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    23.06.2015   Kemira announces price increase for AKD-sizing agents in EMEA    ( Company news )

    Company news Kemira will implement a price increase of up to 15 % for selected AKD (alkyl ketene dimer) based sizing products in EMEA. The adjustment will be immediately implemented or as the existing AKD-sizing contracts allow. The price adjustment is a result of increased costs within the AKD-wax supply chain. AKD-wax is the main raw material for AKD-sizing products.
    (Kemira, Paper Segment)
    23.06.2015   ANDRITZ subsidiary Schuler acquires majority stake in Yadon, one of the leading ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... press manufacturers in China

    Schuler AG, a member of international technology Group ANDRITZ, has signed a contract for the acquisition of a 51% stake in the Chinese press and machine tool manufacturer Yangzhou Metal Forming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Yadon). Yadon is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical presses in China and has annual sales of approximately 120 million euros. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The acquisition is subject to approval by anti-trust authorities.
    Yadon is based in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, around 300 kilometers north of Shanghai, and has a staff of approximately 1,100 employees at three locations in China. The main customer segments served by Yadon include the automotive supplying, household appliances, and metal working industries in Eastern China. The investment in Yadon extends Schulerʼs product portfolio in the middle and lower price segments and provides access to a customer base not yet served in China, the largest market in the world for presses.
    (Andritz AG)
    22.06.2015   Valmet supplied Cogeneration system inaugurated at the Lucart Castelnuovo tissue mill     ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Valmet delivered Cogeneration system at the Lucart Castelnuovo tissue mill

    The Lucart Castelnuovo di Garfagnana tissue mill, part of the Lucart Group, has officially inaugurated its first Cogeneration system with Integrated EcoRecovery system, developed and supplied by Valmet. The installation is part of Lucart Group's about 4 million EUR investment for upgrading the mill.

    The Cogeneration system integrates a gas turbine with a yankee hood air system and a waste heat steam generator, covering all the electricity and steam needs of the site. This way the gas turbine flue gases are used to dry the paper without any further gas consumption. The system improves the energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly. In addition, drying costs in the tissue production are decreased significantly.

    Valmet's solution was a perfect match with Lucart Group's objectives. "The Integrated Cogeneration technology is totally consistent with our company mission, which focuses on environmental sustainability and respect. Furthermore, we have appreciated Valmet's capability in finding and sharing possible solutions - Valmet people were always there when we needed it and this made a difference," says Franco Pasquini, Engineering Director of Lucart.

    In his introduction speech at the opening ceremony Luigino Furlan, Vice President DCD Technology Unit of Valmet, highlighted how the success of this project is due greatly to the teamwork between Lucart and Valmet. "The people who envisioned, shared, built and implemented this project and the special relationship established between the teams, represent the corner stones for this achievement. Mutual trust between Lucart and Valmet has been established and the path to continued partnership is paved," Furlan said in his speech.

    Technical description
    The Cogeneration equipment supplied by Valmet includes a new air system with fans, burners, dampers, ducting and instrumentation for the existing hood. Furthermore the delivery comprises a heat recovery steam generator, an air/air heat recovery and an air/water heat recovery system.

    The results of the installation are remarkable: using its exhaust fumes, the cogeneration gas turbine performs all the drying for the entire tissue production, covering the thermal energy of the hood air system (with burners off) and producing the steam needed for the Yankee cylinder.

    The Cogeneration system will reduce the natural gas consumption by 15-20% per year which correlates to an estimated reduction of CO2 emissions by 7,000 tons /year as well as NOx to air by 3.5 tons / year.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    22.06.2015   A system complete with Roll Handling    ( Company news )

    Company news A.Celli Paper handles the SCA Mannheim plant in Germany

    A complete and particularly complex system comprised of roll handling and packaging was installed at the SCA Mannheim facilities in Germany. Four lines that, following accurate testing, became ready for acceptance in December of last year.

    Among its preferred suppliers, SCA nominated the A.Celli Group as project supervisor, conferring the company full authority to study every detail, requirement and feasibility aspect, technical progress and customization of the handling project.This allowed the company to exploit the Group’s synergies to the fullest, attaining a goal above and beyond today’s standards.

    “A.Celli confirmed to be a reliable, competent partner,” declares SCA. “It followed this project for us, immediately identifying our needs in terms of handling, and resolving any problem quickly and effectively, applying the utmost attention and showing great expertise in safety and automation”.

    Coming just a few weeks after the acceptance of the system, this statement by the customer is yet another confirmation that the synergies of the A.Celli Group not only meet all expectations from a technological standpoint, but also allow attaining excellent results and increasingly high objectives.
    (A. Celli Paper S.p.A.)
    22.06.2015   New ANDRITZ service package for cast and steel Yankees: Better performance and...     ( Company news )

    Company news ... longer life cycle

    International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully launched a new service package to increase the performance and life cycle of drying cylinders (Yankees). With over 100 projects successfully completed, ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of cast and steel Yankees worldwide.

    The service package includes PrimeCoat Stratos, a thermal solution for full-face coating and spot repairs. The new coating technology, which can be implemented directly at the customers site, features 20% higher hardness and 2% less porosity than the market standard. This results in better heat conductivity and operating efficiency. In the past three years, PrimeCoat Stratos has been applied successfully on more than 25 steel Yankees, most recently for the two tissue machines supplied to Shin-Ei Paper, Japan.

    In addition, the ANDRITZ service package offers a new mobile grinding unit and on-the-run measurements. The grinding unit can extend the lifetime of the Yankee, while the measurements – most recently conducted at C&S Paper, China, and Zellstoff Pöls, Austria – improve runability, safety, and performance of the system.

    The new service package is available for existing machines as well as for new machines (regardless of the supplier) and is designed especially for the production of tissue, paper and board, machine-glazed paper, and cigarette paper.
    (Andritz AG)
    22.06.2015   New Metalvac E LWS Metallized Paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta extends its range of metallized papers with a new wet-strength grade for non-returnable containers

    Metalvac E LWS is a light wet-strength metallized paper for glue-applied labeling of non-returnable and plastic containers such as PET bottles for water and beverages, and single-use glass bottles for water and beer. The technical properties of this new product means it can withstand the cool, moist conditions the container undergoes during the labelling process and subsequent conservation in ice buckets and refrigerators.
    Metalvac E LWS is friction and tear resistant, and has excellent lay-flat properties, providing optimal results on the high-speed bottling line. It is available in 63 and 70 g/m², with the following finishes: smooth and embossed (linen, brushed and pinhead). Metalvac E LWS is suitable for offset, flexo and letterpress printing, both conventional and UV, and rotogravure, and is available with PEFCTM and FSC® certifications upon request.
    Metalvac is Lecta’s range of 100% recyclable high-vacuum metallized papers for high-quality labels and flexible packaging. All of Lecta’s metallized paper is manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management standards, ISO 50001 energy management standards and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standards.
    (Lecta Group)
    22.06.2015   Change in the management of Brigl & Bergmeister    ( Company news )

    Company news The Brigl & Bergmeister Group hereby announces that Mr Ahmad Porkar is going to withdraw from the company's operational management with effect from 30/6/2015.

    With effect from 1 July 2015, Mr Bernhard Mayer will be managing director of the technical division of both plants. Mr Michael Sablatnig will continue to be responsible for commercial matters.

    Mr Mayer has been holding important management positions at the Niklasdorf plant as well as in the Slovenian subsidiary Papirnica Vevče for the last few years. Mr Mayer has been working for B&B since 1985.

    During his period as managing director of operations, Mr Porkar – as owner of the B&B Group – has initiated important restructuring measures as well as the “Innovation One” investment programme. Thus, both plants are being secured on a long-term basis, creating further potential for the development of innovative speciality papers. In his capacity as owner, Mr Porkar will continue to support the company in terms of strategic development.

    B&B is celebrating its 125-year anniversary this year and is considered a leading international manufacturer of one-side coated papers for labels and flexible packaging.
    (Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH)
    22.06.2015   Mayr-Melnhof Packaging makes an offer to acquire a specialty packaging company in France    ( Company news )

    Company news MM Packaging has made an offer to acquire the folding carton operations of Ileos SA, owned by funds of Oaktree Capital Management L.P. The company has five sites producing folding cartons for the pharmaceutical industry and two sites producing folding cartons for luxury articles and cosmetics. All sites are located in France. In 2014 sales amounted to approximately EUR 115 million; about 26,000 tons of cartonboard and 6,000 tons of paper were converted.

    The purchase price will amount to approximately EUR 80 million.

    Customer portfolio as well as market share fit into the industrial growth strategy of
    MM Packaging.

    The transaction will be subject to customary closing conditions.
    (Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Austria GmbH)
    22.06.2015   Transnational research project ACTIPOLY has started    ( Company news )

    Company news ACTIPOLY is the acronym for active polyvalent packaging based on environmentally friendly fibre material. This two year ERA-NET CORNET project has recently started in May 2015. The goal of the project is the development of a novel fibre-based thermo-formable packaging material with barrier and antimicrobial functionalities intended to extend the shelf-life of fresh food. Focus will be also set on recyclability and compostability of the packaging material after usage.

    Photo: Kick-Off Meeting ACTIPOLY in Munich

    The innovative core element of this project is the modification of fibre-based materials to introduce thermoplasticity. This will be essential for the production of trays. Such modifications are expected to push paper and fibre-based materials into a novel class of products exhibiting extraordinary properties where nearly no eco-friendly solutions are yet available on the market. Further development steps will include barrier functionalities for moisture and oxygen impermeability optimized for thermo-processing and also antimicrobial coatings, both intended to preserve the freshness and edibility of the packaging good and thus extending shelf-life. Additionally, a bio-based barrier topfilm with antimicrobial properties will be developed, which is sealable on the fibre-based tray. The total packaging concept is aimed to be recyclable and compostable.
    In the following some additional information on the different parts of the project will be given:

    Thermo-formable base-paper
    The main part of the project is the chemical modification of the functional groups of cellulose to create a fibre-material with thermoplastic properties. For this purpose, the hydrophilic cellulose will be partially converted to a hydrophobic material to introduce ductile properties. The degree of substitution is a central question of research in terms of the balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of the fibres to meet requirements of paper making process (hydrophilic functionality) as well as the thermo-forming process (hydrophobic functionality).

    Ductile barrier coating
    The ductile barrier coating with simultaneous oxygen and water vapour barrier will be realized experimentally by a multi-layer approach. For the moisture barrier, hydrophobic polymers like waxes will be evaluated. The oxygen barrier will be created by the second layer. Furthermore, tensile properties of the multilayer film will be modified, using inorganic fillers. Both, the tuning of ductility and barrier functionality will be evaluated by establishing an experimental matrix.

    Formulation of new bio-based antimicrobial coatings
    Antimicrobial coatings will be obtained by two different research methods: the use of bio-based antimicrobial agents and by the development of superhydrophobic coatings. Firstly, the incorporation of antimicrobial agents into the eco-packaging will be simultaneously evaluated following two approaches:
    --Incorporation of antimicrobial compounds using spray coatings methods.
    --Incorporation of antimicrobial compounds in the matrix via melt-processes.
    --In parallel of these two approaches, antimicrobial activity will be obtained by the development of super-hydrophobic coatings.

    PTS is coordinating the project in cooperation with in total eight different partners participating in this project: Papiertechnische Stiftung (coordinator), CELABOR, The Association West Pomerian Cluster „Green Chemistry“, MateriaNova, Pack4Food VZW, Sirris, The West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering.
    (Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS))
    19.06.2015   Xeikon X-800 digital front-end qualifies for leading-edge Adobe® Mercury RIP Architecture    ( Company news )

    Company news Release of newest X-800, Version 4.0, brings enhanced functionality, flexibility and processing speed to all Xeikon digital press users

    Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, announced that the newest version of its X-800 digital front-end (DFE) incorporates the latest RIP technology available from Adobe and supports the Adobe Mercury RIP Architecture. This enables digital printers, whatever their specialty and however complex their jobs, to process their print jobs in the fastest, most flexible and secure manner possible.

    “We are delighted that our collaboration with Adobe has resulted in the Xeikon X-800, version 4.0, now fully Adobe certified for the Mercury RIP Architecture,” comments Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Management at Xeikon. “Passing the rigorous qualification process is an important achievement, and we are pleased with the recognition from Adobe that our workflow is tuned for optimal efficiency and performance. The Xeikon X-800 4.0 DFE will bring added value to a wide range of customers, from label and packaging converters to customers with high-volume data throughput requirements, reducing the amount of job preparation time required for even the most complex work.”

