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    10.10.2014   Relyco Announces New Comprehensive Line of Premium Inkjet Compatible Paper Media Products    ( Company news )

    Company news Industry’s best performing products are specialty coated for inkjet printers to deliver superior image quality and lowest cost per print

    Picture: DURASEAL Envelopes

    Relyco®, the specialty paper experts, announced at Graph Expo a new comprehensive line of premium paper media products specifically engineered for today’s leading inkjet printers and production presses. Relyco’s inkjet compatible products are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and specialty coated to deliver the industry’s most superior image quality and lowest cost per print (often less than $0.01 per print).

    “Production inkjet printing is really gaining momentum because of its superior image quality and affordability when compared to toner-based printing. However, mainstream adoption of inkjet technology is being held up by the lack of quality paper media products that can really showcase its superior image quality capabilities,” said Mike Steinberg, CEO of Relyco. “Here’s a great analogy. Would you put regular gas in your brand new sports car knowing that performance would suffer? That’s what many users of production inkjet printers are doing today when they run inferior media products today with poor results. Our products have been designed and tested to deliver an unrivaled image quality POP.”

    Relyco’s comprehensive and growing line of premium paper media products are compatible with many of today’s Memjet-engine and other production inkjet printers and presses.

    Relyco Premium Inkjet Products
    • DURASEAL Envelopes – Relyco offers the only envelopes designed specifically for inkjet printers. Available as standard #10 and 6” x 9” booklet 24# envelopes (with or without windows), DURASEAL envelopes are constructed of the highest quality and specialty coating, providing a unique and proprietary color “POP” to deliver superior image quality.
    • ENDURA LABEL Digital Inkjet Labels – Available in many durable and utilitarian stocks of matte and gloss, poly, vinyl, PET films and paper materials. ENDURA LABEL offers exceptional image integrity that truly “POPs” out with vibrant colors when used on inkjet printers and presses. ENDURA LABEL comes in hundreds of shapes, sizes and rolls for applications of all types.
    • ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Forms – Cost-effective way to create, process, and deliver transpromos and transactional mailers, ULTRASEAL self-mailer forms eliminate the time and costs associate with folding, stuffing, gluing and heating of mailings and envelopes.
    • REIMAGE Carbonless Paper – With REIMAGE carbonless paper, it is easy to create and costeffectively print multi-part forms on demand for invoices, statements, receipts, inventory, shipping, or any other applications that require extra duplicate copies.
    • REVLAR Waterproof Synthetic Paper – With a special inkjet compatible coating, Relyco offers its REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper for inkjet applications. Get near photo quality results on a “virtually indestructible” paper. REVLAR is great for signs, menus, posters, maps,
    and any other application where the paper will be subjected to extreme conditions.
    • EZ-Card ID and Membership Cards – Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and inkjet compatible materials, EZ-Card from Relyco enables you to print ID and membership cards for many different applications.
    • Inkjet Cut-Sheet Stock – Specialty coated inkjet papers and card stocks are great for promotional mailers and post cards that need to stand out. Relyco’s products deliver the industry’s best image quality.
    • WinkJET Wide Format Rolls – Relyco offers wide format roll products in many different material types for most wide format inkjet printers, including aqueous, latex, solvent, UV curable, and digital press (DT) inkjet printers

    Relyco’s premium inkjet products are great for thousands of applications for which superior image quality and lower cost per print matters. Try Relyco’s products for direct mail, transpromos, transactional mailers, retail labeling, signage, multi-part forms, ID and membership cards, promotional mailers, and so much more.
    Relyco Product Samples and Availability
    (Relyco Sales Inc.)
    10.10.2014   Mondi's recycled NAUTILUS® papers awarded Buyers Lab (BLI) performance certification    ( Company news )

    Company news Consistent quality of NAUTILUS® SuperWhite and NAUTILUS® ReFresh externally verified

    Mondi’s recycled brands NAUTILUS® SuperWhite and NAUTILUS® ReFresh have been awarded with the Buyer’s Lab (BLI) performance certification based on independent testing across numerous digital imaging devices. Buyer’s Lab (BLI), the leading global independent office products test lab and business consumer advocate, tested the NAUTILUS® papers on a total of 15 different office document imaging devices (including copiers, printers, fax machines and multifunctional products) and evaluated the results based on paper dust, runnability (curl, double-sheeting and misfeeds), image performance, packaging and cut defects. According to the certificates awarded, both NAUTILUS® brands have proven to be highly reliable, with excellent performance related to image quality, dusting and curl.

    “I can confirm that both Mondi papers - NAUTILUS® ReFresh and NAUTILUS® SuperWhite - have been awarded BLI’s Performance Certification, which means that it has delivered very good results across a wide range of devices and brands in BLI’s testing program,” says David Sweetnam, Head of European Research and Lab Services.

    Beyond awarding the performance certification of NAUTILUS®, BLI has also chosen to use the NAUTILUS® brands for its ongoing lab testing. “All of BLI’s Environmental Testing on a wide range of imaging devices is conducted with Mondi NAUTILUS® Refresh Triotec 30% and NAUTILUS® SuperWhite 100% recycled papers, both of which are quality-grade recycled multipurpose papers. A number of other Mondi media types, including NAUTILUS® SuperWhite are also used in BLI’s Public and Custom testing, and they have always delivered outstanding quality and reliability,” confirms Dr. Simon Plumtree, European Managing Editor.

    “Having purchased NAUTILUS® recycled paper from Mondi for several years now, I have to say that the consistent quality performance of the brand is excellent. We’re satisfied and more importantly, our customers are satisfied. Can’t ask for more,” says Hanspeter Albrecht, Head of Marketing, Berberich Papier, sharing a customer perspective.

    “We were thrilled to receive the external verification of our high quality recycled NAUTILUS® papers. It is one thing if we say we produce excellent recycled papers, but another thing entirely if an independent body and customers confirm it,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. “The clear benefits for users – less machine wear and reduced maintenance costs – are combined with an excellent eco-profile and externally verified. So there are no compromises between quality and environmental benefits. It doesn’t get any better than that,” concludes Klumpp.
    (Mondi Uncoated Fine & Kraft Paper GmbH)
    10.10.2014   Agreement on capacity adjustments at KBA site in Frankenthal: Payroll reduced to 164 employees    ( Company news )

    Company news Following constructive negotiations the Koenig & Bauer (KBA) management board, managing directors of the subsidiaries Albert-Frankenthal and KBA-FT Engineering, PfalzMetall, employee representatives at the Frankenthal site and IG Metall agreed on necessary market-related capacity adjustments at the KBA plant in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The corresponding agreements were already signed.

    The agreement stipulates that given the significantly shrunken global market volume for web offset presses and the resulting insufficient capacity utilisation at the companies in Frankenthal which are highly dependent on this segment, the number of employees at both subsidiaries will be reduced to a total of 164 (84 at Albert-Frankenthal and 80 at KBA-FT Engineering). Capacity utilisation is expected to be improved due to these personnel adjustments and the prolonged losses posted by the two subsidiaries should soon come to an end.

    Currently 222 employees are on the payroll at Albert-Frankenthal and 149 at KBA-FT Engineering, 28 of which will leave due to natural fluctuations. Accordingly the current agreement effects some 180 staff. They are to be made redundant by 31 October 2014 and will have the opportunity to qualify for a new position for one year at a transitional company from 1 January 2015. Severance pay for the employees leaving is based on the collective wage agreement signed in 2011 and in the future social compensation plans agreed for the plant in Würzburg will be valid. A new amendment to wage agreements and framework agreements will regulate the assignment of orders in future between the Group and the two companies in Frankenthal.

    The Koenig & Bauer management board regrets the loss of jobs and refers to the intensive efforts to generate additional orders by the Group and other sectors for the Frankenthal facility. However, as this volume was not sufficient and extensive capacity adjustments were also necessary at other KBA plants there was no other option but to sustainably improve the completely inadequate capacity utilisation in order for the business to operate cost efficiently. The business model developed by the management board together with the managing directors on site for both subsidiaries with a total of 164 staff will make the continuation of the KBA site in Frankenthal far more promising than ongoing underemployment with high losses.
    (Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))
    10.10.2014   Researchers convert carbon dioxide into a valuable resource    ( Company news )

    Company news The product, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), is used in e.g. plastics, papers, rubbers and paints. The innovative plant represents the next stage prior commercialization of a new process that consumes CO2 in order to convert a low-value by-product into a highly valuable resource for industry.

    The potential economic and environmental benefits of this new technology are significant. "We are turning the industrial solid by-product from steel-manufacturing into a product which is 50 times more valuable," says Arshe Said, a postgraduate researcher at Aalto University. "Also, this process actually consumes CO2 and acts as a CO2 sink which benefits the environment greatly."

    Current methods of PCC production require burning large amounts of limestone. "The conventional method involves large mining activities and has high CO2 emissions," points out Sanni Eloneva, D.Sc. (Tech).

    Carbon intensive manufacturing industries are coming under increasing pressure from bodies such as the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "We believe this pilot plant will help to efforts by these industries to conform with government imposed emissions and waste targets," explains Professor Mika Järvinen.

    In 2010, 13% of the total steel slag produced in Europe (16 Mt) went to the landfill. "In theory, if all the calcium in this steel slag could be recovered, approximately 13 Mt PCC/year could be produced, simultaneously sequestering nearly 6 Mt CO2/year," Järvinen continues.

    The highly promising new technology also has other potential advantages. "We are currently investigating the possibility of extracting other valuable materials from the slag after the extraction of calcium", says Said.

    The pilot PCC plant is now running in Otaniemi campus of Aalto University. The method used in the pilot is based on the patent owned by Aalto University Foundation together with Åbo Akademi and Rautaruukki Oyj (now part of SSAB).
    (Aalto University)
    10.10.2014   KEEPING. TRACK - Dienes Regrinding service    ( Company news )

    Company news To ensure that your processes are not affected for longer than is necessary, DIENES offers an uncomplicated regrinding service - in certified quality and optimised by our expertise as the world's leading manufacturer of industrial slitting tools.
    This service extends from cleaning the knives, precise measurement of deviations, ultra-modern two-phase CNC/NC precision grinding, comprehensive inspection with a report of the results and a test report, to reliable shipping back to your business. If required, this can also be done within 48 hours and with a practical collect-and-return service.
    Benefit from our professional regrinding offer, which is optimally aimed at your individual requirements and applications. As an example, this can also include the required marking after regrinding and specific coating of the material surface. Our regrinding service guarantees that the quality of your slitting tools is always as good as new.
    You can increase your productivity and quality of your cutting edges with our innovative services. And at the same time this means reduced downtime and extended regrinding intervals as well as minimised knife deployment costs and less cutting dust.
    You can order the time and cost-saving DIENES regrinding service online or by telephone. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact us.
    Besides our regrinding service we offer knife boxes for a save transport and clearly arranged storage of your circular knives. The knife boxes are available in two different sizes (max. outer diameter: 150 or 200 mm).
    (Dienes Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG)
    09.10.2014   Heidelberg unveils new digital press for the growing label market    ( Company news )

    Company news -Joint development with Gallus based on inkjet technology from Fujifilm
    -Strong growth anticipated in digitally printed labels
    -Milestone on the road to realizing medium-term sales potential in the digital sector

    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is unveiling a new digital press for the growth market of digitally printed labels. This represents the next milestone in the company's strategic realignment, particularly in terms of significantly expanding sales in the digital sector over the medium term.

    Picture: Heidelberg and Gallus jointly developed the Gallus DCS 340 digital label printing press in less than one year. It is designed to meet growing demand for the cost-effective production of short, medium, and versioned runs in label printing.

    The rapid progress in rolling out the digital strategy shows that the partnerships Heidelberg has nurtured with various suppliers are proving highly successful when it comes to developing new digital printing systems for industrial applications. For example, the Gallus Group, which was recently taken over in full by Heidelberg, has held a customer event to present the forthcoming Gallus DCS 340 (DCS = Digital Converting System) digital label printing press, which is based on inkjet technology from Fujifilm. Heidelberg and Gallus jointly developed the digital production system for industrial label printing in less than one year. Heidelberg is to manufacture the inkjet unit at its Wiesloch-Walldorf site, while the flexo and converting units for the new press will be produced at the Gallus plant in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The system is slated to enter series production in the coming year and will meet growing demand for the cost-effective production of short, medium, and versioned runs in label printing.
    "We are pursuing a growth strategy in our digital printing operations," says Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach. "Today, less than twelve months after we started our collaboration with Fujifilm, we can stand alongside Gallus and unveil the first print-ready system. The only way to rapidly leverage growth potential in digital printing is through partnerships. This helps us get a lot closer to our medium-term sales targets in the digital sector."

    Having completed its takeover of Gallus Holding AG in the summer, Heidelberg has reinforced its commitment to the growth segment of digital label printing. Ferdinand Rüesch, former owner of Swiss-based Gallus Holding AG, supports the strategic realignment that Heidelberg is pursuing. With a total stake of around nine percent, he is the company's biggest individual shareholder.
    "It was the right time to take this step. It is only by working with a strong partner such as Heidelberg that Gallus can overcome the long-term challenges facing digital printing in our sector and still make full use of the potential that is out there," says Rüesch.

    Digital printing drives change in the growth segment
    The newly unveiled digital printing system has been designed for the self-adhesive labels market. The global print volume for these labels is growing by around four percent a year. Although only around five percent of this volume is printed digitally, this figure is rising rapidly. Indeed, digital printing is driving change in this highly promising market segment. It is anticipated that, in the medium term, just under half of the presses sold in this sector will be digital. By launching this new technology, Heidelberg and Gallus will be actively shaping change in the business models used in this segment and offering users a versatile and cost-effective solution.
    "Heidelberg has reached another milestone in its realignment in the digital sector. The next steps to develop additional digital printing systems as part of the collaboration with Fujifilm are already being taken," says Linzbach.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    09.10.2014   Monadnock Announces New Manager of Environmental Services    ( Company news )

    Company news Company reinforces a “top down” commitment to environmental sustainability

    Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., a family-owned manufacturer that delivers high-performance specialty papers for the technical, packaging and printing markets, announced that Brian Maloy (photo) has joined the company as Manager of Environmental Services. In this role, he will be dedicated to the environmental health of the company and surrounding community.

