer is a main target.
    26.09.2014   Domtar celebrates sale of five million tons of Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Domtar Corporation (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS) announced that it has sold its five millionth ton of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified uncoated fine paper, a first for the North American market. Domtar's EarthChoice® Product Line represents the widest range of FSC certified papers available today, and the milestone solidifies the company's position as a longstanding industry leader in responsible fiber sourcing and sustainable practices.

    Picture: EarthChoice Products by Domtar

    Domtar revolutionized the industry when it became the first company in North America to offer FSC certified copy paper in 2005. By breaking from the norm and embracing sustainable goals, Domtar helped create a new model of collaboration - one that has led to long-standing partnerships with some of the world's leading environmental organizations, including the Rainforest Alliance and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
    "We are thrilled to have continued our work with Domtar as it delivers on its commitment to bring sustainability into the mainstream via its EarthChoice product line," said Tensie Whelan, President of Rainforest Alliance. "The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal and the FSC logo featured on EarthChoice products assure consumers they are supporting healthy forests - crucial for clean air and water, carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat. With over five million tons of EarthChoice product sold, this is a prime example of sustainability making good business sense."
    Linda Walker, Director, Global Forest & Trade Network-North America, World Wildlife Fund, added, "We are losing forests at a rate of eight football fields every 10 seconds. One of the best things that can be done to address this dramatic statistic is to put FSC products on the shelves. Domtar is a leader in this. The more FSC-labeled products consumers see, the more we can ensure forests will thrive for generations to come."
    Today, the EarthChoice family of products includes FSC certified paper for business, publishing, converting, printing and specialty uses, and accounts for more than 20 percent of Domtar's total paper sales.
    "I am proud to say that some of the most recognized companies in the world have put their own commitment to responsible environmental practices on paper by choosing Domtar's FSC certified EarthChoice products," said John D. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer. "I would like to thank our nearly 10,000 employees, our loyal customers and our supplier partners for helping us sell five million tons of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, an impressive milestone that once again demonstrates Domtar's sustainability leadership within industry."
    "The support Domtar is demonstrating for FSC certification is generating concrete social and environmental benefits for the world's forests and the people who depend on them. The sale of five million tons of FSC certified paper is another landmark in Domtar's commitment to sustainability. Congratulations to Domtar for its continued leadership and its commitment to healthy and sustainable forests," said Kim Carstensen, Director General of FSC International.
    (Domtar Inc.)
    26.09.2014   Fiskeby: Increased production permit     ( Company news )

    Company news Early September Land and Environment Court granted Fiskeby expanded production permits from 170 000 tonnes of cartonboard per year to 200 000 tonnes annually.
    (Fiskeby Board AB)
    26.09.2014   Change in Stora Enso's Group Leadership Team    ( Company news )

    Company news Juha Vanhainen (photo), Executive Vice President, Energy, Logistics, Business Information Services and Wood Supply Operations in Finland and Sweden, will leave his position at Stora Enso as of 15 March 2015. He will take up the position of CEO with the Finnish food company Apetit Plc.

    “Juha’s long experience in forest industry has been a valuable asset for Stora Enso. I want to thank him for his contribution and wish him all the best in his future career,” says Stora Enso’s CEO Karl-Henrik Sundström.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    26.09.2014   60 % less energy consumption along with increased productivity – the PSH press drive    ( Company news )

    Company news If the goal is to make production presses quicker, more accurate and above all more efficient, then the Voith hybrid servo press drive (PSH) is the best retrofit solution. With the PSH, operators have the benefit of reduced energy consumption and low maintenance costs along with increased productivity.
    The PSH is a drive that replaces the classic valve and control technology. The intelligent control and regulation, developed jointly by Voith and Siemens, enables versatile use of the press. The PSH therefore guarantees the best possible utilization of power and speed to the pressing process. Thus the press only uses as much energy as required by the relevant process phase. This can bring up to 60 % energy savings, improving the total operating costs (TCO) – a real advantage for the operator.
    Due to its modular construction with few components, the drive can be cost effective and easily integrated into any press, saving time and costs in commissioning. The low level of system complexity along with the use of robust components also increases the availability of the press. In comparison to traditional hydraulic systems, the PSH requires significantly less space and oil volumes, which reduces the maintenance costs by 30 %.
    The hybrid servo press drive is the optimum solution, both for retro-fitting and new installations. The complete PSH system includes the servo pump group and servo motor, as well as the hydraulic power pack, safety equipment, switching electronics, sensors and control system, I/O periphery and operating unit with preassembled touch screen user interface.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    26.09.2014   BASF reorganizes its paper chemicals business    ( Company news )

    Company news -BASF to remain a leading global supplier to the paper industry
    -New set-up follows structure of BASF value chains
    -Strategic options for paper hydrous kaolin business being evaluated

    Photo: Michael Heinz, member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE

    BASF is changing the organizational set-up of its paper chemicals business to strengthen its competitiveness and better meet the needs of the paper industry. BASF is a leading global supplier to the paper industry and offers a comprehensive range of chemical products for paper manufacturing and coating.

    As of January 1, 2015, the Paper Chemicals division will be dissolved. The current headquarters of the Paper Chemicals division in Basel, Switzerland will be closed by the end of 2014. Overall, there will be a reduction of about 50 positions globally as a result of the implementation of the new set-up. The business will be continued in other divisions of the Performance Products segment as follows:
    -The wet-end chemicals and kaolin businesses will be integrated into the Performance Chemicals division, supplementing the polyacrylamide value chain. A new global business unit “Paper Chemicals” will be established within the Performance Chemicals division. BASF is evaluating strategic options for its paper hydrous kaolin business.
    -The paper dispersions business and the Center for Sustainable Paper Packaging (CSPP) will be integrated into the division Dispersions & Pigments, supplementing the latex dispersions value chain.

    “Integrating the paper chemicals business along existing value chains will allow BASF to optimally steer plant capacity and leverage the advantages of the BASF Verbund. This will strengthen our businesses and further increase the competitiveness of our Performance Products segment,” said Michael Heinz, member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE and responsible for the Performance Products segment.

    BASF remains committed to the paper chemicals industry by providing sustainable solutions and technical expertise. There will be no impact on supply security and service for the customers. Sales with paper chemicals were €1.44 billion in 2013.

    BASF continues to analyze further measures to improve the competitiveness of the Performance Products segment.
    (BASF SE)
    26.09.2014   ANDRITZ successfully starts up paper machine at Naberezhnye Chelny Paper Mill, Russia, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... following a rebuild

    International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the PM K-28 paper machine at ZAOR “Narodnoye Predpriyatie Naberezhnye Chelny Paper Mill named after S.P. Titov”, Russia after completing a major rebuild.
    Saleable paper was already obtained on the second reel produced. The machine has a design speed of 800 m/min at a width of 4.75 m and produces testliner and kraftliner.
    ANDRITZ supplied two new headboxes (PrimeFlow SW) with PrimeProFiler dilution control and two PrimeForm Fourdriniers, as well as adding a new press with a PrimePress X shoe press in the second position. PrimeRun M web stabilizers and a new QCS system were also installed, as well as two new paper machine approach systems and a broke pulper. New process pumps from ANDRITZ will help to further raise efficiency.
    (Andritz AG)


    Archroma's first appearance at a Chinese paper exhibition since the company took over the paper business from Clariant on October 2013.
    •Latest developments help meet cost-efficiency, high performance and environmental requirements especially in packaging and board, as well as food packaging applications.

    Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, and the former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant, put sustainability and high-performance within reach with its latest benchmark-setting papermaking innovations at 2014 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE) from 3 to 5 September, 2014, in Shanghai, China.
    Under the motto “We touch and color peoples’ lives every day, everywhere”, Archroma demonstrated its on-going commitment to support papermakers with cost-effective and more environmentally-considerate solutions to the performance needs of local markets.
    Archroma’s comprehensive product ranges for general-purpose paper, packaging & board, as well as food packaging cover optical brightening agents (OBAs), coloration and processing chemicals, and surface coating additives and agents for all kinds of paper, card and board.

    New developments from Archroma in the spotlight at CIPTE 2014 focused on:
    Solutions for writing and printing paper:
    •The recently introduced disulfonated OBA Leucophor® ACK aims at satisfying the most demanding environmental requirements without compromising quality or ease of use. Leucophor® ACK brings sustainability advantages through its unique, super-highly concentrated urea-free liquid formulation.

    Solutions for packaging and board applications:
    •Cartasol® liquid dyes, and in particular Cartasol® Yellow M-GLC, are particularly suited for dyeing the unbleached, recycled and mechanical pulps typically used for packaging papers. Cartasol® Yellow M-GLC can be used on its own to create attractive yellow and brown shades, or in combination with other dyes of our ranges to produce a wide variety of shades. Cartasol® Yellow M-GLC is REACH compliant and won’t release MDA or other toxic amines, therefore providing a more sustainable alternative solution to other dyes available from the market.
    •Lastly introduced in the range of Archroma’s stickies control innovation for pulp and paper applications, Cartaspers® SCH is a new, innovative organic treatment additive for pulp and paper for prevention of pitch and stickies.
    Archroma’s range, which also includes EPA Award winning Cartaspers® PSM and BfR XXXVI compliant Cartaspers® PSM new allow increasing the runability of the paper machine reducing downtimes.
    •Cartaspers® PSM protects wires and felts minimizing the use of solvents for cleaning. Cartaspers® PSM and Cartaspers® PSM new, when used in felt conditioning, can also allow energy savings.