    Making complex tasks faster and easier
    The release of the Xeikon X-800 4.0 DFE offers special advantages for complex tasks such as those involving multiple transparent print layers; high-level security and brand protection features that demand the highest-possible resolution; and sophisticated variable data work.

    Mark Lewiecki, Adobe Senior Product Manager, outlines the benefits of the collaboration between Xeikon and Adobe. “The Mercury RIP Architecture will dramatically raise productivity levels for Xeikon customers running high-volume Variable Data Printing (VDP) jobs,” he says. “This will enhance the value of the PDF Print Engine, which is the number one imaging technology in the graphic arts. The Mercury RIP Architecture is a scalability platform which takes full advantage of multiple CPU cores in modern servers to accelerate overall job throughput in print production workflows.”

    When the Adobe PDF Print Engine[1] is configured in the Adobe Mercury RIP Architecture, a wide variety of print jobs on all of Xeikon’s digital presses – from documents to labels, folding cartons and other packaging applications – will benefit from streamlined processing time in generating ready-for-print bitmaps. The processing of jobs, pages or complete signatures occurs in parallel, and can be load-balanced to ensure that no CPUs are idle while files are waiting to be rendered. Mercury can be configured to dynamically allocate some CPUs to a rush job, while other CPUs will continue to work on processing the routine work.

    Complementary technologies
    The advanced capabilities of the Mercury RIP Architecture complement Xeikon’s X-800 unique built-in metadata module, which enables variable data jobs to be defined entirely on the press. To enable tracking of production from print to delivery or to prevent counterfeiting, the X-800 allows the dynamic addition of production data or other variable elements such as sequential numbers or barcodes to already RIPped documents. The X-800 also features automatic printer calibration, density control and registration adjustments for excellent color stability and consistent output quality, and even allows post-RIP color adjustment during printing, minimizing downtime while offering great flexibility in ensuring continuously consistent quality.

    Long-standing partnership
    “We value our long-standing partnership with Xeikon, which pioneered digital printing more than 20 years ago,” Lewiecki adds. “We welcome Xeikon’s continuing leadership, demonstrated by its early adoption of the Mercury RIP Architecture in version 4.0 of the Xeikon X-800 DFE.”

    “We are convinced this update will be very well-received by our customers,” concludes Van Bauwel. “In today’s increasingly complex and highly demanding environment, printers and converters of all types are working with more complex jobs, a growing amount of variable data and the need to ensure the highest resolution for accurate production of security and brand protection features. With this release, and the Adobe certification, Xeikon remains in the forefront of the digital printing world it pioneered, providing our customers with the latest technology to ensure optimum productivity, profitability and flexibility.”

    The Xeikon X-800 version 4.0 update is available end of this month to all current Xeikon press owners and will be incorporated in all new press shipments.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    19.06.2015   FINAT reveals 2015 Recycling Awards Winners    ( Company news )

    Company news Helf Etiketten and Bel Leerdammer Cheese recognized for paper and film release liner recycling

    FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive labelling industry, announces Helf Etiketten (Austria) and Bel Leerdammer Cheese (Belgium) are the winners of the second FINAT Recycling Awards Competition. Both winners were honoured during an awards ceremony at the recent European Label Forum in Amsterdam.

    FINAT recycling consultant Jacques van Leeuwen chaired the jury, supported by Andreas Faul of INGEDE (Paper deinking industry) and Peter Sundt of EPRO (the European organisation of plastics recycling). "The second edition of our Recycling awards saw another strong field of contestants, with a number of returning participants putting in even stronger performances. We congratulate both winners and the other contenders with their accomplishments and look forward to the next edition of the FINAT recycling awards competition in 2016," commented Van Leeuwen.

    Converter Category winner – Helf Etiketten
    The converter category saw a number of entries and the winner Helf Etiketten impressed the jury with the 100% liner recycling rate. The judges also commented on the sustainable ethos with the collection of liners from customers and the ongoing implementations of a complete management system.

    "In the hotly-contested converter category, the honours went to first-time participant Helf Etiketten with a particularly strong showing. The jury unanimously agreed that the maximum-capacity recycling of liner and the commitment of the company to communication on recycling internally and externally, backed up by press releases and newsletters, were exemplary. Combined with the great efforts by the company to reduce matrix waste and to trace the secondary material, the jury was happy to give the award to Helf Etiketten,” Van Leeuwen details.

    End-user Category Winner
    In the end-user category Bel Leerdammer Cheese stood out for building on ongoing efforts through developing successful pilots in 2013 and recycling 100% of paper liners in 2014. It also incorporated recycling into its operation wide quality system and strengthened internal and external communication regarding its release liner recycling efforts.

    “While the number of entries in the end-user category was markedly lower than in the converter category, the jury was convinced by Bel Leerdammer Cheese strong entry and in particular by its strong strides forward since 2014. Not only did the company more than triple the tonnage of its recycled paper liner compared to the previous year, it also included release liner recycling as part of a certified quality system and stepped up its communication efforts,” explains Van Leeuwen.

    Supporting recycling efforts
    The FINAT Recycling Awards Competition recognises companies that have their paper and/or film release liners recycled. The goal is to raise awareness for the growing number of sustainable and economically-viable recycling programmes. These offer companies site-specific solutions for the collection and recycling of used release liners, allowing them to reduce both their carbon footprint and landfilling costs.
    19.06.2015   UPM To Further Improve Efficiency and Competitiveness of Kaukas Pulp Mill    ( Company news )

    Company news UPM will invest EUR 50 million in its Kaukas pulp mill in Lappeenranta, Finland, to further strengthen the mill’s efficiency, competitiveness and optimisation.

    The investment will go towards modernising both pulp drying machines and installing a new baling line. Assembly will take place during a planned shutdown in autumn 2016 and start-up is scheduled for the end of 2016. The investment will benefit the entire Kaukas biorefining mill integrate through increased resource efficiency and operational flexibility.

    “Over the past two years we have made focused investments improving the production efficiency of our Pietarsaari, Kymi and Fray Bentos pulp mills. When all the projects are completed, our pulp production capacity will have increased by 10% from 3.3 million tonnes since 2013. The Kaukas investment is yet another example of well-targeted good return investments,” says Anssi Klinga, Senior Vice President, UPM Pulp.

    “Our biggest investment is the EUR 160 million expansion of the Kymi mill, which is proceeding well and will be completed in the autumn. The expansion will increase the mill’s production capacity by 170,000 tonnes of bleached softwood and hardwood pulp,” says Klinga.

    These investments in the Kymi and Kaukas mills will complete UPM’s strategic decoupling of its pulp and paper businesses. This will enable higher efficiency and separate optimisation of pulp and paper production, while simultaneously maintaining internal synergies at the mills.
    (UPM Group - Paper Industry)
    18.06.2015   FAO recognizes UPM for exemplary forestry in Uruguay     ( Company news )

    Company news UPM has received recognition from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for its exemplary forest management practices. The recognition was conferred by the Forestry General Direction of Uruguay as part of a National Workshop titled “Methodological Transfer of Exemplary Cases of Sustainable Forest Management”.

    The acknowledgement followed a thorough investigation of various aspects of the company’s production chain conducted by a panel of experts from the INIA (Agribusiness Research Institute), the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of the Republic of Uruguay and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. The panels studied the four fundamental dimensions of forestry:

    - Social: local development contribution, employment quality and safety, respect of rights, social inclusion, appreciation of cultural diversity and local knowledge;
    - Economic: usage diversification and the value add of products and forestry services;
    - Environment: biodiversity conservation, innovative preservation and protection mechanisms, initiatives to increase environmental benefits and appreciation of environmental services;
    - Governance and technical aspects: diversity in management processes, innovative alliances and technical aspects of forestry management.

    Vicente Plata, officer in charge of FAO Uruguay stated: “Exemplary cases of sustainable forestry management serve as examples to showcase knowledge, capabilities and good practices in social, environmental and governance matters for better forestry management.”

    Álvaro Fitipaldo, UPM Forestal Oriental’s Director of Forestry Operations said: “UPM receives this distinction in a very special year as we are celebrating 25 years of operations in Uruguay. These have been 25 years of sustainable and responsible forestry management which translates as results such as this one, which we are very proud of. Over this time we have deepened and consolidated our work in fundamental aspects such as social, environmental, economic and governance and technical matters, developing the rural communities in which we operate.”
    18.06.2015   ISO Committee Adopts X-Rite’s Color Data Exchange (CxF) Format as Industry Standard    ( Company news )

    Company news X-Rite’s CxF3 becomes an ISO standard that enables seamless, digital communication, an essential component of any color related workflow

    X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announced today that the ISO TC130 committee that sets global standards for the Graphic Arts has adopted the X-Rite Color Exchange Format version 3 (CxF3) as the new standard for color data exchange and verification. This standard (ISO 17972-1:2015) provides the graphic arts industry with an accurate, efficient way to communicate color information across any supply chain. X-Rite made its technology available to ISO without any restrictions to support and continue to contribute to the industry through this major technical development. X-Rite fully endorses ISO’s goal of harmonizing technical specifications for products and services that make industries more efficient by communicating color electronically in a global color supply chain.

    The CxF3 format is defined in a completely open way so that all aspects of a color can be communicated, even when the application and the color communication features required are unknown. This means that every software vendor implementing and supporting CxF3 is able to easily and accurately extend the information throughout global workflows.

    “Physically correct and accurate color communication is critical to an efficient workflow in the Graphic Arts,” says Ray Cheydleur, Printing and Imaging Product Portfolio Manager at X-Rite. “X-Rite's CxF3, and now ISO CxF, ensures an accurate and efficient exchange of digital standards, measurements and metadata. The publication of this standard provides a framework for sharing color data at all steps in the workflow – from brand owner through to production. Many companies and products have already benefited from CxF3, and now that it is an ISO standard, many more will benefit in the future.”

    “When a company invests in the effort required to define and deploy standards that profit the industry at large, it is a true indicator of market leadership,” adds Francis Lamy, Chief Technology Officer at X-Rite. “CxF is a key enabler to more efficient workflows with less waste, faster turnaround times and streamlined communication of color information in color critical workflows. We are proud to be able to make this contribution to the industry.”

    X-Rite established the first version of CxF in 2000. Since then, the company has continued to invest in and improve the specification, using knowledge gained from serving a wide range of markets. X-Rite also established a website where the CxF3 specification and examples are publicly available for download ( This website has facilitated the wide distribution of CxF3 and provided strong support for the creation of the 17972 series and the publication of the earlier ISO standards.

    “Printing according to established ISO standards is a benefit for both the print producer and the media buyer,” said Laurel Brunner, Managing Director of Digital Dots Limited. “With the adoption of ISO 17972-1:2015, a new dimension has now been added to standards compliance that will help everyone in the color workflow more easily produce color quality within expected tolerances and to make it easier to communicate color. X-Rite has made a valuable contribution to of the industry by making this important specification available as an open standard.”
    (X-Rite GmbH)
    18.06.2015   ROTOCONTROL Partners with Longford International for End-to-End Booklet Solution     ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: The ROTOCONTROL high-speed booklet machine is equipped with the Longford International OS700X triple motor surge feeder.

    ROTOCONTROL, a manufacturer of leading-edge finishing machines announced
    its partnership with Longford International in offering an end-to-end solution for the production of ECL and booklet labels. The ROTOCONTROL BL-series high-speed booklet machine is equipped with the Longford International OS700X triple motor surge feeder, with inspection and finishing options. Combined with the RSP 100% pharmaceutical label inspection technology or FastChange 4-spindle turret rewinder, end-to-end production, inspection and finishing of booklet labels is available.

    With operation speed up to 65m/min, the ROTOCONTROL BL-series high-speed booklet machine is a modular solution for booklet labels, coupon labels and label-on-label processing with various sizes and formats, and is designed with larger idler rollers and a straight and extremely short web path between the units to dramatically reduce waste. Intuitive and easy to use, the booklet machine also features precise register control for pre-printed web and the latest and advanced servo technology for optimal control. A wide variety of optional modules are available including hot-melt glue system, register lamination, label applicator, flexo printing, screen printing, cold foil unit, bowed booklet option, inkjet unit and inspection systems.

