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    13.06.2014   Holographic footballs decorate World Cup champagne    ( Company news )

    Company news The Taittinger champagne house is supplying the official champagne for this year’s football World Cup. The company has developed a limited edition Brut Réserve NV and a gift carton especially for the competition.
    The gift carton is a version of the packaging that won Carton of the Year award in 2012 at the Europe-wide packaging awards. The winning carton was decorated with round holographic effects representing champagne bubbles. In the new World Cup version these bubbles have been transformed into beautiful holographic footballs.
    The World Cup gift carton is made of Iggesund Paperboard’s Incada 235 g/m2 paperboard and the conversion is by Le Sanglier, which specialises in gift cartons for champagne. The foil lamination is by API. Even the bottle is specially produced for the event, with the World Cup trophy depicted on a gold label.
    Taittinger is one of only a few champagne producers still being run by the family whose name is on the label. Their champagnes are characterised by a dominant note of chardonnay, which contributes to the elegance and sophistication.
    “It’s a momentous occasion for us to be associated with such a major event as the football World Cup,” explains Clovis Taittinger, who is the company’s export director. “We’ve used the latest in both printing technology and 3D printing to create both the unique bottle and the carton.”
    Taittinger will host events together with its 150 global distributors in the lead-up to the World Cup. And when the final is played at Maracanã Stadium on 13 July, Pierre Emanuel Taittinger, the president of Taittinger, will be present to ensure that when the victors are crowned the bubbles really flow.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    13.06.2014   Successful partnership: Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd. and Voith    ( Company news )

    Company news After the installation of NipcoFlex T shoe presses in two tissue lines supplied by Voith, Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd. is completely satisfied with the performance of the two systems: “The shoe presses bring outstanding results”, says QiFeng Wang, Vice General Manager at Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper. “We obtain a dry content after the press that is 5% higher than with conventional technologies. Thus we save 20% of thermal energy in the dryer section.”
    In 2012, Voith delivered two identical lines for the production of tissue paper in a basis weight range of 12–30 g/m² to Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper to China. The lines include the entire stock preparation, the wet end process and the tissue machines, from the headbox to the reel.
    The tissue manufacturer is very satisfied with its investment, as ShiJin Zhang, General Manager at Yinge Tissue Paper, confirms: “We can consolidate and expand our position in the Chinese market with the new machines. We are now in a position to meet the increasing requirements of our customers regarding quality and quantity and have thus achieved our aim.”
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    13.06.2014   RosUpack 2014: Mondi Containerboard presents white-top kraftliner grades with excellent ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... appearance and printability

    At this year’s RosUpack in Moscow, from 17 to 20 June, Mondi Containerboard will be showcasing ProVantage Komipak and ProVantage Komiwhite, two paper grades from its Appearance portfolio. Visitors to the international packaging exhibition are invited to join the live presentations, which will take place on the Mondi booth, A127 in hall 1, every day at 11 am and 3 pm.
    Florian Stockert, Sales & Marketing Director Containerboard at Mondi Europe & International, says: “Russia is an important market for us, and with our production site located in Syktyvkar we can offer rapid delivery and flexible lead times for ProVantage Komiwhite and Komipak throughout the country. We invite visitors to join our daily keynote presentations, during which our technical experts will be highlighting ProVantage Komiwhite’s outstanding qualities.”
    ProVantage Komiwhite offers premium printing properties, strength and versatility for packing eye-catching goods. The white-top kraftliner is ideal for use in promotional corrugated packaging, point-of-sale applications, food and beverage packaging as well as industrial packaging, including for consumer durables and furniture. ProVantage Komipak, in turn, is perfectly suitable for use as a liquid packaging board. Both paper grades are made of 100% virgin fibre and produced locally at Mondi’s paper mill in Syktyvkar, Russia.
    ProVantage Komiwhite will be exhibited in weights of 105, 115, 125, 135 and 175 gsm, while ProVantage Komipak will be displayed in the 290 and 320 gsm options.
    (Mondi Europe & International Division)
    13.06.2014   Valmet's iRoll technology improves paper quality and machine runnability    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet's iRoll product family is a complete set of tools for controlling paper tension and nip profiles. iRolls are now available for all main processes and positions in pulp, paper, board and tissue machines with the latest Valmet roll covers.
    Thanks to good market feedback, Valmet is now expanding its iRoll manufacturing capability. By the end of June 2014, iRoll manufacturing will expand to cover Finland, France, the United States, Thailand and China. Valmet has also developed local field service competencies through an iRoll academy training program.
    "After installing an iRoll, our customers have thanked us for 50% fewer wet end breaks per day, improved runnability, 100% longer grinding intervals and a 40% improvement in the coat weight 2-sigma value, just to name a few of the results iRoll has achieved," says Samppa Ahmaniemi, director of Roll Covers at Valmet.

    Accurate online measurements
    The main benefit of the iRoll technology is its accurate online profile measurement and process control opportunity in press, sizer, coater, reel and winder applications. Valmet's iRoll is the fastest and most sensitive online profile measurement tool in the industry.
    In addition to nip load profile, iRoll also measures applicator rod load profile (sizer) and parent roll hardness profile (reel), as well as paper, board or tissue tension profiles in selected positions. iRoll can even be connected to the machine automation system for closed loop process control.
    iRoll Portable is a quick, cost-effective process analysis and tuning tool that is based on dynamic nip profile or paper/fabric tension profile measurements. iRoll Portable provides rapid results as Valmet's experts can carry out an iRoll Portable analysis during shutdowns.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    13.06.2014   Heidelberg initiates next stage of Group's reorganization – target EBITDA margin of no less than ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...8 percent to be achieved by financial year

    -Target result for financial year 2013/2014 achieved with net profit of € 4 million
    -Strategic reorientation supported by new anchor investor
    -Acquisitions in growth areas - digital, services and consumables
    -New business models for product areas with weak margins
    -Further consolidation of site structure
    -Outlook: Further earnings improvements planned in financial year 2014/2015 - target EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent in financial year 2015/2016

    Picture: Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach

    Following five years of losses, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg)has achieved its key goal of making an annual profit. The net profit for financial year 2013/2014 (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014) was € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million). The next step is to secure the Group's sustained profitability in the years ahead by expanding growth segments, implementing portfolio measures and introducing structural cost projects. The aim is to achieve an EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent by financial year 2015/2016.
    "In returning to profitability, we have reached a first important milestone," said Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach. "We are now starting the next stage of the Group's reorganization so as to achieve a sustained increase in corporate value. This involves making acquisitions in growth segments, scaling down areas of business with weak margins, and cutting structural costs in order to further improve profitability," he added.

    Strategic reorientation supported by new anchor investor
    Heidelberg is further developing its digital portfolio with the planned complete takeover of the Gallus Holding AG. In fall this year, Heidelberg and Gallus will be unveiling a new digital printing system for the label market based on Fujifilm technology. Ferdinand Rüesch will also become a new strategic anchor investor of the company by acquiring around 9 percent of Heidelberg shares in return for the Gallus stake. At the same time, Heidelberg is strengthening its capital structure, which will support the company's strategic reorientation.
    "Our aim in acquiring Gallus is to achieve fast and profitable growth in the digital label sector. What's more, a strategic investor with experience in this sector will ensure the stability of both the shareholder and capital structures," said Linzbach.

    Acquisitions in growth areas - digital, services and consumables
    Heidelberg sees particularly good opportunities for growth in the expansion of its activities involving services and consumables, which benefit from strong margins. Following the successful takeover of a coating manufacturer, discussions on a further acquisition are currently under way.
    As part of the collaboration with Fujfilm, an OEM agreement to supply platesetters (CtP) has also been concluded. Fujifilm will market Heidelberg platesetters under its own name in future, while Heidelberg has taken over some European sales activities for Fujifilm printing plates.
    As regards services, the marketing of new service products has gotten off to a successful start. The portfolio now also includes consulting, which extends beyond simply providing technical services and is intended to achieve a concrete, measurable improvement in customer results.

    New business models for product segments with weak margins
    The portfolio analysis conducted last year showed that the only way to achieve economic success in some product areas is to switch to new business models. Over the next six months, the company is therefore planning to take decisions on discontinuing some operations or radically altering the vertical range of manufacture, in some cases with the involvement of partners.

