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Shortage of key raw materials impacts costs  (Company news)

hubergroup announces price increase for energy curing product lines

Printing ink manufacturer hubergroup states price increases for all energy curing inks and varnishes across Europe and the Americas with immediate effect. Depending on the individual product line, the raw material related price adjustments will range from 6 to 8 percent in specific areas.

“Due to severe shortage of key raw materials for these products which have a significant impact on our raw material costs, this price increase is inevitable”, says Carsten Zölzer, Director Product Management Sheetfed & UV within hubergroup.

Several challenges are now affecting raw material prices. In particular, photoinitiators, oligomers and monomers required for energy-curing printing inks are scarce on the market, which has a price driver effect. Reasons for this can be found in the closure of production sites of major raw material manufacturers in China, which are aimed at environmental protection, as well as the reclassification of certain photoinitiators, which have a significant impact on the market. Unexpected shortages due to force majeure add to this.

“While hubergroup is working intensively to cover the supply shortage and work on alternative solutions, this situation now reached a level, where we cannot mitigate cost increases in our product portfolio for energy curing products. Being a responsible, service- and quality-oriented supplier to the printing and packaging industry across Europe and America we will take up contact with our customer base accordingly about the product specific increases that we need to apply”, says Carsten Zölzer.
(Hubergroup Deutschland GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120638

Oh so sweet packaging - Package design should look as delicious as the product inside  (Company news)

Good design is more than a good product; it’s also about innovative packaging that also has a lower environmental impact.

Let’s face it: looks do matter in packaging regardless of what’s inside. Metsä Board’s redesign of one of Hershey’s secondary packages not only freshened up the look, but took into consideration weight, assembly and sustainability. The result was a two-piece package where Hershey’s managed to reduce the overall packaging weight by 44 per cent, save five per cent on the total packaging cost and improve packing efficiency by 20 per cent.

Innovation that delivers
Metsä Board is an expert in paperboard material and how to utilise it. For us, a great design means not only a user-friendly package, but something that delivers benefits throughout the value chain. Our design means better results for customers and an ecological benefit for the environment. Our paperboards use less raw material, water and energy and transport weights are lower. And thanks to the lighter weight, less waste is produced at the end of the packaging value chain.

Metsä Board’s paperboards are made from a renewable resource – fresh fibres that are traceable, and pure by nature.

Background: Our aim was to redesign and improve the Hershey’s Cookies & Chocolate Bar secondary package by making the overall structure more user-friendly with real benefits for the environment and the brand.
Solution: By redesigning the overall packaging structure, we managed to reduce the packaging parts by half which not only reduces its packaging weight by 44 per cent but also improves packing efficiency.
Board grade: MetsäBoard Classic FBB 290 g/m2

Sustainability benefit
Because of the innovative structure and lightweight paperboard, the carbon footprint of Hershey’s secondary package is reduced. In addition, the use of the removable PET sheet makes recycling even easier.
(Metsä Board Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120640

Verso's Stevens Point Mill Celebrates 100 Years of Excellence in Specialty Papers  (Company news)

Verso Corporation's (NYSE: VRS) Stevens Point Mill in Wisconsin this month celebrates a century of excellence in making specialty papers. With a 100-year tradition of innovation, passion and customer commitment that continues today, the Stevens Point Mill is North America's largest state-of-the-art specialty paper mill with the capacity to produce 200,000 tons of high-performing specialty paper annually.

"We are extremely proud of the generations of dedicated men and women whose papermaking expertise has made the Stevens Point Mill an industry leader over the past century," said Verso President of Graphic Papers Mike Weinhold. "As we celebrate the mill's 100-year anniversary, our Steven's Point team is more committed than ever to delivering the innovative products that help make our customers successful."

"Our mill's long-standing reputation for quality products, unmatched customer service, committed environmental stewardship and generous community involvement is a testament to the exceptional people who've worked here over the years," said Stevens Point Mill Manager Craig Helgeson. "I want to thank all of our team members, past and present, for their dedication to our mill, our customers and our neighbors."

On July 11, 1918, the Consolidated Water Power and Paper Company began construction of a hydroelectric plant and paper machine complex that produced its first ton of paper in 1919. The mill's two paper machines manufactured 15 tons of fruit wrap tissue, tissue paper, toweling and crepe paper per day, transitioning over the next few years to waxed bread wraps and high-grade crepe papers. When consumers moved away from paper bread wraps to plastic in the mid-1950s, the mill diversified its product line into flexible packaging papers with a focus on food packaging – a forward thinking decision that continues to benefit the mill and its customers decades later.

The mill invested over $300 million in the 1990s, increasing capacity to more than 480 tons per day and providing the opportunity to meet customer needs in additional markets such as thermally printed labels, wet strength beverage labels and release liner papers. Continuing investment and rapid innovation in the 2000s have resulted in exciting new customer partnerships and additional capacity, now at approximately 550 tons per day.

"Verso's Stevens Point Mill was founded on hard work, integrity, innovation and a relentless drive to satisfy our customers," said Verso Vice President and General Manager of Specialty Papers Ed Buehler. "These values and ideals, combined with our state-of-the-art facility and unwavering commitment to excellence, continue to position the mill as a specialty papers leader among packaging converters and consumer brands nationwide and in more than 20 countries around the globe."
(Verso Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120643

Konecranes to deliver two industrial cranes for Brazilian pulp manufacturer  (Company news)

Konecranes will deliver two industrial cranes with specially designed spreader clamps to CMPC Cellulose Riograndense, located in Brazil. The order was received in the second quarter of 2018.

Celulose Riograndense produces pulp from eucalyptus short fibre cellulose. In the city of Guaíba, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Celulose Riograndense has a pulp producing unit with capacity to generate 1,75 million tonnes of pulp, supplying a diversified market worldwide.

Celulose Riograndense utilizes cranes to load pulp bale units to ships at the factory landing. The new Konecranes cranes will replace existing cranes to help improve performance and reliability of the loading process. The two cranes will be designed for the load of 2 million tonnes of pulp per year.

“CMPC is looking for partners who can offer cutting-edge solutions in their strategic activities. Currently, we have 90 percent of pulp production through cranes. When we choose Konecranes, we choose the safety, quality and reliability of a world leader in the field”, says Mr. Roberto Hallal, Logistic Manager at Cellulose Riograndense.

The order consists of two tailor-made cranes with specially designed, adjustable spreader-clamps and specific Smart Features, including Target Positioning. The cranes are operated with cameras and sensors from a movable cabin, which help to enhance operational safety. The cranes can handle loads of up to 16 tons.

“These cranes will help to improve safety and efficiency of the customer’s pulp bale loading process. Several semi-automation features will assist the crane operator in moving pulp fast and accurately. Crane features were selected after we had studied the customer’s loading process carefully. Once again, understanding the customer’s process was the key factor when selecting the right solution,” says Arto Hujanen, Director, Paper & Forest Industry at Konecranes.

The first crane will be delivered to Celulose Riograndense in December 2018, with the second one following by April 2019.
(Konecranes Oyj)

Newsgrafik #120535

2018 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum and 2018 International Paper ...  (Company news)

...Technical Conference Will be Held in Shanghai in August

In order to promote the development of China's paper industry, display the technical achievements of paper industry, and provide a communication platform for the enterprises of paper and relative industries, 2018 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE) will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, China on August 29—31th, 2018. During 2018 CIPTE, 2018 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum, 2018 International Paper Technical Conference and Seminars will be held.

The conference related matters are as follows:
I. Registration Date and Venue
1. Innovation Forum: August 28th 14:00—18:00 (Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences)
2. Technical Conference: August 30th 8:00—9:00 (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, No. 1 Conference Room)

II. Conference Date and Venue
1. Innovation Forum: August 29th 13:30—18:30(Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, No. 1 Conference Room)
2. Technical Conference: August 30th 9:00—17:30(Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, No. 1 Conference Room)

III. Conference Contents
1. 2018 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum
2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, scientific and technological innovation plays a vital role in the process of China's economic development. Innovation is the first driving force leading the development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. The 19th national congress of CPC report clearly points out that accelerate the construction of an innovative country, improve the national innovation system, and boost the strategic scientific and technological strength. At present, China is implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development in order to cope with the changes of complex development environment, improve China's core competitiveness, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and maintain the sustained and healthy development of China's economy. The essence of innovation is evolution, and the aim of innovation is development. So 2018 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum, jointly organized by China Technical Association of Paper Industry, China Paper Association and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., takes "Innovation remolding the ecology, evolution reconstructing the future" as the main themes, will encircle the latest development trend of paper industry, ecological construction, evolutionary models, future trends, frontier exploration and other hot topics to set up the communicative and cooperative platform dominated by enterprises and guided by market demand.

Main Topics
Keynote Speech
• Policy Interpretation: The Policy Planning of Papermaking Industry and the Interpretation of 2035 Strengthening Country by Material Strategy
Report Promulgation
• The Competitiveness Report of China's Paper Industry in 2018
• The Development Report of China's Paper Chemicals Industry in 2018

Keynote Addresses
• Science and Technology Innovation: Technological Innovation Drives Traditional Industry to Gain New Kinetic Power
• Development Innovation: Global Strategic Thinking Determines the Path of Enterprise Development
• Cooperative Innovation: Finnish Pulp and Paper Investment Policy and Investment Opportunities
• Technological Innovation: The Impact of the Present Situation of Pulp and Paper Industry in North America on China and Its Development Trends and Opportunities
• Market Analysis: Global Paper Raw Material (Including Waste Paper) Current Status and Analysis
Special Speech
• Model Innovation: Break through the Industrial Ecological Chain and Reengineer New Service Model
• Equipment Innovation: Equipment Selection and Configuration under the Structural Change of Raw Material
• Environmental Protection Innovation: New Solution for Waste Paper Pulping Sludge to Promote the Full Utilization of Waste Paper Fiber
High-level Dialogue
• Theme of Dialogue: Innovation Ecological Evolutionism to Meet the New Cycle of Paper Industry

2. 2018 International Paper Technical Conference
International Paper Technical Conference is a professional platform for papermakers to exchange and understand the achievements and development trend of paper industry. 2018 International Paper Technical Conference, jointly organized by China Technical Association of Paper Industry, China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Forest Products Engineers from Finland, will invite experts from China, Finland, Canada, America, etc. to deliver presentations on the R&D hot spots of pulping, papermaking and relevant industries.

Main Topics
• Research Hot Spots Outlook in Pulping and Papermaking Technology
• Environmental Policy Outlook and Implications on Paper Industry in Europe and China
• Research Hotspot and Technological Progress of High Performance Fiber Based Functional Materials
• New Innovative Products with Curtail Coating: Case Kotkamills
• Review of New Biomass Fractionation Technologies
• Tools and Best Practices for World-class Board-making Operations
• Wet Pressing Model to Reduce Energy Consumption in Papermaking
• Fiber Treatment Uniformity in Pulp Refining

IV. Guidelines for Participation
Conference Fee
1. Innovation Forum: RMB 1600/person or RMB 1400/person if payment is finished before August 1st, 2018.
2. Technical Conference: RMB 800/person or RMB 600/person if payment is finished before August 1st, 2018.
3. Forum and Technical Conference: RMB 2000/person or RMB 1800/person if payment is finished before August 1st, 2018.

Newsgrafik #120599

Mondi offers new digital formats in Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA® papers  (Company news)

Mondi has recently enhanced the portfolio of its key paper brands Color Copy (photo) and PERGRAPHICA® in new digital formats to offer bulk-packed paper options saving its professional printing customers time and money while increasing speed and efficiency.

The market leader for digital colour printing Color Copy is now offered with new digital formats as SRA3, SRA3+, A3+ and 33 x 48.3 cm, all of them available in long grain (LG) and short grain (SG). The SG format is the standard format for A4 brochure printing or book-on-demand printing and is now available bulk-packed, with reams on the pallet with or without a box enabling high-volume, long-run print jobs to run more smoothly. The offer specifically targets professional printing businesses looking for best possible printing results with satisfaction guaranteed, and getting the benefits of the finishing options.

Mondi’s premium design paper PERGRAPHICA® has also extended its offer to the creative and premium print industries, and is now available in a bulk-packed and reamed on pallet SRA3 format in both long grain and short grain options. The recent SRA3 update allows designers to digitally print and review their work on PERGRAPHICA® paper thus testing it, before actually going to (offset) print. In line with the brand’s promise and thanks to the product’s versatility, this addition supports designers to achieve outstanding printing quality turning their vision into reality.