    Mr. Maloy joins Monadnock from FiberMark North America, Inc., where he served as Environmental Health and Safety Manager and was fully responsible for the company’s regulatory programs at the Brattleboro Vermont facility. Prior to this, he served as Environmental Manager at Seaman Paper Company. Mr. Maloy holds an A.S. in Environmental Sciences from Berkshire Community College and B.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

    “I am delighted to appoint someone of Brian’s calibre to this role,” said Richard Verney, Chairman and CEO of Monadnock. “While we are committed to sustainable innovation and remaining ahead of this curve, there is always more work to be done. His experience will help push our sustainable and environmentally-conscious business practices to the next level.”

    Monadnock has adopted numerous sustainability practices that that benefit the company and surrounding community. For example, Monadnock made the decision to implement ISO 14001 in 2004, an international series of standards related to environmental management -- something no other paper company of its size had done. On the supply side, the company gets 50 percent of its energy from its own low-impact, run-of-river dams on the neighboring Contoocook River, and has repowered one of the facilities to increase output by 20 percent. The company also voluntarily greens up 100 percent of its electrical consumption with renewable energy certificates.

    “I am excited to join a company that has been long recognized for its focus on sustainability and commitment to comprehensive energy and environmental leadership programs,” said Maloy. “Monadnock’s environmental stewardship extends far beyond the innovative products it makes into its day-to-day business practices and is also demonstrated in its commitment to the local community.”
    (MPM Monadnock Paper Mills Inc.)
    09.10.2014   Duni concentrates production to Skåpafors    ( Company news )

    Company news In connection with the closure of production of hygiene materials at Rexcell, which was announced in February 2013, a review of the company's long-term production has been made. Decision has now been taken to concentrate all remaining production to the facility in Skåpafors.

    Picture: Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO, Duni.

    The demand for Duni's premium products is increasing, leading to larger future capacity needs. As the production capacity of premium products is larger in Skåpafors than on the plant in Dals Långed it has been decided to concentrate future production to the plant in Skåpafors. Operations in Dals Långed are expected to be closed by October 2015.
    "Rexcell is an important part of Duni's business offering and to the company's leading market position. To concentrate future production to one production unit creates synergies, thereby increasing the company's competitiveness," says Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO, Duni.
    In February 2013, was informed that 110 people would be affected by the closure. The result of the close-down of the hygiene production and concentration to one production site means that a total of 83 persons have been given notice.
    (Duni AB)
    09.10.2014   The Ricoh ProTM C9100 and C9110 - A New Generation of Durable High Volume Digital Presses    ( Company news )

    Company news Ricoh announces the Ricoh Pro C9100 series for the graphic arts sector - a new generation of durable high volume digital presses. They are especially suited for larger commercial printers seeking to start up or expand their hybrid digital and offset workflow and will easily integrate into existing operations. The new additions are productive from the first page out and deliver high volume, personalised print runs, with fast turnaround times.
    With these new models, Ricoh is now delivering a more affordable digital colour production printer that has higher productivity, greater media handling capabilities and print quality than previously available in this class, breaking down previous cost barriers of entry for clients looking to enter the digital colour production space at these high speeds.
    With speeds up to 130ppm, a maximum monthly volume of up to one million A4 sheets and a duty cycle of 1.75 million A4 sheets, the Pro C9100 series fills a void for customers who have demands for such turnaround performance. At the same time, for those who don’t have the high monthly volumes needed to justify the cost of competing printers, the affordability of the Pro C9100 series means that these printers are no longer penalised for not meeting monthly print volumes. The digital print market is expanding rapidly and without a lower cost of entry for clients, they may be unable to compete with other providers that have larger budgets. This platform levels the playing field – not only from a cost perspective, but also for colour quality and an expanded feature set.

    Peter Williams, Executive Vice President and Head of the Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe, said “While technology led-change is driving a new future for the graphic arts market, the necessity to enhance client value and increase client satisfaction remains at the fore of every business. Alongside that, the need to drive profits is essential to ensure a stable business that can continue to support its clients into the future. We are really excited to launch the Ricoh ProTM 9100 series of digital production powerhouses to help our clients achieve these goals. They can invest in confidence in Ricoh’s services and software, and our technology which was the number one choice for colour, digital cut sheet presses in Western Europe for 2013. The Pro C9100 series gives clients options they have not had at this price point in the past, bringing positive disruption to a previously static market.”

    Print services providers seeking to expand the services they provide to clients will be able to quickly take on a wide range of new commercial applications with the Pro C9100 series capability to print onto uncoated, textured and coated media from 52gsm to 400gsm, duplex banner sheet printing up to 700mm and even speciality media such as super-gloss, magnet, metallic, transparent or synthetic. This allows them to quickly extend their expertise to include light packaging, direct mail, books, promotional materials, brochures and business cards.
    Print quality is assured with the inclusion of Ricoh’s enhanced Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology providing image quality up to 1200 x 4800 dpi. Productivity levels are high with print speeds up to 110ppm for the Pro C9100 and 130ppm for the Pro C9110. All speeds are maintained, regardless of paper weight, and productivity is further increased for A3 due to minimal processing adjustments, enabling 75ppm for A3 or 150 ppm A4 equivalent. Daily use is also optimised with the sturdy and durable design of the presses and the Operator Replaceable Units (ORUs) that enable trained users to increase uptime and performance. The expansion of Ricoh’s unique media library allows users to adjust and associate different parameters per substrate to ensure image quality and reliability, including different ICC profiles for front and back of a sheet. The Pro C9100 series is available with either the EFI E-43 or the faster and more powerful E-83 print server. The Pro C9100 series is available in EMEA early in 2015.
    Ricoh’s continuing commitment to innovation means that commercial and corporate print clients can select the optimum blend from the company’s fast expanding portfolio of production-oriented products and solutions to support the profitable evolution of their businesses. The introduction of the Pro C9100 series enhances the existing portfolio of colour cut sheet presses which, together with the Pro C7100X series, offer greater productivity and creativity to commercial and graphic art users. The recent launch of the Pro VC60000 extends the Ricoh range of continuous feed inkjet presses, and the hardware portfolio is completed by wide and large format printers, configured for graphics and for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) requirements. Ricoh’s software solutions deliver supreme connectivity and performance across the spectrum of workflow needs that professional production printers have, whether in mixed or digital only environments.

    Ricoh Pro C9110 Series Features Summary
    · Highly productive with print speeds up to 110 ppm for the Pro C9100 and 130ppm for the Pro C9110 based upon A4 (150ppm A4 equivalent when running A3)
    · Media support up to 400gsm in both simplex and duplex at rated engine speed.
    · Optimum image quality up to 1200 x 4800 dpi with Ricoh’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology
    · Both presses have a maximum standard sheet size of SRA3
    · Duplex banner printing up to 700mm
    · Maximum monthly volume of 1 million based on A4
    · Duty cycle of 1.75 million A4
    · Automatic image feedback system gives colour density correction of engine calibration
    · Precise sheet-to-sheet and front-to-back registration is achieved with an enhanced mechanical registration system
    · Reliable throughput of the wide range of supported media is ensured by the use of Ricoh’s new vacuum feed technology.
    (Ricoh Europe PLC)
    09.10.2014   FachPack 2015: packaging & more    ( Company news )

    Company news - More topics: focus on “Marking and Labelling”
    - More to experience: PackBox Forum, special shows and co.
    - More space: new hall 3A in use

    It’s time at last: FachPack 2015, one of the most important European trade fairs for packaging, gets off to a flying start again from 29 September to 1 October after a scheduled one-year break. Around 1,500 exhibitors (2013: 1,439) determine the face of FachPack with their products and services for packaging, technology, processing and logistics. A primary element of the sector and another “added value” for the expected 37,000 trade visitors (2013: 34,598) from Germany and the neighbouring countries is the focus topic “Marking and Labelling”.
    “There has always been a lot going on at FachPack: three compact days of exhibiting packed with information, discussions and decisions,” enthuses Director Exhibitions Heike Slotta. And besides the products for the packaging process chain, the trade fair has distinctly more to offer once again in 2015: from the new image, which already gives the observer a look at the added value behind FachPack, to presentations and special shows that explain topics such as “Marking and Labelling” to the packaging specialists. Not forgetting the creative and pleasant working atmosphere, in which information and cultivating contacts with experts from all over Europe are just as important as solution-orientated dialogue with customers. Heike Slotta is particularly pleased about another new feature: “For the first time FachPack is also using our attractive new hall 3A – a real advantage for exhibitors and visitors!”

    Expert products and services along the packaging process chain
    FachPack offers the exhibitors, including 400 international companies, the perfect setting for presenting their solutions for packaging, technology, processing and logistics – whether for industrial or consumer goods. At the last event, 678 exhibitors scored with their recognized expertise in packaging materials, packaging supplies and packaging ancillaries, whereas 531 firms showed innovative technology like packaging machinery, labelling and marking equipment, and peripheral packaging machinery and equipment. 219 specialists put their stamp on package printing, processing and design, and 386 companies offered their products and services for packaging logistics. A good quarter of the mainly small and medium enterprises presented solutions in several segments of the packaging process chain.

    FachPack is the gathering of the European packaging market and is valued by the exhibiting companies: The results of a survey by an independent institute in 2013 show that 91 per cent assessed the overall success of their exhibiting positively. FachPack is the ideal opportunity for making valuable new business contacts – as proven by the large number of exhibitors who succeeded in this respect (92 per cent). 95 per cent praised the high professional competence of the visitors. They reached their most important target groups in the course of FachPack.

    Focus on “Marking and Labelling”
    Markings are essential. They control the flow of goods, provide consumer information, encourage customers to buy with their individual design and ensure the genuineness and traceability of products. “Marking and Labelling” has been a cross-sector theme along the entire packaging process chain at FachPack from the very beginning and now becomes the focus of attention for the first time in 2015. As many as 350 providers showed their solutions specifically for this segment in 2013. The heart of FachPack 2015 provides a comprehensive overview of all kinds of labels for information (“smart labelling”) or decoration (“nice labelling”). Effective labelling machines, innovative coding systems, auto-ID systems, track and trace, different carrier materials, the latest printers and printing processes like digital printing and 3D printing, precision marking processes with laser or ink and lots more can be experienced with the focus topic.

    The supporting programme also deals with “Marking and Labelling”: Besides a special presentation by the exhibitors, the programme includes the special show on “Smart Labelling – A Look into the Future” organized by the Fraunhofer Institute IML of Dortmund, which shows current research findings. The exhibition examines the “nice labelling” aspect in a special show on Innovative Printing Techniques and Design. The focus topic is also dealt with in depth at the popular PackBox Forum. Exhibitors with products and services specifically for “Marking and Labelling” are specially highlighted in the exhibitors database and in the Exhibition Guide. This makes it easier for visitors to find relevant exhibitors quickly and effectively.

    The supporting programme: more to experience – more results
    Typical FachPack? The extensive and informative supporting programme covers the products and services from the efficient German and European packaging industry. For example, the PackBox Forum continues its success story and in cooperation with renowned industry partners again offers visitors a professional gathering with inspiring presentations and discussions on the spectrum of products at the exhibition. Many other highlights take up trends in the industry and venture a look outside the box to provide added value and experience – always on the theme of “information, innovation, inspiration”:
    -Theme Park “Packaging in Medical Technology and Pharmacy”
    -Special show of Packaging Design
    -Packaging Business Lounge
    -German Packaging Award
    -World of Experience of Solid Board
    -Corrugated Cardboard Forum
    -Innovative Logistic Processes
    -German Packaging Museum

    Latest programme details at:
    Highly qualified audience from all packaging sectors
    The “added value” at the exhibition – the wealth of innovative solutions, the constructive atmosphere and not least the emotional experience – convinces more and more visitors from industry and trade with money to invest (2013: 34,598). Over 7,700 international guests came from 92 countries, mainly from Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland. In 2015 FachPack expects around 37,000 manufacturers and users of packaging for consumer and industrial goods and their component and equipment suppliers. They are all specialists from the packaging sector and related sectors like food and drinks, pharmaceuticals and medicine, cosmetics, textiles and clothing, non-food (furniture, jewellery, sport, DIY stores) chemicals, paper and printing trade, electrical engineering and electronics, automotive, metalworking and plastic processing, machinery and equipment construction, packaging logistics, wholesale, retail and mail order trade, and last but not least media and advertising. The exhibitors praise the high qualifications of the visitors: 90 per cent of them are involved in procurement processes in their companies.

    Information and cultivation of contacts are just as important for the packaging specialists here as answering specific technical questions. Special guidance for visitors makes it easier for a results-orientated exchange of views at FachPack in 2015: The exhibitors state the groups of visitors for which they offer specific solutions on their application form. The visitors then find this information in the Exhibitors & Products Database and in the Exhibition Guide. This simplifies planning the stands to be visited. So both sides benefit, get talking to each other faster and can jointly work out individual concepts.
    (NürnbergMesse Group)
    09.10.2014   ANDRITZ successfully starts up tenth tissue machine for Hengan Group, China    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up Hengan Group’s PM17 tissue machine at the Changde mill. Hengan Group is one of the leading producers of hygiene and sanitary products in China.

    The PrimeLineTM W8 tissue machine – already the tenth tissue machine supplied by ANDRITZ to Hengan Group – has a design speed of 2,000 m/min and a width of 5.6 m. The scope of supply also included a steel Yankee with a diameter of 18 ft., the complete stock preparation plant, and the automation system.

