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    07.07.2014   Get acquainted with Russian Pulp and Paper industry market with PAP-FOR Russia exhibition!    ( Company news )

    Company news How to grow your business at Russian and CIS pulp and paper market?
    • Join over 300 exhibitors and check out all the opportunities with PAP-FOR Russia!
    PAP-FOR Russia is the largest in Eastern Europe B2B event for pulp and paper, forestry, tissue, converting and packaging industries.

    Why exhibit at PAP-FOR Russia?
    Exhibiting at the leading show for Pulp and Paper industry in Eastern Europe will result in tremendous export opportunities for your company.
    • Every 2 years PAP-FOR draws thousands of producers, suppliers, distributors, government and industry associates from across the country and all over the world.
    • Over 40 key Russian and CIS paper mills are among PAP-FOR exhibitors.
    • PAP-FOR is a well-established exhibition with history and reputation. Since 1992, it is the largest professional event for PPI in Russia and CIS gathering the whole industry at one B2B platform.
    • More than 50 industry mass media and visitor promotion campaign attract only target audience.

    Who Attends?
    Over 9000 professional visitors:
    • Pulp and paper mills;
    • Distributors, importers and exporters of paper, cardboard and converting products;
    • Suppliers of equipment for PPI;
    • Packaging manufacturers;
    • End customers;
    • Governmental and industry associations representatives;
    • For the 1st time PAP-FOR invites major retail chains!

    Why Russian market is worth entering?
    Russia is the largest country in the world with growing economy:
    • Expected decrease in entry barriers and creation of new opportunities for foreign countries due to WTO accession.
    • Easy accessibility to Kazakhstan and Belarus markets due to membership in the Custom Union.
    • Strong consuming growth caused by huge population and economic development (15 cities with a million-plus population, 145 million people in total, over 5 million companies).
    • Boosting volume of pulp and paper industry (PPI) production due to the world largest forestry areas and strong governmental support for the industry.
    • Fantastic growth in retail industry (appr. 20% in 2013).
    • Prospects of becoming a key consumer of PPI products instead of stagnating European and Asian PPI markets.
    • Well enough space and clients for the international players.

    Participate in PAP-FOR – grow your business!
    (Reed Expo Russia)

    04.07.2014   PACK & GREEN Award: 2 Equal Winners - Lefranc-NP Innovation and TPG Packaging     ( Company news )

    Company news These are the two winners selected by the 2014 Pack & Green jury which met on 4 June at the Pack & Gift Trade Fair: Lefranc / NP innovation for its Garden Packaging, and TPG Packaging for its presentation wrapper.

    Lefranc-NP presented the Garden Pack: from the new range of Clear Footprint packaging, the concept is based on using the thickness of the medium as the packaging.
    Made only with PEFC and FSC cardboard and wood cellulose films, this range has been developed for packaging thin products, up to 4 mm: button batteries, flat batteries, seeds, credit cards, SIM cards, electronic components, etc.
    This packaging usefully replaces blister packs for thin products or can replace the windows on any other packaged objects, providing both full protection and product visibility.
    TPG Packaging meanwhile proposed the presentation wrapper developed for the chocolate company Saveurs & Natures.
    Until now combining cardboard and PET film, this metallized holographic paper is innovative because it does not include any plastic. It is the only metallized product that can be printed using all the current techniques: traditional flexo, UV flexo, rotogravure, photogravure. It is also the first metallized packaging paper certified 1.02 in terms of waste paper. Its 15% better rigidity reduces the weight of the packaging, and as a fully recyclable single material, it can in some cases be used to replace virgin fibre with recycled fibre.
    In making them joint winners, the jury wanted to pay tribute to the innovations of these two companies that represented two different targets. Lefranc-NP Innovation offered a concept whose environmental benefits are obvious to the final consumer; TPG Packaging however put forward a more a technical innovation that takes a very practical step forward for professionals, even if it goes unnoticed by the consumer.
    Awarded for the 5th consecutive year, the Pack & Green Award aims to recompense the most innovative project in terms of reducing environmental impact. A jury made up of packaging industry and sustainable development experts was brought together to examine the entries and select the winners.
    04.07.2014   Board and packaging paper production with Voith: quick start-up, highest degree of efficiency and...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... best quality

    Board and packaging paper machines need to run at the highest degree of efficiency to be most cost effective. This is where Voith’s proven machines and components come to the fore to ensure a quick start-up. Thus the PM 5, which was put into operation for Stora Enso Narew at the beginning of 2013, was already operated with 100% of its design capacity in the first week. The PM 5 produces testliner and fluting in a basis weight range of 65 – 140 g/m².
    Voith offers a multitude of proven solutions for all process steps. In the former section, the DuoFormer D is used in more than 230 installations. With the further development of DuoFormer D II, the production rate can again be noticeably increased. The first DuoFormer D II put into operation in a board machine in 2013 has an increased production capacity of up to 40%. The board quality remains at an excellent level with the best smoothness and at the same time high bulk.
    Voith also offers proven components for the downstream production steps. Today board and packaging paper machines are equipped with Voith VariFlex winders. Due to its modular structure, VariFlex can be designed very precisely for the requirements of board and packaging paper. That is the key for ensuring short start-up and optimization times, together with a high level of availability and excellent start-up curves.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    04.07.2014   Praxair Starts Up Oxygen Supply to Pulp Mill in Uruguay    ( Company news )

    Company news Praxair, Inc. (NYSE: PX) announced the start-up of a new 125 tons per day non-cryogenic vacuum-pressure-swing-adsorption (VPSA) plant at the Montes del Plata pulp mill. Under a long-term contract, Praxair will supply gaseous oxygen to the mill located in Punta Pereira, Uruguay.
    In response to growing environmental regulation, pulp mills are eliminating the use of chemicals in the bleaching process. Oxygen delignification reduces the use of chemicals in the plant resulting in operational cost savings, environmental benefits and enhanced yield in pulp production.
    “Oxygen is a critical product in processes that help pulp and paper manufacturers increase productivity and improve environmental performance,” said Domingos Bulus, president of Praxair South America. “It is our mission to develop innovative applications technologies that produce environmental benefits and drive business growth. With this in mind, we have developed and implemented state-of-the-art applications to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable delivery of oxygen to the Montes del Plata plant.”
    The pulp mill is operated by Montes del Plata, and is the largest privately executed investment that has been made in Uruguay. More than $2 billion has been invested in the modern pulp mill, including its power generation unit based on renewable resources, making the mill self-sufficient. The mill is expected to produce 1.3 million tons of cellulose pulp a year for paper and cardboard manufacturing.
    “At Montes del Plata we seek excellence in all that we do,” said Luis Maria Rodriguez, chief executive officer of Montes del Plata. “Praxair shares our commitment to excellence and we are happy to have them as a trusted global supplier.”
    (Praxair Inc.)
    04.07.2014   John Crane Wins 3-Year Service Agreement from Suzano    ( Company news )

    Company news Suzano Pulp and Paper has awarded John Crane a three-year Performance Plus reliability program contract, which covers professional field services and management of 1,700 rotating equipment assets to increase uptime and efficiency at four Suzano Pulp and Paper production sites in Brazil. The program will also include on-site technical training for Suzano´s maintenance and operations teams, and implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track performance improvements and cost savings.
    On-site technicians will be based at each of the production sites to perform proactive, preventive and corrective maintenance on mechanical seals used on their rotating equipment. John Crane will be responsible for maximizing performance and improving the reliability of Suzano’s equipment to reduce total cost of ownership and extend the average time between repairs. Suzano will also benefit from the high-performance technology used in John Crane’s seals, which will control water usage and reduce water consumption.
    John Donatiello, Global Vice President of End User Sales and Service at John Crane, said: “We are proud to be entrusted with this strategic agreement and are committed to increasing Suzano’s internal efficiencies. We’ve delivered substantial increases in reliability with many of our customers, correlating to a reduction in maintenance spend and a lower total cost of ownership. We look forward to leveraging this experience and technical expertise to contribute to Suzano’s success.”
    Performance Plus is John Crane’s premier service level program, which focuses on improving efficiency and reducing operating costs for customers. Some of the benefits include asset management to lower total cost of ownership and reliability services to improve mechanical seal performance. It’s common for customers to significantly reduce their maintenance costs while engaged in a Performance Plus reliability program. John Crane has 15 years of experience implementing more than 170 Performance Plus agreements. Currently, the company has 150 reliability engineers and technicians placed full time at customer sites to maintain equipment, perform daily maintenance and provide technical expertise.
    (John Crane Inc.)
    04.07.2014   ANDRITZ to deliver wood processing line for Stora Enso mechanical pulp plant in China    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Stora Enso Packaging, China, to supply a complete wood handling line for a greenfield mechanical pulp plant and board machine in Guangxi Province, China.
    Start-up of the wood processing line is scheduled for the beginning of 2016.
    The raw material for the mill will be forest-debarked plantation wood. ANDRITZ’s scope of supply includes the main systems for wood intake and washing, chipping (with unique, horizontally fed HHQ chipper), chip storage and reclaiming, chip screening, chip conveying systems to the BCTMP mill, as well as bark and fines handling. The design flow of the chipping line is 120 m3 sub (solid under bark)/h to enable 725 adt/d of BCTMP pulp production. The covered silo will be able to house 16,000 m3 of chips. In addition to the equipment and machinery, ANDRITZ will provide erection supervision, training, and start-up services.
    The design capacity of the board machine, which will produce several grades from eucalyptus mechanical pulp, is 450,000 adt/a. Initial design capacity of the BCTMP plant is 725 adt/d.
    (Andritz AG)
    04.07.2014   Alfa Laval wins SEK 120 million energy-efficiency order from AkzoNobel    ( Company news )

    Company news Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling – has won an order to supply compact heat exchangers for the caustic evaporation plant of AkzoNobel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The order, booked in the Process Industry segment or the Energy & Process segment according to the new organization for the Process Technology division, has a value of approximately SEK 120 million and deliveries are scheduled for 2014 and 2015.
    Alfa Laval’s compact heat exchangers will be used for concentrating caustic soda, an important ingredient in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The compact heat exchangers will re-use heat from different steps of the evaporation process, thereby maximizing the energy efficiency and minimizing the energy use.
    “This is Alfa Laval’s largest caustic installation to date and it will include our compact heat exchangers in a set-up that makes the process extremely energy efficient,” says Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group.
    (Alfa Laval Nordic AB)
    04.07.2014   Agreement Reached to Close Torraspapel Mill in Sarrià de Ter    ( Company news )

