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    24.04.2014   Retail revolution    ( Company news )

    Company news In the coming years nothing will remain the same for the online business, particularly in the grocery sector. The UK market – which has led the market in Europe for a long time – is presently looking to find the perfect combination online and stationary. 2014 will be a crucial year in deciding who will come out ahead in future years. Pro Carton spoke to Lisa Byfield-Green, Senior Analyst at the renowned Institute of Grocery Distribution, about the future and about packaging.
    Online grocery shopping is growing rapidly and multichannel becoming more mainstream in the UK. What is driving this phenomenal growth? As store sales slow and online continues to soar, retailers are looking at new ways to capture a growing share of the evolving online and digital market.
    At 6.3 per cent, the UK market has the greatest online penetration, followed by 4.3 per cent in France. Online grocery shopping will at least double in many European markets over the coming five years.
    In advanced online markets, the opportunity to develop bespoke products just for online will challenge manufacturers to innovate like never before. Products that meet shopper needs that don't work in store could revolutionize consumer goods.

    Multichannel - a major focus for the big grocery retailers
    In the UK, development is advancing at a fast pace. Asda's CEO Andy Clarke spoke at length recently about the retailer's plans to boost multichannel growth and differentiate its proposition over the next few years through increased investment and leverage from parent Walmart.
    Meanwhile Tesco reiterated its desire to build multichannel leadership and revealed a £127m profit from online last year, despite the increased overheads and complexity involved in these operations.
    Sainsbury's highlighted the importance of its rapidly growing online and digital sales channel with the promotion of online director, Jon Rudoe to the position of Digital and Technology Director, with a seat on its board.
    Despite its late entry to the market, Morrisons is looking to grow its online presence quickly, with plans to work with Ocado to reach 50 per cent of the UK by the beginning of next year.

    Sustainability and convenience in packaging
    "Shopping online for groceries has been around for the last 14 or so years and is not new. However, what is new is the rate of change, in particular with the rapid uptake of mobile devices. Multichannel has now become mainstream and the expected norm for consumers. This has left retailers and suppliers largely playing catch-up to changing demands", says Lisa Byfield-Green, Senior Analyst of IGD.
    "As online retail becomes mainstream, there is a growing interest from shoppers and retailers to consider the environmental impact. On the retailers' part this has involved optimising supply chain processes and delivery routes to reduce costs and environmental impact. For example, UK retailer Sainsburys has been using fewer plastic bags for its online orders, sending bulkier items unpackaged in crates. The retailer also offers to recycle customers' plastic bags for them when delivering to home."
    Non-grocery retailers such as John Lewis, Amazon and House of Fraser are already seeing around half of their online traffic coming from mobile devices and this is set to ramp up the pace of change even further in the coming year.
    "Amazon has for some time been focused on packaging. It has a frustration free packaging initiative for its own brand Kindle products and has been working with manufacturers to make the initiative more widespread, after CEO Jeff Bezos encountered difficulties opening items he had ordered online."

    Seamless multichannel offer
    Few businesses have integrated online into a seamless multichannel offer. Developments in France point to a hybrid future model: Auchan has developed a fresh food emporium located next to a Drive, a good example of 'bricks and clicks' - as the British elegantly put it - working in tandem. Also in France, Leclerc has set up a central unit that picks grocery shopping for three remote collection points, located at high traffic destinations.
    Over the next year there will be an increased focus on making services more accessible and convenient. New entrants and different models of distribution – e.g. monthly subscription – will disrupt traditional grocers.
    This will involve rapid growth in the rollout and usage of "click & collect" including drive-thru facilities, as well as pick-up services from new locations such as commuter hubs and the workplace. At the same time delivery passes, shorter delivery slots and the bringing together of grocery and non-food are likely to shape developments in home delivery. 25 per cent of online grocery shoppers already used a "click & collect" service in January 2014.
    Ahold's expectation is that pick up points can be more profitable than home delivery. Shoppers in the Netherlands, who purchase before midday can collect after 1800 and spend typically between €75 and €100.
    Cecile Riverain, IGDs International Research Manager: "Scale is no longer an absolute advantage. With low start-up costs for online businesses, new models and ideas can come to life faster than ever before. Click and collect has become a popular channel with future focus on adding capacity and developing more efficient fulfilment models. Multiple retailers are looking to target shoppers during their daily journey to work. Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Amazon are all looking to establish permanent click and collect facilities at underground stations across London, with same day collection for ultimate ease of ordering."
    However, Click & Collect shoppers are still at the experimental stage - 5 per cent only using this type of online grocery service, with 15 per cent of online grocery shoppers intending to use the service more in the future.
    "The more seamless and convenient the shopping experience – whatever the time of day and whatever the channel –, the more customer 'stickiness' retailers can expect to see", says Byfield-Green. Those shopping across multiple channels with a retailer are also likely to become its most loyal customers.
    Competition in the market will increase. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Amazon is innovating fast and threatening to steal market share with innovations such as Sunday deliveries, same-day delivery and anticipatory shipping. And in the grocery sector, Amazon Fresh is apparently ready to go.
    (Pro Carton)
    24.04.2014   ANDRITZ to upgrade three paper machines for MEPCO, Saudi Arabia    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Middle East Paper Co. (MEPCO), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to upgrade three paper machines.
    MEPCO is one of the leading packaging grades producers in the Middle East and North Africa and targets to increase production and improve paper quality with this order. The start-ups are scheduled for 2014 (PM1 and PM3) and 2015 (PM2).

    ANDRITZ’s scope of supply comprises:
    -New approach system
    -Rebuild of the wet section with a PrimeFlow SW headbox including flexible lamella technology and dilution profiling system; rebuild of the dewatering table

    -New approach screens and rebuild of the wet section as at PM1
    -Rebuild of the wire section to consist of two Fourdriniers and a PrimeForm HB hybrid former for higher drainage capacity and improved formation
    -Rebuild of the film press and the drying section: relocation of 10 dryers from the existing after-drying section to the pre-drying section; the PrimeCoat film press is designed for operation both as film press and size press, combining the advantages of both systems and opening up a broad manufacturing range
    -New air-driven air turn system (PrimeAir Glide) that changes the direction of a continuous web without any direct contact

    -Rebuild of the approach system and of the wet section, including dilution profiling system
    -Rebuild of the press section with a higher nip load for more efficient dewatering
    -The drying section is equipped with PrimeRun web stabilizers to enable a stable sheet run

    ANDRITZ will also install TwinFlo refiners in the OCC lines in order to improve the fiber properties. The OCC pulping plant will be upgraded by installing a modified FibreFlow drum pulper with a capacity of 1,400 tons per day in order to enhance the fiber quality and to reduce operating costs.
    (Andritz AG)
    24.04.2014   Jouko Karvinen decides to leave his position as CEO    ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso Chief Executive Officer Jouko Karvinen has expressed a desire to leave his position after heading the Company for seven years.
    “Jouko Karvinen initiated discussions with the Board of Directors late last year about his wish to retire from the Company during 2014. The Board regrets his decision and Jouko Karvinen will continue as CEO until a successor is found,” says Stora Enso Chairman Gunnar Brock.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    23.04.2014   Heidelberg invests in digital future    ( Company news )

    Company news -Company offers offset and digital technologies - parallel, integrated, and user-friendly
    -Focus on digital: Versatility, workflow integration, and new applications are the benchmarks of advanced digital solutions
    -Collaborations bring in expertise and accelerate development work
    -Digital label printing presses leveraging Fujifilm technology to be showcased in Autumn
    -Inkjet: Launching development actvities for commercial and packaging printing markets
    -Partnership with Ricoh gaining traction: More than 400 Linoprint C digital printing systems already sold
    -New "4D" printing solution opens up market potential

    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is offering its customers the opportunity to run offset and digital technologies in parallel, using a user-friendly and integrated process. The company's digital portfolio already encompasses printing presses, consumables, software, and services for a whole range of market segments - and further expansion is on the way. As part of this growth, Heidelberg is collaborating with prestigious partners including Ricoh and Fujifilm. Furthermore, almost a third of the company's research and development resources focused on digital. This approach is the company's response to the factors that are critical for the printing industry's success, such as the use of new business models, maximum versatility, and end-to-end workflow integration with innovative technologies. "Our ability to offer integrated offset and digital solutions for a range of market segments is unique in the industry. This reflects our drive to remain the partner of choice in this sector moving into the future," says Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach. "As part of our expansion in the digital sector, we are investing in technologies such as digital inkjet printing. We are also exploring printing on three-dimensional objects and thus breaking into market segments that are entirely new to Heidelberg. Overall, we estimate that the digital sector offers us sales potential of more than EUR 200 million per year in the medium term."

    Collaborations bring in expertise and accelerate development work
    To ensure that Heidelberg can also rapidly establish itself as a global player in the digital market, the company is primarily working to expand its collaborations. In terms of digital solutions for the printing industry, Heidelberg is widening its range of offerings with cooperation partners Ricoh and Fujifilm, to meet customer requirements with added efficiency and speed. The same applies to existing and future partnerships that will enable Heidelberg to break into new market segments. In pursuing this strategy, the company is bolstering its own expertise with that of its partners to develop an integrated system. One example of this is the printing of three-dimensional objects.

    Digital label printing presses leveraging Fujifilm technology to be showcased in Autumn - launch of development work using inkjet for commercial and packaging printing markets
    Heidelberg is announcing the first concrete steps in its collaboration with Fujifilm. In fall this year, Heidelberg and Gallus are presenting a new digital printing system for the label market that incorporates Fujifilm technology. This solution is designed to meet the growing demand for a cost-effective means of producing short runs and customized labels.
    In parallel with this development, Heidelberg and Fujifilm have initiated a joint project to develop a new highly productive industrialized inkjet-based digital printing system for use in commercial and packaging printing.

    Partnership with Ricoh gains traction: More than 400 Linoprint C digital printing systems already sold
    With more than 400 Linoprint C digital printing systems already sold worldwide, Heidelberg has highlighted its expertise as the only manufacturer in the industry to successfully market integrated digital and offset applications. The company is working closely with its Japanese partner Ricoh to broaden its offerings for this sector in the near future. Heidelberg currently generates sales of Linoprint products in the low eight-figure euro range, and these figures are set to grow, as more and more presses are installed and demand for the associated consumables continues to grow.

    Software offerings combine productivity with flexibility
    More and more customers want to be able to run highly productive offset printing solutions in parallel with versatile digital technologies. Heidelberg meets these demands with the comprehensive software portfolio of its Prinect print shop workflow. Prinect can integrate all the management and production processes in a print shop into one standardized workflow to ensure they are managed efficiently. Heidelberg already generates sales in the mid eight-figure euro range with these offerings and plans to expand this sector with new products, for example in web to print, and multi-channel publishing.