    ANDRITZ is presenting its latest technologies for tissue production at the MIAC trade fair (October 15-17, 2014, in Lucca, Italy) and at Tissue World Asia (November 11-13, 2014, in Shanghai, China).
    (Andritz AG)
    09.10.2014   Competition authority prevents acquisition of Uetersen paper mill    ( Company news )

    Company news On 9 October, Brigl & Bergmeister withdrew its application to the German Federal Cartel Office for approval of the merger with the Uetersen paper mill.
    In May 2014, Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH signed an agreement for acquisition of the Uetersen speciality paper mill from the Stora Enso Group, subject to merger control approval.
    Already in September, the German Federal Cartel Office (FCO) expressed reservations against the merger. Both parties subsequently submitted further conclusive market information and expert reports, none of which, however, managed to persuade the FCO to change its stance. Consequently, Brigl & Bergmeister withdrew the merger application on 9 October 2014.
    The contracting parties have mutually agreed to cancel the share purchase agreement.
    Brigl & Bergmeister regret the decision made by the FCO. The label market would have benefited substantially from the acquisition of the Uetersen paper mill. The merger would have created a strong group of speciality paper mills and provided positive impulses throughout the entire value chain.
    (Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH)
    08.10.2014   Arctic Paper Group appoints new MD for Scandinavian sales force    ( Company news )

    Company news In conjunction with the intended new Scandinavian set-up Arctic Paper Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Leif-Arne Karlsen (photo) as new Managing Director for Arctic Paper Sweden. Leif-Arne will have responsibility for all of the groups Scandinavian sales. This is executed as of the 23rd of September.
    As part of the on-going restructuring program of Arctic Paper, Leif-Arne Karlsen has been appointed Managing Director of Arctic Paper Sweden with responsibility for all sales operations in Scandinavia. Leif-Arne has been a successful Managing Director of the combined Danish/Norwegian operation, and prior to that also held the position as Sales Director of Arctic Paper Sweden. The new role will now include Sweden – and the target is to develop the synergies and the customer advantages of the new set-up.
    Simultaneously former Managing Director of Arctic Paper Sweden – Lars Eriksson – will leave his position. After four years as head of the Swedish operations we want to wish Lars the best success in his future enterprises.
    Leif-Arne Karlsen comments: “After twelve exciting and successful years at Arctic Paper, I am looking forward to executing our new strategy in Scandinavia. I trust my experience and positive approach, together with the professional sales organisation of Arctic Paper, will create a strong sales team. Working closely together, our aim is to deliver increased customer benefits to the market in an efficient and productive way.”
    (Arctic Paper Sverige AB)
    08.10.2014   Robin Ahlström appointed Chairman of the Board of Ahlstrom     ( Company news )

    Company news The Board of Directors of Ahlstrom Corporation has elected Robin Ahlström (photo) as Chairman of the Board as of October 1, 2014. Pertti Korhonen's resignation from the Board and the Chairman position was announced earlier.
    Robin Ahlström (b. 1946) has served as Vice Chairman of the Board since 2014 and as member of the Board since 2013. In his new role, Mr. Ahlström will also become a member of the Shareholders' Nomination Board.
    In addition, the current Board member Markus Rauramo was appointed Chairman and member of the Human Resources Committee.
    As of now, there will be seven members on the Board of Directors of Ahlstrom. The term of the Board of Directors will expire at the close of the next Annual General Meeting.
    (Ahlstrom Corporation)
    08.10.2014   Strubl KG opts for EVO XDs from KBA-Flexotecnica    ( Company news )

    Company news The compact EVO XDs/n press platform was developed by KBA-Flexotecnica in Tavazzano, near Milan, for the growing segment of smaller print runs in the flexible packaging printing market.

    The Italian flexo specialist which has belonged to the Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA) for nine months recently announced the successful German market premiere of the new platform. The managing directors of Strubl KG in Wendelstein, near Nuremberg, opted for an eight-colour press from the EVO XDs series with a print width of 1,000mm (39.3in). This new press will be fired up in spring 2015.

    The Franconian company with over 60 years of history is managed by Dr Christoph Strubl and Franz Strubl. The 100-strong firm has a broad product portfolio. Along with film extrusion, flexo printing, laminating and post-press machines, Strubl KG also has its own engineering department for filling machines. This makes it possible for the company to deliver customer-specific system solutions from a single source. Customers value the flexibility, expertise and innovative strength of the mid-sized firm in particular. Strubl is a systems supplier for automation technology and packaging material. Its broad product portfolio includes:

    plastic packaging (film and bags) for industrial and consumer goods
    primary and secondary packaging for cleanroom
    semi and fully automatic Plug & Pack packaging systems as well as user-specific packaging machines

    The new EVO XDs/n series from KBA-Flexotecnica address the ongoing trend within the flexible packaging market towards smaller print runs with more frequent job changes. The main difference is the EVO XDs’ print width of 600 to 1,000mm (23.6 – 39.3in) and 1,100 to 1,200 (43.3 – 47.2in) for the EVO XDn. When developing this new press platform the engineers at Flexotecnica placed great importance on an attractive price/performance ratio and high cost efficiency. The EVO XDs/n platform’s energy-saving drive technology also contributes to this. AIF (= Auto Impression Setting System) automatic printing pressure adjustment and ARF (Automatic Image positioning detection) automated register setting keep start-up waste to a minimum. This has a significant advantage on production costs when frequently changing jobs and printing with very expensive substrates.

    All of this is achieved without compromising the high print quality demanded by today’s market. Film, laminate, paper and self-adhesive substrates can be processed with a high print quality, regardless if solvent, water-based, UV or EB inks are used.
    (KBA-Flexotecnica S.p.A.)
    08.10.2014   Papyrus auf der 20. Druck+Form in Sinsheim    ( Firmennews )

    Firmennews Papyrus Deutschland ist auch im Messeherbst 2014 wieder mitten im Markt, nah am Kunden und dort vor Ort, wo Kompetenz und Service groß geschrieben werden. Auf der 20. Druck+Form in Sinsheim stehen ausgewählte Experten des führenden Unternehmens im grafischen Bereich mit ihrem Wissen und ihrer Erfahrung zum Dialog auf Augenhöhe bereit.

    Vom 08. bis 11. Oktober zeigen sie unter dem Motto „Papierleidenschaft“, welche Vorteile Papiere, Kartonagen und Verpackungsmaterialien bieten. Vertreter von Industrieunternehmen, des Fachhandels, von Behörden und Institutionen sowie Agenturen und Druckereien können sich im persönlichen Gespräch über die neuesten Möglichkeiten des intelligenten und effizienten Einsatzes von Papierprodukten informieren. Schwerpunktthemen des Messeauftritts von Papyrus Deutschland an Stand 6406 in Halle 6 sind Digitaldruckpapiere, Specials Feinstpapiere, Umwelt- und Recyclingpapiere sowie der perfekte Einsatz von Farbe.

    Die Jubiläumsveranstaltung der Druck+Form zeigt auch in diesem Jahr praxisorientierte Lösungen, Produkte und Dienstleistungen aus den Bereichen Druck- und Mediavorstufe, Software, Systeme, Web-to-Print, Digitaldruck, Offsetdruck sowie Druck- und Papierweiterverarbeitung. Im Rahmen des kostenlosen Weiterbildungsformats der Print Factory Academy erfahren interessierte Besucher unter anderem wie sie mit optimierter Logistik Zeit und Geld sparen, welche Vorteile der Einsatz haptisch veredelter Druckerzeugnisse bietet und welche Chancen der moderne Digitaldruck eröffnet. Besuchen Sie uns vor Ort!
    (Papyrus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG)
    08.10.2014   Mercer International Inc. to Acquire Minority Interest in Its Stendal Mill and Amends the ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Stendal Mill's Credit Facilities

    Mercer International Inc., or "Mercer", (Nasdaq:MERC) (TSX:MRI.U) announced that, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, it has agreed to acquire all of the shareholder loans (aggregating approximately $48 million) and substantially all of the shares of the minority shareholder in our Stendal mill and other rights for €13.0 million ($17 million), of which €3.0 million ($4 million) will be paid in cash and €10.0 million ($13 million) will be payable by way of a one-year payment-in-kind note which can be paid in cash or shares of our common stock at our election.

    Additionally, Mercer has successfully amended Stendal's senior project finance credit facility (approximately $499 million outstanding) and its amortizing term facility (approximately $18 million outstanding) to provide greater financial flexibility to Stendal by, among other things, loosening the financial covenant ratios Stendal must comply with and reducing scheduled principal repayments under the project finance credit facility by 50% while retaining its current "cash sweep". In connection with the amendment, Mercer made a capital investment of $20.0 million in Stendal.

    "We are pleased with the transactions and believe that this acquisition of the additional interest in Stendal will provide us with enhanced operational and financial flexibility to build value for our shareholders," said Mr. Jimmy S.H. Lee, President and Chairman. "We are also pleased to have successfully amended the Stendal mill's credit facilities, which will provide it with greater financial flexibility."
    (Mercer International Inc.)
    07.10.2014   Fully automatic AutoPlate Pro plate changing system from Heidelberg also available for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Speedmaster XL 75 and Speedmaster XL 106 in future

    -Plate changing times some 50 percent shorter than with AutoPlate
    -Easy to operate and enables staff to carry on working during plate changes
    -Initial installations with Speedmaster XL 75 and Speedmaster XL 106 a big success

    Graphic: Comparison between Heidelberg plate changing systems based on the example of a Speedmaster XL 75 five-color press.

    The fully automatic AutoPlate Pro plate changing system will be available for the Speedmaster XL 75 and XL 75 Anicolor from this fall and for the Speedmaster XL 106 from spring 2015. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) introduced AutoPlate Pro at drupa 2012 for the new Speedmaster CX 102, SX 102, and SX 74 models launched at this event. The system offers a cost-effective alternative to the AutoPlate XL. Unlike this simultaneous plate changer, the plate cylinder of the AutoPlate Pro remains in the gear train and is not disconnected. Consequently, the printing plates are not clamped in place at exactly the same time, but in a time-optimized, staggered process. AutoPlate Pro achieves plate changing times around 50 percent shorter than the semi-automatic AutoPlate system, which results in faster makeready. More than 100 presses with over 600 AutoPlate Pro systems between them are now in operation at the print shops of satisfied customers all over the world.

    Easy to operate and enables staff to carry on working during plate changes
    The benefits of AutoPlate Pro are now also being made available to commercial and packaging print shops that opt for the XL 75 and XL 106 series. Thanks to its fully automatic operation, this plate changer, too, enables operators to carry on working while the machine changes the printing plates autonomously - in the same way as a pile change at the feeder, for example. The system is easy to operate. A plate change for a new job is initiated via pre-programmed processes of the Intellistart process-oriented operator guidance system or directly at the Prinect Press Center. Sensors monitor the entire procedure, which ensures excellent process stability and thus high availability.

    The differences between the three plate changing systems - AutoPlate, AutoPlate Pro, and AutoPlate XL - therefore go beyond the time required for plate changes and extend to whether or not operators can perform other tasks during this period. Take the example of a Speedmaster XL 75 five-color press. While AutoPlate requires 4 minutes and 10 seconds, AutoPlate Pro enables the five printing plates to be changed in 2 minutes and 5 seconds and AutoPlate XL in 1 minute and 42 seconds.

    From this fall onward, the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor, which is also designed for frequent job changes, will come with AutoPlate Pro as standard. AutoPlate XL will be offered as an option. AutoPlate will still be supplied as standard with the Speedmaster XL 75, but the AutoPlate Pro and AutoPlate XL options will also be available to customers. The Speedmaster XL 106 will still come with the semi-automatic AutoPlate Advanced plate changing system as standard, with AutoPlate Pro available as a new option alongside AutoPlate XL.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

    07.10.2014   Thermographic method reveals the drying time in the sheet     ( Company news )

    Company news Lower grammages significantly changes the behaviour of the drying rate and air flow during tissue production. This was pointed out in a new Licentiate thesis presented by Aron Tysén (photo) on 30 September at Karlstad University.

    The removal of water is an integral part of tissue production. Through air drying (TAD) is used for premium tissue grade products. This process provides both better absorption and bulk compared to traditional dewatering by pressing, but is very energy intensive. A better understanding of the TAD process may lower energy demand.
    Aron Tysén has in his licentiate work at Innventia investigated the influence of grammage, formation, i.e. variation in local grammage, and pulp type on non-uniform drying and air flow through the sheet. A method was developed, based on infrared thermography, to determine local drying time of laboratory sheets on a sub mm-scale, while monitoring air flow and pressure drop of the TAD process. Modified permeability, i.e. the air flow through the fibre network at a given grammage, was used to evaluate air flow characteristics.

    The results from the studies presented in the thesis "Through air drying - The influence of formation and pulp type on non-uniform drying and air flow" show, somewhat unexpectedly, that neither the pulp type, nor the formation has much influence on the drying rate and the non-uniformity of drying. Grammage, however, seems to play a crucial role. For low grammages, only small mass-specific drying rate variations between the sheets were noted. For higher grammages, however, the mass-specific drying rate became dependent on the modified permeability to an increasing extent, suggesting a change in drying mechanisms with grammage.

    "This implies that TAD at low grammages would not benefit from high through air flows. It might be better to have a longer drying section with less air flow, allowing saturation of the drying air", says Aron Tysén.

    The Licentiate degree was the first milestone towards a PhD degree. For Aron's further studies, many avenues are possible with the developed technique. For instance a closer look at the influence of the TAD wire design on the local drying times, which would be possible with the high resolution obtained with the thermographic method.

    "The methodology developed by Aron has shown that thermography can be used to calculate the drying rate. In the next step, it would also be possible to match the drying time maps against other measurements such as grammage maps which could lead to greater understanding of connections between, for instance, grammage variations, moisture variations, and local drying times, says Hannes Vomhoff who has been Aron's supervisor at Innventia.
    (Innventia AB)
    07.10.2014   Eldorado Brasil achieves further production world record and sets global environmental benchmarks    ( Company news )

    Company news After having achieved world record pulp production of 5,156 tons per day at the end of March 2014, the Eldorado Brasil pulp mill in Três Lagoas, Brazil, again set a new world record with ANDRITZ technologies in August 2014. On August 30, Eldorado Brasil produced 5,300 tons of pulp within a single day.
    This means a specific drying capacity in the range of 400 tons per day and per meter of working width.

    The mill also achieved important benchmarks in terms of sustainable reduction of steam and electrical power consumption, fiber loss, and water consumption. Consumption of steam and electrical power in the pulp drying plant is approximately 10% lower, and the fiber loss and fresh water consumption are about 5% lower than in comparable worldwide leading pulp mills.