    Solutions for food packaging:
    •Cartaguard® KHI is a totally PFOA-free, grease-resistant additive for recyclable, non-plastic coated paper packaging used for eat-out-of-hand snacks. It provides a true alternative for manufacturers on the look-out for effective and safe impregnating agents for naturally absorbent papers.
    •For manufacturers looking for a PFOA-free (below limits of detection) product, Cartaguard® KST imparts grease, oil and water resistance to paper and board for food packaging, complying with the BfR XXXVI recommendation.
    “Papermakers are looking to bring down application costs and manufacture high-performance products which are also sustainable and more environmentally considerate,” comments Damrong Roonkaseam, Head of Sales Asia Pacific, Paper Solutions Business at Archroma. “Archroma’s 120-year track record of supporting the paper industry gives us the unique capability to help them address this challenge. Our continued commitment is backed by experience, core technologies, long-standing relationships and a global footprint that together ensure we can deliver high service levels and world-class innovations that reflect the needs of our customers and their markets.”
    (Archroma Management GmbH)
    26.09.2014   Sopalin back on TV after 30 years absence!     ( Company news )

    Company news As of Sunday 28 September, the new Sopalin TV campaign will start in France and will be broadcast until November on several French TV channels and on the web.
    Once again a Sofidel brand resorts to irony to promote its products and raise awareness of our everyday habits.
    In the new Sopalin commercial, a woman is forced to use her imagination to make her husband get off the couch and… pull his weight around the house.
    Entitled “Oh my Lord”, with the new slogan “Le Pouvoir est entre vos mains”, the campaign makes fun of the insufficient support given by men when it comes to housework like cleaning and vacuuming, doing the laundry, the ironing and even the cooking.
    In fact in 2014, 80% of women are still the ones performing a majority of domestic chores.
    The cultural background ranges from “Games of Thrones” to “Excalibur”, the mythical sword of King Arthur.

    Click here to see the TV ad:
    Sopalin TV ad

    (Sofidel S.p.A.)
    26.09.2014   Packaging group triumphant at Pro Carton ECMA Award    ( Company news )

    Company news The “Packaging of the Year 2014” is from Edelmann

    Edelmann made a convincing appearance with an innovative packaging solution during the competition organised by the European Association of Carton and Carton Board manufacturers: The jury of the Pro Carton ECMA Award selected the folding carton designed by Edelmann for the perfume from the German-Brazilian designer Fernanda Brandao as the “Carton of the Year”. Edelmann Chief Executive Dierk Schröder accepted the award during the Award Gala of the Pro Carton ECMA congress in Sorrento, Italy.

    The judges explicitly mentioned the “perfect communication of the product promise”. The folding carton of this international packaging group stands out with its “unique design,” its form is like an unpolished amethyst. “This differentiates it significantly from the other products and clearly conveys the brand message: limitless energy, pure dynamics and charisma par excellence.”

    “An unforgettable folding carton”
    The members of the jury were not only impressed by the excellent printing quality, but also and in particular by the design of the carton with its asymmetric form: they stated in the appraisal that they had never before seen such an innovative form. The folding carton is not only convincing with regard to its appearance, but also convenient to use. The combination of form, printing and refinement has created an unusual packaging, which stands out from the strong competition in the Beauty Care sector due to its form. In short: “An unforgettable folding carton”

    The polygonal form of the folding carton resembles a prism and matches the shape of the perfume bottle. A multi-coloured offset UV print on PET rainbow silver-laminated board ensured the packaging made an elegant appearance. Edelmann also scored well on the inside of the folding carton thanks to its expertise as a system manufacturer: the liner made of the finest corrugated board was a perfect fit for the product packaging. Using this example, Edelmann has shown that an individual combination of different design elements can produce a convincing brand appearance.

    Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Carton Board manufacturers. Their objective is to promote boards and folding cartons as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium in the branded goods industry as well as in business, design, the media and politics.
    (Carl Edelmann GmbH)
    25.09.2014   Voith upgrades deliver energy and machinery efficiency to Newark America in Fitchburg, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Massachusetts

    Voith has completed an upgrade of the stock preparation at Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions (Newark America) in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, reducing production cost and boosting efficiency in the process. As a result of the upgrades, the facility can now use OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) instead of less contaminated recycled board as a raw material for the production of high quality linerboard. In addition, the upgrade ensures minimal fiber loss during the production process.
    “We are very pleased with the upgrade at our Fitchburg facility”, said Barry Jensen, Vice President Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions. “The upgrade process went according to plan and the startup was the smoothest we have encountered, which is even more impressive considering complexity of the project. Within a few hours of pressing the start button, the plant was supplying the machine with quality fiber at design capacity. The upgrade project has met all the quality objectives, and power consumption is lower than expected.”

    The main upgrade consisted of improving the current pulper detrashing loop using Voith’s IntensaMaxx. IntensaMaXX prevents tail formation and spinning so that even content with high levels of contaminant can be easily processed. Another advantage of IntensaMaXX is its low energy consumption. IntensaMaXX can be used in continuous low consistency (LC) pulping with recovered paper grades containing contaminants or in high consistency (HC) pulping as a dumping machine after the batch HC pulper.
    In addition, Newark Fitchburg upgraded a multi-stage fine cleaning system with Voith’s unique HCL5C cleaner with HW and LW removal combination, while adding a three stage fine screening upgrade with the C-bar Screen basket. These upgrades included a new third stage MultiMizer with optimum slots configuration for a fiber savings final stage screening concept.
    The HCL5C technology is a multi-stage system for cleaning fiber suspensions. It removes heavy weight and light weight contaminants in the stock preparation and approach flow systems. The C-bar screen basket is used in stock preparation and approach flow and can be used for increasing the capacity of existing pressure screens. It has a large open screening area with high slot width precision, providing up to 20% more capacity than conventional screen baskets. The MultiMizer improves the overall system performance and provides cost savings by reducing the amount of flakes in the reject stream of the fine slotted screening system.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    25.09.2014   Technological audit of paper machine in Vietnam    ( Company news )

    Company news Recently the company PAPCEL, Litovel signed the first-ever contract with a customer from Vietnam. The paper mill is a leading producer of newspaper and graphic papers. The subject of the contract is the implementation of technological audit of s/h equipment and machinery - paper machine and stock preparation line, purchased from Canada and transferred to Vietnam. Originally, the machine produced newsprint paper; the intention of the customer is to produce multilayer papers for the production of corrugated cardboard. Machine width is 6.395 mm, the design speed is 940 mpm.
    (Papcel a.s.)
    25.09.2014   WEPA Group is investing in two new TOSCOTEC paper machines for sustainable securing of the ..    ( Company news )

    Company news ...companys' future

    The WEPA Group, based in the Westphalian city of Arnsberg, will be investing in two tissue paper machines with a combined total capacity of 64,000 tons annually. The machines will be installed at the locations in Lille/France and Marsberg/Germany. By expanding the production output of tissue products, the family-owned company will optimize the existing procurement and logistics structures in Europe, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the entire group.

    The supply agreements have been concluded with the Italian provider Toscotec for both paper machines. The total investment for both projects amounts to more than EUR 50 million. The technology of the paper machines is up-to-date and they meet the high quality require-ments of the market. "As a family-owned company, we position ourselves sustainably for-ward-looking with the investment of two state-of-the-art machines. By expanding our manufacturing capacity, we are continuously securing our demand for jumbo reels and pass this security of supply on to our customers in the consumer and professional business market", stated Martin Krengel, CEO of WEPA Group.

    Walter Hirner, Member of the Management Board (CTO), emphasizes the advantages of the new paper machines in the area of energy efficiency: "The paper industry is one of the largest energy consumers and can make a significant contribution to reduce CO2 emissions by using efficient manufacturing processes and economical use of electricity and natural gasoline for the production of semi-finished goods. This will save resources and optimize cost structures." Furthermore, due to the reduction of acquisition of jumbo reels from 3rd party suppliers, the WEPA group can optimize the logistics flows within the European locations and compensate for increasing shipping costs.

    Subject to regulatory permits, the commissioning for the new paper machines is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th quarter in 2015.
    (Toscotec S.p.A.)
    25.09.2014   Bordeaux Digital Inc.: Get a Free Expo Pass to the 2014 SGIA Expo + Be sure to visit us at ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... booth 1401 in Las Vegas, October 22-24

    Picture: PLASMA VU Flexible ink

    The PLASMA VU curable UV based ink series is designed for use on rigid, flexible and elastic substrates for outdoor and indoor applications. They are designed for printing on a wide range of coated and uncoated rolled and rigid media , and also on a wide range of flexible media, like: vinyl, styrene, polycarbonate, acrylic, polyester, PP, foam board and more.

    PLASMA VU Rigid ink:
    Hard ink, glossy and strong mechanical properties.

    PLASMA VU Flexible ink:
    Flexible ink designated for rigid substrates that bend and stretch, the ink has very good adhesion properties. For optimal adhesion use a Bordeaux adhesion promoter.

