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Change perceptions at Labelexpo Europe: Saying luxury in more ways than ever  (Company news)

The face value of a label is just one part of a consumer’s impression of a bottle or package. Communicating brand values effectively means going further – how does a label feel? What sound does it emit when touched? Does it give off a scent? Packaging that stimulates multiple senses has a bigger impact on consumers’ perceptions – and helps determine their purchasing decisions.

Photo: The Avery Dennison Sensorial Collection gives designers a broad toolset to create soft, textured or patterned papers that can give a premium, vintage or artisanal feel.
(Photo: Avery Dennison, PR367)

“At the past Labelexpo, we premiered exclusive labelling materials that help brands to stand out on the shelf, creating unique customer experiences, and changing consumer perceptions,” says Ralph Olthoff, segment director wine & spirits.

Building on its show theme of “Pioneering Change,” Avery Dennison leveraged this platform for showcasing several exciting advances, including:
• Clear Hotmelt adhesive for chilled food packaging
• Sensorial Collection for wine, spirits and craft beer
• Black Collection for wine, spirits and craft beer
• Label’Glass technology for wine, spirits, premium food and cosmetics
Avery Dennison’s patented Clear Hotmelt adhesive offers a new alternative for chilled food applications.

As demand increases in Europe for healthy and convenient chilled foods, so does the need for attractive, transparent and informative packaging. Chilled food applications in the temperature range 0-8 °C require the tack of a hotmelt adhesive, but traditional hotmelt adhesives tend to yellow and UV-hotmelt adhesives carry a price premium. Avery Dennison’s S 2045C Clear Hotmelt adhesive now enables clear labelling for chilled food applications without yellowing. The excellent ink anchorage at increased printing speeds now unlocks a high-quality, cost-effective solution that creates exciting design possibilities for chilled food applications.

The Avery Dennison Sensorial Collection gives designers a broad toolset to create soft, textured or patterned papers that can give a premium, vintage or artisanal feel. These diverse label surfaces can give consumers subtle messages about a bottle’s contents while contributing to an outstanding visual impact. This product portfolio offers various effects, from wood to velvet – allowing brands to create unique label designs that engage multiple consumer senses.

New, exclusive Label’Glass technology allows brands and bottle producers to simulate a glass embossing effect with a label. Decorating the bottle with an embossed label that looks like glass and feels like glass, helps to create a distinctive and premium brand image, while differentiating the bottle to stand out on the shelf among hundreds of other wine, spirits, luxury food or cosmetic bottles. This technology offers a perfect alternative to glass embossing, particularly for small production batches, thanks to low order quantities, fast shipping, cost efficiency and lead times.

The Avery Dennison Black Collection offers unique ways to create truly distinctive label designs for wine, spirits and craft beer brands. The materials provide excellent shelf appeal with black labels without white edges, ranging from smooth to textured in different shades. These products also deliver improved operational efficiency to converters, by saving on both ink and press time, as there is no need to dual pass printing.
(Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)

Newsgrafik #118305

Paperworld China achieved growth in visitor numbers for 2017 edition  (Company news)

Exhibitors and vistors discovered valuable business prospects through themed zones and dedicated areas
Seminars and expert dialogue unveiled the development trends of stationery retail and cultural products

The latest edition of Paperworld China ended on a bright note this year, with 23,368 visitors (2016: 22,932) from around the world gathering at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. The top 10 visiting countries and regions were Japan, the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India, Germany, France, Thailand and the UK. From 21 – 23 September, the fair hosted 548 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions and showcased the most comprehensive product portfolio ranging from office supplies, stationery, hobby and craft products, as well as cultural products with oriental features.

Commenting on the fair, Ms Judy Cheung, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, said: “The 2017 fair has achieved unanimous praise from exhibitors and visitors for its business effectiveness and comprehensiveness. Our various themed zones and dedicated areas were especially popular throughout the three day fair, and draw significant amount of visitors. These special areas, including Small yet Beautiful, Oriental Sense, Creative Pavilion and the debuting Shanghai Journal Show, not only facilitate effective sourcing, but also reveal the latest trends of each sector.”

“Small yet Beautiful” exposed the changing trends of stationery retail industry
“Small yet Beautiful” was a mock retail shop and featured over 100 global leading brands such as 3M, Comix, Mind Wave, Pilot, Uni and more. The area showcased a whole range of products such as stationery, gift and lifestyle products. It aimed to present the most effective business model and product display that help stationery retailers to draw more customers. During the course of the fair, the area was consistently packed with visitors.

Japanese brand Mind Wave exhibited at Paperworld China for the first time. Mr Cheng Chun Xiao, Manager of Mind Wave (Official Agent in China) said: “The setup of Small yet Beautiful is ingenious and has been a big success. Many visitors saw our products from the showcase and visited our booth to further discuss cooperation opportunities with us.” Mind Wave manufactures and sells journals, stickers and other stationery products.

Mr Zhang Chao Yong is the purchasing manager from Da Qing Zhi Sheng Stationery Office Equipment Co Ltd. He also shared: “The visit to Small yet Beautiful was eye-opening. We are in the retailing business and it is important for us to evolve with the market trends. I learnt a lot from the showcase such as the most popular product design and display that I can apply in our business.”

Another special highlight of Paperworld China was the Hong Kong Graphic Arts Pavilion, which displayed innovate printing arts and products. Mr Graham Yung, Project Officer and Management Consultant at Hong Kong Productivity Council, said: “We would like to show to our target customers that Hong Kong printing arts are not only traditional printings, we incorporate innovative or eco-friendly elements to add value to the products. The show brought serious buyers to our pavilion exhibitors who are exactly looking for high-end print products and premiums. ”

The Shanghai Journal Show, a special area that converged a strong number of designers and outstanding designed products such as journals, stickers and tapes, also gained tremendous success this year. The event opened on the last day of the fair and draw numerous buyers, some of which queued up whole night to wait for its opening.

Mr Zhou Rong Tang visited the event to purchase stickers in floral and vintage patterns for his personal journals. He noted: “I found the products here very beautiful and crafty and I hope to see a larger scale next year. I think journals are becoming more popular in China and spreading across different generations. ”

Oriental Sense promoted cultural designed products
As an integral part of Paperworld China, this year’s Oriental Sense Zone converged nearly 70 renowned museums, emerging designers, design brands and quality manufacturers. Together, they displayed a whole range of products that combined with oriental elements or traditional craftsmanship, such as a notebook that highlighted the beauty of “Hanzi” (written Chinese characters), and a scarf that used traditional ink painting patterns, for example.

For the 2017 edition, in cooperation with the Nanjing Museum Administration, fair organisers launched a 2017-2018 cultural products development programme, and invited around 100 emerging designers to create their own cultural products inspired by Nanjing's famed "Porcelain Tower".
Ms He Xiang, Director of Culture development Department at the Nanjing Museum Administration, said: “The programme gathered so many talented designers and their creations are extraordinary. Over the last three years cooperating with Messe Frankfurt, I’ve witnessed that the product quality and the business results are improving, and we will continue this partnership.”

Ms Li Yue Ping, Purchasing Manager at Beijing Xinyilede Commercial and Trade Co Ltd, visited the zone to source gift products with original and cultural designs. She said: “I like the atmosphere of the zone and the diversified range of products integrated with strong oriental elements, such as pens, tea cups, scarfs. I believe these kind of products will become more and more popular in the market in the future.”

Mr Sumir Kumar, a representative from Smiththerm Pvt Ltd, an India based trading company, shared: “I am here to source innovative, good for value stationery that I can export to Canada, India and Mexico. I was truly impressed by the product quality and inventive design. I have visited around 20 companies and will consider placing orders with some of them. This is a great platform to meet with direct stationery manufacturers. I will definitely come back next year.”

Seminars and expert dialogue unveiled the development trends of stationery retail and cultural products
Running alongside with the fair were a series of fringe events, which provided a range of forward-thinking ideas for the industry. One of such event was the “2017 YinLing Brand China Stationery & Book Industry Forum”. Mr Jiang Zheting, Marketing Director of ODS Design, was one of the speakers at the forum. He noted: “Nowadays, a conventional bookstore or stationery shop needs to evolve and provide a whole offerings of stationery, books, cultural products and leisure activities. We are here to share our thoughts and successful business models with the audience. The forum was packed and we were satisfied with the outcome.”

Another worth mentioning forum was the “Seminar on Enhancing Design and Marketing for Chinese Museums’ Creative Products”. Discussing this event in particular, Mr Shiro Aoki, Senior Consultant and former Executive Director COO of Japan Institute of Design Promotion, commented: “The attending audience were all outstanding in their own field. It is a good platform to promote cooperation from different sectors and stimulate new ideas. This will help boost the development of the culture industry.”

Meanwhile, to provide opportunities for the industry to connect with new generations, the fair organisers also arranged a “TEDxKids” talk, which allowed adults and children to share their views and thoughts. Chen Bo Ting was seven years old and attended the talk with his parents. He said: “I like the event. It provided the chance for the children to get inspired by the speeches and about the nature of the topics covered.”

Paperworld China is jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, the China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts, and Guangzhou Foreign Trade South China Exhibition Corp Ltd.
(Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd)

Newsgrafik #118307

Lucart will install 6 BoosTEKTM from Kadant Lamort to boost performance at his Recycling fiber plant  (Company news)

The BoosTEKTM Performance Pack has been successfully employed in the Laval Sur Vologne Mill, and as a results of that LUCART has decided to apply this new and disruptive technology and awarded KADANT LAMORT with 5 new additional units to Boost the performance of his Screening systems installed in all the other mills of the group.

BoosTEKTM utilizes inherent system pressure to amplify the breakdown of the stock mats that form on, and ultimately block, the screen cylinder. This proprietary technology dramatically improves the performance of the screen - increasing capacity, contaminant collection, and the yield of clean pulp fibre.

Alain Lascar, director of technology and marketing at Kadant Lamort, noted: "Significant savings make this a cost-effective upgrade with a compelling return on investment. We have achieved up to a 40% reduction in energy consumption or up to a 65% gain in fiber yield depending on the operational focus."

"We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Kadant. The technological developments and ideas which we have created together are in line with Lucart's philosophy, in particular regarding energy saving and the reduction of industrial waste collection, whilst respecting the highest quality standards which is the ultimate aim of Lucart's recycled products." said Franco Pasquini, Engineering Director, Lucart.

Installed on either the accept or the reject line of your screen, the gains can be both qualitative and quantitative. BoosTEK's adaptive intelligent technology reacts to the needs of the upstream screen, optimizing the running conditions of the stock flow to maximize performance and output.
(Lucart Group)

Newsgrafik #118310

Södra increases exports to China  (Company news)

Demand for products from the Swedish forest is on the increase in China. In 2017, Södra increased sales of paper pulp by more than 50 percent. At the same time, Södra’s sales of sawn timber in the country have increased steadily since 2010.

Södra’s core markets for both paper pulp and sawn timber are located in Europe. However, China is currently one of the fastest expanding markets. In January–September this year, Södra’s sales of paper pulp increased by more than 50 percent to the country compared with the same period in 2016. Uses for paper pulp include cardboard packaging, and toilet and kitchen paper.

“Growth in China is robust. With the increased volumes provided by our investments we can tap into this growth. Demand for raw material from certified forest is on the increase with a clear focus on sustainability, and this is something we can contribute towards,” said Magnus Björkman, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Södra Cell International.