    The mill was started up successfully at the end of 2012 and has achieved several production records since then. ANDRITZ delivered the woodyard, cooking system, fiberline, white liquor plant, and the new generation of its pulp drying plants to Eldorado, including two parallel Twin Wire Former pulp machines, two airborne dryers, two cutter-layboys, and four bale finishing lines.

    Eldorado Brasil’s greenfield pulp mill achieves annual production of around 1.5 million tons of dried, bleached eucalyptus market pulp and is thus currently the largest single-line pulp mill in the world.
    (Andritz AG)
    07.10.2014   Valmet to supply equipment for evaporator train upgrade at Domtar's Ashdown mill in U.S.    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will supply equipment and technical services required to upgrade an evaporator train at the Domtar Pulp & Paper Mill located in Ashdown, Arkansas. The key objectives of the upgrade are to significantly reduce energy consumption and fresh water usage in the mill as well as to improve reliability and performance of the evaporator train.
    The upgraded evaporator train is scheduled to start operation in the fourth quarter of 2015. This order is included in Valmet's 3rd quarter orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    "Domtar selected Valmet for this project because of the technology proposed for the upgrade, total cost of ownership considerations and the successful long-term relationship we have with Valmet," says Jimmy Evans, Strategic Contracts Manager for Domtar.
    "We worked closely with Domtar to optimize the technical solution that would meet their project objectives, including providing a system that would be simpler and safer to operate," says Raymond Burelle, Regional Sales Manager for Valmet.

    Technical information about the delivery
    The scope of the Valmet's delivery includes the supply of new evaporator vessels, the component needed to upgrade the existing concentrators as well as several other smaller vessels and other miscellaneous equipment.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    06.10.2014   Domtar makes key updates to its Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line    ( Company news )

    Company news Domtar Corporation (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS) is pleased to announce a whole new packaging look, a realignment of the product line, as well as a series of product enhancements to its Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line.

    Picture: VitalityTM office paper

    In June 2013, Domtar Corporation completed the acquisition of the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line for the U.S. and Canada. With its strong foundation in serving businesses and corporations, the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line was already a well-known brand within the marketplace, and the Domtar leadership team wanted to continue to build on that success.

    "Although we wanted to continue to leverage the great foundational work that Xerox had established within the paper category, we also wanted to grow the paper business, and expanding beyond large and corporate customers was a key driver for us," said John D. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Our goal was to maintain the existing customer base, while still broadening the brand's appeal across new consumer targets, as well as increasing the presence of the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line within new channels of business." Williams added.

    The Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line has been reorganized into three product families, VitalityTM, BoldTM, and RevolutionTM to help customers make better paper choices based on their usage and project needs.
    -VitalityTM includes versatile office papers that are great for a wide variety of uses and always provide great looking results.
    -BoldTM is a line of professional office papers and digital printing papers designed to give users the highest quality results, so that their work always looks a step above the rest.
    -RevolutionTM is a line of specialized paper, films and materials that allow customers to create professional looking marketing and business building tools.

    New packaging was created not only to reflect these changes, but also to refresh and modernize the look to align with Xerox's strong positioning within the marketplace.

    "We worked hard to create a package that's not only attractive, but also one that reflects the professional nature of the brand and gives customers just enough information to make informed choices about their paper purchases." said Katie Zorn, Marketing Director for Domtar Business Papers.

    Additionally, many of the product features have been enhanced to meet market demands. One result is by optimizing the office papers to perform in a wide variety of print devices, Domtar has eliminated the need to choose paper by print device.

    Domtar, also known for its leadership in sustainability practices and strong commitment to domestic production, made the decision to add the rigorous Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification to nearly all of its office papers and digital printing paper products. Many of the certified products will bear the well-known World Wildlife Fund panda logo, and the entire office papers line will be produced in either the United States or Canada.
    (Domtar Inc.)
    06.10.2014   Changes in the Management Team of Munksjö    ( Company news )

    Company news Kim Henriksson (photo), Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, has tendered his resignation from Munksjö Oyj to continue his career outside the company.
    Kim Henriksson joined Munksjö AB in 2010 and has been a member of the
    Management Team during Munksjö's growth phase, combination with Ahlstrom Label and Processing and listing on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki stock exchange.
    Kim Henriksson will leave Munksjö during the first quarter of 2015 to join Access Partners, an independent financial advisory firm. His successor will be appointed in due course.
    We want to express our warmest thanks to Kim for his valuable contribution during his time at Munksjö and wish him all the best in the future.
    (Munksjö Oyj)
    06.10.2014   Appvion Launches New Treated High-Speed Inkjet Paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Appvion, Inc. has announced a treated high-speed inkjet paper as the latest addition to its portfolio of specialty papers that includes market-leading products in the carbonless, thermal and security segments. Appvion Treated High-Speed Inkjet Paper is engineered and manufactured specifically for web-based inkjet printing and has been qualified on key original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs) presses.

    Appvion Treated High-Speed Inkjet Paper delivers exceptional print quality and is ideal for transactional documents such as bills and statements, direct mail, promotional materials, and catalogs and books. The paper is available in a 24 lb. bond/60 lb. text weight, with additional weights to be added to the product line soon.

    "The universal surface treatment we apply to our high-speed inkjet paper optimizes performance and versatility by allowing printers to use either dye-based or pigment-based aqueous ink with this product," said Ethan Haas, Appvion's vice president and general manager of carbonless and specialty papers.

    Appvion Treated High-Speed Inkjet Paper delivers a wide color gamut and yields vibrant image reproduction. Its superior sheet formation ensures even solids and sharp lines. The paper also offers a brilliant whiteness for excellent image contrast, and high opacity for low show-through. It's designed to dry quickly to provide outstanding smear resistance. Plus, it runs smoothly and efficiently on post-processing and finishing equipment.

    Haas said that collaboration between OEMs and paper producers like Appvion is resulting in rapid enhancements to paper performance, ink options, and process choices that complement improvements being made to digital hardware and software technology by OEMs. Such innovation is helping to fuel the rapidly growing popularity of inkjet printing.

    "We make our inkjet paper exclusively at our integrated pulp and specialty paper mill in Pennsylvania. That gives us the flexibility and control to ensure our product meets the increasing performance standards of OEMs and that we provide the product consistency and responsiveness in service and supply that our customers value," Haas said. He added that Appvion's dedicated service package includes a stocking program, shortened lead times, and low minimum order quantities.

    Appvion Treated High-Speed Inkjet Paper is both acid free and elemental chlorine free (ECF). It is manufactured under ISO 14001:2004-certified environmental management systems. FSC® Certified (FSC-C003368) product versions are available. Appvion offers technical support for product testing. Plus, Appvion Treated High-Speed Inkjet Paper is covered by Appvion's 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    (Appvion Inc.)
    06.10.2014   Verso Announces Closure of Bucksport, Maine Paper Mill    ( Company news )

    Company news Verso Paper Corp. (NYSE: VRS) announced plans to close its paper mill in Bucksport, Maine (photo). The closure of the mill is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of 2014. The mill closure will reduce Verso's coated groundwood paper production capacity by approximately 350,000 tons and its specialty paper production capacity by approximately 55,000 tons.

    "The Bucksport mill unfortunately has not been profitable for a number of years, in spite of our employees' dedicated efforts to make it so. Our assessment indicates that it is impossible for the mill to achieve profitability in today's marketplace," said Verso President and Chief Executive Officer, Dave Paterson.

    "This decision is especially difficult because of the significant impact that the closure of the Bucksport mill will have on many people across the region, especially our long-serving and hard-working employees and their families," said Verso Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Energy, Lyle Fellows.

    Verso is committed to helping the Bucksport mill employees who will be affected by the closure. Verso will work closely with union officials and salaried employees concerning severance benefits and other assistance. Verso also will work with local and state officials to help the affected employees access resources to identify alternative employment opportunities.

    Verso will work with its customers to find the best long-term solutions for their product needs after the closure of the Bucksport mill. "Our desire in this process is to minimize disruption to our customers' businesses to the extent possible. Even in the face of reduced production capacity, our customers know that they can depend on Verso to deliver high-quality paper products and exceptional customer service," said Verso Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development, Mike Weinhold.

    Verso estimates that the closure of the Bucksport mill will result in pre-tax cash severance and other shutdown charges of approximately $35-45 million to be recorded in 2014 and 2015. The estimated cash charges consist of approximately $30-35 million in severance costs and approximately $5-10 million in other shutdown costs. Verso currently is analyzing options for the disposition of mill assets and thus does not have sufficient information to estimate the pre-tax noncash asset impairment and accelerated depreciation charges at this time. Verso expects that the noncash charges will be recognized in 2014.

    "The Bucksport mill has a long and proud history. We thank all of our employees, the surrounding communities, and the many local and state officials who have partnered with us over the years," said Bucksport Mill Manager, Dennis Castonguay. "It's difficult to put into words how much your support has meant to us."
    (Verso Paper Corp.)
    06.10.2014   Mauro Borges, Minister of Industry and Trade, will attend ABTCP 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Discussing the theme"Competitiveness: is your company prepared for the future?", ABTCP – the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association - holds, from October 7th to 9th, the 47th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition, at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo. Among the Government authorities, main industry executives, specialists and technicians of international reputation confirming their presence, are the Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Mauro Borges, who will attend the event overture session, and Vicente Falconi, business consultant.

    The event overture session will take place on October 7th, at 10:00 AM and will count on a pronouncement of ABTCP Executive Director, Darcio Berni, followed by the speeches of TAPPI President and CEO, Larry N. Montague, and of IBÁ Chairman of the Board, Carlos Aguiar. Then, the business consultant Vicente Falconi will conduct a talk show on the theme of the event and the award of the best paper of the Technical Congress – Student Category - will be performed.

    The event, as in all years, is distinguished by the excellence of the technical and academic papers which bring innovation and provide greater productivity, with sharp quality of products and services in the industry, being a reference to disseminate new technologies, on top of being a great opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences among the professionals of the segment.
    This year, the Congress and Exhibition count on the institutional support of the major industry technical association in the world, TAPPI, which brings together pulp and paper producers along with processing and packaging industries.

    ABTCP, will take place from October 7th to 9th this year, in São Paulo, SP, and is admittedly one of the major events in the sector, bringing together professionals willing to exchange knowledge and experiences on this productive chain, within the most diverse areas. This year, the Congress is co-accomplished with the similar TAPPI – the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry - the main industry association in the world, and still counts on the support of IPEF – the Forestry Science and Research Institute. Such is its representativeness for the sector that this edition attendance is estimated over 600 internationally renowned experts and technicians.
    The event occurs in parallel with the also traditional Exhibition of sector Manufacturers and Suppliers, gathering, during the three days of the event, more than 8 thousand visitors, in a 6 thousand m2 area.
    (ABTCP - Associação Brasileira Técnica de Celulose e Papel)
    02.10.2014   Model to merge Swiss group companies    ( Company news )

    Company news Model Holding AG is merging its operating group companies in Switzerland with Weinfelden-based Model AG with effect from 1 January 2015. Support processes for all plants will be centralised as a result. All Swiss production sites, in Au (SG), Moudon, Niedergösgen and Weinfelden, will continue in operation, as will the three Model Pack Shops.

    The Model Group is combining its operating group companies in Switzerland with Model AG with effect from 1 January 2015. The move is designed to optimise processes and improve their cost structures in the production of board, corrugated board and paper, within the same structure that is already proving successful in all of the other countries in which the Model Group. This means that support processes for all plants will be centralised cost-efficiently under one roof in the future. From 2015 onwards, the Swiss group companies will form a single legal entity, Model AG, headquartered in Weinfelden, Canton Thurgau.

    The reorganisation has been prompted by positive experience in other countries. "Merging the individual companies in Poland and the Czech Republic, for example, significantly strengthened our market position", explains Elisabeth Model, CEO Western Region, Model Group.

    The move brought both qualitative and quantitative improvements. Collaboration between plants was stepped up markedly, for example, while combining and concentrating support processes reduced costs. "A merger is always also an opportunity to join forces, and will ideally trigger a wave of positive changes. An interesting momentum has been developing ever since it has been known internally that the Swiss companies are to be combined. Cross-divisional projects are already in their early stages. That gives me great confidence, and shows that the decision is an important step not just towards the future, but for it." Elisabeth Model.
    (Model AG)
    02.10.2014   The sale of Vaahto Group's Service business has been completed    ( Company news )

    Company news Vaahto Group has made an announcement on 3 September 2014 of the sale of the Service business of Vaahto Paper Technology Ltd to a company to be incorporated by a group of investors represented by Antti Vaahto.

    The sale of the business has been completed on 26 September 2014. Vaahto Paper Technology’s 47 employees in Tampere will transfer to the new employer in the sale of the business.

    Along with the changes in strategy Vaahto Group focuses on Process Technology business. By the selling of the Service business, Vaahto Group is implementing the new strategy outlined by the Board of Directors. The sale also improves cash flow of the company for the fiscal year 2014.
    (Vaahto Group Plc Oyj)

    Company news Glatfelter (NYSE: GLT) announced that yesterday it completed the previously announced acquisition of Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten GmbH (SPO) from FINSPO Beteiligungs-GmbH for €8.5 million (approximately U.S.$11 million).

    Photo: Dante C. Parrini, Glatfelter Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    SPO’s plant is located near Frankfurt, Germany. Its primary electrical products and applications include highly technical papers for a wide range of capacitors used in consumer and industrial products; insulation papers for cables and transformers; and materials for industrial power inverters, electromagnetic current filters and electric rail traction. SPO also produces glassine products, which are used in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, and pharmaceutical dosage bags.

    The acquisition of SPO broadens Glatfelter’s existing product lines for the electrical market. This acquisition also complements Glatfelter’s previously announced partnership with Dreamweaver International to develop and manufacture lithium-ion battery separators, which utilize Glatfelter’s capabilities and expertise in making advanced fiber-based engineered materials. SPO will operate as part of Glatfelter’s Composite Fibers business unit.