    Unique benefits:
    Mix for Vutek QS2000™ / 3200 series™
    • No flushing required
    • Formulated for a wide range of flexible and semi flexible applications and media
    • Perfect jetability and instant curing properties
    • VOC and odor free
    • Vivid color gamut
    • High gloss
    • High abrasion resistance

    SGIA Expo: You've Arrived at the Next Level
    You've heard the saying, "Take your business to the next level," yes? Well, if you're at the SGIA Expo — you've arrived. Whether it's on the show floor, or in one of the classic Expo education sessions with industry experts or the highly relevant Keynote Breakfast — the SGIA Expo makes it easy to discuss your new-found imaging acumen with colleagues and potential clients. And, then you can seek out exhibitors on the show floor to go to the next, next level.
    (Bordeaux Digital PrintInk Ltd)
    24.09.2014   Mark S. Sutton Elected International Paper Chairman and CEO - John V. Faraci to Retire    ( Company news )

    Company news International Paper (NYSE: IP) announced that the board of directors has elected Mark S. Sutton Chief Executive Officer, effective November 1, 2014 and chairman of the board effective January 1, 2015. Sutton currently serves as president and chief operating officer responsible for leading and running the company's global operations. Prior to his current role he was senior vice president, industrial packaging. "Mark Sutton's election as CEO and chairman and the other changes we are announcing today reaffirm International Paper's ongoing commitment to developing a strong, deep bench that will lead the company to an even more successful future," said CEO and Chairman John V. Faraci. "Under Mark's leadership, I am confident that International Paper's best days are ahead."

    The company also announced the retirement of John V. Faraci, who has served as CEO and chairman of the board of directors since November 2003. Faraci led the transformation of International Paper that began in 2005, when the company included more than a dozen different businesses, from chemicals to real estate to forestry. IP sold its diverse assets and set a course to focus on its two core businesses, packaging and paper. Today, International Paper is strategically well-positioned and competing in attractive growth markets around the world. Faraci served in roles including president, executive vice president and chief financial officer before being named to the company's top job. He will remain CEO until October 31 and chairman until December 31 and will serve as a special advisor until he retires February 28, 2015.

    "The International Paper board of directors would like to thank John Faraci for his 40 years of dedicated service, including his leadership over the past decade as chairman and CEO," said J. Steven Whisler, presiding director. "John's personal integrity, vision and keen focus on value creation helped transform International Paper into a global packaging and paper leader, and his many contributions will positively impact the company and influence the industry for years to come."

    The company also announced the following moves.

    Thomas G. Kadien was named senior vice president, human resources, communications and global government relations along with current responsibilities for supply chain and IP India, effective November 1, and will continue to report to Sutton. Currently, he is senior vice president, N.A. consumer packaging, with responsibilities for operations in India and China. Kadien has been with International Paper since 1978.

    Paul J. Karre, senior vice president, human resources and communications, will retire following a period of transition. After working in a variety of corporate and global business human resource roles, he was appointed vice president, human resources, in July 2000. Karre became senior vice president, human resources and communications, in 2009. Karre has been with the company since 1974.

    Timothy S. Nicholls was named senior vice president, industrial packaging effective November 1, and will continue to report to Sutton. Currently, he is senior vice president, printing and communications papers–the Americas. Nicholls' previous positions included senior vice president and chief financial officer, vice president of finance, and vice president and CFO, IP Europe. He has been with International Paper since 1991.

    William Hoel, who was acting senior vice president of industrial packaging, will resume his role as senior vice president, Container the Americas, reporting to Nicholls.

    W. Michael Amick, Jr., was elected senior vice president, N.A. papers, pulp and consumer packaging, effective November 1, and will report to Sutton. Currently he serves as International Paper vice president and president, IP India, and as executive chairman, International Paper APPM Limited. Prior to his role in India, Amick was vice president and general manager for the coated paperboard business. He has been with International Paper since 1990.

    Glenn R. Landau was elected International Paper senior vice president, effective November 1, and will continue as president, IP Latin America, with responsibilities for operations in Brazil, and will report to Sutton. Since 2013, Landau has served as International Paper vice president and president, IP Latin America. Previously, he served as vice president, investor relations, and as vice president and general manager, containerboard and recycling. He has been with the company since 1991.

    Rampraveen Swaminathan was named president, IP India, effective November 1, and will report to Kadien. Currently, Swaminathan serves as IP vice president and managing director of IP APPM. Swaminathan was appointed a director of International Paper APPM Limited in January, 2012 and also as managing director and CEO of the company in March 2012.

    Certain statements in this press release may be considered forward-looking statements. These statements reflect management's current views and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in these statements. Factors which could cause actual results to differ include but are not limited to: (i) the level of our indebtedness and increases in interest rates; (ii) industry conditions, including but not limited to changes in the cost or availability of raw materials, energy and transportation costs, competition we face, cyclicality and changes in consumer preferences, demand and pricing for our products; (iii) global economic conditions and political changes, including but not limited to the impairment of financial institutions, changes in currency exchange rates, credit ratings issued by recognized credit rating organizations, the amount of our future pension funding obligation, changes in tax laws and pension and health care costs; (iv) unanticipated expenditures related to the cost of compliance with existing and new environmental and other governmental regulations and to actual or potential litigation; (v) whether we experience a material disruption at one of our manufacturing facilities; (vi) risks inherent in conducting business through joint ventures; and (vii) our ability to achieve the benefits we expect from all strategic acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings. These and other factors that could cause or contribute to actual results differing materially from such forward-looking statements are discussed in greater detail in the company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings. We undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
    (International Paper)
    24.09.2014   Voith upgrades disk filters at WEIG-Karton – significantly improved filtrate values after rebuild    ( Company news )

    Company news Moritz J. WEIG GmbH & Co. KG in Mayen, Germany, chose Voith for the rebuild of its third-party disk filter. After a successful startup following the rebuild, significant improvements in filtrate values were recorded, while at the same time maintenance costs are now demonstrably lower. This was achieved by integrating the modern Voith disk filter technology, which includes BaglessPlus disk filter sectors and a new filtrate valve.

    BaglessPlus disk filter sectors made from corrugated stainless steel provide increased capacity by up to 15% to 20%, while at the same time improve filtrate quality. Clear filtrate and super-clear filtrate quality have significantly exceeded customer expectations. Initial measurements recorded 180 ppm in the clear filtrate and 60 ppm in the super-clear filtrate. Since the high filtrate quality will remain unchanged during the entire lifecycle of the BaglessPlus sectors, ranging from 10 to 20 years, large quantities of fresh water can be saved. Moreover, BaglessPlus disk filter sectors are maintenance free, with holes in filter bags no longer being an issue.

    The new filtrate valve ensures a consistently high vacuum and further ensures the high filtrate quality. The rebuild switched the mounting by plain bearing to reliable roller bearing with the new central shaft. In addition, the disk filter was equipped with new knock-off and cleaning spray pipes featuring patented nozzles.
    The upgraded disk filter now replaces four drum thickeners, which had become susceptible to failure due to high screen wear.

    WEIG-Karton’s trust in Voith is based on many years of collaboration. Two years ago another third-party disk filter had already been successfully rebuilt to BaglessPlus sectors and HiCon. Thanks to the conversion to HiCon, this disk filter is now being operated at an intake stock consistency of up to 2%.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    24.09.2014   Promising Pilot Run for Future Fossil Free Barrier    ( Company news )

    Company news UMV Coating System is about to crack the code of how to coat papers and cardboard with fossil free barriers. It creates the opportunity to produce food packaging that is 100% made up of ­materials from biological materials.

    To coat the cardboard to food packaging with fossil free barriers has long been a hard nut to crack. No one has yet ­succeeded in industrial scale without creating pores in the barrier that makes packaging less dense and therefore ­unusable. But after a week long pilot run, it seems that the UMV Coating Systems in Säffle is on the way to solving this global problem.
    - It looks promising, but we don’t want to draw any conclusions before all the analyses are made, says Per Emilsson, Sales Manager at UMV Coating Systems.

    Last spring, UMV Coating Systems was granted funding from Vinnova to conduct pilot tests with its newly developed coater INVO Coater. An initial analytical work undertaken at University of Karlstad had yielded promising results. Now they wanted to go ahead with a major investigation to study if the concept is to coat the fossil-free barriers in full scale.

    During week 36, UMV Coating Systems has conducted 35 pilot runs in its own machinery in Säffle, and two researchers from University of Karlstad analyze the results.
    – We test how good the barrier is, and it looks very promising. We will carry out a battery of tests to determine the ­different barrier properties. We check fat resistance, oxygen permeability and much more. In accordance with established standard methods for testing barriers in food packaging. There is still a lot of analysis to do, but so far we have only seen positive results, says Pia Eriksson, a development engineer at University of Karlstad.

    The cooperation with University of Karlstad works perfect, and the final result of their analysis is expected to be ­completed in december. If the barrier is adequate, it could mean that it will be possible to produce completely fossil free and ­biodegradable food packaging that can handle future environmental legislation.
    (UMV Coating Systems AB)
    24.09.2014   DS Smith Plc - Interim Management Statement    ( Company news )

    Company news DS Smith Plc, the leading supplier of recycled packaging for consumer goods, issued its Interim Management Statement in respect of the period since 1 May 2014.

