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Announcement of establishment of new corrugated container plant in Cambodia  (Company news)

Oji Holdings Corporation (Director of the Board/President: Susumu Yajima, Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announces the decision on establishment of a new plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Packaging Business in Cambodia
Oji Group set “Further expansion of overseas business” as one of the major pillars to strive towards the realization of an innovative value-creating company. Our group company HPI Resources (Harta Group) has been developing
corrugated business in Cambodia, operating its first plant in Phnom Penh, the capital city and the second one built in 2012 in a port city of Sihanoukville in the southern part of Cambodia.
Harta Group is the leader in the corrugated container market in Cambodia and will further increase its market share through the operation of the third plant.
The new plant will be Oji Group’s 23rd corrugated container plant in South East Asia and India.

Overview of the New Plant
Planned location: Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Cambodia
Planned land size: 62,000 m2 (approximately)
Planned production capacity: 8 million m2 / month (approximately)
Planned investment: JPY 3 billion (approximately)
Planned commencement of operation: January 2020
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

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Oji: Announcement Regarding Sample Distribution for Cellulose Nano-fiber Powder Dispersible in ...  (Company news)

...Organic Solvent

Oji Holdings Corporation (Oji) has succeeded in development of CNF powder dispersible in various types of organic solvent, and has commenced sample distribution as of June, 2017.

The above development enables us to disperse CNF in various types of organic solvent which conventional CNF has not achieved. Its dispersion
has high transparency and high viscosity, and therefore it can be expected
to be applied to paints, inks, and polymer synthesis.

From now on, we are trying to accelerate commercialization in a wider range of business fields and create new markets by commencing distribution of these development samples.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #113352

Announcement Concerning Thermal Paper Production Expansion in Brazil  (Company news)

This news release is to announce that Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Oji Holdings Corporation has decided to expand thermal paper production at Oji Papeis Especiais Ltda. (Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil) which currently produces thermal and carbonless paper.

Target and details of expansion
One of Oji Group’s targets is to expand our Functional Materials business portfolio and thermal paper business is recognized as one of the key business in achieving that target.
Brazil’s economy continues to be in a recession, but thermal paper consumption continues to be at a stable growth. The reason of this growth is because of major market for thermal paper which is related to POS system and logistics continues to grow. These applications are forecasted to grow even more in the South America region including of course the domestic market in Brazil.
As of today, Oji Papeis Especiais Ltda. is producing thermal paper from 2 thermal coaters, but with current production capacity, we will not be able to adapt to the forecasted market growth and that is the reason why we have decided to increase 10% from current production capacity. With this decision, we will increase thermal production and provide stable supply to the market.
Completion of this production expansion is scheduled at July of 2017 and the amount of capital investment is around 9 million USD.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

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Announcement Regarding the Shut Down of Oji Paper's Facility  (Company news)

Oji Holdings Corporation (hereinafter “Oji Holdings”) hereby announces that it has decided to close the No. 4 Machine at Oji Paper Co., Ltd.’s Kasugai Mill. Throughout our history, we have rebuilt our manufacturing system several times to optimally meet the changes in demand for printing and communications paper. However, we foresee demand continuing to decrease so we have decided to make this closure in order to further reduce costs and strengthen our international competitiveness.

-No. 4 Machine, Kasugai Mill, Oji Paper Co., Ltd.
-Major products: Woodfree printing paper, wood containing paper, middle grade and wrapping paper
-Production capacity: 44,000 tons/year
-Time of closure (scheduled): March 2017

Oji Holdings will make the utmost efforts to avoid inconveniencing our customers and all concerned parties with this closure.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #112444

Notice Concerning the Establishment of Continuous Manufacturing Technology for Furfural  (Company news)

Oji Holdings Corporation manufactures dissolving pulp from wood chips at its Oji Paper Yonago Mill (Yonago, Tottori Prefecture) via a continuous process, and engages in the sale of the pulp. The company has recently established technology for the manufacture of furfural (*2) from the hemicellulose that is continually separated during the manufacture of dissolving pulp, and has thereby made commercial production of furfural possible.