    “We are excited by the completion of this acquisition and look forward to delivering to SPO‘s customers on our commitment to superior product quality and customer service,” said Dante C. Parrini, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “I believe this acquisition will further our Composite Fibers business unit’s strategy of capitalizing on the fast-growing electrical market by expanding our electrical papers product platform. I am also pleased to welcome SPO’s 193 employees to our organization.”

    Glatfelter financed the acquisition through a combination of cash on hand and borrowings under its existing revolving credit agreement. The addition of SPO is expected to be $0.03 to $0.05 accretive to earnings per share in 2015 excluding one-time acquisition and integration costs. The Company expects to incur approximately $2 million to $3 million of one-time acquisition and integration costs.
    (Glatfelter Corporate Headquarters)
    01.10.2014   Kruger Inc. to halt a paper machine at its Brompton Mill indefinitely    ( Company news )

    Company news Kruger Inc. announced that it will stop production on the No. 1 Paper Machine and deinked pulp plant operations at its Brompton Newsprint Mill for an indefinite period, effective November 14, 2014. This decision, which is intended to rebalance the order book and improve the Mill's competitive position, will affect some 98 employees and reduce its annual newsprint production by 100,000 tonnes.

    Unfavourable market conditions, in particular the continuing drop in demand for newsprint, were cited as the reason for the decision. Kruger Inc. will make every effort to minimize the closure's impact on its employees.
    (Kruger Publication Papers Inc.)
    01.10.2014   Brand new NOVACUT 106 ER sells well on its world premiere    ( Company news )

    Company news Strong visitor interest at ExpoPrint reflects growing demand for automated production.

    The BOBST NOVACUT 106 ER in-line blank separating die-cutter made its world debut at ExpoPrint 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil in July and created strong interest from visitors attracted to automating their carton manufacturing processes. This interest in the newest member of the NOVACUT range was crowned by the sale of the exhibition machine to Argentinean carton maker Guedikian Impresores SA on the first day of the show. A significant number of further NOVACUT 106 ER’s were ordered during the show and will go to, amongst other places, Asia. A large number of promising projects were initiated at the exhibition, with sales being imminent. Visitors to the BOBST booth were also impressed by an EXPERTFOLD folder-gluer line running at 115'000 boxes per hour with simultaneous in-line Braille embossing.
    As pressure grows on packaging manufacturers to be more efficient, the feedback from visitors to the BOBST booth at ExpoPrint 2014 was that carton makers are increasingly interested in options for the automated in-line separation of cartons. Making its debut at the exhibition, the new NOVACUT 106 ER represents a way for carton makers to access in-line blank separation without the production or investment headaches that users often expect from this process.

    Emilio Corti, Head of Sheet-fed Sales for BOBST said, "We were particularly delighted by the visitor response to the debut of the NOVACUT 106 ER at ExpoPrint, which resulted in several machines being sold during the show and in many projects being launched that will result in machine purchases by customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. It's clearly the right machine for today's market, not least because of the substantial savings it can bring to carton makers. By delivering perfectly stacked bundles of blanks, without the need for hand stripping, it meets in full the production needs of our customers for fully automated and integrated processes. On top of this it also enhances the performance of downstream processes, since automatically blanked cartons run more productively on equipment like folder gluers."

    At ExpoPrint 2014, the NOVACUT 106 ER was shown blank separating both double-cut and single-cut cartons at its full speed of 7'000 sheets per hour, but the press also allows users to run conventional 'non-blanked' work using their existing tooling. This flexibility comes courtesy of the machine's delivery section, which can be converted from single/double cut blank separating to full sheet delivery, and back, in a matter of seconds. NOVACUT can process a wide range of substrates from light paper and cartonboard, through to synthetics and corrugated.

    The BOBST Angle Lock® blanking tool system means that users can blank jobs which previously would not have been cost effective - and regardless of where they operate in the world - because Angle Lock® blanking tools can either be supplied directly by BOBST or made in-plant using standard components. Referring to this, Emilio Corti said, "By providing customers with first class tooling technology that enhances the performance of the new NOVACUT, we are supporting certain markets where access to good quality tooling is difficult, if not impossible."

    Philippe Milliet, Head of the Business Unit Sheet-fed at BOBST, said, "Our strategy is to help carton makers worldwide supply cost-effective packaging, so in each market segment we offer innovative equipment that meets their production, quality and budget requirements. This NOVACUT completes our range of die-cutters for the world market. Alongside its state-of-the-art technology, it also offers access to our tooling solutions, which means that it will be the best solution across a wide range of markets."

    To help users get over any apprehension about the in-line separation process, BOBST delivers unmatched customer support from its worldwide network of service support centers. Each center offers: pre- and post-sales advice from process specialists; training; technical support; remote diagnostics; access to field service technicians; and spare parts/consumables supply.

    The NOVACUT 106 ER also features:
    -full size IIIb sheet size - 1060mm x 760mm
    -quick change upper frames in the blanking and stripping sections
    -automatic locking/unlocking of tools
    -automatic pressure setting, and
    -non-stop production

    Also on show at ExpoPrint 2014 was a BOBST EXPERTFOLD line featuring the latest generation ACCUBRAILLE GT Braille embossing unit and a CARTONPACK GT automatic packer. Processing cartons that had been blank separated on the NOVACUT 106 ER, the line was shown folding, gluing and Braille embossing the boxes at speeds of up to 115'000 per hour. This configuration of line is particularly suited to pharmaceutical packaging manufacture and ACCUBRAILLE GT not only ensures the consistency of Braille embossed dots throughout the run, but also means lower tooling costs - because one ACCUBRAILLE tool replaces several die-cutter embossing dies. A further benefit is that, with no need to carry out the time-consuming make-ready of such embossing dies, changeover times on the upstream die-cutter are reduced, improving plant efficiency overall.
    (Bobst Mex SA)
    01.10.2014   Soundview Paper Announces Leadership Transition    ( Company news )

    Company news Soundview Paper Company announced that George Wurtz is retiring from his position as President and CEO of the Elmwood Park, New Jersey-based towel and tissue product manufacturer, effective September 23, 2014. Mr. Wurtz will continue to be engaged with Soundview as its Chairman and as a significant investor. He will be succeeded as President by Karl Meyers, who has served as Chief Operating Officer of Soundview’s Away-From-Home Division for the past year and brings decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry to the position. Meyers and Wurtz were two of the original industry leaders who started Soundview.

    “Soundview Paper was established in 2012 to recapture the greatness of a family-owned business and transform an eighty-year old company into a leading, 21st century manufacturer,” Mr. Wurtz said. “We believed then that a united and safe workforce delivering high-quality products and superior customer service at a competitive price would drive that transformation and it has. I am extremely proud of how our team has positioned the company for growth and success in the years to come and have the utmost confidence in Karl’s ability to lead this business in its next successful chapter.”

    Mr. Wurtz further indicated that Mr. Meyers has decades of hands-on experience and leadership in the Consumer Products Tissue Market of North America. His capabilities make him uniquely qualified to build upon Soundview’s recent success. Under Wurtz’s leadership, Soundview increased its sales of converted product by successfully revitalizing the Marcal Brand, penetrating new channels of distribution, improving product quality and through the acquisition of Vermont based Putney Paper entered the Away From Home business with a complete product portfolio.

    Tim Fazio, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Atlas Holdings LLC, which owns Soundview Paper, said, “George Wurtz partnered with us to found Soundview Paper and immediately spearheaded the successful turnaround of a vital consumer products business. From ensuring strong labor-management relations to developing an exciting array of products to meet our customers’ needs, George honored the legacy of the Marcal name at every turn and set us on the right course for the future. We thank George for his contributions as President and CEO and look forward to his continued service as a member of the Soundview Board of Directors.”

    Mr. Fazio added, “We are extremely fortunate that Karl Meyers has agreed to serve as Soundview’s next President. Karl has all the attributes necessary to be an exceptional leader of Soundview; he’s a former paper company mill worker, a supervisor, and an energetic, innovative leader. He knows our business from the ground up, has the unwavering respect and admiration of his colleagues, and has the industry expertise necessary to take Soundview to the next level of sustainable excellence.”

    Mr. Meyers has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Soundview’s Away-From-Home Division since 2013. Prior to joining Soundview, he served as a senior executive for Georgia Pacific Corp. from 1997 to 2009. In that role, he helped to lead manufacturing operations in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Toluca, Mexico. Prior to that, Meyers spent sixteen years working in a variety of leadership posts within Fort James and Fort Howard Corporation in Oklahoma.

    “I am honored to have the opportunity to lead Soundview Paper and its extraordinary employees who care deeply about the company we’re part of and meeting the needs of the customers we’re privileged to serve,” said Mr. Meyers. “Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy, and Soundview is at the forefront of our industry when it comes to employee safety, innovative product development, customer service and community engagement. I look forward to working with my colleagues, our customers and the community to write the next great chapter in the story of this company.”
    (Soundview Paper Company)
    01.10.2014   New food packaging: The environment and stiffness ticked all the right boxes for SAS    ( Company news )

    Company news Paperboard is a promising material for airline food packaging – it has low weight, can be barrier coated, and can be finished to the required level of elegance and quality feel. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has recently introduced a new food box made of the folding box board Incada.

    Picture: When SAS commissioned the development of a new form of packaging for its inflight meals the airline chose the folding box board Incada from Iggesund as its base material.

    “In creating packaging for inflight meals you must take many factors into account,” explains Gustaf Öholm, Senior Manager, Onboard Concepts, Services & Sales at SAS. “The packaging must have low weight, present the food well and feel good in the hand. It must be easy to open and of course it must preserve the intentions of our kitchen up until the food reaches the passenger.”

    The airline’s previous solution was not good enough and SAS therefore decided to develop a new form of food packaging that could live up to the many quality and visual demands.
    Important parameters included the feel of the material, the surface coating and the ability to colour the material.
    The new food packaging is now being used for evening meals for passengers in SAS Plus on almost all routes outside the Nordic region. Another new feature is that all the contents – apart from one piece of chocolate – are now being produced at the same place by a dedicated team. SAS believes this will raise both the quality and quality consistency of the meals.

    SAS’s packaging supplier worked together with Elanders, which previously developed a compostable packaging for Malmö Aviation that was also far lighter in weight. The SAS commission was to create packaging that is easy to use, has low weight and presents the food in an elegant way.

    “We chose Incada from Iggesund because of its stiffness and we coated the inside with a barrier of black-dyed polyethylene. The packaging’s outside was printed black and we then put a lot of effort into finding a transparent film that captured a minimum of condensation in order to create the best possible visual impression of the food,” explains Tony Norén of Elanders.
    Incada is made at Iggesund Paperboard’s mill at Workington, England. There, Iggesund has radically changed its energy supply from fossil natural gas to biomass. The mill’s new CHP power plant is the result of an investment of £108 million, and the reduction in fossil emissions is the equivalent of taking 65,000 cars a year permanently off the road.

    “Of course the environmental aspect is also an important factor in our decision,” Gustaf Öholm concludes. “Obviously it’s important to us that our food packaging has a high standard from an environmental perspective.”
    (Iggesund Paperboard Ltd)
    01.10.2014   The Ricoh ProTM C7100X series opens new markets and new opportunities for graphic arts     ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: The Pro C7100X series is available in EMEA early in 2015

    Ricoh announces the Ricoh Pro C7100X series of digital colour cut sheet presses, ideal for small to medium sized graphic arts business, direct mailers, service bureaux, digital printers and centralised reprographic departments. Its features are designed to support print service providers seeking to increase their current digital printing capacity, enter new markets and explore new digital opportunities by providing capabilities and offerings to clients not previously available with this engine class.

    The Pro C7100X series makes it easier for print service providers to offer diverse and unique outputs to their clients and new revenue streams to their business. Highly productive for its class, the Pro C7100X series delivers print speeds up to 90ppm and supports media up to 360gsm. Optimum image quality up to 1200 x 4800 dpi is achieved with Ricoh’s enhanced Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology. It delivers a premium finish, and supports an extensive range of media, including new textured media technology, and enables many different applications such as light packaging, demo packaging, direct mail, books, brochures and business cards. A key feature of the Pro C7100X series is its fifth colour station allowing applications with clear gloss or white, offering print services providers significant additional revenue opportunities.

    Peter Williams, Executive Vice President and Head of the Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe said “As small and medium sized graphic arts businesses seek to remain competitive, profitable and add value to clients, it is essential that they have the right tools in place to deliver innovative applications and introduce new service lines. By adding a Ricoh ProTM C7100X series digital press to their workflows they can boost return on investment, expand or introduce new digital print services, with fast turnaround times and promise exceptional image quality and impact to clients. The ability to apply spot or flood clear gloss and white, and to quickly switch between the two, is unprecedented at this price point.”

    The expansion of Ricoh’s unique media library allows users to adjust and associate different parameters per substrate to ensure image quality and reliability. In addition to product features, the Operator Replaceable Units (ORUs) enable trained users to replace more than a dozen parts key to reliability and image quality to help increase uptime and performance.

    The Pro C7100X series is available with either the EFI E-43A or the faster and more powerful E-83A print server. The Pro C7100X series is available in EMEA early in 2015.

    Ricoh’s continuing commitment to innovation means that commercial and corporate print clients can select the optimum blend from the company’s fast expanding portfolio of production-oriented products and solutions to support the profitable evolution of their businesses. The introduction of the Pro C7100X series enhances the existing portfolio of colour cut sheet presses to offer greater productivity and creativity to commercial and graphic arts users. The launch of the Pro VC60000 extends the Ricoh range of continuous feed inkjet presses, and the hardware portfolio is completed by wide and large format printers, configured for graphics and for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) requirements. Ricoh’s software solutions deliver supreme connectivity and performance across the spectrum of workflow needs that professional production printers have, whether in mixed or digital only environments.