The market is showing no signs of slowing in the near future and there is also strong pressure for sawn timber to China. Södra began delivering sawn timber to the country in 2010 and sales have grown each year. Södra established a sales office for sawn timber in Shanghai in 2015. To meet rising demand in the region, an additional sales office was opened in Hong Kong on 1 October.

Starting in 2018, Södra’s position in China will be further strengthened when a new purchasing office is established in Shanghai, under the name of Södra International Trading. Focus will be on purchasing indirect materials, such as machinery and processing equipment.
(Södra Cell AB)

Newsgrafik #118344

Metsä Group's bioproduct mill inaugurated in Äänekoski  (Company news)

Metsä Group celebrated the inauguration of its next-generation bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland, on 18 October 2017. The mill was inaugurated by the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö. With a cost of EUR 1.2 billion, the mill is the largest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry. It will produce pulp and a wide selection of other bioproducts. The decision to implement the mill project was based on the increasing global demand for these products.

In his inauguration speech, President Sauli Niinistö noted that Finland's well-being is largely based on the export industry.

“The forest industry continues to be a key export sector and a major employer in Finland. Its economic importance is emphasised by the fact that raw materials and services needed in production are mainly sourced from Finland. Metsä Group's Äänekoski bioproduct mill is an example of the forest industry of the new era. Its positive impacts on the Finnish economy are substantial,” Sauli Niinistö says.

President and CEO of Metsä Group Kari Jordan emphasised in his address that economic growth in Finland requires investments.

The forest industry is doing well and has resumed its position as Finland’s most important export industry.

“All in all, Metsä Group is investing around EUR 2 billion between 2015 and 2017. Of this, around 85 per cent is investments in Finland. The bioproduct mill has nationwide effects. It will increase Finland’s annual exports by EUR 0.5 billion, in addition to creating around 1,500 new jobs throughout the direct value chain and having an effect on wood supply across the country. As Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence, Metsä Group is honoured to be participating in building a stronger economy for the country,” Jordan said.

The construction of the bioproduct mill began in April 2015, and the mill started up in mid-August 2017 – exactly on schedule and on budget. The mill’s production has increased as planned, in line with the start-up curve.

The bioproduct mill has shown that large-scale projects can be implemented in Finland competitively and in line with high quality standards. The project was made possible by careful planning and highly committed employees, as well as open, constructive cooperation between the project parties.

Pulp production at Äänekoski is increasing to 1.3 million tonnes from roughly 0.5 million tonnes. The bioproduct mill is a significant project in terms of Metsä Group’s competitiveness. It is expected to achieve its nominal capacity in mid-2018, which will make Metsä Group the world’s largest producer of softwood market pulp.

With this new bioproduct mill, Äänekoski’s industrial ecosystem will develop and grow further, as the mill serves as a platform for the manufacture of new bioproducts. In the first phase, new bioproducts will include product gas, sulphuric acid, biogas and biofuel pellets. Key bioproduct development projects include lignin products, textile fibres and biocomposites.

The bioproduct mill will accelerate the use of renewable energy in Finland, increasing its share of total energy consumption by around 2 percentage points. In terms of energy efficiency, the mill is a leading facility globally. Its bioelectricity self-sufficiency rate is 240 per cent, and it uses no fossil fuels.
(Metsä Group)

Newsgrafik #118297

Smurfit Kappa celebrates 50 years of unlocking value for their customers through ...  (Company news)

...automated packing lines

Smurfit Kappa has reached the 50th anniversary of developing automated packing lines. Since the first was launched in Sweden back in 1967, the company has developed, produced and installed over 8,000 innovative machines across many countries and market segments, servicing the world’s biggest brands.

In today’s world, where the consumer is king, speed, efficiency and flexibility are key for every packaging development. Smurfit Kappa combines unique packaging automation experience along with world-class packaging expertise. Adding logistic services such as SupplySmart and marketing services such as ShelfSmart to the mix gives the customer the total solution provider they are looking for.

A recent example of this was when the Italian coffee giant Lavazza approached Smurfit Kappa to provide a total packaging solution that would provide optimal line efficiency and high speed to market.

“We approached Smurfit Kappa in search of a solution for a new range of coffee capsules that would get us to market in the shortest possible time,” said Paolo Zonca, R&D Engineer at Lavazza. “The brief was challenging but Smurfit Kappa turned it around and provided both the consumer and retail packaging as well as the machine system that could pack 400 capsules per minute.

“Being able to offer a complete packing solution and work on both the packaging format and packing line simultaneously saved a lot of time and got our product on the shelves quicker.”

Koen De-Winter, Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems Manager, said: “At Smurfit Kappa we truly believe that automation liberates our creativity rather than limits it. The next 50 years hold unlimited possibilities for Smurfit Kappa as a total solution provider. With exciting new sales channels such as ecommerce growing, we will keep developing packing lines to launch more and more innovative packaging solutions and continuing to unlock value for our customers.”

The Smurfit Kappa packing line solutions are designed to form, fill, close and palletise packaging and can be customised according to any customer’s needs.
(Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)

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World debut PURe – pure ink system completly free of metal dryers and photo initiators  (Company news)

The latest ink technolgy of Epple Druckfarben AG, Neusäß is called PURe. As third ink system besides UV- and conventional inks PURe convinces with sustainable ink recipes and fast processing. PURe comes along and is without any metal dryers and photo initiators. Thereby PURe places itself fully at the service of printers looking for an environmentally friendly processing of their orders.

The colour world premiere of PURe immediately positions itself distinctively in the market of sheetfed offset inks, as Dr. Carl Epple, Board responsible for development and innovation at Epple, explains: „Between the conventional and UV-print, PURe is a new, a third offset ink technology. PURe as Epple in-house development combines the best of both worlds and thereby ecology and economy to a highly sustainable product.”

Important attributes: pure and fast
The purity and the fast processing of the print product: this is the essence of the autonomous ink system PURe. Dr. Carl Epple was in charge of its development: PURe is not a fig leaf of the environmental friendly print. PURe is really eco-friendly, totally free of mineral oil, photo initiators or the metal dryers of oil-based offset inks. For the drying no potential toxic metals such as cobalt and also manganese or related compounds are necessary. Thus PURe protects humans and nature.” The raw materials are mainly and the binding systems are completely on basis of renewable raw materials. Such as the customers already knows from the BoFood series for the packaging print. During the development Epple attached great importance to the now implemented no hazardous classification of PURe. This documents the environmental friendly and health protecting nature of the ink. The fast and resource friendly processing of the inks saves the printer time and expenses. Thereby the setting of the odour neutral ink PURe is quality-ensuring. Compared to the conventional oil-based printing method, where a processing within less than several hours is hardly feasible, print orders can be handled more efficiently. For the drying of the PURe inks no radiation curing systems are used. This saves energy costs respectively avoids investments in emitter technology and the intensive cooling of the drying device.

„create a PURe world“
PURe, patent pending was developed for printers and their customers having at the same time a high ecological and economic demand. Each printing shop appreciates the fast quality production without long temporary storage. „Our beta customers printed travel brochures as well as newspapers, simply everything what internet printers are producing“, notices Dr. Carl Epple. Within this frame printing shops can actually create themselves a diverse PURe world with process inks. The field technicians of Epple specifically attend the printing shops during the introduction of the ink system. “Special challenges such as in the food packaging print we will approach in future“, said Dr. Carl Epple at the market launch.
(Epple Druckfarben AG)

Newsgrafik #118301

Mimaki Europe announces LA Series wide format, heat-assisted laminators and film  (Company news)

Part of complete, harmonised system for printing & finishing, minimises silvering when laminating UV-curable inks

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, announced the LA Series of wide format, heat-assisted laminators and laminating film. The new laminating film uses a unique glue to minimise the silvering effect that can often happen when products printed using UV-curable inks are laminated. The LA-160W model laminator will be on display at the Bompan booth (Pavilion no.8, booth E23/E27/G20), during Viscom Italia. The show takes place from October 12th until October 14th.

“Mimaki continues to bring innovative solutions to market that make it faster, easier and more cost-effective for sign & display graphics and other businesses to produce outstanding full-colour signs and display graphics,” said Ronald Van den Broek of Mimaki Europe. “This laminating solution is another example of that innovation, and when paired with Mimaki’s new UCJV series of print-and-cut solutions, provides a turnkey offering that will help companies drive more profit to their bottom lines.”

Key features
-Heat-assist provides superior finishing:LA Series laminators are heat-assisted devices with a maximum temperature of 60˚C. This heat assistance improves overlaminate film adhesion, particularly to surfaces printed with UV-curable inks, and reduces the potential for the silvering effect created by pressure sensitive overlaminates. Due to instant curing, UV inks tend to have a slightly uneven surface which can trap air bubbles during the laminating process, causing silvery specs that can take away from the appearance of the product.
-Fast throughput speeds:Laminating speeds of up to 295 linear inches per minute – or nearly five inches per second – means that the finishing can keep up with production and reduce bottlenecks.
-Simple and reliable operation:This easy-to-use laminator includes all functions on one operation panel, with easy access to the pressure handle and foot pedal. Additionally, a take-up reel makes it easy for one person to control the entire process.
-Mimaki Vision Laminate:Designed specifically for use with UV-curable inks and LA Series laminators, Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 (Gloss) film offers fine finishing with a glossy feel while maintaining the colour brightness of the print. This high quality, heat assisted overlaminate is also a cost-effective alternative to cold laminating films.

Complete system from Mimaki
LA Series laminators with Mimaki Vision Laminate film are the ideal companions to a UCJV Series UV-LED cut-and-print device. Because UCJV prints are instantly dry, they can immediately be finished on an LA Series laminator. This complete, harmonised solution ensures reliable performance and quality output for those times when a protective overlaminate is preferred.

LA Series laminators are expected to be available at the end of 2017. Two models will be available: the 158 cm LA-160W model and the 170 cm LA-170W model. Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 will also be available in two sizes: 310-137 (137 cm) and 310-152 (152 cm).
(Mimaki Europe B.V.)

Newsgrafik #118303

delfort will significantly expand its capacity for thin printing papers in OP papírna s.r.o, CZ  (Company news)

delfort , the global innovation leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of special and functional papers, announces an investment of more than 150 Million Euro into a new paper machine in its paper mill in Olšany, Czech Republic.

With this investment delfort will extend its leading position in the thin, lightweight paper industry and will support its customers in fulfilling growing demands in a complex business environment.
This significant investment is targeted to increase the overall capacity of delfort and to support delfort’s loyal customers in their growth with thin, lightweight and functional paper solutions.

OP papírna, the paper mill located in Olšany, in the north east part of the Czech Republic, has more than 150 years of experience in providing the market with specialty thin paper and is known as one of the market leaders as a supplier of thin, lightweight paper. Since 1999, OP papírna sets the standard in close collaboration with customers to drive top quality and service oriented market solutions.

The new paper machine will be equipped with the most modern features and will set new standards in the world of specialty papers. In connection with the expansion of today 's leading production of high quality formats, OP papírna will increase its output by more than 2,200 km² per year.
The machine will start operations within the next two years, which will increase the need for technical experts. The company plans to create more than 30 new jobs for specialists.

Together with the state-of-the-art machine and the best trained experts of OP papírna, delfort will provide existing, well appreciated paper grades. At the same time, the new machine will support the production of innovative, high-engineered and leading paper solutions of uncoated and surface treated wood free paper specialties in the future.

The new manufacturing line will be installed along with Olšany and Tervakoski current PM’s. This will offer delfort’s thin, lightweight business a unique opportunity to combine strengths across two mills and three paper machines.