    New "4D" printing solution opens up market potential
    The Jetmaster Dimension from Heidelberg is an inkjet-based digital press for printing on three-dimensional objects. The very first application for this system is being implemented at one of Europe's leading online print shops - flyeralarm, where standard sports balls are to be embellished with personalized printing, based on customer requirements. The next step is to move into industrial applications in the automotive or aerospace industries, for example. Inkjet technology could be used to print customized full-color motifs on the cars, trucks, and even airplanes - thereby increasing flexibility, and dramatically reducing costly labor-intensive processes used today. The overall market volume for printing on objects - in the consumer goods and industrial sectors - is estimated at several hundred million euros in the medium and long term.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    23.04.2014   Spain: Papel Aralar S.A. is choosing Voith as service partner    ( Company news )

    Company news Voith expands the market share for resident mill service in Spain by launching a new project. After years of close cooperation Papel Aralar S.A., located in Amezketa (Guipuzcóa) in the northern part of Spain, has decided to outsource the mill maintenance to Voith. The decision was based on the trust built up between the companies over the years. With this five years Residence Service contract Voith is taking full responsibility for the entire maintenance operation.
    Voith offers worldwide flexible service packages for servicing and maintenance that can be specifically adapted to the customer's production and maintenance needs. In Amezketa Voith will manage the entire maintenance crew to ensure that mechanical and electrical maintenance regimes, shutdown management, planning and scheduling, reliability maintenance as well as maintenance material sourcing are completed according to the Voith best practice maintenance concept.
    At Papel Aralar S.A. yearly 90,000 t of uncoated and coated special papers are produced on three paper machines. In order to reach maintenance best practice level Voith will redesign and expand the existing maintenance management system integrating the preventive and predictive maintenance processes. Parallel to this, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis will be performed to define the best fit maintenance concept for the complete equipment in the different process lines. The common target for the project is to improve overall equipment effectiveness and reduce the specific maintenance cost. The progress will be monitored by a number of commonly defined KPI’s.
    To optimize maintenance cost and efficiency Voith will synergize the resident service projects in several paper mills in North Spain with the Voith workshop in Tolosa, focusing on dynamic man powering, spare parts and knowledge management.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    23.04.2014   Allen Coding to introduce two new thermal transfer printers at Interpack 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Technology provides up to 40% cost savings and is specially designed for emerging markets

    Allen Coding will be announcing the global launch of two new thermal transfer printers designed for the unique challenges of developing markets in Hall 12 Booth E51 of Interpack 2014 (May 8-14, Dusseldorf, Germany).
    The 53XLc provides a new continuous print alternative for vertical and horizonal form fill and seal (VFFS & HFFS) packaging lines. The 25XLi utilizes miniature ribbon for precise printing in small areas at up to 40% cost savings compared to alternative 53mm thermal transfer systems. This cost-efficiency makes the 25XLi comparable in pricing to hot stamp date coding technologies but with all the added benefits of variable, digital print.
    The Allen Coding XL series consists of four thermal printer systems designed specifically to provide cost-effective, durable, Unicode performance in challenging environments. In addition to the 53XLc and 25XLi presented at Interpack 2014, the series also contains the 53XL80u and 53XL40u introduced in late 2013 that offer up to 35% cost savings compared to alternative thermal printers.
    (Allen Coding GmbH)
    23.04.2014   New innovative Valmet headbox starts up at Dong Il Paper in South Korea    ( Company news )

    Company news Dong Il Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd has successfully started up its containerboard machine in its Wolsan mill in South Korea after a wet end rebuild in January 2014. Valmet's delivery covered the key components of the wet end rebuild: a new two-layer headbox and vacuum assisted forming board for middle ply. The rebuild increases the end product quality and enables the mill to produce four-ply containerboard with help of Valmet's new innovative headbox technology.

    First implementation of Valmet's OptiFlo headbox with Aqua layering technology
    "Valmet's new OptiFlo headbox with Aqua layering technology opens us new possibilities to develop our process and product. We have already seen the potential of the technology on how strength properties can be improved. Unlike with conventional technologies, a rapid starch feeding response can be measured when starch is fed through Aqua layer; in both cases 15% compression strength (RCT) improvement is achieved, but needed amount of starch is almost 30% lower with Aqua technology. Even in chemically challenging process conditions, the technology enables great results," Jin Doo Kim, Vice President, Dong Il Paper.
    "Dong Il Paper Group is a forerunner in adopting new technologies, and they have been actively involved in developing new solutions for the paper industry with us. We are delighted to see Dong Il Paper realize the benefits of the new Aqua layering technology as the first in the industry," Hannu T. Pietilä, Area President, Asia Pacific, says.

    Information about OptiFlo headbox with new Aqua layering technology
    Valmet's new OptiFlo headbox with innovative Aqua layering technology makes it possible to produce a two-layer sheet with very good layer coverage using only one headbox and forming unit. The Aqua layering technology is developed for the most challenging stratified solutions where layer purity is a key feature. It produces a perfect, disturbance free purely layered structure that boosts strength properties.
    In containerboard grades, this type of layering provides further possibilities to adjust the quality and strength properties. It enables the use of different furnish qualities, cheaper raw materials and functional additives between layers while giving flexibility to develop improved end products.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    23.04.2014   Esko at Interpack 2014: packaging preproduction solutions for the 21st century     ( Company news )

    Company news Esko (, the global leader in software solutions for packaging brand management, design and prepress, announces that it will be exhibiting at Interpack, the international trade show for the packaging industry and related process technologies. Esko will be located in hall 7A, stand B28 at the show, which is held in Düsseldorf, Germany, 8-14 May.

    “Esko is dedicated to solving the business issues faced by brand owners, pre-media companies and packaging converters as they work to meet the needs of a demanding and rapidly changing world of packaging,” says Christian Korte, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Services at Esko. “Together with our partners, we present a full range of innovative solutions that address today’s challenges of global packaging management and production supply chain. Amongst others, these challenges include avoiding recalls because of packaging misprints or non regulatory content; shortening long approval cycles; ensuring traceability and packaging protection; remaining sustainable and guaranteeing brand color consistency on different types of packaging. Esko's solutions tackle each of these challenges, enabling brands to gain full control of their packaging production."

    Smart software for world-class packaging development and production

    As the recognized leader in packaging design and prepress solutions, Esko will show unique, smart software that incorporates its wealth of expertise in the packaging arena. Esko solutions make it easier and more productive for brand owners as well as packaging converters to remain competitive while staying in tune with industry and consumer trends.

    Esko experts will detail how to enhance content management, shorten approval cycles and ensure regulatory compliance with WebCenter, a fully-featured online packaging management solution. They will inform brands how to manage brand color accuracy across the global supply chain – from proof to package to display – in a smart and comprehensive manner with dedicated color solutions such as PantoneLIVE™ and leverage the benefits of multi-color printing with Esko Equinox. Brand owners and retailers will experience the highest possible realism during the packaging development process using Esko's 3D technologies, including Studio and Store Visualizer, to present hyper-realistic 3D images of packages from design through positioning on store shelves.

    Visitors to the stand can also learn how to save costs with sustainable packaging, by using Esko Cape solutions to optimize packaging logistics throughout the supply chain – including secondary packaging, palletization, and loading of trucks and containers.

    Finally, Esko will also present its leading solutions for producing high quality, consistent print results with flexo printing, the most cost-effective print technology for the packaging industry. Packaging converters should visit the Esko stand to see the stunning results that are achieved for labels, flexible and corrugated packaging and folding cartons using Esko’s broad array of flexo tools and solutions.

    Better together

    Esko has also assembled a portfolio of market-leading partners that augment its packaging management and supply chain capabilities. Partners joining Esko at Interpack and showing integrated solutions that streamline the entire packaging development process include:

    - HP Indigo and HP Scitex (Hall 13, stands C77 and E94): showing digital and wide format printing solutions, powered by Esko software solutions, for the digital print production of folding carton, flexible packaging, labels and corrugated production.

    - Sun Chemical (Hall 7A, stands C6 and C10): one of the key ink partners to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, showcasing the color management capabilities of PantoneLIVE on their stand.

    - Videojet (Hall 6, Stand A1): an Esko sister company within the Danaher Industrial Technologies Business Unit, showing a unique joint project where coding and marking of complete content blocks such as nutrition panels and regulatory content is applied to preprinted material. This is done through a workflow setup that combines the production data of flexible packaging with end of line added data. This concept opens new opportunities to add variable, regulatory data end of line on the finished and packaged product.

    “We look forward to attending Interpack,” concludes Korte. “and are excited about the opportunity to start conversations with brand and packaging professionals from all over the world on the range of Esko solutions that help them improve their operations. We will have brand management and product experts on hand to inform visitors how Esko and its partners address the challenges brands are facing with intelligent solutions for the 21st century.”
    (EskoArtwork Belgium)
    23.04.2014   INTER CORRUGATED EXPO 25 - 28 September 2014 at Jakarta Convention Centre     ( Company news )

    Company news The International Exhibition on Corrugated Technology, Folding Carton Industry, Packaging, Machinery, Equiptments & Supplies.

    During this opportunity, we would like to inform you that our upcoming " INTER CORRUGATED EXPO 2014 ", organized by PT. Kristamedia Pratama will be held:
    Date: 25 – 28 September 2014 ( 4 Days Exhibition )
    Venue: Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan, Jakarta - Indonesia.
    Opening Hours: 10.00 am to 07.00 pm
    Open to: Trade and Business Visitors
    Official Website:

    Featuring :
    Corrugating & Ancillary Equipment, Converting & Ancillary Equipment, Converting & Ancillary Equipment for Honeycomb Paperboard & Pulp Molding, Corrugated & Base Papers, Factory Infrastructure & Services, Corrugated Testing Machines, Folding Carton, Machinery, Equipment, Packaging & Printing Technology.
    In conjunction With: - ALL PRINT INDONESIA 2014 – The 17th International Exhibition on Printing ( Pre-Press, Press, Post-press) and Paper Machinery, Equipment & Supplies.

    Visitors’ Profile :
    - Corrugated Board Plants and Sheet Plants
    - Corrugated Sheet Feeders
    - Corrugated Box Manufactures
    - Folding Carton Converters
    - Packaging Designers and Specifiers
    - Rigid Carton Manufacturers
    - Honeycomb Paperboard Manufacturers
    - Paperstock Models Manufacturers
    - Paper Pipe Manufacturers
    - Core Board and Core Tube Manufacturers
    - Trade Agencies
    - Printing Company
    (KristaMedia Pratama, PT)
    23.04.2014   Successful participation at TISSUE WORLD 2014 Exhibition in Miami, Florida, USA    ( Company news )

    Company news March 2014 saw OMET confirm its presence at Tissue World in Miami Beach, USA, where the tissue industry gathered for the event with 1931 delegates from 69 countries. OMET took the occasion to introduce to the market the newborn in OMET’s napkin folding machines manufacturing program.
    Addressing a crowded and attentive audience during the Technical Conference Program of Tissue World Miami, Alberto Redaelli, International Sales Director, officially presented the new "FV Line" series of tissue converting machines.
    The new platform marks the entrance of OMET into the segment of high output napkin folders using vacuum folding technology. "The Show proved to be the ideal spot to introduce this platform" states Alberto Redaelli, “the new machine is the ideal solution for the production of a variety of napkins used in the AFH market," he continues. "We are very happy with our results in the North and Latin American markets, and the new line will further reinforce our position there."
    Last year proved to be a very positive one for OMET, seeing several machine start-ups, including very interesting configurations installed in Mexico and Chile.
    "Our fast-growing base of North and Latin American customers showed to be very pleased with our US-based OMET service structure ( Quick response on parts and service has been very appreciated" Mr. Redaelli concluded.
    (Omet S.r.l.)
    23.04.2014   PaperCon 2014 - Still Time to Register! Don't Miss the Paper, Board and Tissue Event of the Year!    ( Company news )

    Company news Make connections and get improvement ideas from the 1,800 attendees, 149 exhibitors, and over 200 speakers at PaperCon, the largest peer-reviewed paper, board and tissue making event in North America.

    See the program detail:
    • Papermaking
    • Coating & Graphic Arts
    • PIMA Management
    • OpEx Reliability Workshop
    • Tissue 360º Forum
    • RPTA P-T Seminar
    • NETInc Conference

    -Use the handy PaperCon mobile app on your smart phone to customize your schedule at the conference.
    -Tee up at the annual PaperCon Classic Golf Tournament on Sunday, April 27 at Nashville's beautiful Hermitage Golf Course.
    -Get access to the sessions you missed! The new TAPPI Live Learning Center connects you to recordings of our most informative sessions, so you can catch up on what you missed after the conference and review industry education year-round.
    -Select the Full PaperCon Registration with Session Recordings option when you register and take advantage of the TAPPI Live Learning Center. Prices will be higher at the conference.

    -Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Course April 30-May 2, 2014
    -Pigmented Coating for Paper & Paperboard Course April 26-27, 2014
    (TAPPI Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry)
    22.04.2014   Minerals Technologies Inc. Signs Commercial Agreement with Major North American Papermaker ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... to Deploy FulFill® E-325 Technology

    Unique High-Filler Technology Provides Significant Cost Savings in Reduced Fiber Consumption by Increasing PCC Filler Usage

    Minerals Technologies Inc., (NYSE: MTX) announced that it has signed a commercial agreement with a major North American paper company to provide Fulfill® E-325, a new, high-filler technology, at a paper mill in the United States. This is Minerals Technologies' fourth commercial agreement for the technology in North America.
    The Fulfill®E-325 series allows papermakers to increase loading levels of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), replacing higher cost pulp, and increasing PCC usage without compromising paper quality or performance. The advancement of this new technology confirms the commercial progress of the Fulfill® brand, which offers papermakers a variety of efficient, flexible solutions that decreases dependency on natural fiber and reduces costs.
    "We are very pleased that this major papermaker, which has chosen to remain unnamed for competitive reasons, has adopted our new FulFill® technology at one of its major paper mills," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer of Minerals Technologies. "The 16 commercial agreements we have with papermakers around the world for this technology exemplify our commitment to advance our technology leadership to support papermakers throughout our global satellite network."
    (MTI Minerals Technologies Inc.)
    22.04.2014   Don't Miss the Paper, Board and Tissue Event of the Year!    ( Company news )

    Company news April 27-30, 2014 • Nashville, TN
    Make connections and get improvement ideas from the 1,800 attendees, 141 exhibitors, and over 200 speakers at PaperCon, the largest peer-reviewed paper, board and tissue making event in North America.