    Ricoh Pro C7100X Series Features Summary
    - Highly productive with print speeds up to 80 ppm for the C7100X and 90ppm for the C7110X based upon A4
    - Media support up to 360gsm
    - Optimum image quality up to 1200 x 4800 dpi with Ricoh’s enhanced Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology
    - Versatile with a fifth colour station providing clear and white toner
    - Maximum sheet size of SRA3
    - Simplex banner printing up to 700mm
    - Maximum monthly volume of 240,000 based on A4
    - Duty cycle of 700k
    - Precise sheet-to-sheet and front-to-back registration achieved with mechanical registration
    - Reliable throughput of the wide range of supported media is ensured by the use of Ricoh’s new vacuum feed technology
    - Compatible with either the EFI E-43A or the faster and more powerful E-83A print Server
    (Ricoh Europe PLC)
    01.10.2014   First edition of The Inkjet Conference exceeds expectations    ( Company news )

    Company news Impressive line-up of industry leaders reveal innovations in inkjet technology for industrial markets to 300+ attendees

    As fast-paced developments in inkjet printing technology are opening traditional industrial applications to digital printing such as packaging, textile, plastics and many more, ESMA is staging ‘The Inkjet Conference™’ (, sponsored by enabling partner drupa, for the very first time at the Swissôtel in Neuss (Düsseldorf), Germany, on September 30 and October 1 2014.

    “The interest in inkjet for industrial applications has been overwhelming." says Steve Knight, Founder of Digital Direct, who runs The Inkjet Conference on ESMA's behalf. "An impressive line-up of industry leaders will share their insights with over 300 attendees - all interested in the further opportunities this great technology has to offer. We anticipated that our conference fills a void in the market today but are extremely happy with the buy-in and confidence of these great firms - 37 exhibitors have registered ranging from well-known names in print to totally new players entering this market. The two conference days are well filled with 41 speakers so the rooms will be buzzing with ideas and propositions on inkjet. ”

    Steve Knight further comments: “Inkjet is the fastest growing area of print. The rapid evolution of core technologies is driving cross market adoption of digital imaging with huge economic benefits, and while some market sectors are still in the 10’s of machines, others are in the 1000’s. Digital print in automotive interior is to be expected next year and so is direct printing on beverages and secondary packaging. Furthermore, labels, ceramics, textiles and packaging are all fast-growing sectors and represent a multi-billion euro business that is expanding rapidly.”

    Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA comments: “Technical advances in inks, printheads software and electronics are being aided by a growing integration know-how. In turn, improvements in image quality are being driven by further research in inks and surface treatments, curing and drying. As a result, this improved image quality is driving further market adoption.”

    The inkjet conference brings together industry and academic leaders in their fields to speak about the latest advances and future developments driving digital print and offers a great networking opportunity to meet both the presenters and the market leaders from their respective industries. The two-day, multi-subject educational conference has been developed specifically for inkjet equipment manufacturers. It includes:
    - A focus on inkjet engineering and the placing of a million drops that will feature hardware and software aspects of equipment design and manufacture. Areas touched on will include fluid systems, precision engineering, printheads, digital asset management, RIPs, colour calibration and workflow.
    - A review on fluid and ink components such as nano particles, conductive, aqueous and UV inks.
    - An academic track open to all universities and non-commercial research institutes to present their work.

    Sabine Geldermann, Director of drupa: “The conference supports precisely our “Touch the Future” focus, theme and claim of drupa 2016. It is responding to the rapid market changes and is stimulating new and important visitor target groups with state-of-the-art technologies and new solutions.”

    Martin Stegelmeier, Senior Project Manager for PEPSO (Printed Electronics Products and Solutions) of Messe Düsseldorf, points out that “PEPSO connects seamlessness with inkjet technology. Many new materials and application developments are connecting with this upcoming conference and are a springboard towards drupa 2016!”

    The conference consists of over 30 different presentations with topics as varied as:
    - Membrane Pumps in Inkjet Printers – a success story, Andreas Hauri (KNF Flodos)
    - UV-LED Systems and Integration, Patrick Montali (PrintabLED)
    - Piezo Inkjet for Precision Dispensing of Functional Materials, Steve Liker (Trident)
    - System Integration: an Ink Point of View , Frank De Voeght (Chemstream)
    - Improving Inkjet Industry by Implementing Intelligent Sensors, Martin Kurtz (Balluff GmbH)
    - Industrial Inkjet for Packaging- Beyond the Box, Holly Steedman (Indujet GmbH)
    - Limitations and Benefits of Industrial Inkjet Printing, John Corrall (Industrial Inkjet Limited)
    - Utilizing the Full Power of the Computer Hardware, Frédéric Soulier (Caldera)

    The academic track also displays the latest in inkjet technology:
    - Advanced Drop Watching (iPrint Institute, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
    - Carbon Nano-Forms Suspensions for Inkjet Printing Energy Applications (Department of Chemistry, University of Torino)
    - Silver micro size distribution and printing technique influences on coatings for flexible electronics
    - Inkjet printing of functional materials for energy applications
    - Inkjet printing and sintering techniques of functional layers for electronic applications
    (ESMA V.Z.W.)
    30.09.2014   hubergroup braces itself for the future    ( Company news )

    Company news hubergroup boosts its activity to sustainably meet the highly competitive business in a market environment with all its constantly growing challenges. As announced today, hubergroup will further align sales structures and strategic segments by merging its two largest entities in Europe.

    hubergroup will merge the two German companies Michael Huber München GmbH and Hostmann-Steinberg GmbH into the new hubergroup Deutschland GmbH. In this merger, redundant structures will be eliminated and processes will be noticeably optimised. In addition, the two producing factories in Celle and Munich will be organised along specific product lines, enabling hubergroup to focus on specific market segments for quickest response time in order to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

    In addition to the activities in Germany, hubergroup will also bolster its market presence in Switzerland so they can adjust better to the regional requirements. Stehlin+Hostag AG and the just acquired AMRA Farben AG in Rapperswil-Jona will merge to hubergroup Schweiz and service the Swiss market entirely from Rapperswil-Jona.

    hubergroup says this activity will expand its position as a service-oriented, quality-ink manufacturer. "The upcoming steps are means to ensure sustainable business in a highly competitive market. Shortly after arranging re-financing under improved conditions, our financially solid company now focuses on long-term organisational layout so we will be ready for the future," explains Heiner Klokkers, Member of the Board of MHM Holding GmbH. "As a reliable partner to our customers, quality and service is of highest priority to us. We will continue to set the standard as a supplier of printing inks, printing varnishes and printing products that meet the highest demands," he says. "To ensure all this, we will substantially improve the efficiency of our processes."

    Although these measures will create noticeable strengthening of the sites in Germany and improve sales structures of hubergroup Schweiz, job cuts will be unavoidable. Due to its close-down, the Swiss site in Lachen will have to bear the major burden, while the German sites are only affected with minor cuts. To keep the impact socially acceptable, the management of each site is in close contact with the workers' council.
    (Hubergroup Deutschland GmbH München)
    30.09.2014   X-Rite Partners with BenQ for Sophisticated yet Easy Monitor Calibration    ( Company news )

    Company news Palette Master Powered by X-Rite offers direct access to monitor controls for increased calibration accuracy

    X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, announced a long-term strategic technology partnership with BenQ, a global human technology and solutions provider headquartered in Taiwan, to bring increased sophistication and simplicity to monitor calibration for photography and graphic arts professionals. Palette Master Powered by X-Rite, when used with an X-Rite i1Display Pro display calibrator, allows users to gain direct access to BenQ display hardware without the intermediary intervention of the computer’s graphics card. This delivers more accurate calibration of the BenQ PG2401PT monitor. Both X-Rite and BenQ are exhibiting this solution at Photokina, being held in Cologne, Germany, 16-21 September 2014. X-Rite will be located in Hall 4.1, Stand J029 at the show, while BenQ will be located in Hall 4.1, Stand D017.

    “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with BenQ to deliver this unique professional monitor profiling and calibration solution,” said Jan Keller VP OEM Sales of X-Rite. “BenQ’s PG2401PT monitor is the first product in BenQ’s ProGraphics series of printing-certified monitors with both G7 and FOGRA certifications. Giving users the ability to quickly and easily bypass their computer’s graphics card to directly profile and adjust the BenQ display results in more accurate calibration, which in turn means that from design intent through soft proofing, colors will display accurately.”

    The combination of BenQ’s professional certified monitor, X-Rite’s industry-leading i1Display Pro and Palette Master Powered by X-Rite represents an industry-first opportunity for professional and prosumer photographers and graphic arts professionals who have adopted digital workflows and are interested in ensuring consistent color, right the first time, right every time, throughout the capture, creation and production process.

    “Another important aspect of this solution for prosumer and professional photographers is having 99% visibility of the Adobe RGB color space for color-critical work like photo editing,” added Keller. “This means that the monitor accurately displays the tones and hues that fall within the Adobe RGB color space captured by their camera in the raw file so users can apply appropriate edits to match their printer's color gamut. The result is better overall results for both printed and digital edited photo files.”

    “We chose to work with X-Rite in this exclusive partnership because we recognize X-Rite’s market-leading position and strong technology in monitor calibration and profiling,” said Peter YF Huang, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “We are excited to be bringing this innovative capability to our photographer and graphic arts customers and believe this is one more powerful reason for choosing BenQ monitors over competitive monitors that cannot offer this level of control with the simplicity of our combined solution. We look forward to further collaboration with X-Rite to bring even more innovation to the market.”
    (X-Rite Europe GmbH)
    30.09.2014   Bemis Agrees to Sell its Pressure Sensitive Materials Business to Platinum Equity    ( Company news )

    Company news Bemis Company, Inc. (NYSE:BMS) announced that it has reached an agreement to sell its global Pressure Sensitive Materials business (known as “MACtac”) to Platinum Equity, a California-based private equity firm, for a purchase price of $170 million. This transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approval, is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2014. The Company plans to use the proceeds of the sale to fund the growth of its flexible packaging business.

    Commenting on the pending transaction, William Austen (photo), Bemis Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Bemis is now positioned to dedicate all of our resources to accelerating strategic growth in our core flexible packaging business. Our focus on increasing sales of value-added products for high barrier, medical, and pharmaceutical applications around the world will support our improving performance metrics as well as our organic and inorganic growth objectives.” Further, Austen commented, “This transaction will provide an opportunity for the Pressure Sensitive Materials management team to execute its growth strategy as part of the Platinum Equity portfolio.”

    The Pressure Sensitive Materials business segment includes manufacturing facilities located in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Indiana; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Soignies, Belgium; and Genk, Belgium, along with offices located in Stow, Ohio, and a worldwide sales and distribution network.

    “We have developed a great relationship with Bemis and are pleased to have crafted a divestiture solution that meets their needs, while setting MACtac up for long-term success,” said Platinum Equity Partner Louis Samson, who leads the Platinum Equity team pursuing the acquisition. “We believe the company is well positioned for growth, both organically and through prospective add-on investments. We will provide MACtac the resources, support, and focus it needs to thrive as a standalone company.”

    Platinum Equity has a highly specialized focus on business operations and 19 years of experience owning and operating businesses that have been acquired from large corporate parent companies. Transactions Platinum Equity has completed over the last two years include carve outs from AP Moeller Maersk, CBS, Emerson, and Volvo.

    Goldman, Sachs & Co. is acting as financial advisor and Baker & McKenzie LLP is acting as legal counsel to Bemis Company.
    (Bemis Company, Inc.)
    30.09.2014   Lecta at the Frankfurt Book Fair    ( Firmennews )

    Firmennews “Our Paper, Your Books” is Lecta’s theme for the show, where it will present its extensive line of papers especially designed for the publishing industry

    Lecta will participate in this year’s edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest event for the publishing industry worldwide, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 8 to October 12, 2014.
    Attendees will have the opportunity to experience Lecta’s wide range of coated and uncoated papers for publishers firsthand. A new book from Cartiere del Garda’s “A better project” ( collection, “Shades”, will also be available. In it, images printed on a variety of Lecta papers make it easy to appreciate the different print results, thus simplifying the choice of the most suitable paper for a given publication.
    Lecta’s most recent launch, its new high-bulk (1.0) matt coated paper GardaMatt Ultra, has been specifically designed to meet the the publishing industry’s most demanding needs and will be prominently featured at Lecta’s stand.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the group’s extensive line of high-quality papers specifically tailored for publishers’ needs: GardaMatt Art, GardaMatt Ultra, GardaPat 13 KLASSICA, GardaPat 13 KIARA, GardaPat 13 BIANKA, Condat matt Périgord and Coral Book.
    All of Lecta’s coated and uncoated papers are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental standards, and ISO 50001 energy management standards. They are also available with PEFCTM and FSC® Chain of Custody forest certifications.

    We look forward to seeing you at the “Frankfurt Book Fair,” pavilion 4.0, stand D76, October 8-12. “Our Paper, Your Books”.
    (Lecta Group)
    30.09.2014   Smurfit Kappa recognised by FTSE for its sustainability credentials     ( Company news )

    Company news Smurfit Kappa Group plc is pleased to announce that it has been added to both the FTSE4Good Global Index and FTSE4Good Europe Index, effective from Monday, 22 September 2014.

    Photo: Ian Curley, CFO of Smurfit Kappa

    The index inclusion recognises the consistent application of best in class standards of sustainability practices and corporate governance throughout the Group’s international operations, and follows closely the Group’s nomination for a number of sustainability awards in PPI’s 2014 Awards to be held in October 2014. The Group was nominated for eleven awards in total, including Bio Strategy of the Year, Environmental Strategy of the Year and two nominations in the field of Innovation in Sustainable Packaging.

    The FTSE4Good Index Series measures the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. FTSE is a world leader in the creation and management of equity indexes that are used by investors for investment analysis, performance measurement, and asset location. A variety of mechanisms are employed to access the most up-to-date relevant data, including scrutiny of annual reports, research of company websites, written questionnaires and liaison with companies where appropriate.

    Ian Curley, CFO of Smurfit Kappa commented on the Company’s addition to the Index Series, “We are delighted to be added to the FTSE4Good Index Series, and regard this as further evidence of our commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and good governance”.