    Picture: Miles Roberts, Group Chief Executive

    The business has made good progress since the start of the year and performance has been in line with our plans. Like-for-like corrugated box volumes have improved in all our regions, with growth ahead of last year's rate and our medium term financial target of GDP +1%. This growth reflects strong customer support for our proposition, driven by our focus on product and service innovation and removing complexity and cost from our customers' supply chains. Return on sales and ROACE continue to improve, benefiting from the organic growth together with the ongoing delivery of previously announced synergies from the acquisition of SCA Packaging.

    Financial position
    On 1 September 2014, we completed the previously announced disposal of our Scandinavian foam business for £24 million. We concluded our 2013 triennial pension review, with the ongoing cash contribution schedule to the pension fund remaining unchanged.

    Our outlook remains positive as volumes continue to grow, despite competitive market conditions. The Board expects continued performance in line with our medium term financial targets and views the remainder of the year with confidence.

    Miles Roberts, Group Chief Executive, said:
    "We continue to make significant progress in developing our differentiated offer for customers in the UK and Continental Europe. Volume performance has been strong as pan-European customers seek to consolidate their supplier bases and recognise the need for well-designed, recycled packaging at the in-store point of sale, where the buying decision is increasingly being made. Notwithstanding continued headwinds in many of our markets, performance has been in line with our plans. The market remains fragmented, providing ongoing opportunities for growth and we are confident in the prospects for the business."
    (DS Smith Plc)
    24.09.2014   Cham Paper Group Holding AG: Results of the Consultation Procedure    ( Company news )

    Company news On 21 August 2014 the Cham Paper Group announced that it will be boosting the competitive strength of its speciality papers by planning the continued transfer of technology from Switzerland to Italy. The relocation affects the coating technology operations currently run in Cham for producing the digital imaging and barrier papers. Continued relocation of operations is to take place in the first quarter of 2015 and is expected to result in a further reduction of approx. 50 staff at the Group's registered office in Switzerland.

    The Board of Directors and the Executive Management Board immediately contacted the social partner organisations and cantonal authorities for the purpose of carefully planning the current redundancies with the involvement of all stakeholders in a socially responsible manner. The goal of this is to sustainably secure the remaining 30 to 40 positions at Cham in Research & Development (Digital Imaging), Marketing & Sales, Small roll processing and Group administration.

    During the three-week consultation period, proposals for alternative solutions could be submitted to the employee representation committee of the mill in Cham. The consultation period ended on 14 September. No petitions were received from the employee representation committee during this period. The Executive Management Board will now initiate talks as planned with the social partner organisations for the purpose of fleshing out the details of the redundancy scheme with a view to finalising the scheme in the fourth quarter of 2014.
    (Cham Paper Group Schweiz AG)
    24.09.2014   Greenpac and Norampac Niagara Falls start shipping again after fire incident    ( Company news )

    Company news Cascades announces that operations have resumed partially at the Greenpac and Niagara Falls containerboard mills (photo) following the fire that occurred in the exterior old corrugated containers (OCC) stock piles on Saturday. Both mills have begun shipping finished products manufactured prior to the fire. Production equipment at the Greenpac mill was not damaged during the fire and the mill is expected to resume normal production within next 48 hours. Start–up of the Norampac mill will not be determined until damage to the stock preparation equipment is fully assessed. Employees of both mills are now back to work to help out with various tasks in preparation for start-up.
    Production at Norampac's box plants was unaffected by the unplanned shutdown of the two mills as Norampac was able to compensate containerboard demand with shipments from its other mills.
    In commenting the situation, Marc-André Dépin, President and Chief Executive Officer for Norampac stated: "We wish to thank the firefighters, police crews, Mayor Dyster and our employees for the amazing work they accomplished despite heavy winds and challenging weather conditions".
    (Cascades Inc.)
    24.09.2014   Valmet's new BioTrac pilot plant for hydrolysis of biomass started up    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet has installed a new bio pilot plant in its research and development center in Sundsvall, Sweden. The equipment, called BioTrac, is a hydrolysis system which is used for process optimization and testing of raw materials based on biomass. This is part of Valmet's investment into developing new technologies for biorefinery applications, in order to deliver technology and process solutions to reduce CO2 emissions globally.
    Valmet's BioTrac is flexible both when it comes to different raw materials and process alternatives, and can be adapted to several downstream process steps. Hydrolysis is often the first step in a biorefinery, and a step that has to be passed, regardless of subsequent process chosen. Further refining of the biomass can for example be production of bioethanol, bio based chemicals and biomaterial, such as bio based plastics.
    "Many companies want to replace fossil fuels in favor of renewable raw materials. The product streams from our BioTrac system, and from the subsequent processes, can be used as bio based raw materials for production of for example plastics and chemicals. We are confident that our customers appreciate that they now can test their own ideas in our pilot plant, which in all essential parts correspond to the full scale equipment they are interested in," says Rickard Andersson, Vice President, Bio Technology and Environmental Systems, Valmet.
    "In the new BioTrac system it is easy to handle a variety of biomasses and we can closely control and follow what is happening in the process. The system represents world class and is based on technology which was originally developed for the pulp and paper industry, where Valmet has extensive experience going over hundred years back," says Olof Melander, Manager, Valmet Fiber Technology Center in Sundsvall.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    23.09.2014   Xeikon launches SuperBlack toner    ( Company news )

    Company news A dense black toner that meets the specific needs of luxury labels and folding carton applications

    Visitors to the Xeikon booth at Labelexpo Americas 2014 (booth 6135) will be able to witness the company’s latest development in toner technology, called the SuperBlack toner. Normal black toner produces a density of 1.8, while the new SuperBlack provides a density of 2.2-2.4. SuperBlack is a spot color that can be applied using the fifth color station of a Xeikon digital press.

    “A solid, dense black on the packaging of a product conveys a sense of quality and high value, and is very appealing to companies selling luxury items,” says Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director – Product Management at Xeikon. “As a result, this effect is used often by brand owners in the wine and spirits markets as well as in the folding carton sector.”

    Xeikon dry toner is already the preferred technology for wine and spirit labels, which often utilize structured label substrates. The toner particles follow the substrate’s surface, covering the peaks and troughs evenly to create excellent print quality. Xeikon has gone a step further with the development of SuperBlack, which provides a cost effective and easy solution for printing labels and packaging that incorporate full black tones or large areas of black.

    “Xeikon is constantly looking to expand the scope of digital printing. Developing specific toners based upon the needs of the market is one way of meeting this goal. Just last year, we launched ICE toner for pressure sensitive PE labels and IML substrates. The ICE toner has been received extremely well by our customers. We are convinced that the benefits and opportunities offered by the new SuperBlack toner will be embraced by luxury brand owners everywhere,” adds Van Bauwel.

    As with all Xeikon toners for the labels and packaging market, SuperBlack meets FDA regulations for Food contact. SuperBlack toner will be available immediately following its launch at Labelexpo Americas.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    23.09.2014   Corrugated Packaging is Taylor-Made for Coffee Supplier    ( Company news )

    Company news The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has hailed the collaboration of two corrugated companies, involved in producing new packaging for a leading UK roasted ground coffee supplier, as an excellent example of the flexibility and innovation that the sector offers retailers and brand owners.
    The two board converters teamed up to develop new-style corrugated Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP) as part of a rebranding exercise by Taylors of Harrogate for its lifestyle range of coffees. The new-style SRP not only enhances visibility on-shelf but also makes the products easier to identify and handle back of store.

    Taylors’ packaging buyer, Matt Hunt, believes that because each variant of corrugated SRP carries two or three additional colours for the text and graphics, the products’ easily identifiable outer packaging is having a direct in-store benefit way before it comes under consumer scrutiny.
    He said: “Research shows that if shelf-stackers can’t readily identify a particular product back of store, then they’re likely not to bother to go looking for it because of pressure on time. The result is slow or non-existent replenishment.”

    Key to the project’s successful outcome was the use of virtually identical production equipment and the same consumables by the separate corrugated suppliers contracted in accordance with Taylors’ requirements.
    CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, said: “There are many benefits that have been brought to bear in support of Taylors’ sales & marketing strategy through the development and implementation of this corrugated SRP application.
    “To name but three: the introduction of strong messaging in support of the brand on-shelf; the simple yet hugely effective use of solid flood colour coats to facilitate restocking in-store, and, given the appropriate level of expertise, the capability of test liner to match Kraft in terms of print reproduction.
    “Less obvious but hugely positive across the entire corrugated packaging supply chain has been the very constructive approach towards partnering - not just between brand owner and manufacturer but between these two board converters themselves.
    “They’ve worked closely to address the potential constraints imposed by differing sources of material and, in doing so, have delivered the optimum solution for a shared client. It’s surely a classic case of the corrugated sector being every bit as flexible in not just delivering customised solutions that are fit for purpose but also in how they’re accomplished.”

    Corrugated protects, is colour-printable, merchandisable and the most recycled packaging medium. The latest advances in digital printing allows corrugated to align with other personalised packaging formats and enables the industry to become even more effective at engaging consumers – just ask Taylors.
    (Confederation of Paper Industries)
    23.09.2014   Cartons: a perfect example of the Circular Economy    ( Company news )

    Company news The concept of the Circular Economy is to optimise the use of natural resources by encouraging recycling, eco-design and waste prevention, among other measures. The paper industry, including cartonboard packaging, is at the forefront of putting these aims into practice.