    Further consolidation of site structure
    Ongoing projects to boost efficiency have already led to a streamlining of structures at the Group's key sites in Heidelberg and Wiesloch/Walldorf. By the end of financial year 2014/2015, there are plans to integrate the administrative headquarters into the Wiesloch/Walldorf production site. This will involve the relocation of the Management Board and some 500 employees. This step will further improve the harnessing of synergies between the two sites and lead to annual savings in operating costs in the low single-digit million euro range. It will also create the world's largest demonstration print shop for both packaging and commercial printing, where customers will get a live insight into the interplay of printing technology, future-focused service concepts and consumables.
    "The Heidelberg corporate culture is entering a new era. The key focus when taking decisions will be on both our customers' results and our own. We are bringing key functions and operational areas into closer proximity and are gearing our activities more toward the market and our customers. This will make Heidelberg leaner and more profitable. The measures we are planning in the current financial year will lay the foundation for achieving an EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent by financial year 2015/2016," concluded Linzbach.

    Target result for financial year 2013/2014 achieved with net profit of € 4 million
    Although factors such as exchange rate movements resulted in a decline in Group sales from the previous year's figure of € 2.735 billion to € 2.434 billion (€ 2.536 billion after adjustment for exchange rate movements) in reporting year 2013/2014, all result-related KPIs were far better than in the previous financial year. For example, EBITDA excluding special items rose to € 143 million in the financial year just closed (previous year: € 80 million). This led to an improvement in the EBITDA margin from about 3 percent to approx. 6 percent. Within twelve months, the result of operating activities (EBIT) excluding special items climbed from € -3 million in the previous year to € 72 million. Special items in the reporting period amounted to € -10 million (previous year: € -65 million) and the financial result was € -60 million (previous year: € -59 million). This led to a net profit for the year of € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million).

    Positive cash flow and free cash flow - further reduction in net debt, with leverage < 2
    The cash flow and free cash flow were both positive in the reporting year. Reducing the company's capital commitment has compensated for payments for the Focus efficiency program totaling some € 95 million and enabled a positive free cash flow of € 22 million to be achieved (previous year: € -18 million). This reduced the net debt at the end of the financial year to € 238 million (previous year: € 261 million).
    "Not only have we achieved all our results targets, but our asset and net working capital management program has also brought further successes in terms of cash flow and free cash flow and thus reducing our net debt," said Heidelberg CFO Dirk Kaliebe. "At the end of the financial year, we thus achieved our goal of reducing the leverage (net financial debt divided by EBITDA) to less than two for the first time in many years," he added.
    During the reporting year, the company's financing structure was further optimized and appropriately diversified - with regard to both financing sources and maturity profile. Heidelberg currently has total credit facilities of about € 790 million at its disposal until financial year 2017/2018.
    "Our stable financing framework and the stronger capital structure due to the new anchor investor give us the freedom to carry out our planned strategic measures promptly," stressed Kaliebe.

    Outlook: Plans to improve result in financial year 2014/2015 - target EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent in financial year 2015/2016
    Heidelberg is expecting to match the sales achieved in the reporting year in the current financial year 2014/2015. As in the previous year, sales are once again expected to be higher in the second half of the financial year than in the first.
    Having succeeded, as forecast, in achieving a positive annual result in reporting year 2013/2014, the declared goal for financial year 2014/2015 is to further improve the company's profitability in order to get closer to the medium-term objective of an operating margin of no less than 8 percent in terms of EBITDA and improve the result after taxes in spite of the higher level of interest expense for financial liabilities. The extent of the improvement in the current financial year 2014/2015 will essentially depend on the realizability and timing of the portfolio optimization measures that represent the strategic focus from this year onward. Provided the initiatives to improve the margin and optimize the portfolio are successfully implemented in the current financial year, the company expects to be able to achieve a margin of no less than 8 percent EBITDA on sales by financial year 2015/2016. The planned earnings improvements, combined with the measures to reduce or efficiently use the tied-up capital, should strengthen the capital structure and keep the net financial debt at a low level. This will create the conditions required to optimize the financial result as targeted.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    13.06.2014   GIG Karasek: New Chief Operating Officer    ( Company news )

    Interview with Friedrich Schweighofer (photo)

    “Setting a clear course for higher productivity, quality, efficiency and growth.”

    After 18 years of working abroad in countries such as Indonesia, Scotland, China and North America, Friedrich Schweighofer, 57, has taken over the COO agendas of GIG Karasek.
    Since May 2014, Friedrich Schweighofer (COO) has been managing the production department of GIG Karasek GmbH, bringing along a fresh wind, new ideas and clear structures which he had successfully implemented during his stays abroad.
    Besides the two major workshops in Gloggnitz-Stuppach and Attnang-Puchheim he will also take care of the further integration and expansion of the foreign production site.
    The strategic goals are clearly defined: contributing ideas and their implementation, securing locations and using and further developing the competitive potential so as to make the company fit for future challenges.

    1. How can GIG Karasek live up to its ambitious commitment to provide premium quality products and services?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Through clear structures and by scrutinizing each individual work process. It is also important to act on the ideas of every single employee, implementing them and integrating them into the work process routine.

    2. As an Austrian SME, GIG Karasek competes with multinational enterprises. What is the point of being successful on the global market?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: During my career abroad, I have learned that the others put their pants on like everybody else, one leg at a time. It is important to communicate with customers on the same level, analyzing their problems, discussing them and implementing custom solutions that meet all quality requirements. Here again, mutual trust is the basis for success.

    3. Are you satisfied with the three production sites and their image? What factors do you like most? Or do you have any ideas for improvement?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Image may be defined as an overall impression of a company, and what I have seen so far has confirmed my satisfaction. The commitment of each staff member is the main ingredient for a company to flourish. A good image creates a solid base, but only continual improvements lead the company as a whole to success.

    4. Are there specific guidelines or entrepreneurial values that motivate you?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Ensuring sustainable economic success. Creating value in the interest of our customers and our staff members. Assuming responsibilities in society.

    5. What are the objectives you have planned for this year?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: The focus will lie on budget compliance, safety-related aspects for our staff, quality management, cost and process optimization, and on timely delivery.

    6. Which sentence do you hate most?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: “This won´t work” and “Let’s do it tomorrow … ” – My motto: “Everything is possible”

    7. What makes you laugh?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Popular answers to many questions in life.
    (GIG Karasek GmbH)
    GIG Karasek Imagefilm

    12.06.2014   The 34th FINAT Label Awards Continue to Excel     ( Company news )

    Company news Outstanding performance in design and technology

    FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive labelling industry, announced the winners of its 34th label awards competition at the award ceremony of its annual FINAT congress in Monaco. There were 241 awards entries representing 49 companies from 25 countries, including two newcomers this year, Ile de la Reunion and Latvia. The quality of the entries has been maintained at a high level once again.

    Chairman of the judging panel was industry expert Mike Fairley (UK), standing in for Tony White, who was unable to assist due to health issues. He was joined by the judging panel regulars Murat Sipahioglu (Turkey), Steve Wood (UK) and Rik Olthof (Cartils, The Netherlands). This year they received additional support from Bill Bruce (editor and Bernard Plat, past president of the French label association UNFEA.

    The judging experience
    "To work and talk with the other experts provided a valuable opportunity to gain insights about the label industry and the people involved”, said Mike Fairley. "It's always challenging to determine which label is better than another, and why, but seeing some of the best labels that have been produced gives a valuable overview of just what can be achieved by those printers at the top of their game. To see and understand the amount of work, skill and effort that goes into producing a label with up to 12 print and process stages is quite stimulating. Having said that, a label in just two or three colours or processes can have just as dynamic an impact," he concluded.

    Best Show and Group Winners

    The Best in Show and Printing Processes Group winner awards went to Multi Labels, United Kingdom for “The Irishman Single Malt” label. This label received consistently high marks from the technical and design judges. At first glance this label looks simple to produce but the facts tell another story. The generous use of delicate gold hot foiling especially in the signature and reversed out areas is worthy of note. The fact that 10 colours were used to achieve the finished result along with embossing and varnishing in a single pass is testament to the degree of control required to produce this label to such a high standard. A combination of the best attributes of the flexo and screen processes have produced the result which merits the Best in Show.

    The Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner is Collotype Labels – Griffith, Australia for De Bortoli Wines – La Bohème. This is a very attractive label with an opera theme. The complexity of the flowers surrounding the central figure adds an extra depth to the finished result. The use of a subtle buff colour surround encapsulates the main figure very well. The six colours were printed using offset lithography and finished off with a satin varnish.

    The Non-Adhesive Group was won by Masterpress S.A., Poland, for Heineken The Future – Limited Edition. This sleeve has immediate eye appeal with stars in abundance! The use of silver foiling makes the label stand out on the bottle. Using 9 colours, UV and solvent flexo and gravure makes this a complex label to print.

