Sustainable packaging for Christmas without environmentally harmful packaging waste

Christmas presents are often wrapped in colorful, shiny wrapping paper with artfully curled ribbons. But after Christmas, there is often a mountain of problematic packaging waste under the Christmas tree.

Christmas giftwrap
© Photo by Angela Rose on Pixabay

This is because the Christmas wrapping paper is often dyed with azo dyes or contains inorganic pigments made from cadmium, lead or chromium compounds, and the printing inks can also be harmful to the environment. When the inks are laboriously washed out in the recycling process, a toxic ink sludge remains, which can often only be disposed of as hazardous waste. Coatings are difficult to separate from the paper. Gift bows are often made of plastic and are disposed of together with the wrapping paper.

Alternatives include neutral cardboard boxes, recycled gift wrap and wrapping paper, the latter of which can be painted or decorated with twigs and flowers.

Packaging can also be creatively designed using children's drawings, old magazines, newspaper or calendar pages, comics, city maps or sheet music. The recipient will often be just as pleased with the personalized packaging as with the gift itself.

Cookie tins or small boxes that can be reused every year are also suitable.

Another option is to make a donation to a good cause. You can simply send the gift certificate as a pdf with your greetings by e-mail or simply print it out and give it as a gift.