    -Use the handy PaperCon mobile app on your smart phone to customize your schedule at the conference.
    -Tee up at the annual PaperCon Classic Golf Tournament on Sunday, April 27 at Nashville's beautiful Hermitage Golf Course.
    -Get access to the sessions you missed! The new TAPPI Live Learning Center connects you to recordings of our most informative sessions, so you can catch up on what you missed after the conference and review industry education year-round.
    -Select the Full PaperCon Registration with Session Recordings option when you register and take advantage of the TAPPI Live Learning Center. Prices will be higher at the conference.

    See the program detail:
    • Papermaking
    • Coating & Graphic Arts
    • PIMA Management
    • OpEx Reliability Workshop
    • Tissue 360º Forum
    • RPTA P-T Seminar
    • NETInc Conference

    -Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Course April 30-May 2, 2014
    -Pigmented Coating for Paper & Paperboard Course April 26-27, 2014
    -PPSA Workshop: What Works in Safety - Practical Information for Supervisors April 27, 2014
    (TAPPI Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry)
    22.04.2014   FutureMark Paper Launches an Environmental Paper Breakthrough: Future Vantage    ( Company news )

    Company news FutureMark launches Future VantageTM, North America’s first-ever 100% recycled 88 bright and 70 gloss coated #3 freesheet.
    For environmentally-conscious corporations, merchants, printers and designers looking to communicate their sustainability commitment to their customers, Future Vantage is the only 100% recycled coated #3
    paper option for high-end corporate marketing materials and magazine, catalog, book, direct mail and retail applications.
    Previously, recycled content in this premium paper category was only offered if specified by the buyer and the maximum available was 30%.
    This brightness and print quality breakthrough of Future Vantage was achieved through innovative green approaches including a unique coating design and enhancements made to the de-inking process.

    FutureMark® Paper Group, North America’s leading provider of responsibly made recycled printing papers, announced the launch of Future VantageTM, North America’s first 100% recycled coated #3 freesheet. Until now, there has not been a 100% recycled option for
    high-end corporate marketing materials and magazine, catalog, book, direct mail and retail applications. Previously, recycled content was only available if specified by the buyer and typically the maximum available was 30%.
    Future Vantage brings outstanding brightness, print gloss and print fidelity to the coated #3 freesheet market, for the first time equipping corporations, merchants, printers and designers with the ability to differentiate their print products through both superior environmental and paper performance.
    Future Vantage is ideally suited for a variety of print applications across a number of market sectors, including financial services, retail, fashion, travel, automotive and telecommunications.
    “Following the recent introduction of our recycled paper innovations in the book, digital inkjet and label markets, we are proud to deliver another breakthrough product to the coated freesheet market,” stated Steve Silver, President & CEO of FutureMark Paper Group.
    “With Future Vantage, there are no compromises – it is the first coated #3 freesheet with both 100% recycled content and excellent paper qualities some might traditionally as sociate with non-recycled products.”
    (FutureMark® Paper Group)
    22.04.2014   CITO Pertinax – the system: Creasing is our world    ( Company news )

    Company news Our world has revolved around creasing for more than 50 years, so make the most of our experience!

    CITO Pertinax – the system. A material that is uniquely tailored to the application. A new adhesive tape that allows residue-free removal of the matrices from the cutting plate. Milling tools developed by CITO that guarantee a significant improvement in quality which extends the life of the tools by up to 10 times.
    We provide you as a matter of course with the application expertise to optimise your processes.

    CITO Pertinax – offering you the following advantages:
    -material uniquely tailored to the application
    -new adhesive tape for residue-free removal of the matrices from the cutting plate
    -significant improvement in quality due to milling tools developed by CITO
    -longer life of the tools by up to 10 times
    22.04.2014   Mitsubishi HiTec Paper at the Canon Commercial Printing Business Days 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is partner at the Canon Commercial Printing Business Days 2014 (May 13 – 15 in Poing/Germany). The Bielefeld based specialty paper manufacturer shows a wide range of coated inkjet paper for high-speed commercial inkjet printing. With substances from 65 to 220 gsm and different finishes (matt, semi glossy, high gloss), the coated JETSCRIPT papers are suitable for any commercial printing application. Special ink receiving layers lead to fast drying, universal printability and true color reproduction through a wide color gamut.
    (Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)
    22.04.2014   Asian Paper 2014 opens tomorrow!    ( Company news )

    Company news Asian Paper, the largest and best attended event opens TOMORROW!

    The much anticipated exhibition for the Paper, Pulp, and Board industry is opening its doors from 23 to 25 April (Wednesday to Friday), at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC) Bangkok, Thailand, Plenary Halls 1-3.

    Admission for Trade Visitor is complimentary!
    Show Opening Hours
    23 – 24 April 2014 (Wed & Thurs): 1000hrs – 1800hrs
    25 April 2014 (Fri): 1000hrs – 1700hrs

    Check Out the Exhibitors and Products at Asian Paper!
    • Manufactures of Specialty, Writing, Printing Paper & Paper Boards
    • Machinery & equipment for paper & board production/improvement
    • Paper conversion & technology
    • Automation & instrumentation
    • Quality control equipments
    • Spare parts & accessories
    • Machines for pulp & paper handling & converting
    • Test & measurement equipment
    • Fibre & pulp suppliers
    • Speciality chemicals
    And Many More!

    Senior Management Symposium (SMS)
    24 – 25 April
    Day 1: 0800 to 1645 hrs
    Day 2: 0820 to 1700 hrs
    Venue: Meeting Room 1
    A strategic 2-day conference platform dedicated to delivering the latest in industry outlook, consumer and purchasing trends, development in process and energy saving technology, an optimisation of cost and quality to achieve scalable businesses.
    Who should attend: Industry leaders from publishing industries, paper product manufacturers, pulp and paper producers as well as raw material, equipment and chemical suppliers.
    Cost: US$1,695 per pax

    New Applied Technology (NAT) Conference
    23 – 25 April
    Day 1: 1300 to 1730 hrs
    Day 2: 0820 to 1145 hrs
    Day 3: 0820 to 1200 hrs
    Venue: Meeting Room 2
    Learn how to reduce impact of revenue loss with new trends and technology! Meet and expand your business network with leaders from the publishing, packaging and paper industries.
    Who should attend: Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Researchers.
    (UBM Asia Trade Fairs Pte Ltd)
    22.04.2014   MEPs clamp down on wasteful use of plastic carrier bags    ( Company news )

    Company news EU countries would have to reduce the use of the most common and most polluting plastic bags by at at least 80% by 2019, under draft rules backed by Parliament on April 16. MEPs recommend using taxes and levies, marketing restrictions or bans. Plastic carrier bag litter is a major environmental problem, known to pollute water bodies and aquatic eco-systems in particular.
    "MEPs have voted to significantly strengthen draft EU rules aimed at reducing plastic bag use and waste, notably to include obligatory European reduction targets and a requirement that plastic bags come at a cost. As front-running countries have demonstrated, dramatically reducing the consumption of these disposable bags is easily achievable with coherent policy. Swiftly phasing out these bags is a readily implementable solution to the pervasive problem of plastic waste in the environment," said lead MEP Margrete Auken (Greens/EFA, DK), whose report was approved by 539 votes to 51, with 72 abstentions.

    Reduction targets: 50% by 2017, 80% by 2019
    MEPs say that lightweight plastic bags thinner than 50 microns – the vast majority of plastic carrier bags used in the EU – are less reusable than thicker models and become waste more quickly. They are also more prone to littering the environment
    Member states would have to at least halve their consumption by 2017 and reduce it by 80% two years later - compared to 2010 figures. They should use measures such as taxes, levies, marketing restrictions or bans to stop shops from giving out plastic bags for free, except for very light ones, used to wrap loose foods such as raw meat, fish and dairy products.
    Plastic bags used to wrap foods such as fruit, vegetables and confectionery should be replaced by 2019 by carrier bags made of recycled paper or biodegradable and compostable bags. Requirements for compostable and biodegradable packaging should be amended, MEPs say.

    In 2010 every EU citizen used an estimated 198 plastic carrier bags, some 90% of which were lightweight; these are re-used less frequently than thicker bags and are more prone to littering. In a business-as-usual scenario, consumption of plastic bags is expected to increase further. Estimates also suggest that over eight billion plastic carrier bags became litter in the EU in 2010.

    Next steps
    Parliament voted at first reading to ensure that the work done during this mandate can be taken up by the new Parliament and used as a basis for further negotiations with EU member states.
    (European Parliament)
    22.04.2014   Xeikon Café on Packaging Innovations highlights potential of digital folding carton production    ( Xeikon Manufacturing NV )

    Xeikon Manufacturing NV Picture: Xeikon Café Europe

    Customer Colebourne & Partners complements event program to share first-hand experiences about the shift to digital production

    Xeikon and its Aura Partners will present how the digital production of folding cartons can transform the business of packaging printers and converters at the Xeikon Café on Packaging Innovations, taking place May 20 till 22. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to see Xeikon’s label and packaging application suites in action and learn more about game-changing innovations in digital production. One of the suites highlighted will be the Folding Carton Suite.

    Packaging, especially folding carton, has become a powerful tool to maximize the product’s selling power, build a brand image and protect it. This has posed certain challenges for packaging printers and converters, of which the biggest challenges are ever-shorter runs, a much broader variety of SKUs and increasingly faster turnaround times. Despite the complexity of the folding carton supply chain, folding carton appears to be standing its ground. Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Director of Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging, explains: “For brand owners pursuing customer intimacy, folding carton has more going for it than its cost. The perceived value of a quality full-color carton box is just so much higher than that of any other type of packaging. Folding carton is therefore ideal to grow and nurture that all-important customer loyalty.”

    Xeikon and its Aura Partners answer the needs of the challenged Folding Carton market

    In a market still dominated by offset printing, shorter runs and more different versions means more frequent make-readies of presses and converting equipment, which adds to the cost and does not improve turnaround times. Digital printing technology has the capability to make the folding carton supply chain more efficient and cost-effective. Because set-up and make-ready costs are minimal, small runs can be produced cost-effectively. Moreover, every print can be different, last-minute changes are no problem and updates can be made in short turnaround times. Xeikon digital printing technology has several unique advantages when it comes to meeting the market’s requirements in terms of format flexibility, cost, print quality, color accuracy and consistency, lightfastness, food safety and brand protection. This makes the Xeikon 3000 Series presses, that were specifically developed for label and packaging applications, ideally suited for folding carton printing.

    Because there is more to folding carton production than the printing, Xeikon has gone one step further by offering an integrated solution: the Folding Carton Suite. At the core of this suite is a Xeikon 3000 Series press, standard equipped with the four process colors CMYK and orange or Durable Clear toner, and complemented with four supporting components: (1) software, (2) print media, (3) consumables and (4) pre-and post-printing equipment. It is the result of a close collaboration between Xeikon and its Aura Partners. Together, they developed the most compact integrated solution that enables a single operator to not only print, but actually produce printed cartons ready to be folded and glued in one go.

    Integrated solutions on show at the Xeikon Café

    At the event a Xeikon 3000 Series press, equipped with CMYK and Durable Clear toner, will be printing packaging designs on Iggesund carton substrates, in roll-to-sheet mode. CHILI Publish will demonstrate how their dynamic online editing software enables last-minute changes to images or text. The prints produced on the press will be finished offline, on different systems that can be integrated with the Xeikon 3000 Series press. This set-up provides visitors with the opportunity to compare the advantages of each of the options shown. There will be live finishing on a Kama sheet-fed flatbed die-cutter and on a Bograma sheet-fed rotary die-cutter with Rotometrics cutting dies. Samples finished using a Highcon digital die-cutting machine will also be showcased.

    In addition, there will be live printing of paper cups on a special substrate from Stora Enso, with assembled examples of these paper cups on display. Argos Solutions will demonstrate its offline solution for applying a raised spot varnish. Visitors will also be able to assess the advantages of using web cleaning modules. Both Meech and Argos will have their modules on show. Finally, there will be demonstrations of the various software tools included in the Folding Carton Suite, such as Xeikon ColorControl.