    The Innovation Group winner was won by the Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany for Pharma-Tac Plus label. As usual the entries in this category are fairly complicated, this one is no exception. Basically it combines an information booklet integrated with two peel off parts for documentation purposes and a strong hanger allowing the bottle to be suspended on a rack. Using 9 colours and a combination of printing processes this label offers a solution to an ongoing medical issue of providing information along with the infusion.
    12.06.2014   OnV FeltView for press felt measurements offers energy savings, maximum productivity and safety    ( Company news )

    Company news The OnV FeltView system developed by Voith enables accurate, continuous and especially safe real-time measurement of press felt moisture and permeability. The OnV FeltView system supports paper manufacturers with both routine operation and troubleshooting, as it makes profile and trend information constantly available.
    OnV FeltView consists of a cross-beam and a carriage fitted with sensors for measuring moisture and permeability. This means that sporadic manual measurements by operating personnel are no longer necessary. The system offers the paper manufacturer significant benefits in respect of cross-profile problems and daily operation of the plant: On the one hand, profile problems can now be identified in the measurement profile at an early stage, allowing appropriate remedial action to be taken. On the other hand, the manufacturer is now able to tailor the felt conditioning process to the actual measured condition of the felt. As a result, the felt can always be operated so as to optimize runability and dewatering, all without risking the health of operating personnel.
    The innovative OnV FeltView technology is already being used successfully by nine tissue manufacturers. The condition of the press felt in tissue production is crucial to the runability of the entire plant as well as for gas and steam consumption. If the felt is in an optimum condition, massive energy savings and maximum productivity levels are possible. With OnV FeltView and a wide range of extra services Voith is helping paper manufacturers to achieve these goals. The OnView information system, which integrates the data from OnV FeltView, facilitates a highly efficient analysis of historical and current felt data.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    12.06.2014   Heidelberg Info Days – new high-performance large-format presses unveiled for packaging printing    ( Company news )

    Company news -World premiere - Speedmaster XL 145 at 18,000 sph and Speedmaster XL 162 at 16,500 sph for top productivity in large-volume printing
    -Minimal makeready times enable optimum cost-effectiveness even for short runs
    -Elaborate surface finishing with the longest drying section on the market
    -Over 100 large-format presses already sold worldwide

    Over 250 customers and folding carton experts from around the world saw a world premiere at the Heidelberg Info Days, which focused on peak performance in packaging printing. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) unveiled the Speedmaster XL 145 with a top speed of 18,000 sph and the Speedmaster XL 162 with up to 16,500 sph at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site. The target groups for these straight-printing presses are large, international packaging manufacturers that require maximum productivity with minimal waste for their large-volume printing.

    Heidelberg also covers two other business models with its large format - just-in-time production with short runs and customers looking to set their products apart through elaborate surface finishing.

    The offering is rounded off with an end-to-end workflow covering prepress, press, and postpress, complete with services, consumables, and consulting. For the first time, the Speedmaster XL 145 was shown at the Info Days working alongside the new Dymatrix XL 145 CSB high-performance die cutter. With the new Dyset XL optical feed system, the die cutter provides feed register accuracy and stable sheet travel at maximum speeds. It delivers shorter makeready times and reduced paper waste by preventing misaligned sheets.
    Customers are impressed by the all-round solutions and wide-ranging know-how of Heidelberg in packaging printing. Over 100 large-format presses in formats 6 and 7 have now been sold worldwide since the start of series production in 2009. Some 70 percent are used for packaging printing and are to be found at almost every leading print shop in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. A number of these print shops have already placed multiple repeat orders after seeing their initial investment exceed expectations in terms of availability, capacity, and print quality. The assembly line in Hall 11 at Wiesloch-Walldorf is running at full capacity till the end of financial year 2014/15 and is recording the highest volume of orders since the start of series production.

    Large-volume printing - top net productivity at up to 18,000 sph
    The new "Packaging Speed Performance" (PSP) speed classes at 18,000/16,500 sph are aimed at large, international packaging printers. These companies are active in large-volume printing primarily for packaging in the food and non-food sectors. The overall equipment efficiency (OEE) rating, which is made up of makeready time, makeready waste, average net production speed, and level of utilization, is crucial for this business model. Calculations have shown that a Speedmaster XL 145 with Packaging Speed Performance working three shifts for six days a week produces twice as many sheets as a packaging press built in 2007 at a speed of 15,000 sph. The Speedmaster XL 145 with Packaging Speed Performance can produce 70 million sheets or more each year.
    This is made possible by the sturdy, robust press design, ensuring smooth running. New and unique features in the PSP presses include a high-speed suction head, optimized sheet travel, and a new chain guide in the delivery, coupled with new gripper bars and components such as the high-performance dryers. The delivery's modular structure supports drying sections that are perfectly coordinated with the relevant applications. The Speedmaster XL 145 PSP and XL 162 PSP feature the longest drying sections on the market. They are equipped with seven slide-in units to ensure smooth production and complete drying at maximum speed. What's more, the high energy efficiency results in lower energy costs per sheet for customers.
    The Prinect Inpress Control spectrophotometric inline measuring system is a major aid for operators at these high speeds. It controls and monitors color and register accuracy on the fly and thus ensures stable and reliable production.
    In high-volume packaging printing, customers expect absolute reliability in production and maximum machine availability. Heidelberg offers comprehensive service packages that, in addition to the usual maintenance work, also contain proactive components. Its portfolio also includes plates, inks, coatings, and all the consumables needed.

    Just-in-time production - minimal makeready times for short runs
    The trend in the printing industry and particularly in folding carton printing is moving toward larger formats and ever shorter runs. Examples from the consumer goods industry include products with different model variants, such as smartphones and displays used to promote products at the point of sale. Support is provided here by the Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162, which deliver optimum automation and process optimization. This includes parallel washing using individual drive technology, synchronized plate changing, and the Prinect Inpress Control spectrophotometric inline measuring system, which offers clear production advantages over other systems. All these components ensure minimal makeready times with far less paper waste. Feedback from customers talks of runs under 1,500 sheets and up to 40 print jobs a day with hardly any repeat jobs.

    Differentiation - elaborate surface finishing for high-quality products
    Premium packaging manufacturers where 80 percent of work is in UV printing have strict requirements for cost-efficient, green production. Large-format machines in particular enable more efficient production thanks to a higher number of repeats. Print quality is a top priority, with the high-performance inking and dampening system of the Speedmaster XL 145/XL 162 setting standards in color consistency and ensuring consistent print quality throughout the run. The strengths really come to the fore when working with print motifs susceptible to ghosting or streaks. Extremely high gloss levels can also be achieved at maximum speed thanks to the dual coating technology and the longest drying section on the market, which ensures complete drying/curing of inks and coatings. There are no limits to the surface finishes available, with the option of matt-gloss effects or combinations of different surface textures, such as metalized silver or gold substrates. Opaque white applications with maximum ink transfer for complete opacity deliver amazing results.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    12.06.2014   Sulzer Launches Ready-fitted Mechanical Seals for AHLSTAR A, N and W Range Process Pumps    ( Company news )

    Company news With the recent acquisition of Tartek Oy, a specialist in development, manufacture, repair and maintenance of high quality mechanical seals, Sulzer has been able to further expand its technology portfolio and now provides in-house designed and manufactured seals for its process pumps.
    Now Sulzer can provide its first range of new developed TB1, TB1F and TB2 ready-fitted mechanical seals. They are designed mainly to be combined with the AHLSTAR A, N and W Range Process Pumps which are part of the Sulzer product portfolio. Those seals fit as well for different process pump types for the seal chamber of the standard gland packing casing cover and for the standard shaft without extra shaft sleeve. The seals have been designed so that any pressure variations or drop-outs of the pumped liquid do not open the seal faces. In order to ensure reliable operation, the ready-fitted seals are constructed as an organic part of certain centrifugal pump types without any extra components. They are mainly designed for industrial applications in the pulp and paper and general industries, but can also be used in the power generation and other markets.
    The simple and robust design enables fast and easy installation and maintenance. Therefore, the ready-fitted mechanical seals offers a more economical solution than cartridge mechanical seals.
    The new mechanical seals are a result of thorough product development and are tested in real working conditions to ensure reliable solutions. Sulzer’s worldwide sales and service network will introduce the new seals offering globally, both for new business and for the aftermarket.
    (Sulzer Pumps Ltd)
    12.06.2014   New additions to the Holmen XLNT-family    ( Company news )

    Company news Holmen Paper is now responding to the results of the market survey conducted by the company in 2013.
    “We are here to save money for our customers. With two new products in the Holmen XLNT family, the opportunities are even greater,” says Tommy Wiksand, head of product development.
    In Holmen Paper’s major market survey, European publishers and retail chains gave their views on the future of printing paper and what properties they want to see. And now the answers are in. The product family that, more than any other, has defined what is now a clear market trend – Holmen XLNT – is gaining an additional new grade.
    “Uncoated low grammage paper is a clear trend and this quality segment in magazine paper is capturing volumes from SC and LWC paper,” says Karolina Svensson, new sales and marketing director at Holmen Paper. “We are pleased to be leading developments in this area, as it makes production more efficient for our customers.”