    Steven Stoffer, the Group VP for Sustainability added, “We will continue to actively promote a culture of sustainability across our organisation and tackle important environmental issues while opening opportunities with our customers through the provision of sustainable, innovative and value enhancing packaging solutions”.
    (Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)
    30.09.2014   ANDRITZ to supply another tissue machine to Hebei Yihoucheng, China    ( Company news )

    Company news Following successful start-up of the TM1 tissue machine, international technology Group ANDRITZ has received a follow-up order from Hebei Yihoucheng Commodity, one of the leading producers of sanitary papers in China, to supply another PrimeLineCOMPACT II tissue machine with steel Yankee. Start-up is scheduled for the end of 2015.

    The machine has a design speed of 1,600 m/min and a width of 2.85 m. The steel Yankee’s diameter amounts to 3.66 m. The scope of supply also includes the complete stock preparation plant, automation, and drives.

    The machine and equipment will be manufactured at ANDRITZ’s sites in Europe and China. With this order, ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER is strengthening its position as one of the leading suppliers of tissue machines – including local services – in China.
    (Andritz AG)
    30.09.2014   Stora Enso divests its coreboard and core manufacturer Corenso    ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso has signed an agreement to divest its Corenso business operations to the Finnish packaging materials company Powerflute Oyj. The enterprise value of the transaction is approximately EUR 90 million, and the expected all cash consideration approximately EUR 75 million. Closing of the transaction is expected to take place during the fourth quarter 2014 subject to customary conditions. The transaction's impact on Stora Enso's income statement will be approximately break-even.
    Corenso is part of Stora Enso Renewable Packaging Division. Stora Enso is focusing on selected packaging segments in Packaging Solutions and Consumer Board and further developing and investing in these businesses. The divestment is a natural step in streamlining the business and transforming Stora Enso into a customer-focused renewable materials company in growth markets.
    “We have now found a good new owner for Corenso who we believe can give the company the attention it deserves and develop it further. By divesting Corenso, Stora Enso can better focus on its strategic direction,” says Hannu Alalauri, SVP Packaging Solutions, Stora Enso Renewable Packaging.
    Corenso is one of the world’s leading integrated producers of high-performance cores and high-quality coreboard. It employs about 920 employees in 10 countries in Europe, Asia and North America and has its head office in Lahti, Finland. In 2013 Corenso’s net sales were EUR 211 million and operational EBIT EUR 26 million.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    29.09.2014   Heidelberg Stahlfolder PFX Feeder Technology Earns 2014 InterTech Technology Award    ( Company news )

    Company news Printing Industries of America has honored Heidelberg's Stahlfolder PFX (Pallet Feeder eXtended) Feeder Technology with a 2014 InterTech Technology Award.

    Picture: Judith Ihle, Product Manager at Heidelberg, is proud with the PIA Intertech Award for the Stahlfolder PFX (Pallet Feeder eXtended) feeder.

    "Lean manufacturing principles are more important in printing today than ever before, and the finishing department is rightfully acknowledged as a full participant in the drive to reduce costs, minimize waste and generate higher profits," said Dr. Frank Schaum, Head of HeidelbergPostpress Commercial. "This is the 33rd time a Heidelberg innovation has received an InterTech Technology Award, and we are very happy and proud of it."

    Seamless Transfer from Press to Folder
    The Stahlfolder PFX Feeder was recognized for its success in extending the proven benefits of the stream feeder technology used in Heidelberg offset presses to the folding department. Heidelberg's Stahlfolder PFX Feeder Technology promotes lean production, reduces overhead labor costs, and increases net output up to 50 percent, compared with conventional production. The PFX also yields a 50 percent reduction in feeder faults, even on wavy or curled stocks. The feeder also makes the machine much more ergonomically operator friendly and allows users to achieve the highest run speeds without adding a helper to the operation.
    Customers that have installed a high-speed folder with PFX feeder typically replace two or three existing machines, freeing up floor/intermediate paper storage space and reducing the overhead labor cost per shift, including costs associated with injuries due to the repetitive stress and strain of lifting sheets of paper onto a feed table. In addition to boosting efficiency with lower capital investment, the Stahlfolder PFX feeder also drives down the total cost of manufacturing while driving up profits.
    "Heidelberg's Stahlfolder PFX Feeder Technology enables postpress operations - often considered an unavoidable bottleneck - to keep pace with today's supercharged pressrooms," said Mark Bohan, vice president, technology and research, Printing Industries of America. "Our judges were impressed with the cost savings, productivity improvements, and enhanced profit potential flowing from the ability to drive sheets more efficiently through the shop."

    Unconventional Stability
    The new feeder separates sheets on the pallet and transports them onto the vacuum feed table in a shingled stream, a prerequisite for processing more sheets in the same amount of time. This improves the consistency of feeding, requires fewer stops, and increases the total number of sheets that can be folded during an eight-hour shift. It is impossible to achieve ultra-high-speed, stable production like this with a conventional feed table. The new PFX feeder can be run in single mode or in shingled mode on the infeed. Heidelberg's traditional Stahlfolder TH parallel folder and KH knife folder typically run in single mode. Heidelberg's high-performance Stahlfolder TX parallel folder with twin pneumatic side lay employ the shingled mode.
    J.S. McCarthy Printers (Augusta, Maine) became the first U.S. company to install a Stahlfolder KH 82 folder with PFX feeder last year. Said Vice President Jon Tardiff, "We're doing 32-page signatures at 10,000 cycles per hour, and 16-page signatures at 14,000 cycles per hour, compared with 4,500 to 5,000 signatures per hour on the manual folder we replaced." At this rate, he calculated, "We expect to do 20 to 25 million signatures a year on the new machine."
    "Modern Litho (Jefferson City, Mo.) has been a Heidelberg customer for many years, and we are pleased to say we are extremely satisfied with the PFX feeder on our Stahlfolder KH 82," said Director of Operations Jim Tomblinson. "Heidelberg has greatly enhanced our productivity by supplying us with a machine that can operate at the highest possible speeds while maintaining the high quality standards our customers demand. This cutting-edge folding technology enables Modern Litho to be extremely competitive nationwide."
    "The new PFX system takes pallets directly from the press so operators can focus on count accuracy and the quality of the fold," added Todd Bone, Director of Production. "It has greatly increased our folding capacity, providing more stability and predictability during the folding process."
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    29.09.2014   Pragati pioneers expanded gamut printing with Esko’s award winning Equinox solution     ( Company news )

    Company news Esko is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the Esko Equinox extended gamut solution by Pragati Offset in Hyderabad, India’s pioneering print innovator. Equinox is Esko’s solution for the implementation of extended gamut – or fixed inkset – printing.

    Equinox Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) technology is Esko’s patented technology for converting packaging graphics from CMYK and spot color to a seven-color process. It is applied in the prepress department when preparing jobs for press.

    Converting entire files results in extremely close matches to spot colors, improved pictorial images, and the ability to print more colors than available ink stations on the press, resulting in improved image quality and brand impact. The major benefit, however, is realized in the pressroom as jobs print more economically and more consistently.

    Pragati Director, Mr. Harsha Paruchuri speaks about his early interest in this solution, “I saw this solution in an early beta stage at the EskoWorld Conference in Tampa, Florida about 4 years ago. It struck me as very interesting even at that stage. Taking a large 7 color gamut and having the software convert an artwork with any number of Pantones or RGB images to those 7 colors (or 6 or 5, depending on what you want) sounded interesting.”

    Since the CMYK color space lacks in the green, orange and blue-violet areas, adding these three inks to expand the color space makes sense. A 7 color strategy is made after measurement of the test forms. The set up and maintenance of the profiles and strategies are the main work. Equinox conversion can be done in Esko’s prepress editors with the ability to manually interact and change some of the conversions - or it can be set up in the ticket and done automatically by the RIP during the normalization. There is also a Adobe®Photoshop® plug-in for interactively converting images to 7 colors.

    Mr. Paruchuri explains how Pragati Offset uses Equinox, “Once the profiles are made, it is almost a push button solution as far as spot colors are concerned with the images processed automatically to create a 7 color separation set. And since we have a complete Esko workflow, Equinox fits seamlessly into the workflow.”

    Mr Paruchuri shares the thought process that went into installing two new 7 color plus coater offset presses at the end of 2013, “We thought an additional unit would give us more flexibility as we already print a lot of 6 color jobs and there were times when we felt an additional color would improve the quality and consistency. Equinox also played a part in our thinking when we ordered these new 7 color presses.” Shrihari Rao, Esko’s sales director for India is pleased that Equinox has found resonance with one of the world’s most innovative printers. Rao says, “It is only fitting that Esko Equinox -which received a prestigious Intertech Technology Award- this year, is in the capable hands of a printer who continues to win awards and enormous global recognition for its quality and innovation.”

    Benefits of expanded color gamut reproduction
    The ability to create an infinite number of colors from 7 process colors promotes “gang” press runs – and the economic savings can surpass a million dollars per press each year. Customers using Equinox ECG technology report that they use 7-color process profitably in a production environment for offset cartons as well as for flexible packaging and labels. This has enabled many of the world’s largest consumer product companies to convert entire product lines to expanded gamut.

    In the past 17 years, Pragati Offset has become one of the leading packaging and label printers in the country, winning many national and international awards. While the company sees the use of Equinox as hugely advantageous for offset printed cartons and label printing on its 8 color flexographic presses, it feels that Equinox is the right solution for any project with high gamut requirements from garment catalogues, coffee table and paint swatch books, and even calendars and diaries. “We’ve also recently used it for a wedding card that included a reproduction of an MF Husain painting that contained rich oranges and blues,” says Paruchuri.

    Mr. Paruchuri is very clear about the benefits of using this innovation to match a wide variety of brand and spot colors including many Pantone shades with a fixed set of 7 inks and without having to wash up a press for every job. “A lot of time and money can be saved by not having to wash a million dollar press for 15 to 20 minutes to get the correct shade. The productivity gains by not having to wash-up and change inks are significant, especially if there are a lot of shorter run jobs,” says Harsha Paruchuri in conclusion.
    (EskoArtwork Belgium)
    29.09.2014   The Future of Graphic Arts Production is Now – The Ricoh ProTM VC60000    ( Company news )

    Company news Ricoh has revealed the future of commercial print – with the announcement of the Ricoh Pro VC60000, a new generation, continuous feed, inkjet technology platform for graphic arts, designed to excel at direct mail, book printing and marketing materials. The modular based system is the most versatile colour inkjet system available on the market.

    Ricoh believes the Pro VC60000 will set a new benchmark for quality in its class as a result of its unique multi-drop ink technology, achieving a physical resolution of up to 1200x1200 dpi with a dynamic variable drop size within each pixel, providing significant additional perceived print quality. The Pro VC60000 will meet the high productivity needs of commercial printers with a duplex system offering fast speeds, producing nearly 100,000 A4 images per hour. It is the ideal investment for medium to large graphic arts printers seeking to future-proof their business and to reach new clients with new innovative applications and accelerate offset to digital migration. Shipments are expected to start in EMEA in early 2015.

    Peter Williams, Executive Vice President and Head of the Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe, says, “The wait for graphic arts businesses seeking the optimum inkjet platform and partner to grow their business is at an end. At Ricoh, we’ve combined our 25-year experience in print head and ink development with our software and services expertise to ensure we can work closely with our clients as they grow and change for the future.”

    In addition to enabling outstanding image quality, the Pro VC60000’s Ricoh-developed, long lasting print heads and high viscosity water-based pigment inks ensure graphic arts businesses can control costs with a reliable system that delivers maximum uptime while minimising the environmental impact. Flexibility, essential for a busy print operation, is met with its ability to produce premium output on a broad range of media that includes uncoated, coated offset, digital, treated and recycled. The optional protector coat unit provides a durable “scratch & scuff resistant” layer. Fast set up times and easy to produce personalised print runs ensure clients get their messages tailored to who they want and on time, as the Pro VC60000 can meet tight deadlines faster than traditional printing methods.

    Whether integrating into a fully digital or hybrid offset workflow, the Pro VC60000 Digital Front End, the TotalFlow Print Server R600A, ensures native support for PDF, PDF/VT and AFP/IPDS together with JDF and advanced colour management support. It also comes with a new user interface designed specifically for the challenges of graphic arts production.

    Williams says, “We’ve successfully been developing our digital front end print servers for almost 40 years, giving us a deep insight into what clients need to operate effectively. Our success is based upon our approach to providing scalable print servers that are flexible enough to handle integrated workflows in mixed environments. The latest DFE builds on this success, coming fully equipped to handle the demanding needs of fully digital and hybrid offset workflows.”

    The Pro VC60000 is further supported by Ricoh Process Director and Process Director Express, powerful modular software that allows print services providers to automate the flow of jobs through production smoothly and with complete integrity, while retaining flexible control of their print and mail production processes.

    The Pro VC60000 complements the existing InfoPrint 5000 series of inkjet presses and extends Ricoh’s comprehensive range of inkjet solutions into graphic arts. The Pro VC60000 will also follow the same strategy as the successful InfoPrint 5000 series, whereby the investment is future-proofed with an ongoing development plan and continuous upgrade path. Like the InfoPrint 5000 series, it will easily integrate with third party finishing devices. Ricoh will also continue to enhance the InfoPrint 5000 series to meet future customer needs.

    Williams says, “We know that technology-led change has been reshaping the graphic arts industry rapidly over the last decade. We firmly believe that one step for graphic arts businesses seeking to future-proof their business, keep pace with the speed of change and adapt to evolving client requirements is to invest in a leading technology system like the Ricoh ProTM VC60000. Printing on offset coated papers in class-leading resolution, they will be able to transfer offset jobs to this digital system. Our clients, many of them primarily offset printers, will gain enhanced productivity while carefully controlling costs and creating new ways to service their clients.”

    Ricoh’s continuing commitment to innovation means that commercial and corporate print clients can select the optimum blend from the company’s fast expanding portfolio of production-oriented products and solutions to support the profitable evolution of their businesses. In addition to the introduction of the Pro VC60000 continuous feed that extends the existing portfolio of inkjet presses, the colour cut sheet offer is growing fast with today's ProTM C7100X series launch to meet medium and low volume print production needs, along with the ProTM 8100 mono press. The hardware portfolio is completed by wide and large format printers, configured for graphics and for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) requirements. Ricoh’s software solutions deliver supreme connectivity and performance across the spectrum of workflow needs that professional production printers have, whether in mixed or digital-only environments.