The decision to invest more than 150 Mio Euro reflects delfort’s commitment to continue serving its customers with individual solutions for highest product differentiation – and therefore boost the market success of its customers.
(delfortgroup AG)

Newsgrafik #118324

SECURE ZAP by Favini  (Company news)

At Luxepack Monaco, Favini presented a brand protection solution: style and security for packaging and tags.

Speciality paper makers Favini, in partnership with speciality paper distributor Strand Paper, have developed a new paper-based material for protecting your brand against counterfeiting.

A premium uncoated SBB board with a special security feature that allows you to distinguish the genuine product from a fake.
The engineered paper-board contains a tagging that reacts to a portable reader emitting sound at the point of contact. The result is a board perfect in the area of brand protection, in particular for carton box design.

The excellent whiteness and pleasant surface texture, makes this high quality paper with SECURE ZAP the ideal product for producing premium/luxury cartons for spirits, health & beauty, jewellery, fashion and design products.

This new paper with SECURE ZAP is designed for Strand Paper to work with the litho and digital printing process in combination with various finishing processes.

The premium board with SECURE ZAP can also be offered in solid black through indent making. It is part of a wider portfolio of products available across Europe distributed by Strand Paper.

Secure-Zap stands for the security feature for brand protection developed by Favini together with additional solutions.

Luxury goods with high monetary value, such as designer watches, handbags and perfumes, aren’t the only products that are affected by counterfeiting. The black market also places great criminal value on printed identification and security documents, such as passports and visas.

As a specialist in manufacturing graphic specialty papers, Favini is in the ideal position to integrate its technical and security features into papers to support genuine brands and security documents.

Branded goods and security documents can be protected with specialist security techniques – making the original distinguishable from the fake. These techniques, which are difficult to copy, can be integrated within packaging and papers to make the product clearly identifiable as the genuine item.

Favini offers brand protection for the whole range of luxury items from sportswear to teddy bears, including everything else in between. The paper specialist is also ideally placed to integrate its technical and security features into the paper used for secure paper documents.

Favini Secure Suite is the modular range developed by Favini that includes the following security features that can be used either individually or in combination for even greater protection:
-Watermarks, fibres and chemical reagents are used as general security features to protect products and documents;
-Instant verification systems (Secure-Zap, -Dust, -Check) use markers, lens, laser pens and beepers to check authenticity;
-Secure Skin features a micro emboss containing logos or patterns and other micro text only visible with a 15x magnification lens.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #118332

Companies in pulp, paper and packaging outperform the market  (Company news)

Five year CAGR of StepChange B3NCH Index (SBI) higher than any other major global index

StepChange Consulting ( tracks the market capitalization of 61 stock listed companies in the StepChange B3NCH Index (SBI). The index has outperformed any major global indexes like the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, the FTSE, the DAX, the Hang Seng or the Nikkei in the last five years.

The SBI had a five-year compound growth rate of 12% and even 15% in the last 12 months.
The overall growth rate of the index was to a large extent driven by companies active in packaging (CAGR of 13%), flexibles (CAGR of 18%) and pulp (16%) since 2012.
(StepChange Consulting)

Newsgrafik #118342

Columbia Pulp: Celebration Event  (Company news)

On Wednesday Sept 27th, 2017, Columbia Pulp hosted a groundbreaking event to celebrate construction of its wheat straw pulp mill at 1400 Highway 261 in Starbuck, WA. Over 160 invited guests attended the event which consisted of a visit to the construction site via motor coach, a series of remarks from community development leaders, Company founders, and professionals who assisted with the financing of the project. The gathering took place at the Main Pavilion at the Columbia County Fairgrounds with a more informal celebration dinner at Woody’s Bar and Grill in Dayton.
(Columbia Pulp LLC)

Newsgrafik #118290

Yet another success for A.Celli Paper and for the E-WIND® technology  (Company news)

A.Celli Paper is pleased to confirm the start of a precious collaboration with the Portuguese Group The Navigator Company S.A. through the agreement for the supply of a latest-generation rewinder model E-WIND® T200 for their facilities in Cacia, in the district of Aveiro, in Portugal.

The tissue rewinder model E-WIND® T200, highly evolved from the point of view of design, has a 5670-mm format and guarantees a maximum production speed of 2000 mpm. It will be equipped with leading-edge technological innovations, among which:
-Dust removal system including total enclosure closed hood covering also unwinder stand units
-Latest bulk loss control system on winding and unwinding systems which allows the lowest loss currently on the market
-Output sorting platform.

The machine, whose startup is scheduled for 2018 3Q, will allow the Portuguese group to work very high quality papers.

This new investment by The Navigator Company is the latest of many demonstrations of the technological reliability of the most evolved generation of Tissue rewinders model E-WIND®, as well as of the fact that A.Celli Paper once again proves to be a precious, expert and professional partner capable of walking side by side with customers, building important relationships.
(A. Celli Paper S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #118292

VPK Packaging Group invest in CorrBoard UK  (Company news)

VPK Packaging Group has announced investment in a 30% stake of CorrBoard UK, the privately owned corrugated sheet manufacturer located in North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, by capital increase and acquisition of Corrugated Synergies International’s stake in the consortium.

CorrBoard UK will be fully supported by the proficiency of Rigid Containers, VPK's UK based packaging division. VPK Packaging Group’s CEO Pierre Macharis stated: “CorrBoard’s modern 320,000ft2 factory is impressive and with VPK’s strong management, know-how and skills, we expect to continue to operate as an independent unit with a dedicated strategy. This will deliver high service levels and a competitive product offering to the market.”

A CorrBoard spokesperson commented: “Our operational success will be further enhanced with VPK’s involvement and we plan to grow the current volume of 130 Million m² of sheets produced off the state-of-the-art 2.8M Fosber corrugator. We also produce 35 Million m² of single faced product from the same machine. VPK have a proven track record in their Aquila sheet-feeding business producing 700 Million m² of sheets per annum.”

A statement released by Corrboard’s sheet plant partners expressed gratitude to Corrugated Synergies International for its expertise and assistance during the past three years as operational partner at the plant, and welcomes VPK into the organisation to further develop the business.

The CorrBoard consortium also includes: Beaucrest Packaging Solutions, Dairi-Pak, Fencor Packaging Group, GWP Group, Garthwest, McLaren Packaging and Swanline Print.
(VPK Packaging NV)

Newsgrafik #118293

Ricoh enters industrial decoration market with Ricoh Pro™ T7210 large format UV ...  (Company news)

...flatbed printer launch

Industrial printers and manufacturers’ needs for greater customisation capability, smaller lot size flexibility, and expanded materials versatility will be met by the Ricoh Pro T7210, Ricoh’s first UV flatbed printer.

Optimised for industrial decoration printing, the Pro T7210 offers both excellent image quality and high productivity at 50sqm per hour (standard mode) or 100sqm per hour in high speed mode. Its broad application range focuses on the industrial sector; interior decoration and building materials, especially rigid and heavy, including glass, wood, aluminium composite and metal.

“The Ricoh Pro T7210 spearheads our expanding solutions range as Ricoh continues to drive innovation in inkjet printing technology,” says Graham Kennedy Head of Commercial Inkjet Business, Commercial and Industrial Printing, Ricoh Europe. “Incorporating Ricoh’s own leading inkjet technology, it is designed to inspire user confidence. And provides new potential and value to a fast-evolving market sector.”

The printer uses Ricoh’s proprietary image processing technology, as well as 12 robust Ricoh MH54 series industrial print heads that deliver outstanding jetting performance and reliability, optimised for Ricoh’s own UV ink, which has high adhesion properties for performance on a wide range of rigid industrial materials.

With a maximum print size of 2.1metres × 3.2metres, the Pro T7210 can print on one board or a variety of pre-cut panels up to 110mm thick. This enables industrial printers and manufacturers to print directly onto a variety of materials.
(Ricoh Europe PLC)

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German Packaging Award 2017 - DS Smith celebrates great success with award-winning display ...  (Company news)

...for Brauns-Heitmann

Laundry and household care products are the core competence of BRAUNS-HEITMANN, Warburg – Germany. DS Smith's display strategists have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display specifically for the promotion-related presentation of a laundry care cloths series in the retail trade. The display convinced not only the customer, but also the jurors of the German Packaging Award 2017. The market-ready prototype scored in the category "Presentation of Goods" and became a winner.

The attention-grabbing display distinguishes itself through its eye-catching effect from a distance. The body, resembling the shape of a washing machine, tells the shopper what it is about immediately. Washing and laundry care are placed in the focus of interest. The 1/4 pallet display for the promotion-related presentation of the laundry care cloths series convinces also through its space for 180 product items. Colour scheme and open design direct the shopper's gaze straight on to the presented merchandise, which can be picked up and refilled easily.

DS Smith’s display provides an impressive presentation for the colour and dirt collector cloths, the laundry white cloths and the laundry black cloths of BRAUNS-HEITMANN. The laundry basket arranged on top with a slight inclination and filled with merchandise ensures a convenient insight and is a design particularity as well as a special eye catcher. The Display is rounded by the printed tile patterns on the basement).

The design described above allows BRAUNS-HEITMANN to select between different types of assortment. The display can also be used for other product groups from the product range of “laundry care”, thanks to its height-adjustable shelves. The number of products can be reduced with the help of covers for placement in smaller retail spaces. The displays will be delivered to the retailer in a pre-filled state. Transport pads ensure safe shipment and provide maximum protection of the merchandise.
(DS Smith Packaging Division, Display/Packaging/Service)

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Clearwater Paper Provides an Update of Impacts to Third Quarter Results and Availability and ...  (Company news)

...Timing of Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast

Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) provided an update on certain factors that are expected to negatively impact operating results for the third quarter of 2017 by approximately $8 to $9 million, based on preliminary results. The company is currently in the process of completing its financial closing procedures for the third quarter of 2017 and will report final results for the quarter on October 19, 2017.

Several factors are expected to negatively impact the company's prior outlook for the third quarter. The planned major maintenance outage at the
Lewiston, Idaho, mill is expected to cost an incremental $3 to $4 million as a result of higher than expected repair costs and lost production due to a three-day delay in the startup of the paper machines. However, the delay
did not impact the new continuous pulp digester, which commenced start-up as scheduled at the end of the third quarter.

Inclement weather caused by hurricanes in the Southeast delayed shipments to customers and contributed to higher transportation expenses and reduced revenues with a net impact totaling approximately $2 million. The expected relief in rising pulp prices in the latter half of the quarter did not materialize contributing to approximately $2 million of incremental expenses. Also, lower than expected case shipments of consumer products and lower converted paperboard shipment volumes are expected to negatively impact results by approximately $1 million.

"Although we are disappointed with the expected negative impact to our third quarter results, we remain confident in our long-term plan to improve operating efficiencies and lower costs," said Linda Massman, president and chief executive officer.

Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Release and Conference Call
Clearwater Paper expects to release its 2017 third quarter earnings on
Thursday, October 19, 2017, after the market close.
Clearwater Paper management will host a live conference call to discuss the earnings release, the results of operations, and other matters after its earnings press release on Thursday, October 19, 2017, at 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
(Clearwater Paper Corporation)

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West Linn Paper Company Ceasing Operations and Winding up Business  (Company news)

West Linn Paper Company annouced that it is ceasing operations and will commence a winding up of its business supervised by its second lien lender.

"We are deeply disappointed to end the mill’s 128 year history, the last twenty of which resulted from a major restructuring and restart when our current ownership took control of West Linn Paper Company. The commitment and support that we received from our employees, our lenders and our owners as we sought to adapt to structural changes in our markets has been remarkable. However, several unforeseeable events have led to a significant reduction in available pulp, making continued operations impossible. As a result we will wind up our operations as quickly and efficiently as possible, beginning immediately." states Brian Konen, Chief Operating Officer for West Linn Paper Company.