    Tommy Wiksand comments:
    “One key message from our market survey was the demand for bulky paper with high brightness and gloss that provides good printability and readability. The new Holmen XLNT Elite, with a brightness of 76 and gloss of 25, creates new opportunities for anyone looking to produce magazines, supplements and direct mail.”

    The complementary product Holmen XLNT Light is also being launched at the same time. With its grammage of 38 grams, it is a distinct opportunity for those seeking to cut production costs. Being based on virgin fibre, the paper’s bulk allows it to replace 45 gram standard paper, which brings a ten per cent cost saving.
    In launching two new products, Holmen Paper is ramping up its already fast pace of innovation and development.
    “We are also seeing a clear trend here,” says Tommy Wiksand. “The products are ‘maturing’ more quickly in their life cycle and we’re seeing a need to shorten the time that products spend in development.”
    Giving customers feedback in the form of new product concepts has long been a success for Holmen Paper. Alongside Holmen XLNT, popular products such as Holmen VIEW and Holmen TRND have also been produced in response to market surveys.
    “We’re continuing the journey and in 2015 we’ll be presenting a whole new product concept. The printing paper market may be mature, but those who follow us will soon note that the pace of development is higher than ever,” concludes Tommy Wiksand.
    (Holmen Paper AB)
    12.06.2014   SCA: New wind farm inaugurated     ( Company news )

    Company news On June 4 the wind farm Mörttjärnberget was inaugurated in Northern Sweden. It is the second of totally six wind farms in SCA's major wind power venture in partnership with Norwegian energy company Statkraft.
    The 37 wind turbines on Mörttjärnberget is expected to deliver approximately 280 GWh (gigawatt-hours) per year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 56,000 homes and 140,000 apartments.
    Last fall, the Stamåsen windfarm was inaugurated with 26 wind turbines and another two wind farms are under construction - Björkhöjden, with 90 wind turbines and Ögonfägnaden, with 33 wind turbines.

    -Statkraft is responsible for funding while SCA grants land.
    -The wind turbines are 115 meters high and the rotor blades 55 meters long.
    -Investment decisions have been taken to build 186 wind turbines, which will produce 1.6 TWh annually. In total, the project includes 350 wind turbines that will produce 3 TWh.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)

    12.06.2014   ANDRITZ successfully starts up PM7 at Mondi Štětí, Czech Republic    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up PM7 paper machine at Mondi Štětí, Czech Republic. The machine will mainly produce packaging paper grades.
    In addition to supply of a new headbox (PrimeFlow SW) with PrimeProFiler dilution control, a new shoe press module was added in the press section to create a three-nip press with shoe press (PrimePress Trix) for efficient dewatering. A new micro-creping unit (PrimeUnit MC), a new PrimeCal X shoe calender for high smoothness, and a new rewinder were also installed. The dryer section was split into a pre- and an after-dryer section, including a new complete hood.
    Mondi Štětí is a worldwide leading manufacturer of packaging paper.
    (Andritz AG)
    11.06.2014   MIAC 2014 - 15.16.17 October in Lucca!    ( Company news )


    Next October in Lucca (Italy) the leader Companies in the paper industry sector will display their latest developments in machines, systems, avant-garde solutions and services. The aim of MIAC 2014 (21st edition) is to update paper mill and converter technicians on the latest advances in technology.

    Everything is concentrated in 3 days and in one place. MIAC is an international meeting point that allows you to compare the technologies and business proposals of all the companies present at the Exhibition: 270 International Exhibitors await you in Italy. Next October.

    Visiting MIAC means obtaining a full overview of the technology and equipment available to the paper industry sector (tissue paper,
    graphics paper, corrugated cardboard, etc.) and measuring up against the sector's needs and problems.

    Lucca is easily reached from all over the world by airplane (Pisa and Florence international airports) and motorway. It is located in the
    Centre-North of Italy. Use the informative widgets in the website to get directions for your travel.

    At MIAC 2014 you can meet the International leader suppliers of the paper industry sector. They will show you the latest technology and
    machinery available in the paper sector allowing you to get a complete overview in just 3 days.
    (Edinova Srl )
    11.06.2014   First Quality Tissue - Update to most recent strategic expansion plan    ( Company news )

    Company news First Quality Tissue, a privately held leading manufacturer of ultra-premium towel and tissue products is pleased to announce the following update to our most recent strategic expansion plan.
    As previously announced, the company has made plans to add two additional TAD paper machines with an estimated annual capacity of 140,000 tons. The startup of these machines is expected to be late 2015 and 2016 respectively. The first of these two TAD machines is now confirmed for installation at First Quality's existing Anderson, South Carolina site. With the addition of this machine to the existing operations, the Anderson site will include three TAD machines with a combined estimated capacity of 210,000 tons. The location of the second TAD machine is under serious consideration and will be announced within the next few weeks after completion of due diligence.
    "First Quality leadership recognizes the current and future requirements and expectations in the ultra-premium category. Consistent with our business philosophy we are focused on our customers and the ultimate consumers who use and value our products. Additional state of the art manufacturing capacity reaffirms First Quality's commitment to the industry and ensures First Quality's ability to meet the growing demands of our customers in a timely and efficient manner".
    (FQT First Quality Tissue LLC)
    11.06.2014   Koenig & Bauer AG AGM: KBA Group presses ahead with realignment    ( Company news )

    Company news --- Heterogeneous development within press market continues --- New group structure to be presented at AGM 2015 --- No dividend for 2013

    --- 2014: Similar sales to prior year and better earnings --- First fruits seen in 2015 – sustained earnings in 2016

    In his speech at this year’s annual general meeting, Koenig & Bauer (KBA) president and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann mainly reported on the measures, goals and current status of the Fit@All programme for the restructuring of the group started at the beginning of the year. He also spoke about the group’s financial statements for 2013 and the figures for the first quarter of 2014. Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “Strengthening KBA’s lasting profitability and competitiveness are the focus and goals of Fit@All. It is clear that we must sustainably restructure our core business with web and sheetfed offset presses as well as realign capacities to new market conditions. The expansion of new growth areas is also a key aspect of our programme. We are convinced that we will be able to harvest the fruits of our realignment in 2015 and that the group will return to sustainable profitability by 2016 at the latest.”

    Gradual personnel adjustments…
    In the coming months KBA will continue to work on lasting capacity and structural measures, the new site concept as well as reducing the depth of added value by outsourcing more activities which lie outside of the group’s press-related core competences. Between 1,100 and 1,500 jobs from today’s figure of approx. 6,200 will be cut as part of implementing these measures. So far voluntary cancellation and phased retirement agreements as well as social wage agreements and social compensation plans were agreed with union and workforce representatives for around 700 employees at the sites in Mödling, Ternitz, Trennfeld and Würzburg. An agreement and arrangement is also in place for the plant in Radebeul, near Dresden, which will see a reduction of 180 jobs in the middle of next year. Negotiations regarding the necessary cut in payroll by 200 employees at Frankenthal/Pfalz due to capacity and earnings remain ongoing. In spite of efforts to find socially acceptable solutions by all parties involved, operational layoffs are unavoidable. Personnel adjustments will take place in several steps until the end of 2015 given the periods of notice which must be observed and upcoming relocations.

    …but not a one-sided reduction
    However, Bolza-Schünemann made it clear that Fit@All is more than just a restructuring programme. KBA CEO: “We aim to achieve an overall cost base at which group sales of €1bn will lead to appropriate earnings. We do not want to go overboard with cost savings or shrink beyond recognition, which is why the expansion of potential growth areas is a further pillar of our realignment.”
    In this context, he referred to KBA’s special applications which can be expanded further, such as banknote and digital printing, metal decorating and coding as well as to the new subsidiaries KBA-Flexotecnica and KBA-Kammann acquired last year. These are currently being integrated into the world’s second-largest press manufacturer’s international market presence and have opened up growth markets for flexible packaging and the direct decoration of hollow containers which were previously not served by KBA.