    In early July, the European Commission published “Towards a Circular Economy: a zero waste programme for Europe”. It explains that since the industrial revolution, waste has constantly grown. This is because our economies have used a “take-make-consume -dispose” pattern of growth – a linear model which assumes that resources are abundant, available and cheap to dispose of. We recognise today, that resources needed to be husbanded and this means re-using, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products. What used to be regarded as ‘waste’ can be turned into a resource and all resources need to be managed more efficiently throughout their life cycle.

    This initiative accords admirably with the current actions of the paper based industry whose products including cartons, are easily recyclable and made from a naturally renewable resource.

    Paper can be recycled up to six or seven times in theory, with an average rate of 5 times. Over 50% of the raw material for Europe’s pulp and paper industry is from paper for recycling (the rest is from wood fibres) and almost 58 million tonnes of paper are recycled within Europe. In 2012, 71.7% of paper which was used in Europe, was recycled which means that Europe is the global paper recycling champion. Also, paper packaging including cartons, is the most recycled packaging material in Europe at 81.3%.

    Good recyclability depends on good eco-design of paper and board products and auxiliary materials. For example: Ink manufacturers are increasingly using renewable and recyclable resources such as soy, vegetable oil and starch. They are also helping printers to recover and recycle inks and solvents. Eco-design aims to reinforce the recyclability of cartonboard packaging, and leads to environmental benefits including optimising the use of resources and reducing waste and unrecyclable components.

    Cartonboard cannot be recycled indefinitely as fibres eventually get too short and worn out to be useful. The cycle must therefore be constantly replenished with new virgin fibres. New virgin fibres in Europe for cartonboard packaging come from wood from sustainably managed forests. Not only are these forests a renewable resource, but new growth exceeds the wood harvested by an area equivalent to 1.5 million football pitches per annum. (source: Confederation of European Paper Industries) To achieve this, European forest owners and operators follow a combination of national, European and international regulations. In addition, they can prove forests are sustainably managed through Forest Certification Schemes, such as FSC® and PEFC™.

    The European Commission believes that moving towards a more circular economy is essential to deliver the resource efficiency agenda established under the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The life cycle of cartonboard packaging shows that it is at the core of a circular economy, as it is an industry that recycles, using “waste” as a resource and also uses new fibres from renewable, sustainably managed forests to continue the loop.
    (Pro Carton)
    23.09.2014   marks-3zet presents product novelty MutiplePRINT® at the Druck + Form ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... trade fair in Sinsheim, Germany

    Picture: MultiplePRINT from marks-3zet: 1 CTP system, 6 technologies

    MultiplePRINT® enables the high-resolution imaging of six different technologies with a single imaging system.

    marks-3zet GmbH & Co. KG (Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany) is a first-time exhibitor at this year’s Druck + Form trade fair in Sinsheim, Germany. The graphic trade fair, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, will take place from October 8th to 11th 2014. With a booth of around 60 sqm, marks-3zet will present several new products and solutions in the areas of underpacking materials, prepress and waterless offset printing.

    New imaging concept
    Amongst others, marks-3zet will present its new and unique plate imaging concept MultiplePRINT®. MultiplePRINT® offers users the possibility to image six different plate technologies with an investment-friendly 4-up or 8-up imaging system.

    Modular plate processor MPW
    The hybrid imaging system can image, besides conventional wet-offset plates, both flexo plates, digital IR films, varnish plates, letterpress and waterless offset plates with a resolution of up to 7.620 dpi. For the plate processing stage, marks-3zet offers its new, tailor-made, modular plate processor MPW.

    New underpacking materials
    Further product novelties include the underpacking materials Highline®, Folia® and ParaTex®. With these new products, marks-3zet (known for its calibrated underpacking sheets) offers new, quality underpacking materials for high print precision.

    For further information on the product range of marks-3zet, please visit or their booth number 6400 at the Druck + Form fair, from October 8th to 11th in Sinsheim.
    (marks-3zet GmbH & Co. KG)
    23.09.2014   ANDRITZ to supply dispersing systems, disc filters, and refiners for Zhejiang Chuancheng, China    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order to supply dispersing systems, disc filters, and refiners for Zhejiang Chuancheng Industrial’s paper machines PM1 and PM2, China. Start-up is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015.

    The scope of supply for PM1 includes two dispersing systems, a save-all disc filter, five thickeners, two TwinFlo refiners, and three MC pumps to produce 350,000 tons of kraft liner per year. PM2 (production of corrugated medium grades with a capacity of 250,000 tons per year) will be equipped with one save-all disc filter, two thickeners, and one refiner.

    Zhejiang Chuancheng is a member of the Yongtai group, one of the leading paper producers in China.
    (Andritz AG)
    23.09.2014   Fire Causes Temporary Shut Down Of Greenpac And Norampac Niagara Falls ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Containerboard Mills

    Picture: Norampac Niagara Falls Containerboard Mill

    Cascades announces the temporary shutdown of the Greenpac and Norampac Niagara Falls containerboard mills following a fire that occurred on Saturday September 20, 2014 , in the old corrugated containers (OCC) stock piles located outside of the mills. Both mills were quickly evacuated with no injuries to personnel. The causes of the fire are currently unknown, but local authorities are investigating to determine the potential causes of this event.
    The fire is now under control. Damage to the Greenpac Mill is limited to the OCC stock pile and the OCC conveyor. Damage to the Norampac Niagara Falls mill, while more extensive, is limited to the OCC stock pile, pulper and stock preparation.
    At this time firefighters are still onsite and it is still too early to know when the mills will resume production.
    Employees and customers will be informed as the situation evolves. Additional information concerning the start-up of the mills will be disclosed by press release as soon as it is known.
    (Cascades Inc.)
    23.09.2014   Organise your own seminar at PAP-FOR Russia!     ( Company news )

    Company news Bring together your target customers at the show! Invite PAP-FOR visitors and exhibitors, as well as your clients, partners and colleagues to your seminar or presentation!
    Book conference halls and meeting rooms, add catering services to your package and attract the pulp and paper industry specialists' attention!


    SFT Group
    has become the Sponsor of Student contest and Business Forum PAP-FOR!
    We are glad to announce that SFT Group will support young talents of pulp and paper industry and for the second time become the Student contest sponsor!
    Moreover, SFT Group will contribute to the open industry dialogue and become the Business Forum partner. The company will take part in two sessions of the Business Forum program - Round table "Investment attractiveness of the Russian pulp and paper industry" (28 October) and session "New projects in the packaging sector" (29 October). Business Forum Program
    Vertically integrated SFT Group is one of the leading companies in the Russian pulp and paper industry. It operates in three segments of the industry: collection and primary processing of paper, cardboard and paper production and corrugated cardboard packaging production. The company is totally eco-oriented due to the technologies enabling to save forests and protect environment.
    We are sure that PAP-FOR Russia 2014 visitors will duly appreciate the SFT Group products, while the company's exhibiting (stand E30) and support of the business program events will become the excellent opportunity for strengthening its market positions!
    (Reed Expo Russia)
    23.09.2014   corruLUB® – fully synthetic lubricating and corrosion protection oil by BHS Corrugated     ( Company news )

    Company news This corruLUB® product was chosen in close cooperation with the manufacturer, and after long testing phase on various BHS Corrugated corrugators repeatedly adapted and further developed. The requirements – to avoid glue adhesion on the blades and to significantly extend the lubrication intervals during Disc-Cut-lubrication for our BHS customers – are fully met by this oil.

    The NSF-H1 approval meets with the high standards of the food- and pharmaceutical industry.

    Due to its qualities this corruLUB® oil can be used in the food industry and still reaches the higher standards of non-food grade products.

    The use of this high quality, special disc cut oil therefore always leads to optimum cutting quality.

    Another huge customer benefit is the extension of lubrications breaks to more than 600 meters. Thus cost savings for lubricants are possible up to 50%.

    BHS Corrugated would be pleased to assist you with the adjustments of the machine settings to achieve optimum performance of your corrugator.
    (BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH)
    22.09.2014   Edelmann at LUXEPACK Monaco - Feel the Luxury    ( Company news )

    Company news Refinement and shaping for an unmistakable brand look is at the heart of Edelmann’s appearance at LUXEPACK 2014 in Monaco. At the show, the international packaging group will be exhibiting optical and haptic effects like brush, mother-of-pearl, holographic, and metallic designs, as well as folding cartons with unusual shapes like curves, contoured edges or concave surfaces.

    Edelmann impresses with competence packaging for customers in the luxury segment
    Ever more frequently we are seeing that luxury packaging is not “just” about the core competences of printing and refining: “For individual solutions to become a reality, it is essential to maintain sight of the bigger picture”, says Oliver Eschbaumer, who is in charge of strategic marketing at Edelmann.

    With ‘Concepts by Edelmann’, the company offers customer-oriented transparency for its broad portfolio of services. At the heart of the concept are the seven concept packages of performance, excellence, security, efficiency, sustainability, digital and future. They comprise twelve competence building blocks and are consolidated into service packages in the areas of consultancy, production and process design.

    “Everything is precisely tailored to the specific requirements of our customers in the areas of healthcare, beauty care, consumer brands, and luxury goods”, explains Eschbaumer. Each of the solution packages in the concept is, in itself or in combination with others, the basis for individual customer packaging.