“Customer satisfaction and flexibility are key drivers in our strategic planning,” says Mondi Marketing and Sales Director Johannes Klumpp. “For designers and printing professionals, grain direction in paper is critical, as it influences the paper’s creasing and folding behaviour. Our new folio line offers perfect cutting quality and accuracy direct from the mill, which together with our fully automated pallet stacking offers a clear competitive advantage for our flagship brands Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA®.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #120615


Avery Dennison has been nominated for the Award for Sustainability, one of the key categories of the Label Industry Global Awards 2018

Shortlisted as one of three finalists, Avery Dennison received the nomination for its recent introduction of a Sustainability Procurement Program, a collaborative evaluation platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for the company’s global supply chain. The program rates suppliers in four key areas of activity: environmental, fair business, supply chain, and labor practice. The program’s overall objective is to engage suppliers in a continuous improvement process related to sustainability.

To operate this Sustainability Procurement Program, Avery Dennison partnered with EcoVadis, a leading sustainability performance rating solutions provider. The platform delivers simple and reliable scorecards to monitor supplier best practices. A total of 21 internationally recognized sustainability criteria are reviewed and separated into four criteria themes: environment, social, ethics and supply chain.

Renae Kezar, senior director, global sustainability at Avery Dennison said: “The Sustainability Procurement Program helps us to assess compliance and recognise high performing suppliers. In addition, EcoVadis has provided a straightforward method for discussion with our suppliers on topics of social and environmental awareness. It is not only about a “score” but we have dialogue around waste, increasing recycled content, the different certification schemes, and how to work together to improve the industry.”

The Label Industry Global Awards
The Label Industry Global Awards were created in 2004 to celebrate innovation and excellence. They are the label industry's highest accolades. The Award for Sustainability acknowledges a new sustainable product or process introduced by a company in the label industry during 2017. Judges will be looking for a company that has introduced a specific product or process and maintained the most sustainable and environmentally acceptable working practices into their purchasing and manufacturing operations and can demonstrate key materials, production and performance or consumer benefits.
(Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)

Newsgrafik #120670

Propapier awards contract for new state-of-the-art paper machine to Voith Paper  (Company news)

On 6 July 2018, Propapier, a company belonging to Progroup AG, awarded the contract for its new state-of-the-art PM3 paper machine to Voith Paper. The new paper machine, which will start production in Sandersdorf-Brehna near Bitterfeld (Saxony-Anhalt) in the 2nd half of 2020, will manufacture corrugating medium and testliner within the grammage range of from 80 to 150 g/m². After the start-up phase, the machine will produce an annual capacity of 750,000 tonnes of containerboard with a working width of 9.20 metres. Together with the two paper factories PM1 in Burg and PM2 in Eisenhüttenstadt, this means that the total annual production capacity for containerboard will increase from 1,100,000 tonnes to approx. 1,850,000 tonnes.

Progroup consistently implements Two Twentyfive strategy
Progroup is massively increasing the pace at which it is implementing its Two Twentyfive growth strategy and on 6 July 2018 it awarded a contract worth millions of euros to construct the PM3 paper machine at the Sandersdorf-Brehna site. With a total of €375 million being invested, the greenfield project is being created on a construction plot covering an area of approx. 450,000 square metres. Roughly 140 state-of-the-art jobs will be created directly and around 350 jobs will be created indirectly in the region.

The contract for the new state-of-the-art paper machine has now been awarded to the Heidenheim-based machine builder Voith Paper. Drum pulping, stock preparation, former, press and dryer section, surface application, as well as reeling and reel finishing – from the initial fibre to the finished paper, everything will be supplied from a single source and optimally coordinated.

Voith Paper and Progroup – a perfect cooperation
Progroup has always been driven by three forces: the Power of Innovation, the Power of Cooperation and the Power of Fascination. These three forces are deeply rooted in the company’s DNA and thus form the basis for its success. With Voith Paper, Progroup has a business partner that fits perfectly into this triad. Its innovative drive, enthusiasm and team spirit form the foundation for developing a state-of-the-art paper machine which takes account of the most exacting requirements for the very latest modern paper production and will thus advance to become the industry benchmark.

Jürgen Heindl, CEO of Progroup, adds by way of explanation: “The economy in Germany is shaped by mechanical and plant engineering on the one hand and a broad base of strong family businesses. It is therefore no surprise that the two family businesses Voith Paper and Progroup have come together to deliver this challenging project.”
(Progroup AG)

Newsgrafik #120687

Lecta Secures OHSAS 18001 Multisite Certification Status  (Company news)

The company has already begun adapting to the new ISO 45001 standard OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) is the most widely used and internationally accepted standard for occupational health and safety.

Following the recent publication of the new ISO 45001 standard, which will replace the OHSAS 18001 standard in three years, Lecta has begun the adaptation process with the goal of working to the new standard as of next year.

Lecta had already obtained individual OSHAS 18001 certification for all its mills, warehouses and offices, proof of its commitment to the safety and health of its employees, as well as the goal of continuous improvement shared with the quality and environmental management systems that the company is based on.

Multisite status entails working under a common management system at all Lecta sites, consistently meeting the requirements set by the standard as a whole.
Company headquarters will establish the guidelines and make any corrections
needed to achieve this goal.

OHSAS 18001 multisite certification acknowledges the effort made by all Lecta employees as well as highlighting the importance that Lecta places on the prevention of occupational risks and good practices in the workplace.
This multisite occupational health and safety certification enables Lecta to reassert its position as a responsible company ready to respond to the most demanding markets, in keeping with its policy of transparency towards its customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Newsgrafik #120610

Resolute Forest Products: United States Department of Commerce Announces Termination of ...  (Company news)

... Supercalendered Paper CVD Order

Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) is pleased to announce that the United States Department of Commerce is formally revoking the countervailing duty order on supercalendered (SC) paper from Canada, retroactive to August 3, 2015. Collection of cash deposits on imports of SC paper from Canada will cease, and all cash deposits that have been collected from importers of record since August 3, 2015, will be returned with interest.

Resolute's cash deposits as of June 30, 2018, total $60 million. The company will also receive accumulated interest on these deposits. The precise timing of the refund will be set out in a Federal Register Notice to be published in the upcoming days.

Revocation of the countervailing duty order is pursuant to issuance today of a final determination in the Changed Circumstances Review that the Department initiated on May 14, 2018. The Department initiated the Changed Circumstances Review after Verso Corporation, the principal remaining producer of SC paper in the United States and the only remaining petitioner, wrote to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on March 21, 2018, that it was no longer interested in the continuation of the countervailing duty order. All other interested parties in the SC paper proceedings, including the federal and provincial governments in Canada, notified the Department that they supported Verso's request for a Changed Circumstances Review.
(Resolute Forest Products Inc.)

Newsgrafik #120611

UK Signage customers turn out to see the power of Esko Automation Solutions at Open House  (Company news)

Esko’s ( UK team hosted a successful Open House in Leicester earlier this month, with partners Data Image, Clarity Software and reseller CMYUK. With over 80 customers attending, the event was staged to showcase the latest Esko C66 digital cutting table with the new Robotic Material Handler, as well as Esko’s fully Automated workflow solutions.

Photo: Open House at Data Image Robotic Material Handler with safety fence

The high attendance was a clear indication that companies are increasingly aware of the benefits of having a fully automated large format digital production and guests were able to see examples of how to address shorter lead times and to handle the problems of waste. The Open House also looked at the market’s demand for equipment to handle more complex designs using a greater variety of substrates and importantly, increased automation for continuous production.

With a full agenda, the one-day event included demonstrations on Esko Automation Engine for file processing and the reduction of bottlenecks, WebCenter for ordering and job approval and Artios CAD for layout and design. Clarity Software’s, Richard Gamlin spoke about the need for accurate pricing and end-to-end solutions for the large format and graphics industries.

Rob Farfort, the Founder and Owner of Data Image gave guests a great insight into his business and the investment made in Esko solutions and the subsequent successful transformation of his business. As he proudly welcomed guests into the impressive space featuring the Esko Robot Material Handler and C66, and concluded his presentation by saying: “Being a part of this exciting journey with Esko developing the technology for the future of the large format industry is what Data Image is all about.”

Tim James of NEC Graph-fix also shared his company’s story and how his company recently installed the Esko C64 cutting table and Esko Feeder and Stacker. He said: “With Esko tools we can say yes to a wider diversity of jobs. By automating our finishing department, we will be able to manage any large format job out there. As an ideas, innovation-led business we believe we have found the perfect partner to take us on to the next level and beyond.”

Speaking at the event, James Mason, Esko UK Sales Manager said, “Esko believes it is vital to have regular events to keep clear communication channels open with customers and partners. Award winning Esko technologies have led the way in the packaging sector and now we are doing the same for the wide format sector.”
(Esko Belgium)

Newsgrafik #120612

Nicolet Mill Recognized for Energy Efficiency  (Company news)

The Nicolet Mill was honored on June 28, 2018 – receiving Focus on Energy’s “Energy Efficiency Excellence Award” for its commitment to reducing energy waste.

Nicolet has been active in identifying and implementing energy reduction projects, and as part of the Focus on Energy grant program, has worked with Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and Focus on Energy on assessments of their processes, and has integrated many energy-saving changes based on the assessment results. Recent energy efficiency projects at Nicolet include LED lighting upgrades, steam system management upgrades, and installing more efficient agitators and pulper rotors.

The Nicolet Mill was the only industrial company to receive this honor this year. Representatives from the Public Service Commission, Focus on Energy, WPS, and Wisconsin Assembly Representative Andre Jacque were on-hand to recognize the Nicolet Team Members.
(Expera Specialty Solutions)

Newsgrafik #120614

Agfa Graphics releases InkTune and PressTune, software enabling ultimate control over ...  (Company news)

...printing resources and standards, for optimized performance and low TCO

Agfa Graphics announces the release of InkTune and PressTune software to reduce the production costs. These intelligent tools are part of Agfa Graphics’ ECO³ offering and give print houses complete control over all printing elements, from ink use to compliance with ISO, G7 and client-specific standards, while reducing production costs. Real-time data insights into print quality drive these capabilities, independent of printing technology and press manufacturer.

InkTune and PressTune are crucial elements of Agfa Graphics’ ECO³ program. In designing and creating solutions based on hardware, software and consumables, Agfa Graphics focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience (ECO³) to make prepress and printing operations cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to manage and maintain. The ECO³ solutions drive extra value to printing businesses.

InkTune: cost savings plus quality boosts
Building on grey component replacement (GCR) technology, InkTune dynamically substitutes CMY inks with black ink. As an intuitive software solution that is fully integrated into the prepress workflow, InkTune uses Agfa unique technology such as Dynamic Ink Limit Control and Dynamic Device Link Generation to maximize ink reduction up to 30%, while maintaining color fidelity. The reduction of ink not only has a positive cost savings impact, it also increases overall production efficiency as the drying time is reduced. Furthermore, quality levels increase as rosette structures disappear and color deviations become less visible.

“InkTune eliminates the choice between the reduction of ink, time, and drying powder on the one hand, and high-quality prints on the other hand. Customers can achieve all these benefits through the software’s built-in intelligent adjustment of ink consumption. InkTune allows them to shorten press setup times, as well as to cut costs of all print-related resources, achieving the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. It is easily set up and requires no additional investment in training or hardware,” asserts Erik Peeters, Global Marketing Manager Software Solutions at Agfa Graphics.

PressTune: a new benchmark in smart print process control
As a print production tool, PressTune drives consistency, productivity and the ability to print to exacting standards. As the required print quality standard is reached faster by means of dynamic ink density adjustment and a data-driven scoring mechanism incorporating dry-back compensation, make-ready times get reduced by up to 40% – which in turn leads to less waste.

Through intelligent analytics capabilities applied to print and color data obtained from the press, PressTune also reports in real time across printing technologies to each stakeholder, for full transparency of the print production process. It enables issue identification and optimized press maintenance scheduling. Even more, the solution’s easy-to-read dashboard makes it simple to generate print quality reports for brand owners in packaging and commercial print and allows for remote quality assurance.

“Together, PressTune and InkTune enable significant cost savings by reducing ink use, boosting quality and accelerating your production workflow,” continues Erik Peeters. “In fact, PressTune provides InkTune with the perfect foundation to optimize ink consumption by delivering quality consistence. Both PressTune and InkTune are central to our ECO³ offering, embodying sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience for the customer.”
(Agfa Graphics Belgium)

Newsgrafik #120586

Greycon provides APRIL Group with new planning software to improve customer service  (Company news)

Greycon is the world’s leading provider of production planning, forecasting, scheduling and manufacturing execution systems that have been designed specifically for roll-based and flat sheet industries.