    New group and management structure
    According to Bolza-Schünemann KBA is preparing a new group and management structure with the goal of becoming a decentralised, highly flexible press manufacturing group. Units for production, sheetfed offset, web offset and special presses with clear responsibilities for earnings should carry out operational activities under the umbrella of Koenig & Bauer AG. KBA calls these product houses and anticipates more transparency and strategic flexibility with the establishment of these distinct areas of responsibility.
    On 1 May 2014 KBA took a first step towards defining the new organisational structure within the Parent. From an organisational point of view, along with a sheetfed product house (sheetfed offset in Radebeul), a web product house (web offset in Würzburg, excluding special machines) was also established. A sustainable concept for the legal implementation of the new group structure including changes to group reporting will be submitted to the annual general meeting for approval next year. Prior to this, numerous tax and legal queries have to be clarified, and financial and IT issues solved. This requires “diligence and time”, says the group’s CEO. In contrast, current subsidiaries which are predominantly active in special markets are widely set up as autonomous business units to a large extent.

    Financial statements for 2013 affected by special expenses
    When looking back at 2013 Bolza-Schünemann referred to demand for web presses for newspapers and commercial printing, but also for sheetfed offset presses, that remained considerably below expectations. The lower level of investment in KBA’s traditional offset business compared to the Drupa-year of 2012 contributed largely to a decrease in order intake of 9.3% to over €1bn. Group sales stood at about €1.1bn. Despite sales which were approx. €200m below targets, KBA posted an operating profit of €24.5m. Nevertheless, special effects of –€155.2m for provisions as part of the Fit@All programme and impairments of fixed assets were incurred in 2013. To sum up the KBA group generated a pre-tax loss (EBT) of €138.1m.
    To the shareholders Bolza-Schünemann said: “Special expenses of €155.2m may seem very high, however with this we have covered all foreseeable risks and expenses as far as possible and acceptable when drawing up our financial statements for 2013. This ensures that we be on the safe side financially and in terms of our balance sheet during the implementation of Fit@All in 2014 and 2015. Without these considerable special items we would have generated a group pre-tax profit of €17.1m. This is the first time since 2008 that we have posted a loss and therefore we are unable to submit a dividend proposal.”

    Cautious outlook for 2014
    2014 began far more successfully for the KBA group than in the weak first quarter of 2013 as announced in its first quarterly figures published on 9 May. New orders rose 20.8% to €241.5m and sales increased by 11.9% to €213.4m. In addition, at –€10.2m the group’s operating result after three months was noticeably better than in the corresponding prior-year quarter (2013: –€16.9m). The sheetfed offset division generated an operating profit of €1.2m again after a prolonged period of time. Ultimately, group results before taxes (EBT) after three months came to –€12.1m compared to last year’s figure of –€18.8m.
    Notwithstanding the current somewhat unstable economic and political environment, Bolza-Schünemann confirmed group sales of €1bn to €1.1bn and a positive operating result before special items as goals for 2014. KBA CEO: “Group earnings before taxes are very likely to be negative once again given limited special expenses. Nevertheless, we are convinced that we will be able to see the fruits of our realignment in 2015 and that the group will return to sustainable profitability by 2016 at the latest.”
    The press manufacturer’s 89th annual general meeting was chaired by Dr Martin Hoyos, lawyer, auditor and since 7 March 2014 supervisory board chairman at KBA. The meeting took place at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg, Germany.
    (Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))
    11.06.2014   Montes del Plata Pulp Mill starts operations in Uruguay    ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso’s and Arauco’s joint operation Montes del Plata Pulp Mill at Punta Pereira in Uruguay has received all necessary permits from the Uruguayan authorities and is now starting up its operations.
    The state-of-the-art pulp mill has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tonnes of bleached chemical eucalyptus pulp. The pulpwood comes mainly from Montes del Plata’s own sustainably managed plantations. In addition to producing pulp, the mill will be more than self-sufficient in energy made from biomass, producing yearly around 160 MW, of which approximately 70 MW will be sold to the national grid. The mill site has its own deepwater port for pulp exports as well as a barge wharf for incoming wood to minimise the amount of truck traffic on Uruguayan roads.
    “Montes del Plata is a long-term investment, and it will be a very profitable mill, despite the delays in the construction process. We are now focusing all our efforts on achieving a smooth start-up and fast ramp-up to get the mill into full production,” says Juan Carlos Bueno, EVP, Stora Enso Biomaterials.
    Stora Enso’s share of Montes del Plata pulp, 650 000 tonnes per year, will be sold as market pulp.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    11.06.2014   PMP Group to supply an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox to Sun Paper, China    ( Company news )

    Company news In January 2014, PMP Group – a global provider of paper and tissue technology, signed a contract with Sun Paper, China, for the delivery of an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox. PMP’s unit will be delivered to the Yanzhou mill (Shandong Province) which is the largest single pulp and paper site in China. The main goal of the project is to change the existing production profile from 1-layer to 3-layer paper products.
    Sun Paper company is more than 30 years old and over the past decade it has managed to create a brand characterized by high quality and modern technology. Currently their total production is reaching 4 million tons. The company’s annual turnover is estimated in the amount of 30 billion RMB, however, this number is set to be increased in the upcoming 5-10 years, to 100 billion RMB. Sun paper is known for having a significant position on the Chinese market as a paper supplier, nonetheless, the company has noticed a huge potential of premium tissue products and decided to expand its market potential.
    PMP Group’s scope of delivery includes a 4 channel hydraulic headbox – (Intelli-Jet V®) of 3880 mm pondside, machine controls, assembly and start-up supervision. The unit will be installed on PM#16, which produces film base paper (140-250 gsm) and has an operating speed of 600 mpm. Hydraulic headbox will include consistency profiling system, which assures excellent basis weight control, resulting with uniform paper web structure and better CD basis weight profile. Start-up is scheduled for the second half of 2014.
    PMP Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox is one of PMP Group’s most advanced products and is the key element in both Intelli-Technology® and Intelli-Tissue® platform. Only since the year 2000, PMP Group has sold over 100 headboxes worldwide, whereas 67 of those units are located in Asia.
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    11.06.2014   Walki's new wide biomass cover doubles the energy content of logging residue    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Using a wider biomass cover laminate can more than double the effect on Dry Matter Content. Walki is the only one on the market who offers six meter wide cover

    Walki's paper-based and waterproof biomass cover protects logging residue stored on the ground, maximising the energy content of this inexpensive and easily accessible source of biofuel. Walki now offers a new six meter wide cover substantially increasing the energy content.

    Logging residue is an inexpensive source of biofuel. To improve the energy content of the logging residue it must first dry on the ground before being stored. Walki's paper-based and waterproof cover shelters the residue from rain, snow and ice. Under this cover, the residue can be stored in piles on the ground for several months.

    The cover is a wide laminate that is mainly produced from renewable fibrous material. It shelters the top of the pile but leaves the sides open, allowing for moisture to evaporate. In addition to the four-meter-wide laminate, Walki can now deliver six-meter-wide laminate. The wider laminate has considerable benefits in terms of increased efficiency, higher quality of the produced chips and higher economic gain.
    "Studies done in both Finland and Sweden have confirmed that the efficiency when using wider laminates is remarkably higher. The dry content is substantially higher using the six meter wide laminate compared to the four metre wide", says Carlo van Houtum, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Forest.

    A recent Swedish study found that covering the logging residue with a 6 meter laminate more than doubled the effect on DMC (Dry Matter Content) and also brought higher returns to the seller of the residue.

    Walki's biomass cover is the widest of its kind on the market.

    The sustainable choice
    A thin plastic layer within the cover makes it both waterproof and very strong. The cover can be chipped along the residue and used as fuel in its entirety.

    The biomass also hinders the logging residue pile from freezing. This is important because the energy content decreases significantly if the residue freezes. An icy heap is also difficult to handle.

    Walki's biomass cover is a sustainable choice. The cover itself can be burnt as fuel in its entirety. As the cover is produced in Finland, European customers' carbon footprint is also minimized as it needs to be transported significantly shorter distances than other options produced in North America or in Asia. "We are also currently discussing the possibility of reducing the weight of the material which in turn would reduce the carbon footprint. We are looking at an 8-10 per cent improvement", says van Houtum.