    A premium look with an intriguing feel
    Packaging for luxury cosmetics, prestige fragrances, or for wine, spirits and tobacco represents an ever-recurring challenge. Alongside extraordinary shapes, constructions and finishes, it is also the reduction of the design combined with the use of top-quality board that coveys the brand’s content and guarantees it will stand out from the competition. The real strength in Edelmann’s realisation of strong-brand luxury packaging lies in the performance promise of the Edelmann competence building blocks. The “effect+” element – which encompasses Edelmann’s traditional strengths of applying individual finishing effects and producing extraordinary packaging shapes – is a key part of this. What’s more, with “brand+” Edelmann offers advice on the best possible use of materials, colours and finishes in order to do justice to the requirements for the brand, the target group and subsequent processing that the customer has to juggle. This competence stems from Edelmann’s research and development work, in which new effects are continuously brought to a level where they are ready for production, and thanks to which the customer has access to wide-ranging advice and expertise.

    Worldwide luxury and tailor-made solutions
    The ability to realise such uniqueness, and do so worldwide and in series, is one of Edelmann’s core strengths. At 13 sites in Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, China, and India, the group develops, produces, and markets folding cartons, leaflets, and system solutions. Group-wide uniform production and technology standards mean Edelmann can guarantee a consistent level of quality for its customers worldwide: every piece of packaging that leaves any of the production sites fulfils Edelmann’s quality promise of “High Q Packaging” and the competence building block “worldwide+”.

    Edelmann at LUXEPACK Monaco, 27 – 29 October 2014, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
    Stand: DF2/DG1
    (Carl Edelmann GmbH)
    22.09.2014   De La Rue plc appoints Martin Sutherland as Chief Executive     ( Company news )

    Company news The Board of De La Rue plc is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Sutherland as the Company's Chief Executive. Martin will take up his position and join the Board as an executive director no later than 13 October 2014.

    Martin joins from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, where he has been Managing Director since its acquisition by BAE Systems in 2008. At BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly Detica), Martin has been responsible for the strategic expansion of the business internationally through both organic growth and a number of acquisitions. During his tenure as MD, revenues have more than doubled and the business today employs around 3,000 people across 26 offices worldwide, with over 50% of the revenue now coming from new lines of business in counter fraud, cyber security and communications solutions.

    Martin joined Detica in 1996 and during his career there has developed considerable understanding and experience of working with government customers around the world. He has also been responsible for leveraging intellectual property in the business to launch new software and hardware products in the government and financial services markets.

    Prior to Detica, Martin worked for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and British Telecom.

    Commenting on Martin Sutherland's appointment, Philip Rogerson, De La Rue Chairman said: "After an extensive search the Board is delighted to appoint Martin as De La Rue's CEO. He brings strong commercial skills, and wide experience of growing technologically demanding businesses supplying governments and financial institutions worldwide. His track record of strategic leadership will also be of considerable benefit.

    Once Martin has joined the Company I shall resume my role as non-executive Chairman and Colin Child will revert to his Group Finance Director role."
    (De La Rue plc)
    22.09.2014   Xeikon launches the Web Varnishing Module    ( Company news )

    Company news A compact inline varnishing module that brings major productivity and optimization improvements

    Xeikon has expanded the inline finishing options available for its digital presses with the development of the Web Varnishing Module, an extremely versatile unit that can apply UV or aqueous varnish on one side of a wide range of substrates. These substrates include self-adhesive label materials, coated papers, unsupported films and coated paper board. This new and compact unit will have its worldwide launch on the company’s booth (Booth 6135) at Labelexpo Americas 2014 and will be commercially available from early 2015.

    “The label and folding carton industries employ a wide range of varnishes, from matt to super gloss, and these can have a huge impact on the appearance, feel and quality of the final printed product,” says Filip Weymans, Director - Business Development and Marketing, Labels and Packaging, Xeikon.

    One of the big advantages of the new inline module is that the operator can see the results immediately and can make any corrections, if required, in order to achieve the desired effect. This eliminates the high expense and job delays when varnishing is done off-line and the entire job has to be reprinted if the end result is not acceptable.

    The web varnishing module runs inline with the Xeikon 3000 Series of presses (at full press speeds) and the print roller can be changed easily to match the repeat or width of the job being printed. In addition to applying the flood or spot varnish, the unit can be upgraded with a UV dryer and/or aqueous dryer.

    “We are constantly expanding the components of our Label and Packaging “Suites”, which include defined sets of software, equipment, consumables and/or substrates to complement our digital presses. This enables our customers to pick and build the best digital production solutions for their specific business needs,” says Filip Weymans. “The Web Varnishing Module is an important addition to our Suites, enabling further optimisation of the processes and workflows used by printers and converters. We are convinced that the ability to apply spot aqueous varnish makes the module the ideal fit for folding cartons, which require varnish-free areas for glue strips and production data. The module is an extremely compact solution to apply spot varnish. In addition, we expect most users to also install the optional cutter and use the Xeikon stacker to create a phenomenally efficient production line.”

    For the self-adhesive market, the application of flood UV varnish in combination with Xeikon VariLane, simplifies the entire production process. This is because the off-line die-cutting can be carried out at the full speed of the die cutter. Xeikon’s VariLane software enables different sized labels to be printed in lanes on the web with the greatest optimisation of material and press capacity. When used in combination with the Web Varnishing Module, it is possible to apply varnish with one roller across the entire width of the substrate, as opposed to having to swap between different rollers when the process is carried out off-line.

    Visitors to Labelexpo Americas will be able to see demonstrations of a Xeikon 3500 digital press equipped with a Web Varnishing Module in the Package Printing Zone. The unit will apply aqueous spot varnish, inline with a cutter and stacker. On the Xeikon booth, visitors will be able to watch a Web Varnishing Module apply flood UV varnish, inline with the new groundbreaking Xeikon Cheetah press.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    22.09.2014   Södra's interim report January-August 2014: Positive performance and improved profitability     ( Company news )

    Company news Södra's earnings to date this year (accumulated January-August) improved to SEK 1,012 million (loss: 786) and amounted to SEK 509 million (loss: 687) for the second four-month period. The earnings improvement was primarily attributable to increased demand and higher prices for finished goods.

    Photo: Södra's President and CEO Lars Idermark

    "Demand and orders for Södra's products improved during the second four-month period and the Group reported a positive performance and improved profitability. All of the Södra Group's business areas continued to improve their earnings. The improvement is mainly the result of a more favourable market in addition to the Group's own productivity enhancing measures and continued efficiency gains," says Södra's President and CEO Lars Idermark.

    Net revenue for the first eight months of the year increased to SEK 11,429 million (11,137), primarily the result of increased volumes and higher prices. Net revenue for the second four-month period amounted to SEK 5,591 million (5,599).

    Operating profit for the first eight months of the year amounted to SEK 1,012 million (loss: 786). The accumulated result includes a positive effect of SEK 173 million from the sale of equipment from Södra Cell Tofte AS. Earnings in the preceding year were charged with restructuring costs for the discontinuation of Södra Cell Tofte AS. Consolidated operating profit for the second four-month period amounted to SEK 509 million (loss: 687) and all business areas displayed a continued positive earnings trend.

    Profit after finance income and expenses improved to SEK 953 million (loss: 801) for the first eight months of the year and amounted to SEK 476 million (loss: 702) for the second four-month period.

    1 May - 31 August 2014
    -Net revenue SEK 5,591 million (5,599)
    -Operating profit SEK 509 million (loss: 687)
    -Profit after finance income and expenses SEK 476 million (loss: 702)
    -Cash flow after investments SEK 260 million (396)

    1 January - 31 August 2014
    -Net revenue SEK 11,429 million (11,137)
    -Operating profit SEK 1,012 million (loss: 786)
    -Profit after finance income and expenses SEK 953 million (loss: 801)
    -Cash flow after investments SEK 775 million (278)
    (Södra Cell AB)
    22.09.2014   Celebrating 100 VLF Press Shipments    ( Company news )

    Company news RockTenn and Heidelberg celebrated the growth and market investment activity for the Speedmaster Sheetfed Offset XL 145 / 162 Press product line

    Photo: Steve Voorhees (right), CEO of RockTenn, and Craig Gunckel, executive VP for merchandising displays and folding carton are showing the certificate of the 100th Heidelberg VLF press.

    RockTenn, a major industry producer in the folding carton, corrugated box and merchandising display global markets, has purchased the 100th Heidelberg Very Large Format (VLF) Press, which will be installed at RockTenn's Clinton, IA location. In recent years, RockTenn has invested in numerous installations of the Heidelberg VLF format in both their folding carton and merchandising displays facilities.

    Steve Voorhees, RockTenn CEO, and Craig Gunckel, executive vice president of merchandising display and folding carton, were on hand at Heidelberg's Hall 11 assembly center, part of the Heidelberg Wiesloch-Walldorf Factory complex, to inspect the press and participate in a special event with Heidelberg executives and employees to salute the 100th press accomplishment. Mr. Voorhees stated "our investment in VLF presses is consistent with RockTenn's strategy to deploy high quality assets that allow us to lower our cost, improve our quality, and ultimately, to service our clients more efficiently. We are honored to be part of the celebration."

    Launched in 2008, the Speedmaster XL VLF platform is the newest press platform in the industry. Heidelberg's investments in research and product development resulted in this large format press, which received numerous industry awards for innovation and design excellence including the prestigious Intertech awards for innovative technology. With systematic advantages in the make-ready process and industry-leading speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour, the press is an excellent choice to serve both the short-run display markets for as well as the high-volume leaders in the packaging industry.