Greycon was recently appointed by the APRIL Group, one of the largest, most technologically advanced and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world, to further optimize its sales and operations planning by integrating Greycon sales and operations solution “opt-Studio” (photo) with APRIL’s Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Systems. Greycon worked together with the APRIL Group and Accenture to deliver this solution.

Praveen Singhavi, President, APRIL Group, said: “In order to continue to meet customer demand and deliver high levels of customer service, we have integrated opt-Studio with our existing solutions.

“opt-Studio has improved end-to-end visibility of our sales orders, while being able to better optimize paper production (block planning) and finishing area scheduling.”

Vassilis Gkamouras, Senior Consultant at Greycon said: “APRIL Group is one of the most efficient pulp and paper mills in the world. The project was divided in three phased roll-outs to enable quick deployment of capabilities and took 14 months to complete.”

“The roll-out required expertise in global project management, change management, supply chain enablement and systems integration. The project was delivered on-time, in-full and within budget due to excellent team work between the partners involved.”
(Greycon Ltd)

Newsgrafik #120605

BillerudKorsnäs will make a provision of SEK 450 million in the second quarter 2018  (Company news)

BillerudKorsnäs has within the scope of the recently launched group-wide program for improved production efficiency decided to implement measures with the aim of strengthening the workplace efficiency and environment at several of the Group’s mills. In total, a provision of approximately SEK 450 million will be made, of which approximately SEK 200 million will impact cash flow over a three-year period. The provision will have a negative effect on the result in the second quarter of 2018.

The measures to strengthen the workplace environment will be taken during the ordinary maintenance shutdowns, starting after the summer, and continue through two to three maintenance cycles, depending on the work carried out. The measures will include demolition of old buildings and decontamination.

As the final stage of the consolidation of Billerud and Korsnäs, it has also been decided to implement unified accounting principles regarding spare parts and consumables at the mills, which will lead to impairment losses with effect in the second quarter.

In total, a provision of approximately SEK 450 million, of which approximately SEK 200 million will impact cash flow over a three-year period, will be made in the second quarter of 2018.
(BillerudKorsnäs AB (publ))

Newsgrafik #120607

Paperboard is replacing plastic to reduce climate impact  (Company news)

A number of global companies have replaced or are doing trials to replace the material in their gift cards – from plastic to paperboard. Sweden’s largest cinema chain, SF Bio, has taken the plunge and is now replacing all its cards.

“When our card supplier, Megacard, suggested we could make our gift cards from paperboard and thereby drastically reduce their environmental impact, it was self-evident to us to switch,” explains Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio.
“In plain language, it means we’re phasing out the use of 10 tonnes of PVC a year by phasing out the plastic and replacing it with cards made of Invercote from Iggesund Paperboard,” she continues.

Photo: “When we could have just as impactful cards in paperboard as in plastic we didn’t hesitate to switch – for the environment’s sake,” says Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio.

Replacing plastic with a non-fossil material is a clear trend, not least in the packaging industry. Switching from fossil plastic to an alternative material such as paperboard reduces companies’ climate impact. Changing an established infrastructure takes time, though, especially if it means that the packaging must be redesigned, the packing equipment modified or replaced, and the distribution from manufacturer to consumer is affected. The UK food company Iceland has attracted widespread attention with its pledges to eliminate plastic in its packaging within five years. Many people with packaging experience say five years is a fairly short time given the challenges faced by Iceland.

In light of these factors, the switchovers by IKEA and SF Bio have occurred very quickly, and there is reason to believe that many more companies will follow their example.

“Because the cards’ format is identical, it’s easy to make the switch. Apart from the actual production process for making the cards, very few other components of companies’ existing equipment need to be modified. So this is a very simple step to take compared with redesigning a plastic packaging solution, where complex and fully automated packing lines must be modified,” explains Johan Granås, Head of Sustainability at Iggesund Paperboard, who was closely involved in developing the solution that IKEA finally chose.

Another example of this packaging industry trend is Apple, where packaging developers are focusing on reducing the use of plastic. This is clear from Apple’s Paper and Packaging Strategy, which the company published in October 2017. Among other things, the report details how Apple succeeded in reducing the plastic content of the iPhone 7 packaging by 84 per cent compared with that of the iPhone 6s.

Apple’s smart speaker, HomePod, launched at the beginning of 2018, is a clear example of this approach. An incredibly complex paperboard construction with closures holds the speaker cord in place and there is also a setup to secure the plug.

“Ten years ago, any manufacturer would have solved this issue with plastic,” Granås says. “But now we’re seeing time and again how companies are investing strongly to create alternative solutions in paperboard – not only Apple but many, many others.”

Granås is careful to say that plastic is still an important material in both today’s and tomorrow’s packaging market. Traditional paperboard packaging for food often needs a plastic barrier to create a seal that protects against grease, moisture and aromas. Making the packaging’s construction out of paperboard and then creating the barrier with the thinnest possible plastic coating is already a good example of good materials management.

“The development of fossil-free plastic materials is happening very quickly and I predict we will soon have bioplastics with less and less fossil content, which will significantly reduce the climate impact of food packaging in particular,” Granås concludes.
(Iggesund Paperboard AB)

Newsgrafik #120645

Södra: Sustained strong result for the second quarter  (Company news)

Södra reported a sustained strong operating profit of SEK 1,318 million (461) for the second quarter, the best quarterly result ever. The market trend was positive for all of Södra’s product categories and completed investments, efficiency improvements and restructuring are reflected in the result.

“The strong result is mainly due to the favourable global economy, with high demand and a positive price trend for our products in both market pulp and the sawn timber area. We are also seeing the positive effects of our expansion investments, with higher production volumes at our pulp mills,” said Lars Idermark (photo), President and CEO.

“The efficiency improvements and restructuring we have achieved in our sawn timber production also generated profit effects. In the second quarter, we decided to discontinue our operations in the Interior Wood segment. We are also making aggressive investments in other areas, such as cross-laminated timber (CLT),” said Lars Idermark.

“We are seeing growing demand for liquid biofuels made from woody biomass, and our investments to increase liquid biofuel production will continue. These are key investments for our future and are helping to create new business,” said Lars Idermark.

Consolidated net sales for the second quarter rose 26 percent year-on-year to SEK 6,626 million (5,244), and the operating margin strengthened to 20 percent (9). For the first half-year, operating profit totalled SEK 2,257 million (951) – the strongest half-year figure in Södra’s history. Return on capital employed rose to 26 percent (12) and the equity ratio was 57 percent (55).

In the Södra Skog business area, operating profit totalled SEK 49 million (37) for the period. The result was impacted by continued weather challenges. Following a cold and snowy winter that made transportation difficult, the dry conditions of recent months have increased the fire danger and significantly impacted forest operations.

In the Södra Wood business area, operating profit totalled SEK 210 million (76) for the period, mainly reflecting the positive price level for sawn timber but also the ongoing restructuring process. The result refers solely to the sawmill operations, since the Interior Wood segment has largely been discontinued and is now reported under Other segments.

In the Södra Cell business area, operating profit totalled SEK 1,196 million (416) for the second quarter. The profit trend was mainly attributable to the high price level, a favourable USD exchange rate and the higher volumes enabled by expansion of the pulp mill at Värö.
(Södra Cell AB)

Newsgrafik #120658

Valmet to supply a third Advantage tissue production line to Lila Group in Turkey  (Company news)

Valmet will supply a complete Valmet Advantage DCT 200 tissue line to the Turkish tissue manufacturer Lila Group in Corlu, 100 km west of Istanbul. The TM3 line will be equipped with all state-of-the-art options available including stock-preparation and an extensive automation package to achieve production with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Start-up is planned for 2020.

Photo: Advantage DCT Technology

Valmet has previously delivered two Advantage DCT 200 tissue lines to the same mill. TM1 started up in 2007 and TM2 in 2012. In addition to the new tissue line, Lila Group also ordered a rebuild of their TM1 and TM2 to Advantage ViscoNip press configuration.

The orders were included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

"For us it is important to collaborate with a supplier who understands our demands and has the capability to deliver equipment that can meet our targets for efficient production, low energy consumption and high tissue quality. From our experience, we know that Valmet provides the best technology for our needs. In addition to the new tissue machine, we also have high expectations to improve our operations on TM1 and TM2 with the rebuild of the press sections," says Orhan Ogucu, Chairman of Lila Group.

"The Valmet Advantage DCT 200 concept with the Advantage ViscoNip press has become standard in the Turkish tissue market. We are happy to once again be trusted as a partner, supporting Lila Group's expansion plans and are looking forward to working together realizing their targets," says Björn Magnus, Sales Director, EMEA, Valmet.

Technical information about the delivery
Valmet's tissue machine delivery will comprise of a complete Advantage DCT 200 tissue production line with stock preparation equipment and the Advantage tissue technology. The scope will also include an extensive automation package with DCS, QCS and Softness sensor. Start-up, commissioning and training are also part of the delivery.

The new machine TM3 will add a capacity of 70,000 tons of tissue products for the domestic and export market.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120664

International Paper restarts PM 3 at its Kwidzyn mill in Poland  (Company news)

115,000 tpy of newsprint and kraft paper capacity back on stream

International Paper announced that the company successfully restarted its newsprint and kraft paper machine PM 3 at its Kwidzyn mill in Poland during the weekend of 30 June.

The machine had been damaged in a fire at the mill earlier this year. International Paper said that the machine was fully operational making the same newsprint and kraft paper grades as in the past.

PM 3, which has an annual output capacity of 115,000 t, had been out of operation since the fire on 16 March this year. The company said that the damage was mainly related to electrical cabling, but not to the systems for actual paper production.
(EUWID Pulp and Paper)

Newsgrafik #120583

Lollicup® USA, Inc. Half -Year Update - Lollicup USA Inc. is ready to end 2018 on a successful note  (Company news)

Lollicup® USA Inc. has gone through positive changes over 2018. They have launched new products, new locations and have pushed for more eco-friendly efforts.

With the opening of their new warehouse in New Jersey, they are better able to serve the east coast quick and effectively. The new manufacturing plant in Rockwell, Texas will be ready by the end of 2018 creating more jobs and business opportunities for customers.

Lollicup® USA Inc. has launched 83 new products this year to keep up with trends and customers’ needs and wants. An exciting product that started selling this year was their eco-friendly colossal straws which are commonly known as boba straws. Lollicup USA Inc. is one of the first companies to add a disposable eco-friendly boba straw.

Lollicup® USA Inc. is ramping up their eco-friendly efforts this year as a way to really show the need for corporate responsibility. This year alone Lollicup USA Inc. has set new initiatives for community outreach and continues to recycle paper and plastic.

Lollicup® USA Inc. plans to keep innovating and growing their business to be a top supplier. The company is projected to hit 180 Million in sales for the end of the year which is growth from last year.
(Lollicup USA Inc.)

Newsgrafik #120600

Esko hosts 4th Flexible Packaging Honours Class for international group of young graphic arts ...  (Company news)

... graduates

Esko ( has shared its know-how for flexible packaging with an international group of young graphic arts graduates during the fourth annual Flexible Packaging Honours Class.

The two-week initiative, developed by the university’s Graphical and Digital Media department, is designed for students at the top of their university class. It focuses on the production of flexible packaging, including design, prepress, file handling and plate making operations. The course was held at Esko’s headquarter offices in Ghent, Belgium, June 18 to 29.

During the detailed and professional training, students got to grips with the technological and practical aspects and learnt how to streamline packaging production from design to printing plate. The group of students is composed from Artevelde University College in Ghent, as well as peer students from the School of Engineering and Management, Switzerland, and both Seneca College and Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management at Esko explains: “We were very proud to welcome the most ambitious and most talented students of international packaging universities for the fourth time. As leaders in the packaging industry, we are investing in the future by supporting the professional education of these young graduates. A mix of theoretical classes, hands on workshop and customer production environment visits give them an in-depth 360 view on flexography.”

Building for success
The Honours Class is designed to inspire and engage students. This approach worked well with the former attendees that now work in the industry.

Bastiaan Heyse, order guidance and calculation (internal sales) in the flat cardboard department, St-Luc, comments: “after an internship at St-Luc Labels & Packaging, it seemed like a great opportunity to learn more on the packaging industry during this Honours Class. I found the company visits and learning more about the Esko solutions very interesting. We could see how everything fits together and works in a real business.”