    Company news 73 of the 132 employees will be relocated to other Group mills and production will be redistributed mainly between the Zaragoza and Motril sites

    After a process of negotiation and dialogue with employee representatives to study the viability or closure of Torraspapel’s mill in Sarrià de Ter (Girona, Spain), on June 30th the company and employees reached an agreement that will result in the closure of the plant, relocating 73 of the 132 employees to other Group manufacturing sites in Spain.
    Current production at Sarrià de Ter, approximately 67,000 tons of base paper and uncoated specialty papers, will be relocated to other Group mills, primarily to the Zaragoza and Motril plants, resulting in a reduction of coated woodfree paper production capacity at these mills.
    The paper industry has been experiencing very difficult conditions, with a permanent drop in demand. In addition to the decline in sales, Sarrià de Ter has been affected by the impact of changes in the legislative framework for the electricity industry in recent years.
    The gradual closure of Torraspapel’s mill in Sarrià de Ter will take place over the next few months.
    (Lecta Group)
    03.07.2014   Voith's expertise: Guangxi BM 1 produces 1,200,000 metric tons of high-quality ivory board    ( Company news )

    Company news In the Chinese province of Guangxi, Asia Pulp & Paper produces high-quality ivory board made of 100% virgin fibers on the BM 1 supplied by Voith. The machine went into operation at the beginning of 2013 and produces since then highest quality board. The production line delivered by Voith is the highest performing board machine for ivory board worldwide, with a wire width of 8,750 mm, a design speed of 1,400 m/min and an annual production capacity of 1,200,000 metric tons.
    Taking into account the very high requirements for board quality, Voith delivered the entire production line – from the wet end process to the winder. The Guangxi BM 1 is based on proven components and products that have been successfully used many times. This provides the paper maker with a high level of investment security. With this production line, Voith delivered everything from a single source and thus assumed responsibility for the entire process.
    The three-layer former concept with the newly developed DuoFormer D II provides for an optimal dewatering capacity and production speed. In the press section, the triple NipcoFlex press allows the highest dry content and thus low energy use. In addition, an excellent level of smoothness with a closed web run and thus extremely good runability are achieved by this press concept.
    The outstanding surface quality and printability of the ivory board produced on the Guangxi BM 1 is essentially determined by pre-calendering of the unprocessed board before the coating machine. The innovative concept with the EcoCal Plus calender combines for the first time worldwide an oil-heated hard nip calender with an external induction heating system and an upstream nozzle moisturizer. The results are significant savings of raw materials. Very good surface quality is achieved by the use of DynaCoat AT coating units.
    An EcoSoft Delta calender with two soft nips on the printed side is used before the reel for the first time so as to ensure a very uniform surface quality and improved board gloss. Then the board is wound in a gentle and controlled manner with the Sirius and processed with the VariFlex winder into paper rolls. Also included in Voith’s delivery were the chemical preparation, automation of the entire process and the system engineering.
    The Guangxi BM 1 produces high-quality packaging paper which is suitable for all current printing processes such as flexographic, offset or rotogravure in a basis weight range of 180-350 g/m². The primary areas of use for the board are high-quality folded boxes for cosmetics and luxury items for the Asian market.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    03.07.2014   E.S. Fox Ltd Awarded $2 Million Contract for Irving Pulp & Paper Modernization    ( Company news )

    Company news Employment for over 70 in Saint John and St. Antoine N.B.

    E.S. Fox Ltd. of Saint John has been awarded a contract of over $2 million as part of the Irving Pulp & Paper modernization announced in March of this year.
    Work began on June 15 and will continue to mid-December as the company undertakes the design, fabrication, delivery, site installation, and testing of modular utility racks. The racks are comprised of a structural steel frame with long pipe sections and will connect the existing facilities with the new continuous cooking plant at Irving Pulp & Paper in Saint John.
    The project will involve seven company employees and 25 additional trades workers including ironworkers and pipefitters.
    Almost 40 additional jobs will be generated by E.S. Fox Ltd. through subcontract work: at Lenron Transport in Saint John (for delivery of finished modules from the fabrication shop to the pulp mill), as well as Titan, located in St. Antoine, NB who will employ 30 people in steel fabrication for the project.
    “Forest products manufacturers have been a mainstay of jobs for our company for 60 years. The modernization of the pulp mill is the largest single site contract for our company and will sustain employment for about 40 people,” said Steve Doyle, Area Manager for E.S. Fox Ltd.
    “As a New Brunswick company, we are committed to using qualified local suppliers in the $450 million pulp mill modernization underway in Saint John,” said Mark Mosher, Vice President of Pulp & Paper at J.D. Irving, Limited. “To date we have issued over $15 million in local contracts to New Brunswick companies and expect to issue a similar amount by September.”
    (Irving Pulp & Paper Limited)
    03.07.2014   Karl Knauer KG is focusing on higher performance with the Speedmaster XL 106-6    ( Company news )

    Company news -Major boost to productivity and cost-efficiency
    -Long-standing partnership with Heidelberg was key investment factor
    -Service packages ensure maximum machine uptime

    Figure: Martin Glatz, head of sales & marketing (left), and Gerhard Kammerer, technical production manager, value the efficiency of the Speedmaster XL 106-6+LYYL. With its components for reducing makeready times, the printing press significantly boosts productivity at Karl Knauer.

    A Speedmaster XL 106-6+LYYL from Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has been up and running at packaging specialists Karl Knauer KG since the beginning of 2014. The investment is aimed at further increasing the profitability and productivity of printing high-quality folding cartons. "Heidelberg has been a valued partner of ours for a long time now. We work on an equal footing and have already implemented numerous projects together rolling out special developments. As such, it was a pretty clear-cut decision to opt for Heidelberg for this acquisition too," says Gerhard Kammerer, technical production manager at Karl Knauer. The pre-investment productivity calculations produced by the Business Consulting team from Heidelberg predicted a potential 40 percent productivity boost based on adaptations in logistics, job planning, and the machine's performance. "Thanks to the high productivity of the Speedmaster press - at 18,000 sph on many jobs - and improved in-house processes, it wasn't long before we saw a significant increase in overall productivity," Kammerer explains.
    Karl Knauer operates two sites, in Biberach (Baden) and Pniewy (Poland). The company employs a 540-strong workforce to produce around a billion folding cartons each year for manufacturers of branded goods throughout Europe. The bulk of orders handled by the packaging and advertising specialist lie in the 200 - 600 gsm range. The Speedmaster XL 106 also makes it very easy to produce exceptional surface finishes in matt/gloss or UV applications for the gift packaging segment.
    In terms of makeready alone, the company is achieving around 50 percent savings using the automatic plate change and optimized washup cycles. The Speedmaster XL 106 is equipped with the Prinect Inspection Control inline sheet inspection system for continuous monitoring and documentation of the entire run. The Hycolor inking and dampening system in conjunction with the Color Package achieves optimum color stability, shortens makeready times, and reduces paper waste throughout. Its control panel concept with touchscreen at the feeder and the printing and coating units enables uniform operation of the entire machine. The non-stop logistics at the feeder and delivery also ensure maximum uptime on this printing press. The machine is integrated into the Prinect print shop workflow using Prinect Pressroom Manager and directly linked with the SAP system via a CIP4 Interface.
    Preventive service contracts such as Systemservice 36plus and the Heidelberg Partner Program cover repair costs, Remote Services, and other services, which play a key role in optimizing machine performance and value retention. "The services provided by Heidelberg ensure maximum machine availability, just as we require," says Kammerer.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    03.07.2014   Valmet receives its fifth tissue line order from Turkish Hayat Kimya    ( Company news )

    Company news The long term relationship between Valmet and Hayat Kimya was recently further strengthened when the Turkish tissue producer ordered its fifth Advantage DCT 200 tissue line from Valmet. The line will add 70.000 tons of high quality tissue to Hayat Kimya's current production of facial, toilet and towel tissue. The start-up of the new tissue line is planned for 2016.
    The order is included in Valmet's second quarter, 2014 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed.
    The order is part of Hayat Kimya's expansion plan in the Middle East. The first two of the Valmet delivered Advantage DCT 200 tissue lines were started up in 2010 and 2013 and two will start up in 2014 and 2015.
    "We have developed an efficient cooperation with Valmet, which is built on mutual trust and common understanding. Our people are familiar with Valmet's Advantage tissue technology which has resulted in very fast start-ups and high production efficiency," says Lütfi Aydin, Director, Paper Group, Hayat Kimya.
    "Our excellent and long term relationship with Hayat Kimya has resulted in another joint project and we are looking forward to continued good cooperation. The development of our tissue making technologies in cooperation with our customers has made the Advantage DCT technology the benchmark for the industry with close to 70 lines sold. We are dedicated to our customers' success and the tissue industry," says Jan Erikson, VP Sales, Tissue Mills Business Unit, Valmet.

    Technical information
    The new tissue machine will have a width of 5.6 m and a design speed of 2,200 m/min. The raw material for the new line will be virgin fiber and the production line is optimized to save energy and to enhance the quality of the final product.
    Valmet's scope of delivery will comprise a complete tissue production line featuring stock preparation systems and an Advantage DCT 200 TS tissue machine. The machine will be equipped with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. It will also be featured with the Advantage tissue technology including ViscoNip press, an AirCap hood prepared for co-generation, WetDust dust system, sheet transfer system and a SoftReel L reel. The stock preparation line will consist of OptiSlush pulpers, OptiFiner conical refiners and OptiScreen machine screens.
    Furthermore, the delivery will include an extensive automation package from Metso with Metso DNA machine and process controls and Metso IQ quality controls. Complete engineering, installation supervision, training, start-up and commissioning are also included in the delivery.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    03.07.2014   ANDRITZ to supply new semi-chemical fiberline based on green liquor technology to ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... SCG Paper, Thailand