    Biomass cover is widely used in the Nordic countries, especially in Finland and Sweden. Its popularity is also growing in other parts of Europe. Biofuels are becoming increasingly important due to tightening emissions restrictions. New combustion technologies suitable for solid biofuels are also driving demand.
    (Walki Group Oy)
    10.06.2014   New technology makes strong threads from cellulose     ( Company news )

    Company news Cooperation between Innventia and KTH in developing new process technology renders scientific successes and a wood-based material stronger than steel and can be used to replace cotton.
    Results showing the successful assembly of fibrils from cellulose into very strong threads were published this week. The origin of the technology is an interdisciplinary collaboration with Innventia as partner within the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, which is located at KTH and Chalmers. Innventia also manufactured the fibrils used and is responsible for patenting the new technology. The new method is able to align the fibrils along the direction of the thread during the production process. This produces a controlled structure that can give extremely strong threads, which was demonstrated in tests at the DESY research centre in Hamburg. The structure makes the material stronger than both steel and aluminium, and can be used to replace glass fibres. The process can also be adjusted to produce threads that could replace cotton. The results are so spectacular that they were reported in the highly respected scientific journal Nature Communications.

    "This is a superb example of successful cooperation between an institute and the academic world. And it doesn't just concern infrastructure resources such as laboratories and pilot plants. Innventia has had a number of people involved within Wallenberg Wood Science Center for many years. Daniel Söderberg, who is one of the researchers behind the published article, was employed at Innventia and simultaneously an adjunct Professor at KTH at the time of the work", says Torgny Persson, Vice President business area Material Processes.
    Innventia will continue to work on thread spinning technology in Innventia's forthcoming Research Programme 2015-2017, within areas such as nanocellulose processes and lignin fibres.
    "In the research programmes we are working together with industry in order to scale up and implement research findings. Thus our demonstration and pilot plants plays an important role", says Torgny Persson.
    (Innventia AB)
    10.06.2014   THE NEW IDEM DIGITAL 80g/m2    ( Company news )

    Company news Idempapers continues innovating with the launch of a new digital carbonless paper that excels at all levels. The entire new range is available in 80 g/m2.

    Thanks to its operational excellence and innovation, Idempapers is able to confirm its position as European leader in the carbonless paper market and as a player at the leading edge of speciality papers that offer excellent added value.
    Today, Idempapers has come up with a new innovative state-of-the-art digital quality product within its range. The new IDEM Digital is much lighter with one single weight - 80 g/m2 for all the sheets in the set. With enhanced effectiveness thanks to a new coating formulation.

    NEW IDEM DIGITAL, lighter and more effective.
    The new IDEM Digital is the result of a close cooperative venture between Idempapers laboratories and independent laboratories.
    Thanks to a new formulation that has enhanced the effectiveness of the coating, the new IDEM Digital is able to demonstrate a respect for both the environment as well as for the printing material. This new formula has been obtained thanks to a highly specialised selection of raw materials.
    The weight has been reduced to 80 g/m2 for the three sheets, making this product both more economical and ecologically-friendly.
    In a nutshell: the new IDEM Digital is even more ideal for digital printing:
    • Less maintenance for printing material
    • Greater user-friendliness
    • Increased productivity in terms of the number of copies printed.

    The new IDEM Digital carbonless paper offers the optimal solution for all companies looking to reduce costs and improve productivity. Digital printing will enable them to produce personalised documents in lower volumes.
    The IDEM Digital is profitable right from the moment of purchase; it is versatile and enables impressive economies of scale.
    No more need to order paper from a multitude of different suppliers, which means savings in terms of logistics and administrative costs.
    Users can personalise copies speedily and in lower volumes.
    The new IDEM Digital is available in a wide array of colours so that users can adapt the quality and use chromatic codes that are useful for identification and filing.
    The new IDEM Digital is available preassembled and in different sizes.
    For detailed information about the new IDEM Digital, the technical aspects and the full range available, surf to or contact your distributor.
    (IdemPapers S.A.)
    10.06.2014   ANDRITZ successfully starts up TM2 tissue machine for Ganzhou Hwagain Paper, China    ( Company news )

    Company news Following start-up of the TM1 PrimeLine tissue machine, international technology Group ANDRITZ has also successfully completed start-up of the second tissue machine supplied to Ganzhou Hwagain Paper, China.
    The scope of supply for TM 2 comprised the stock preparation plant for softwood, hardwood, and bamboo pulp, the 2-layer headbox with dilution control system, a shoe press, the wet dust removal system, a reel system, and the machine automation control system.
    The shoe presses supplied for both tissue machines provide a higher after-press dryness, which reduces thermal drying requirements and lowers energy costs for the customer or can increase production levels at the same thermal energy consumption. The raw fiber consumption is also reduced, thus enabling the customer to obtain the same quality level in the final product by at the same time using lower-cost fibers.
    (Andritz AG)
    10.06.2014   Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei bundle their foreign business for government solutions    ( Company news )

    Company news Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Bundesdruckerei GmbH have signed a contract to establish a joint venture which is to operate under the name Veridos GmbH. The partners are bundling their international business with solutions for secure identification, such as passport and ID card systems for governments. The new company is to be headquartered in Berlin. Bundesdruckerei and Giesecke & Devrient will, however, continue to independently pursue business in Germany, their business activities on the private sector market and in banknote printing.
    Giesecke & Devrient will hold a 60% share in Veridos and Bundesdruckerei 40%. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, Veridos will also have an operating facility in Munich, a production site in Greece and other subsidiaries in Canada, Mexico and Brazil and will operate independently on the international market. The supervisory bodies of both companies, the G&D shareholders and the Federal Ministry of Finance as owner of Bundesdruckerei have all approved the establishment of this joint venture. Subject to approval under cartel law, Veridos will commence business operations in mid-2014.
    "These two distinguished German specialists in secure government solutions are a perfect match both in terms of their products and in other key areas. Together, we can create one strong German systems supplier in a continuously growing international market," explains Dr. Walter Schlebusch, CEO of Giesecke & Devrient. "The new company will be a one-stop supplier and technology leader for ID solutions and hence a reliable partner for governments around the globe."
    Ulrich Hamann, CEO of Bundesdruckerei GmbH: "Government demand for secure identity solutions and products is growing all over the world. Veridos will benefit from the innovative strength and many years of experience which Bundesdruckerei and G&D have in high-security technology, so that the company will be in an excellent position to compete on an international level."
    For many years now, Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei have been successfully co-operating in projects on the international market. They are producing the driving licence for Latvia and last year they won a tender together for the issuance of the electronic ID card in Kosovo. At the same time, global demand by governments for ID solutions is growing as the number of people travelling by air is growing by around 5% each year. Both companies are supplying important security solutions to meet this demand. The protection of identities is also becoming more and more important. As is the importance of forge-proof ID documents and border control systems that permit fast clearance while guaranteeing outstanding security.
    The new company will benefit from the technological know-how, established international customer relationships and valuable experience which both partners and their staff will contribute. The portfolio ranges from one-stop solutions for the production and personalisation of passport documents, ID cards and cards for the health sector as well as driving licences to issuance, personalisation and document management systems right through to solutions for border control and identification of individuals. eID systems to authenticate and protect electronic transactions on the net and to safeguard communications by public agencies are another important part of this portfolio. Veridos will provide a total of around 400 jobs.
    (Giesecke & Devrient GmbH)
    10.06.2014   Andritz initiates arbitration proceedings against Montes del Plata    ( Company news )

    Company news Celulosa y Energía Punta Pereira S.A. (“CEPP”), a joint-venture company in the Montes del Plata group formed by Stora Enso and Arauco, has been notified of arbitration proceedings initiated against it by Andritz Pulp Technologies Punta Pereira S.A., a subsidiary of Andritz AG, claiming EUR 200 million. The arbitration relates to contracts for the delivery, construction, installation, commissioning and completion by Andritz of major components of the Montes del Plata pulp mill project located at Punta Pereira in Uruguay. CEPP disputes the claims brought by Andritz and will also actively pursue claims of its own against Andritz for breach by Andritz of its obligations under the contracts.
    No provisions have been made concerning the arbitration proceedings.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    10.06.2014   KRAFFT Eco-Speed Concept and     ( Company news )

    Company news KRAFFT Eco-Speed Concept
    KRAFFT Eco-Speed-Concept is the joint set-up of all capabilities increasing efficiency of the drying section by optimisation of performance and reduction of energy consumption

    KRAFFT offers a single source concept:
    • Project management and analyse of present conditions
    • Projecting • Engineering supported by calculations and simulation tools
    • Application of KRAFFT roller technology to increase machine speed including bearings and housings
    • Application of KSD - KRAFFT Steel-Dryers, coatet or non-coated, including bearings and housings
    • Optimisation of the rope guide
    • Optimisation of the drives
    • Delivery and installation

    The concept is designed to allow a purposeful use of the defined technologies with a stepwise approach of performance data. A significant contribution for life time extension of running equipment.
    Ask – We create the Speed!