Jochen Verbrugghe, Commercial Assistant at Crea Print Group, says The Honors Class gave him the opportunity to get to know Esko’s tools more intimately including WebCenter Automation Engine and Studio Visualizer: “The packaging industry is very diverse and work is never the same. Meeting deadlines, supporting customers with optimization and streamlining packaging set up requirements are just of few of the processes you can manage smartly while offering added value to the customer.”

Applying for the Honour Class
Students in the academic year prior to graduation are welcome to apply for one of the 20 Honours Class seats. To be accepted, students must have a mastery of Adobe® Creative Suite applications and a general understanding of prepress production steps, processes, and functions. Students who are approved for the program, will be invited to complete and submit preparatory work in order to fully prepare for the program.

Luc Berth, lector at the Artevelde University College Ghent and mentor of the Honours Class concludes: “The Honours Class is a great platform for both technical as well as cultural and social experience-based learning. The students deepened competences relevant for a competitive and rewarding career in the packaging industry and learned how to cooperate in an international context. They exchanged knowledge and best practices in an open and friendly atmosphere.”

At the end of the training, students received a certificate of participation, a valuable advantage when applying for a job in this sector. In some countries, students can also receive training credits by attending the Honours Class.

Adds Berth: “Apart from the broad and basic training, students receive via their regular curriculum the value of the Honours Class in Flexible Packaging can’t be underestimated. Forty percent of the participating students of Artevelde University College start building a career in a packaging company right after receiving their certificate.”
(Esko Belgium)

Newsgrafik #120604

Say it with colour: six new colours in trend colour collection LEVEL 25  (Company news)

Technocell Dekor presents its updated colour collection for 2018/2019

Released for the first time at Interzum 2017, the LEVEL 25 trend colour collection is now available in an updated version – of course with all the latest trend colours for decorative finishes. Osnabrück-based Technocell Dekor is continuing along its chosen path of presenting the latest colour trends in interior design to its customers at first hand. The latest collection contains six new colours to complement the existing 25. All these trend colours have the advantage that they are available more quickly and on special terms.

The Technocell Dekor team’s colour expertise is the product of decades of experience as one of the market’s leading manufacturers of decor papers. Its unerring sense for international colour trends is based on its experts’ modern know-how. The team uses visits to international trade shows – in the textile and furniture industry, for example – to research and compile impressions for its trend collection. Future trends usually appear very early on in the frontrunner industries – fashion, cosmetics and car manufacturing – which is why Technocell’s colour experts keep a constant eye on them. We also incorporate customer feedback into our trend definitions. “Solutions First” is our brand promise and we put it into action by constantly searching for new solutions for our customers. The LEVEL 25 collection includes some very specific hints about the future of colour, giving our customers the heads up they need. “At the same time, we offer attractive prices and availability for the colours in our trend collection, for which we have very good customer uptake,” explains Frank Meyer-Niehoff, Technocell Dekor’s general manager.

The six new colours with their enticing names – harmonious blue, tender pink, fierce brown, daring blue, craving red, and enchanting green – are beautifully illustrated in an 8-page brochure.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120627

Valmet receives the 250th order for its successful Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP)  (Company news)

Valmet has received the 250th order for its successful Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) for managing various applications regarding fiber furnish management at pulp and paper mills. The milestone analyzer will be installed at Sichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper Co. Ltd in China. The delivery will include a Valmet Kappa QC Analyzer, too. The raw materials used in the mill's tissue production include bamboo.

The order was included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The solutions will be delivered in the third quarter of 2018.

"First, we trust Valmet and its advanced analyzer solutions. With accurate measurements, we will be able to get faster and more precise online updates of key fiber and papermaking furnish properties to improve runnability and productivity. Second, stabilizing the entire fiber line control will help us reduce variation, chemical usage and production costs. Also, easy-to-maintain Valmet analyzers will improve our labor efficiency and operator effectiveness as well," says Chuanping Zhou, General Manager at Sichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper.

"It is nice to cooperate with a customer who really wants to develop the mill's total pulp and tissue line performance. It means taking good care of basic issues. When the ultimate goal is clear both for the customer and the supplier, it is easy to find the right solutions and implement them. Performance improvement and development is a long-term project for which reliable analyzers and controls provide a solid foundation. It is easy for the mill and also for Valmet to take next steps towards more sophisticated solutions in the future when the foundation is reliable and in a good shape," comments Janne Määttä, Manager, Pulp & Paper Applications, Valmet.

Valmet's existing installations at Sichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper include a Valmet Brightness Measurement (Valmet Cormec5 X) and a Valmet Residual Measurement (Valmet Polarox5). Valmet is currently delivering a Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer (Valmet FS5) and consistency transmitters for the mill, too.

Information about Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) and Valmet Kappa Analyzer (Valmet Kappa QC)
Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) provides paper, board and tissue makers with fast and precise online updates of key fiber and papermaking furnish properties. It represents the state of the art in online fiber analysis, building upon continuous advancements by Valmet over the past thirty years.

Valmet's online analyzer, Valmet Kappa QC, is a new-generation analyzer that not only measures pulp lignin content, brightness and fiber properties, but also fuses a unique stabilizing control capability and Valmet's decades of know-how.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #120594

TerraSpeed Supreme: New thermal coating impresses at Hamburger Austria and Mondi  (Company news)

-Thermal coating for better stability and excellent sheet release
-Longer service life and fewer web breaks
-More than 15 successful installations

Photo: The new functional coating of TerraSpeed Supreme ensures very stable roughness values and outstanding sheet release.

TerraSpeed roll coatings from Voith have been used successfully for many years. The product range now has a new addition – TerraSpeed Supreme, featuring new and impressive design parameters that give the coating outstanding performance values. TerraSpeed Supreme is already being used successfully in more than 15 installations worldwide.

The new functional coating of TerraSpeed Supreme ensures very stable roughness values and outstanding sheet release. Thanks to its improved coating structure, TerraSpeed Supreme minimizes web breaks and can reduce the open draws. In addition, TerraSpeed Supreme enables much longer roll service lives.

Improved operational reliability at Hamburger Austria
There are already more than 15 successful installations operating worldwide. Voith customers are impressed by the new coating and have already placed follow-up orders. One such customer is renowned corrugated base board manufacturer Hamburger Pitten. Josef Krenn, Operations Director and Markus Ungersböck, Head of Mechanical Maintenance at Hamburger Pitten in Austria explain the success story of TerraSpeed Supreme as follows: “At Hamburger Austria we produce a high-quality, diverse range of corrugating medium, packaging papers and plasterboard on our PM 4 in Pitten. The sophisticated use of different raw materials, auxiliaries and operating supplies imposes stringent requirements on the Nipco-P roll, the key position in the press section. Following the expansion of our range of paper grades, performance and doctoring using standard ceramic roll covers for this position became very unstable. A greater number of web breaks, and in some cases even sheet passing under the doctor blade, as well as premature roll changes to re-machine surfaces after relatively short periods of service, were suddenly day-to-day occurrences.”

Voith engineers also recognized the challenge and helped the customer to select the best coating in combination with suitable doctor blades, as Krenn and Ungersböck confirm: “Since we have been using the new TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith Paper operation has been absolutely reliable at this critical position. In combination with Voith's SkyTerra S doctor blades, we have now been operating the unit for more than 2 years without interruptions and there has been no need to re-machine the roll surface. Web breaks originating from the Nipco-P roll have dropped significantly, sheet passing does not occur anymore and performance has been very stable over the entire operating time. The newly developed ceramic-coating TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith Paper has significantly improved our production but above all has made it operationally reliable again.”

Mondi impressed by TerraSpeed Supreme and SkyTerra S
Basically, the high wear resistance of Voith's TerraSpeed Supreme enables continuous doctoring at maximum load. The SkyTerra S blade with negative facet was specially developed for use with TerraSpeed Supreme. But the successful use of TerraSpeed Supreme at Hamburger Pitten is not an isolated example. The Mondi production facility in Frantschach, Austria, has also had a similar experience. Andreas Petschenig, maintenance engineer at the Mondi paper mill in Frantschach, is also impressed by the premium coating: “In Frantschach we produce high-quality sack kraft paper grades on our PM 6 and PM 8. The sophisticated use of materials including chemical auxiliaries and operating supplies means that the press has to meet fairly exacting production engineering requirements. For example, following the installation of the shoe press at the PM 6 the doctoring on the ceramic covers of the shoe press counter roll became unreliable. A greater number of web breaks, sheet passing, and high web draws were almost part of the daily routine, as were roll changes to re-machine surfaces after relatively short periods in operation.”

Thanks to the new coating there has been a considerable improvement in performance at Mondi in Frantschach as well, as Petschenig reports: “All these problems have been solved since we started using TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith Paper. In combination with the Voith doctor blades SkyTerra and SkyTop, the cover service lives could be substantially increased. There is no more sheet passing and web draws could be reduced. The newly developed ceramic cover TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith has considerably simplified our production.” In the meantime, TerraSpeed Supreme has also been running successfully for a year in the shoe press of the PM 5 at Mondi Steti.

Now that numerous other Voith customers have had a similar positive experience with TerraSpeed Supreme. Taylor designed doctor blades like SkyTerra S and SkyTop S can even enhance that high performance level.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

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Harnessing tomorrow's label converter leaders today: FINAT European Label Forum  (Company news)

Developing ways to harness the skills of tomorrow’s label converter leaders, driving industry efficacy, and understanding the major changes across the print technology base were the overriding themes of this year’s international labelling association FINAT held its fourth European Label Forum in Dublin in June.

The President’s address
FINAT is this year celebrating its 60th year and FINAT President Chris Ellison, Managing Director of a true family label company, OPM Group welcomed delegates noting that the association’s milestone, pales into insignificance if compared to that of Arthur Guinness, whose central Dublin brewery was opened in 1759 – with a 9000-year lease. A visit to the Guinness Storehouse followed that evening.

Alastair Campbell on Brexit
The working agenda began with keynote speaker, Alastair Campbell – writer, TV commentator, author and strategist, and well-remembered as UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s director of communications. His headline topic for this multinational meeting was ‘The Elephant in the Room’ – Brexit and implications for EU/UK B2B relations.’ The extant lack of clarity on the UK’s final proposals for its departure, and the likely situation that might follow the UK’s exit from the European Union, were shared in an address that explored all the options, all the possibilities, and all the shortcomings. Afterwards, participants were able to share their own views on the topic with coffee around the extensive tabletop exhibition.

The Irish market
Gavin Killeen, Managing Director of Nuprint Technologies Ltd – leading Northern Ireland suppliers of labels and packaging print – reviewed the current Irish marketplace and showed that Ireland’s strong history in self-adhesive labelling, remains lively today. He underpinned its commitment to the industry by sharing its strong programme of staff training and apprenticeships, R&D and technology support, including the EU-funded PhD project with Glasgow University investigating printed conductive inks and related opportunities.

European label market data
FINAT MD Jules Lejeune provided an update on the broader European label industry picture, which has exhibited a strong recovery since 2012. The association’s data confirmed healthy 4.7% industry growth in 2017 over prior year (which, however, was below the average growth rate of 5.4%, 2013-2016), with film-based labelstocks growing at an even higher rate – 8.2% over prior year. The top 15 label market countries in Europe represent a massive 90% of the total business, and the statistics affirm that Turkey, Poland, and Italy have enjoyed the largest increase in absolute volumes between 2010 and 2017. Again, the influence of Brexit has made itself felt in the UK, with consumption in decline since Q3 2017, unlike the other top-performing European country markets. He also discussed the recent issue of FINAT’s regular member publication, RADAR.

The future landscape
Andy Thomas-Emans, Strategic Director, Tarsus Labels & Packaging Group, went on to map out the evolving current industry landscape and the next five years, examining in particular the growing crossover for label converters between label print and other packaging print options. The FINAT RADAR research, he referenced, indicates that the production of flexible packaging pouches is already an additional capability for 19% of label converters; sleeves for 31% of survey respondents; and other flexible packaging items for 27% of them. He went on to highlight issues and opportunities in converting; the health and safety problems around solvents; energy-efficient UV flexo print; and, of course, digital print. He also introduced the industry’s ground-breaking UVFoodSafe group, embracing major suppliers and related professional associations across the converting value chain, who are committed to making UV and UV/LED curing fully appropriate for food packaging print. He concluded with confirmation that Labelexpo has expanded to become a package print show.