Furfural, used mainly as a solvent in the refining of petroleum and lubricants, is a chemical substance that is currently attracting wide attention. Amid rising global expectations for a switch from fossil to biomass feedstocks, research in Japan and overseas is pursuing the use of furfural to manufacture bioplastics or general chemical products (polyurethane, PET, etc.) that are currently manufactured from fossil feedstock.
Oji Holdings Corporation believes that its furfural can make significant contributions to the development of new applications for the substance.

Provision and test marketing of furfural samples
Oji Holdings Corporation plans the provision and test marketing of furfural manufactured in the company's verification plant, beginning in April 2016.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #112100

Announcement of the installation of a new manufacturing demonstration facility  (Company news)

OJI Holdings has developed a ground-breaking "phosphate esterification" production process for cellulose nanofibers

OJI Holdings Corporation (OJI) has developed a ground-breaking production process for cellulose nanofibers (hereafter, CNF), which applies a phosphate esterification chemical treatment method.

Practical use of CNF has been largely impeded by the burdensome energy requirements of the pulp refining process from which CNF are derived.
After evaluation of a variety of chemical processes which could potentially reduce the energy requirements of the refining process, we at OJI have determined that our newly developed chemical treatment process involving phosphate esterification is the most feasible technology at the present time to achieve practical implementation. Therefore, OJI has decided to install a manufacturing demonstration facility to further inspect this production process.

With the introduction of the demonstration facility, OJI will not only inspect the energy reducing effects of this production process, but we will broaden our array of samples to be provided to users at the implementation stage. This will also expedite the initiative towards commercialization.

- Merits of phosphate esterification
The strongest merits of OJI's original phosphate esterification process are as follows:

1.This technology enables us to produce CNF with high quality (ultra-high transparency, ultra-high viscosity).
2.It will also provide the means to manufacture by using exclusively safe chemicals (phosphate, etc.) found in common products such as cosmetics.
3.We expect strong electrostatic resistance between individual CNF which may substantially reduce the energy required in the manufacturing process.

- Project summary of manufacturing demonstration facility
Location: Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Tatsumi Office (Anan, Tokushima)
Production ability: 40 Tons / Year
Period of operation: The latter half of 2016
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #111900

A new name for a company - Oji Fibre Solutions  (Company news)

One of our major members of Oji Group, Carter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper and Packaging announces a change of name to Oji Fibre Solutions.

The new name reflects Oji’s commitment to transcend traditional boundaries as captured by the group’s global catch phrase: “Beyond the Boundaries”. Oji Fibre Solutions looks beyond geographies, beyond capabilities and beyond pulp and paper.

Oji Fibre Solutions is a leading softwood fibre-based forest products businesses producing a range of kraft pulps, container board and packaging products (e.g. for dairy and horticulture industries). The group includes three pulp and paper facilities, packaging operations in New Zealand and Australia, the Fullcircle waste paper collection business and the Lodestar logistics operation. Its export markets include China, the US, South Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Australia.

The new name follows our acquisition of the business last year, jointly with Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ).
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #111541

Announcing the world’s first easily dispersible wet powder cellulose nanofiber samples  (Company news)

OJI Holdings has successfully developed technology to produce powder with ultra-high fluidity

OJI Holdings Corporation (OJI) has been advancing research targeting core technology for cellulose nanofibers (CNF). The development of production methods for the world's first CNF in the form of easily dispersible wet powder has made it possible for OJI to start supplying samples of this product. Since CNF exhibit high viscosity when dispersed in water, they have expected applications as thickeners.*1

Currently used thickeners are supplied as powders, while CNF are supplied as slurries (low concentration liquids) due to restrictions in the production process. These CNF slurries have extremely high viscosity, making them difficult to handle, and, because of their high water content, can only take a limited volume of additives. Transporting CNF containing such large volumes of water is problematic in terms of environmental impacts and cost. The wet powder CNF newly developed by OJI is a world's first. Containing zero additives, its volume of solids content is 20%
or higher for easy solubility in water. Compared to standard thickeners, wet powder CNF also possesses high thickening effects that are on a par with CNF slurries (comparison made with OJI's CNF slurry). Furthermore,
OJI has successfully developed wet powder CNF with extremely high fluidity, thanks to the use of additives, which accommodates customer needs for easy handling.