Company officials said that orders for stock product will continue to be accepted. Orders that have been produced but not yet shipped will be shipped. Manufacturing orders that have been accepted, but not yet produced, will be reviewed and customers will be contacted shortly with confirmations as to whether those orders will be produced. The Company will not be accepting new manufacturing orders going forward.
(West Linn Paper Co)

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ANDRITZ starts up second tissue machine with 20-foot steel Yankee successfully at ...  (Company news)

...Guizhou Chitianhua, China

International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the TM6 tissue machine delivered to Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Industry Co., Ltd. (Taison Group), Guizhou Province, China. The new PrimeLineST tissue machine, with a design speed of 2,000 m/min and a paper width of 5.6 meters, will produce high-quality facial wipes and toilet paper, as well as paper tissues based on bamboo furnish.

This delivery follows the supply of TM5, which was started up successfully at Guizhou Chitianhua’s location in Chishui in September 2016.

Like the TM5, the TM6 is currently unique on the Asian market because it combines a high-performance Yankee with a steam-heated hood. The PrimeDry Steel Yankee is made entirely of steel, has a diameter of 20 feet, and hence is among the largest in the world. The combination of steam-heated hood and steel Yankee enables a high drying capacity and achieves remarkable cost savings compared to systems operated with gas because it uses steam. The steel Yankee’s evaporation rate is 15-20% higher than cast-iron models, which results in 8-10% better machine performance.

“The two high-speed tissue machines from ANDRITZ contribute to a substantial reduction in operating costs compared to traditional concepts due to their innovative, energy-saving solutions. Moreover, with the large steel Yankees we produce high-quality tissue paper at high speed from the mill’s own bamboo pulp,” says Wu Mingxi, President of the Taison Group.

The Yankee was manufactured at the ANDRITZ workshop in Foshan, Guandong Province, China, which offers customers state-of-the-art manufacturing, local field service, and quality management.
(Andritz AG)

Newsgrafik #118243


Picture: Changing your Experience at Labelexpo Europe: save time, gain an edge. (Photo: Avery Dennison, PR370)

The Avery Dennison Complete Compliance service builds on its show theme of “Pioneering Change,” and offers converters significant time savings while “solving the compliance puzzle” required to meet all global regulatory requirements.

“Frequent changes in regulation can create business risks, and Complete Compliance ensures that you don’t have to deal with all the legal complexities by yourself. The service takes regulations around the globe into account, with careful review by technical and compliance specialists. Complete Compliance gives you the confidence that you are fully compliant with legislation,” says Cor Verhart, product compliance group manager.

Every adhesive innovation must take into account related compliance information such as food regulations, UL certification, BS 5609 certification, plastic regulations, REACH, ISO and regional issues.

The Avery Dennison compliance certification service, available in 5 languages, allows users to generate their own individual compliance statements in just a few minutes and learn more about regulatory requirements. It’s an important new tool that helps label converters and brand owners identify the right material for a specific application – and demonstrate that the material meets all current regulatory demands for its proposed use.

BS 5609 Certification Service
As a leader in labelling materials, Avery Dennison follows strict test protocols aimed at certifying a variety of label stock according to BS 5609. The Drum Label Portfolio includes a list of 63 adhesive-facestock combinations (corresponding to more than 180 product codes) that are compliant with Section two of the BS 5609 (Marine Immersion test).

In addition, we offer testing of printed label materials for our customers and end users for BS 5609 Section three (Portfolio & Testing) compliance, in order to take the regulatory burden off of them. Our laboratory facilities and test protocol have earned external validation by UL. The Avery Dennison in-house testing is free of charge, and has a turn-around time of approximately 3-4 weeks, making certification 50% faster than the industry average.

At Labelexpo Europe, along with the Complete Compliance and BS 5609 certification services, the spotlight was also on flame-retardant PET cable labels, opening up opportunities for under-the-hood and electronics/devices industry applications, and on the range of BPA-free labels that is compliant with the 2020 BPA regulation change.
(Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)

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Esko makes hybrid printing a piece of cake  (Company news)

Permapack experiences faster and more secure print workflow with Hybrid Press Support within Automation Engine

With Esko Hybrid Press Support, leading Swiss manufacturer of high-end packaging Permapack has been able to achieve flexibility and standardisation at the highest level. The tool is a component of Esko Automation Engine, designed to automate the prepress workflow of jobs using different printing processes. This means that now only one production file is required for hybrid print jobs, containing the parameters for the various printing processes. These are recognised within the workflow and take their own individual, predetermined path in order to automatically obtain the specific print settings. With this solution, Esko has been nominated for this year's ‘Award for Innovation’ at the Label Industry Global Awards.

"Process reliability in comparison to manual production is disproportionately higher with the Automation Engine and Hybrid Press Support,” says Mark Lehmann, Chief Technical Officer at Permapack. “Since implementing the solution, our packaging production speed has increased by 25%. As there are fewer manual settings required, the amount of operator errors has also decreased. This is an absolute must in our industry today.” Permapack took an important step towards process security and automation in its packaging production process a year ago, when it implemented Automation Engine and WebCenter for online approvals.

For Permapack the investment in automation solutions as a modern packaging manufacturer is essential, especially as the price situation is still critical at the Swiss production site due to the high exchange rate for the Franc. This means that solutions from Esko help to compensate for this disadvantage of location thanks to the benefits of automation. Permapack deploys Hybrid Press Support for flexo, screen, book and digital print jobs. This includes labels and sachets for food and cosmetics applications as well as laminate tubes for beauty care products. Simplifying its prepress workflow has led to significant standardisation and flexibility for hybrid print jobs at Permapack. Each printing process would otherwise require its own production file to be guided separately through the workflow. This has previously taken up precious time and been a source for errors, compromising the production flow, particularly for smaller runs and tight delivery deadlines.

Secure workflow for all parties with Automation Engine and WebCenter
Permapack has installed a solutions package with Esko to cope with the rapid increase in print design work being carried out with the help of an automation software package. An important advantage for Permapack is that all internal and external parties involved in the project – customer, advertising agency, sales, work preparation, pre-press and production – are working with one and the same file. This means a high level of reliability in the correction and approval process. Via the Viewer, all parties involved have the opportunity to compare the versions optimally.

Labels, tubular laminates, sachets, bags, films as well as wrap-around labels and much more are produced in the in-house print shop (77 conventional printing units and two digital printing systems from HP Indigo). The special challenges include data preparation for the sophisticated designs from the large range of customers with multiple individual versions as well as the varied finishing types that are possible on the 10-colour hybrid machines. The database stores far in excess of 5000 cutting dies, as well as around one thousand format drawings for flexible packaging options. Once the SmartMarks have been created and approved, they can be retrieved over and over again without errors.

Automation Engine
The core of the Esko prepress workflows is the Automation Engine, a modular workflow server that automates projects and processes in pre-press. It not only ensures a higher level of efficiency, greater throughput, but is designed in all aspects for the daily challenges that printing professionals are confronted with, by increasing quality, reducing the likelihood of errors and lowering process costs. The Automation Engine has a scalable and easy-to-operate client/server architecture. It can also be seamlessly integrated into any business system.
(Esko Belgium)

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Neenah Grows Technical Products Platform with Agreement to Acquire Coldenhove  (Company news)

Neenah Paper, Inc. announced it had signed a definitive agreement to purchase all of the outstanding equity of W.A. Sanders Coldenhove Holding B.V. ("Coldenhove"). Coldenhove is a specialty materials manufacturer based in the Netherlands, with a leading position in digital transfer media and other technical products.

Coldenhove has annual sales of over $45 million with EBITDA of approximately $6 million. The company's advanced media is a critical component used in dye sublimation, a growing method of digital image transfer. The purchase price is expected to be approximately $45 million, subject to final closing adjustments, and will be financed with available cash and short term borrowings. Closing is expected to occur on November 1, and is subject to customary conditions.

"This acquisition adds to our technical products portfolio with products, technologies and a customer base that nicely complement our existing digital transfer business, further accelerating our participation in profitable growing markets," said John O'Donnell, Chief Executive Officer. "From a financial perspective, the investment provides an attractive return on capital, is immediately accretive, and will deliver mid-teen EBITDA margins in a growing market."

Additional details about the acquisition will be discussed in Neenah's third quarter earnings call on November 8th.
(Neenah Paper Inc.)

Newsgrafik #118282

Xeikon launched new Xeikon CX500 digital label press at Labelexpo Europe  (Company news)

Based on new generation dry toner platform ready for Industry 4.0

At Labelexpo Europe, Xeikon introduced the new Xeikon CX500 digital label press, the first press based on a new generation dry toner platform that is ready for Industry 4.0. For larger sized labels, labels requiring an opaque white or an extended colour gamut, the Xeikon CX500 outperforms all high-quality digital label presses in terms of productivity, thanks to its web width of up to 520mm (20.47"), full rotary printing technology and 30m/min (98ft/min) printing speed. The wide web Xeikon CX500 is part of Xeikon dry toner Cheetah Series serving the high-end self-adhesive label market, and it complements the narrow-web Xeikon CX3 which has been very successfully adopted since its introduction in 2015.

“With the launch of the Xeikon CX500, we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to further development of dry toner technology for the print and packaging industries, ready for the future. It is the most productive digital label press in the high-quality class thanks to its combination of high speed and wider web. The ability to produce larger labels is particularly important with end-use applications such as labels for household products, pet food, decoration, etc.” states Filip Weymans, VP Global Marketing, Xeikon. “At the same time, we continue to support the entry-level Xeikon 3000 Series dry toner label presses, which are complementary to our high-end Cheetah Series.”

Build for the future

Xeikon’s new generation dry toner platform has been designed around four key values that differentiate it in the marketplace, and sets a new milestone in the digital press landscape.

Intuitive operator interactivity: the new operator interface features both interactivity and connectivity, making it extremely easy to use. It signals when operator intervention is required, allows ease of servicing for field engineers, includes a wiki database with online answers to support questions, and has a “Media Buddy” that guides operators with respect to substrate qualification. Operators can quickly define and implement optimal settings with this innovative Industry 4.0 man/machine interface
Consistent top-notch quality: expansion of the development unit ensures consistent top-notch quality and uniformity across the wider web width at high speeds and high resolution (1200 dpi)
Reliable best in class uptime: dry toner is a proven technology that has always been, and will remain, a very reliable technology. It uses no solvents or inks that can impact the performance as is the case with other technologies, and has less impact on the production environment. In addition, it features longer lasting components and ensures efficiency for both operators and service technicians
Unbeatable productivity: enhancements in the developing unit, the fuser system, material conditioning for more capacity, and much more in the development of this brand-new platform, make it the most productive digital label press in the high-quality class

Just like the Xeikon CX3, the Xeikon CX500 runs on Cheetah toner, which is based on Xeikon’s award-winning ICE technology and is designed specifically to cope with the higher speed. It ensures a reliable and proven printing process operating at 1200 dpi, that meets FDA regulations for food contact and allows to print on standard label materials without the need pre-treatment, including direct thermal papers, BoPP, PE and Co-Extruded films. As with all Xeikon presses, the Xeikon CX500 is driven by the Xeikon X-800 digital front-end which is unmatched in enabling consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity for label production. The Xeikon CX500 continues the Xeikon tradition, built on nearly 25 years of experience in digital printing, of developing presses and workflow solutions that deliver high quality and exceptional uptime.