    Longford International is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and supply of friction feeders and custom systems for a diverse spectrum of industries including label, packaging, printing and pharmaceutical. The Longford OS700X features proven production speeds of up to 35,000 pieces per hour with a pinpoint accuracy of +/- 0.5mm. Recent enhancements to the OS700X have made changeover quick and easy, which is critical in today’s small run environment. Available in a variety of widths and easily integrated with verification equipment such as bar code readers or vision systems, the OS700X triple motor surge feeder is an industry leader in the creation of extended content labels.

    Hugo Vanchaze, area sales manager of Longford Europe NV comments: “Our industry-leading OS700X triple motor surge feeder combined with the advanced design and technology built in the ROTOCONTROL booklet machine provides a powerful synergy for the production of extended content labels.
    Many of our customers have already expressed an interest in this solution,
    and we look forward to a successful partnership with ROTOCONTROL and helping narrow web label printers be specialists with their booklet label applications.”

    “We are a proven booklet solution partner, with successful installations that also include the FastChange 4-spindle turret rewinder,” says Marco Aengenvoort, managing director of ROTOCONTROL. “Partnering with Longford International has already proved advantageous in combining industry-leading technologies and market strength.”
    (RotoControl GmbH)
    17.06.2015   UPM papers meet the highest environmental standards in WWF’s Check-your-paper tool    ( Company news )

    Company news WWF’s Check-your-paper (CYP) tool is a public database for pulp and paper products with high environmental standards. The CYP method focuses on a limited number of environmental parameters including how well forests supplying fibre are managed, use of recycled fibre, fossil CO2 emissions, waste going to landfills and water pollution from mills.

    UPM has been part of CYP since the very beginning and one of the first companies to rate papers in the tool. The used method is simple but not simplistic and has been developed and fine-tuned by WWF since 2007, in cooperation with scientists, paper buyers, producers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

    Today, UPM has 23 paper product groups rated in the CYP tool. All of them are third-party verified. The results vary from good to excellent, the majority being very good or excellent.

    "UPM has shown the importance it gives to transparency and environmental performance by publicly disclosing the environmental impact of more than 10% of its uncoated and coated papers on WWF’s Check Your Paper. WWF invites pulp and paper producers to join WWF Environmental Paper Award 2016 by listing their papers on CYP," states Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager, Forest Product Consumption & Footprint, WWF International.

    UPM’s customers are increasingly interested in sustainability of papers. UPM offers product declarations and environmental data, like Paper Profiles, for all products as a tool to provide customers with information on the sustainability of products and the supply chain.

    “We promote transparency in our activities and consider WWF’s Check-your-Paper as one good way to increase it. The tool helps customers to identify the most environmentally sound paper products. We have cooperated with WWF to develop the tool and this work continues.” says Päivi Rissanen, Director, Environment and Responsibility, UPM Paper ENA.
    (UPM Paper ENA (Europe & North America))
    17.06.2015   SUN Automation Group Marks 120 Years of Putting the Customer First    ( Company news )

    Company news SUN Automation Group®, a recognised leader in the global corrugated sector, is marking 120 years of combined innovation and customer service since Langston Corporation, the company it acquired in 2001, produced its first Single Facer corrugated machine in 1895.

    Charles Langston, and then his son Samuel, were the earliest pioneers of corrugated manufacturing, creating around 50 patents for ever more sophisticated machinery including the Double Facer, Variable Voltage Drives, and Preconditioning/Tensioning Devices. Langston expanded into Europe as early as 1952 and the Far East in 1961 and, after passing through various corporate owners, was finally acquired by SUN Automation in 2001.

    SUN Automation’s General Manager EMEA, Rob Dal Lago said: “The acquisition of Langston was an inspired move as the two companies have a very similar ethos of customer comes first, and a parallel history of innovation and product development. Many of the ex-Langston engineers are still part of the SUN Automation team, bringing to customers incredibly valuable expertise and experience, especially with older machinery that needs a little TLC to remain in operation.”

    The Langston acquisition handed to SUN Automation all trademarks, patents, designs, inventory and equipment for Langston, Staley®, and Greenwood® machinery, further expanding the scope of support available to box makers from the company. SUN Automation has a number of Aftermarket Service Centres around the globe, strategically placed so that customers can access support quickly and cost-effectively.

    Rob Dal Lago added: “SUN Automation has a worldwide reputation for product innovation and helping the industry to produce more, at higher quality, and lower cost. Our superb Aftersales operation, in contrast, has been flying somewhat under the radar. SUN Automation engineers are often called upon to repair or enhance machinery that can be 20, 30, or even 40 years old – and their actions can literally save a plant from going under where the owner simply doesn’t have the funds to invest in new equipment. That’s something to be really proud of – and something that Charles and Samuel Langston would no doubt have fully endorsed.”

    Serving equipment manufacturers (OEM customers) as well as direct end-users (box-makers), SUN Automation is also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.
    (Sun Automation Group)
    17.06.2015   Magical Prospects for New Glass Bead Printing Blanket    ( Company news )

    Company news CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl for printing securities and high-quality packaging

    Picture: Surface Black Pearl

    - CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl for printing securities and high-quality packaging
    - Free of pollutants and non-hazardous to health according to ISEGA certificate
    - Guarantees a smooth printing process and minimum downtimes

    A look into the crystal ball reveals magical prospects. ContiTech is bringing something new to the market for printing securities and high-quality packaging – an enhanced printing blanket with a cover layer made of tiny glass beads. The CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl printing blanket is extremely resilient and durable, as well as antistatic and ISEGA-certified. It is manufactured at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings in Northeim and, starting immediately, will be sold via ContiTech sales to printing shops all over the world – with fast, reliable, and straightforward service.

    Whether it is hologram films for bank notes and certificates or packaging films for high-quality Swiss chocolate: Instead of using printing ink in the hot embossing process, a thin plastic film is applied to the printing stock by means of pressure and heat. The printing blanket plays a crucial role in this. On the one hand, it must have an ink-repellent surface so that no printing ink is smeared on the printed sheet or other guide elements of the machine. On the other hand, the printing blanket must withstand enormous press forces of up to 60 tons and therefore requires very high mechanical stability.

    Firmly anchored: 7,000 glass beads per square centimeter
    In this small, yet extremely fine, niche market, ContiTech is the only manufacturer worldwide that can produce a precision printing blanket of this quality class. "Glass is antistatic and is also a material with a very high surface hardness. This makes glass the number one material for this special field of application," explains Area Manager Michael Simm, responsible at ContiTech for the distribution of the new product. The secret lies in the extremely fine, uniform coating. Roughly 7,000 ultra-fine glass beads per square centimeter are anchored in the cover layer – each with the same exact diameter. The key is the completely uniform distribution of the glass beads and their special anchoring in the base.

    ISEGA-certified: free of pollutants and non-hazardous to health
    CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl is resistant not only to enormous embossing pressure but also to temperatures of up to 160 °C as well as all printing chemicals, benzine, acetone, and oil. And because packaging is a particularly sensitive issue in the foodstuffs industry, ContiTech has all printing blankets for the packaging industry inspected by an independent testing institute to ensure they meet food law requirements. As a result, CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl has been awarded with the ISEGA certificate, which verifies that it is free of pollutants and non-hazardous to health.

    "We ensure the dependability of our precision printing blanket in strict quality controls. The blanket is assembled in our in-house format center or at one of our partners," explains Simm, who puts the advantages of the blanket in a nutshell: "CONTI-AIR® Black Pearl guarantees a smooth plastic foil printing process, and its high durability ensures minimum downtimes."
    (ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen GmbH)
    17.06.2015   ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2015 takes up future topics    ( ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2015 )

    ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2015 The prospects for ZELLCHEMING-Expo taking place from 30 June – 2 July 2015 in Frankfurt/M., Germany are good. Besides a comprehensive exhibition program by more than 150 national and international exhibitors along the process chain of the pulp and paper production as well as in the sector of fiber based materials ZELLCHEMING-Expo shows future topics of the paper industry.

    Biofore Concept Car: An innovative view into the future
    The company UPM presents itself with the Biofore Concept Car that is a joint project of the University Helsinki Metropolia of Applied Sciences, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and other partner companies. The Biofore Concept Car consists of renewable materials and illustrates the use of innovative biomaterials in the automotive industry. Furthermore it runs with renewable diesel.

    “Instant Homes”: The house of the future
    Not only the pulp and paper production but also the diversified usage of paper is subject of ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2015. A fact that the Technical University Darmstadt clearly demonstrates with the project “Instant Homes”. This involves a foldable emergency shelter for refugees that completely consists out of paper. It is stable, weatherproof, easy to build and comfortable at the same time.
    “Instant Homes” is a forward-looking project with added value for the society and reflects the future subject of ZELLCHEMING-Expo.

    Conference „Paper & Fiber World 2030“
    The accompanying conference „Paper & Fiber World 2030 – What does the future hold for the paper industry?“ also picks up the subject future. Thus the event not only focuses on current topics related to production but also on technological and economic further developments for the future. Highlights are the Business Forum about the same-named project as well as keynotes of Dr. Utz Tillmann (Director General of the German Chemical Industry Association) and Bertram Staudenmaier (Member of the Corporate Board of Management and Chairman of the Management Board of Voith Paper).
    (Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure e.V. - Verein ZELLCHEMING)
    17.06.2015   MIAC: 3 DAYS OF BUSINESS NEXT OCTOBER IN LUCCA (ITALY)!    ( Company news )

    Company news Next October in Lucca (Italy) the leader Companies in the paper industry sector will display their latest developments in machines, systems, avant-garde solutions, technology and services.

    Everything is concentrated in 3 days and in one place. MIAC is an international meeting point that allows you to compare the technologies and business proposals of all the companies present at the Exhibition: 270 international Exhibitors await you in Italy! Next October.

    Also for the 2015 edition, MIAC Exhibition planned four "technical meetings" in order to take stock of the situation regarding trend, future perspectives and new available technologies in the paper sector. The participation to the Conferences is free of charge. Simultaneous translation from Italian to English and vice versa is available during the Conferences.

    137 stand on the ground floor, 23 stand on the upper floor, 270 Exhibitors in total. Visiting MIAC means obtaining a full overview of the technology and equipment available to the paper industry sector.

    At MIAC 2015 you can meet the International leader suppliers of the paper industry sector. 270 Companies will show you the latest technology and machinery available in the paper sector allowing you to get a complete overview in just 3 days.

    14 and 15 October 2015 09.00 - 18.00 // 16 October 2015 09.00 - 15.30
    (Edipap Srl )
    16.06.2015   Honeywell Technology Modernizes Mill For Europe's Largest Forest Industry Company     ( Company news )

    Company news Controls, Safety and Management Systems to Help Finland's Stora Enso Meet Rising Demand for Renewable Packaging Board

    Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Process Solutions (HPS) announced that Europe's largest pulp, board and paper manufacturer will use HPS process automation, safety system and manufacturing optimization technologies to modernize one of its key mills and help it meet rising demand for renewable packaging board.

    Stora Enso Oyj is implementing Honeywell's technologies as part of a modernization and optimization effort at their paper mill in Varkaus, Finland. Headquartered in Helsinki, Stora Enso is the largest pulp, board and paper producer in Europe, and one of the largest in the world.

    HPS is a major supplier of automation and control technologies to the paper industry and its technology can be found in more than 2,000 sites worldwide.

    "Stora Enso's business objective is to produce and deliver the highest quality paper and board products in the world, and Honeywell's portfolio of technologies will help them reach this goal safely, reliably and efficiently," said Ali Raza, vice president, HPS. "We have worked with Stora Enso for about 40 years and I am pleased that Honeywell can help them modernize this facility."

    The Stora Enso project coincides with conversion of the facility to produce kraftliner, a virgin-fiber-based containerboard. Globally, the company produces a number of products, including about 5.6 million tons of chemical pulp, 10.9 million tons of paper and board, and 14 billion square feet of corrugated packaging.

    Upgrades to the Varkaus mill include:

    - Migrating the plant from its previous control system to Honeywell's Experion® PKS (Process Knowledge System), which unifies people, processes, assets and business needs by having one unified architecture for process control, safety systems and automation software.
    - Experion Process, Machinery and Drives (PMD) controllers, which use a single, consistent set of engineering tools for lower capital costs and more cost-effective execution of production line and plant-wide control.
    - Uniformance® Process History Database (PHD), which helps users make better and faster decisions with superior data management, higher data security and reliability, and lower total cost of ownership.
    - Safety Manager, which integrates process safety data, applications, system diagnostics and critical control strategies, and executes defined safety applications in a fully redundant architecture.
    - OptiVision® Manufacturing Execution System (MES), an advanced order-to-cash solution designed to help pulp and paper companies and flat sheet manufacturers address critical issues determining profitability.
    (Honeywell Oy)
    16.06.2015   A strategically important project    ( Company news )

    Company news With Fábricas de Papel Potosí, A.Celli Paper conquers Mexico. In shipment is a new TM complete with 12-ft steel Yankee and latest-generation hoods.