A novel approach to on-pack promotion
Packaging professional and author Keran Turakhia gave an offbeat and thought-provoking presentation looking at the ways converters and their clients can benefit financially from thinking outside – and inside! – the box, to create innovative messaging opportunities. With real-life case histories, he showed how his own thinking has successfully changed packaging from just being a cost, to helping a brand to take advantage of new on-pack promotional opportunities, particularly with digital print.

‘Rethink packaging’ is the motto of rlc-Packaging, whose managing director, Marc Büttgenbach, moderated an expert panel discussion featuring all the morning’s industry presenters, enabling delegates to explore the topics in further detail.

Hands-on business learning sessions
A networking lunch preceded an interesting afternoon of concurrent ‘hands on’ ‘business learning sessions’ on different and important aspects of today’s market. Jennifer Dochstader and David Walsh of marketing researchers LPC Inc looked at how ‘going digital’ has impacted both converters and brand owners, updating the findings of their FINAT-commissioned report on digital label printing.

James Bevan, founder and director of specialist product authentication and security consulting house Vandagraf looked at the latest trends and developments, focusing on taggants and forensic solutions.

Food safety and migration issues in the wider world of labels and flexible packaging were addressed by a multi-discliplinary panel of industry experts – Jakob Abilgaard, of Dan Labels Flexible Packaging Division; Robert Rae, of GEW; and Niklas Olsson, Flint Group Narrow Web and also chairman of the ELF’s overall programme committee.

Sean Smyth, print consultant at Smithers Pira, discussed the total cost of ownership of ‘alternative’ label printing technologies. Business marketing strategist Bert van Loon guided his audience through modern ROI methods for marketing to deliver improved results in online B2B marketing; and Dieter Moessner, project engineer, pharma, at Edelmann, examined compliance with the new EU Falsified Medicals Directive which comes into effect in February 2019, in terms of serialization and tamper-evidence.

Profiling the upcoming generations
For an audience composed of leaders across the packaging print value chain, the second day’s programme was strongly and appropriately focused on management issues, and opened by best-selling author and CEO of XYZ University Sarah Sladek, who deliberated on the key label industry topic of driving stronger engagement with the younger generations in the quest for new, young business talent. Since, between 2010 and 2020, 78% of the ‘baby boomers’ will turn 65, and 25% of ‘millennials’ will move into leadership roles, the need of their younger-generation successors must be met because there has, as she showed, been more in change in lifestyle and attitudes in the last few decades than in the whole of history. This state of affairs has created, and continues to create, many workforce issues – not the least of which are the availability of skilled labour; retiring company founders; and leadership change. Little is being done to control and manage these issues – and a completely new approach from employer organisations is needed, because today’s most successful, engaging leaders have the same three special traits in common: passion, humility, and urgency.

Generational handover, family-owned companies
Bert van Loon carried the topic further, leading a lively debate on the next-generation challenges for, specifically, label converters in Europe because, he said, ‘the label industry has a vast interest in successful generation handover of family-owned converter companies’. Would the alternative to successful generation change be more consolidation, with resultant reductions in innovation?

The power of Guinness
The audience then welcomed Emma Rochford, Global Marketing Manager for Guinness, and Kathryn Wilson, Design Lead for Guinness and Baileys at Diageo. The trend for premium and craft beers is creating a pressing need for high-quality branding and, while Guinness is a global brand with local flair, Rupert Guinness was right to say, back in 1929: ‘the quality of our advertising must equal the quality of our beer!’. FINAT delegates were then invited to contribute to the future embellishment and sustainability of Guinness’s packaging.

Eyes wide open
In the conference’s final keynote, business guru, writer, and broadcaster Prof Noreena Herz delivered an eye-opening seminar on ‘how to make smart decisions in a complex world’. In this age of disruption - which includes the potential effects of Brexit. She shared insights into the upcoming new generation of potential employees, generation K - 15 to 24 year olds - and profiled what they care about, how they behave, what they want, and how they consume plus just how different they are to millennials. She left the audience with thoughts on how her insights can improve their businesses.

‘A bright future’
FINAT President Chris Ellison closed the event stating: “We are an industry that has such a bright future, and we don’t always realise it’. We’re also a very, very, very passionate industry!”

The forum also hosted the formal FINAT General Assembly and the FINAT Label Awards Ceremony which celebrated worthy winners in this year’s well-supported label printing competition and its associated recycling and sustainability award. Vlad Sljapic, Xeikon’s Vice President, Global Sales, was Master of Ceremonies. A networking dinner followed, bringing together key players from the international labels & packaging print sector.

The next FINAT European Label Forum will take place in June next year in Copenhagen, from 5-7 June.

Newsgrafik #120616

Kemira increases prices of sizing technologies   (Company news)

Kemira, a global chemicals company serving customers in the pulp and paper industry, announces price increases for sizing technologies globally.

Effective immediately or as contracts allow, the price of FennoSize ASA and AKD based offerings will increase by up to 15%.

The decision is triggered by continuous cost increases of raw materials, energy and logistics, and regulatory compliance requirements combined with limited availability of key raw materials which are used in the manufacturing of these technologies.
(Kemira, Paper Segment)

Newsgrafik #120626

ANDRITZ acquires Diatec, Italy  (Company news)

International technology Group ANDRITZ has acquired a 70% stake in Diatec S.R.L., a leading manufacturer of converting machines for the hygiene and food packaging industries based in Collecorvino in the region of Pescara, Italy. The remaining 30% will stay in the hands of the two current shareholding families.

Photo: Baby diaper line by Diatec. © ANDRITZ

Diatec designs and manufactures a wide range of special machines and technological solutions, mainly for the production of baby diapers and other absorbent hygiene products, but also for food packaging. With this acquisition, ANDRITZ complements its product portfolio in Nonwoven and is now able to offer the complete supply and value chain, from the raw material, to webfoming, finishing, and converting.

Diatec was established in 1992 and has developed very favorably since then, with many international references and renowned customers around the the world. The company is known for its innovative spirit, providing flexible and sophisticated solutions for the hygiene sector.

The Diatec owners and managers, who will continue to work in the company, acknowledge that ANDRITZ is the best partner to support the company’s long-term growth and – together with employees and suppliers – to create synergies that can satisfy the demands of its customers.

Andreas Lukas, Division Manager for ANDRITZ Nonwoven, says: “We are very excited about this complementary acquisition that extends our market coverage, process technology, and product range within the nonwovens industry.”

Diatec’s General Manager, Luigi Mancini, comments: “With ANDRITZ, we have found our ideal partner to strengthen our international market position and we are looking forward to growing further within this collaboration.”
(Andritz AG)

Newsgrafik #120633

Packaging specialist Rondo invests in digitalisation  (Company news)

With Austria’s first industrial digital printing machine, the Delta SPC 130 from the company Durst, Rondo Ganahl AG continued to expand their digital printing production at St. Ruprecht (Steiermark).

At the moment the Flexo and Offset direct printing processes are mainly used for packaging out of corrugated board. However, with increasing digitalisation customers’ demands are changing. For this reason, Rondo in St. Ruprecht is counting on digital printing processes for modern packaging and displays from the renewable raw material corrugated board.

The market demands flexibility and individual diversity. “With the new Delta SPC 130 FlexLine printing machine we are able to respond very quickly and give the perfect support to our customers for their market launches and relaunches”, says Karl Pucher, Managing Director of Rondo St. Ruprecht. According to Pucher “Especially seasonal products, special editions, individual (wine) packaging and P.O.S. displays can be delivered in the highest quality with digital print”.

Durst Water Technology
The new Delta SPC 130 printing machine from Durst makes use of its advantages with small batch sizes as well as large print runs, reports Wolfram Verwüster, Global Business Unit Director Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing within the Durst Group. This means that digital printing simplifies and accelerates the whole production process. “We are really pleased about the partnership with Rondo Ganahl AG”, says Wolfram Verwüster. “With the new digital high tech digital printing machine Rondo will make a decisive impact in displays and sales packaging!”

Excellent printing results
The Delta SPC130 FlexLine uses mineral oil free, water-based ink. The ink system developed by Durst Water Technology sets a technological mile stone and meets all the strict environment and recycling requirements within the EU. The printing results are high quality, odourless, abrasion-resistant, non-fade and produced in one single print run. This saves pretreatment, interim drying and varnishing during the production process. Not for nothing did FEFCO (European governing body of corrugated board industry) honour Durst Water Technology with an environment award.

Corrugated board: attractive, diverse, ecological​
Nowadays corrugated board is so versatile. Rondo packaging guarantees the best quality and greatest possible safety with high functionality and an attractive design. Packaging from corrugated board is light but nonetheless strong, flexible and versatile, whether for wine cartons or colourful high gloss displays, for example, for chocolate bunnies. “Rondo corrugated board packaging catches your eye on the shop shelf – environmentally friendly, functional and 100 per cent recyclable”, says Karl Pucher.

Nowadays the whole Rondo Ganahl Group is characterised by forward-looking investments in high tech production plants and a high level of commitment from employees. “Rondo scores points in quality and reliability, creativity and responsible handling of resources” underlines Hubert Marte, CEO of the Rondo Group during the presentation of the new digital printing machine in St. Ruprecht. “With this investment we are expanding our lead position in technology and strengthening Rondo’s St. Ruprecht branch in a sustainable manner. Our plant in St. Ruprecht is therefore able to offer our customers products in Flexo print, Offset direct print AND digital print. This is an absolute novelty and presents the customer with a variety of printing options from one provider” concludes Marte.
(Rondo Ganahl AG)

Newsgrafik #120541

A Weekend of Celebration - Faubel opened a new production facility  (Company news)

The Faubel Group officially opened its new production facility at its Melsungen headquarters on Friday, June 15, 2018. Greeted by Melsungen's Mayor Markus Boucsein, 120 guests from politics, business and society took up on the invitation and listened to welcome speeches by Faubel's principal partner, Reinhard Kuge, and by two of the three Faubel managing directors, Frank Jäger and Martin Kuge.

Martin Kuge pointed out that Faubel had grown steadily in recent years. In the past ten years alone, the company has invested around 34 million euros in the location and staff numbers have gone up from 119 to 230. "We needed a building with approx. 3,600 m² of usable floor area to meet increasing demand and to expand our capacity. That's where new products and new jobs will be created."

Guests were also given the opportunity to visit the new facility during a guided tour. Particular attention was paid to the production of RFID labels. "The Faubel-Med® label is a combination of label, RFID tag and e-paper display. What is special about it is that the data shown on the display can be variable. So, there's no need to print new labels each time you have new data," explained Managing Director Frank Jäger.

Family Day with "Gautschfest"
The next day was a family day for all Faubel employees and their relatives. Over 630 people visited our Melsungen headquarters and spent time together enjoying grilled sausages, cold drinks, coffee and cake in bright sunshine. "The Family Day is our way to say thank you to our employees whose commitment has significantly contributed to the success of Faubel," said Martin Kuge on Saturday. The highlight of the day was the "Gautschen" or dunking ceremony where apprentices who passed their final exams were completely immersed in a tub filled with water according to an old printers' tradition.
(Faubel & Co Nachf. GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120551

Winder upgrade by Voith: 15 percent increase in capacity thanks to SmoothRun damping ...  (Company news)

...bearing system

-Higher operating speeds
-Improved winding results
-Reduced maintenance costs

The new SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearing system for winders effectively reduces vibrations occurring during the winding process. Hydropneumatic damping allows for higher operating speeds and better winding results. Overall, capacity increases of up to 15 percent are possible. This compact upgrade solution is suitable for Voith and Jagenberg two-drum winders.

Photo: SmoothRun helps achieve higher operating speeds and improved winding results.

In conventional winders without special damping, vibrations can occur at higher production speeds for certain paper grades, and these vibrations can impair winding quality. To minimize the disruptive effect of vibrations during the winding process, the production speed and accelerations rates are reduced below the maximum capability of the winder. The solution: With SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearings from Voith the vibrations can be effectively reduced even at high speeds, allowing the equipment to operate at consistently high production speeds. At the same time, SmoothRun improves the winding results and reduces the overall mechanical stress on the machine.

Eliminating bottlenecks through capacity upgrades
Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (PKV) based in Lower Saxony, produces high-quality corrugating medium and testliner on its PM 5. Until now, the existing VariFlex M had to be run at a lower speed when producing paper grades sensitive to vibrations. The result is the winder could barely keep up with the production of the paper machine.