“This introduction extends the Xeikon dry toner digital label production portfolio from the entry-level Xeikon 3000 Series presses through to the high-end Xeikon Cheetah Series which includes the Xeikon CX3 and the Xeikon CX500. This places digital label printing within reach of label converters of all sizes. We are looking forward to hearing what visitors to our stand have to say about this expanded portfolio, and how it will help them in their decision process as they add or extend digital label printing capabilities,” concludes Weymans.
(Xeikon Manufacturing and R&D Center)

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Glatfelter (NYSE: GLT) announced the introduction of Adena Opaque 96, a new brighter and whiter shade of paper, providing an additional cost-effective option to its growing line of opaque papers, further enhancing the ability for customers to bundle products and streamline their supply chain. Adena Opaque 96 is manufactured at Glatfelter’s Specialty Papers facilities in Chillicothe, OH and Spring Grove, PA, whose central locations enable Glatfelter to offer service that supports small orders and quick turn requests.

“Glatfelter offers one of the broadest uncoated paper portfolios and has been the industry’s trusted source for book publishing and uncoated printing papers for more than 150 years. With the introduction of Adena Opaque 96, customers will have the ability to bundle nearly a dozen different product lines such as: tags, ledgers, index, inkjet, security papers, carbonless, laser MOCR and form bond, just to name a few,” said David Dickerhoof, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Glatfelter’s Specialty Papers Business Unit. “One call to Glatfelter avoids the cost and inconvenience of coordinating multiple suppliers and eliminates freight inefficiencies, saving customers time and money.”

Accentuate your next print job with Glatfelter’s affordable alternative, Adena Opaque 96.
(Glatfelter Corporate Headquarters)

Newsgrafik #118306

TRESU showcases ancillary and chilling systems for quality, productivity and efficiency in ...  (Company news)

... corrugated printing at TAPPI CorrExpo 2017

TRESU will be focusing on its ancillary systems for helping corrugated printers improve print quality and productivity while cutting waste at TAPPI CorrExpo 2017, (16-18 October, Rhode Island Exhibition Center, Providence, Rhode Island).

At its booth (502), TRESU will present its ink supply systems (photo) and chamber doctor blades that provide a fully enclosed solution for regulating ink flow from bucket to substrate. Details about TRESU’s chilling systems for sustainable, efficient heat extraction, from flexo, offset and digital presses, will also be available.

The F10iCon ink supply system for automated flow regulation
TRESU’s F10iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure and viscosity from the bucket, through the chamber and to the press, maintaining constant, pre-set ink density values for complete production runs. With the F10 iCon, simultaneous ink changes on printing stations take minutes, delivering significant time and materials savings per job.
Chamber doctor blade systems: uniform print quality and easy use
The TRESU chamber programme includes lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and ceramic variants and covers all flexo printing situations, in widths from 185mm (7.3in) up to 6000mm (236in). TRESU chamber doctor blades prevent leakage and air contamination, thereby ensuring clean, blister-free print results with fast drying characteristics, better reflection and higher gloss values. When doctor blades need replacing, TRESU’s patented clamping systems enable changeovers in less than two minutes.

The enclosed chamber, created by the seal and precise blade positioning, ensures pressure and flow rate are maintained at desired levels without manual intervention. The enclosed chamber also prevents solvents from escaping and protects the ink from degradation due to exposure to the atmosphere.

MaxiPrint Concept: optimised efficiency with integrated ink supply and cleaning
The TRESU MaxiPrint Concept combines a compact ink supply system with an integrated cleaning system, providing the benchmark for low ink loss and setup times in wide web and corrugated flexo printing.
The MaxiPrint Concept chamber’s cleaning nozzles with robustly designed water-shot mechanisms provide an ink change and cleaning cycle of 3-5 minutes. It comes with a peristaltic or diaphragm ink supply system and can be adapted to any press.

Chilling systems for efficient heat extraction
TRESU will also highlight its chilling systems for sustainable, efficient heat extraction from flexo, offset and digital printing presses. TRESU’s new intelligent iSeries offers an innovative control platform that interfaces directly with the TRESU Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS). IDMS is a state-of-the-art, proactive system that monitors the chiller, alerting the TRESU service department about any performance issues, facilitating remote diagnostics, and enabling swift remedial action.

“Corrugated converters are looking for ways of reducing costs, while improving productivity and print quality. TRESU’s ancillary systems can make a major contribution in cutting ink waste by improving ink life, and precisely controlling its application,” said Scott Hibbs, president and CEO, TRESU Americas. “Cutting preparation times and reducing clean-up and maintenance times, as is possible with our ink supply and chamber doctor blade systems, can have a major impact on efficiency and competitiveness.”
TRESU’s global support network of subsidiary companies and agents provides the resources and expertise to provide long-term support. The company also offers training, and management of retrofitting projects to raise the performance of existing presses with tailored ink logistics solutions.
(Tresu A/S)

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Ontex announces investment for new production site in Poland  (Company news)

Ontex Group NV (“Ontex”) announced that it will further expand its personal hygiene business around the world through a new production plant to be built in Radomsko, Poland. The investment related to the new facility is estimated at this stage to amount to € 40 million, the new site is expected to start up by the end of 2018 and to employ 170 people by 2020.

Photo: Ontex CEO Charles Bouaziz

The new Polish plant will support the Central European business of its Mature Markets Retail Division. It marks another step in Ontex' growth strategy and its ongoing transformation into a leading consumer goods company. Adding production capacity in Central Europe also fits in the company’s global ambition to widen its international presence.

With an investment that is estimated to amount to €40 million over the next years, Ontex aims to open a total site area of around 110 thousand m² and a total industrial area of 24 thousand m². This would allow Ontex to optimise production processes and service its Polish and international customers and consumers better. The investment is expected to create 170 or more new jobs by the end of 2020. With the current planning in mind, the first production in the new facility should be by the end of 2018 and site should be fully operational by 2020.

Ontex CEO Charles Bouaziz commented on the extension of Ontex’ production capacity in Poland: “To remain competitive it is important to continue investing in productive capacity. The new facility in Radomsko will help us to fulfil our growth ambitions, create job opportunities in the region, and make sure we continue to satisfy our expanding retailer customer and consumer base in Central and Eastern Europe.”
(Ontex N.V.)

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Labelexpo Europe records all-time high in event attendance  (Company news)

Labelexpo Europe 2017, the largest international event dedicated to the label and package printing sector, culminated in its biggest-ever edition with record-breaking exhibitor and visitor figures and show floor occupying nine exhibition halls – 12% bigger than 2015.

Held at Brussels Expo over 25 – 28 September, Labelexpo Europe hosted 679 exhibitors, including 198 new exhibiting companies. Visitors and exhibitors alike enjoyed a massively enhanced experience thanks to the recent refurbishment of Brussels Expo. Attracting large delegations from Brazil, China, India and Japan, the show reported 37,724 visitors; an increase of 5.6% on 35,739 visitors in 2015.

While labels remained central to the overall Labelexpo experience, the show floor reflected its continued diversification into flexible package printing with a wider appeal for brand owners and wide web converters. With 25% more working machinery demonstrated at the show, 2017’s event was used for a large number of significant product launches with new machines unveiled by many of the leading press manufacturers. In addition, inkjet technology made a real breakthrough at this year’s show.

Running alongside the Linerless Trail and educational master classes from the Label Academy, the Automation Arena feature made its debut as it highlighted the latest automated label and package printing technology. As Industry 4.0 becomes a reality for label printers, the Automation Arena was put on to show the complete automated workflow in action from job creation and prepress through to finishing and customer invoicing. The ground-breaking special feature was run in partnership with AVT, Cerm, Esko, Grafotronic, Kocher + Beck, Matho, MPS, Wasberger and Xeikon.

Growth in the digital printing technology sector remained evident, with many high profile launches including Mouvent, a joint venture between Bobst and Radex. ebeam Technologies, Uteco Converting and INX Digital International jointly introduced Gaia, the industrial end-to-end digital narrow web system for mass-personalization of indirect food contact packaging and labels. Other digital launches included Durst’s new high resolution Tau330 RSC and Xeikon adding UV inkjet capability with the global launch of its Panther PX3000 technology. HP Indigo unveiled the GEM digital decoration system in-line with a WS6800 digital press. There was also the latest hybrid press offerings from major conventional press suppliers such as Gallus, Mark Andy, MPS and Nilpeter.

There was also a wealth of new conventional flexo press developments on show with enhanced features for automation, package printing and increased efficiency for short runs. Highlights included Gallus marking the European debut of its LabelMaster press, Nilpeter launching the latest iteration of its established FA-4* press and OMET introducing a film package for its iFlex press.

Lisa Milburn, Labelexpo’s managing director comments: “The Labelexpo team have worked incredibly hard to deliver outstanding content for what was a very bold show and thanks to the commitment and support of our exhibitors and industry partners, we’ve created a very successful business environment for the industry. This edition has broken all previous records and its success is testament to the fact that the label and package printing industry continues to see Labelexpo as being the place to be. We are still extremely ambitious for the show’s future and we look forward to returning to Brussels with an even bigger and better event in September 2019.”
(Tarsus Group)

Newsgrafik #118260

Two category wins for Iggesund  (Company news)

Picture: The beauty Box. @Iggesund

Cartons made of paperboard from Iggesund Paperboard won two of the categories at the Carton Excellence Awards 2017. They were given at the Pro Carton/Ecma congress in Vienna in late September. Iggesund products were used for the winners in categories “Beauty & Cosmetics” and the new category “Save the Planet”.

Beauty Box from brand owner FEMIA Cosmetic Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH is a five-day intensive treatment. Ampoule treatments and their highly concentrated ingredients are regarded as turbo boosters for the skin. The packaging is an eye-catcher at the point of sale: the window in the packaging allows a clear focus on the ten fragile glass ampoules as well as the pink beauty potion. The treatment pack was placed in stores for Mother‘s Day giving a highly exclusive beauty kick.

Rlc packaging group did both the conversion and the structural design. The board used was Incada Silk 280 g/m2. Design highlights: the ampoules are secured carefully by both the lid and base – perfect protection against breakage or premature removal, even without a PET window foil. Opening of the pack creates a unique “wow” effect which is hard to forget. In addition, the packaging is extremely efficient: finishing is in-line with soft-touch varnish. The cartonboard construction can be fully recycled giving it a sustainable quality.

“Beautiful, simple and secure. This attractive box does everything needed to hold, protect and display the precious glass ampoules. The liquid containing vials are held in place in the base AND the roof of the carton. The ampoules are placed in such a way that when the carton is closed, both ends of the ampoules are held within base and roof apertures. When opened, they display beautifully. The soft touch varnish just adds that ‘little extra’”, the jury commented.

HAL Allergy Venomenhal, winner of the Save the Planet category, is an example showing that intelligent concepts are in high demand in the field of healthcare and can deliver major advantages for both consumers and manufacturers. This new design of the interior has been developed for an existing outer carton pack, which now can be glued and set-up using a semi-automated packing line. This new set replaces the completely manual set-up of the old design and eliminates the need for a dedicated transport pack. The printed colours on the back of the interior are intended to assist in filling the cartons correctly with the vials having corresponding cap colours.

The new design substantially reduces the packaging costs and the reduced amount of material used has a significant positive environmental effect. The interior keeps the vials perfectly intact and ready for use. Also, the new design requires far less space than the old design again saving costs.