    International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from SCG Paper, one of Asia’s leading producers of packaging grades, to supply a semi-chemical pulp fiberline for the Wangsala mill, Thailand.
    The eucalyptus fiberline will have a production capacity of 240 admt/d and provide pulp for the production of kraftliner and corrugated medium. Start-up is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015.
    The ANDRITZ semi-chemical pulping process is based on green liquor technology. Thanks to blow-line refining at low temperature in the medium consistency range followed by low-consistency refining, high-grade semi-chemical pulp is produced economically with low energy consumption. ANDRITZ fiber washing is tailored to the specific pulp quality, and it also enables high washing efficiency and low chemical consumption.
    The order comprises a complete semi-chemical pulp fiberline including chip washing, chemical chip impregnation and digester feeding with an ANDRITZ MSD Impressafiner, a continuous digester, a medium-consistency ANDRITZ 1CP blow line refiner, brown stock washing with an ANDRITZ DD (Drum Displacer) washer, and low-consistency refining with TwinFlo refiners to optimize the pulp properties.
    This is already the second order within a year that SCG Paper awarded to ANDRITZ (in 2013, ANDRITZ received an order to deliver a fiberline for used paper and board packaging as well as a reject handling plant). SCG Paper has facilities in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, producing approximately 1.9 million t/a packaging paper that is certified by international environmental standards.
    (Andritz AG)
    03.07.2014   Caraustar Industries Signs Agreement to Acquire The Newark Group    ( Company news )

    Company news Caraustar Industries, Inc., a portfolio company of H.I.G. Middle Market, the dedicated middle market investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, has entered into an agreement to acquire The Newark Group, Inc.. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and required regulatory approvals.
    Newark is a manufacturer of recycled paperboard, linerboard, industrial tubes, cores and other converted product including book covers and packaging solutions. Headquartered in Cranford, NJ, The Newark Group has approximately 1500 employees and operates over 20 manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada.
    “The acquisition of The Newark Group is a major milestone in our growth journey,” said Michael Patton, Chief Executive Officer of Caraustar. “Bringing together the strengths of our respective companies will dramatically expand our manufacturing and distribution capabilities to better serve our growing customer base. We look forward to working with The Newark Group employees, partners and customers.”
    Tenno Tsai, Managing Director at H.I.G. Capital commented, “The combination of these highly respected companies will significantly build upon our investment in the recycled paperboard industry. We are impressed with the capabilities of The Newark Group and look forward to supporting Mike and his leadership team as they integrate the businesses.”
    (Caraustar Paperboard Mill Group)
    03.07.2014   Graphic Packaging Closes Sale of Multi-wall Bag Business    ( Company news )

    Company news Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), a leading provider of packaging solutions to food, beverage and other consumer products companies, announced that it and its wholly-owned subsidiary Graphic Packaging International, Inc., have completed the sale of their Multi-wall Bag business to Mondi Group. The divested assets included 9 converting plants located throughout the United States and the Pine Bluff, Arkansas kraft paper mill.
    (Graphic Packaging Holding Company)
    03.07.2014   Metso's new laboratory analyzer, Metso Fractionator, provides deeper insight into fiber ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... furnish characteristics

    New applications increase productivity and profitability through better raw material utilization, improve sustainability and lower production costs

    Caption: The new Metso Fractionator automates the tedious Bauer-McNett laboratory fractionation, improving the understanding of the effectiveness of different retention chemicals and allowing to optimize your pulp mixes. It is also possible to separately measure fibers and free ink particles in recycled pulp to evaluate the quality of slushing and deinking processes.

    The Metso Fractionator is a new, automated laboratory analyzer that classifies and measures fiber furnish characteristics to optimize paper, board or tissue production. It opens new windows to increase productivity and profitability through better raw material utilization, improve sustainability and lower production costs. The highly repeatable results can significantly reduce trial times and simplify furnish or process troubleshooting.
    The new analyzer replaces time-consuming and laborious laboratory Bauer-McNett analyses and makes it possible to separately measure fibers and free ink particles in recycled pulp to evaluate the quality of slushing and deinking processes. By separating fibers and fillers, the analyzer also improves the understanding of the effectiveness of different retention chemicals. A typical measurement takes only four minutes, with no need for special sample preparation.

    Tube flow fractionation utilized
    Unlike Metso's other automatic fiber or pulp quality measurements, the new solution utilizes tube flow fractionation to sort furnish particles according to dimension and specific surface area before the measurements.
    Tube flow fractionation technology is based on controlling the flow profile, where the flow rate is higher in the center of the tube than near the tube walls. Particles with larger dimensions and specific surface area are captured by the faster moving middle zone of the flow, whereas particles with a relatively small diameter and specific surface area tend to move towards the slower moving zones in the flow. An image analysis at the end of the tube first sees the larger vessel fragments, then fibers, followed by fillers and fines. Additional measurements with optional ink and high-definition fiber cameras are available.

    Complementing Metso's fiber analyzer offering
    The Metso Fractionator joins three other Metso devices in Metso's growing arsenal of fiber analyzers: the recently introduced and very successful laboratory fiber analyzer Metso FS5, the Metso MAP online furnish analyzer, and the automatic pulp testing analyzer Metso Pulp Expert.
    (Metso Corporation)
    03.07.2014   Zellcheming-Expo: Successful kick-off in Frankfurt    ( Company news )

    Company news After three positive exhibition days ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 is closing its doors with a very promising debut at the new location in Frankfurt. "Together with the industry we provided a basis for a positive, future development of Zellcheming-Expo and the whole industry", says Petra Hanke, Executive Director of ZELLCHEMING Association.
    With 169 exhibitors as well as 12 publishers the event confirmed its position as the most important European dialogue platform of the industry sector. 2,533 participants received information about the latest products and innovations concerning the pulp and paper industry. According to the newly implemented counting method referred to FKM guide lines (Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics) this total number contains 1,658 trade visitors, 739 employees of exhibiting companies as well as 21 representatives of the press and 397 attendees. This result answers the standard of last years' event.
    The congress offered insightful lectures, workshops and discussion round tables for the pulp and paper industry. With future oriented topics like resources and energy efficiency, a plus in participants was registered. The important role of the congress in the pulp and paper industry becomes all the more visible.
    Also the evening events of ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 received positive feedback. Both the Opening on Tuesday and the Summer Evening on Wednesday offered the opportunity to continue with professional exchange in an relaxed and modern atmosphere.

    The results 2014:
    Exhibition space: 5,200 sq m
    Exhibitors: 169 plus 12 publishers
    Visitors: 1,658
    Conference participants: 397
    (Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure e.V. - Verein ZELLCHEMING)
    02.07.2014   Conclusion of a major contract    ( Company news )

    Company news The Management Board of Arctic Paper S.A. („Company”) herewith advises that on June 17, 2014 the Company received contract dated June 12, 2014
    concluded by the Company with Fibria International Trade GmbH seated in Lustenau/Austria („Supplier”) for delivery of cellulose by the Supplier (“Supply Contract”).
    The term of the Supply Contract is from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.
    Under the Contract, the Supplier agreed to deliver and the Company agreed to purchase 90.000 metric tons of cellulose.
    The total volume of cellulose supplied under the contract may be increased or reduced by up to 10%.
    Under the Contract, the Supplier agreed to deliver and the Company
    agreed to purchase cellulose of the approximate value of PLN 170,000,000.
    The price per metric ton has been agreed to be based on the FOEX PIX in US dollars for Europe and subject to discounts agreed by the parties to the Contract.
    There are no contractual penalties or conditions precedent stipulated in the contract.
    The Supply Contract has been deemed to be of major importance due to
    the value of obligations incurred by the Company thereunder, which
    exceeds 10% of equity od the Company.
    (Arctic Paper S.A.)
    02.07.2014   PAP-FOR Russia 2014 New Exhibitors Program - Stand out with PAP-FOR Russia 2014!    ( Company news )

    Company news PAP-FOR Russia is proud of its impressive list of professional exhibitors, the leading companies in pulp and paper, forestry, tissue, converting and packaging industries. There are not only 35 new participants, there are new countries definitely confirming exhibition status of a major International Pulp and Paper event.
    We are pleased to welcome all newcomers at the largest B2B event in Eastern Europe for pulp and paper industry, which joined the PAP-FOR project in 2014! Newcomers are the companies that never participated in PAP-FOR or exhibited at the show more than 5 years ago.
    For the first time newcomers will showcase their solutions in manufacturing, wholesale and supply of raw materials, chemicals, equipment, etc. for pulp & paper market.
    Updated list of newcomers and their specialization can be found at
    This year PAP-FOR Russia team introduces special New Exhibitors Program enabling newcomers to make an eye-catching introduction of their business and participation in the show! PAP-FOR New Exhibitors’ advantage is an opportunity to make an eye-catching introduction of their business!
    • News publishing;
    • Free e-mailings;
    • Announcement in mass media;
    • Special signage in electronic and printable show issues
    PAP-FOR Russia will definitely boost your visibility and attract your potential clients’ and partners’ interest.
    (Reed Exhibitions Russia)
    02.07.2014   DIENES develops automatic positioning system with material web tracking for inline slitting    ( Company news )

    Company news -Recently delivered slitting system
    -Automatic slitting system with material web tracking

    With this automatic positioning system with material web tracking for inline slitting DIENES demonstrates once more their ability for innovation in the area of slitting technology: By delivering a special modification of the SIMU-FLASH slitting system, which allows a simultaneous and fast slit width change, DIENES was able to create an interesting slitting solution solving the requirement for increased efficiency.
    For this new development the basic knife holder positioning system was modified in such a way, that the knife holders and the bottom knives follow the diminution of the material web. The benefits of this system range from very short set up- and positioning times, an easy storage of slitting recipes to a decrease in material waste. For example this system is an ideal solution if cuts have to follow a print, coating or the material edge for foil, paper, label or nonwoven material. This can be done either automatically or manually by the operator. Recently this system was supplied with a minimum slit width of 30 mm with 40 cuts.