Use of this type of wet powder CNF has the potential for broader applications and lower environmental impacts from energy used in transportation, which is expected to accelerate the commercialization of CNF. Going forward, OJI will add improvements targeting the needs of users as we continue our development of ever more appealing products.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #111127

Announcement Regarding the Shut Down of Oji Paper's Facility  (Company news)

Oji Holdings Corporation (hereinafter “Oji Holdings”) hereby announces that in its considerations of constructing the optimum manufacturing system which responds to changes in demand structure of printing and communications paper, which were referred to in the press release entitled Announcement Regarding the Formation of the Business Alliance with Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. and the Executive of Subscription for the Third-party Stock Allocation, it has now decided to permanently close the No. 7 Machine at the Tomioka Mill of Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

Overview of facility to be shut down
No. 7 Machine: Tomioka Mill, Oji Paper Co., Ltd.
Major products: Converting paper and wood-free paper
Production capacity: 44,000 tons/year
Time of closure (scheduled): March 2016
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #108489

Completion of the acquisition of Carter Holt Harvey Limited’s pulp, paper and packaging businesses..  (Company news)

...resulting in specified subsidiary classification

Oji Holdings Corporation (“Oji”) is pleased to announce that, following the previous announcement dated April 25, 2014, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (“INCJ”) and Oji have completed the acquisition of New Zealand/Australia-based pulp, paper and packaging businesses comprised of Carter Holt Harvey Pulp & Paper Limited (“CHHPP”) and certain related companies held by Carter Holt Harvey Limited (collectively “CHHPP Group”) from Rank Group. For the purpose of the acquisition, INCJ and Oji have established Oji Oceania Management Co., Ltd. (“OOM”) and Oji Oceania Management (NZ) Limited (“OOM(NZ)”) as a holding company which will fall under the category of specified subsidiary of Oji.

I. Completion of the transaction
On April 25, 2014, Oji announced that INCJ and Oji have signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in CHHPP Group. Pursuant to the agreement, INCJ and Oji have today completed the acquisition of CHHPP Group. The transaction value (including the CHHPP Group’s net debt) is approximately NZ$1,037 million.

II. Specified subsidiary classification
1. Reason for the classification
For the purpose of the acquisition, Oji has established OOM in Japan as well as OOM(NZ) in New Zealand. As the amount of paid-in capital for each of OOM, OOM(NZ) and CHHPP will be greater than 10% of Oji’s paid-in capital, these companies will fall under the category of specified subsidiary of Oji.

Effective date to become subsidiary
December 1, 2014

III. Impact on Forecast
Oji is currently assessing the possible impact of the acquisition on Oji’s FY2015 forecast and will inform the market as soon as practicable.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #108247

Completion Date for the Acquisition of Carter Holt Harvey Limited's Pulp, Paper and Packaging ...  (Company news)

... Businesses (Progress Update)

We previously announced on April 25, 2014 that Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and we have signed a definitive agreement to jointly acquire all of the stakes in Carter Holt Harvey Limited’s Pulp, Paper and Packaging Business. The business is based in New Zealand and Australia and are currently owned by Rank Group Limited. Today we are pleased to announce that the transaction is now envisaged to close on December 1, 2014 as we have obtained necessary regulatory approvals and met all other pre closing conditions.

Planned Completion Date: December 1, 2014
(Oji Holdings Corporation)

Newsgrafik #106428

Acquisition of Carter Holt Harvey Limited’s Pulp, Paper and Packaging Businesses  (Company news)

Oji Holdings is pleased to announce that our board of directors resolved to jointly acquire the pulp & paper business of Carter Holt Harvey Limited (“CHH”), Carter Holt Harvey Pulp & Paper Limited (“CHHPP”) and certain related companies (collectively “CHHPP Group”) with Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (“INCJ”) and executed a share purchase agreement for the transaction. CHHPP Group manufactures pulp, paper and packaging products in New Zealand and Australia. CHHPP Group is ultimately owned by Rank Group Limited. The transaction is subject to, among others, relevant regulatory approvals.