”Considerable reduction in packaging is what makes this pack the winner in this section. The new design does away with hand packing plus a dedicated transportation pack is now not needed. Yet the valuable vials are still well contained and protected”, was the verdict of the jury.

Intergrafipak converted and also did graphical and structural design.
(Iggesund Paperboard AB)

Newsgrafik #118261

Kipaş Kağıt is counting on Voith's XcelLine at its Söke production facility  (Company news)

• Efficient production of high-quality board and packaging papers
• Basis weights from 90 to 400 g/m2 possible
• Automation package guarantees process reliability

A consistently high quality for all basis weights and low energy consumption were the two main requirements to be met by the new PM 1 at Kipaş Kağıt. This is why the Turkish paper manufacturer opted for an XcelLine system from Voith featuring a high degree of automation.

At the end of September 2017, Voith won a contract from Turkish paper manufacturer Kipaş Kağıt to build the PM 1 at the company's mill at Söke in Western Turkey. The company will use the XcelLine facility to produce around 700,000 metric tons per year of high-quality board and packaging papers with basis weights of 90 to 400 grams per square meter. Kipaş Kağıt is planning to run at a production speed of 1,200 meters per minute. The wire section has a flexible design allowing the production of two-ply and three-ply paper.

One of the key priorities for the Turkish papermaker was high paper quality with high machine efficiency even in the case of low grammages. In addition, the machine should be particularly energy efficient, i.e. use less power, water and steam. XcelLine meets both these criteria thanks to its perfectly matched components.

In the stock preparation unit of the PM 1, for example, various products of the BlueLine family reduce the costs for energy, fresh fiber treatment, water and maintenance. In four stock preparation lines featuring processing technology specially designed for various recovered papers and pulp and with a total production capacity of more than 3,000 t/day, the conditions have been created for manufacturing high-quality paper products. Apart from the process machines, Voith will also supply the complete water, sludge and reject system and the main components for the effluent treatment plant.

Stock distribution is done via three MasterJet Pro headboxes. The OnQ ModuleJet dilution water system, which is integrated into the headbox for the middle ply, allows the dilution water to be dosed directly into the intermediate layer. This results in a uniform distribution over the entire height of the layer. The system improves the accuracy of the control response in the paper web by over 50 percent compared with conventional systems, allowing optimum CD profiles and an excellent fiber orientation to be achieved.
A key element of the Combi DuoRun dryer section are the EvoDry steel cylinders which allow the number of drying cylinders in the pre-dryer and after-dryer sections to be reduced. This reduces the weight of the dryer section and saves investment and electricity costs, without compromising the quality of the products. In addition, the PM 1 will be fitted with a Tandem NipcoFlex shoe press with four felts and a downstream third press to improve smoothness, a SpeedSizer AT film applicator unit and an EcoCal Hard and EcoCal Soft nip calender. If the paper is to be coated this is done using up to three DynaCoat AF coaters and a DF Coat unit for direct coating. Non-coated papers are transferred via an intermediate Sirius winding system directly to the two VariFlex winders with two-drum winder technology. Voith will also supply the complete initial clothing for the PM 1 and three further clothing sets.

A comprehensive automation package consisting of OnControl process control system, OnQ quality control, OnView information system and OnCare CM condition monitoring increases process reliability and allows preventive maintenance. Interminable and costly machine shutdowns can therefore be avoided. Moreover, the OnV energy management system that is also integrated into the PM 1 identifies, localizes and visualizes all energy consumptions during ongoing paper production and offers the user numerous options for improvement. In this context, the entire machine air system, which guarantees high heat recovery rates and operational reliability, makes an especially important contribution to energy saving and economic efficiency.

The good experience that Kipaş Kağıt had with Voith in the past during the construction of the new stock preparation unit in 2013 was the reason the company decided from the very outset that the new facility had to come from one source. The Turkish paper manufacturer was more than satisfied with the performance and reliability of the stock preparation unit and therefore decided to award Voith the entire contract for the PM 1 and also entrust the technology leader from Heidenheim with the complete planning of the facility. As part of its Process Line Package, Voith assumes total responsibility for the project and guarantees scheduled completion of the system at the agreed price.

Moreover, Kipaş Kağıt is planning to work with Voith again to build another paper machine for non-coated packaging papers in the same width and with a similar production capacity at the same location.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)

Newsgrafik #118265

Metsä Board celebrates winners in 2017 European Carton Excellence Awards  (Company news)

Metsä Board’s paperboards were used by winners in three categories at the 2017 European Carton Excellence Awards: Food & Beverages, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals and the Public Award. The Award Gala was held on 21 September in Salzburg, Austria.

“We are delighted that our products have been an integral part of the winning packages. This demonstrates the important part that the packaging plays in creating maximum shelf-impact and can help differentiate a brand from the competition. Sustainability too should be an integral part of the packaging design, so that the packaging is not only made of sustainable materials but it is also lightweight, right-sized, functional and easy to recycle; our products also helped achieve these goals”, states Mika Paljakka, VP Sales EMEA, Metsä Board. “We would like to extend our congratulations to everyone who participated in the vision, design and production of the winning cartons.”

The jury looked for excellence in design, convenience, brand communication and the major role paperboard plays as an innovative packaging material. In total Metsä Board paperboard featured in eight of the finalist packages.

The winning cartons, using Metsä Board products, were the following:
JDE Z1 Packaging (photo)
Carton producer: STI Group
Brand owner: JDE – Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Paperboard: MetsäBoard Classic FBB

Ventofor-Combi Pack
Carton producer: Lithosan Basim Yayim Ambalaj Sanayl ve Tic.
Brand owner: Bilim llac San. ve Tic.
Paperboard: MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright
(Metsä Board Corporation)

Newsgrafik #118266

Domsjö Fabriker AB: New lignin line  (Company news)

​On Monday, October 2, the governor Gunnar Holmgren opened the new packageline for lignin. The new bag size allows Domsjös lignin to be sold in completely new markets.

​The new line for small bags is an investment of approximately SEK 30 million. The project that has been going on for almost a year has been very successful.

"The investment is another step in the development of our biorefinery. We are pleased that our owner, Aditya Birla, sees our potential and wants to continue to drive development together with us in Domsjö, comments CEO Lars Winter.
(Domsjö Fabriker AB)

Newsgrafik #118267

Toscotec identified in London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Europe’ report  (Company news)

·Toscotec recognised in second edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe report
·Report demonstrates critical importance of high-growth private small and medium sized companies (SMEs) to future European economic growth, innovation and job creation
·As one of the most advanced industries in the manufacturing and engineering sector, Toscotec talks about its history, its mission and the new challenges of its competitive market.

Toscotec has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe. The report is a celebration of high-growth and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses across Europe.

To be included in the list, companies needed to show consistent revenue growth over a minimum of three years, significantly outperforming their country peers.
(Toscotec S.p.A.)

Newsgrafik #118156

FFIF: Jyrki Peisa appointed director and member of the management team  (Company news)

LL.M. Jyrki Peisa (38) has been appointed director and member of the management team at Finnish Forest Industries Federation as of 1 November 2017. He will be in charge of lobbying associated with energy and climate policy, mill environment issues and product logistics.

Peisa currently works as Special adviser for Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment. Before this, he served as Managing Director at The Bioenergy Association of Finland.
(Metsateollisuus ry - Skogsindustrin rf / FFIF Finnish Forest Industries Federation)

Newsgrafik #118180

Nuceria Group Rings the Nilpeter Bell at LabelExpo Europe and Acquires New PANORAMA Hybrid  (Company news)

Picture: Nuceria Group and Nilpeter moments after ringing the bell at LabelExpo Europe 2017

LabelExpo Europe is the most important international exhibition in the self-adhesive label industry, the center for live demonstrations of new machinery and the perfect place to meet leading suppliers and industry experts. As a global corporation, Nuceria Group attends LabelExpo Europe not only to see the latest product news, but also to expand partnerships and together outline strategies for the future.

Nuceria rings the bell
For the 2017 event, Nuceria Group did not miss the opportunity to ring the famous bell on the Nilpeter stand, marking the on-show sale of a press, further strengthening their historic partnership with the leading Danish narrow web printing press manufacturer.

With a strong focus on excellence and cutting-edge technologies in the combined digital printing industry, Nuceria is betting on their latest Nilpeter addition, The PANORAMA Hybrid, to further the cause. The new press supports five InkJet digital colours in combination with flexo processes, silkscreen, cold foil, and quick-change die-cutting.

Setting new industry standards
Guido Iannone, General Manager of Nuceria Group, comments, ”The new PANORAMA Hybrid product line will be installed in our Milano Plant and will follow our strategy to set new industry standards in terms of flexibility, customisation, and supply chain excellence.”

“We have embraced the market trend towards customisation for a long time, and with this investment we will reach the next level. We have chosen Nilpeter’s PANORAMA because it perfectly combines the strength of the different technologies to build sustained value and transform something special into something truly unique,” he continues.

A proud key partner
Delivering innovative products and solutions is a big part of the Nilpeter and Nuceria company DNA. “Consumers are becoming more and more demanding, and we believe the PANORAMA is a clear and innovative answer to these new requirements," said Peter Eriksen, COO of Nilpeter A/S. “We are proud to be a key partner of Nuceria Group in this exciting journey,” he concludes.
(Nilpeter A/S)

Newsgrafik #118183

Trinseo Announces Price Increases for Latex Binders in EMEA  (Company news)

Trinseo (NYSE: TSE), a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber, and its affiliate companies in Europe
announced, effective immediately or as contract terms permit, Trinseo will increase the price for all latex products sold into the Paper, Board, Carpet and Textile, and Adhesive and Construction Binder markets in the EMEA region. The increase will be 60 Euros per dry metric ton for all latex products.
(Trinseo Europe GmbH)

Newsgrafik #118253

Kemira and Valmet partner for the development of industrial internet solutions for pulp and ...  (Company news)

... paper industry

Two global leaders, chemicals company Kemira and process technology, automation and services company Valmet, have signed a partnership agreement for the development of digitalized data-based applications and services for their customers in the pulp and paper industry.

“Kemira and Valmet are leading suppliers to the industry globally and both companies are also actively developing digital solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the speed, quality, reliability, predictability and performance of our customers’ business. With these synergies, it makes great sense to join forces to create value and reshape business collaboration models,” says Antti Matula, Vice President of Product Lines and Business Development at Kemira.

"Through this cooperation and the companies' complementary know-how, customers’ production process data can be integrated and optimized for the customers' benefit. This provides superior performance for the customers instead of each actor operating independently," says Jari Almi, Director of Industrial Internet at Valmet.
(Kemira Oyj)

Newsgrafik #118285

Tissue World Istanbul is returning at the Istanbul Congress Center from 4 – 6 September 2018  (Company news)

Tissue World Istanbul is set to take place at the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC), Turkey from 4 – 6 September 2018.

Part of the international Tissue World portfolio established since 1993, Tissue World Istanbul is the 2nd edition of Tissue World trade show and conference in Turkey. Took place for the first time as a fully-fledged trade show in 2016, Tissue World Istanbul 2016 was a resounding success and welcomed a total of 1,602 participants from 65 countries across the 3 show days.
Strongly supported by the local and regional tissue industry, the show floor featured leading tissue manufacturers and industry suppliers which accounted for over 40% of the regional tissue business.