    Ricoh Pro VC60000 Features Summary
    - Premium print quality with Ricoh print heads and fluids, using multi-drop ink technology and physical print resolutions up to 1200x1200 dpi with dynamic variable drop size within each pixel

    - High productivity with fast speeds able to produce up to 40 million impressions per month

    - Versatile with a broad range of media support that include uncoated, coated offset, digital, treated, recycled papers. The optional undercoat unit allows the Ricoh Pro VC60000 to print on offset coated stocks. The optional protector coat unit provides a durable “scratch & scuff resistant” layer.

    - The Ricoh developed Digital Front End, TotalFlow Print Server R600A with native support for a wide range of data streams together with JDF and advanced colour management support

    - Future proofed with ongoing development plan and continuous upgrade path

    - Compatible with Ricoh Process Director and Process Director Express

    - Extends Ricoh’s high volume inkjet portfolio, complementing the existing IP5000 series.
    (Ricoh Europe PLC)
    29.09.2014   Asia Pulp and Paper signs New York Declaration on Forests at UN Climate Summit to help ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...tackle climate change

    Mr. Teguh Ganda Wijaya, Chairman of Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP), joined a number of companies, governments and NGOs to sign the New York Declaration on Forests at an event at the UN Climate Summit 2014. The declaration is an unprecedented international, multi-sector commitment to safeguard the world’s forests and to help tackle climate change.
    All signatories of the Declaration have committed to a vision of slowing, halting, and reversing global forest loss while simultaneously contributing to economic growth, poverty alleviation, rule of law, food security, climate resilience and biodiversity conservation.

    The declaration, which was formalised at an event hosted by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, highlights that reducing emissions from deforestation and increasing forest restoration are key to tackling climate change. Partners are called on to work together to:
    - At least halve the rate of loss of natural forests globally by 2020 and strive to end natural forest loss by 2030.
    - Restore 150 million hectares of degraded landscapes and forestlands by 2020 and significantly increase the rate of global restoration thereafter, which would restore at least an additional 200 million hectares by 2030.
    - The full list of commitments have the collective target of achieving a reduction in emissions by 4.5-8.8 billion tons per year by 2030.

    ​Teguh Ganda Wijaya, Chairman of APP said: “United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has done the planet and some of its most critical ecosystems a great service in convening this ground-breaking meeting of governments, global business leaders and NGOs. Business can take the lead in delivering these commitments, but we must work closely with all stakeholders including governments and NGOs to truly tackle deforestation and climate change. One of the most effective ways to do this is by conserving forest, planting trees, and protecting the natural forest that surrounds.
    “We at APP also believe that forest-based products can help in this regard because they retain carbon, are recyclable and, when sourced from responsibly managed plantations, are often more sustainable than the alternatives."

    Aida Greenbury, APP’s managing director of sustainability added: “We have shown through our own Zero Deforestation policies that ambitious targets to protect the world’s remaining forests can be agreed, implemented and achieved by companies operating in emerging economies. Our view is that wherever a company is involved in the forest supply chain, they should be implementing these policies immediately. There is no time to waste.”

    APP announced its Forest Conservation Policy and zero deforestation commitment in February 2013 and over the last 18 months, has been working successfully to implement this policy. Earlier this year, the company made a further commitment to support the protection and restoration of one million hectares of tropical rainforest landscapes in Indonesia, one of the most ambitious conservation commitments ever made by a private company.
    (APP Asia Pulp & Paper Company Ltd)
    29.09.2014   New Eco High-Speed Inkjet Paper from Mitsubishi    ( Company news )

    Company news Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is introducing two new eco inkjet papers for high-speed printing: JETSCRIPT DT 8002 and DT 9002, which are suitable for Transactional and Transpromo communications and complete the Mitsubishi range.

    The new inkjet papers have matte eco top-surfaces and are printable on both sides. They are characterized by high whiteness, excellent opacity and high smoothness. Superb drying and processing properties make it the medium of choice for high-speed inkjet printing of Transactional and Transpromodocuments.
    They are available in 80gsm and 90gsm. The lighter 80gsm version, DT 8002, saves postage costs and is therefore particularly suitable for mailings. Both products are specially developed and designed for use with pigment inks, but also suitable for dye inks.
    They are of course as FSC® Mix certified products available.

    With DT 8002 and DT 9002 Mitsubishi is responding to the needs of its customers and the market, and completes the wide JETSCRIPT range. Inkjet Papers for all applications from one source - only from Mitsubishi HiTec Paper.
    (Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)
    29.09.2014   GLV to Become Pure Water Treatment Company with the Sale of its Pulp and Paper Division and ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... will Rename Itself Ovivo

    Key Transaction Highlights
    -Sale of the Pulp and Paper Division for $65 million to the Verreault Family
    -Resulting in a pure water treatment company
    -Significantly strengthens balance sheet with low net debt
    -Paves the way for accelerated organic and acquisition growth
    -GLV Inc. to change its name to Ovivo Inc. following closing of the transaction
    -Marc Barbeau to be appointed President and Chief Executive Officer
    -GLV's Board of Directors recommending that disinterested shareholders vote in favour of transaction

    Picture: Richard Verreault, the President and Chief Executive Officer of GLV

    (All amounts in Canadian dollars)
    GLV Inc. ("GLV" or the "Corporation") announced that it has executed a definitive agreement for the sale of its Pulp & Paper Division (the "Division") for $65 million on a debt-free basis to a corporation owned by Richard Verreault, the President and Chief Executive Officer of GLV and Laurent Verreault, the Executive Chairman of the Board of GLV (the "Purchaser"). This transaction will allow GLV to become a pure provider of water treatment products and solutions in a rapidly growing industry with attractive long-term fundamentals. In addition, the transaction will significantly strengthen GLV's balance sheet and position it for accelerated organic and acquisition growth.

    Upon closing, GLV will receive $60 million in cash, transfer a debt of $2 million to the Purchaser and receive a balance of sale of $3 million payable over the next 42 months. The transaction price will be subject to usual post-closing adjustments related to working capital. GLV expects limited tax leakage from the transaction. Transaction value represents approximately 6.1x the Division's last five year average EBITDA, adjusted for its share of head office expenses.

    GLV's net debt following the transaction is expected to be approximately $10 million. The Corporation has received a commitment from National Bank of Canada with respect to a new revolving credit facility to be implemented upon closing of the transaction. A line of credit of $60 million will be available for general corporate purposes and $80 million will be available for letters of credit.

    Upon closing of the transaction, Richard Verreault will step-down from his current roles of President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of GLV and Laurent Verreault will continue to act as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Verreaults will remain important shareholders of the Corporation exercising the same voting power. Marc Barbeau who currently acts as President of the Ovivo division and Executive Vice President of GLV will be appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Following closing, GLV will change its name to Ovivo Inc. to reflect the Corporation's focus on water treatment products and solutions.

    "The Board of Directors of GLV has been considering the sale of the Pulp & Paper Division for quite some time. Over the past years, GLV has solicited and received expressions of interest for the Pulp & Paper Division, none of which was superior to today's proposed transaction. The sale of this Division represents an opportunity for GLV to become a pure water treatment company and utilize the net proceeds to redeploy in Ovivo's higher growth opportunities", said Mr. Marc Courtois, Chair of GLV's Committee of Independent Directors (the "Independent Committee") which is overseeing the transaction. The Board of Directors believes this transaction is in the best interest of all our shareholders."

    Mr. Marc Barbeau, President of Ovivo and Executive Vice President of GLV said: "There are several exciting growth opportunities available to Ovivo and our stronger financial position following this transaction will enable us to further expand our business. I am excited about my future role and look forward to continue to leverage the Ovivo platform to deliver value to our shareholders."

    Mr. Laurent Verreault, Executive Chairman of the Board of GLV said: "Richard and I are pleased to have reached an agreement to acquire the Pulp & Paper Division. We believe that the sale of the Pulp & Paper Division is the right strategic decision for GLV to focus on its core water treatment business and strengthen its financial flexibility to capitalize on growth opportunities. We are optimistic about Ovivo's future and intend to remain an important shareholder of the Corporation. We are also pleased to acquire the Pulp & Paper Division, the founding activities of GLV and to ensure that its head office will remain in Quebec".

    The transaction has been approved unanimously (Laurent and Richard Verreault withholding their votes) by the Board of Directors of GLV following the unanimous recommendation of the Independent Committee composed of Mr. Marc Courtois, Ms. Chantal Bélanger and Ms. Sylvie Lalande. The Board of Directors of GLV also unanimously (Laurent and Richard Verreault withholding their votes) recommends that shareholders (excluding Laurent and Richard Verreault) vote in favour of the transaction at the special meeting of shareholders to be called to approve the transaction.

    Formal Valuation and Fairness Opinions
    KPMG LLP ("KPMG") has provided the Independent Committee with a formal valuation pursuant to which, as at September 24, 2014 and subject to the assumptions, limitations and qualifications contained therein, the fair market value of the Pulp & Paper Division ranged from $63 million to $71 million. KPMG has also provided an opinion that as at September 24, 2014, subject to the assumptions, qualifications and limitations provided therein, the consideration to be received by GLV pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement is fair, from a financial point of view, to shareholders (other than Laurent Verreault and Richard Verreault). National Bank Financial Inc., acting as financial advisor to the Corporation, has also provided an opinion that as at September 24, 2014, subject to the assumptions, qualifications and limitations provided therein, the consideration to be received by GLV pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement is fair, from a financial point of view, to shareholders (other than Laurent Verreault and Richard Verreault). The formal valuation and the fairness opinions will be included in the management information circular to be mailed to shareholders in connection with the approval of the transaction.

    Transaction Details
    Pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement, GLV has a 45-day go-shop period that will extend from September 24, 2014 to November 7, 2014 (the "Go-Shop Period"), during which National Bank Financial Inc., as financial advisor to GLV, will solicit third-party interest in submitting a proposal for the Division which is superior to the proposal made by the Purchaser. The Purchaser will have a right to match any superior proposal. If GLV is successful in soliciting a superior proposal for the Division during the Go-Shop Period, and the Board changes its recommendation, there will be a break fee payable to the Purchaser of $1.0 million. In all other cases where a superior proposal is received and the Board changes its recommendation, the Purchaser will be entitled to a break fee of $2.0 million. Laurent and Richard Verreault have agreed to enter into a support and voting agreement agreeing to vote their shares in favour of an acquisition proposal for the Division that the Board determines to constitute a superior proposal prior to the shareholders' meeting, subject to the terms and conditions of the definitive agreement.

    The completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of 66 2/3% of the votes cast by Class A subordinate voting and Class B multiple voting shareholders present in person or by proxy at the special meeting of shareholders of GLV voting as a class and by the majority of GLV's disinterested shareholders, being all shareholders excluding Laurent and Richard Verreault, in accordance with applicable rules governing related party transactions. The transaction is also subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

    The Company intends to mail a management information circular in the upcoming weeks to its shareholders for a meeting expected to be held in November 2014. Details of the transaction as well as the rationale for the Board of Directors' support of the transaction will be set out in the information circular.

    Further details regarding the terms of the transaction are set out in the Share Purchase Agreement which is now available under the profile of GLV at The management information circular will also be available at when mailed to the shareholders.

    National Bank Financial Inc. acted as financial advisor to GLV and Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP acted as legal counsel. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP acted as legal advisor to the independent committee of the Board of Directors of GLV. Stikeman Elliott LLP acted as legal advisor to the Verreaults.
    (GL&V Canada Inc.)
    29.09.2014   EPW update #2 - Speaker shortlisted for award | EPW Innovation Exhibition | New sponsors    ( Company news )

    Company news Registrations for the European Paper Week 2014 opened at the beginning of September. If you haven’t yet registered, hurry up and do so before tomorrow 30 September to benefit from the early bird fee!

    Mazzucato shortlisted for inaugural New Statesman prize
    The key speaker of our Annual Meeting, university of Sussex economist Professor Mariana Mazzucato, is one of six “world-class thinkers” who have been shortlisted for the first-ever New Statesman SPERI Prize in political economy. Professor Mazzucato’s influential 2013 book, The Entrepreneurial State: debunking private versus public sector myths, debunked the myth of an innovative private sector versus a static, bureaucratic State. The book used the history of the internet, biotech, nanotechnology and the emerging clean technology sector to show how radical innovations only happened because of state investment. Her popular TED talk on the subject has been viewed online more than 600,000 times. It used the history of the iPhone to illustrate this point in a concise and dynamic way.
    Join our Annual Meeting and get to see her in person!

    First time at EPW: Innovation Exhibition
    For the first time ever, EPW will open its doors to an exhibition of exciting innovation projects from our industry. The Biofore concept car from UPM will be on display, while VTT, Innventia, CTP and PTS will show innovative products, proving that the pulp and paper industry is moving forward.

    New sponsors
    Siemens is now a gold sponsor, joining our platinum sponsor StepChange Consulting and our other gold sponsors Imerys and Valmet. We are every so thankful to our sponsors and partners for their support.
    (European Paper Week)
    29.09.2014   FILTECH 2015 – Conference programm now published     ( Company news )

    Company news With the FILTECH Show taking place from 24.-26. February 2015 the City of Cologne in Germany will turn into the top-meeting-place for all those involved with filtration and separation and adjacent sectors. The story of growth continues and FILTECH, the largest and most important special interest event world-wide, has again expanded its exhibition space at the new venue in Cologne. On 12,000 square metres of exhibition space, 350 companies will present their cutting-edge products and innovations to an international audience of buyers, sellers, users, designers, R&D experts, and the academic world. FILTECH 2015 will feature innovative companies and market leaders from the world-wide filtration and separation industry, including both a strong line-up of returning companies as well as an impressive collection of first-time exhibitors. With clearly more than 50% foreign visitors FILTECH has a distinctly international flare and is a unique platform for learning about trends, gathering information, and generating business – a great opportunity to discover new markets.
    The international Conference is the platform for academia and all those keen to learn about latest research, solutions & approaches, and will feature 160 technical papers by experts from all over the globe. Knowledge and know-how transfer is a main target.

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