    Benefits at a glance
    -More efficiency: Particularly short positioning times (< 15 seconds) with simultaneous positioning
    -Less material waste: Due to an ideal cut / edge trim of the material web
    -Short set up times: Due to removal of the crush cut knives to the front, without changing the position of the shaft
    -High precision: Owing to minimal slit width change tolerances
    -Easy handling: Due to touch screen operation and storage of slitting recipes, handling errors are reduced to a minimum
    -Maximum flexibility: Due to small slit width, single or joint positioning as well as extension options
    -Complete solution: Thanks to ideally matched slitting tools from one source, besides knives and shaft are regrindable
    -Future-proof inclusive: The extension of the system to more cuts is easily possible and prepared, this is also true for the software
    (Dienes Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG)
    02.07.2014   A large package of Metso's process automation technologies and valve solutions for Belarus's first..    ( Company news )

    Company news ... bleached kraft pulp mill

    Picture: Kappa Q analyzers

    Metso will supply a comprehensive package of process automation technologies and valve solutions for JSC Svetlogorsk Pulp & Board Plant's new bleached kraft pulp mill in Svetlogorsk, the Republic of Belarus. The new 400,000 ton-per-year mill under construction will be the first bleached kraft pulp mill in the country. Metso's technology will enable the mill to reach high efficiency, product quality and process stability, as well as gain savings in chemicals, steam and water consumption. In addition, it will result in better sustainability.
    The order was placed by China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE), a major EPC contractor responsible for the turnkey delivery of the plant. The company chose Metso as a supplier based on earlier good experiences with its leading technologies, proven performance in demanding environments and critical applications, good results, along with value-adding services.
    Metso received these orders in the second quarter of 2014. Deliveries will take place during the autumn of 2014, and the equipment is estimated to start up during the third quarter of 2015. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    The world's most profitable pulp and paper operations run with Metso's solutions
    Metso has the world's widest scope of process automation and valve solutions and related services for the pulp and paper industry - from single measurements to mill-wide turnkey automation projects with roots deep in the pulp and paper industry and a history of more than 50 years.
    For example, Metso's analyzer offering is the global leader and industry benchmark in measurement-based and first-ever process control solutions. The consistency transmitter portfolio has been built on a half-century-long path of innovative development, migration of unique technologies and close cooperation with customers. Today, Metso is the leading pulp consistency transmitter supplier globally.
    In addition to analyzers, the company is the market leader in quality control systems, as well as in control and on-off valves for this industry sector. Metso also holds a leading position in pulp performance optimization with its advanced controls. Metso's system-independent solutions help customers lower their operating and maintenance costs.

    Technical information
    Metso's delivery scope includes Kappa Q analyzers, Metso Polarox5 residual sensors, several Metso Piston filtrate samplers for pH measurement, Metso SP and Metso Rotary consistency transmitters, as well as Metso NOVE samplers. Valve solutions include over 900 Neles® automated valves of various types and sizes for both control and on-off applications. All the control valves will be equipped with ND 9000 series intelligent valve controllers, which ensure long-term reliability, reduce process variability and improve process efficiency.
    (Metso Corporation)
    02.07.2014   Meet More Top Exhibitors in CNIBEE 2014 (Aug. 26th - 28th)    ( Company news )

    Company news As one of the most influential exhibitions of the biomass energy industry in Asia, CNIBEE has done great performance for the last 3 consecutive years. CNIBEE 2014, covering a total area of 12,000m2, will be keeping the first place of the best biomass energy exhibition in China as always.
    CNIBEE is absolutely the best platform for worldwide biomass energy enterprises to improve brand valuation, showcase the latest products and technology as well as a one-stop sourcing platform for professional buyers to seek top-notch suppliers.

    Listed below are our exhibitor representatives already registered for CNIBEE 2014:
    -Muyang Biomass Engineering Company -Biomass fuel molding equipment
    Since the founding in 1967, Jiangsu Muyang Group Co., Ltd has grown into a well-known group corporation. It is specialized in biomass energy equipment and facility supplying. The enormous R&D force and dozens of years of experience have made the company an active and outstanding market player integrating solution planning, equipment designing, manufacturing as well as consistent project and after-sales services.
    -ANDRITZ GROUP- Biomass pelleting
    ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of process technologies for the biomass pelleting sector. ANDRITZ supplies the complete process equipment for biomass drying, from wet milling to drying, fine milling and pelleting - all from a single source.
    -Bandit Industries, Inc. - wood chippers
    Bandit Industries, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers and leading suppliers of hand-fed brush and wood chippers, whole tree chippers, stump grinders, forestry mowers, and waste reduction machines including the powerful Beast Recycler horizontal grinder.
    -Korea Rosht Equipment (China) Co.,Ltd - Biomass boilers
    Rosht - leader in the field of biomass energy industry
    Rosht is a biomass fuel molding equipment, molding biomass fuels, energy saving biomass boilers, biomass burners, biomass energy development, and manufacturing and sales of stoves integrated company.
    -Sino-British Bio-Energy Technology Holdings Ltd-Biomass fuels
    SBBTH Limited (Sino-British Bio-Energy Technology Holdings Ltd) was established in Hongkong in conjunction with CDS Group of United Kingdom for the purpose of promoting, marketing and development of the state of art technology -torrefaction/bio-coal turnkey projection in China and other Far East countries.
    -Waterleau Group - Biogas technologies & engineering equipment
    Waterleau offers environmental services and solutions to both industry and municipalities in the fields of water, air and waste treatment as well as in new energy recovery.
    -Devotion Corporation - biomass gasification power generation technologies
    Devotion Group always dedicate on developing clear energy for social demand with the guideline of being responsible for economy, environment and society.
    The main business of Devotion Corporation is to provide thermal service for customer with biomass energy, include biomass fuel, facility and operation service. It is a leader in the field in China.
    -Caterpillar China - combustion engine, generator sets
    Caterpillar China has business across southern China, Xinjiang, Hongkong and Macao. The power system Division provides total solutions to our valuable customers by integrating combustion engine, generator sets and the professional engineering services in electric power, marine power, industrial and petroleum power.
    -Zhang Qiu Yulong Machine Co LTD- briquetting machine, granulator
    Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates scientific research, manufacturing, training and international business. Main products: Biomass energy equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, drying equipment and conveying equipment.

    CNIBEE opens it door to all the other biomass energy brands which have the intention to tap in the market of China. As an exhibitor, your company will benefit from this gathering of the bio-energy industry's brightest minds all over the world and be the access to a qualified audience of professionals who are looking for the latest bio-energy equipments. The whole industry is looking forward to your participation.
    (The CNIBEE committee)
    02.07.2014   Recognition for GIG Karasek: Made in Austria – Hidden Champion 3.0    ( Company news )

    On 24 June 2014, GIG Karasek has been honored the “Hidden Champion 3.0” prize by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Austrian export industry’s success.
    The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Christoph Leitl handed the recognition to Andreas Karasek, owner of GIG Karasek GmbH who is thrilled about it: “As a leading global supplier of equipment and systems for the thermal separation technology we are proud to be among the top domestic companies selected. First and foremost I would like to thank our great and committed staff “, Karasek adds.
    (GIG Karasek GmbH)
    GIG Karasek Imagefilm

    01.07.2014   ANDRITZ successfully starts up tissue machine with steel Yankee for Hebei Yihoucheng, China    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully completed start-up of the PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue machine – the first of its kind in China – with steel Yankee supplied to Hebei Yihoucheng, China.
    The machine has a design speed of 1,650 m/min and a width of 2.85 m. The Yankee, manufactured entirely of steel, has a diameter of 3.65 m.
    According to Tian Yuwei, General Manager of Hebei Yihoucheng, ”The smooth start-up was further confirmation that we had chosen the right partner in ANDRITZ. The energy-efficient drying and excellent operating safety of the Yankee are particularly impressive.”
    The tissue machine and components (the order also included supply of the complete stock preparation plant, automation, and drives) were manufactured at ANDRITZ production sites in Europe and China. With this turnkey supply, ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER is strengthening its position as one of the leading suppliers of tissue machines including local services in China.
    (Andritz AG)
    01.07.2014   Mobile factory that produces nanocellulose    ( Company news )

    Company news Innventia and BillerudKorsnäshave entered a collaboration with the purpose of building a mobile demonstration plant for nanocellulose and to test the material in full-scale papermaking. The project is financed by Vinnova, Innventia and BillerudKorsnäs.
    Nanocellulose can be used as additives in papermaking to make lighter and stronger paper and board. It can also be used in a variety of other applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and construction industry.
    This means that paper is given completely new properties and could replace plastics, for example, in many areas. More products could thus be produced from renewable and biodegradable raw material.
    Innventia runs since 2010 a pilot plant for the production of nanocellulose at the research institute in Stockholm. By this establishment, sufficiently large amounts of nanocellulose could be manufactured for research and development addressing paper applications. In a unique collaboration between BillerudKorsnäs and Innventia, a mobile demonstration plant is now being built which makes it possible to produce nanocellulose on a large scale for use in full-scale trials on paper and board machines.
    “Nanocellulose has a fantastic potential in paper applications as well is a number of other applications. This new project is exciting as it gives us the possibility to validate the potential in full scale,” says Mikael Ankerfors, Project manager, New Business Lab, BillerudKorsnäs.
    “Innovation is at the core of our business model. To be part of this project and explore the potential of full scale production of nanocellulose is a perfect match with our mission to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future,” says Magnus Wikström, SVP Strategic Development, BillerudKorsnäs.
    “This is a very important step. The availability of test beds and demonstration plants are often crucial for up-scaling new processes resulting from our research and development,” says Anna Wiberg, Director of Business Development Materials Processes, Innventia.
    “Thanks to the collaboration with BillerudKorsnäs, the development towards new nanocellulose-based materials can take a leap. Later, we will offer more companies access to the demonstration plant as a support in their innovation processes,” says Torgny Persson, Vice President Material Processes, Innventia.
    (Innventia AB)
    01.07.2014   Your clients and partners are waiting for you at PAP-FOR Russia 2014!    ( Company news )

    Company news In 2014, the PAP-FOR Russia will be held at the new venue – the international convention and exhibition center "EXPOFORUM." PAP-FOR Russia 2014 launches large-scale advertising campaign, which includes a wide announcement and promotion of the exhibition.
    Among the variety of information channels the exhibition organisers chose the most effective in order to attract maximum number of visitors professionally interested in the pulp and paper market.

    1. Outdoor Advertising
    Information about PAP-FOR Russia is placed on advertising constructions in the St. Petersburg city center and at one of the main thoroughfares of the city – Pulkovo Highway:
    • Billboards;
    • City formats;
    • LED screens.

    2. Advertising in public transport
    PAP-FOR finds your visitors in the various means of transport: among the ‘Sapsan’ express trains passengers, those who are going home or to work by buses and subways, and even among the participants of the Baltic sea cruises on board of "Princess Maria" and "Princess Anastasia" ferries:
    • leaflets with information about the exhibition;
    • advertising light boxes and in-flight ferry magazines;
    • on the hulls of buses;
    • in subway trains;
    • distribution of invitations to the exhibition.

    3. Ethereal advertising
    Right before the show 4 times a day Russian popular TV channels will broadcast a video about PAP-FOR:
    • RBC;
    • Russia 24;
    • NTV;
    • STO.
    Three times a day, our advertising will be heard on the radio with the widest range of broadcasting for Russia and CIS:
    • Radio of Russia;
    • Retro FM;
    • Avtoradio;
    • Mayak.