Trade visitors included key decision makers from a diverse range of profiles including traders, distributors, retailers, finished product manufacturers, jumbo roll producers and many more.
Being a huge tissue producer with a leading role in the MENA region mainly thanks to its strategic location, Istanbul is the ideal meeting point for the local and international players from Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

New addition in 2018: Hygiene Nonwoven Machinery Suppliers introduced on the Show Floor
The hygiene nonwovens sector in Turkey shows a growing process in the manufacturing segment of the industry. According to figures collected and compiled by EDANA, the overall production of nonwovens in Europe grew by 3.6% in 2015, despite an environment of slow economic growth. Turkey continues to record double-digit growth in nonwoven production. Over the course of 2014-2017, the production has increased by 16%.

In addition, the Turkish retail market size in 2017 for wet wipes, nappies/diapers/pants and sanitary protection is estimated at US$1,006 billion, according to Euromonitor International.

Against this backdrop and in view of the compatibility with the business profiles of Tissue World exhibitors, the hygiene nonwoven machinery suppliers will be introduced on the 2018 show floor, all set to welcome a broader landscape of buyers from the manufacturing and converting side as well as traders, distributors and retailers.
(UBM Exhibition Singapore Pte Ltd)

Newsgrafik #118235

Fujifilm presented the latest in flexo ink technology at Labelexpo 2017  (Company news)

Fujifilm’s new ink, Flexo JDR, offers flexo printers greater quality, faster curing and improved ease of use.

Fujifilm showcased at Labelexpo Europe 2017 a brand new ink called Sericol Flexo JDR which has been designed to offer the best possible quality and performance to flexo printers.

Fujifilm’s award-winning ink factory in Broadstairs in the UK is known around the globe for developing some of the world’s leading inks. These include graphic and industrial screen inks and inks for textile printing, as well as an impressive range of UV narrow web and flexo inks – all designed to maximise quality and efficiency and minimise production costs.

The Sericol Flexo JD ink range is one of the key ink ranges among Fujifilm’s narrow web ink portfolio. This high gloss UV flexo ink system was designed for general purpose narrow web label printing onto a variety of substrates, and has long had a reputation for quality and precision. Fujifilm has now taken this to another level with the introduction of a new ink, Flexo JDR, to the range. Like the rest of the Flexo JD range, it is ITX and benzophenone free and, thanks to improved manufacturing processes and the use of the latest raw materials, Flexo JDR also offers significant improvements in a number of key areas:
-Product range – Flexo JDR is available in CMYK and White, alongside the existing JD range it offers printers more options and increased flexibility in achieving the best quality finish on press.
-Quality – Flexo JDR manages to improve on the already very high quality standards of the JD range.
-Performance – The use of the very latest raw materials and improved manufacturing processes mean that Flexo JDR inks are faster curing, and offer improved adhesion.
-Balanced CMYK ink set – All JDR process colours can be used with the same specification anilox rollers.

In addition to all these improvements, printers will also benefit from all the key advantages of the original Flexo JD ink range:
-Low viscosity press ready colours
-Adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates and papers
-High colour strength
-Dedicated PANTONE® formulations
-High gloss
(Fujifilm Europe GmbH)

Newsgrafik #118236

Irving Consumer Products Breaks Ground on their New $400 Million Tissue Production Plant in ....  (Company news)

... Macon, Georgia

Irving Consumer Products broke ground on the construction of their new $400 million state-of-the-art tissue plant in Macon, Georgia at an event at the site of their future home. Joined by Mayor Robert Reichert and Charlie Gatlin, Special Projects Advisor for Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), President Robert K. Irving acknowledged the next step in the construction of the new facility.

“We’re excited to begin construction on this new plant. The plant will create over 200 permanent, skilled jobs and allow us to continue to meet our customers’ growing demands,” said Robert K. Irving, President of Irving Consumer Products. “It will also provide growth in our home province. The pulp will be from Irving Woodlands, manufactured at our New Brunswick pulp mill.”

Photo Caption:
Pictured at the ground breaking of the new Irving Consumer Products plant, from left to right are: Sam Hart, Chairman, Macon Water Authority; Robert E. Fountain, Jr., Chairman, Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority; Charlie Gatlin, Special Projects Advisor, Georgia Department of Economic Development; Elaine Lucas, Commissioner of Macon-Bibb; Robert Reichert, Mayor of Macon-Bibb; Robert K. Irving, President of Irving Consumer Products; Tim Baade, General Manager, Irving Consumer Products; David Dennis, Vice President of Manufacturing, Irving Consumer Products; and James Gunn, Director of Maintenance and Engineering, Irving Consumer Products

The new plant will produce ultra-premium quality household paper products including soft bath tissue and high quality paper towel that is both strong and absorbent.

“It's a great day in Georgia when we get to celebrate a ground-breaking event,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Deputy Commissioner Tom Croteau. “We are excited that Irving Consumer Products chose Macon to expand their North American footprint, and are confident that they will find success here in Georgia.”

Following the ground breaking, Irving Consumer Products hosted a community BBQ in Rosa Parks Square to recognize first responders for their efforts during Tropical Storm Irma. Hundreds of emergency responders worked to open shelters, restore major power outages and clear debris from blocked roads. Irving Consumer Products contributed $30,000 to local relief efforts. The American Red Cross of Central Midwest Georgia and Salvation Army of Central Georgia each received a cheque for $15,000 for disaster response and relief efforts in Macon-Bibb County.

“I’m thrilled that Irving Consumer Products is already breaking ground on their new, state-of-the-art plant in the Sofkee Industrial Park. When we first met the people from Irving, I was amazed at their family atmosphere and values, and I knew they would be a great fit for our community,” says Macon-Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert. “I am inspired and encouraged by their show of support for our emergency responders and know they will continue to be a great partner for many years to come."

Construction will be completed in 2019 and is estimated to provide 1,000,000 person hours of work. At the height of construction, over 540 people will be working on-site.

In November 2016, Irving Consumer Products announced the purchase of a new ThruAir Dry machine. In August 2017 the company selected Macon, Georgia as the site for their new plant. The new plant will double the company’s ThruAir Dry capacity, increasing it by 75,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 15 million cases.
(J.D. Irving Limited)

Newsgrafik #118238

UMV to supply coaters to OOO Mayak-Technocell (MTC), Penza Russia  (Company news)

Joint venture OOO Mayak-Technocell (MTC) have selected UMV Coating Systems to supply key components for their new PM6 in Penza Russia.

The contract contain state of the art coating units for surface treatment of both top- and reverse side of the paper.

The new PM 6 will produce décor- and non-woven wallpaper base and production start is scheduled to the first quarter of 2018.
(UMV Coating Systems)

Newsgrafik #118239

AR Packaging strengthens centres of excellence and optimises its footprint  (Company news)

AR Packaging is in an expansion phase since a few years, including acquisitions, coupled with continued migration from general packaging to selected segments where AR Packaging has a competitive edge. The Group has a strategic plan built on three pillars: further growth in Europe in selected business segments, global expansion with selected packaging solutions and further improved operational excellence and cost-efficiency. This approach has proven very successful.

In order to secure that AR Packaging continues to sustainably and professionally meet its customers’ increasing expectations on high efficiency, broad expertise and strong innovation skills, a review of the operational footprint of the Group has been initiated.

”AR Packaging has gained significant new business in targeted segments as set in our strategy”, says Harald Schulz (photo), President and CEO at AR Packaging. “After a successful integration of the businesses acquired during latest years, we now take a holistic view on our footprint. Strong skill centres and further site specialisation through focused technology and know-how will increase the Group’s ability to lead future developments while aligning presence to optimal locations.”

Cutting edge investments are on-going at several plants across Europe and cover a span from state-of-the-art equipment for improved efficiencies to expansion of selected plants.

“We have a vast investment program in place which includes for example four new printing machine installations during 2016-2018 as well as expansion of our plants in Krakow, Poland, and Tabasalu, Estonia”, comments Harald Schulz. “It supports our ambitious growth plan in a very good way.”

The strengthened centres of excellence will increase AR Packaging’s capabilities as well as capacity. Therefore, it is our plan to actively consolidate and optimise our operations in certain locations.

Following the acquisition of the European operations of Mead Westvaco in 2015, AR Packaging operates three plants in Russia. Sales volume development does not justify three plants in the region at the same time as price pressure increases. Consequently capacity and infrastructure costs need to be reduced to meet the profitability demands for the Russian rotogravure operations. The A&R Carton plant in Moscow, will be closed and the Group will serve the Russian market from its two plants in St. Petersburg and Timashevsk, each with focused technology, competence base and increased production capacities.

To be competitive and profitable on the Nordic carton market the cost base needs to be substantially reduced and asset utilisation increased. Therefore, the AR Packaging board has in its meeting on 28th September taken the decision to reallocate volumes to other plants in the Nordic region and close the Kauttua production. Sales, customer service and product development functions will remain in Kauttua.

The announced changes at the Russian and Finnish operations will have an impact on around 150 employees. AR Packaging will offer employment at other locations to the utmost extent feasible.
(AR Packaging Group)

Newsgrafik #118248

Södra's port becomes fossil-fuel free  (Company news)

Södra’s port in Mönsterås will become completely free from fossil fuels in October. All work vehicles and cranes at the port will begin using HVO diesel – a completely fossil-free alternative to standard diesel.

Södra’s port has four cranes and 16 work vehicles. Together, these handle about three million tonnes of freight each year. The freight is loaded for transport to Europe by land and sea and includes 430,000 tonnes of paper pulp and 170,000 m³ of sawn timber. This will now be carried out using only fossil-free HVO diesel.

“As a representative of a green industry, we consider this an obvious next step,” said Niclas Strömqvist, Site Manager at Södra’s port in Mönsterås.

The switchover at the port began in the spring of 2017 and was completed at the end of September. The move is part of Södra’s sustainability targets that aim to achieve fossil-free production by 2020 and fossil-free transportation by 2030 – targets adopted in 2016 and assigned the same status as Södra’s financial targets.

“Efforts have focused on examining and ensuring that the HVO diesel is compatible with existing equipment at the port. We are always on the lookout for climate-smart solutions. This is in line with how we want to act and operate as a company,” said Jörgen Erlandsson, Head of Technology, Environment and Quality at Södra’s port in Mönsterås.

HVO is both a climate-smart and economical alternative to synthetically produced petrodiesel. The raw materials for Södra’s HVO are slaughterhouse waste and rapeseed oil.

“HVO is a better environmental choice because it is 100-percent fossil-free. This means it is completely renewable and greenhouse gas emissions are substantially lower,” said Åsa Forss, Manager of Södra’s wood-chip truck fleet.
(Södra Cell AB)

Newsgrafik #118193

BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard facilitated three winning entries in the prestigious ...  (Company news)

... European Carton Excellence Award 2017

Cartonboard material from BillerudKorsnäs, a leading global provider of sustainable packaging materials and solutions, has been used in three winning categories at the prestigious European Carton Excellence Awards, including the most prestigious “Carton of the Year”.

Photo: Packaging from liquorish manufacturer LIQ

On September 21, 2017, the 21st edition of the European Carton Excellence Award, Europe’s most renowned award for carton packaging, was held and BillerudKorsnäs and their converter and brand owner partners went home with three prestigious awards.

"It’s a great honor to be part of and being able to help our customers, both converters and brand owners, with realizing all their great visions, design and environmental packaging ideas. At BillerudKorsnäs we have developed a series of materials creating no need for compromises. Our cartonboard is made from primary fibers, making it so strong that the packaging weight can be reduced without compromising performance, making it possible for both beautiful, functional and environmental packages",
Magnus Levinsson, Business Segment Director Cartonboard at BillerudKorsnäs.