    The new A.Celli 2800-mm tissue machine equipped with a 12-ft steel Yankee was recently shipped to San Luis Potosí (Mexico), where it will be housed in a new building completely reserved for it.

    The plant represents a strategically important project, thanks to which the customer, Fábricas de Papel Potosí, aims at making a quality leap, attaining major and ambitious production milestones, in the quest to conquer its market.

    This machine has a working speed of 1500 m/min and a production capacity of 80 tpd, and is conceived to answer the customer’s demands in order to guarantee an increase in production levels, assured by optimal performance and paper quality, with consequent improvement of the finished product.

    Additionally, this equipment comes with latest-generation hoods specially designed by A.Celli’s technical staff, to enhance technical performance as well as the aesthetic features of this important component of tissue machines. These new innovative hoods, characterized by a modern design and by their aerodynamic shape, are designed to improve the performance of the entire production cycle.

    One again, proof of the passion which A.Celli tackles every project: a eye for detail and a focus on excellence.
    (A. Celli Paper S.p.A.)
    16.06.2015   Xeikon unleashes Cheetah at Labelexpo Europe 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Race against a Cheetah and see how Xeikon is 100% crazy about digital label printing

    Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, today announced the worldwide commercial availability of its groundbreaking Xeikon CX3 digital label press, based on Xeikon Cheetah digital print technology. The press will be available for order taking as of September 29, the opening day of Labelexpo Europe 2015. The Xeikon Cheetah technology is in pilot operation at five sites around the world, where it has delivered outstanding performance. At the show, Xeikon will unveil the newly designed press and conduct live demonstrations of the Xeikon CX3, the fastest five-color digital label press in its class. Labelexpo Europe takes place in Brussels from 29 September through 2 October, and Xeikon will be located in hall 9, stand B/C 50. Xeikon busses are available to transport show attendees from Brussels airport to Labelexpo.

    “Our extensive presence at Labelexpo Europe 2015, the world's largest event for the label industry, reinforces our dedication to bringing innovation, productivity and profitability to the label printing business, which has grown to represent more than 50% of our revenues,” says Wim Maes, Xeikon’s CEO. “We are very excited to be making the Xeikon CX3 available for all digital label printers and converters worldwide as of the first day of the show. We have been extremely pleased with the feedback received from the Xeikon Cheetah’s pilot sites, and we look forward to seeing those results replicated with many more customers around the globe.”

    The five keys to success in digital label printing
    In addition to Xeikon Cheetah technology, the company will have a complete range of digital print production solutions on display. Maes adds, “We are also keen for attendees to see that our approach to this market is unique, being the only printer manufacturer with vertically integrated development and manufacturing that addresses all five primary components required for digital label printing success: printing, toner, workflow, converting and services. This end-to-end solutions approach will be evident to visitors to our stand. They will see that we are direct and close to our customer, dedicated to the label market and clearly a leader in digital label printing.”

    Digital presses dedicated to labels and folding carton
    Next to the Xeikon CX3, Xeikon will have a Xeikon 3300 on the booth, its flagship narrow-web label press with printing widths of 200mm (7.9”) up to 330mm (13”). This press is ideal for printing self-adhesive labels at top speeds, and will be printing wine, health & beauty, food and industrial applications. A Xeikon 3500 press, dedicated to folding carton, will be demonstrated in the Packprint Workshop, where Xeikon will also give presentations. This breadth of capabilities highlights the unique range of labels and packaging applications that can be produced with Xeikon digital printing technologies.

    The color of success
    At Labelexpo, Xeikon will be unveiling two new toners: MatteSilver and PalladiumSilver. These new luxury-look toners are the first products in the new Xeikon Creative Colors toner group. MatteSilver offers the luxury of a rich metal finish to the print substrate, while Palladium – uniquely available for digital print in the Xeikon portfolio – features a speckled silver sparkle for extra textural interest.

    A focus on workflow
    “In order to gain the full benefit of digital label printing, it is important to ensure an efficient workflow that keeps manual touches to a minimum,” comments Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Management at Xeikon. “This is especially true when considering the growing demand for shorter run lengths and faster delivery times for all types of labels. Xeikon continues to enhance its X-800 digital front-end (DFE) to ensure that our customers are as productive as possible. Attendees at the show should not miss the opportunity to check out the extended capabilities of the latest version of our DFE, the Xeikon X-800 4.0, which is being released at the end of this month.”

    A unique capability included in the Xeikon X-800 4.0 DFE is the next-generation VariLane tool, designed to optimize productivity and profitability by printing labels of different heights, widths and run lengths on the same web in separate lanes. The latest X-800 release also includes full support for the Adobe® Mercury RIP Architecture and ColorKey, a new option that takes advantage of the inline spectrophotometer that is an integral part of Xeikon presses. ColorKey enables users to generate reports reflecting the stability of the printing process during a specific job, the accuracy with which specific brand colors are reproduced and the possible occurrence of deviations from a pre-defined printing standard. It gives press operators a clear view into the quality of a specific production batch and allows managers to receive a concise production overview. This functionality also addresses the requirements of a growing number of brand owners who seek a quality report for each job.

    Finishing with a flourish
    "We are constantly expanding the components of our Label and Packaging Suites, which include defined sets of software, equipment, finishing, consumables and/or substrates to complement our digital presses. This enables our customers to build the best digital production solutions for their specific business needs," adds Van Bauwel. “At the show, visitors to our stand will see live demonstrations of two leading-edge in-line varnishing solutions that enhance the speed and quality of digital label production.”

    The Web Varnishing Module (WVM) is an extremely versatile unit that can apply UV or aqueous varnish on one side of a wide range of substrates. It enables press operators to immediately see the results of the coating and make adjustments if necessary, eliminating the time and cost that occurs when less-than-optimum nearline coating means sending the job back for reprinting. Launched last year at Labelexpo in Chicago, the WVM is ideal for use with self-adhesive label materials, unsupported films and paper board.

    Available in in-line and nearline configurations, the Xeikon DCoat post-press unit includes as standard flood UV varnishing, lamination, semi rotary die-cutting, length slitting and a dual spindle rewinder. Optional modules such as spot UV varnishing and alternative rewinders or slitters are also available.

    Exceptional Services
    Last but not least, Xeikon’s Services offering will be well represented at the booth with Xeikon experts available in designated areas to share advice on quality, productivity and technology – and as such support customers to maximize the added value they can offer their brand owner clients. Xeikon services range from installation, setup and maintenance to a range of Premium Services that include training and education, color services and business development training & advice. “We encourage show attendees to sit together with the Xeikon product experts, and gain the benefit of their insight into business and production issues as well as future strategy development,” Wim Maes concludes, “We love to talk to customers, and the back-and-forth of these discussions benefits both parties.”

    Environmental sustainability is key
    Xeikon is reinforcing its dedication to delivering environmentally sustainable solutions as the sponsor of the Label Industry Global Award for Sustainability. This award, sponsored by Xeikon since many years, recognizes the most sustainable product or process by a supplier/converter company in the label industry that was introduced in 2014. The winners of this prestigious award will be announced at a ceremony to be held on the first evening of the show.

    Based on Xeikon Cheetah technology, the Xeikon CX3 digital label press has a top speed of 30 m/min (98 ft/min), 56% faster than any other model in the current Xeikon press portfolio. The 1200 x 3600 dpi digital press is dedicated solely to the production of self-adhesive/pressure sensitive labels. It offers all the renowned benefits that make the Xeikon 3000 Series unique, including the use of dry toners that meet FDA regulations for food contact and the ability to print opaque white toner in one pass. It also enables printing on a variety of heat-sensitive substrates due to incorporation of Xeikon’s ICE toner technology which requires a much lower fusing temperature than typical toner-based presses. Xeikon presses are based on dry toner electro-photography. This enables the use of conventional substrates that do not have to be pre-treated. Extremely high toner light-fastness and truly eco-friendly printing (no VOCs) are some of the other industry leading features of the Xeikon presses for digital label and package printing. The presses offer easy integration of third-party workflow software and converting/finishing solutions and incorporate professional color management capabilities. In addition to the standard CMYK + White, the fifth station on the Xeikon CX3 can be used to print gamut expansion colors or security toner. Media weights range from 40 gsm to 350 gsm. For more information, visit
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    16.06.2015   Outstanding flexibility and no cross-contamination    ( Company news )

    Company news Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves provide maximum flexibility in hygienic flow processing by making it possible to handle two different fluids at the same time, with no risk of cross-contamination. Using two independent plugs and seals means a single mixproof valve can often replace two or more valves of other types.

    Alfa Laval supplies several different designs of mixproof valves, all with leakage detection, that help boost reliability and safety levels. They enable you to design versatile set-ups that are both cost-effective and easy to maintain, as well as providing you with important new processing opportunities.

    Tailored to your requirements
    The Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves give you a modular solution that is easily tailored to your specific requirements. This also means you only pay for the exact features and capabilities you really need. Here's an example:

    As part of the range, we offer the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Large Particle Valve with features ideal for handling fluids with high viscosity or large particles such as lotions, soups and yoghurts. This valve is specially designed with large openings handling particles up to 45 mm in diameter to minimize pressure loss and securing product integrity by eliminating the risk of product damage or blockage.

    The Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves provide:
    - Low cost of ownership and no risk of cross-contamination
    - Efficiency gains by greater flexibility
    - Reliable operation and easy validation of plant performance
    - Substantial water-, chemical- and heating savings during Cleaning-in-Place

    About Alfa Laval
    Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

    The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol.

    Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, oil and gas exploration, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications.

    Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to help them stay ahead in the global arena.

    Alfa Laval is listed on Nasdaq OMX, and, in 2014, posted annual sales of about SEK 35.1 billion (approx. 3.85 billion Euros). The company has about 18 000 employees.
    (Alfa Laval Mid Europe GmbH)
    16.06.2015   FachPack 2015: Marking & Labelling    ( FachPack 2015 )

    FachPack 2015 - More details: multi-sector theme in all areas
    - In greater detail: focus theme also in supporting program

    In its 36th trade fair year FachPack can look back on a magnificent success story: what began in 1979 with 80 exhibitors and around 2,000 visitors, has long since become one of the leading European fairs covering everything to do with packaging. 1,439 exhibitors and 34,598 visitors at the most recent event speak for themselves. Reason enough to place the focus on “Marking & Labelling”, which can be experienced at FachPack from 29 September to 1 October in Nuremberg. In 2013, 350 suppliers already showed their solutions specifically on this multi-sector theme, which has been important right from the start.

    Markings are indispensable: they direct goods flows, supply consumer information, motivate and encourage the consumer to purchase with their individual design and ensure the genuineness and traceability of products. The focus theme of FachPack 2015 presents a comprehensive overview of all kinds of labels, which aim to provide information (“smart labelling”) or decoration (“nice labelling”). At the fair there will be effective labelling machines, innovative identification, coding and article-surveillance systems, track & trace, various carrier materials, the latest printer and printing processes such as digital printing and 3D printing, auto ID systems, precise marking processes using laser or ink and much more to discover.