    Aside from the live demonstrations and displays, Aura Partners attending the event will describe their contributions to the Folding Carton Suite in detail during several technical seminars, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

    Meet the Customer: Colebourne & Partners

    Weymans is convinced that conventional folding carton producers still hesitant about going digital will not hesitate any longer: “What better opportunity to find out how digital production could work for them than by listening and talking to someone who has actually made the move? We’re very pleased that one of our successful customers, Colebourne & Partners, has agreed to come and share their experiences.”

    Colebourne & Partners (, ‘C&P’) is a privately-owned packaging manufacturer, based in Melksham, Wiltshire in Southwest England. Established more than 35 years ago, the company set out as a carton converter, providing services to blue chip customers in the food and retail industries. Today it is being run by the second generation, with food packaging accounting for the best part of the company’s business. The majority of the food packaging produced is for direct food contact applications. Typical examples are lids used to cover aluminum trays or ovenable board trays for ready-made meals. The company currently produces about 75 million of these lids a year.

    Driven by its commitment to continually improve, C&P often sat down with its long-standing customers to identify points for improvement. Not surprisingly, the major issues usually turned out to be long lead times and large stocks. After careful consideration, C&P decided to move into digital printing and production, which meant a complete overhaul of its production workflow. Having installed a Xeikon 3500 digital press, C&P now prints roll-to-roll, converting the printed web using a separate offline converting and finishing solution. While C&P used to outsource the printing to other service providers, it can now keep the entire production in-house.

    The advantages of the new digital production workflow are huge: lead times have dropped from 8 or 12 weeks to 1 week and the required storage space for stocks has been reduced to a quarter. While in the past stick-on labels and standard printed cartons were used to mimic versions, printing different versions of a carton has now become extremely easy. And with food regulations changing every so often, being able to produce short-run versions at short notice avoids unused stock having to be shredded. Also, the minimum job order size used to be 12,000; but now jobs can be as small as 250.

    Easy and free registration

    Weymans sums up the reason to come to this Xeikon Café event: “To anyone thinking about attending, I’d say: You don’t often get the chance to learn from first-hand experiences, so grab it with both hands!” The Xeikon Café will take place at Xeikon’s production site in Lier, Belgium, from May 20 till May 22, with basically the same program each day, so participants can choose the date that best suits them. Attendance is free but registration is required online at
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    17.04.2014   Mike Hiscox Joins Intec UK    ( Company news )

    Company news Intec UK are delighted to announce that Mike Hiscox has joined the team in the role of International Sales Manager.
    Mike Joins us with a wealth of experience which he has gained over the course of his 30 year career in the production printing industry. With a string of high profile positions to his name including senior sales roles at Canon, Ricoh and Konica Minolta. Mike has hit the ground running and is sure to prove a great asset to the Intec sales team.
    “Seeing the industry advance over the last 30 years, I firmly believe that Intec’s exceptional product range provides a unique selling point for dealers and Distributors wordwide. In an often challenging environment, every advantage can make a huge amount of difference to the bottom line. One aspect of my role as International Sales Manager will be to equip our dealers to sell more and to ensure that they have up to date information on all of our new products.”
    Intec would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Mike to the team and wish him every success in his new role.
    (Intec Printing Solutions Limited)
    17.04.2014   Operating speed reached after only three days: start-up of Voith tissue machine in Indonesia    ( Company news )

    Company news PT Sun Paper Source in Sukoanyar, Indonesia, has successfully put into operation its new VTM 1, a tissue machine from Voith. The operating speed of 1,600 m/min was reached three days after start-up.
    It is the first machine in Asia to feature a NipcoFlex T shoe press combined with a steel Yankee cylinder and a steam heated high-performance hood. With this project, Voith has thus succeeded in further strengthening its position with innovative technologies for the tissue sector.
    The delivery included the approach flow system, the vacuum system, the VTM 1 tissue machine with a wire width of 2,860 mm, together with auxiliary equipment, MCS, DCS and QCS. The VTM 1 is based on a modular concept that in this case consists of a single-layer MasterJet Pro T headbox, the NipcoFlex T shoe press, a 16-foot steel Yankee cylinder, a high-performance hood and the MasterReel winder.
    The VTM 1 with shoe press, steel Yankee and high-performance hood from Voith is a very energy-efficient design. It allows high operating speeds and problem-free operation. In comparison with conventional press rolls, the dry content after the press with NipcoFlex T technology is up to 5% higher. That means that up to 20% of the thermal energy can be saved.
    In order to be able to even better support Asian customers on site, Voith manufactures Yankee cylinders made of steel and Yankee hoods in China. Quicker local support is ensured by a competent team on site for all questions regarding tissue production.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    17.04.2014   AR Packaging will invest up to 30 M€ in 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Harald Schulz, President & CEO

    AR Packaging Group announced at February 13th 2014 that the divestment actions have been cancelled and that the shareholders of the company have decided to continue and further develop the business. It has been announced too that actions to further strengthen the group will be implemented. In this context now decisions and measures have been taken to invest up to 30 M€ in year 2014.
    The investments will cover all relevant parts to support the going forward in correlation with the chosen strategy of the company. Focus will be the expansion of the company as well as efficiency increases in the plants. The investments will be finalized out of the operational cash flow.
    The operations of AR Packaging consist of Branded Products, Specialties and Food packaging business.
    “This largest investment program ever will allow us to set up milestones in the development of our company. This will give us the possibility to accelerate and continue the actions around our successful strategy of the last years,” says Harald Schulz, President and CEO of AR Packaging Group AB.
    (AR Packaging Group)
    17.04.2014   Wastewater becomes biogas    ( Company news )

    Company news Wastewater from pulp and paper mills contains large volumes of organic material that can be converted into biogas, according to findings by researchers from Water and Environmental Studies (WES) at Linköping University. The pilot trials at the mills are now funded with an additional 14.8 m.

    Picture: Bo Svensson, professor at WES

    The researchers from WES have taken samples from 70 wastewater streams at seven mills, and calculated that the potential to extract biogas from the material is at least 70 million normal cubic metres of methane per year. (One normal cubic metre (Nm3) of gas equals one cubic metre of gas at normal air pressure and 0°C.)
    “We hope to achieve 100 million Nm3, which we probably will when we have fine-tuned the processes. This volume would mean an increased biogas production of roughly 65 per cent, compared to Sweden’s total production for 2012,” says Bo Svensson, professor at WES.
    The research was conducted by Prof Bo Svensson, Dr Annika Björn, Dr Jörgen Ejlertsson and doctoral students at WES, in collaboration with Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB, Pöyry Sweden AB and several pulp and paper mills.
    The results from the two first years of research are so promising that the Swedish Energy Agency, Linköping University and various industrial partners have reserved SEK 14.8 m over a two-year period, of which the Energy Agency has reserved 8.6 m for the project.
    Thus far the tests have been carried out in the lab at WES, where primarily the PhD students Eva-Maria Ekstrand and Madeleine Larsson have taken the samples from the various mills. The results from the two first years of research are so promising that the pilot trials will now be done out at the mills. Today most mills clean their wastewater with oxygen-thirsty aerobic technologies that also consume lots of energy. Two anaerobic, oxygen-free technologies that have proven to work well in the lab will now be scaled up. Both make use of the biogas that forms in the process.
    In brief, both technologies separate the organic material from the flowing water, and try to retain the substrate as well as the microorganisms in the reactor for long enough that methane forms, but with two different technologies.

    The first technology, UASB, (upflow anaerobic sludge blanket), is a type of digestion chamber that is used to clean wastewater, where the water flows into the tank from below. A layer of sludge forms in the middle of the tank. Then small granules or balls form, and their surfaces are covered by methane-forming microorganisms. The water flows upwards through the blanket of granules, the organic material is caught in the lower part and the water is cleaned at the same time as the microorganisms form methane, which bubbles up to the top of the reactor where it is collected.
    “We have tested the technology in the lab. Now we’re going to scale it up from a four-litre reactor to 70 litres, out at a mill. It’s going to be interesting,” says Madeleine Larsson.
    Lab tests are continuing, to find out how well the technology works at different temperatures. One of the leading mills wants to know how the reactor works between 35 C° and 20C°. For this reason, Marielle Karlsson, who also works in the project, has lowered the temperature in one of the reactors to 25C°. So far the microoorganisms are handling it.
    “It happens more slowly at lower temperatures, but the microorganisms can adapt, or else a new population of microorganisms that thrive at low temperatures, that is, psychrophilic, will develop,” says Prof Svensson.

    In the second reactor technology, CSTR (completely stirred tank reactors) with recirculation sludge, substrate digests in a closed chamber, while being stirred, and then is centrifuged into digestion sludge and liquid. Some of the sludge is returned to the reactor, in order to increase the residence time for the microorganisms and to achieve the best possible yield. Thus the fibres and microorganisms are kept longer in the reactor, while the water is allowed to pass through.
    “This technology is well suited to residual products from sulphate pulp processes,” says Dr Björn.

    Tests are also underway to actively recirculate sludge from the mills to the reactors.
    “The large sedimentation pools store sludge from the mills’ existing aerated purification stage. We want to lower the residence time, in order to increase nutrient content and biodegradability. This enables us to digest the mill sludge together with the fibres, which would reduce the costs of dewatering and aerating the ponds, and boost the yield of biogas,” explains Ms Ekstrand.
    Prof Svensson: “True, more sludge is formed, which the mills don’t actually want, but we want to demonstrate that if we take care of the material earlier, it can be used to form biogas. Also, it means that substances that can be difficult to biodegrade anaerobically can be biodegraded in this step, which means they produce sludge that biodegrades easily.”

    Some innovative solutions have emerged during the course of the project.
    “There are mills that want to use the biogas for dryers, instead of LPG,” says Dr Björn.
    The research has already generated considerable international interest. In particular researchers from Finland have got in touch.
    “We’re one step ahead of the rest of the world – we have extensive knowledge of what is required to ensure that the microorganisms in a reactor develop well,” explains Prof Svensson.
    (Linköping University)
    17.04.2014   Palm Flute HP    ( Company news )

    Company news Palm has enlarged it’s paper range with the development of a new paper grade for the Containerboard market. This high performance fluting product follows the market trend of utilising recycled based papers to achieve improved properties. Specifically the SCT-value of Palm Flute HP is 20 – 25 % higher than traditional fluting grades.

    Along with all other Palm Paper grades Palm Flute HP is FSC-certified. It is available in the basis weights of 115 gsm, 135 gsm and 150 gsm.
    (Papierfabrik Palm)
    16.04.2014   The Inkjet Conference™ - Beyond inkjet    ( Company news )

    Company news ESMA, a leading, non-profit association in Europe for specialist printing manufacturers of screen and digital print technology is elevating its profile in industrial markets. To this end, it launched a new conference covering all aspects of inkjet engineering from Digital Asset Management to Fluids and Chemistry. It is designed to help delegates discover the developments in print heads and precision engineering, and meet experienced integrators to aid them in their journey to the next level.

    The Inkjet Conference™, to be held in the Swissôtel in Neuss (Düsseldorf), Germany, September 30 and October 1 2014, is an ideal opportunity to connect with technology suppliers, research institutions, integration experts, as well as OEM's from different market sectors, in what has become a rapidly growing billion euro business. It will showcase technologies and spot trends to enable emerging developments in printed electronics and functional fluids to learn and partner with those that have been successful in aiding volume adoption of inkjet technology in manufacturing applications.

    Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA comments: "ESMA has been organising conference over the past seven years in different fields such as Computer-To-Screen (CTS), GlassPrint, Membrane switch, Advanced Functional and Industrial printing. We have become the knowledge hub for the printing industry to bring together printing technology in different segments of the industry and promote overall industrial decoration and printing solutions. The time has come to focus even more on digital inkjet in an era of rapidly changing technology in a fast developing world. Inkjet technology is impacting the economies of major industries worldwide. The capabilities of more specific adapted and bespoke inkjet solutions are required to deliver flexibility, cost-reductions as well as new market and production needs."

    The two-day event will offer a three track educational conference developed specifically for Inkjet equipment manufacturers.
    Track One: Inkjet engineering - Fluid systems – Precision engineering – Print heads – Digital Asset Management – RIPs, colour calibration and workflow
    Track Two: Fluid – Ink components – Nano particles – Laboratory equipment – Rheometers – Particle size analyzers – Conductive inks - Aqueous inks – UV inks
    Track Three: Academic track - The academic track is open to all universities and non-commercial research institutes to present their work

    Mr. Buttiens continues: "The Inkjet Conference will bring 60 presentations across the three tracks, seven VIP rooms, training room and master classes as well as a table top exhibition with 55 companies. It will be not only the networking opportunity of the year but also the place to see all the necessary technology in one spot and the fertile breeding ground for new disruptive innovation and development."