1. Transaction Background
In recent years, we have been aggressively expanding our overseas businesses, particularly in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets where strong growth for pulp & paper market is expected. We position paperboards and packaging products as our core products and have either acquired or built a total of 21 plants/facilities (including on-going green-field projects) in Southeast Asia and India over the past few years.
Further, we have been focusing on the forest resources business. We have been operating Pan Pac (plantation forests, lumber-processing and pulp business in New Zealand), CENIBRA (plantation forests and pulp business in Brazil) and a number of other plantation assets in Southeast Asia and Oceania, with an aim to further expand the business in Japan and globally in the near future.
CHHPP Group’s 3 main businesses:

Pulp Business: Benefitting from its regional advantage with access to abundant softwood supplies, CHHPP manufactures bleached/unbleached softwood kraft pulp products such as NBKP and NUKP. The acquisition of CHHPP will allow us to offer broader products and solutions to our customers adding to our Pan Pac's BCTMP and CENIBRA's LBKP.

Paperboard Business: Using its softwood kraft pulp as the key raw material, CHHPP manufactures paperboard products which are known to be more intense and stronger than recycled paperboard products that are provided by its competitors in Asia. As the market in Asia continues to expand, we seek to market CHHPP’s outstanding products to various customers to meet their needs for durability, while using CHHPP’s paperboards as raw material for our own packaging products going forward.

Packaging Business: CHHPP Group manufactures packaging products in 5 facilities in New Zealand and Australia, in addition to its paper bag and paper cup businesses. As we expect that the trade volume among Asia Pacific Rim countries continues to increase, we believe that the business will grow in parallel with robust demand in the region.

Other important points is that the acquisition of CHHPP Group would also provide us with access to softwood resources, whereby expanding Oji Group's wood product business in the region and allowing us to develop and market its advanced materials as well as new materials made from woods.
Our co-investing partner, INCJ is a corporation incorporated in 2009 under the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act. Jointly funded by the Japanese government and 26 Japanese private enterprises, INCJ aims to provide financial, technological and management support to promote the creation of next-generation businesses through “open innovation” achieved by increasing the flow of technology and expertise beyond the boundaries of existing organizational structures. INCJ fully appreciates and understands the importance of Oji Group's global expansion strategy, and seeks to support us so as to strengthen Japanese presence in global forestry sector and potentially create further expansion opportunities for other Japanese corporations.
(Oji Holdings Corporation)


Oji Paper: Impact of Opposition to Wastewater Pipeline in Qidong, China  (Company news)

Oji Paper Co., Ltd. is deeply concerned about the demonstrations in China against a wastewater pipeline to the sea at Nantong, Jiangsu Province.
The Nantong municipal government has indicated that the current plan to build a pipeline to the sea via Qidong may be permanently shelved. We are investigating the impact this could have on our project to build a paper plant in the province and will announce our conclusions as soon as we reach them.
We would also like to take this opportunity to state clearly that accusations appearing in some media to the effect that wastewater would contain cancer-causing chemicals, are totally unfounded. Oji Paper is committed to managing the quality of its wastewater responsibly, and the wastewater discharged by our plant will be treated thoroughly and meet Chinafs national wastewater-quality standards.
(Oji Paper Co. Ltd)


Announcement of Construction of New Corrugated Box Plant in Cambodia  (Company news)

Pursuant to the resolution passed at a meeting of the board of directors held on February 28, 2012, Oji Paper Co., Ltd. ("Oji Paper") is pleased to announce that it has reached a decision to establish a new company incorporated in Cambodia and construct a new corrugated box plant at Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia. Oji Paper Group has expanded and strengthened its packaging business in Southeast Asian countries which keep stable economic growth. After the construction of this new plant, Oji Paper Group will hold 15 corrugated box plants in Southeast Asia including 2 in Cambodia. Oji Paper Group will be intent on reinforcing relationship between these business sites, improving customer service, enhancing our competitiveness, and will advance our group business further in Southeast Asia.