The purpose of the hydropneumatic damping bearings was to allow the winder to be operated at the maximum speed. “Following commissioning of the new bearing system we were able to reduce vibrations for all paper grades and increase speeds. We are currently optimizing the settings of the bearing system with intensive support from Voith,” explains Michael Wolff, Line Manager Equipment at PK Varel. “Following this optimization phase we assume that the speed of the winder can be increased. While further enhancements together with Voith are being made the winder can keep pace with the production of the PM 5,” says Wolff. Voith is helping the company achieve this goal by providing intensive support, e.g. by performing vibration measurements.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

Newsgrafik #120560

Attractive supporting programme at FachPack 2018  (Company news)

-Top-class – special premium packaging show in Hall 8
-All you need to know at TechBox and PackBox Forums
-European focus at Pavilion of Associations

FachPack, Europe's No. 1 trade fair for packaging, processing and technology, is much more than just an exhibition, as a peek into the programme booklet shows. Alongside the 1,500 exhibition booths, the more than 40,000 trade visitors can look forward to an attractive supporting programme with numerous presentations on the hot trends in the industry like digitisation, sustainability or design.

Hall 8 is a new addition that puts the spotlight on premium packaging, packaging printing and processing. Working on the principle “Two are better than one”, the popular PackBox Forum (Hall 7) has now been complemented by a new TechBox Forum in Hall 3, almost doubling the number of presentations as a result. Another new
feature is the Pavilion of European Associations in Hall 6 that provides an inviting venue for knowledge-sharing and networking.

How can design help create a successful brand image? What are the trends in brand communication? What new materials and technologies are available for packaging? Issues like these are addressed in the new Hall 8 and in a special show dedicated entirely to premium packaging, innovative materials, packaging printing and processing.
In keeping with its design focus, Hall 8 will welcome its visitors in a stylish and sophisticated black and white look consisting of black clad walls and carpeting with contrasting white exhibition stands. This is where around 70 companies will present their products and solutions. In the centre of the hall there will be a special show created by bayern design. It will display around 30 innovative exhibits, including little cosmetics containers made from Finnish spruce, olive oil in crystalline sugar capsules or a paint backpack with integrated roller.

Innovation out of the box: TechBox Forum
Smart packaging carriers, data security at packaging lines or digital campaigns are just some of the topics on the programme of the new TechBox Forum, which takes place on all three days of the fair in Hall 3.
There will be presentations by renowned industry partners who will share their expertise and facilitate discussions on packaging and labelling technology, intra-logistics and packaging logistics. “Similar to the new hall set-up into the two areas ‘Packaging and Processing’ and ‘Technology and Processing’, we are also offering two thematically matching forums,” explains Cornelia Fehlner, Exhibition Director FachPack at NürnbergMesse. In addition, the PackBox Forum will be back again, in Hall 7 this year, with a series of presentations on packaging materials, packaging printing, processing and design.

Europe's packaging associations come together in Hall 6
A new feature at this year's FachPack is the Pavilion of Associations in Hall 6. Around ten advocacy groups and associations from various European countries (including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands and Austria) will invite visitors to get to know them, chat and network at this open and attractive pavilion.

The German Packaging Institute (dvi), Berlin, also has a stand in Hall 6 (6-459), where products that have received the German Packaging Award will be on display. This award acknowledges outstanding and innovative solutions from the entire packaging supply chain in ten different categories.
It is regarded as the most prestigious European competition in the packaging segment and is presented by the dvi on the first day of FachPack.

Supporting programme offers accessible knowledge transfer free of charge
Numerous other special shows and forums offer education and in-depth knowledge on the various aspects of packaging. And the best thing about this is that all items on the programme are free of charge with no need to register beforehand.

Other highlights from the FachPack supporting programme:
-Corrugated Cardboard Forum (26.9.2018, NCC Ost, St. Petersburg Room)
-Marketplace “Sustainability and plastics – no contradiction” (Hall 7)
-Theme park “Packaging in medical technology and pharmacy” (Hall 3A)
-Experience the world of solid fibreboard (Hall 9)
-“Labels & More” pavilion (Hall 9)
-German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi): Young
Innovative Companies Pavilion (Hall 3A)
-Robotik-Pack-Line (Hall 3)
-Packaging Business Lounge (Packaging Club) (Service 8/9, between Halls
8 and 9, Level 1)
-Xing Packaging Lounge (Service 1/2, between Halls 1 and 2, Level 1)
(Nürnbergmesse GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120582

New President at UMV, on how to breed innovation   (Company news)

The UMV board of directors have appointed Daniel Ragnarsson as President of UMV Coating Systems. Effective June 1, 2018, Daniel succeeds Ronnie Andersson who will retire.

Photo: Daniel Ragnarsson (left) and Ronnie Andersson (right)

Here are their views on the past and the future, and the story of how this Swedish company innovated their way out of the financial crisis.

“When I first started working at UMV, it was all about survival. The financial crisis was slowly subsiding, but most companies were still clinging on to their investment money”, says Ronnie Andersson.
“The times were incredibly tough. Investments were still frozen or put off to a more distant future. It would have been easy to just give up, but I felt that the people who work here are way too good to lose their jobs. So, we sat down and thought long and hard about what to do”.

Three strategies that helped the company
Daniel was also working at UMV at the time. He remembers.
“We were quite vulnerable to the recession back then. We were mostly involved in replacing outdated coaters, and when the economy slumped, demand fell. We realized that we had to change the strategy before it was too late”.

This was around 2011, and the management team worked intensively on devising a plan. The result of that work outlined three new strategic guidelines for the business, which, according to Ronnie, saved the company.

“And in all honesty, this would have never been possible without the complete support from the board of directors and the company executives”, says Ronnie. The winning strategies were based on the following:

Be completely customer centric
With a very strong focus on learning the customer’s needs and what matters most to the customer, you can create products and services that are more tailored to reality. Find the things that your customers are cursing about – then you’ll know how to define their need.

UMV went further than most in this endeavor, offering customers the opportunity to use a pilot facility to test and develop their products. This has led UMV to be a vital part of customer’s innovation process, which in turn makes it easier to identify what the customer needs help with.

“It has given us the opportunity to understand in detail what the customer thinks is important. Without the pilot machine, we would not have had this big of a breakthrough, in for instance, fossil-free barrier coating”, says Ronnie.

Think modularly
By breaking down a process in its parts, it’s easier to develop smarter solutions for each individual part of the process. Look at what you have today and identify small upgrades that can create major differences.

”An example is the INVO® Tip, a metering element where a soft polymeric tip coats the paper web. This system can be mounted on existing coaters and immediately provide better coating quality. You can use it to save coating or raise the quality of your product. On the more creative side, you can work out a whole new type of product that suits your customers needs even better”, according to Daniel.

He also talks about a development that is happening right now, where some companies use UMV’s barrier concept when building their own offline coaters.

“Demand for fossil-free barriers is very high. We see new players emerging, using our hardware to build an entirely new type of offline coating facilities, that will compete with bigger actors”.

Play the long game
By thinking in the long term, you can identify arising demands or problems early on. You can also be quick to close down products that are becoming redundant. When you don’t work quarterly, you can set up more long-term goals and you have more room for maneuvering. That, in turn, can give rise to new ideas and innovations.

The truth is in the pudding
By implementing these strategies, UMV has turned the curve upwards. Previously, the company was a manufacturer of coating equipment with profitability problems. Now, they help customers around the world to develop their process for producing high-end packaging solutions.

Inquiries are coming in more frequent, more orders are received, and the company intends in steps to recruit people in all disciplines to meet the increased demand.

It’s been a nice development and Ronnie and Daniel agree that, apart from all committed co-workers, the single most important explanation for success is the UMV pilot line.

“Before we had a fully equipped pilot we could only talk about what good concepts we had. Now we can actually prove it, “says Daniel.

Remove obstacles
In the future, Daniel wants to invest in knowledge and continued innovation, to further increase company growth.

”The easiest way to do that is to remove obstacles for development. Ask an employee what prevents him from performing at the top of his ability, and you will immediately find things you can change and improve”.

“I see what a difference our products, services and know-how do for the customers. My mission now is to find out what prevents us from making even better and more sustainable products, “concludes Daniel.
(UMV Coating Systems AB)

Newsgrafik #120584

Ecological Fibers: Introducing Rainbow® Woodgrain  (Company news)

Ecological Fibers is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member of our famous Rainbow® uncoated kraft paper line. Woodgrain was specifically designed to be a cost effective alternative to wood veneer. This kraft paper features a highly realistic print pattern which mimics the natural grains of wood and is married with a high resolution embossing which adds realistic texture to the material.

• 8 Vibrant colors are available in stock – Each color is specially designed to mimic a specific type of veneer whether it be ebony, oak, cherry or birch. We do this by carefully adjusting our ink colors to enhance, or contrast with the base kraft paper to create eye catching
• Designed for Designers – One of the issues with natural woodgrain patterns is the extreme contrast of shades in the grain pattern which makes it difficult to overlay legible text or defined line art. To avoid this, each color in our Woodgrain line is specifically designed to produce a wood
pattern that is both realistic and subtle enough to allow text and line based design enhancements to stand out on them. So don’t be worried about adding some text or a logo to this material, it will look fantastic.
• Dyed though uncoated kraft – Color all the way through the paper means no unsightly white edges creating a truly realistic final product with crisp clean edges and folds. This opens up the idea of seamless transitions of colors and design elements, combining solids, textures and other patterns with Woodgrain to create unbelievable final designs that you swear was made of real wood.
• Custom colors available – Due to it being based on our Rainbow® uncoated line, we have over 90 stocked hues that could be turned into a custom Woodgrain color. If you require something different, we proudly offer customized options. Consult your account representative for more

• Certifications:
Every Woodgrain color is acid free, carbon black free, lignin free, chlorine free, archival and recyclable. The entire line is FSC® certified (RA-COC-003258) and EU REACH, TSCA, RoHS, CPSIA, ISQ 8124 PART 3, ASTM F963, Prop. 65, and EN 71 compliant.
(Ecological Fibers Inc.)

Newsgrafik #120597

Toscotec launches its key innovations at iT's Tissue 2018  (Company news)

Toscotec launched its latest innovations during iT’s Tissue 2018. The advanced technologies it presented at its NOWNEXT open house include: Toscotec’s S-Crescent Former and the new TADVISION® machine.

The S-Crescent is a high efficiency forming section, which significantly increases dryness before the pressing area, through optimized dewatering. The aim is to reduce the burden of water removal for the press and consequently the drying section, by boosting dewatering in the wet section of the tissue machine.

Drawing on the experience of its successful installation in the U.S. market in 2004, Toscotec entirely redesigned its TAD machine to achieve superior tissue properties, including bulk and absorbency, and outstanding results in energy consumption. The new TADVISION® ensures improved runnability and machine efficiency thanks to its unique serpentine TAD section, composed of three TAD honeycomb coated drums. A detailed Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis ensures a highly optimized airflow in the air-system ducts leading to the TAD section and Yankee hoods. Overall, TADVISION® ensures a more effective use of energy, bringing consumption down to 4.5-5.5 MWh/ton, a significant decrease compared to the consumption of current TAD machines, which is estimated in the range of 6.0-7.5 MWh/ton. Toscotec is continuing its energy reduction program and is committed to further reducing the overall consumption to less than 4.5 MWh/ton for a plant of the same production capability over the next few years.

The other advanced technologies presented at Toscotec’s NOWNEXT open house include new upgrades of Toscotec’s rewinding line, TT WIND-H and TT WIND-L, and an overview of Toscotec’s excellence in tissue drying, with TT SYD and the Yankee Hood and Air System plants. In particular, Toscotec’s rewinders feature improved performances through a newly perfected automatic web tension control, fast cycles, operator friendly automation and the automatic shaft handling system. The Energy and Environment department presented the most comprehensive range of drying configurations presently available in tissue making, designed to suit all needs and operating conditions, with state-of-the-art heat recovery technology, including up to six energy recovery stages in one single plant.

Finally, Toscotec’s YES (Your Expert Service) division launched its 24/7 service catering for customers round the clock all over the world, with a very special tool, YES – CONNECT-VISION, the new helmet enabling fully integrated communication and problem-shooting excellence.