    There is the ability for companies and academic institutions to supply technical papers, that are non-commercial in nature and offer a clear explanation to enable a broadly technical audience, to have a good understanding of the presented topic. Given the multi-discipline environment of inkjet, with engineers, chemists, printers, a glossary of terms will aid understanding.

    There are table top opportunities or VIP room access available at the conference. Please contact us for further details.
    (ESMA V.Z.W.)
    16.04.2014   Professional folding production with an attractive price-performance ratio: Heidelberg presents ...    ( Company news )

    Company news series of Stahlfolders BH/CH

    -Buckle plate and combination folders at an attractive price
    -New automation technique facilitates handling and ensures short set-up times
    -Control compatible with existing TH/KH folders and accessories

    Frequently in folding the margins are minimal for print shops and book binders, however, the demands on productivity, folding accuracy and quick change over are continuously increasing. The new Stahlfolder BH/CH family from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) now offers high productivity and Heidelberg quality at a lower cost. The attractively priced buckle plate folders (BH-models) and combination folders (CH-models) are based on proven, technically solid technology and are available in 56, 66, 78 and 82 centimeter widths. The new machines are targeted to existing Stahlfolder TH/KH customers who are looking for lower cost additional capacity or to customers who are looking for a low cost start in professional folding, in order to be able to ensure added value and quality control in their own production flows.
    The new Stahlfolder BH/CH machines are characterized by automation options which are designed to be easy to use and the same operator-friendly touch screen control, the users have been familiar with for many years to guide them safely and easily through all process steps.
    The folding roller gaps and buckle plate stops can be set and stored automatically with a new job. This reduces set up times, and repeat orders can be reproduced any time quickly and precisely with the original set values. Moreover, the automation makes the operation of the machine a lot easier as many adjustments can be done in parallel which relieves the operator.
    The new BH/CH machines can be custom-tailored with various options and modules as e.g. automation, feeder types or configurations of fold units. The Stahlfolder BH-machines are available with up to 4 folding stations. For the CH models the cross-fold variants KL, KTL and - additionally in the 78 working width - the cross fold variants KLL and KTLL are available. The machines can optionally be equipped with flat pile feeder, round continuous feeder or pallet feeder.

    Proven fold technique provides security of investment
    The new machines are based on the proven Stahlfolder TH/KH series. The Stahlfolder TH/KH folders, the most successful industrial folders worldwide since 2004 are now complemented with the lower cost BH/CH models. The new BH/CH Stahlfolders use the same essential components such as the Extra Grip folding rollers, the proven Tremat sheet separation and the nonslip gear drive. They are suitable for multiple applications in commercial and signature production, their operation is as easy and they provide a proven fold quality.
    Stahlfolder BH/CH machines use the proven MCT-control (MCT = Modular Control Technology) of Heidelberg so that they are compatible with already existing Heidelberg deliveries. In the future the customers can also utilize the large variety of Stahlfolder units and additional functions with extended requirements.
    Like any other Heidelberg folders, the new BH/CH models are available with EC-conform safety installations which correspond to European safety standards.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    16.04.2014   International Paper Acquires Remaining Shares of Orsa IP Embalagens in Brazil    ( Company news )

    Company news International Paper (NYSE: IP) has acquired the remaining 25% of shares of Orsa International Paper Embalagens S.A. from its joint venture partner, Brazilian pulp and packaging producer Jari Celulose, Embalagens e Papel S.A. The shares were purchased at the original transaction price per share for R$318MM (~$135MM USD). With this transaction, International Paper takes full ownership of three containerboard mills and four box plants, which made up Jari's former corrugated packaging assets. "This investment is in-line with our strategy to selectively grow our industrial packaging business globally in attractive markets and put capital to work that deliver returns above our cost of capital," said John Faraci, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
    (International Paper)
    16.04.2014   Tissue Middle East - Exhibition One of Its Kind    ( Company news )

    Company news TISSUE Middle East Exhibition the leading International Exhibition for Tissue Paper, Hygiene Products and Converting Industries will be held on October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center, Cairo, Egypt. Hall (2).
    TISSUE-ME 2014 recognizes the increasing need for networking and guidance in MENA's dynamic, rapidly changing business environment.

    TISSUE-ME 2014 Exhibition gathers exclusively Tissue Paper, Hygiene Products and Converting manufacturing experts, key players and decision-makers committed to showcase the latest Machinery, Raw Material, Finished Products, Technologies, Innovations, Solutions and Services from around the Globe.

    Tissue Paper Making Machinery
    » Wet Wipes Machinery
    » Lamination and Winding Machines
    » Tissue Technology and Software
    » Wrapping and Packaging Machinery
    » Printing Machinery and Equipment
    » Chemicals, Additives and Raw Materials
    » Dies, Inks and Adhesives
    » Labeling Machinery and Equipment
    » Jumbo Rolls & Finished Products
    » Toilet, Facial, Pocket Tissue & Hand towels
    » Wet Wipes and Cosmetic Removers
    » Lens Cleaning Tissue
    » Baby and Adult Diapers
    » Women's Sanitary Towels & Pads
    » Paper Tableware & Household Paper
    » Waste Paper, Deinking Equipment
    » Water Treatment Equipment
    » Wires, Felts and Clothing
    » Knives, Blades, Cutting Accessories
    » Embossing Rolls
    » Automation and Control
    » Drying, Filtration and Dust Control
    » Dispenser Systems
    » Testing and Detecting Instruments
    » Engineering and Consulting Services

    TISSUE-ME 2014 acts as the perfect platform for all Tissue Paper manufacturers to generate valuable sales leads worldwide.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    16.04.2014   KapStone Paper And Packaging Reports Minor Fire At Longview Facility    ( Company news )

    Company news KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation (NYSE: KS) ("KapStone" or "the Company") had a minor fire in one of its paper machines at its Longview, WA mill on April 13, 2014. The fire was quickly contained resulting in no injuries, overall damage of less than $10,000, and rapid resumption of production.
    (KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation)
    15.04.2014   ‘Game changer’ digital flexo solution delivers results that rival offset and gravure for VEEPEE    ( Company news )

    Company news A ‘game changer’ investment has enabled leading Indian tradeshop VEEPEE Graphic Solutions to become one of the first Asian companies to adopt Esko “Full HD Flexo” and obtain the Full HD Flexo Certification. “The installation of Esko's CDI with Full HD Flexo technology and the subsequent certification has put us in a select group of elite operations, globally certified to Esko Full HD Flexo,” states Jai Chandra, VEEPEE’s Managing Director.

    As a longstanding Esko customer, VEEPEE followed the development of Esko's Full HD screening and Inline UV technology. “With numerous developments in the flexible packaging industry favoring flexographic printing, there was a need for higher solid ink density and better ink lay to match the quality of gravure printing,” says Chandra. “Though there were a few competing technologies, we decided, again, to work with Esko as Full HD Flexo has proven to be a stable, consistent and reliable technology.”

    Leading edge technology

    VEEPEE's relationship with Esko started in 2006 with the installation of a CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager). “This was a conscious decision. Esko has a strong focus on flexo prepress solutions, both for software and hardware, and we already had our entire front-end on the Esko platform,” explains Chandra. “Following a detailed research of all technologies available on the market, we realized that CDIs accounted for most of the CTP systems installed in the world during that period. Our trust in Esko and its technology was the decisive factor to invest in our first CDI. Going digital was the order of the day then - otherwise we would have been out of business by now. Esko helped us to easily enter the digital market.” Other investments over the past years include licenses for a raft of Esko prepress software solutions such as PackEdge, FlexRip and Plato to name a few.

    As the flexo printing process evolved over the years, and with lot more packaging jobs shifting from offset and gravure to flexographic printing, the challenge was to reproduce high quality graphics. This is when Esko launched their inline UV technology with HD Flexo screening. VEEPEE once again leveraged on the technology evolution by installing the first CDI with the inline UV and HD screening in the Asian region by the end of 2009.

    Last year, VEEPEE extended its cooperation with Esko by adopting Full HD Flexo, which enabled the company to increase production capabilities. “Working with Esko Full HD Flexo, we achieve higher solid ink densities with the existing press parameters. We can print clean solids and extend the color gamut thanks to the microcell technology; and we can eliminate the halo around text and lines - a common phenomenon with flexo printing. Thanks to these benefits, we took label and flexible packaging printing to the next level and produced results that can be readily compared to offset or gravure. A lot of trials are being undertaken in corrugated post print, which is the next emerging market for flexographic printing. Our decision to invest in Esko Full HD Flexo was a game changer,” says Chandra.

    He continues:” With Full HD Flexo, our existing customers achieve better print quality with their existing machines and dispel the myth that flexo is unable to produce quality as good as offset and gravure. Full HD Flexo also enables to maintain predictable and sustainable print results. Today, with an end-to-end solution from workflow to plate imaging, we can handle more complex jobs, enhance productivity, increase job turnaround time and reduce errors, thereby increasing our profitability. We can be assured to expand our customer base without any compromise on our bottom line.”

    Embracing emerging trends

    VEEPEE is now poised to embrace the emerging possibilities adds Chandra: ”The flexo prepress business is expected to grow in the next 10 years, with an important part of that growth in the flexible packaging and corrugated sector. As business is getting more localized, we will be looking at a 'spoke and wheel' module, where prepress will be done at a centralized location and multiple plate processing units close to our customer sites. This will help us service our customers better with faster turnaround times and also reduce investment costs on software and infrastructure. As the Esko CDIs with Full HD Flexo are very stable imaging systems, we are confident we will make this business module a big success.”

    About VEEPEE Graphic Solutions

    Established as a design studio in 1961 by Mr Peethambaram, the Bangalore operation, part of the VEEPEE Group, supplies flexo plates to flexo converters. Among its key customers are Pragati Packaging, Sai Packaging, Multiflex, ITC, Ajanta Packaging, Positive Packaging, Kalpana, Propack and Universal Print Systems. In the early 80s VEEPEE became the first business house in South India to introduce the water wash photo polymer plates for letterpress. In the early 80s it was also one of the first companies in South India to offer scanning, imposition and CTF capabilities. Later, in 1995 it became the first operation in the country to introduce environment friendly water wash flexo plates. Four years later they moved to a newly constructed 8000 sq feet facility which today is one of the state-of-the-art flexo prepress facilities in the country. Today the family owned group is managed by Leela Peethambaram, Jai Prakash, Jai Chandra, (sons of founder V Peethambaram) and Nalani Jaichandra.
    (Esko-Graphics Danmark)
    15.04.2014   THE GRAPHICS OF THE AMERICAS EXPO    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Pedro Sardinas (farthest to the right) talking with potential Dealers from Mexico and Ecuador.

    Intec Corp USA recently attended the Graphics of the Americas expo held every year in Miami, Florida.
    Graphics of the Americas (GOA) Expo & Conference is the premier event for the graphic communications industry in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
    Intec’s stand was very busy over the course of the 3 day show. The CP3000 paired with it’s superb booklet finisher took centre stage, generating a great deal of interest due to its fantastic print quality and remarkably low cost per copy.
    Intec’s Michael Sparbeck and Todd Todesco were very pleased with the response they received from existing and potential new business partners and would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit the Intec stand.
    (Intec Printing Solutions Corporation)
    15.04.2014   Grab one of the last few spots at PulPaper 2014 !    ( Company news )

    Company news On 3-5 June it is time for the 8th edition of the industry event of the year and one of the premier gatherings within the pulp, paper, board, converting and bio-based indutries. For companies that still have not booked their participation, there are still a few good locations left around the exhibition floor.

    Several ways to promote your company's participation
    To market your participation running up to the event, use the Visitor Invitation brochure with all the event information there is to know for your customer or the simplified Invitation Card with the most essential facts and brief event information. Both are available as printed matters, free of charge to order for all exhibitors, or in digital version to be added to e-mails, newsletters or invitations. Scroll down on the front page of the official PulPaper website to see a complete list of the official PulPaper 2014 Media Partners, different types of media channels covering the globe and carefully selected by the organisers to promote the event. Contact them to place your ads running up to the event.

    There are also several ways of promoting your company during the days of the event. Place an ad in the special Event Guide issue of Paperi ja Puu or choose from the many attractive promotional locations around the venue of Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki.