    4. Industry media
    Announcements and advertising of the exhibition are published in more than 50 Russian and international specialized industry print issues and online portals. Total number of publications is more than 60 outlets; the broad banner advertising organized and applications to the industry media are organised.

    5. E-mailing announcement
    More than 18,000 people included into PAP-FOR database, receive invitation to the exhibition through mailing lists.

    More about the venue
    EXPOFORUM is a platform with the latest modern infrastructure which is capable of hosting business and cultural events of the highest level and scale.
    • Location:
    Exhibition centre occupies 56.2 hectares and is conveniently located at Peterburgkoye Highway, 64/1: a 10-minute drive from the airport "Pulkovo" and 30 minutes from the St. Petersburg historic center.
    • Exhibition pavilion:
    PAP-FOR Russia 2014 halls form one solid area with no internal walls: the A, B, C zones only indicate the distance from entrance which provides a constant and steady flow of visitors to all exhibition zones.
    Learn more about the new complex "Expoforum" at .
    (Reed Exhibitions Russia)
    01.07.2014   Smurfit Kappa announces new fossil CO2 reduction target, increasing from 20% to 25% by 2020 ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... occasion of publication of its 7th annual Sustainable Development Report

    Picture: Gary McGann, Group Chief Executive Officer at Smurfit Kappa

    -Achieved 2020 target for CO2 with 21% reduction in carbon emissions per tonne of paper produced (initial target 20%)
    -Achieved 2015 target for Chain of Custody with 91% converting operations certified (initial target 90%)
    -First time reporting on new commitments in four key areas of sustainability impact: Health and Safety, Community Involvement, Waste Minimisation and Sustainable Sourcing

    Smurfit Kappa, one of the world’s leading paper-based packaging solutions companies, today intensifies its commitment to tackle climate change by increasing its target to reduce CO2 emissions per tonne of paper produced by 25% by 2020, having achieved its original 2020 target of a 20% reduction well ahead of schedule.
    The renewed commitment coincides with the publication of its 7th annual Sustainable Development Report. By achieving a 21% reduction in its fossil CO2 emissions per unit of production, Smurfit Kappa has realised an absolute reduction of fossil CO2 emissions of 929,000 tonnes since 2005 through a combination of investments in energy reduction, energy efficiency initiatives and overall optimisation of its mill system. This follows a decrease of 6.5% in carbon emissions per tonne of paper produced in 2013.
    Following significant advances in the use of sustainable fibres, 91% of all Smurfit Kappa converting operations are now Chain of Custody certified, exceeding its original commitment to reach at least a 90% certification level by 2015. In addition, close to 90% of all packaging produced in Europe can now be declared Chain of Custody certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). All of Smurfit Kappa’s relevant operations in the Americas are forecast to achieve Chain of Custody certified status by the end of 2014, following the certification of its Venezuelan operations.
    These 2013 achievements form a key part of Smurfit Kappa’s Vision on Sustainability, which is a commitment to deliver sustainable, innovative solutions to help customers succeed in their respective markets, reduce their environmental impact and achieve commercial success.
    This sustainability commitment is embedded within Smurfit Kappa’s new global brand initiative, Open the future, which was launched last week. It showcases Smurfit Kappa’s dedication to customer growth by delivering the deepest insights programme ever seen in the paper-based packaging industry and building a new network of customer experience centres around the world to bring its innovation capabilities closer to its customers

    Gary McGann, Group Chief Executive Officer at Smurfit Kappa said,
    “Our vision is to assist our customers to succeed in their markets by ensuring the sustainability of our paper packaging solutions and by delivering innovative solutions for them that both drive their business growth and deliver against their own sustainability agendas. Having successfully met two key targets on Carbon Emissions and Chain of Custody certification well ahead of schedule, we are now intensifying our commitment to tackle climate change. We believe that sustainability is not only the right thing to do, but a key driver of business success for both our customers and for Smurfit Kappa, now and into the future.”

    For the first time, this year’s report commits to four new, time-bound objectives in areas for which the company has not previously set targets, including Health and Safety, Community Involvement, Waste Elimination and Sustainable Sourcing. Together with CO2, Chain of Custody, and Water, these are aspects of environmental and social impact to which Smurfit Kappa believes it can make the greatest contribution in order to promote a more sustainable and resilient society.
    (Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)
    01.07.2014   Stora Enso: New CEO – Karl-Henrik Sundström     ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso’s Board of Directors has appointed Karl-Henrik Sundström, 54, as the new CEO of the Company as of 1 August 2014. Chairman of the Board of Directors Gunnar Brock hosted a press conference on 30 June in Helsinki together with Karl-Henrik Sundström.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    01.07.2014   Put a stop to Russian roulette when shopping: 3S starts information campaign against ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... product piracy

    Counterfeit protection is consumer protection

    Every consumer can become a victim of product piracy - that's according to a new campaign recently started by 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH in various social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and MyVideo. Everyday situations quickly and effectively demonstrate the dangers caused by counterfeiters - not only when buying bargains on holiday, but also when doing your daily shopping at the supermarket, specialist shop or at the chemist. No matter whether you're buying baby food, children's toys, medicines, cosmetics, textiles, pet food or spare parts for cars - counterfeit products are getting onto the market again and again and are threatening the health of consumers.
    Which means: Even if you avoid dubious offers and only make your purchases in specialist shops, you still cannot be one hundred percent sure that you are buying original goods. Only when consumers themselves can identify the authenticity of a product without a doubt can seamless counterfeit protection be guaranteed from the industry via the market to the consumer. To watch the short films about 3S‘ new info campaign, please visit and go to the “SECUTAG in the media” / “Media library” section. Click on “Survey 1-3” and “Consumer Spots” in the drop down list. 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of labelling systems for legally binding counterfeit protection. On the basis of the world's smallest micro colour codes SECUTAG, 3S has developed several industry solutions against product piracy.
    Product piracy: The dark figure is high
    Despite the successful work carried out by German customs, there is always a risk that counterfeits can get onto the market. In 2013, border controls could prevent over 3.9 million counterfeit products valued at 134 million euros from entering the country. However, experts assume that the dark figure of unrecognised infringements on product and trademark laws is very much higher. And from the point of view of the Federal Criminal Police Office, product piracy has long been an important field of activity for organised crime. What does this mean for the consumer? Even if you avoid dubious offers and only make your purchases in specialist shops, you still cannot be one hundred percent sure that you are buying original goods.
    Product counterfeits are getting more and more perfect
    The new information campaign by 3S refers particularly to the health risks of product piracy, particularly when it concerns sensitive products such as baby food, children's toys, medicines, cosmetics, textiles or spare parts for cars. This is because the use of counterfeit goods can trigger allergies, cause illnesses or can even end in death - when the car repair shop uses counterfeit brake pads made from substandard material to be mounted on a vehicle. This danger is absolutely founded, because nowadays counterfeits are so perfectly produced that they are not even automatically recognised by trained experts in specialist shops. As long as manufacturers and trade do not use a continuous counterfeit protection system with which every consumer can check the authenticity of a product on site, organised crime will always be able to get counterfeits into specialist shops, specialist markets and even into chemists using sophisticated production and logistics chains.
    Seamless protection from suppliers, all the way to retailers and consumers
    The product labelling system SECUTAG by 3S provides effective protection against counterfeiting. This system consists of micro colour codes that are invisible to the naked eye. They can be applied onto almost any surface. The only device needed for checking the product's authenticity is a standard pen microscope with 100x magnification. It allows users to identify counterfeit products quickly and reliably. The colour code system has been counterfeit-proof for more than 15 years and is accepted as evidence by international courts.
    (3S Simons Security Systems GmbH)
    01.07.2014   Kemira invests in production and expertise to support growth of the European tissue industry    ( Company news )

    Company news The European market provides huge growth potential for the tissue industry as about a dozen new tissue machines will be started or built in the EMEA region in the next two years. Most of the investments will take place in the developing markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East where the tissue consumption per capita is still a half or less than in Western Europe.
    Kemira supports the growth of the European tissue industry by investing in production and expertise”, says Kenneth Nysten, SVP, Paper, EMEA. “The investment in San Giorgio plant in Italy enables the production of all tissue specialty chemicals such as polymers, dry and wet strength agents, and Yankee coating, and the strategic location of the plant ensures Kemira’s ability to effectively serve all the major European tissue districts especially in Italy, Germany, Spain, France and all the Eastern European countries. Kemira will participate in supplying chemicals to almost every new machine start up in 2014-2015”.
    Kemira continues to commit to the paper industry also in the more mature Western European market, and strives to ensure customers’ success in innovating and bringing new products to the market. “Innovation, operational efficiency and economy of scale represent a secure cost advantage for our tissue customers”, Nysten says. “We will continue to provide and develop a leading portfolio of innovative, tailor-made technologies and chemical expertise to fulfil the specific needs of our customers and ensure their future success. To support this, we are launching a campaign for tissue grades.”

    In the core of the campaign are Kemira’s key technologies:
    •FennoClean PFA for effective and corrosion safe microbe control with no biocide residuals in the final paper
    •KemFlite for efficient control of hydrophobic substances by combining novel analysis and monitoring tools with the broad deposit control product portfolio
    •FennoBond for improved dry and wet strength characteristics in tissue production

    “Our Tissue Experience campaign illustrates how our key technologies and well-engineered chemical phenomena benefit tissue makers and create a wanted impact on process runnability and cleanliness, as well as final product quality", says Antti Matula, Head of Marketing & Product Lines, Paper, EMEA. “It reveals an in-depth example of what Kemira has to offer through its understanding of the pulp and paper industry and its offering and expertise for tissue and towel grades.”
    (Kemira Oyj)
    01.07.2014   X-Rite Pantone Sponsors Russian Printing Standard Competition    ( Company news )

    Company news Competition Promotes Standards of Quality Among Russian Printing Houses

    X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in colour management, measurement and communication technologies, announces that they are sponsor of the Russian Printing Standard 2014 GOST R 54766-2011 (ISO 12647-2) Competition, which is organized by St. Petersburg Graphic Art Union, is designed to help promote a national standard of quality for printers across Russia.

    The Russian Printing Standard 2014, and the contest promoting it, was introduced at a time of great change for the Russian printing industry. Print clients in Russia now are in a stronger position when it comes to printing, both in the region and globally. With clients now demanding that printing houses deliver a consistent level of quality, printers are finding gaps in their current workflow processes.