This year visitors concluded their experience of NOWNEXT open house in the newly inaugurated canteen, a brand-new building within the expanded perimeter of Toscotec’s headquarters, which includes recreational space for employees, such as a fitness center and two lounges.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

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Reflex takes a flying start with new warehouse management system and high-bay warehouse  (Company news)

At the end of June 2018 Reflex GmbH, a traditional German manufacturer of special and artist paper, put an automatic high-bay warehouse into operation at the Düren site. In combination with a new warehouse management system from S&P Computersysteme GmbH, Reflex will be able to act as logistics service provider for paper products of other companies in addition to its own logistics.

The warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8 controls all intralogistic processes in the Reflex distribution center - from the receipt of goods or the transfer of goods from the production buffer through the storage, the supply and disposal of the picking zone to the label printing and loading scanning. In addition to the automatic high-bay warehouse (pallet warehouse), the WMS also controls warehouse management in the manually operated warehouse and functional areas and manages the clients for Reflex's planned activity as a logistics service provider. In addition, SuPCIS-L8 provides inventory and analysis capabilities to provide a complete, real-time inventory overview of logistics processes and optimize strategies over the long term.
"We have invested just under one million euros in the modernization of our high-bay warehouse and thus set another strong signal for the future viability of our company, founded in 1857. With SuPCIS-L8, we have found a warehouse management system that not only meets our current requirements, but also equips our logistics for the future, "says Reflex Managing Director Hariolf Koeder.
(S&P Computersysteme GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120634

Archroma celebrates opening of Global Competence Center for Whiteness  (Company news)

Picture: Archroma's CEO Alexander Wessels (3rd from left) inaugurates the new Global Competence Center for Whiteness in Prat, near Barcelona, Spain, on July 5, 2018, together with OBA specialist team (left to right) David Atkinson, Gabriel Martinez, Edna Trullas, Fabienne Schneider and Andrew Jackson. (Photo: Archroma)

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has officially inaugurated its new Global Competence Center for Whiteness in Prat, near Barcelona, Spain.

The Center, which opened on July 5, 2018, further establishes Archroma as a global whiteness leader and underlines Archroma’s ambition to bring new, innovative whiteness and brightness solutions to the specialty paper and packaging markets.

Together with the Global Competence Centers for Colorants (Reinach, Switzerland) and for Surface & Coating Technology (Bradford, UK), the new Global Competence Center for Whiteness in Prat forms a unique network of experts fully dedicated to developing innovative product packages to support its customer production process with integrated system solutions.

Whiteness and brightness solutions for paper can be achieved with optical brightening agents complemented with shading dyes and pigments. The new Global Competence Center for Whiteness is therefore ideally located in Prat, where Archroma has major OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) and colorant manufacturing plants, recently extended with additional tetrasulfonated OBA production.

With this, Archroma confirms its unwavering commitment to OBA and the packaging and paper industries. The investment is the second step of a development plan started with the above mentioned OBA plant extension, with further investments to come.

The Global Competence Center for Whiteness team will work in close collaboration with Archroma’s innovation organization and the sales teams around the globe, ensuring point-on market relevance of new solutions and innovations, both in terms of performance and sustainability.

During the last few years, Archroma has launched several eco-advanced innovations in the area of whiteness, such as Leucophor® MT liquid, a REACH-registered, urea-free, modified tetrasulfonated OBA that offers papermakers a new, cost-effective option to achieve high whiteness levels in a surface application, especially at the size press, and more recently on the North American market, Leucophor® ACK liquid, a patented ultra-concentrated, urea-free disulfonated OBA for brilliant whiteness in stock and coating applications.

At the opening ceremony held on July 5, 2018, Andrew Jackson, Product Manager OBAs, Archroma Packaging & Paper Specialties, commented: “At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable. As the paper market has been re-morphing and transforming in the past years, we see a growing demand for chemical solutions that support sustainability. And as consumers are increasingly looking for safer and eco-friendlier options, Archroma is committed to help its customers answer the call, and that clearly includes making sure whiteness solutions are designed accordingly.”
Leucophor® is a trademark of Archroma registered in many countries.
(Archroma Management GmbH)

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Picture: Avery Dennison Label and Graphic Materials names Pascale Wautelet global vice president, R&D. (Photo: Avery Dennison, PR399)

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY) announced the appointment of Pascale Wautelet as the global vice president of Research and Development (R&D) for its Label and Graphic Materials group, effective immediately. She succeeds Hassan H. Rmaile, who was promoted earlier in the year as vice president and general manager for Global Graphics and Reflective Solutions and vice president, Global Technology and Ventures for Avery Dennison.

As global VP for R&D, Pascale will lead Label and Graphic Materials’s global R&D network, including oversight of our seven regional R&D centers and teams. Along with a team of 300+ scientists, Pascale will continue to build the future pipeline products and solutions for this materials science company that has innovation at its core.

Pascale joined Avery Dennison in July 2017 as vice president, Label and Graphic Materials for Europe, Middle East and Africa. She has more than 20 years of domestic and international experience across multiple functions in the chemical/petrochemical/plastic industry, including flexible packaging and labeling. Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Pascale was global technology director at Jindal Films, overseeing corporate innovation and research and development across Europe and North America.

“Pascale brings a strong track record of global R&D leadership and proven success in the commercialization of new technologies and products while enhancing overall profitability for the business,” said Georges Gravanis, president, Avery Dennison Label and Graphic Materials. “She is a seasoned global innovation leader and has made significant impact in terms of pipeline, agility, and execution discipline since she joined us a year ago.”

Pascale earned her PhD in Materials and Polymer Chemistry and Physics, and received a Masters degree in Polymer Chemistry from the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Chemistry from the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.
(Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)

Newsgrafik #120563

Karl-Heinz Andres becomes the new Managing Director of HASSIA-REDATRON  (Company news)

Since June 13, 2018, Karl-Heinz Andres is the new Managing Director of HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH.

Mr. Andres is a graduate engineer. Mechanical Engineering, has completed several professional training courses and has many years of operational experience as a Technical Director, Production Manager and General Manager in various international groups of companies developing, manufacturing and selling machinery, components, tools and related services for a wide range of applications in the international industrial environment.

Mr. Andreas Hollmann retired as Managing Director on 12.06.2018. Mr. Hollmann has been managing director of the company since October 2016 and we thank him for his work during this time.
(Hassia-Redatron GmbH)

Newsgrafik #120565

Hygiene and packaging - Marbach offers an extensive hygiene portfolio  (Company news)

The topics of hygiene and product safety are becoming more and more important, especially for food and medical packaging. Marbach has already presented its unique hygiene tool package under the name marbaclean in 2016.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "Many of our customers from the medical sector already rely on our hygiene die-cutting dies. Medical products such as plasters or bandages are die-cut with tools using special materials and technologies that ensure maximum hygiene. At the moment we feel that the topic of hygiene is always present in the food sector but what is still missing is the recognition that only a solution for the entire process is purposeful. There are approaches in some areas, but holistic implementation is still missing. As soon as the need arises, we are ready with our solutions and can show our customers how die-cutting can be designed hygienically from the tool side of things."

In addition to hygienic cutting-dies for the medical technology sector, Marbach offers a tool package called marbaclean, which is equipped with special materials for the food industry. During production, cleaning routines are performed that go beyond the industry standard. Furthermore, additional safety components and special assembly processes prevent the loss of tool parts during packaging production. The marbaclean tool package can optionally be disinfected and vacuum-packed. So that it reaches the customer safely and above all hygienically clean.

marbaclean is certified by ISEGA and is therefore suitable for use in the production of packaging for the food industry - especially direct packaging that comes into contact with packaged goods. The single marbaclean components can be delivered as a complete package or individually compiled for the customer, so that a suitable solution is available for every requirement.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120566

Magnus Kangas new Mill Manager of Ortviken paper mill  (Company news)

SCA has employed Magnus Kangas (photo) as new Mill Manager of Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall. He will take on his new postion as of January 1, 2019.

Magnus Kangas comes to Ortviken from a position as manager of BillerudKorsnäs’ paper mill in Gävle. He has held a number of leading positions in the paper industry and the energy sector.

Magnus Kangas is succeeding Kristina Enander, new President of SCA’s business area Pulp.

“With Magnus Kangas, the Ortviken paper mill will get a very experienced leader with broad experience from Sweden and abroad”, says Mats Nordlander, President of SCAs business area Paper .

Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall produces coated and uncoated publication paper, has a capacity of 775,000 tonnes per annum and 625 employees.
(SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB)

Newsgrafik #120567

Mondi supports e-commerce growth with the upcoming launch of its latest corrugated ...  (Company news)

...packaging solution in Russia

According to recent statistics, the Russian e-commerce market is expected to grow to 21.82 billion US dollars by 2020. However, customers complain about the hassle involved in returning products purchased online – the process usually involves having to manually tape up the original box or having to repack the goods entirely. In response to this situation, the global packaging and paper producer Mondi presented its latest e-commerce solution Re(use) at the trade show RosUpack 2018, which will be available on the Russian market late 2018.

Re(use) is a one piece shipping solution featuring a double hot-melt application. The first hot-melt strip is used during fulfilment to tightly seal the package for dispatch, making additional plastic foil wrapping or bagging obsolete. The convenient tear-open strip – located between the two hot-melt strips - gives consumers easy access to their products upon receipt. If the product is not to their liking, the consumer can use the second hot-melt strip to quickly reseal the packaging and return it. Mariusz Sobieraj, Managing Director of Mondi Lebedyan commented: “This smart, yet simple, solution meets the growing demand of Russian customers for user-friendly packaging. Our easy-to-use, light and sustainable packaging solution helps brands stay competitive on the e-commerce market and boost brand loyalty.”

The packaging solution for e-commerce was developed for the German and Polish e-commerce market for clothing, shoes and accessories. To accommodate similar requests in the near future, Mondi’s site in Lebedyan, Russia, was recently equipped with a brand-new folder gluer, and is soon to be expanded by a hotmelt and tear tape unit.
(Mondi Lebedyan)

Newsgrafik #120568

WestRock Announces Sale of Cabin Bluff Property to The Nature Conservancy  (Company news)

WestRock Company (NYSE:WRK) announced the sale of its Cabin Bluff property to The Nature Conservancy. Consisting of 11,172 acres of upland longleaf forests, marshes, forested hammocks and wildlife, the property is positioned across the intracoastal waterway from Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia.

“For decades, management of Cabin Bluff has focused on stewardship and sustainability,” said Mark Lewis, senior vice president of WestRock’s land and development business. “We are pleased that The Nature Conservancy, an organization known for its commitment to protecting land for future generations, will now own this one-of-a-kind property.”

Cabin Bluff’s forestlands have been intensively managed with a focus on its wildlife habitat while maintaining the integrity of the adjoining estuarine systems. The site is home to traditional game species such as deer, turkey and quail, as well as the gopher tortoise, listed as a threatened species in Georgia, and a candidate for federal listing under the Endangered Species Act. The Nature Conservancy’s Georgia Program will develop a conservation plan to protect Cabin Bluff’s endangered, threatened or rare plants and animals, and is already working with partners and building support to assure the property’s long-term conservation.

Long recognized as one of the nation’s oldest hunt clubs, the property houses an Orvis®-endorsed fly fishing lodge and Beretta wing shooting lodge. The sale includes the resort operations that are expected to continue through a third-party management partner.
(WestRock Companies)

Newsgrafik #120549

cArtù® is the new corrugated cardboard with a revolutionary flute for superior performance  (Company news)

More than 100 years after the invention of corrugated cardboard, Grifal has redesigned its flutes, improving its performance.

Photo: cArtù® - super-resistant parabolic arches

cArtù® is the product that best illustrates our company’s mission of sustainability: a new kind of paper-based protective packaging material that is more ecological than the traditional corrugated cardboard, reducing by 2/3’s the amount of paper necessary to produce a protective box and completely eliminating the need to resort to plastic and other non-ecological elements.

The innovative design improvement of cArtù® is that each flute is bordered by a deep fold that serves as a reinforcing rib. This is achieved by a new industrial process that produces flutes with an arch-like parabolic profile instead of sinusoidal profiles, rendering 50% more flutes in a given length of cArtù® as compared with traditional corrugated cardboards.

cArtù® is the winner of the sustainability challenge
cArtù® reduces the amount of raw material needed to produce an equivalent volume of corrugated cardboard and is much lighter than the equivalent thickness of corrugated cardboard. Thus cArtù® can rightfully be considered a super-ecological product, cutting CO2 emissions by 75% in the production process.
(Grifal Spa)

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The new PMC 2500S servo-driven machine forms cups and containers up to 46 ounces   (Company news)

Paper Machinery Corporation has expanded its line of servo driven cup and container forming machinery with the new PMC 2500S. Designed to serve the food and beverage industry with an exceptionally wide range of sizes, the PMC 2500S forms cups and containers ranging from 4 to 46 ounces in round and non-round configurations.