    PulPaper 2010 statistics: Over 12000 visitors from 63 countries, 625 exhibitors from 30 countries in 210 stands.
    (Adforum AB)
    15.04.2014   90% reduced fiber content in reject discharge: pulping drum from Voith convinces Marusumi Paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Voith has launched the IntensaDrum pulping drum. This is an additional product from Voith’s efficient BlueLine, a product and component line that keeps energy, water and fiber consumption in stock preparation as low as possible. IntensaDrum was developed in order to disintegrate recycled paper in the gentle high consistency range.
    At Marusumi Paper in Japan, two IntensaDrums have already been successfully put into operation. Both pulping drums were installed in only three weeks. “We were able to start up the machines before the actual schedule and are very satisfied with their performance. Our expectations were exceeded,” says Toshikazu Ichihara, General Manager Facility & Construction at Marusumi Paper. In comparison with the previous pulping drums, the fiber content in the reject discharge is reduced by 90%. The accept flake content is reduced by a striking 35%.
    In the pulping part special lifting bars lift the suspension and let it fall back onto the drum body. The recovered paper is thus gently pulped. Directly before the screening zone, a screenable stock consistency is immediately achieved due to an innovative addition of dilution water. The screening surface is thus used more efficiently and fewer fibers are lost. Due to the perforated screen plates in the screening part, fibers and contaminants are easily separated. Thanks to the largest possible and open access for the reject discharge, the contaminants are removed from the screening zone in an operationally reliable and trouble-free fashion.
    “One of the reasons why we chose the IntensaDrum from Voith is its design. The running rings are made of high strength forged steel and wear less. We thus expect a lastingly stable run. Furthermore, we appreciate the many years of successful cooperation with Voith,” Toshikazu Ichihara adds.
    Thanks to the wear-free seal between the inlet chute and the drum the inlet chute are virtually maintenance-free. This leads to less downtimes and thus reduces the costs for the paper manufacturer. Also the occupational safety is improved: Differently to other pulping drums the personnel can enter and leave the drum through the rear opening without any problem. A dangerous entry through the inlet chute is no longer necessary.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    15.04.2014   Brigl & Bergmeister to enhance its label paper quality with Metso's latest quality control ...    ( Company news )

    Company news

    Accurate paper quality measurements ensure outstanding label printing and finishing on world-renowned beverage brands

    Brigl & Bergmeister, one of the world's leading manufacturers of papers for labels and flexible packaging, will upgrade its existing Metso quality control system at its Niklasdorf mill in Austria. With its modernized quality control system the mill will be able to further enhance the quality of its labels that are found on world-renowned beverage brands. The investment will also extend the life cycle of the whole label paper production line.
    "Our papers wear the face of countless familiar brands. The customer's first contact with a branded product is often the label or the packaging, made of our paper. A label is much more than an information carrier; it can enhance a product's lasting success," says Michael Sablatnig, Managing Director of Brigl & Bergmeister.
    Automation-related technology cooperation between Brigl & Bergmeister and Metso goes back several decades and has covered several automation and quality control system generations. Metso also provides the company with a wide range of professional automation services locally. Today, the mill runs its functions on a single automation system, Metso DNA. The single system architecture saves on both costs and effort, ensuring open growth for future challenges at the same time. The modernized quality control system will be installed on the same automation platform.
    "We prefer to cooperate with Metso because they ensure the best compatibility between their state-of-the-art technology and our existing equipment," adds Wilhelm Fandler, Electrical Manager at Brigl & Bergmeister.
    Metso will modernize five Metso IQ Scanners and equip them with Metso IQ MD and CD Controls on PM 3 and the coater. The delivery will also include a Metso IQ Dilution Profiler for the PM 3 headbox. The modernized quality control system will be commissioned in April 2014.

    Technical information
    Metso IQ Scanner is a distortion-free platform for Metso IQ sensors, providing fast high-resolution sheet quality profiles from edge to edge. A solid construction plus built-in intelligence and diagnostics ensure trouble-free operation year after year. The scanner is designed to produce accurate and stable sheet quality measurements in the hot, humid and dusty environment of a paper machine. A unique stiff beam design combines a low scanner height with high mechanical stiffness.
    Metso IQ CD Control is a high-level intelligent application that optimizes the cross-machine performance of tissue, paper and board machines and pulp dryers, including coater and calender applications. Based on the optimization of high-resolution measurements, this unique algorithm handles all cases from a single-loop control to the most complex multi-variable control solutions to provide the best possible profile during changing process conditions.
    Metso IQ MD Control's model predictive control (MPC) integrates fast-responding wet end process controls and dry end feedback controls to achieve increased performance in paper quality control. Paper process variability is controlled before the wet sheet is formed, attenuating any cycling or upsets that are difficult or impossible to control using only traditional feedback controls from the dry end. The results include better runnability and quality through a more stable short circulation and uniformity of the sheet.
    Metso IQ Dilution Profiler is a profile control system for the advanced positioning of headbox valves. It has been especially designed to achieve the best possible weight profile that a headbox can produce.
    (Metso Corporation)
    15.04.2014   DS Smith invests to add value for customers in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets    ( Company news )

    Company news DS Smith builds a new world-class plant in Erlensee, Germany for the supply of display and consumer packaging solutions, with start-up scheduled for the first half of 2015

    Picture: Digital impression of the new DS Smith plant at Erlensee

    DS Smith announces further investments to improve on its ability to serve the demands of customers across the D-A-CH region. The largest project will be the construction of a new plant in Erlensee, located in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis region of Germany. The current plant in Hanau-Steinheim will move to the new location, which is less than 10 kilometers from the existing plant. With the new facility, DS Smith builds the foundation for further growth in the areas of display and consumer packaging.

    “Being a specialist for consumer packaging, displays and strategic supply cycle solutions, it is our goal to delight our customers. Today’s changing markets mean that we need to adapt to continue to meet their requirement for high quality, competitive solutions”, states Michael Lamprecht, Director Sales & Marketing at DS Smith l Packaging Division D-A-CH.

    “We are therefore investing in the latest corrugating and converting equipment, and fully-optimized logistics facilities, to provide the best possible flexibility and competitiveness for current and potential customers.”

    The plant in Hanau-Steinheim has had a long and proud history, but its physical location in a “mixed-zone” area means that the site can no longer meet the requirements of a highly efficient industrial business model. It has also been decided that the display activities of DS Smith in Germany needed to be strategically repositioned and consolidated at a central location to maximize efficiency and flexibility. For these reasons, DS Smith searched for a new location and found it on the site of the former “Fliegerhorst” in Erlensee.

    Of the 87.000sqm of land available at the new site, production and logistics facilities will cover around 40.000sqm. There will also be presentation suites for customers, together with offices and social facilities for DS Smith employees. Production start-up on the new site is scheduled for the first half of 2015.

    “With the new plant, we will strengthen our display competence, by merging all our production under one roof. Our customers will continue to benefit from their usual contacts in sales, customer service and solution development, but with one location we are able to reduce supply chain complexity and optimize logistics”, emphasizes Georg Staub, Strategic Business Development Director, and the project manager for the new investment.

    “Our mission is to work in close cooperation with customers to find solutions that increase their sales, reduce their costs and manage their risks. This exciting project will give DS Smith all the tools to continue to deliver on our mission for many years to come”.

    DS Smith is one of the leading providers of packaging and displays in Europe. In 2012, the company employed nearly 2,800 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The packaging and display specialist‘s product portfolio includes high quality consumer packaging, intelligent transport, industrial and hazardous goods packaging, creative displays and promotional material as well as a broad range of consultancy services across the entire supply cycle.
    (DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG Display/Verpackung/Service)
    15.04.2014   PMP Phoenix Concept™ - Stage 2 of the 3 Forces of PMP Group Campaign    ( Company news )

    Company news In September 2013, PMP Group has launched a new campaign called 3 Forces of PMP Group – Earth, Wind & Fire. PMP’s new campaign is a metaphorical representation of the company’s three major technological lines – Intelli-Technology® (Earth – stable, ecological, reliable), Intelli-Tissue® (Wind – delicate, soft, clean) and Phoenix Concept™ rebuilds (Fire – energy, power to act, rebirth from the ashes). The symbolism behind three Forces of Nature can be reflected in the company’s offer for the P&P industry. After the first appearance of the campaign, which showed all three elements, the time has come to unveil the second stage that revolves around the element of Fire.
    Phoenix Concept™ (Fire) is a line that offers rebuilds on three levels: BASIC (classic type that includes exchanging old sections for new ones), ADVANCED (logistically sophisticated, including PM/TM relocation and a profile change) and PREMIUM (including basic/advanced level and incorporating them with products that are exclusively designed for a particular customer). For PMP Group, Fire is the link between Earth and Wind. In the technological concept, it refers to both Intelli-Technology® and Intelli-Tissue® line.
    Due to market requirements and the demand on various machine rebuilds, Fire (Phoenix Concept™ project) is the first out of three PMP marketing campaigns. After publishing an advert and a press release, now the company presents a movie (available at: that describes all three levels of the Phoenix Concept™ project scenarios. In a couple of weeks the company will unveil the following stages of the campaign – concerning the element of Earth and Wind.
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    15.04.2014   Expanded accreditation for carbohydrate and product safety analyses    ( Company news )

    Company news Innventia now offers accredited analysis of the carbohydrate composition of pulp, and of bisphenol A and a variety of metals in plastic materials.
    Accreditation is a form of quality guarantee. It means, among other things, that results are internationally comparable, and ensures that analyses meet the performance requirements specified in various regulations.
    “Thanks to expanded accreditation, we are now delighted to be able to offer our customers even more reliable analyses,” says Fredrik Aldaeus, Quality Manager for Innventia’s chemical analyses.
    Innventia is already accredited for chemical analyses within environmental and product safety analyses, such as chlorate in waste water, formaldehyde in paper and total migration from plastic materials. This is now being expanded with additional product safety analyses for determination of the much discussed hormone-disrupting substance bisphenol A, and of the seven metals specifically mentioned in the new EU regulation on plastic materials intended for contact with foods. For bisphenol A, Innventia’s recent investment in equipment for liquid chromatography linked to mass spectrometry enables it to carry out accredited measurements down to levels below one hundredth of the current limit value. Accreditation is also being extended with a chemical pulp analysis. Innventia has a long tradition of chemical pulp analyses, and the most common analysis involves determining the composition of different sugars – carbohydrate composition – which provides information about the quantity of cellulose and different types of hemicellulose.
    “To the best of my knowledge, we’re the first in the world to offer accredited carbohydrate analysis,” continues Fredrik.
    As well as creating added value for commissioned research customers, accredited analyses will also be used within Innventia’s own research.
    “This strengthens our position within both cellulose research and the development of safer food packaging,” says Anna Jacobs, head of the Chemical and Material Analysis group.
    (Innventia AB)
    14.04.2014   Cellpack Packaging adds capacity with BOBST SL 1000 laminator    ( Company news )

    Company news Cellpack Packaging, part of the Switzerland-based BBC Group, boasts over 80 years of expertise in the production of printed and laminated flexible packaging materials. With a turnover of 70 Mio. Euro and 400 employees, Cellpack Packaging prints and converts 15,000 tons of flexible material per year from four production sites located in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.
    The most recent addition to Cellpack lamination equipment is a BOBST SL 1000 duplex laminator which was commissioned in September 2012 at the production site of Cellpack Lauterecken GmbH in Germany to replace a 20-year old machine and to increase the facility’s solventless lamination capacity.
    BOBST laminators in the SL 1000 platform range are dedicated to solventless applications and benefit for the accuracy and consistency of the solventless coating system on the one hand and the performance of the web handling system on the other.
    The materials’ web tension can be maintained at very low tolerances for a wide spectrum of flexible substrates with different physical properties and varying thicknesses which enables production of consistently high quality laminated structures.
    "The web handling capabilities of the SL 1000 enable to run a broader range of substrates at high production speed, up to 450 m/min depending on the web combination and process conditions" commented Rainer Hellwig, Plant Manager at Cellpack Lauterecken "And the quality of the finished product we deliver to our clients is excellent" he added.
    The user-friendliness of the machine is another point of satisfaction for Cellpack as fastest job setups and changeovers have brought about major improvements in turnaround times, whilst reducing waste at the same time.
    "The SL 1000 laminator has been providing excellent performance and level of productivity. The technical solutions it features optimize the profitability of our investment", concluded Rainer Hellwig.
    (Bobst Mex SA)
    14.04.2014   Smurfit Kappa set to unveil innovative new packaging solution for food industry     ( Company news )

    Company news Smurfit Kappa has developed an innovative new solution which prevents the migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons from packaging into food products.
    The patented Catcher Board MB12 uses a method that creates a blocking mechanism across the whole surface area of the packaging, including at the “cut edges” of the board unlike other so called “barrier” solutions.
    Smurfit Kappa’s new offering responds fully to prospective legislation that Germany plans to introduce, which would prohibit measurable migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons into food.
    The Catcher Board MB12 is the most innovative offering on the market. It is made using natural ingredients and adheres to Smurfit Kappa's industry-leading sustainability standards. It will be introduced as White Lined Chipboard and Solid Board.