    The focal point: special shows, forum contributions, company presentations
    The supporting program is also devoting itself to the theme of “Marking and Labelling” with many contributions: The “Smart Labelling – A view into the future” special show, organized by the Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (IML, Institute for Material flow and Logistics) Dortmund, will be presented in Hall 3A offering the latest results. Best-Practice examples clearly illustrate the trends from research and development in the area of identification technologies. In addition to the optimum packaging, the right marking and identification of goods plays a key role in logistics and opens up new paths for innovative solutions – from standardized track & trace systems up to conducting inventories using drones. On four theme islands the special show is presenting the key economic branches of logistics: production, logistics service-providers, IT and retail. Interested trade visitors can experience the latest technologies and also try them out. Scope for a well-founded extension of specialist know-how, an inspirational exchange, lively discussions or an invigorating coffee in the hustle and bustle of the fair is provided by the popular Forum PackBox in Hall 4. Here too, the main theme will be examined from various perspectives: serialization in the pharmaceuticals sector, smart labelling and the changed challenges for the logistics sector – implementation here would hardly be possible without intelligent marking solutions. Anyone who would like to obtain more detailed information can take a seat in the PackBox free of charge without having to register and listen in on the lectures. The “Labels & more”Pavilion, which is being staged in Hall 9 in cooperation with the Verband der Hersteller selbstklebender Etiketten und Schmalbahnconverter (Association of Self-adhesive Label and Narrow Web Converter Manufacturers, VskE), is presenting label manufacturers, who create such solutions in daily practical applications for customers from the foodstuffs, beverages and pharmaceuticals industry and the retail trade. Labels are just as diverse as their applications, for that reason the range covers a large spectrum of design, printing processes and finishing. Within the framework of the “Packaging Design” special show in Hall 5, using selected exhibits, bayern design will be devoting itself to exemplary packaging design. “Nice Labelling”, in other words the innovative design of labels, is one of the central factors for successful brand communication and market success.

    To ensure that the visitors can be quickly and effectively directed to those companies with a specific range covering all aspects of the “Marking and Labelling” theme, at the event an exhibitor track has been specifically created for this purpose. These companies will also be especially highlighted in the exhibitor database and the fair guide.
    (FachPack 2015)

    15.06.2015   3 premiers at ACHEMA 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news We heartily invite you to attend the world premieres to ACHEMA 2015:
    -NEMO®- FSIP
    Four letters stand for Full Service In Place!
    -TORNADO® T2
    Since the product launch in 2012 many things have happened: Extension of the product range, upsize and downsize, and off course with FSIP!
    -NOTOS Multi Screw Pumps
    Product lines with 2, 3 and 4 screws for applications in the Oil & Gas and Energy sector as well as for the marine industry!

    Hit 1:
    NETZSCH as the first progressing cavity pump manufacturer gives full access to all parts of the rotating unit and hereby sets a new benchmark. Three years after the first presentation of the FSIP concept for the TORNADO® pump, which impressed both experts and our customers, maintenance friendliness has now been newly defined for NEMO PUMPS®. Through design innovations of the housing and along the drive train maintenance time and effort have been reduced
    significantly. Visit our twice daily installation demonstrations when the pump is opened with a few moves of the hand, to give access to all rotating parts, without removing the pump from the pipework.

    Hit 2:
    Eagerly expected by the market the smallest T.Proc® full metall version of the TORNADO® T2 family is now available for smaller flow applications in the process industries. We also now cover the demand for larger capacities with the new T.Envi® 08/200 and 06/300.

    Hit 3:
    Based on 35 years of experience in Latin America three all new product lines of the NOTOS multi screw pumps have been developped and are now globally presented for the very first time. The optimized geometries deliver improved efficiency factors and higher pressure capacities. With the new design we set a new standard!

    Are you curious?
    Please feel free to visit the NETZSCH booth for our press conference: June 17th 2015, 12:00 - 13:00 h.
    (NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH)
    15.06.2015   FINAT’s seal of approval for tesa® tape    ( Company news )

    Company news Successful conclusion of ‘round-robin’ test for tesa® 7475 PV2 tape

    FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry announces its Test Methods Sub-committee has completed a successful analysis of tesa® 7475 PV2. Seven different laboratories tested 22 different liners and produced 5544 release values to report that tesa® 7475 PV2 provides similar release values to the former tesa® 7475 version.

    In 2013, the discontinuance of a primary raw material resulted in tesa needing to make modifications to their tesa® 7475 test tape which had been successfully used for decades in the self-adhesive market. As a result a new version of this test tape called tesa® 7475 PV2 was introduced in 2014. In order to thoroughly compare the former tesa® 7475 with the new version tesa® 7475 PV2, FINAT conducted a 'round-robin' test program including many of the key users of this test tape.

    The new tape was compared to the former tesa® 7475 version in the FINAT FTM 10 test that measures the release characteristics of silicone coated liners. It helps determine the force required to separate an adhesive front strip from its anti-adhesive backing, or vice-versa, under specified test conditions.

    FINAT concludes that tesa® 7475 PV2 provides similar release values to the former tesa® 7475 version with most liners having a premium or medium release (where the FTM 10 peel values are < 50g/25mm). For release liners with a highly modified release (FTM 10 peel values > 50g/25mm), a conclusive outcome was not possible due to highly scattered individual release values and a small database of release values (only 2 of the 22 liners tested). In general, some release values indicated lower release forces when measuring with tesa® 7475 PV2 –though that still needs to be examined for each individual case.

    “Testing is an essential part of FINAT’s role and one of the cornerstones of the organisation,” comments Hans Lautenschlager, Chairman of the FINAT Sub-committee Test Methods. “We are able to draw on a broad range of industry experts and operations to ensure we are at the forefront of new developments. That knowledge is something we pass on to our members. The freeflow of information and research enables us to support all elements of the industry in a highly informed, effective and accurate way. Specifications for silicone coated liners are often based on FTM 10 in combination with tesa® 7475. It is with this in mind that we recommend a review of the release data obtained with tesa® 7475 PV2 and, if necessary, an update on the release specifications.”

    The FINAT Sub-committee Test Methods is part of the FINAT Technical Committee that exists to understand and promote the science and technology of self-adhesive labelling. It utilises knowledge from a wide range of industry members’ interests to provide an informed body of professional expertise focused on the processes and materials used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labelstock, and their conversion and subsequent application.
    15.06.2015   Enhanced delivery reliability thanks to a new production line in Walki    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: The new production line at Valkeakoski will enable shorter lead times. Kari Salminen, Ahti Vuorinen and Janne Ahonen inspecting the facings. © Walki Group Oy

    The demand for multilayer laminates is increasing and there is an extensive growth potential, particularly in the construction business. Walki is answering to this demand by investing in a new production line at its Valkeakoski plant in Finland.

    “The production line will be unique on the market”, says Kari Salminen, EVP Construction at Walki.

    The market for insulation facings is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The European Union’s 202020 target, which among other things aims at a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, is putting a pressure on energy-efficient housing. Efficient insulation is key in keeping heating or cooling costs down.

    Along with a recovery in the European economy, the construction business is expected to pick up, which will have a significant positive effect on the demand for insulation solutions, particular in those products requiring multilayer facings.

    “There is also a huge need for renovating houses and buildings in Europe with better insulation and this will further drive the demand”, says Salminen.

    Thanks to the new investment, Walki will be even more apt to swiftly respond to customers’ needs. The more diverse production lines which will enhance delivery reliability and shorten lead times.
    “We can guarantee short delivery times as we can respond swiftly to customers’ needs with tailor-made solutions. We will be able to expand our customers’ product portfolio and enable growth on their part. The new production line will make a significant difference when it comes to supporting our customers’ business,” says Salminen.

    The production line will also be highly flexible and can cater to several different product segments in addition to the construction industry, such as consumer packaging and the pharmaceutical industry.

    "With this investment, Walki strengthens its position as the premium supplier of multi-layer laminates globally. Further, this investment supports our strategy to strongly focus on the growing segments of energy saving laminates for building purposes and on value adding consumer packaging solutions", says Leif Frilund, President and CEO.

    The new production line will be up and running during the first quarter of 2016.
    (Walki Group Oy)
    15.06.2015   Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH at ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Frankfurt 30.06. to 02.07.2015 - hall 11.0 - stand D60 We exhibit!

    The experts meet each other at the end of June - at one of the most important meetings of the German and European pulp, paper and supply industry. For the first time we present our company at ZELLCHEMING-Expo. As paper converter for rolls and sheets we connect producer, processor and customer along the value added chain of paper.

    Please visit us at marketplace Fibers in Process@ZELLCHEMING-Expo - stand D60.

    We provide a reliable service and best quality. Thanks to most modern machines and paper-know-how of our employees we make an optimal cut for you.

    Gladly we send a voucher for a free entrance of ZELLCHEMING-Expo to you. Please give us a short information to or use our download for online registration.
    (Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH)
    12.06.2015   Market-leading label producer Telrol adds Xeikon Cheetah to its digital portfolio    ( Company news )

    Company news Xeikon Cheetah technology will enable one of Europe’s largest self-adhesive label producers to address new markets while staying ahead of fast-paced industry changes

    Xeikon today announced that Telrol Group, one of Europe's largest producers of labels, is the fourth label printing operation worldwide to invest in the breakthrough Xeikon Cheetah technology. With production sites spread over nine countries in Europe, the Telrol - Schades Group produces close to a billion square meters per annum of self-adhesive labels and paper rolls. With five Xeikon 3300s – the most recent one installed earlier this year, plus Xeikon Cheetah technology being implemented in June; Telrol is one of Xeikon’s largest customers worldwide.

    “Acquiring Xeikon Cheetah was the next logical step for us,” states CEO Hoessein Hadaoui. “We consider Xeikon to be a critical business partner. They are innovative, forward-thinking and always involving us as they develop new technology and solutions. For us, the Xeikon digital printing technology is ideal, because of the quality and productivity it delivers but also because of the food safety aspect of the Xeikon toner. Building on the great success and experiences we had with all of our Xeikon 3000 Series, we know Xeikon Cheetah will be a game changer that will help us take the company to the next level.”

    Long standing partnership
    Telrol has always been at the forefront of technology evolution. “Change in the market is happening extremely quickly,” Hadaoui explains. “It’s not a matter of being the smartest or the strongest – it is who can respond most quickly and effectively to change. Keeping up with change is not enough, you have to be ahead of the changes or create the market to succeed and grow. Working with Xeikon, we can do that. They keep me informed as R&D progresses, because I don’t want to wait until releases are already on the market – I want to have them before they are!”

    This mutually-beneficial relationship enables Telrol to continually grow its visionary digital strategy: “We want to be a one-stop shop,” Hadaoui continues. “Our customers are number one companies in their field, and they want us to supply only the best. Xeikon technology puts us ahead of the competition. In our opinion, no other digital print production supplier can offer the integration, IT, strategic marketing or technological developments that Xeikon can. As an example, we are now also looking to expand into the security market. We already have a solid base in food, retail, cosmetics and beverages and believe security labels and ticketing will be the next growth market. Our Xeikon fleet positions us well to enter this exciting market.”

    Pivotal to the investment decision, and to Telrol’s ongoing partnership with Xeikon, is the specifically-designed Xeikon Cheetah toner (QA-CH) developed for high speeds and based on the tried-and-tested ICE toner, which has performed well for Telrol with its other Xeikon presses. Itmeets FDA regulations for food contact and offers the ability to print opaque white toner in one pass. This is ideal for the product mix Telrol produces.

    Speed is of the essence
    Running at 30m/min (98 ft/min), Xeikon Cheetah will enable Telrol to create a leaner multi-platform approach to print production, and deliver its customers a more tailored, cost effective and efficient production process. And it will ensure the company is able to quickly respond to any new market challenges.

    Hadaoui clarifies: “Offering extreme productivity and quality, Xeikon Cheetah gives us a new way of seeing the market and its potential. We want to give customers broader access to the benefits of digital print by enabling more work to be transitioned from conventional production to digital. Xeikon Cheetah technology will allow to significantly raise the crossover point in addition to the other advantages it offers.”

    He explains that the press can easily handle volumes of close to 38.000 meters per day – counting 21 hours of production during three shifts. This ability takes digital label printing to new limits: “In my business, there is still a lot of low hanging fruit that can be transferred easily and cost efficiently from existing technologies. Not only can we then add value through digital print, but we can also increase capacity on the existing traditional printing machines. We have production plants that are dedicated to Blanc, Multi–Color, High–end, Digital, Commodity label and POS (cashroll) production. Each of these sites are highly structured and have their own KPI´s to ensure each is as profitable and Lean as possible. Within the digital department, we can address a different set of demands and ensure that it is also as competitive as it can be. Of course, adding the fastest digital label press in its class, we will be setting new break-even points for certain orders. This opens up the market to broader digital support and a faster analog-to-digital migration.”

    Survival of the creative
    Being able to offer something extra is crucial to Hadaoui’s business ethos: “We are always looking to offer something new,” he says. “That is why we have worked closely with Xeikon throughout the years, and opted to become a pilot site for its Xeikon Cheetah technology – knowing it will meet our expectations. It had to be the best, most robust, and strongest solution in its class in order to support our aggressive 24/7 production schedules. When Xeikon sees any limitations, they proactively work to eliminate them. This ensures that they will continue to have the best digital presses on the market for our portfolio. Because of our past experience with Xeikon, we expect ROI on our latest investment in just two years.”