    The challenge, however, is that there is no agreed to means to measure quality. There is no international unification on software and instrumentation, so companies are limited in what they can offer for quality control on their home standards or operational procedures. This lack of understanding of the existing standards has led to disagreements between clients and printing houses, providing no agreed baseline for judging quality.

    To help move print shops towards Standardization, industry leader X-Rite Pantone joined with the UGRA (Center of Competence in Media and Printing Technology), Sappi Fine Paper Europe, and Bereg Ltd, the leading paper supplier in Russia, to produce this competition. Working together, the contest will help to promote a National Standard GOST R 54766-2011 (ISO 12647-2) and verify the quality of printing offered by the printer according to that standard.

    Maxim Siniak, International Application Expert at X-Rite, is a judge in the competition. He notes that, “Part of our company’s mission is to enable printers to achieve the right colour each and every time. X-Rite Pantone’s participation in this competition is an extension of that goal. We are proud to contribute our colour science and Technology expertise to this competition and to the effort of standardizing printing quality in Russia. More importantly, we are enthusiastic about the impact quality standards will have for printers all over Russia.”

    The Russian Printing Standard Competition
    This Competition is open to all printers in Russia. Once the printer registers, they will electronically receive a technical assignment and test pages from the competition organizer. These test pages must be printed according the technical assignment. The sheets are judged on the following criteria:

    - Lab values of CMYK inks measured on solid patches
    - Dot Gain (TVI) for all inks
    - Spread values between of Dot Gain curves of all CMYK
    - Lab values for RGB
    - Overprint CMY

    Once completed, the sheets are evaluated locally for a preliminary judgment. Entries that show a high level of competency are then sent to X-Rite and Ugra for final evaluation by the Technical Expert Committee. Those that are judged to be of quality will be verified as meeting the standard. The overall winner of The Russian Printing Standard 2014 competition will get an Individual Certificate. This Certificate will enable the winner to better promote their services and will be a proof point of the quality of their services.

    This contest is open to all printers in Russia from 1st of September 2014 until 30 of October, 2014. Print Companies have until 15th of September, 2014 to enter the contest.
    (X-Rite GmbH)
    30.06.2014   Tiruna America Announces Expansion    ( Company news )

    Company news Tiruna America announces plans for expansion at its facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Due to continued growth in the North American market, Tiruna America will double its capacity in 2015 by adding a building expansion, additional machinery and staff. Chris Charette, General Manager, noted that “we’ve had significant growth this past 3 years serving the integrated and independents in North America. Our depot programs, weld overlay rebuilds and cartridge rebuilds have grown by over 10% annually. The addition of another grinder, polisher and some ancillary equipment, along with production area and additional staff will position us well for the future. We are already adding the staff, so that we may ramp up to be ready once the expansion is complete, mid-year 2015. We want to thank our customers for entrusting us with their corrugator roll business.”
    (Tiruña América Inc.)
    30.06.2014   KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses Unleash the Next-Generation of Printing to Meet Diverse ...     ( Company news )

    Company news ...Customer Needs

    Kodak continues to exceed industry standards in digital color print with the introduction of the KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses. With new innovations in transport, drying and writing systems, combined with advanced press management technology, the PROSPER 6000 Presses are a completely new product offering that deliver high levels of reliability, print speed and application flexibility. These enhancements will empower customers in the book, commercial print and newspaper businesses—as well as print service providers of data-driven print applications such as direct mail and transaction—with tools for success.

    The PROSPER 6000 Presses are powered by an advanced Intelligent Print System (IPS) that continuously monitors, evaluates and adjusts operations to ensure exceptional quality output. With the improved IPS, the PROSPER 6000 Presses can monitor and instantly correct color registration, delivering enhanced registration performance. The Presses' writing system runs on Kodak's newly formulated nanotechnology inks, offering a greater color gamut and delivering print quality that rivals offset output on a wide range of uncoated, coated and glossy papers.

    Two PROSPER 6000 Models for Business Agility

    The PROSPER 6000 Presses will be made available in two models:

    KODAK PROSPER 6000C Press, ideal for commercial print applications requiring high ink laydowns.
    KODAK PROSPER 6000P Press, designed specifically for publishing applications such as books and newspapers which typically use light-weight paper and low-to-medium ink laydowns.

    Both PROSPER 6000 Presses print at speeds of up to 1,000 feet, or 300 meters, per minute on matted and uncoated papers with a duty cycle of 90 million A4 top quality pages per month – up to 2.5 times faster than the KODAK PROSPER 5000XLi Press. An enhanced drying capability allows heavy-weight glossy and silk stock to be printed on the PROSPER 6000C Press at 650 feet, or 200 meters, per minute.

    "Today's printers need tools that enable them to quickly respond to the needs of their customers, as well as the needs of the business. From book publishing to commercial and newspaper printing, the future of the industry will revolve around digital solutions," said Doug Edwards, President, Digital Printing & Enterprise, Eastman Kodak Company. "The PROSPER 6000 Presses deliver the highest industry performance coupled with quality approaching 200 lpi, allowing customers to increase agility so they can adapt to the changing demands of the business and better respond to their customers."

    Aligning with its commitment to sustainability, Kodak is focused on delivering imaging innovations to customers that provide greater product value while enabling them to achieve their own sustainability goals. With the combination of stellar quality, reliability and industry-leading productivity, the PROSPER 6000 Presses produce saleable prints at a low cost per page; approaching $0.005/A4 in color consumable costs. The 6000 Presses provide customers with long inkjet head life, high operational uptime and fast job set-up and make-ready time, helping them save both time and money.

    Next-Generation Printing

    In today's printing environment, businesses are investing in technologies that lay the foundation for future success. In book printing, printers are looking for ways to enhance revenue potential by shifting to profitable short-run jobs. These print-on-demand jobs reduce inventory costs and allow the printing of shorter runs on a just-in-time basis to meet specific orders. KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses make it feasible and economical to print up to 200-lpi quality books at production run lengths of up to 3,000 copies. In addition, it can produce millions of offset-like pages month after month and reduce costs associated with obsolescence and warehousing.

    Printers in the commercial print space are looking to provide their customers with better response rates for mailings. KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses can produce high-gloss targeted direct mail pieces for an average of 30 percent less than using electrophotographic (toner-based) systems. These economics deliver greater return on marketing investments as well as improved efficiency and profitability for production runs of up to one million high-quality mail pieces.

    Newspaper printers and publishers need to drive innovation and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses make it possible to reach new audiences more efficiently, while streamlining print runs and adapting print editions to target different readers. Digitally printed newspapers are the same size as offset versions and have the same look and feel, offering a high-quality appearance that is readily accepted by advertisers and readers. The 6000 Presses allow multiple newspaper titles to be produced in very short runs. The right number of newspaper editions needed for each outlet can be produced with sufficiently high productivity for medium-sized markets: 15,000-20,000 newspapers.
    (Kodak GmbH)
    30.06.2014   New BillerudKorsnäs products meet growing demand for paper bags and carriers    ( Company news )

    Company news With the European Parliament voting to significantly cut plastic bag use by 2019, BillerudKorsnäs has launched two new families of paper for use in carriers for the food and retail sectors. The products offer outstanding value, quality, and flexibility and are produced from renewable raw materials. The fact that they are biodegradable means they pose far less of a threat to waterways than plastics

    BillerudKorsnäs has launched two new paper product families, aimed at meeting growing demand for paper bags and carriers within the retail and food sectors. The Xpression and Basix product lines both offer outstanding strength, printability and environmental credentials, but are carefully designed for use in distinct applications.
    The Xpression range of high-quality kraft paper products is suitable for use in paper carriers produced for use in retail and in other sectors. Papers in the range offer benefits across the value chain. They allow for outstanding colour and text reproduction during printing and enable brand owners to produce strong, durable and appealing carrier bags that reflect on their brands in the best possible way.
    The Basix range of kraft paper, meanwhile, is intended for use in consumer bags that provide protection for food, or that are used in other daily applications. The range consists of stiff papers with an even quality that allows for effective and functional conversion as well as easy-to-use end products. The papers boast good printability, and grease-resistant variants are available for paper bags that come into close contact with greasy food, such as Danish pastries and French fries.
    Marcus Lager, Business Segment Director at BillerudKorsnäs, says there has been an increase in demand for quality paper products, particularly in Europe where tough measures have been introduced to reduce the use of plastic bags and plastic carrier bags.
    In April, the European Parliament voted in favour of new targets that will force nations within the EU to reduce plastic bag use by 80 per cent before 2019," Lager says. "Many consumers have also expressed a strong preference for sustainable, non-plastic alternatives, both in retail and food retail situations."
    Patrik Bosander, Business Development Director at BillerudKorsnäs, says, "The independent research body IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet (IVL Swedish Environmental Institute) conducted climate change impact studies on all the products manufactured in three of our Swedish paper mills. The results showed that our products had a very small carbon footprint. This is due to the paper being made from renewable raw material from sustainable forestry, as well to our investments in environmentally effective technology."
    (BillerudKorsnäs AB (publ))
    30.06.2014   Digital printing breakthrough turns packaging into a tool for enhanced communication    ( Company news )

    Company news High-volume digital printing on corrugated board is now becoming a reality, this was confirmed at a workshop organised by FEFCO
    ,the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, in June. This technology opens up wide new possibilities for maximising the use of packaging as a platform for communicating directly to consumers.
    With digital printing, corrugated board is being transformed from packaging and protection to a new marketing communications medium, thanks to striking print quality, and the possibilities for customisation and creativity in design.
    "It is a real revolution," said Angelika Christ, FEFCO's Secretary General. "Now, with corrugated packaging, the medium really can become the message".
    At the same time, digital printing allows fuller use of new technologies such as QR codes and augmented reality (AR), enhancing the customer experience by making the packaging interactive.
    One example:
    Prospective customers for LEGO can scan the box and AR will bring the contents of the box to life on a screen. And along fragmented supply chains, unique QR codes printed on packaging are helping to share data.
    Until now, the technology for digital printing on corrugated board has
    been mainly used for display POS and short-run samples. But this one-day seminar, “High Volume Digital Printing on Corrugated Board”, showcased how leading printer manufacturers can now produce high-volume, high-quality and competitively priced digital printing on corrugated board.
    New digital printing equipment was presented by several companies, all capable of transforming corrugated board into customised and customer-oriented packaging and displays.
    The demand for digital printing mainly comes from the customers, packers & fillers and from retailers. The need for versioning and personalisation, regional marketing, last-minute changes, rapid response to customer demand and accelerated time to market are the
    principal factors pushing the industry to move from analogue to digital printing.
    As Angelika Christ reported, the federation was extremely pleased that so many companies joined this event, thus demonstrating that FEFCO continues to offer a useful service to its members.
    Once more, FEFCO has shown its ability to share knowledge and facilitate the spreading of information at European level.
    Wilbert Streefland, the consultant who co-chaired the seminar, quoted Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest industry that survives, but the most adaptive”.
    This workshop demonstrated clearly that the digital printing market will provide huge opportunities for adding value to corrugated packaging and competitiveness. Now is the right time for FEFCO members to take advantage of these opportunities.
    The challenges that this technology is also overcoming include ensuring brand colour consistency with digital print. But some of the challenges have to be met by changes in working pattern too - and notably by workflow automation. Digital print makes more numerous but shorter print runs possible - responding to the changing dynamics in fast-moving consumer goods markets.
    This gives rise to greater administration and re-organising the prepress work. According to Marc Van Damme, FEFCO Production Committee Chairman and Chief Technical Officer for VPK Packaging Group: “It’s not just about switching to digital, it’s about rethinking your work process”.
    "Digital printing on corrugated board is no hype-it is a solution ready for use in everyday production," concluded Angelika Christ.
    (FEFCO I.A.)
    30.06.2014   Duni acquires Paper+Design Group    ( Company news )