    Heidelberg customers around the world have installed the most modern, technically advanced and fully automated large format presses available in the industry today. Heidelberg's investments in customer support services and global parts supply logistics provide customers with the most efficient process for maximizing machine performance and uptime. Highly integrated software systems provide remote diagnostics capability for analysis of machine performance on a 24/7 basis clearly meeting the rugged manufacturing demands that the industry leading customers require.

    Heidelberg Management Board Member, Harald Weimer stated "relationships with a strategic industry leader and partner like RockTenn representing world-class manufacturing practices at the highest level help Heidelberg perform at its best. Getting to know the RockTenn team and working closely with their plants has definitely moved our VLF product line to peak performance status!"

    "Our strategic partnership with Heidelberg has generated great results for RockTenn and our clients," commented Gunckel. "And we look forward to working with Heidelberg to find new solutions that will help our customers continue to win in their respective markets."
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    22.09.2014   Increasing International Participation at TISSUE-ME 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news TISSUE Middle East Exhibition the leading International Exhibition for Tissue Paper, Hygiene Products and Converting Industries that will be held in October 22nd -24th , 2014, at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt, Halls (2)

    TISSUE-ME 2014 is designed to be the official representative for the manufacturers, professionals and traders for tissue, hygiene disposable products, machines and raw materials in Egypt and the Middle East.
    It is the industry's 3-day premier event featuring paper industry key players and the latest and most comprehensive display of the manufacturers, professionals and traders for tissue, hygiene disposable products, machines and raw materials in Egypt and the Middle East.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    19.09.2014   Ence – Energía y Celulosa, will transform its Huelva mill in an advanced renewable energy site, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... will cease production of Cellulose

    Ence will transform its Huelva mill in an advanced renewable energy site, which will be an important driver of forest management in Andalusia. The company, on the other hand, will cease production of cellulose, since it drags heavy losses for three consecutive quarters due to its cost inefficiency and lack of domestic wood. These issues had been mitigated until last year thanks to the cogeneration premiums that have been reduced by the energy reform.

    Given this unsustainable economic situation -which has resulted in a loss of € 48.6 million in the first half of 2014 for the company-, and in order to implement this transformation plan, Ence has reported to the works council its intention to initiate a collective lay-off procedure, which will be accompanied by a program of relocation for 100% of workers in other workplaces and company activities. Ence will also provide, upon request, an external relocation plan and compensation, with the support of a leading outplacement firm.

    The company is ready for thorough and good faith negotiations with the representatives of the workers so that the impact on the workforce, consisting of 294 employees, is minimized.

    The proposed measure responds to the need to ensure the viability of the company globally, due to the unsustainable increase in manufacturing costs and loss of competitiveness of the factory in a highly competitive pulp world market. All these factors have not been overcome despite the efforts made in recent years to achieve the viability of the factory.

    Huelva, a leader in biomass power

    Ence has opted to focus its Huelva site towards clean energy generation, as a result of the end of life cycle of the pulp mill and heavy losses due to its lack of competitiveness. Also, due to the structural shortage of eucalyptus in the area of Huelva, it is necessary to supply wood from northern Spain and through imports with high cost overruns. The decrease of eucalyptus plantations due to the expansion of strawberries and citrus crops in the province of Huelva has also worsened in recent years the lack of competitive volumes of wood.

    The site will integrate the biomass power plants currently in operation, with renewable electricity capacity of 72 MW and north of 500 million kWh annual production.

    The new site will consolidate Huelva as the leading province of Andalusia and one of the first of Spain in renewable energy generation from biomass. This transformation will ensure the continuity of the industrial activity of Ence in Huelva and constitute a significant contribution to the best management of forests, jobs creation and rural wealth in Andalusia.
    (Grupo Empresarial ENCE S.A. Divisíon de Celulosa)

    Company news Glatfelter (NYSE: GLT) announced it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase all of the outstanding equity of Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten GmbH (SPO) from FINSPO Beteiligungs-GmbH for €8.5 million (approximately U.S.$11 million). SPO has annual sales of approximately €25 million (U.S.$33 million).

    “This acquisition will further our Composite Fibers business unit’s strategy of capitalizing on the fast-growing electrical market by expanding our electrical papers product platform,” said Dante C. Parrini (photo), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Glatfelter. “In addition to serving Europe, we intend to leverage Glatfelter’s growing presence in Asia to meet the needs of the high concentration of electrical customers in this region. As the demand for electronic devices continues to grow, Glatfelter is positioning itself to become a supplier of choice for electrical and electronics applications.”

    SPO’s plant is located near Frankfurt, Germany. Its primary electrical products and applications include highly technical papers for a wide range of capacitors used in consumer and industrial products; insulation papers for cables and transformers; and materials for industrial power inverters, electromagnetic current filters and electric rail traction. SPO also produces glassine products, which are used in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, and pharmaceutical dosage bags.

    The company expects to incur approximately $2 million to $3 million of one-time acquisition and integration costs. Excluding one-time costs, the addition of SPO is expected to be $.03 to $.05 accretive to earnings per share in 2015.

    The proposed transaction is expected to close by early October. Upon closing, the acquired business will become part of Glatfelter’s Composite Fibers business unit, which manufactures fiber-based engineered materials for growing global niche markets, including filtration papers for tea and single serve coffee applications, nonwoven materials for the production of wall cover products, metallized papers, composite laminates, and technical specialties (which includes the electrical products platform). The acquisition of SPO will complement Glatfelter’s previously announced partnership with Dreamweaver International to develop and manufacture lithium ion battery separators, which utilize Glatfelter’s capabilities and expertise in making advanced fiber-based engineered materials.
    (Glatfelter Corporate Headquarters)
    19.09.2014   International Paper Investment to Further Improve Water Footprint at French Saillat Mill by 30%    ( Company news )

    Company news International Paper announced earlier this year an investment of approx. Euro 20 MM into its Saillat Mill, located in the French Limousin region, to further reduce the facilities’ water emissions and offer customers an even more environmentally friendly product portfolio. The implementation of the project will commence in the summer of 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2015.
    At its core, the investment involves advanced technology to extract an improved quality of fiber from wood by using a smoother process. The new process leaves fibers more intact resulting in even higher quality paper, and at the same time further reduces water emissions by another 30% from the already very good levels the Saillat mill is achieving today.

    “We’re well known as a leading manufacturer of entirely locally produced high quality value-added paper grades that meet the highest sustainability standards,” says Eric Chartrain, Vice President & General Manager for International Paper’s European papers business. “Generating a reduction of another 30% of the Saillat mill’s water emissions and supporting local manufacturing of a product that customers want, this investment is another example of International Paper’s commitment to bringing the sustainable and circular economy to life.”

    The investment will allow International Paper to offer and even greater choice of top notch products to customers. It follows other investments into the company’s service capabilities and modernization of its paper machines at the Saillat facility in recent years.
    The project is supported by local and national French and European agencies, notably the European Union (through the Limousin Region) and the Loire-Brittany Water Agency.
    (International Paper Belgian Services Company SPRL)
    19.09.2014   Improved polyurethane roll cover from Voith ensures higher void volume    ( Company news )

    Company news Voith’s new InForce polyurethane roll cover features high stability providing additional void volume with particularly deep and wide grooves for highly loaded positions. This additional benefit will not compromise the wear and abrasion resistance resulting into consistent dewatering during its complete operating cycle.
    The strong material used in InForce means that the grooves exhibit virtually no deformation over time. The roll cover easily withstands extreme nip loads. As a result, the void volume remains constantly high over the entire lifecycle and ensures very good, consistent dewatering throughout.
    InForce is the successor of Voith’s successful G2000 roll cover and available in two hardness levels. The structure ensures high stability. The WebNet layer located between the polyurethane and base layer has a three-dimensional polymer matrix specially developed by Voith which can withstand high temperatures and mechanical and chemical loads and therefore offers maximum operating reliability.
    Especially in highly loaded presses steel grooves are often the preferred choice. The hard nip that occurs when using steel rolls impairs the lifecycle of the fabric and can also cause quality issues with the paper. The stability of InForce withstands the high loads while still providing the benefits of a polyurethane cover: surfaces can be tailored to the application, fabrics are not impaired in comparison with steel grooves.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    19.09.2014   Biodegradable paper covers as a replacement for plastics opens up the bio-economy market for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... horticulture

    Global vegetable production currently depends on plastics: approximately 15 million hectares of agricultural land are covered under black horticultural plastics. While alternatives to the plastic cover have been under development for several years, it is only now that a new biodegradable cover, suitable for both professional and subsistence farms, is entering the market.
    The use of plastic covers in vegetable production is not only ecologically unsustainable; removing them from a field after the growing season is over is a laborious and expensive undertaking. Based on a method jointly developed by MTT Agrifood Research Finland and Stora Enso, a new paper-based biodegradable cover offers the market a real alternative to plastic covers.
    Reflecting Finland’s bio-economic goals, the development of this cover and its introduction into practical farming is one of the first concrete steps towards a society based on the bio-economy. This project is underpinned by research and cross-enterprise collaboration dating back several years in which MTT has been engaged.
    “We develop bio-economic solutions in collaboration with various enterprises. The innovations we develop will not be left collecting dust in cupboards. Our aim is that development and productisation will be carried out in a market-driven fashion from the very beginning. Both Stora Enso and MTT play key roles in in the development of biodegradable cover material dating back several years,” says Anu Harkki, MTT's Research Director.