    This initial install is expected to serve as a blueprint that could be rolled out across the group,Hadaoui states, adding, “My strategy is to set up plants that offer the highest quality in one discipline, which is easy to combine and copy to other locations in Europe. It will help me European-ise digital in the group. I can take the best configurations, processes and practices, put them together and set up similar digital divisions in every site. Our investment in the latest and most advanced Xeikon technology is part of that strategy.”

    And the timing is right with a buoyant market, Hadaoui concludes: “Our industry is set to grow and consolidate. We are still in a pull market. Our anticipated growth is driven by two things – the market is growing volume wise but also important is our ability to add value and drive down costs compared to conventional production, especially with growing demand for shorter runs and versioning from our brand owner clients. I believe you not only have to grow in the field in which you are operating but also keep your eyes open for growth opportunities in related fields. Staying in the same field is a limitation, and I don’t want to be limited in anything – not in markets, technology or people. My partnership with Xeikon ensures that I push the boundaries.”
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    12.06.2015   Mimaki fires the imagination at FESPA 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Textile solutions for fashion and home generate record interest and leads

    Mimaki, a global industry leader and manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, found fashion and home textile solutions ignited unparalleled interest and a 20% increase in sales leads when it showcased its latest collection of production solutions at FESPA 2015.

    “Just when you thought FESPA could not get any better, it did!” states Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “We enjoyed unprecedented interest on our 270m2 booth, with visitors keen to see our mannequins adorned with eye-catching applications and samples, demonstrating we print what we preach. We’re pleased to report no less than 20% sales lead increase and we even had sales straight off the booth thanks to the FESPA innovation infusion.”

    At the show Mimaki announced the July 2015 availability of the TS300P-1800 dedicated transfer paper inkjet printer: a 1,8m wide roll-to-roll sublimation inkjet printer offering new levels of quality and productivity in digital textile printing. Mimaki celebrated also the GREENGUARD GOLD accreditation for the use of its inks in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. In addition, they welcomed Adrian Wolf as Young Star Award winner. He is following up last year’s winner Eleni Bourazanis and receives 500 Euros and a six-week internship at Mimaki.

    And the cherry on the FESPA cake was receiving an EDP award for the whole Mimaki CJV150/CJV300 series as the market’s Best Print and Cut solution.

    Mr. Horsten adds: “The continuous and incessant popularity of FESPA lies in the show’s ongoing commitment to improvement. The organisation and the expert team keep their finger on the pulse of what is currently shaping the market, enabling them to continuously identify future growth areas and opportunities, similar as to how Mimaki is exploring all options. This allows the show to attract new audiences, enabling us to have far broader conversations on how Mimaki is expanding its product portfolio to accommodate both existing and emerging possibilities.”
    (Mimaki Europe B.V.)
    12.06.2015   Performance upgrade for Raflacoat Fit PEFC label stocks    ( Company news )

    Company news Stability up for productive high-speed conversion, comprehensive advances in printing properties

    UPM Raflatac has introduced significant performance upgrades to its next-generation Raflacoat Fit PEFC label stocks for food, home care and logistics labelling. Improved technical characteristics raise productivity and enable better press results.
    Improvements to the stability of Raflacoat Fit PEFC constructions provide better die-cutting performance and enable faster conversions speeds even with difficult matrix removal. These stability gains also contribute to a higher level of print detail.

    New topcoat for better whiteness and bolder colour
    The Raflacoat Fit PEFC face paper has a new topcoat which has taken the whiteness from 109 to 115 on the CIE index. The topcoat is also less absorbent than its predecessor, so converters are likely to see less ink consumption with UV-flexo while achieving more vivid colours. Also the HP Indigo printability remains at the same good level.
    These qualities, together with improved press stability, provide a solid base for creating complex designs required by today’s end-users and brand owners.

    “Thanks to market feedback, we’ve been able to identify technical features where these label stocks were to be further developed. That work is now done, and extensive customer and end-user trials have confirmed the improved performance of these upgraded products,” comments Jim Grieve, Technical Marketing Manager at UPM Raflatac.
    “The new labels stocks perform better on-press even at higher speeds, and existing Raflacoat FIT customers will notice a drop in ink usage for a better print quality with bolder colours.”
    (UPM Raflatac Oy)
    12.06.2015   Hahnemühle @Achema 2015    ( Company news )

    Take the opportunity to get to know us as your reliable partner, whether you are looking for individual paper solutions or standard products for your daily lab work or meet your persons of contact.

    Hahnemühle´s highlights for you at Achema 2015:
    -Our syringe filters: retuned range at very attractive prices.
    -Freshly printed for Achema: our two new product catalogs for filter papers and microfiltration.
    -Your portrait on a filter paper: illustrator Marc Robitzky sketches you with a wink.
    -Win a iPad 3 mini, including a soft cover!
    and much more ...

    Want to make an appointment by email? Send us your appointment proposal to
    We will contact you and would be happy to send you a voucher for a free day ticket.

    Pay us a visit at hall 4.2, stand J11! We look forward to meeting you!
    (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)
    Hahnemühle FINEART

    12.06.2015   Safe energy with climate gains in SCAs Nokia plant    ( Company news )

    Company news SCA takes a 360-degree approach to its environmental impact – we have targets in place to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, tripling the production of forest-based biofuels and increasing the availability of wind power. One example of how SCA are taking major strides in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions can be found in SCAs plant in Nokia, Finland.

    Together with a number of other companies, SCA is investing in a new biofuel plant in Finland. Through joint production of energy from biomass, which stems from the forest, SCA’s Finnish plant in Nokia will no longer be dependent on Russian natural gas for its steam generation. In addition, the plant will drastically reduce its carbon footprint – by about 20,000 tons per year, corresponding to 40%.

    “Despite Nokia’s outstanding efforts to reduce energy consumption overall, we consume enough steam to heat half of a small town like Nokia. By investing into a new biomass-fired boiler, we will secure the steam supply, get carbon neutral at the site and reduce cost. All this contributes well to SCA’s objectives to increase efficiencies in our operations,” explains Rob Fuhrmann, Product Supply Director Region Nordic.

    Biomass is procured locally for the new power plant and half of the biosludge from our own production of tissue is utilized as an energy source at the plant. This entails additional advantages – a reduction in costs and the utilization of by-products from production.

    SCA expects the investment to pay for itself within four years. The project has already started and the plant will go online in 2016.
    (SCA Nordic Oy)
    12.06.2015   27th PTS Coating Symposium - 16-17 September 2015 in Munich    ( Company news )

    Company news The leading event 2015 for manufactureres, suppliers and customers

    The traditional PTS Coating Symposium in Munich on September 16 – 17 is the leading event for manufacturers of coated paper and board, their suppliers and customers. The modern ambience of the new conference location Hotel Leonardo Royal, Moosacher Strasse 90, 80809 Munich, combines the convenience of an in-house event with excellent service offers for all guests.

    The programme:
    After an introduction to current market challenges, future technologies and strategies presented by Berry Wiersum (Sappi), Peter Berg (McKinsey) and other speakers, we are again looking forward to a well-balanced, interesting and colourful mixture of scientific results and industrial success stories about coated paper and board, e.g.:

    - New concepts in graphic paper production
    - Innovative packaging concepts with coated paper and board
    - New and improved products with functionalized surfaces
    - Trend-setting process developments in the fields of coating colour application, measurement and sensor technology.

    With some 350 participants and additional 50 visitors of the exhibition, the 26th PTS Coating Symposium in the BMW Welt in Munich was able to continue the great success achieved with the anniversary event held two years ago. In his opening address, Dr. Frank Miletzky, President of PTS, emphasised that the high degree of participation from the paper industry with more than 100 participants sends a very positive signal to the entire sector.

    Keynote Speaker Jussi Pesonen, UPM President and CEO, made it clear in his speech that papermakers, paper converters and their supplier industries are currently caught up in a major transformation process. Completely new products are in demand for markets that include some even outside of traditional paper applications. The development of such products requires networked thinking and the ability to see the bigger picture outside of one’s own added value chains. That was shown very graphically by Professor Dr Werner Klaffke, General Manager of Bayern Innovativ – a co-operation partner of the PTS Coating Symposium for the very first time – in his paper on the importance of innovative networks for a successful future.

    In addition to casting a look towards new markets, many papers were dedicated to the application-related challenges in printing and converting. The theme of curtain coating was presented in more depth in keynote speeches and in a very stimulating discussion at a high level.

    Concrete improvements for the actual here and now were the focus of interest on the second day of the Symposium. “Enhanced efficiency” was the most frequently heard word which was a recurrent theme in all papers. The processes, raw materials and measurement technology were all carefully reviewed. The Symposium concluded with a review of the prospects for the future of new products based on coating technology, in particular barrier coatings and functional composite materials. The next PTS Coating Symposium is scheduled to take place in 2015.
    (Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS))
    11.06.2015   Kotkamills: Appointment in Consumer Boards    ( Company news )

    Company news Mari Carmen López has been appointed Sales Manager for Consumer Boards, Central and Southern Europe, effective as of June 1, 2015. She is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Ms López comes to Kotkamills from Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH, where she held the position of International Sales Manager. She has wide international sales experience and extensive knowledge of the paper industry, including consumer board sales.
    (Kotkamills Oy)
    11.06.2015   Changes in Huhtamaki Group Executive Team    ( Company news )

    Company news Teija Sarajärvi (45), M.A., has been appointed as Senior Vice President, Human Resources and a member of the Group Executive Team reporting to Jukka Moisio (photo), CEO, as of October 1, 2015. She joins Huhtamaki from OP Financial Group, where she has been Executive Vice President, Human Resources and member of the Executive Board. Prior to OP Financial Group, Teija Sarajärvi has worked in various human resources executive positions in Metso, Nokia and ABB.

    Sari Lindholm (46), Senior Vice President, Human Resources and a member of the Group Executive Team has decided to leave Huhtamaki as of May 31, 2015 to pursue new career opportunities outside the Company. "I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sari for her service with the Company over the past 12 years as well as her contribution to the Group's current success, and wish her all the best in her future challenges," says Jukka Moisio, CEO.

    Anne-Mari Jutila, Human Resources Director, Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania business segment, will act as an interim Group HR Director until Teija Sarajärvi joins Huhtamaki.

    Following the aforementioned changes the members of the Group Executive Team are

    Jukka Moisio (Chairman), Chief Executive Officer;
    Thomas Geust, Chief Financial Officer;
    Sami Pauni, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Legal, Group General Counsel;
    Teija Sarajärvi, Senior Vice President, Human Resources (as of October 1, 2015);
    Clay Dunn, Executive Vice President, North America;
    Olli Koponen, Executive Vice President, Molded Fiber;
    Eric Le Lay, Executive Vice President, Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania; and
    Shashank Sinha, Executive Vice President, Flexible Packaging.
    (Huhtamäki Oyj)
    11.06.2015   Verso Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer    ( Company news )

    Company news Verso Corporation (NYSE: VRS) announced that Robert P. Mundy (photo), its Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, has decided to leave the company to take a similar position with Packaging Corporation of America.

    "Bob has made significant contributions to Verso while serving as our Chief Financial Officer since the inception of the company in 2006," said David J. Paterson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Verso. "Bob's dedication and skills have helped shape the evolution of Verso into the leading producer of coated papers in North America. We thank Bob for his valued service to Verso and wish him continued success in his career."

    Mr. Mundy added, "Having been a member of the Verso executive team from the very beginning, it was an extremely difficult decision for me to leave the company, particularly so soon after we completed the NewPage acquisition. I never have been associated with such a dedicated, hard-working and resourceful group of employees and will miss not being part of the success that lies ahead for Verso. However, the opportunity to be part of an organization like PCA and to step into the CFO role of someone whom I have worked closely with and learned so much from in the past was something that I simply could not pass up."

    To ensure a smooth transition, Mr. Mundy has agreed to remain with Verso through June 30, 2015, and to provide periodic transitional assistance for two months thereafter. Verso's search for his successor is underway.
    (Verso Corporation)
    11.06.2015   PMMI and Koelnmesse GmbH Join Forces for New U.S. Processing and Packaging Show    ( Company news )

    Company news PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, and producer of the PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows, has entered into an agreement to co-produce a new U.S.-based trade show with Koelnmesse GmbH, the leading producer of nutrition-related trade fairs in Europe and Asia, including the Cologne-based Anuga FoodTec, the international supplier fair for the food and beverage industry. The event will focus on processing and packaging technologies serving the food and beverage marketplace.