    Company news Duni has acquired 100% of the shares in the Paper+Design Group. Paper+Design has a strong position in the premium segment for designed napkins primarily within the consumer market segment. The products are mainly sold through specialized retailers in Germany as well as in numerous other geographic markets.

    Picture: Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO of Duni

    Paper+Design is based in the eastern part of Germany and has approximately 200 employees working in production, logistics and sales at the site in Wolkenstein.
    The product portfolio consists mainly of own manufactured designed paper napkins which are sold to consumers through specialized retailers such as stationery stores, garden centers, florists and home furnishings stores. Approximately 60% of sales are exported to more than eighty markets outside Germany.
    Paper+Design has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 38 million. The Group consists of four companies which will be accounted for in the Duni Group's business area Consumer. The operating margin of approximately 20% will contribute positively to the profitability of the business area.
    Purchase of shares and refinancing of the business will affect Duni’s net debt with approximately 63 MEUR. This is covered within the existing loan agreement.
    "This is an acquisition that both complements and strengthens Duni’s range of offerings. With its great expertise in design, Paper+Design creates new opportunities both in the grocery retail trade as well as within specialized retailers, in Germany as well as other geographic markets," says Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO of Duni.
    “After four years of trustful cooperation with Paper+Design Group it is satisfying to have found a strong strategic partner for the company. From the very first day of our investment in Paper+Design we were convinced of the design competence, the flexibility and the passion of the employees. We are sure that Duni values these strengths and will give Paper+Design the opportunity for further strategic growth," says Goetz Hertz-Eichenrode, member of the board at the equity capital partner HANNOVER Finanz Group.
    "To us it is good news that Duni acquires Paper+Design," says Thomas Hübner, Managing Director of Paper+Design Group. "Both companies are in the same industry nevertheless the main customer target groups are different. This means a great opportunity for further development for both, Duni as well as Paper+Design."
    (Duni AB)
    30.06.2014   Save the date: RadTech Europe Conference and Exhibition 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: UV-lamps

    RadTech Europe (RTE) announces that the next RadTech Europe Conference and Exhibition will take place at the Clarion Hotel in Prague from 13 to 15 October 2015. This informative three-day event will offer:

    - Cutting edge presentations covering all aspects of radiation curing technology from breakthroughs in chemistry to the latest regulatory developments.

    - Unrivalled networking opportunities – A new conference set-up provides easy access to leading industry players and end-users .

    - A dedicated end-user day that will provide answers to all your questions regarding the practical use of radiation curing. This session will also provide information on the latest applications - from (3D) printing and packaging to electronics and automotive.

    - A completely revamped exhibition, including the latest product introductions for UV/EB and UV-LED

    For more information and regular updates about the Conference, visit
    (RTE RadTech Europe Office)
    30.06.2014   Sappi confirms disposal of Nijmegen Mill    ( Company news )

    Company news With reference to the announcement made on 30 September 2013 about the future of the Sappi Nijmegen Mill, Sappi wishes to confirm that it has reached an agreement to dispose of the mill to an affiliate of American Industrial Acquisition Corporation ("AIAC"). The new name of the Sappi Nijmegen Mill is Innovio Papers. It will manufacture specialty paper and will no longer be engaged in the coated graphic paper business. A transfer plan is being arranged with current graphic paper customers. The transaction is effective as of 16 June 2014. The disposal is not categorisable in terms of section 9.5 of the JSE Listings Requirements.
    (Sappi Limited)
    30.06.2014   Eurocalco Digital - Lecta's New Range of Carbonless Papers    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta presents Eurocalco Digital, its new range of carbonless papers in 75 g/m2 especially designed for sheet-fed digital printing
    Eurocalco Digital is the result of an efficient innovation process. Its low 75 g/m2 grammage is a new development in the digital carbonless paper market that offers printers significant advantages in terms of productivity, storage and the environment:
     A more competitive product
     Thinner forms, requiring less storage space
     A more sustainable product:
     10% less raw material
     15% less water consumption and CO2 emissions
     20% less energy consumed
     16% less waste generated
     100% recyclable
    The new range consists of three types of sheets – CB, CFB, CF – in a wide variety of colors as well as pre-collated sets, making it ideal for numerous types of forms.
    Eurocalco Digital is compatible with laser, inkjet and HP Indigo digital presses and is manufactured with innovative Non-Contact technology, allowing for a uniform application of the layer of coating and thereby guaranteeing perfect transfer of the copy to all the sheets of the form.
    All Eurocalco Digital papers are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management standards and ISO 50001 energy management standards. They are made with ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) pulp and are available with PEFCTM and FSC® Chain-of-Custody Forest Certifications upon request.
    (Lecta Group)
    30.06.2014   Key Topics of PAP-FOR Forum 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news From ideas to business! From the forest to the paper!
    Legendary PAP-FOR Russia exhibition – the largest pulp and paper event in Eastern Europe – is proud to introduce PAP-FOR Business Forum.
    The conference is traditionally held on the first day of the exhibition.
    Dates of PAP-FOR Forum 2014: October 28–29, 2014. Forum will be held at a new venue EXPOFORUM (St. Petersburg, Peterburgskoye Highway, 64/1).
    This year the exhibition organizers unconventionally approached the preparation of the Forum program. For the first time in PAP-FOR history was established the Forum program Committee to identify the up-to-date issues of pulp and paper industry and put them on the agenda. Moreover, state officials, who are able to influence on making decisions on pulp and paper industry "critical" issues, will be brought by Committee.

    Organizer of PAP-FOR exhibition and Forum is proud to present the members of the Program Committee of the Forum PAP-FOR 2014:
    • Association of Specialists of Paper Industry (ASBO)
    • RAO Bumprom Association
    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    • “Pulp. Paper. Cardboard” (“C.B.K.”) Magazine

    OCTOBER 28, 2014
    Session №1: Round Table "Investment attractiveness of the domestic pulp and paper industry"
    The largest Pulp and Paper Mills, associations, equipment manufacturers and government officials will be involved in the session. International analytical agencies, associations of trends and markets research of Russian and world pulp and paper industry are also invited to participate in the session.
    Session №2: “New Russian forest policy and forest resources condition”
    • Why do timber merchants believe the forest in Russia still exists, but ecologists say the opposite? What has actually caused the shortage of forest resources? What do government statistics and other sources say about it?
    Session №3: “Bio-technology”
    • Experience of European companies, forecasts and global trends in Bio-technology
    • Projects of Russian companies

    OCTOBER 29, 2014
    Session №1: "New projects in the packaging sector"
    • Successful Russian projects
    • Analysis of the current market situation
    • Production and consumption trends
    Session №2: "New successful projects in tissue sector"
    • Disbalance between production and demand in the tissue sector
    • Successful Russian projects
    • Consumption trends
    Session №3: “Printed paper types”
    • Printing trades – coated paper market in Russia, the competitiveness of domestic printing
    • What is happening to the printing market? Roundtable with the publishers, paper wholesalers, producer of newsprint, offset paper and light coated paper
    • Problems of Russian newspaper leaders and possible solutions
    • Office paper market situation
    Session № 4: “HR issues in Pulp and paper industry”
    • Attracting young professionals in the industry
    • PPI Labor market: opportunities, conditions, prospects
    • Company’s experience in the staff involvement, retention and development

    Requirements for reports:
    1. Relevance to the key Forum topics. Specify the session in which you wish to speak in the title of report.
    2. Language of presentation (report): English or Russian.
    3. Presentation SHOULD NOT BE COMMERCIALIZED, i.e. not sell your products or services.
    4. Graphics and high quality photo should be used in presentation.
    5. Abstract should be presented (page A4, in Russian or English).
    6. Duration of the report – 15 min.
    8. DEADLINE FOR PRESENTATIONS (if your report has been approved by the Program Committee) – OCTOBER 1, 2014
    (Reed Exhibitions Russia)
    30.06.2014   Valmet received a repeat tissue line order from First Quality Tissue in USA    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will supply a complete Advantage ThruAir (TAD) tissue line to First Quality Tissue in their existing Anderson, South Carolina USA site. The new production line is planned to be started-up in the second half of 2015 and will add 70,000 tons of ultra premium quality tissue to the company's annual production.

    The value of the order is not disclosed. The order was included in Valmet's first quarter (Q1) 2014 orders received.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    30.06.2014   Report from RosUpack 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news We came back from RosUpack, the Russian exhibition of label & packaging in Moscow that became the leading trade fair for all Russian operators.

    The actual Russian market demand in the packaging industry keeps on growing strongly and Imanpack solutions are just what this market needs.

    The presentation of our Servoflex Pba Servoflex Pba - Horizontal flow-wrapper machine at our booth was appreciated by lots of visitors and we are sure that it will put the base for a very strong relationship with this important market.