1. Overview of new plant
1) Form of establishment --- Incorporation of a new entity in Cambodia
2) Company name --- Ojitex Harta Packaging (Sihanoukville) Ltd.
3) Location --- Sihanoukville Port SEZ (Special Economic Zone)
4) Business activity --- Production and sale of corrugated box and sheet
5) Operation start --- Early in 2013 (planned)
6) Investment amount --- JPY 1.2 billion (US$15.6million)
7) Production capacity --- 67 million m2 per year

2. Objectives of new plant
1) Corrugated box demand in Cambodia
In recent years, Cambodia's economy has grown rapidly as much as other Southeast Asian countries, accompanied with an increase in corrugated box demand. Our existing plant in Phnom Penh has achieved satisfactory business results since its establishment in 2004 and currently almost fully utilizes its production capacity. Meanwhile, a number of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has been developed rapidly in industrial cities centered on Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Especially, Sihanoukville Port SEZ in which we build the new plant is located in Sihanoukville, which owns the only deep seaport in Cambodia and is highly equipped with infrastructural facilities under Japanese government ODA (Official Development Assistance), so that active investments into this area by foreign companies including Japanese are expected.

2) Construction of new plant
As per the construction of this new plant, we can supply not only to the corrugated box demand by our existing customers increasing along with Cambodia's economic growth, but also new demands which may be generated by local and foreign investment. Moreover, due to the good location of our new plant in Sihanoukville, the hub of distribution network in Cambodia, it is also expected that this plant becomes competitive fully utilizing a network of Oji Paper Group for raw material procurement.
(Oji Paper Co. Ltd)


Notice Regarding Construction of New Corrugated Box Plant in Vietnam   (Company news)

Pursuant to the resolution passed at a meeting of the board of directors held on September 2, 2011, Oji Paper Co., Ltd. ("Oji Paper") is pleased to announce that it has reached decision to establish new plant near Hanoi, Vietnam. Oji Paper has two corrugated box plants, so it is the third prodcution facility in Vietnam. As having been announced, Oji Paper has expanded its packaging business in Southeast Asia countries, so the new plant will be the 14th corrugated box plant in Southeast Asia. Oji Paper will be intent on strengthening relationship between these business sites, to improve customer service and enhance our competitiveness.

2.Objectives of new plant
(1) To cater to increasing corrugated board demand in Northern Vietnam
With the steady growth of Vietnam economy and accelerating relocation of production from China by various industries parties, investment in Vietnam has been increasing. Due to this tendency, market demand on corrugated box is also strong, resulting our existing plants have expanded their business successfully. In Particular, the corrugated box market in North Vietnam, including Hanoi and Haiphong, is highly expected to become tighter. The new plant in this area will make us possible to catch the increased demand.

(2) To adapt to demand of higher grade corrugated box
In Southeast Asian packaging market, it is a trend toward colorful printing. Decorative products demand is also increasing in corrugated box products. Oji Paper installs offset printing machine in the new plant to meet such demand and strengthen stability of product quality and competitiveness by in house offset printing for corrugated board surface.
(Oji Paper Co. Ltd)


Metso to supply a pulp mill to Oji Paper to China  (Company news)

Metso will supply a greenfield kraft pulp mill to the Japanese Oji Paper Co. Ltd., to be built in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, in the southern part of China. Start-up of the pulp mill is scheduled at the end of 2012. The value of the order will not be disclosed. A typical value of this type of a pulp mill ranges from EUR 100 to 150 million depending on the scope of the delivery. More than a half of the order was included in Paper and Fiber Technology’s Q2 orders received and the rest in Energy and Environmental Technology’s Q2 orders received.
Metso’s scope of supply covers all main process equipment for the new mill, including chip screens and storage systems, a continuous cooking system, a fiberline including wash presses, ozone bleaching, a wet lap machine, a recovery boiler, an evaporation system, a white liquor plant and a gas handling system. The state-of-the-art technology delivered by Metso will ensure environmentally friendly and efficient production.
The new pulp mill will produce 700,000 tonnes of bleached hardwood pulp annually and will be integrated with an existing paper machine at the Nantong mill. (Metso Oyj)