    "Koelnmesse, and its Anuga FoodTec show, are world leaders in food and beverage processing," says Charles D. Yuska (photo), president and CEO, PMMI. "With shows dating back nearly 100 years, the experience and recognition that Koelnmesse and Anuga bring to the table, particularly in Europe, is invaluable."

    The new show, which will launch in spring 2017, will provide an opportunity for manufacturers in this arena to discover the solutions that will help them grow their businesses.

    "Working with this leading organization to bring a new food and beverage focused event to North America makes great sense for PMMI and ensures a world-class event," Yuska added.

    Gerald Böse, president and CEO of Koelnmesse GmbH, echoed that sentiment. "PMMI and the PACK EXPO portfolio of shows are recognized around the world as industry leaders for processing and packaging solutions, and we're eager to work with them on this exciting new venture."
    (PMMI The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies)
    10.06.2015   JH Label Solutions installs first Xeikon label press in Northern Ireland    ( Company news )

    Company news Xeikon, manufacturing innovator in digital label printing, has announced details of the installation of its first digital label press in Northern Ireland with a Xeikon 3030 label press now in place at JH Label Solutions, Lurgan.

    JH Label Solutions (James Hamilton Group) were established almost seven years ago in order to produce high quality and fast turnaround labels for the food packaging industry, in which it was already involved. “Clear plastic packaging suddenly got very popular in the FMCG sector and that also that needed labelling,” said Keith Hamilton, Managing Director of JH Label Solutions. “We relied on outsourcing labels prior, but eventually realized that there was a need in the market for a competitive, innovative, flexible with speed-to-market label printer. It was decided that we should buy our own UV flexographic press – we ended up with three in a very short time! Two eight-colour and one four-colour Nilpeter machines, as demand for our label output grew rapidly and as beverage customers also wanted our high quality and speed-to-market labels.”

    “Digital is already beginning to follow a similar path. We recognised the trend in shorter run-lengths, multiple label types, and ever-tighter production deadlines. We had to react to our market and our customers’ market demands if we were to still lead the way in innovation, quality and speed. Label printing technology is moving very quickly and we needed to be at the forefront of it. We went to the Xeikon Café Exhibition towards the end of 2014, and they were able to show us the latest in digital printing technology.”

    The Xeikon 3030 digital label press and offline Xeikon Dcoat finishing unit are now in production at the company’s Lurgan plant and Keith Hamilton is already surprised at the speed that the project is moving forward at: “The press was only up-and-running at beginning of February and already word is getting around and the machine is very busy,” added Keith Hamilton.

    Xeikon 3030 is the narrow web entry-level press of the Xeikon 3000 Series. It is ideal for label converters looking to make their first move into digital production. In addition to prime label applications, the press is also suitable for producing promotional and transfer applications.

    Xeikon 3030 has a variable web width ranging from 200 mm (7.9 inches) up to 330 mm (13 inches). It runs at a top speed of 9.6 m/min (31.5 ft/min) and can handle production volumes of up to 190 square meters/hour (294.5 MSI/hour). Based on customer requirements, the Xeikon 3030 can be field-upgraded to one of the higher speed and / or wider press models of the Xeikon 3000 Series.

    The Xeikon Dcoat post-press unit that was provides for laminating, varnishing, die-cutting, and stripping. The unit is being used in an offline configuration.

    “As is our style, we wanted to be at the forefront of the digital label business in Northern Ireland. We did major market research on digital machines around Europe and analysed their advantages and disadvantages and Xeikon stood out as the supplier of choice – they understand our ethos of innovation, technology, quality and speed-to-market solutions. We did see the Xeikon machines installed at some of their current customers, and they were very honest with us about the benefits of going digital, all of which helped us with our decision,” added Keith Hamilton.

    Commenting about the machine installation on behalf of Xeikon, Filip Weymans. Director Segment Marketing and Business Development Labels and Packagingat Xeikon, said: “It is great to get our first machine into Northern Ireland, and to have been able to convince Keith and the team at JH Label Solutions that Xeikon is the perfect partner for them. Similar to what happened when they moved into flexographic label printing, I am sure that it will not be long before they are looking for a second Xeikon to support their digital move!”
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    10.06.2015   Packaging Corporation of America Announces Hiring of Robert P. Mundy to Succeed ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Richard B. West as Chief Financial Officer

    Packaging Corporation of America (NYSE: PKG) announced the appointment of Robert P. (Bob) Mundy as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer effective September 1, 2015. Mr. Mundy will begin his employment with PCA on July 1, 2015. He has served as Verso Corporation’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since 2006. Before that, he worked for more than 20 years with International Paper Company in various positions of increasing responsibility. Richard B. (Rick) West, PCA’s CFO since 1999, will remain an employee of PCA in an advisory capacity through his planned retirement date of March 1, 2016.

    Mark W. Kowlzan, CEO of PCA said, “As a seasoned CFO with more than 30 years of financial and operating experience in the paper industry, Bob is ideally suited to become PCA’s CFO and a key member of our executive management team. In addition, Bob and Rick have very similar backgrounds, having worked together for more than ten years in various financial roles at International Paper.”

    Commenting on Mr. West’s planned retirement, Paul T. Stecko, Chairman of the Board of PCA, said, “Rick has been instrumental to PCA’s success since the company was formed in 1999. I am very pleased that he will continue with PCA into 2016, assisting Bob in his transition to the CFO role and serving PCA in other important areas.”
    (PCA Packaging Corporation of America)
    10.06.2015   TRM installs latest technology flatbed die-cutter    ( Company news )

    Company news TRM Packaging, the UK’s leading independent corrugated packaging manufacturer, has completed the installation of a £2.5 million state-of-the-art BOBST Mastercut die-cutter.

    The 1.7m flatbed die-cutter features the latest generation camera controlled technology to achieve market leading print to die-cut registration accuracy of less than 1mm that complements the award winning high quality print being produced by the company’s seven-colour flexographic printer.

    Trevor Maund, chief executive at TRM Packaging, said: “This investment means we will provide corrugated packaging with an exceptional on shelf appearance that will boost our customer’s in-store presence.”

    The new machine also increases the flat bed die-cut capacity of TRM’s factory by 50% thanks to its automation and exceptional processing speeds, providing the company with the ability to produce even more packs for its customers.

    The completed installation of the Mastercut is part of a year-long £4m investment programme to raise the overall capacity of the site by 25%.

    Mark Ryan, TRM innovation manager, added: “I am excited by the potential of the new die-cutter which gives me the opportunity to come forward with a new generation of ideas for our customers.”
    (TRM Ltd)
    10.06.2015   Bolloré Thin Papers launches Web Order Service, an innovative new service supply chain     ( Company news )

    Company news Bolloré Thin papers has always put the needs and satisfaction of their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Bolloré continues to adopt this approach, which centres on providing a simple, responsive service that customers trust.

    Access to logistics information in real time
    Faced with the challenge of managing a complex logistics chain, in addition to customers’ many calloff orders and a steady rise in the stock of finished products, Bolloré Thin papers decided to implement a new IT solution to manage orders. Using this, we hope to be able to better manage stock while adapting quantities to the pace of production campaigns.
    The WOS portal, designed in collaboration with Honeywell, was officially launched in 2014. In line with efforts to simplify the supply chain, the software was implemented for customers by Bolloré Thin Papers’ sales administration department. Éric Riccobène, Information Systems Manager at Bolloré Thin papers, explains, “It’s about showing our customers that we respond to their needs swiftly, and providing them with stock updates in real time.

    What the Web Order Service offers
    In a sector where accessing accurate data in real time is so important, the WOS stock management solution is a huge benefit for sales teams. The software allows access to detailed information on the quantities released, volumes, requested delivery times and so forth, all in real time.
    For customers, the software improves order tracking by informing them of any stock movement when viewing their orders, stock availability (with old stock appearing on the screen first) and the option to place new call-off orders. New orders are only accepted if the oldest stock has already been sold. In this way, types of stock and their movements can be closely monitored, and there is an increase in the amount of realtime information available. “Thanks to the WOS software, we can really improve the quality of service provided to our customers, and we benefit from a more efficient supply chain”.

    One year later: a tried and tested solution with development opportunities
    “The WOS solution will allow Bolloré Thin papers to significantly reduce their stock of finished products, optimise machine production capacities, and make it easier to manage stock rotation. Looking forward, there are planned changes to the software, for example customers will soon be able to print administrative documents such as invoices, and will be able to download a file containing their stock information, etc.” Éric Riccobène explains.
    This comprehensive solution allows Bolloré Thin papers to guarantee a responsive service and optimise their supply chain, all while ensuring that stock is managed efficiently and effectively.
    (PDL Papeteries du Léman)
    10.06.2015   Leonhard Kurz wins European Digital Press Award    ( Company news )

    Company news Leonhard Kurz has been selected as the "Best special solutions printer" at the European Digital Press Awards 2015. The specialist for decorative and functional coating technology received the award for its DM-Liner enhancing machine. The European Digital Press Association handed over the prize at the award ceremony on May 20 at FESPA in Cologne.

    The award-winning DM-Liner, a patented technology developed by Kurz, transfers metallic layers onto paper and cardboard. The DM-Liner applies a specially developed digital metal foil to sheets of paper preprinted with toner in the digital method. The sheets can be overprinted as desired in digital or offset printing, resulting in colorful metal tints. The metal effects can be achieved from the first copy, for instance for personalization and numbering.
    (Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG)
    10.06.2015   Archroma offers new food compliant colorant solutions for tissue applications    ( Company news )

    Company news - New formulation for food contact applications to meet current EU regulations
    - Innovative dye chemistry with no added diethanolamine or triethanolamine
    - Reformulated following an active research program with expected further grades introduction

    Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals, has extended its Cartasol® range by adding four new food contact approved dyes with no added Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA and also called TAN).

    Following an active Archroma research program, new food compliant grades were developed in order to comply with European regulations* which have recently come into force, setting extremely low limitations for DEA and TEA contents in paper and board intended for food contact applications.

    DEA and TEA have been used in the past to help maintain storage stability and prevent deposits forming over time. However, these amines are under scrutiny as they are potentially mutagenic. Potentially these dyes could be no longer considered suitable for food contact applications such as deep dyed napkins.

    Archroma is introducing a new palette of safer grades that will help tissue paper makers create the exciting colors that the consumers are longing for.

    Archroma offers the following new grades in the range:
    - Cartasol® Blue GDFC liq
    - Cartasol® Yellow 2GFC liq
    - Cartasol® Red 7BFC liq
    - Cartasol® Blue 3RFC liq

    Ian Jewell, Head of Global Product Management, Colorants, Paper Solutions Business, Archroma, said: “As a responsible and proactive leading supplier, we have applied our specialist know-how to reformulate these dyes aiming for the elimination of DEA and TEA to help our customers meet the current food contact regulations."

    "With these first grades, we are already able to cover most color needs for food contact applications and we are developing additional ones to fully meet our every customer requirements,” he added.
    (Archroma Management GmbH)
    10.06.2015   MIAC 2015: 3 DAYS OF BUSINESS NEXT OCTOBER IN LUCCA (ITALY)!    ( Company news )

    Company news Next October in Lucca (Italy) the leader Companies in the paper industry sector will display their latest developments in machines, systems,
    avant-garde solutions, technology and services.

    Everything is concentrated in 3 days and in one place. MIAC is an international meeting point that allows you to compare the technologies and business proposals of all the companies present at the Exhibition:
    270 international Exhibitors await you in Italy next October!

    Also for the 2015 edition, MIAC Exhibition planned four "technical meetings" in order to take stock of the situation regarding trend, future perspectives and new available technologies in the paper sector. The participation to the Conferences is free of charge. Simultaneous translation from Italian to English and vice versa is available during the Conferences.

    137 stand on the ground floor, 23 stand on the upper floor, 270 Exhibitors in total. Visiting MIAC means obtaining a full overview of the technology and equipment available to the paper industry sector.

    At MIAC 2015 you can meet the International leader suppliers of the
    paper industry sector. 270 Companies will show you the latest technology and machinery available in the paper sector allowing you to get a complete overview in just 3 days.