    See you at the next show:
    29.BI-MU 2014 in Milan (Italy) that will be held from 30 September to 4 October 2014, in the fieramilano fairground.
    (Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A.)
    29.06.2014   Montes del Plata starts industrial production     ( Company news )

    Company news Construction of the industrial complex required a USD 2,000 million investment, the largest private investment in the country´s history

    Cellulose pulp production has begun at the Montes del Plata industrial plant. The project required a USD 2,000 million investment, the country`s largest private investment in history. The industrial complex is located in Punta Pereira (department of Colonia) and includes a state-of-the-art pulp production mill, a port terminal and a biomass power plant.
    Montes del Plata´s pulp mill has been designed to produce 1.3 million tonnes of Eucalyptus fibre pulp per year sourced mostly the company´s own forestry plantations that are located in 11 departments. Production will involve the use of the world`s best available techniques for the pulp sector by following IPPC BAT European Union standards.
    The mill is the last link of a value chain that comprises over 5,000 full-time jobs (including direct, indirect and induced jobs) throughout 11 of the country`s departments. As a whole, these jobs have an accumulated net wage bill of USD 100 million per year.
    In operation, the industrial complex will inject USD 844 million into Uruguay´s GDP.
    Additionally, the power generation plant will supply up to 80 MW to the national grid through renewable and sustainable transformation of biomass.
    (CEPP Celulosa y Energía Punta Pereira S.A. Montes del Plata)
    27.06.2014   Pro Carton at Interpack: Full house    ( Company news )

    Company news The mood was excellent at this year's Interpack in Düsseldorf from 8. to 14. May which set a new record with 175,000 visitors. The award-winning packs of the Pro Carton ECMA Awards were the eyecatchers at the joint Pro Carton stand.
    Response to the Interpack 2014 was enormous: According to the organisers, the fully booked Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre attracted some 2,700 exhibitors to the 19 halls. "Interest, professional competence of the visitors and the willingness to invest were significantly higher than in 2013."
    The exhibiting companies of the cartonboard and carton industry presented fascinating examples of their work at their extremely attractive exhibition stands. They reported numerous interested parties as well as a high number of high-level contacts. Personal exchange again proved essential and supplemented digital networking. The Interpack has again proven its worth as meeting point.

    Big crowds at the Pro Carton joint stand
    The stand of Pro Carton attracted large crowds. All areas of the Packaging Supply Chain were present, in particular brand owners and designers, but also the retail trade. Many visitors were encouraged to enter the current Pro Carton ECMA-Award before the deadline of 6. June 2014.
    Topic number one during discussions was Multichannel Retailing, a subject which will also be of great importance at the first ECMA Pro Carton Congress "WhatsUp on Cartons? Multiple Challenges Ahead!" from 17. to 20. September in Sorrento (Italy).
    Much in demand were innovative technical solutions for marketing and logistics, and the evergreens structural design and finishing: All visitors to the joint Pro Carton stand immediately turned their attention to the showcases with the award-winning packaging from the Pro Carton ECMA Awards. Another evergreen, as always, was the topic of sustainability.
    (Pro Carton)
    27.06.2014   BillerudKorsnäs makes substantial sustainability investments in Gävle    ( Company news )

    Company news BillerudKorsnäs' Board of Directors has authorized an investment of over 450 MSEK for environmental improvements at the production unit in Gävle.
    The investment includes a new sedimentation basin, developments in the pulp mill and a large number of related water-saving measures. This will be implemented in 2014 and 2015 and will be completed by the beginning of 2016.
    - This is an important environmental investment for Gävle completely in line with the vision that our products shall have a minimal environmental impact and the best possible function in order to contribute to a sustainable future, says Christer Simrén, COO at BillerudKorsnäs.
    In addition to the environmental benefits, improved water quality and reduced use of electricity, the quality of the products will increase. This investment follows on the energy-related investments made in 2012 which greatly improved the production unit's sustainability performance in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of fossil fuel use.
    (BillerudKorsnäs Gävle)
    27.06.2014   Saphira Low Migration: Heidelberg launches consumables for the production of food packaging    ( Company news )

    Company news -Independent testing institutes confirm that Saphira Low Migration products fulfill all the requirements of European legislation
    -Portfolio covers low migration consumables for all stages of the value-added chain in press and postpress

    With Saphira Low Migration, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is launching its own product line of consumables that meet the special requirements for the production of food packaging. In doing so, the company is rounding off its existing portfolio of equipment, service, and software solutions for packaging printing and is now able to offer customers in the food industry packaging solutions from a single source.
    The production of food packaging is subject to the very strictest legislation. One of the key factors in the production process is the consumables used in the press and postpress stages. The aim is to prevent harmful substances in the consumables being transferred to the packaged foodstuffs and potentially altering their composition and/or taste and smell. Consequently, all consumables used must fulfill the strict requirements of EU Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. At the same time, packaging printing in the food sector worldwide is a growth market that more and more print shops are keen to profit from.

    Comprehensive portfolio of low migration products
    Right from the start, Heidelberg is offering a comprehensive range of Saphira Low Migration products for press and postpress. Users can choose from various printing inks, dispersion coatings, dampening solution additives, washup solutions, cleaners, oils to protect rollers, and dispersion glues for folding carton manufacture. In addition to being suitable for use in the production of food packaging, all Saphira Low Migration products meet the high quality requirements Heidelberg places on consumables. Like all Saphira products, they are specially designed for use in equipment from Heidelberg and deliver high productivity and excellent print results. Saphira Low Migration products are identified with the symbol of a glass and fork on the label.

    Independent testing institutes confirm compliance with European legislation
    All materials bearing the Saphira Low Migration label are checked by independent testing institutes for legal conformity in line with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and are therefore suitable and approved for the safe production of food packaging. The products ensure that neither the smell nor taste of the foodstuffs is affected, and that their composition does not change in any way. At the same time, the products do not pose any risk to health. All other legal requirements for the production of food packaging remain unaffected and producers of food packaging are not exempted from their duty of care.
    "With Saphira Low Migration, we are responding to requests from many of our customers for consumables for the food packaging sector that are not harmful to health but are still of very high quality," says Peter Tix, head of Consumables at Heidelberg. "Users can rest assured that these products fulfill all the legal requirements for this sector and thus eliminate one of the biggest risk factors in the production process for food packaging."
    Heidelberg plans to continuously expand the portfolio of Saphira Low Migration products. These products can be requested from existing contacts in the sales team, who will also be happy to provide information about the special conditions governing the production of food packaging.
    27.06.2014   Dallmann Joins Fox River Fiber As Reliability Engineer    ( Company news )

    Company news New Role Focuses On Plant Maintenance Programs For Paper Recycling Leader

    Rick Dallmann has joined Fox River Fiber in the newly created role of Reliability Engineer, bringing more than 20 years of experience to an industry leader in paper recycling and de-inking of post-consumer wastepaper.
    Dallmann is responsible for helping build reliability strategies and programs, coordinating the computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), as well as the preventive and predictive maintenance programs for the Fox River Fiber plant.
    Dallmann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in paper science and engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He has previous work experience with companies such as Menomonee Paper, International Paper, Verso Paper and Georgia Pacific.
    Fox River Fiber is a paper recycling leader, turning post-consumer wastepaper into high-quality pulp used in the production of printing and writing grades, as well as packaging-grade papers. The company is one of the only suppliers of FDA-grade recycled pulp in the United States.
    Fox River Fiber earned the Best Places to Work Award from the Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Association (PPMA) in 2013 and the Business Friend of the Environment award from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce in 2011.
    (Fox River Fiber Co)
    27.06.2014   Extending the range of globe valve bodies    ( Company news )

    Company news The globe valves in the GEMÜ 505, 507, 550, 554 and 555 series have been tried and tested for use in various main and auxiliary processes for hygienic applications. To complete the range of globe valve bodies, an additional design has now also been included.

    For the valve ranges provided, a stainless steel investment cast body is now available in nominal sizes of DN 15, 20, 25, 40, 50 and 65, with integrally cast ASME BPE clamp connections and short ASME BPE length. It can be supplied with an internal and external surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8 up to Ra ≤ 0.4.
    (GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG)
    27.06.2014   Vacon joins BACnet International as a gold member - improving comfort control in ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... building automation

    Picture: VACON® 100 HVAC

    The global AC drives manufacturer Vacon joins, as a gold member, over 90 of the leading building automation vendors and integrators in the world in promoting the use of BACnet as a communication protocol. BACnet is one of the major communication protocols Vacon fully supports as standard in its portfolio of AC drive products suited to the building automation market.
    Vacon offers VACON® 100 HVAC and VACON® 100 X product families for building automation and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) applications. These AC drives improve comfort control and allow substantial energy savings to be achieved by intelligent speed control of pumps and fans.
    BACnet, short for 'Building Automation Control Network', is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. Offering interoperability between cooperating building automation devices, it is designed for applications such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control and fire detection systems and their associated equipment.
    "BACnet is a key technology in the building automation market, and we want to show our commitment to it by designing competitive products which offer added value to system integrators, property owners and end users. Being a member in BACnet International, Vacon gains access to services and knowledge which allow us to serve our building automation customers better," explains Tuuli Sarvilinna, VP, Marketing, at Vacon Plc.
    BACnet International is an industry association that facilitates the use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs and promotional activities. In addition, BACnet International oversees operation of the BACnet Testing Labs (BTL) and maintains a global listing of tested products.
    (Vacon Plc)
    26.06.2014   Valmet to supply new sizing technology for Papierfabrik Niederauer Mühle GmbH in Germany    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will supply Papierfabrik Niederauer Mühle GmbH with a sizer and auxiliaries for its PM3 containerboard machine located in the company's Kreuzau mill in Germany. The target of the project is to improve the strength properties of the white top liner grades. This high quality paper is used for instance as printed cover layer for cardboards and as headliner. The sizer is scheduled to start up during the first quarter of 2015.
    The order is included in Valmet's second quarter 2014 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

    Valmet's innovative sizing technology will boost the quality of white top linerboard
    In addition to the new sizer, Valmet's delivery will include a calender rebuild, an air dryer, starch preparation and starch supply systems as well as ropeless tail threading equipment.
    "The new sizer will combine the best features of both spray application and film application, and improve the strength properties of the white top liner grades. The main advantages of the back side spray application technology compared to conventional starch application method are drying energy reduction, fast and accurate starch amount control as well as elimination of wearing parts. The top side film application ensures excellent properties of the white top liner surface," says Ilkka Naatti, Product Manager of coaters and sizers in Valmet.
    "Niederauer Mühle will also be the first paper mill in the Central Europe to benefit from the advantages of safe, reliable and fully ropeless tail threading technology in the size press area. After the rebuild the tail threading process of PM3 will be totally ropeless for all machine parts."
    (Valmet Corporation)

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    Trade journals, magazines
    Ventilation systems; Drying plants
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