    Wood fibres and a pyrolysis liquid are the key
    This developed biodegradable cover is manufactured from renewable materials. The first paper-based cover materials, developed at Stora Enso's Research Centres in collaboration with MTT, VTT and University of Helsinki, were introduced into practical farming in the summer of 2014.
    “As such, paper is not sufficiently durable a material for horticulture. However, if a paper cover is treated with a birch distillate, obtainable from dry distillation, its decomposition time will be extended and its capability of being spread will be enhanced. Now evidence is available that this underlying concept works in practice,” says Kari Tiilikkala, Professor at MTT.
    Using biodegradable cover material, the water economy of the soil can be managed, and the growth of weeds, including couch grass, can be prevented. Paper is also superior to plastics from the viewpoint of plant gas metabolism.
    This cover has given its best performance in tunnel cultivation and when used in combination with horticultural gauze and insect nets.
    “Using this cover, domestic products can be produced for consumers using less or even no pesticides. This material is also highly suitable for organic horticulture,” says Kari Tiilikkala.

    High expectations in the industry
    For the paper industry, the bio-cover material opens up an interesting and new field of application that goes beyond traditional paper products. It has a huge potential market with the clientele round the globe.
    “From the environmental point of view, this product has significant potential, as the material is based on renewable wood fibre. This is a major step forward, with positive experiences being reported by production horticulture. However, investments in R&D will still be required. Our goal is to bring the product to the test marketing phase in the next growth season,” says Raino Kauppinen, R&D Manager at Stora Enso

    The horticulturist is a firm believer in the new product
    Farmer and commercial horticulturist Esko Holma from Salo has participated in the development of several different bio-cover materials. He has used these materials over the past two years, and this summer his gherkins are growing on top of a cover. As a farmer, he says, he sees the importance of an environmentally friendly production method.
    “A plastic cover sheet, stained with soil, cannot be recycled; it will end up in a landfill, ultimately finding its way to waterways and the nutrient circulation cycle. Plastics simply have no future. Bio-covers, by contrast, will be needed, growing in importance as pesticides are being removed from the market,” he says.
    “A paper cover has potential, but its development requires further investment and expertise. This product will have a huge market, as new covers need to be purchased for fields every summer,” he adds.

    Further development is performed across the globe
    The development of biodegradable cover material will continue through tests performed on various paper types in combination with different garden plants and soils, and by modifying the degradation time of these paper sorts.
    The development of cover materials for various perennial berry-producing plants and different soils continues in Finland and Egypt, where MTT has gained research experience on the management of water economy of dry soil and other similar projects. Stora Enso currently has development projects underway in Sweden, Germany and Spain.
    (Agrifood Research Finland MTT)
    19.09.2014   ABB wins order for electrification of world's largest pulp mill     ( Company news )

    Company news Advanced power and automation technologies to improve energy efficiency, reliability and process safety for new pulp mill in Indonesia

    ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has received an order for the delivery of process electrification at a new pulp mill to be built in South Sumatra, Indonesia. It will be the world's largest pulp mill.
    ABB will deliver medium and low voltage switchgears, distribution transformers, motors, drives and project services.
    Demand for paper products is rising steadily throughout Asia despite a highly fragmented global market. Older mills are being replaced by new, state-of-the-art facilities that deliver higher efficiency, cleaner production and improved balance between capacity and demand. The global trends are promising for the long term driven by sustainable supply chain practices, environmental regulation, urbanization and rising consumer demand in developing nations.
    “ABB’s vast pulp & paper industry knowledge and project execution capabilities were important factors in winning this order. We are happy to be part of such a prestigious project and will deploy the latest technologies to maximize mill efficiency and reliability, while minimizing environmental impact,” said Veli-Matti Reinikkala, head of ABB’s Process Automation division.
    (ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd)
    19.09.2014   After Show Report - China Paper 2014 Shanghai    ( Company news )

    Company news The 21st edition of Asia's original and premier pulp and paper show ended on 17 September after three successful days that enabled participants to share knowledge, innovation and new ideas, creating a platform to meet, network, do business and stay updated.

    Just like previous years the event held a truly international standard with 2039 visitors from 38 countries. The renowned China Paper conference, theChina Paper 2014 Industry Forum, arranged in co-operation with RISI, attracted 90 delegates. Pulp and paper professionals and experts from around the world discussed the most burning issues of the industry.

    For the next edition of China Paper, the product profile will be extended to also include features like mill visits and networking programs. Furthermore, several major international associations and media will support the exhibition.

    Over 70 % of the exhibitors of the 2014 show have already reserved space for the next exhibition at Intex Shanghai, 14-16 October, 2015. Take advantage of our Early Bird offer valid until 30 November.
    Visit the official website for more information or welcome to contact
    19.09.2014   Adestor Glitter WS, a New Premium Facestock for Wine, Champagne and Spirit Labels    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta’s newest addition to its Labels to Celebrate range is a facestock grade with a pearl finish designed exclusively for labeling premium wine, champagne and beverages.
    Adestor Glitter WS is a high-quality paper with a glossy pearl finish and metallized appearance ideal for deluxe wine, champagne, water and spirit labels. An anti-fungal wet-strength paper designed for optimal resistance to water, making it a perfect choice for labeling cava and champagne.
    Adestor Glitter WS facestock is available with Lecta’s BC361 Plus permanent adhesive and white 80-gram glassine backing paper, both specifically tailored for wine applications. BC361 Plus is a special acrylic adhesive for non-returnable glass bottles that resists a minimum of 2 hours submerged in ice water without label slide.
    The new Adestor Glitter WS / BC361Plus / GB80 line of products thus guarantees that the label stays intact during ice bucket immersion and cold chain conditions.
    Adestor Glitter WS is suitable for flexo, typographic and UV offset printing.
    Labels to Celebrate is Lecta’s exclusive selection of pressure-sensitive labels designed for application on wine, champagne, spirit and water bottles as well as on premium food products. All its products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management standards and ISO 50001 energy management standards. They are also available with PEFC™ and FSC® Chain-of-Custody forest certification upon request.
    For further information on Adestor Glitter WS and the Labels to Celebrate range of papers please visit, where you can find technical data sheets and full details on all of Lecta’s self-adhesive products.
    (Lecta Group)
    19.09.2014   BHS Corrugated – Protection of environment by ultrasonic detector    ( Company news )

    Company news Compressed air is an energy source of high value, therefore it should be handled with care.
    However, very often a part of the produced compressed air is lost due to leaks, resulting in costs up to a 4-digit range.
    Usually leakages are neither visible nor audible. To avoid these leaks though an ultrasonic detector is used at BHS Corrugated Headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany to localize these leaks.
    The gadget identifies the characteristic ultrasonic part which is caused by the emission of compressed air. Thereby, despite the noise in the factory, it is possible to localize the point of emission of compressed air precisely and it can be eliminated immediately.
    In order to meet increasing requirements for environmental protection, BHS Corrugated continuously creates comprehensive solutions based on future trends – not only to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials but also to save resources.
    (BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH)
    18.09.2014   Valmet Advantage DCT tissue line successfully started up at Kimberly Clark de México's Bajío mill     ( Company news )

    Company news Kimberly Clark de México S.A.B. de C.V.'s seventh tissue machine, supplied by Valmet, was recently started up at the Bajío mill in San Juan del Rio, Mexico. The new Advantage DCT 200TS tissue line adds 60,000 tpy of high quality tissue paper to the current production of facial, toilet, napkin and towel per year. The project was started in 2013.

    The Bajío mill now operates four tissue machines out of which two are supplied by Valmet. The mill produces structured tissue products for the domestic and global markets.

    "We are pleased with the overall execution and start-up of the Bajío machine 4. Our internal team of project engineers developed the site, oversaw engineering, procurement and machine installation with very good support from Valmet throughout the process. The machine is currently operating as expected after a very short start-up curve, thanks to the strong involvement by Valmet and the mill's manufacturing staff," says Bernardo Aragón, Kimberly Clark de Mexico's Operations Director.

    "This successful project and start-up is another milestone in our excellent relationship with Kimberly Clark de México. The check out and commissioning were done in a record setting pace thanks to very good cooperation and planning. This start-up also marks the first Advantage ViscoNip press in North America as part of an Advantage DCT machine," says Jan L Larsson, Sales Director, Tissue Mills Business Unit, Valmet.

    Technical information about the delivery
    The tissue machine has a width of 5.4 m and a design speed of 2,000 m/min and is optimized to save energy and to enhance final product quality.

    Valmet's delivery included a complete tissue production line featuring stock preparation system and an Advantage DCT 200TS tissue machine. The tissue machine is equipped with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. It is also featured with the Advantage tissue technology including a ViscoNip press for improved press dryness, an AirCap hood with air and heat recovery system as well as a SoftReel reel with center wind assist.

    Valmet's project scope included basic mill engineering, process equipment and process ventilation, as well as the installation supervision, training and commissioning of the new tissue line. The delivery also included an automation package from Metso with the process control system.
    (Valmet GmbH)

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