    A Smurfit Kappa spokesperson said:
    “In addition to blocking mineral oil migration across the whole surface area of the packaging, this new product looks, feels and reacts just like normal board during the manufacturing process. This means that our customers won’t have to change any of their packaging processes. We believe that by introducing the Catcher Board MB12 we are pre-empting our customers’ needs.
    If European legislation relating to materials in contact with food is introduced, at Smurfit Kappa we believe we will be in a position to offer an innovative product to our customers that will meet new regulatory requirements.”
    (Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)
    14.04.2014   Metso DNA Steam Network Manager to ensure reliable steam supply and cost-effective electricity ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... production at UPM's Kaukas mill

    UPM-Kymmene Oyj has ordered a Metso DNA Steam Network Manager system for the Kaukas pulp and paper mill in Lappeenranta, Finland. Startup is scheduled for spring 2014.
    Designed to optimize the steam network, DNA Steam Network Manager uses model predictive control to balancing steam consumption and generation to ensure a stable steam supply under all conditions. A special feature of this delivery is the ability of the system to also follow spot prices for electricity and provide set points for electricity production at the most favourable times.
    As well as the pulp mill's recovery boiler, UPM operates a biomass-fired power plant at the Kaukas site together with Kaukaan Voima Oy. In addition to mill energy needs, this plant supplies roughly 85% of all district heating consumed by the city of Lappeenranta.
    According to Teijo Salonpää, Solution Manager at Metso, the Kaukas mill will now have the ability to ensure that energy demands within the mill as well as district heating needs are met while optimizing electricity production.
    Fully integrated in the Metso DNA process automation system, the levelling demand calculations are based on steam demand, steam generation and network pressure. The actual measurements are constantly compared to predicted values to control the multiple steam producers and compensators in the mill. Predicted values, driven from detected process upsets enable control actions before any change is seen in feedback controls. This will prove to be extremely effective with the mill's paper machines, rapidly dumping steam to compensators following a web break or ramping up production in preparation for machine start-up.
    The system will also provide significant savings by reducing production time lost to disturbances in the steam network using compensators during periods of high demand. DNA Steam Network Manager constantly calculates compensator capacities to determine the amount of steam they can charge or discharge to meet demand. In addition to dedicated steam accumulators, compensators used by DNA Steam Network Manager can include deaerators/feedwater tanks, balancing or dump condensers, steam reduction stations, boilers, condensing turbines and various other mill sub-processes.
    (Metso Corporation)
    14.04.2014   GAW technologies: Order in Belarus by Xuan Yuan    ( Company news )

    Company news Xuan Yuan Industrial Development Co.Ltd., as a turn-key contractor, has awarded GAW technologies GmbH with an order for the delivery of equipment and service for coating colour preparation, working stations and wet end chemicals preparation for the Geroy Truda paper mill / JSC “Belorusskie oboi”.
    JSC “Belorusskie oboi” in Dobrush is one of the largest wallpaper factories in the CIS countries. It was founded in 1994 on the base of the state factory “Minsk wallpaper factory”. The majority holding 38% belong to the state, the rest 62% belong to the personnel of the factory and to the city authorities.
    The new 200.000 t/a board machine will produce FBB and art board as well as liquid packaging board. JSC “Belorusskie oboi” will be the first major producer for such high-quality grades in the CIS countries.
    The order will be executed in close cooperation with the GAW subsidiary in China i.e. GAW Machinery Technologies (Kunshan) Ltd.
    The GAW scope of delivery includes engineering, delivery of key parts and electrical control system as well as mechanical supervision and start-up. The delivery is scheduled for end of 2014; the start-up will take place in 2015.
    (GAW technologies GmbH)
    14.04.2014   emtec Electronic at the Asian Paper Show 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand    ( Company news )

    Company news Process Optimization within the Paper and Board Production

    emtec Electronic GmbH will participate at the “Asian Paper Show 2014” in Bangkok, both, the show itself as well as the conference. From April 23rd until 25th, we will be present at the exhibition at booth no. C10 together with CLC Thai – the representative for Thailand. In addition, emtec will also attend the Asian Paper New Applied Technology Conference on Friday, April 25th with a presentation about our latest innovative developments.
    During the Asian Paper Show, emtec will present different testing instruments by which the complete process of paper production from the pulp to the finished product can be controlled and guided in the right direction to get an efficient process and the best possible quality at the lowest possible costs.
    In the wet end it is extremely important to have detailed information about the charges of particles in the pulp suspension, which can be determined by the CAS Charge Analyzing System. Also important is the knowledge about the surface charge of the pulp fibers, which can be measured with the FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer. Furthermore, emtec Electronic developed a new Online measuring device FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the process and delivers reliable and necessary information concerning the efficiency of chemicals in the process immediately.
    In addition to the wet end, it is necessary to get an idea of the quality of the base paper after the production and of the finished product after converting. The EST12 Surface & Sizing Tester is one of the equipment for determining important paper surface properties such as hydrophoby and sizing as well as the porosity and pore structure, which have influences on the printability, coatability, and glueability. Especially for tissue and nonwoven products, the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer gives reliable and objective information about the real softness, smoothness/ roughness, stiffness as well as the final hand feeling. The availability of these three parameters opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of the tissue production and converting processes. Another innovative device is one of the latest developments: the ACA Ash Content Analyzer. It allows the fast and accurate determination of the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the individual filler components of paper and board. It is a useful alternative to the traditional combustion method.
    During the New Applied Technology Conference on Friday, April 25th at 11.00 am, Mr. Giselher Gruener will explain in detail the measuring principles of the “Two New Innovative Devices to Increase the Efficiency in the Paper & Board Production Process” – the ACA Ash Content Analyzer and the FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online.
    (emtec Electronic GmbH)
    14.04.2014   Pulpaper 2014 Helsinki - Event News    ( Company news )

    Company news Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki, Finland

    The industry worldwide is gearing up to the 8th edition of one of the world's premier and most influential events for the global pulp, paper, board, converting and bio based industries. Take your chance to visit the industry gathering of the year, last time featuring 625 exhibitors and attracting over 12000 visitors from 63 countries.

    You do not want to miss:
    • The qualitative programme of the three day long PulPaper conference on the main theme Biofuture for Mankind with the International Mechanical Pulping Conference running alongside. See conference programme.
    • An exhibition floor jam packed with activities and exhibiting companies/suppliers from all over the world just waiting to show you their latest news and innovations. See the floor plan.
    • The 100th anniversary of the Paper Engineers' Association, click here to read more about the spectacular celebration and gala evening in the Helsinki Music Centre.

    Activity Areas around the exhibition floor
    -The Paper Square
    Meet with the great pulp, paper and board producing companies! The Paper Square is a large stage and exhibition area in the middle of the exhibition hall, from where the top management of the four companies will take to the stage to update participants of the PulPaper event on trends and news in the industry and give their view and input on the industry’s future and development.
    -Company and Product Presentations
    Do not miss out on the opportunity to hear exhibiting companies present their latest research results, new products and technical/market innovations relating to the global pulp and paper industry. On popular demand, Company and Product Presentations will be arranged in the exhibition hall at PulPaper 2014. Full programme to be released in a couple of weeks.
    -Tieto Business Center
    Have a casual business meeting, read the daily newspaper, tend to your inbox on your own or stationed computers or just rest your feet for a few moments at the Tieto Business Centre, equipped with free WLAN.
    -Media Partner Center
    Stop by the Media Partner Centre and get updated on industry news. The Media Partner Centre is located in the middle of the hall and hosts our carefully selected group of both traditional and web based Media Partners.

    Exhibiting at PulPaper 2014: US company Chroma Logic with new exciting launches
    The US company of Chroma Logic, will be exhibiting for the first time at PulPaper. At the event, the company will launch a new division, product line and website for chemical handling and metering solutions called Chema Logic. Chroma Logic has manufactured innovative color systems, color kitchens, and dye handling equipment for paper machines for 15 years.
    - At this event we hope to further familiarize the global industry with our company and its innovative capabilities, says president and owner, Mr Jason Peterson. - Over the past 18 months Chroma Logic has re-engineered its entire product line to include a new selection of problem-solving liquid handling systems. Since our history is associated with color, we created a new division called Chema Logic to showcase an array of cross functional chemical handling products including IBC run-stations, IBC hybrid containment-metering skids, chemical tanks with instrumentation, and “plug & play” chemical metering skids.
    Welcome to visit Chroma Logic in stand 6b44 at PulPaper 2014.
    (Adforum AB)

    Company news Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals, has announced the appointment of Miguel De Bellis to the post of President Emulsion Products and Americas, based in São Paulo, Brazil with effect on April 1, 2014. As a member of the Archroma Leadership Team, he will report to CEO Alexander Wessels.

    He will lead and have full responsibility for Archroma’s Emulsion Products business globally. At the same time, he will support the Americas region for all businesses.

    Announcing the appointment, Archroma CEO Alexander Wessels said: “This appointment underlines our focus on customers and markets. With a strong background in customer care, he is the right person to head the leadership of our Emulsion Products business which is based in São Paulo. And as a key member of our global leadership team, he will reinforce our presence throughout the Americas. This is fully in line with our strategy of having our businesses located close to our customers and markets, while at the same time ensuring that our overall leadership mirrors our global footprint.”

    Mr. De Bellis is a Brazilian national. He holds a Degree in Business Administration from FMU Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas. In addition, he studied at the London Business School and the Cranfield School of Management.

    Prior to joining Archroma, Miguel De Bellis was a Partner at Endura Partners, a management consulting firm. Previously he worked for Croda in Brazil, where he held various positions, including Managing Director, President Specialities Latin America and Member of the Executive Committee, managing a global team based in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia. Earlier in his career, he held several sales and marketing positions in Brazil and in South America.
    (Archroma Management GmbH)
    11.04.2014   Asian Paper: Over 5,000 Business Matches Before Show Opens!    ( Company news )

    Company news For the first time in Asian Paper’s history, a Business Matching Programme has been organised and over 5,000 profiles have since been consolidated and matched. This resounding success enables the fair’s exhibitors and buyer’s interaction to begin 2 weeks before the show opens on 23rd – 25th April 2014 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.
    As one of the matched visitor responded: “This matching programme allows me to spend as much quality time as possible with my matched suppliers so that I may get a deeper prospect buying, than time wasted on waiting.”
    Trade visitor online pre-registration, which is complimentary will end on 16th April (Wednesday) so make sure that all your colleagues and you have already secured the dates for the most important Pulp, Paper and Board event in ASEAN.

    Don't miss the engaging and interactive conferences lined up during Asian Paper week!
    -Senior Management Symposium (SMS) 24th – 25th April
    This symposium is the perfect opportunity to find out what is happening in the region, as well as the rest of the pulp and paper world. Get the latest in industry outlook, consumer & purchasing trends, development in process and energy saving technology, an optimisation of cost and quality to achieve scalable businesses.

    -New Applied Technology (NAT) 23rd – 25th April
    The New Applied Technology (NAT) conference brings hundreds of managers, engineers, technicians and researchers from throughout Asia to exchange ideas and viewpoints on numerous technical issues facing pulp and papermakers today.

    See you at Asian Paper 2014!
    (UBM Asia Trade Fairs Pte Ltd)
    11.04.2014   LANXESS divests Perlon-Monofil subsidiary to Serafin Group    ( Company news )

    Company news Specialty chemicals company LANXESS AG has divested its wholly-owned subsidiary Perlon-Monofil to the Munich-based Serafin Group for an undisclosed amount. The transaction closes with immediate effect.

    Perlon-Monofil GmbH is a global leader for polyamide (PA) and polyester (PET) monofilament products sold under the brand names Perlon, Atlas and Bayco. The products have good weather resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent elongation properties. They are used in a number of applications, above all in the paper manufacture, shipping and agriculture industries.

    Perlon-Monofil has approximately 100 employees and operates a manufacturing plant and technical center in Dormagen, Germany. It achieved sales of about EUR 30 million in 2013.

    LANXESS announced its intention to explore strategic options for non-core activities, including Perlon-Monofil, in September 2013. “We are delighted that Perlon-Monofil and its dedicated team have found a new home with the Serafin Group,” said LANXESS Board Member Werner Breuers. “Serafin already has a good standing within the monofilaments industry through its unit Nextrusion and will open up new prospects for the further development of Perlon-Monofil in the future.”