    14 and 15 October 2015 09.00 - 18.00 // 16 October 2015 09.00 - 15.30
    (Edipap Srl)
    10.06.2015   Iggesund expanding services for Russia    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: “Russia is a hugely promising major market that definitely has room for a high-end product like Invercote,” says Rikard Papp. ©Iggesund

    Iggesund Paperboard is expanding its services for Eastern Europe by establishing a new freight terminal in Riga, Latvia, and a sales office in Moscow to boost Russian sales. The newly established units are a step forward in Iggesund’s long-term plan to cultivate its delivery services on a global scale.

    “We need to be near the customer both in terms of deliveries and other services required by today’s customers,” says Rikard Papp, Director Asia Pacific & Merchants Europe at Iggesund.

    Due to Iggesund’s interest in the Russian markets, the company will, for the second time, be taking part in the RosUpack exhibition in Moscow.

    “The intense interest we met with last year convinced us that we should establish a sales office for the Russian market. It is a major market that definitely has room for a high-end product like Invercote,” says Rikard Papp.

    Iggesund’s service offering is not just about deliveries. The newly launched Care by Iggesund is a comprehensive and improved service concept. Steady lead times are the main goal, but everything from fast sample service and knowledge transfer to local technical support and transparent raw material supply are also part of the package.

    “We don’t want customers who choose Invercote to just sleep well at night. They can also rest assured that the end result will be dazzling,” Rikard Papp says.

    Iggesund Paperboard’s terminal in Riga has been operational since April and the sales office in Russia will be inaugurated in July.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    09.06.2015   Mohawk and Arjowiggins Creative Papers Announce Groundbreaking Strategic Alliance    ( Company news )

    Company news With first partnership of its kind in the fine paper industry. Two world-class paper manufacturers to share manufacturing facilities, expertise and proprietary technologies.

    Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, and Arjowiggins Creative Papers, the world’s leading manufacturer of creative and technical papers with manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, have announced a unique and exclusive alliance, effective May 12, 2015. Through this exclusive arrangement, Mohawk and Arjowiggins Creative Papers will share best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, facilities, technologies, sales and marketing resources and expertise.
    The alliance is unprecedented in the paper industry, especially for two brands which previously acted as competitors. Arjowiggins and Mohawk are like-minded fine paper manufacturers with legendary brands that have driven the premium paper segment for over a century. The companies share core values of heritage, innovation, operational excellence, craftsmanship, safety-focused manufacturing, environmental commitment and social responsibility.

    A mutually beneficial exchange of expertise in manufacturing, sales and marketing
    Under the terms of the agreement, Mohawk will have exclusive rights to manufacture Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ luxury packaging products, Delos and Butterfly, as well as rights to license, market and distribute these and other select Arjowiggins Creative Papers luxury packaging products to design, packaging and print professionals in North America.
    Delos is a recognized leader in its field in Europe and, together with Butterfly, it is used in the luxury packaging market by well-known global luxury brands where the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and foldability are demanded. The innovative and traditional characteristics of these Arjowiggins Creative Papers products attract these very demanding brands, which do not ever compromise on quality.
    Likewise, Arjowiggins Creative Papers will have exclusive rights to manufacture Mohawk Superfine (photo) with iTone®, as well as rights to license, market and distribute the product through selected merchants.
    Mohawk Superfine, developed in the late 1940s, has long been the fine paper of choice selected by the world’s leading brands, graphic designers, and fashion houses. World-renowned brands including Tiffany, Herman Miller, Aveda, Honda, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and the world’s best graphic designers specify Mohawk Superfine for high-end communications, premium envelopes, fine stationery and luxury packaging.
    Mohawk has, over the years, been a key player in the digital printing market with its proprietary i-Tone® technology. The specially formulated treatment has a unique affinity for both wet and dry toners resulting in consistent, high fidelity image quality and consistent tone for digital printing presses. Mohawk Superfine with iTone® has earned the reputation in the digital printing world for delivering superior print results and high performance.

    According to Thomas D. O’Connor, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Mohawk: “Today’s business climate requires successful companies to exhibit flexibility, agility and adaptability to remain competitive and profitable. There’s been a considerable amount of consolidation in the North American and European paper industries, but there’s never been a collaborative effort like this on an international level.”

    O’Connor added that “Mohawk’s alliance with Arjowiggins Creative Papers is a groundbreaking move to grow our businesses through better utilization of our respective sales, operational, marketing and manufacturing assets, without requiring a lot of additional investment. Arjowiggins has long been a respected leader in the fine paper and luxury packaging markets, and this exciting collaboration will celebrate our companies’ unique strengths and allow sharing of best practices and technologies. Ultimately, this union creates the largest premium paper and luxury packaging manufacturing entity in the world.”

    Arjowiggins Creative Papers will share unique capabilities and paper manufacturing equipment with Mohawk, including a twin wire machine capable of sophisticated processes resulting in ultra-heavy weight papers with variable finishes. Mohawk will provide manufacturing expertise and will grant Arjowiggins Creative Papers exclusive rights to manufacture the legendary Superfine grade and proprietary i-Tone® surface treatment.

    For Jonathan Mitchell, Managing Director at Arjowiggins Creative Papers, “This unprecedented ‘transatlantic’ alliance is a real exchange of expertise in fine papermaking between two well established paper manufacturers. Mohawk’s i-Tone is arguably the world’s best technology for digital presses so we are delighted to be able to offer this technology in our product portfolio, starting with Superfine. We are happy as well to develop our very strong packaging brands in the US market through this alliance with Mohawk. A worldwide collaboration on this scale will bring unique and far-reaching benefits, not only for our customers, but also for our companies.”

    Innovative Technologies and Best-in-Class Manufacturing
    Arjowiggins and Mohawk are committed to manufacturing excellence, the heritage of fine paper and a culture of innovation. Sharing best in class manufacturing practices and technologies will allow each company to expand into new markets with the most diverse offering of fine papers in the world.

    A Shared Commitment to Environmental & Social Responsibility
    In addition to a shared heritage of craftsmanship and fine papermaking, Mohawk and Arjowiggins also share a deep commitment to environmental and social causes. This commitment will only be reinforced with this very promising and groundbreaking strategic alliance.
    (Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.)
    09.06.2015   Karl Meyers Named CEO and Rob Baron Appointed President of Soundview Paper Company    ( Company news )

    Company news Soundview Paper Company announced that company President Karl Meyers has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategy Rob Baron has been named the company’s new President. In addition, longtime tissue and paper industry executives Steve Ziessler and Bob Snyder have joined Soundview’s Board of Managers.

    “I am very pleased to take on this new role and continue to partner with Rob Baron and our entire team to move Soundview forward,” said Meyers. “Rob is a uniquely talented strategist and leader, and the addition of Steve and Bob to our already strong Board of Managers provides us with decades of combined industry expertise to draw upon as we chart our course for the future.”

    “Soundview is a special place,” said Baron. “We have a world-class production facility located in the largest consumer market in the United States, and innovative, customer-driven strategies necessary to compete and win in today’s competitive environment. We have a skilled and dedicated team that manufactures superior products for our customers, and we’re poised to deliver sustained growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the company’s new President at this exciting time.”

    “Each of the individuals we’ve appointed today will play a key role in building an even stronger and more successful Soundview Paper Company,” said Tim Fazio, Chairman of the Soundview Board of Managers and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Atlas Holdings LLC, which owns Soundview together with the management team. “We have an outstanding workforce that is focusing on our core strengths as a company.”

    Meyers became Soundview’s President last September after serving as Chief Operating Officer of the company’s Away-From-Home Division. Prior to joining Soundview, he served as a senior executive for Georgia Pacific Corporation from 1997 to 2009. Meyers has played a central role in positioning Soundview at the forefront of the industry regarding associate safety, increasing production and quality, lowering costs and driving innovative product development.

    Baron has been a senior executive within the Atlas Holdings family of companies for four years. He joined Soundview in 2014 as Senior Vice President of Strategy after having served as Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Finch Paper, an Atlas-owned business in Glens Falls, New York, from 2012 to 2014. Prior to that, he held several leadership positions within Furniture Brands International, including Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Thomasville Furniture Industries, Vice President / Financial Planning & Analysis and the Vice President Finance for both Lane and Broyhill Furniture.

    Together, Bob Snyder and Steve Ziessler bring over five decades of combined tissue and paper industry leadership to Soundview’s Board. Snyder served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Orchids Paper Products (AMEX: TIS) from 2007 to 2014, as well as serving on its Board of Directors. From 2002 to 2005, he worked for Kruger, Inc., where he served as Vice President and General Manager of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited, an operation that was comprised of a newsprint mill, timberlands, and power generation facility. Snyder also served in senior roles for KTG USA, a premium grade tissue mill, as well as Great Northern Paper, Inc., Alliance Forest Products U.S. Corporation, Bear Island Paper Co., and Bear Island Timber Co.

    Ziessler has spent the majority of his career in leadership positions in the tissue industry. He most recently served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Building Products from July 2011 to April 2015. Prior to that, he served for six years as President, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Cellu Tissue / Clearwater Paper Corporation. He has also held a number of senior positions with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, including President of Kimberly-Clark Professional in Europe and Vice President of Kimberly-Clark North America.
    (Soundview Paper Company)
    09.06.2015   IDCm – InlineDensity Control motorized: perfect ink density made affordable    ( Company news )

    Company news Haberbeck boosts printing quality of existing ROTOMAN with an ink density retrofit from manroland web systems

    InlineDensity Control (IDC) from manroland web systems is now also available for cost-sensitive retrofit projects. Druckhaus Haberbeck in Lage, Germany, retrofitted a ROTOMAN with the IDCm ink density control. In addition to print quality, the leading commercial printer appreciates the high process stability.

    “We wanted to offer our experience in ink density control in a low-cost control system. Customers deciding to retrofit the IDCm system will enjoy increased quality and process reliability while saving resources,” says Florian Fejfar, manroland web systems, explaining the motivation to develop the IDCm ink density control.The Product Manager for Color & Quality describes the innovation and its distinction from the known InlineDensity Control as follows: “The IDCm uses traversing measurement modules. This allows us to offer a much lower cost price at the same tried and tested measurement quality and precision. We are now also able to offer uncomplicated upgrades to existing press equipment.” All of manroland web systems’ developments aim to provide customers with an optimal production environment and maximum flexibility for the long term. Subsequent press expansions and upgrades such as IDCm are a major component of this philosophy. Haberbeck, known for its inline and offline finishing products such as catalogs, flyers, and mailings takes advantage of this first-hand. The company retrofitted a 2004 ROTOMAN with the color control.

    Quality upgrade for ROTOMAN
    Haberbeck uses the ROTOMAN to efficiently produce small print runs with frequent job changes. The company also requires short retrofit and adjusting times (EDE). In Lage, flying language, price, and image changes are all a part of day-to-day business accompanied by complete image and ink changes. All of these challenges demand stable production quality. IDCm is a sustainable solution, and Günter Wolf, Technical Director of Haberbeck, has been convinced since day one: “We are already familiar with IDC color control thanks to our LITHOMAN and are extremely satisfied with its reliability and performance. We wanted to take advantage of this system for our existing ROTOMAN. But it was necessary for us to keep the procurement costs within a reasonable limit.”

    IDC – advantages throughout the pressroom
    The advantages of ink density measurement have a positive effect throughout the entire pressroom. Haberbeck installed IDCm as a plug & play version, entailing fewer follow-up adjustments. No software changes are required on the press control console and PressManager. At Haberbeck, IDCm fully meets the expected measurement and control quality, handling, and material savings, as Günter Wolf confirms: “The system impressed us with its excellent measuring precision, comparable to manual measurement. Press operators are unable to make measurements at this speed and level of accuracy. IDCm is completely responsible for ink metering control.” The expert staff takes advantage of the staffing resources freed up by the IDCm since the system opens a significantly larger window of time for runability and process optimizing. “In addition, process stability has improved substantially, while waste has been reduced and ink saved,” Wolf states. He himself understands the production process very well, offering an analysis: “It has become much more transparent thanks to the integrated long-term quality evaluation. This helps us to adjust and optimize existing processes.”

    IDC – in-house control system innovation
    InlineDensity Control (IDC) is one of many Inline Control systems developed in collaboration between grapho metronic and manroland web systems. This includes ink and cut-off register, fan-out, and lateral web offset, all of which can be fully integrated into the PECOM environment. In a single measurement, IDC determines true ink density values across the entire width of the web. The high frequency of the colorimetry enables a comprehensive quality report, which can be analyzed in a tool such as the PressMonitor.
    (manroland web systems GmbH)

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