    KSD – KRAFFT Steel Dryer
    For drying cylinders a trend from casted to steel design is recognised. The KSD – KRAFFT Steel Dryer is based on the steel dryer technology which was developed with KRAFFT know-how
    The „next generation drying technology“ allows now a wider range in Diameter – up to 2.500 mm – and a trim width up to 8.000 mm. New production methods with reduced tolerances are the base line and result in much more homogeneous dryer.

    The advantages of KSD:
    • KSD are in service since decades, couple of hundreds systems are in service • Even wall thickness • Homogenous temperature profile • More drying capacity • Lower energy consumption • More trim width in existing framing

    „All in all and depending of the machine and paper quality we can assess an increased efficiency of 4 up into the two digits percentage. KSD have a more even wall thickness. Because of the lower thickness they are lighter and have a better heat transfer rate. This result in a higher drying performance and energy is saved. Furthermore it is possible to increase the paper trim width in existing framing, because the wet zone of the paper is smaller compared to casted cylinders.
    Ask – We are under Steam!
    (Carl KRAFFT & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG)
    10.06.2014   Drive Your Business Forward at Paper ME    ( Company news )

    Company news PAPER-ME 2014 The 6th International Exhibition for Paper, Board, Tissue, Printing & Packaging Industry, which will be held on October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Halls (1,2,3)

    PAPER-ME 2014 Exhibition is classified as one of the best, most successful and potential Paper Tissue &Packaging Exhibition featuring opportunities of this industry in Africa & MENA Markets.
    85%of the exhibiting area is now booked: Leading Local and International companies have already confirmed their participation at PAPER-ME 2014.

    PAPER-ME 2014:
    -3 specialized in parallel events PAPER-ME 2014, TISSUE-ME 2014, PACK2PACK 2014
    -7630 Square Meters Gross Area
    -9.250 trade visitors from 40 countries.
    -Hosted Buyers & Official Trade Missions from targeted countries in Africa & MENA.
    -Group Participation from China & India.
    -Exclusive Machinery Display.

    Business Match Making Program
    Visitors are invited cordially to register their information in the Business Match Making Program.
    Through Our Business Matchmaking Program visitors can:
    -Connect with decision-makers, experts and suppliers in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East region during the show.
    -Update your profile and discover exhibitors' featured products.
    -Interact with exhibitors during PAPER-ME 2014 according to pre-scheduled business meetings.
    -Meet, connect and do business at PAPER-ME 2014.
    -Brand Building among Industry & end users.
    -Find new source of raw materials and market of finished products
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    10.06.2014   PulPaper 2014 - End of Show Report     ( Company news )

    Company news The 8th edition of PulPaper was held in Helsinki 3-5 June, 2014. The three eventful days once again confirmed PulPaper's status as the world's premier and most progressive meeting place for the industry. Just like it set out to, the event enabled participants to share knowledge, innovation and new ideas with each other and created a platform to meet, network, do business and stay updated.

    For first time exhibitor Richter Karhula, PulPaper was a great success. – Richter has been active on the German market for over 40 years. After having taken over the Karhula plant a year ago we wanted to get better known in the Northern market, says Dirk Richter, General Manager of Richter GmbH&Co KG. - By exhibiting at PulPaper, we made many new and valuable contacts in the Finnish market. The arrangement was very well implemented and we had a great time in Helsinki with customers and colleagues. We feel even more at home in the Finnish market now and hold a very positive attitude towards the future.
    Richter Karhula attracted a lot of attention in the hall due to special marketing activities and visibility around the Messukeskus. The company works independent from any machine supplier and performs service for nearly every part of the paper machine and offers spare parts, new roll covers as well as manufacturing, repair and regeneration of rolls.

    PulPaper 2014 had a final visitor figure after three days of 9428. The visitors travelled to Helsinki from 72 countries worldwide, making it the most international event of its kind. The exhibition floor hosted 453 exhibitors from 29 countries in 193 stands.
    - The feedback from exhibitors, visitors and conference delegates of the event has been very positive, says Adforum CEO Marcus Bergström. - The Biofuture for Mankind and the IMPC2014 conferences offered participants highest quality content and the social activities, the Pulpaper After Work and the PI 100th anniversary Gala Evening provided guests with a great mix of entertainment and networking opportunities. We are very happy with the general outcome of PulPaper 2014 and would like to welcome everyone back to the next PulPaper event scheduled to take place in the late spring/early summer of 2018, dates to be announced.
    (Adforum AB)
    06.06.2014   Bio-based carbon fibre from wood within ten years     ( Company news )

    Company news Innventia and Swerea SICOMP launch a road map for carbon fibre from lignin, a wood raw material. The target is to by 2025 have developed a new high-value Swedish product for use primarily in advanced composite materials.
    Carbon fibre is strong and light and has many applications. Today, the demand for carbon fibre is mainly limited by the high cost. As a result, the material is currently primarily used in products where performance is more important than price. By introducing a cost-effective lignin-based carbon fibre, the market could increase considerably. By launching a joint road map, the two research institutes Innventia and Swerea SICOMP will show how this will be possible in just ten years. The launch took place in conjunction with the SICOMP Conference 2014 in Piteå on 2-3 June.
    The target is to by 2025 have developed and created a demand for a new high-value Swedish product from wood raw materials: lignin-based carbon fibre, for use primarily in advanced composite materials. In addition, the Swedish R&D, research infrastructure and production expertise throughout the value chain, from forest-based raw materials to high quality carbon fibre for use in advanced construction materials, will be developed in order to contribute towards establishing industrial carbon fibre production in Sweden.
    "Innventia and Swerea SICOMP have a close strategic cooperation, and, together with representatives from industry, we are planning a joint demonstration facility for the manufacture of lignin-based carbon fibre composites with an annual capacity of approximately 50 tonnes," says Peter Axegård, Innventia.
    "By working together to develop expertise and experimental resources in a smart way, we will form a unique, unbroken value chain and a strong R&D environment from the forest to lignin-based carbon fibre products, says Hans Hansson, Swerea SICOMP.
    (Innventia AB)
    06.06.2014   Valmet selected as the main supplier for Södra Cell's major pulp mill rebuild in Sweden    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet has received a major rebuild and new equipment order from Södra Cell for the Värö pulp mill in Sweden. The order is part of Södra Cell's over 400 million euro investment to increase the Värö mill's pulp production capacity from 425,000 tons to 700,000 tons per year.
    The order is included in Valmet's second quarter 2014 orders received and is valued at around EUR 200 million.
    Valmet's delivery will contribute to Södra's performance by significantly increasing the Värö mill's pulp production capacity and energy efficiency. The order consists of a new continuous cooking plant and upgrades of wood handling, fiber line, evaporation plant, recovery boiler, recausticizing, flash dryer, pulp dryer and baling. On completion of the project, Värö will be one of the world's largest softwood sulphate pulp mills. The start-up of the renewed pulp mill is scheduled in the third quarter of 2016.
    "We have good experiences of Valmet and feel confident that this project will be a success. We have worked closely together with Valmet in planning the project and it gives us a good start. This investment increases our pulp production, makes the mill more energy efficient and increases its bioenergy supply potential", says Gunilla Saltin, CEO, Södra Cell.
    "We are very pleased that Södra Cell trusted us with this significant order. It is a strong token of our technological leadership and competitiveness in the pulp technology market. Investments in pulp production are active at the moment and Valmet is strongly involved with many major on-going projects", says Jyrki Holmala, President, Pulp and Energy Business Line, Valmet.