    Nextrusion is based near Augsburg, Germany, and has with its brand Qualifil a leading position in PET monofilaments for paper machine clothing and other technical textiles. It has more than 200 employees and annual sales of EUR 40 million.

    “The acquisition will strengthen the market position of Perlon-Monofil as well as of Nextrusion,” said Philipp Haindl, Managing Director of Serafin Group.
    (LANXESS Deutschland GmbH)
    11.04.2014   Mondi keeps in touch with packaging trends at Interpack 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Booth A24/B23 Hall 9, Interpack 2014, May 8-14, Düsseldorf

    Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, will present innovative, high-performance and eco-efficient solutions addressing the trends and demands of the packaging industry and end-users at Interpack 2014.

    Centred around Mondi’s new claim – IN TOUCH EVERY DAY – visitors will be able to see firsthand how Mondi touches millions of lives every day through its broad range of products in use across the world ( The international audience can look forward to an extensive selection of announcements including:

    - Seeing the first white kraft paper samples from Mondi’s investment in its Štětí plant in the Czech Republic (PM7)
    - Touch Bag, an embossed industrial bag solution for improved branding and piracy protection
    - ColdSealPack®, a self-sealing packaging solution
    - PolyWoven Bag next generation, a lightweight and tear-resistant pinch bottom bag for food and non-food applications
    - SteamPack® for convenient microwaveable packaging
    - YBBS® Premium Board, an uncoated 100% virgin fibre wood and chlorine free solution for packaging applications such as high-value folding boxes or cupstock
    - Miprotex, a tailor-made barrier to prevent the migration of mineral oil, available as barrier material or corrugated packaging

    One of the centrepieces of Mondi’s 400 square meter booth will be a striking 5 meter giraffe. It will be made from corrugated material and visitors will be able to walk up to the booth’s first floor to see the giraffe’s head while learning more about Mondi and our strategic partnership with WWF – one of the world’s largest conservation organisations.

    “Mondi keeps its eyes on what’s happening in the market so that we always offer our customers the best technologies and raw materials to meet highest standards,” comments Albert Klinkhammer, Director of Marketing and Communication, Mondi Europe & International. “This is the first Interpack since the 2012 acquisitions of Nordenia and two Duropack plants. We are excited at the prospect of showcasing our extended portfolio to new and existing customers whilst also finding smarter ways to help our partners to improve their business.”

    At Interpack, Mondi will showcase its full spectrum of packaging and paper solutions from flexible packaging solutions to printed films and laminates, kraft paper, paper-based industrial bags, containerboard, corrugated packaging and extrusion coating solutions. For more information on Mondi’s products on display at Interpack visit

    As members of the SAVE FOOD initiative, Mondi will also be present at this year’s Innovationparc Packaging. “We joined this initiative because of its goal to ensure that food is packaged properly from the field to the market.

    We see our purpose as creating long-term value for stakeholders by transforming raw materials into innovative product solutions that meet customer needs in a responsible, cost-effective and sustainable way,” says Albert Klinkhammer.

    Mondi’s commitment to providing the best technologies to meet customers’ needs has earned two WorldStar Awards from the World Packaging Organization. The awards will be presented during Interpack. The first is for our corrugated packaging solution developed for Schneider Electric. An outer box and inner components hold products in place and eliminate the need for foam or plastic packing materials. This resulted in a packaging solution that is lighter in weight, fully recyclable, and adaptable to products of different sizes.

    The second award is for the development of a packaging solution for the Royco Packet Soup range. In partnership with Afripack Consumer Flexibles Mondi Extrusion Coatings developed a non-foil, co-extruded paper laminate that fulfils required needs like high printability, high shelf life, reduced carbon footprint and optimum protection of the ingredients from the outside.

    You can find out more about Mondi and the IN TOUCH EVERY DAY project here:
    (Mondi Europe & International Division)
    11.04.2014   Mill revival gives Maine community new hope    ( Company news )

    Company news By Billy Baker

    East Millinocket is known as “the town that paper made.” It was born with the mill, lived for generations because of it and then withered as the plant slowly downsized and, in 2010, choked to a halt.

    It was an agonizing decline. The population shrank by more than a third over the course of a decade, and many of those who stayed went elsewhere to work; the headlights on the road to Bangor, 65 minutes south, begin streaming at 3:30 in the morning. Many didn’t find work at all. And with a mill-sized hole in its tax base, the town couldn’t fund or fix its schools. Everything was tied to the mill, and mills that make paper for reading do not reopen in America. But then this one did.

    The unlikely revival of East Millinocket and its Great Northern Paper Co. mill began when a buyer, who didn’t know anything about paper, and the people of the town, who know everything about paper, threw their lot in together and took a leap of faith.

    There is “new hope and new life,” says Ginger Klimas, whose husband worked in the paper room for 40 years. “When it went down, everyone said it was over. We’re done,” said Klimas, who works at an inn near Interstate 95. “Now there’s a cautious optimism. We see the writing on the wall. Paper is going to be a defunct thing. But now the wall might not be here for a while.”

    The partnership that brought hope back happened in October 2011 after Cate Street Capital, an alternative energy investment firm in Portland, inherited the mill when it bought a long-shuttered Great Northern Paper mill in neighboring Millinocket. That mill will be converted to a plant to create torrefied wood for fuel. Richard Cyr, a guy with a sales-and-marketing background who was tapped by Cate Street to run Great Northern Paper, thought he saw possibilities to revive papermaking in East Millinocket. But he knew it was going to take a lot of persuasion. Previous corporate raiders had stripped the mill, separated it from its lucrative dams, and then taken off.

    “There was a lot of psychological stuff that had to happen to get them to bring their heads back up so they could believe that it was possible, and we weren’t like everyone else,” he said.

    Cyr wanted to fire up one of the two gigantic papermaking machines again, if the union and the town would let the company do it for less money.

    When he first met with the plant’s laid-off workers, it was not an easy sell.

    “I said, ‘There’s no reason for me to sit here and threaten you with closure. You know what that means.’ I wanted us to aspire to greatness together, rather than just assume that we will fail. I really, really drilled home in them that this was their mill.”

    He preached the idea that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, and said he was able to remove some people from their senior positions by getting the workforce to believe in that. “As a result, it changed a culture that had been ingrained in union rights and seniority.”

    But the hard sell was that the workers would make less money, and the mill would pay just a fraction of the taxes that it had before. Each option was deemed far better than nothing, and so the giant machine named Katahdin, for the great mountain just to the north, began to roll again.

    The mill’s sprawling complex, down a short hill from the small downtown, along the banks of the Penobscot River, is a behemoth of industry. In winter, the exhalations of steam are grabbed by the arctic air to create a giant swan-white cloud that looms over the town. It might be menacing if it wasn’t a symbol of hope here. The cloud is something locals like to bring up when they talk about the mill. The town without it is a noticeably different place.

    Last summer, the mill got a contract from Random House to make paper for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the best-selling trilogy famous for steamy eroticism. They’ve had a good laugh about that one in town, but that Random House contract for nearly 3,000 tons of bright white stock allowed the mill to fire up the second huge machine and put more than 30 people back to work.

    There are now a little over 200 employees working at the mill. During the great days, there were more than 4,000 between this mill and its sister in Millinocket. But for those 200-odd employees, the one thing that remains the same is the art of papermaking, something they take immense pride in: soupy pulp made with the timber of the North Woods churns at the “wet end” of the paper machines, which are the size of a hotel, and it is then squeezed through a series of rollers, each the size of the Fenway tarp, until a crisp white sheet comes out the “dry end.” There, a worker tears sheets to hold against a cheek, the way they’ve been checking moisture in this plant for generations.

    Cyr, who is now chief executive of Great Northern Paper, sold himself to the town as a partner in the deal, and people in town and the workers seem to think he’s holding up his end.

    “So far, Cate Street has done way more than they ever said they would,” says Clint Linscott, who owns an auto repair shop in town and is chairman of the Board of Selectmen. “But the mood in town depends on who you ask. The older people are worried about taxes.”

    The mill now pays just about $700,000 in taxes annually, down from the $2 million the previous owners had paid, and there are huge town budget holes to be closed.

    “If you talk to the kids in the schools, there’s a lot who want to stay here after graduation, but without jobs at the mill, they go to college. We’ve gone from 2,800 people to 1,700 people in town in a hurry,” Linscott said.

    There are big questions facing the town. Even with some measure of prosperity, the expensive papermaking process now competes with the click of a button as a delivery-mechanism for information, so the steam cloud will disappear again. The town has until then to figure out its future.

    For now, Selina Vaness, the head wood handler who has worked at the plant for 34 years, says it’s hard to explain just how much the town appreciates having a tiny bit of something when residents were convinced there was nothing to be had.

    “Hopefully, we’re headed in the right direction. Everyone’s giving it an honest effort. A lot of places would have given up by now. Cate Street says it’s here for the duration. And we’re here for the duration.” Now all they can do, she says, is work hard, and believe.

    But there are concerns even about keeping the mill running until its time is up. Those hired back are older, and there are no young people learning to hold paper to their cheek at the end of the papermaking line. Most locals disappear from the North Woods after high school. “This is a great place to raise a family, but our kids are moving away to have their kids,” says Dan Byron, chairman of the local school board. “There’s no base.”

    Inside the mill on a recent January day, with the windchill bringing the temperature outside close to minus 30, workers in T-shirts were tending to the glowing behemoth that is Katahdin. The wood went in one end; reading paper came out the other. Just as it always has been.

    Next to it, Penobscot, the other machine, was down for repairs. It is only running sporadically, based on demand. The town would like to see it back to 24/7 operation. But for now, the town mantra is that anything is better than nothing.
    (Great Northern Paper Company LLC East Millinocket Paper Mill)
    11.04.2014   Twin Rivers Paper Company Expands Alliance® Release Portfolio    ( Company news )

    Company news Additional Calipers and Silicone Options Target New Applications

    Meeting the changing market and technological advancements in specialty papers, Twin Rivers announces the addition of heavyweight and silicone two-sided liners to its Alliance® Release portfolio, delivering versatility and choice to high-quality converters, laminators and end-users.
    “Changing industry dynamics are significantly affecting labeling. New end-uses coupled with stringent technical requirements for strength, lay-flat and silicone compatibility require material innovation,” said Jason Courter, Director of Label Papers. “With continual improvements in our process and step changes to our coating formulation, we’ve optimized performance of our release liner papers for new applications.”
    Specifically, Twin Rivers Paper added new heavyweight calipers: 3.8 mil and 4.6 mil designed for projects demanding lay-flat properties such as vehicle, architectural, corporate and tradeshow signage. The company also introduced a two-side silicone coatable release paper with enhanced surface characteristics through proprietary differential coating technologies. Alliance® Release S2S is ideal for laminated materials such as tape transfer, medical and other industrial two-side coating end-uses.
    Courter added, “Everything now has the potential to derive from a laminate structure… automotive, retail and industrial compliance applications, driven in part by the increasing prevalence of wide format printing. Given the growth in the graphic market, we are pleased to deliver customers more options through an expanded offering.”
    Alliance® Release is a release liner paper historically used in pressure sensitive applications. It is available in 2.16 mil, 2.5 mil, 3.2 mil, 3.8 mil, 4.6 mil and can be modified to other basis weights. Differential coating technology enables Twin Rivers to customize products to the application use, delivering one-sided or two-sided options. Alliance® Release delivers excellent release values, smoothness, consistent die-cutting, dimensional stability and stiffness. All Twin Rivers’ papers are made responsibly and certified to third-party fiber certification program standards.
    (Twin Rivers Paper Company)
    11.04.2014   Yazoo Mills Reduces In-Line Printing Cost To Better Serve Customers    ( Company news )

    Company news Yazoo Mills is proud to announce that they have reduced the price of in-line printing to be more economical and beneficial to fit their customer’s needs. With a recent partnership with a national plate manufacturer, Yazoo was able to cut costs of printing plates in half while the customer still receives the same level of quality and service.
    The company has added two new in-line printers bringing them to a grand total of 14 printers in house including two-color printing capabilities. In-line printing provides high quality and sharp branding at an inexpensive cost.
    In-line printing is for companies that are looking to grab their customer’s attention with color branding of their logo or identification. Yazoo offers consumers 12 different color options to choose from. With unmatched consistency and quality, Yazoo Mills is the best in the industry.
    (Yazoo Mills Inc.)

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