The PMC 2500S uses a servo control platform at all forming stages, allowing tremendous flexibility and changeovers in less than a single shift. Independent servo motors control seventeen different axis, which are synchronized with a central motion control. The servo platform allows PMC to improve customer service by remotely monitoring more machine conditions and offering additional machine improvements through software updates. Electrical Engineering Manager, Jeremiah Moll stated, “Every PMC machine implements a proprietary control package critical to its safety and operation. If a need arises for updates or support, our Engineering staff is available on the phone, in person, or even by remote VPN connection. ”

Blank fed and roll fed configurations are available. The PMC 2500S forms containers at speeds up to 170 CPM. It forms paperboard and polypropylene cups and packages in tapered or straight wall, round or non-round shapes. “The PMC 2500S is perfect for flexible production environments that require a wide variety of container sizes and shapes,” stated Mike Hansen, PMC’s Vice President, Packaging. “It provides converters, co-packers and end-user companies with a reliable, cost-effective cup and container forming solution.”

Paper Machinery Corporation is demonstrating the PMC 2500S servo-driven paper cup and container forming machine in Booth S1608 at the Pack Expo International exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, October 14 -17. PMC is also running scheduled demonstrations at their headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin through July 2018.

The PMC 2500S will be forming 20-oz. tapered paperboard packages at Pack Expo. Promotional container samples will be available at the PMC booth. In addition to demonstrating the machine in action, PMC’s booth will feature displays of hot and cold drink cups, innovative non-round containers, and award winning packages for a wide range of markets. Videos showcasing the PMC line of machinery will be playing throughout the show.
(Paper Machinery Corp.)

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Another milestone for Valmet IQ Fiber with installation at Irving Tissue  (Company news)

May 2018 saw the installation of the 200th Valmet IQ Fiber Measurement Sensor on Irving Tissue's tissue machine #1 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. For many years, the nuclear basis weight sensor, together with an infrared moisture sensor, were the standard to provide an oven dry basis weight reading for control purposes. Several years ago, Valmet combined fiber weight and moisture in a single non-nuclear sensor, Valmet IQ Fiber Measurement.

"The need for nuclear safety training and licenses are now eliminated, as well as the specialized service and safety requirements for radioactive devices. Installed on tissue machines that use virgin pulp, or recycled furnish, the accurate scan averages and high-resolution CD profiles measured by IQ Fiber provide a solid foundation for machine- and cross-direction oven dry weight controls", says Marko Toskala, Director, Quality Management Solutions, Valmet.

Single infrared sensor for weight and moisture measurement
Developed especially for tissue, IQ Fiber uses multi-wavelength infrared detection to selectively measure fiber, water and other sheet components with high frequency across the sheet. As well as significantly reducing the initial investment cost, IQ Fiber users report lower maintenance and cleaning requirements leading to as much as 75% lower total cost of ownership. The response speed and signal-to-noise-ratio of IQ Fiber are significantly better than the nuclear sensors it replaces. This improves the detection of transient or cyclical variations and adds a significant troubleshooting capability to the system in performing detailed online variability studies and allowing for process improvements.

Space for a scanning platform is always limited on tissue machines where open draws, especially with lighter grades, are minimized. The latest generation Valmet IQ Scanner is the ideal scanning platform for IQ Fiber. Its slim dimensions and dust-proofing ensure accurate and stable sheet quality measurements in the hot, humid and dusty environment of the tissue machine.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Smurfit Kappa completes acquisition of Reparenco  (Company news)

Smurfit Kappa Group is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Reparenco, a paper and recycling business in the Netherlands, for €460 million.

The acquisition represents a transaction multiple, pre-synergies, of 6.4x Reparenco’s 2018 expected full year EBITDA of €72million. Reparenco’s strong strategic fit with SKG’s existing European businesses is expected to deliver synergies of in excess of €30 million. Including synergies, the acquisition multiple is less than 4.5x EBITDA.

Smurfit Kappa, CEO, Europe, Saverio Mayer, said: “We are very pleased to complete the acquisition of Reparenco and to welcome their 315 employees to Smurfit Kappa. There is a strong cultural fit between our businesses and we are excited about the potential for Reparenco within the Smurfit Kappa integrated system.

Reparenco represents early delivery of a central element of our Medium Term Plan – to increase our European recycled containerboard capacity. It is ideally situated in our core European operating region where we continue to see strong demand driven by growth in e-commerce and increased substitution of plastic with paper-based packaging. The mill is also very well placed on the cost curve and specialises in producing basis weights from 80 to 120 grams which caters for the market’s growing demand for lighter-weight materials.”

Laurent Sellier, Smurfit Kappa COO, Paper Europe, added: “The acquisition of Reparenco will strengthen our integrated business model and adds 405,000 tonnes of recycled containerboard capacity to our system.We are also pleased to have acquired a high quality graphic paper machine very well positioned in its market. While the machine offers the potential for conversion to containerboard over the medium-term, our intention is to continue to produce graphic paper for our customers for the foreseeable future.

The 750,000 tonne recycling operation increases our security and quality of raw material supply and also ensures we can provide our customers with greater certainty about the quality and performance of our products.”
(Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)

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Rebranded ‘MAN Energy Solutions’ Replaces Former MAN Diesel & Turbo Name  (Company news)

New branding and strategic alignment marks future path

MAN Energy Solutions represents a new vision, as reflected by a new, corporate design. The new branding embodies a strategic and technological transformation, a process the company had already begun back in 2017 by implementing its new strategy for the future: to expand its business with sustainable technologies and solutions such that they become its main source of revenue by 2030. This strategic realignment is supported by the expansion of MAN Energy Solutions’ product range to include hybrid, storage and digital service technologies.

Dr Uwe Lauber (photo), Chairman of the Board at MAN Energy Solutions, said: "System technologies that help our customers to increase the efficiency of their plants and reduce emissions are already a significant part of our business, and also lead the way to a carbon-neutral future. We will resolutely continue on this path of growth and increasingly become a supplier of complete solutions."

With the rebranding, the company is also taking a stand for the Paris Climate Agreement and the global pursuit of a carbon-neutral economy: "For the first time ever, the international community has set a climate target. We want to play our part in helping to achieve it," said Lauber. "With our products and services, our activities have a significant impact on the global economy. In shipping, for example, we move more than half of the global stream of goods, while energy generation and industrial production also assume key roles on the path to fulfilling the Paris Agreement."

MAN Energy Solutions sees great potential in Power-to-Gas technology, which allows energy generated from renewable sources to be converted into synthetic fuels, such as natural gas. Lauber said: "Using Power-to-Gas technology, we can produce a number of completely carbon-neutral, synthetic gases that can drastically reduce the CO2 impact of logistics and energy generation when used as fuel."

MAN Energy Solutions' vision also sees electrical energy in the future generated either from renewable sources or by decentralised, flexible power plants that will increasingly be powered by such carbon-neutral fuels. Lauber said: "In addition, there will be storage solutions in a range of sizes. In this way, we will build the intelligent energy system of the future."

In relation to this, and together with ABB, MAN Energy Solutions recently introduced ETES (Electrothermal Energy Storage), an innovative storage solution that can supply entire neighbourhoods with electricity, heating and cooling. "ETES is the only system in existence that allows us to use, store and redistribute these resources all at the same time," said Dr Lauber.

In shipping, MAN Energy Solutions has publicly spoken out in favour of a ‘maritime energy transformation’ for some time now, which draws on the increased use of low-emission gas as fuel. Lauber said: "The path to decarbonising the maritime economy starts with fuel decarbonisation, especially in container shipping." The company also offers a number of alternative drive technologies, including hybrid drives, in order to further reduce the share of heavy-fuel engines in shipping traffic, among other applications.

The great importance of energy and its handling is inherent in all customer segments that MAN Energy Solutions targets. "Whether we are talking about a marine-drive system, smart energy networks or efficient industrial-process solutions – converting energy into concrete economic and social benefits lies at the core of our business," said Lauber. "By rebranding as MAN Energy Solutions, we are taking the next logical step and making that focus clear in our company name as well."

As part of the new branding, MAN Energy Solutions new brand claim is "Future in the making".
(MAN Energy Solutions)

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ANDRITZ pulp drying plant achieves new world record at UPM's Kymi mill, Finland  (Company news)

The ANDRITZ pulp drying plant installed at UPM’s Kymi mill in Kouvola, Finland, achieved a new record production capacity of 2,452 tons per day on May 31, 2018.

In terms of specific drying capacity, this equals 389.2 tons per day and meter of working width on the 6.3 meter wide sheet drying machine, which is a new world record for drying of bleached birch and pine kraft. The mill was started up successfully in 2015 and has achieved several production records since then.

The ANDRITZ high-capacity pulp drying line enables efficient and very quick switches between birch and pine pulp production within less than 23 minutes and handles the wide production range of 1,550 to 2,452 tons per day perfectly.

ANDRITZ high-capacity pulp drying lines feature:
-Highest capacities at highest operational reliability for any pulp grade thanks to proven pulp drying technology, including the ANDRITZ Twin Wire Former and shoe press equipment.
-Maximum production flexibility and adaptability for large production windows and short grade changing times.
-Stable operation and low maintenance due to high degree of automation.

This impressive production record is the result of ANDRITZ's leading and proven pulp drying technology and of the excellent cooperation and partnership with UPM.

UPM Kymi is one of the world's most efficient producers of softwood and birch pulp and is recognized worldwide for its high-quality products and excellent customer service, which makes the company a benchmark producer in Europe.
(Andritz AG)

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Aspen Products expands paper tableware production with TRESU Flexo Innovator ...  (Company news)

... inline printing and coating line

Picture: Troy Walls, General Manager, Aspen Paper Products Inc., with the Tresu Flexo Innovator

Aspen Paper Products is boosting output of high-quality paper table top products and achieving production efficiencies after installing a nine-colour TRESU Flexo Innovator printing and coating line at its Kansas City, Missouri, facility. The line already accounts for up to 70 per cent of production at the facility.

Established in 1977, Aspen Paper Products manufactures table top paper products including plates, bowls and lunch bags, supplying retail, wholesale and quick service restaurant markets nationally. Its Kansas City headquarters employs over 500 people and produces 400 tons of paper products per day.

Changing social trends transformed market demands, so that by 2016, even with the factory’s three existing flexo presses running three shifts, five days a week, Aspen was struggling to provide printed material to the converting lines, and a new press was needed.

The Flexo Innovator press at Aspen features CMYK in the first four positions, followed by spot colour positions, and units to apply seal-coating for waterproofing and grease-resistance, as well as the option to apply reverse-sided coating.

“We specified more stations than we needed to save makeready time, especially when spot colours and ink changes are needed,” said Troy Walls, general manager, Aspen Paper Products, Inc. “Idle units can be prepared for the next job while the press is in production. Thanks to the automated ink supply and controls, job changeovers can occur within a few minutes – significantly faster than on our other presses.”

The Flexo Innovator features TRESU’s enclosed chamber doctor blade systems with the F10 iCon ink supply system, to automatically ensure ink supply at constant viscosity, flow-rate and pressure. The doctor blades are positioned to avoid anilox wear and stop air entering the chamber. This means the Flexo Innovator can run at top speeds and assure uniform ink coverage and consistent ink density throughout the run.

“With its fast setup times and stability at high speeds, TRESU’s Flexo Innovator enables us to offer rapid response times for large and small volume orders, without compromising on productivity.” Walls concluded, “With the big accounts, we may run 40 rolls at a time, then jump out to run a few rolls for a discount store, then return to the large order. This kind of flexibility is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction as well as margins. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and the progress makes us well positioned to continue with the next stage of our growth phase at our Kansas City facility.”
(Tresu A/S)

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Imerys Performance Additives Division launches new website  (Company news)

Imerys Performance Additives, a Division of Imerys, the world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, announced the launch of its new website which replaces the existing website.

The new website presents the Performance Additives Division’s full portfolio of mineral solutions and their attributes across a wide range of industrial applications. Created with the user experience in mind, it features a streamlined responsive design, simple navigation, richer content and improved functionalities, such as a new easy-to-use download center and product finder. will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, press releases, company milestones and trade show events.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and share information across all major social networking sites.
(Imerys Talc Europe)

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