Together with Domenis 1898 SRL and Lucaprint, BillerudKorsnäs won the most reputable award “Carton of the Year” with the entry Geometrie Cividât. The classic gin is elegantly presented in a diagonally cut carton, where the round bottle is perfectly secured inside the functional and attractive design, making it stand out and at the same time enhance the sophisticated quality of the product. The superior quality and printability of BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard made sure that the cartons designer, Ufficio Tecnico Lucaprint and Giulia Toscanelli, could realize their vision which in the end resulted in being crowned the best carton of the year.

BillerudKorsnäs also helped liquorish manufacturer LIQ and producer VG Kvadra Pak JSC to win best packaging in the “Confectionary” category with their prgifemium packaging “LIQ gift set”. The t set consists of one large gift box which holds four small cube boxes, all made from BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard. The small boxes have a double layer of material produced from eco-friendly cartonboard material, which helps to achieve a more natural and matte look and at the same time allows for excellent printing quality and what the jury named “an exceptional experience”.
(BillerudKorsnäs AB (publ))

Newsgrafik #118223

Marzek Flexibles: M-FlexiLog opening celebrations in Hungary  (Company news)

Marzek Etiketten+Packaging is a brand that has been recognised throughout Austria for its high-quality labels and packaging for a number of decades. However, the company passed a new milestone on 14th September 2017 as it celebrated the opening of a new Marzek Group factory in Békéscsaba, Hungary, together with the commissioning of its state-of-the-art machinery. The M-FlexiLog Kft. site was opened less than 12 months after construction work began. More than two hundred people attended the opening celebrations, including high-profile guests, members of the press and three generations of the Marzek family. The Marzek Flexibles factory, which operates under the name of M-Flexilog Kft, is located in Békéscsaba, just a stone’s throw away from the existing Marzek Kner Packaging Kft. factory. The greenfield project involved the construction of more than 8500m² of new factory space dedicated to the manufacturing of flexible packaging, pouches, sleeves and wraparound labels. Operations comply with the strictest safety and hygiene standards applicable to the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production industries.
(M-FlexiLog LLC)

Newsgrafik #118225

Graphic Packaging Completes Acquisition of Spain-Based Norgraft Packaging, S.A.  (Company news)

Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), has announced that one of its wholly owned subsidiaries has acquired Norgraft Packaging, S.A.

Photo: Michael Doss, President and CEO of Graphic Packaging Holding Company

Norgraft is a leading folding carton producer in Spain focused on the food and household goods markets. Norgraft converts approximately 25,000 tons of paperboard annually and operates two converting plants located in Maliaño and Requejada in Cantabria, Spain. The business generated revenue of approximately $40 million on an LTM basis.

"The announced transaction is consistent with our strategy to pursue acquisitions that allow us to grow our folding carton volume in attractive geographies and end-markets, improve our cost position, service our customers with excellence, and increase our mill to converting plant integration levels over time," said President and CEO Michael Doss.
(Graphic Packaging Holding Company)

Newsgrafik #118227

Label Technology Successfully Completes Its Installation of PCMC's Innovative Fusion C ...  (Company news)

...Flexographic Press

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), part of Barry-­Wehmiller and a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of inline and CI presses, is pleased to announce that Label Technology has successfully installed a Fusion C flexographic press.

"The addition of the PCMC Fusion C will extend our ability to meet the continued growth in both flexible packaging and finished pouch markets, while maintaining the high­-quality products for which Label Technology is known," comments David Bankson, President and CEO of Label Technology. "The Fusion C’s sustainability features also figured heavily in our decision to choose this press."

The Fusion C is loaded with fast make­-ready and waste-­saving features, and has a smaller footprint and fewer parts – saving space and cost. Its accessibility and ease of use make the Fusion C a unique offering in the market. Plus, PCMC also provides customers with a commitment to quality and a dedication to service.

The new Fusion C press joins Label Technology’s other flexible-­packaging flexographic presses in its manufacturing location in Merced, California, which is specifically engineered for food­safe operations and is annually audited by third parties for food safety production. The location also houses lamination, slitting and pouch­-making operations.

"What a privilege for PCMC to continue to be able to grow with Label Technology," says Rich Stratz, Strategic Accounts Sales Manager­Printing for PCMC. "Our relationship started 12 years ago when this customer purchased our Evolution inline press. We’re excited Label Technology chose PCMC and the Fusion C for the company’s first central impression flexographic press. When coming to us looking for a solution for the flexible-­packaging and finished-­pouch markets, we knew the Fusion C was the right choice."
(PCMC Paper Converting Machine Company)

Newsgrafik #118247

ABB opens Collaborative Operations Center for Pulp & Paper in Helsinki  (Company news)

-ABB AbilityTM Collaborative Operations Center opens in Helsinki, Finland
-Expands the global network of ABB industry experts, digital technologies and knowledge base to improve customers profitability and efficiency
-Delivers the true benefits of today’s digital technologies, by the latest analytics and cloud technologies from ABB's partners, such as Microsoft and IBM
-Real-time remote monitoring and technical support with the objectives of optimizing production, improving quality and minimizing costs

The center will function as the central focal point for expert resources and for systems that are equipped with ABB technology. It will leverage ABB’s extensive pulp and paper expertise to provide true data-driven solutions for its customers by providing remote connectivity, secure access to process performance information, and technical support. The new center will be part of ABB’s Global Collaborative Operations Center network.

Countless sensors and operation-critical systems transmit data on the health and performance of paper machines to the centers, where sophisticated software performs advanced data analytics on a 24/7 basis. The insights gained will allow engineers to quickly diagnose potential issues, advise on preventive maintenance or suggest measures to improve performance. ABB experts and customers work in close collaboration, taking data-driven decisions in real time that increase operational performance and business profitability.

"The new center demonstrates our leadership in delivering the real benefits of big data to our customers, changing insights into actions to improve their processes," says Jim Fisher, Global Product Group Manager for Pulp and Paper. "ABB remotely monitors and provides real-time support to close to 150 mills worldwide today, and we are expecting that number to rise with this new offering.”

Earlier this year ABB opened a Collaborative Operations Center in Westerville (Ohio) focusing on the pulp and paper industry. Later this year one more center will be opened in Singapore, leveraging the “follow the sun” principle to support customers anywhere in the world.

"The Collaborative Operations Center raises our functions to a whole new digital level. There has never been a software, system and hardware spectrum as broad as this in the Nordic countries, and the cooperation with the centers in other parts of the world is intense," says ABB’s business director, Jukka Auranen.

ABB Collaborative Operations is a true Internet-of-Things application and is part of the company's portfolio of ABB Ability with industry-leading digital solutions. Collaborative Operations provides performance management, remote monitoring and preventive analysis technologies to ensure security, and improve efficiency and productivity in various industries. ABB Collaborative Operations Centers connects people in enterprise-wide production facilities and headquarters to ABB’s technology and expertise.
(ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd)

Newsgrafik #118256

Fortress Paper restarts production at its dissolving pulp mill   (Company news)

Fortress Paper Ltd. ("Fortress Paper" or the "Company") (TSX:FTP) (OTCQX:FTPLF) is pleased to announce that the Fortress Specialty Cellulose Mill (the "FSC Mill") restarted on October 6, 2017, three days earlier than previously announced in its September 27, 2017 news release. The Company has completed the necessary repairs at the FSC Mill caused by the failure of a pressurized auxiliary gas collection system and has re-commenced production of dissolving pulp.

Mr. Giovanni Iadeluca, President of the FSC Mill, commented: "We wish to thank our team at the FSC Mill for their tireless efforts in resolving the system failure and achieving a restart three days earlier than originally anticipated. The FSC Mill restarted the normal ramp up of its operations on October 6th, the production and cogeneration facility are now operating in ordinary course."

The Company has initiated an insurance claim pursuant to its property damage and business interruption insurance coverage, which has a $2.5 million deductible. Based on current information, the Company is confident that costs associated with the replacement and repair of damaged equipment and business interruption costs should be covered by the insurance claim.
(Fortress Paper Ltd)

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Valmet: Seeking excellence with polarized forming fabrics  (Company news)

In 2016, Valmet introduced a new generation of forming fabrics with a polarized structure. Customer experiences have shown that these polarized forming fabrics have the potential to revolutionize water removal in the papermaking process.

Picture: Polarized fabric: The machine direction yarns eliminate the straight-through channels.

SSB (sheet support binding) forming fabrics entered the paper and board industry in the mid-90s. Since then, these fabrics have been made thinner and finer to achieve higher retention, excellent paper and board quality, and to improve the runnability of the machines.

However, thinner forming fabrics started to face durability problems, and product development needed to find a new solution to meet customers’ expectations.

“In 2016, we introduced a new polarized structure in the forming fabrics. Based on the experiences we have so far, we most likely created something that will revolutionize the water drainage process in the wire section,” says Pekka Kortelainen, Product Technology Manager for Forming Fabrics at Valmet.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Grafomed Printing Company to install SPGPrints’ RSI® Compact unit and become ...  (Company news)

... Serbia’s first label converter with rotary screen capability

Picture: Grafomed Printing Company invests in an SPGPrints RSI® Compact unit at Labelexpo Europe 2017. Left to right: Dušan Beočanin, business manager, Grafomed Printing Company; Bart van Kempen, area sales manager SPGPrints; Radomir Beočanin, CEO and owner, Grafomed Printing Company

Grafomed Printing Company will become Serbia’s first label converter to offer rotary screen printing capabilities after agreeing, at Labelexpo 2017, to install an SPGPrints RSI® Compact printing unit on a six-colour MPS flexo press at its Aleksandrovac printing facility.

Since investing in the 330mm-wide flexo press in 2009, Grafomed Printing Company has become a leading supplier of self-adhesive, wrap around and shrink sleeve labels to the beverage and chemical industries across the Balkan region.

Radomir Beočanin, CEO and owner of Grafomed Printing Company, comments: “We see SPGPrints’ rotary screen technology as essential for meeting the rising quality expectations and safety requirements from brand owners in Serbia and other states in the region. We are experiencing a strong demand, especially among wine-makers, for sophisticated solutions that communicate the quality of their products, while motor oil manufacturers are seeking braille to be incorporated into their packaging. The RSI Compact unit and RotaMesh® reusable nickel screens will enable us to incorporate a range of high-impact and tactile effects requiring thick ink deposits inline, with flexo, in a single pass and at speed.”

Positioned on a sliding rail above the printing stations of the press, the RSI Compact can be moved effortlessly into different positions in the printing sequence. Using RotaMesh screens that deposit ink up to 250µm thickness, the unit can apply features including opaque white, for the no-label look, tactile varnishes that also add colour richness to underlying graphics, metallic foil and other reflective substrates.

The re-imageable non-woven nickel RotaMesh screens offer long-term cost savings, thanks to their strength, stability at speeds of up to 150m/min, easy handling and reusability.

SPGPrints will coordinate the retrofitting of the MPS press in the final quarter of 2017, and ensure service and a fast supply of engraved RotaMesh screens through its regional distributor, Rotografix. The distributor, based in Vienna, has offices in Belgrade, and across the Balkan region.

Bart van Kempen, area sales manager at SPGPrints, comments: “As the first company in Serbia to install rotary screen printing technology, Grafomed Printing Company is leading the label converting market in making a host of creative branding possibilities locally available, and thereby providing a vital competitive edge to retail goods manufacturers. We are looking forward to providing the long-term support to help Grafomed adopt the technology, so they reap the full benefits of this investment.”

Currently working a three-shift operation, Grafomed Printing Company intends to increase capacity with the installation of a second press in 2018.
(SPGPrints B.V.)

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