    Significant employment impact
    The estimated employment impact of the order is about 650 man years mainly in Sweden. A large part of the order will be delivered from Valmet's operations in Sweden: the cooking plant and recausticizing from Karlstad, fiber line, flash dryer and baling from Sundsvall, and evaporation and recovery boiler from Gothenburg. The wood handling and pulp dryer delivery will come from Finland.
    A prerequisite for construction start is the receipt of a permit from the Environmental Court of Appeal.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    06.06.2014   GAW receives follow-up order at TNPL in India    ( Company news )

    Company news GAW Paper Coating Systems, USA, has been awarded with the order by Voith for the complete Wet End Chemicals System, Coating Kitchen and Working Stations for the new BM 4 at Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, India (TNPL).
    It is already the second major order for GAW at TNPL mill sites - the PM3 (Karur District) including coating kitchen and chemical preparation system from GAW that went into operation in 2010. The customer again chose the expertise from the worldwide operating industrial plant constructor, for their Unit-II.
    TNPL was founded in the 1980s by the Government of Tamil Nadu State and has so far mainly produced writing and copy paper and will expand its portfolio with the new board machine. The new Greenfield mill will be erected at a new location (TNPL - Unit II) in Tiruchirappalli District, approximately 100 km from the existing plant. The BM4 will be 3,750 mm wide, with a speed of 600 m/min and will produce about 200,000 tons of coated board varieties (folding boxboard, white lined chipboard, solid bleached sulphate grades). A wide range of raw materials will be used, for example bagasse, wood pulp, deinking pulp, used corrugated containers and thermochemical pulp. The machine will be equipped with Speed Flow Coater, Sizing Application 2g/m2/side, Dyna Coat for Pre-Coat - Application 12 g/m2, Dyna Coat Back Coat - Coating Application 10 g/m2, Sizing Application 2g/m2 and Dyna Coat Top Coat - Application 12 g/m2.
    GAW will supply the Coating Colour Kitchen as well as the Wet End Chemicals System and Working Stations. The delivery is scheduled in spring 2015 and the start up will be later that year.
    (GAW technologies GmbH)
    06.06.2014   New Metso Kappa QC Analyzer enhances fiberline process performance with integrated ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... measurements and controls

    New control features maximize discrete to continuous pulp measurement benefits in total pulp quality management, enhance process stability and save on chemical costs.
    Metso has further developed its industry-standard online Metso Kappa Analyzer (Metso Kappa Q) by now introducing an enhanced Metso Kappa QC version. For the first time, a fiberline analyzer not only measures pulp lignin content and brightness, but also includes a new unique stabilizing control capability in all process stages, from the oxygen stage up to the finished pulp.
    The new control capabilities incorporated enable pulp makers to improve total pulp quality management, boost process stability and gain major savings in chemical costs throughout the process stages.

    Number one in analyzer technology
    The enhanced version of the Metso Kappa Analyzer represents the fourth generation of Metso's pioneering pulp mill analyzer technology. For almost 40 years, Metso's products have played a key role in the evolution of chemical pulp mill delignification and bleaching controls. Today, Metso Kappa and brightness analyzers and the well-known inline sensors provide the standard platform for process optimization and quality control at most of the leading chemical pulp mills in the world.
    Metso has the world's widest scope of automation solutions and services for the pulp and paper industry - from fiber to print and from single measurements to mill-wide turnkey automation projects. It is the market leader not only in analyzers, but also in quality control systems as well as in control and on-off valves for this industry sector. Metso's system-independent solutions help customers lower their operating and maintenance costs, and keep their assets' operating value as high as possible.

    High flexibility and user friendliness
    Thanks to a flexible structure, the measurement capacity of Metso Kappa QC can easily be expanded by adding measurement modules and sampling points. Measurement capacity alternatives include 10, 20, 30 or 40 measurements per hour. It is also possible to benefit from the analyzer's advanced continuous Kappa measurement and COD index in applications where fast changes in process conditions and washing efficiency exist by using inline sensor integration in the control structure.
    To fully utilize the efficiency, safety and ease of use of the Kappa QC centralized user interface, Metso is introducing a new high-definition touch screen as part of the new analyzer unit.
    (Metso Corporation)
    05.06.2014   Logson Group: Supplier of the Year 2013    ( Company news )

    Company news Macfarlane Packaging, a part of Macfarlane Group and the UK's leading packaging distribution business, have awarded the Logson Group Packaging Supplier of the Year for 2013. The Macfarlane business units voted them to a convincing victory based on the support that both Boxes and Packaging and Cases24 gave their business throughout 2013.

    Picture: Macfarlane Group CEO Peter Atkinson presents award to Alex Kelly Logson Group CEO

    John Kearney, Director of Procurement, commented; "2013 was a testing environment, yet again, for our business and our industry. The corrugated market faced the difficult combination of competitor pressure and inflation and the Logson Group stood out as the supplier who supported Macfarlane centrally and locally throughout this difficult period.
    Alex Kelly, Logson Group CEO, commented; "We are delighted to have received this recognition from one of our key strategic customers. Through our co-ordinated approach, across divisions, we have enabled Macfarlane to access the full benefits of the Logson Group offering."
    (Logson Group)
    05.06.2014   Iggesund's fossil-free mill: The vision is within reach    ( Company news )

    Company news “We’re getting close to the vision of a fossil-free mill that we’ve lived with and that has driven our investments for a long time,” says Mill Director Olov Winblad von Walter. “Our new recovery boiler, which came on line in spring 2012, is getting better and better as we fine tune it, and our increasing pulp production is also boosting our energy production.”

    Picture: Iggesund Mill’s new recovery boiler – which was completed in 2012 at a cost of about EUR 250 million – is one of the basic requirements for being able to operate the mill without using any fossil fuel.

    For a while in mid-April Iggesund Paperboard’s Swedish paperboard mill, Iggesund Mill, was able to operate solely on bioenergy and also supply almost all its own electricity needs. Another important aspect in the vision for Iggesund Mill is that emissions to air and water should be so low that Iggesund is among the global leaders among comparable manufacturers. Yet another goal is that a minimum of by-products will go to landfill.
    Iggesund Mill is one of the world’s integrated paperboard mills with the highest level of investment. When it started up the new recovery boiler was the mill’s biggest investment to date, at a cost of about EUR 250 million. The boiler enabled the mill to gradually increase its annual pulp production from what was then 350,000 tonnes to 420,000.
    “Our sulphate process for pulp production means that we separate out the cellulose fibres that comprise half the mass of a log,” Winblad von Walter continues. “The other half consists of the wood’s binding agent, which is mostly an energy-rich substance called lignin. We burn this in the recovery boiler and it produces enough steam and electricity to cover more than 90 per cent of our energy needs.”
    A fossil-free energy supply is not the only benefit from Iggesund’s new recovery boiler. After the boiler had been fine tuned, it turned out that particle emissions from the mill, which were already low, had been halved. Sulphur emissions, which contribute to the acidification of surrounding land, have also fallen by more than 80 per cent from what were already low levels.
    Just over a year ago Iggesund’s board mill in Workington, England, radically changed its own energy source. From having run on fossil natural gas, the mill switched to using biomass. Achieving this required the investment of about EUR 122 million in a new biofuel boiler. Today the mill operates solely on biofuel and in addition to covering its own energy needs it also supplies fossil-free electricity to the UK electricity grid.
    “One of the goals driving our investments is long-term sustainability, and the investments in both Iggesund and Workington are the result of that approach,” explains Staffan Jonsson, head of Group Technology at the Holmen Group, to which Iggesund belongs.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    05.06.2014   Pankaboard invests in new headbox and sheeter to enhance product quality and customer service    ( Company news )

    Company news Pankaboard continues with their investment program for development of quality and service of their uncoated speciality boards from BM3.

    In June 2014 Pankaboard will install a new dilution head box on BM3. The new head box will provide better formation and improved thickness profile for all BM3 products. Resulting improved product consistency and uniformity will offer better runnability and efficiency in customer processing. Bellmer and TasoWheel will make the installation during the annual maintenance shutdown during midsummer.

    In September 2014 Pankaboard will install a full-width sheet cutter for BM3. The new sheeting line will increase the sheeting capacity for all uncoated speciality products from BM3 at Pankaboard. This investment will benefit customers by improving lead times for uncoated sheeted products by up to 2 weeks compared to today, as well as improving quality and consistency of sheeting.

    Ari Vouti, CEO, commented, “It gives me great pleasure to announce these investments to our valued customers and to confirm our commitment to providing the best quality and service possible. These investments develop our market offer and strengthen our position as the leading producer of uncoated speciality boards and high substance coated folding boxboard”.

    BM3 board machine produces a wide range of high quality uncoated speciality boards which will be enhanced by these investments. The end-use areas / products that will benefit include:
    • Food service: PankaPlex
    • Packaging applications: PankaStar
    • Laminated display board: PankaSilk and PankaMax
    • Capseals: PankaSeal
    • Beer-matt/Coasters: PankaDisc
    • Picture frames: PankaSilk and PankaFrame

    All products are made of 100% natural virgin fibres, certified for direct food contact and available from a mill with PEFC & FSC certified chain of custody accreditation.
    (Pankaboard Oy)
    05.06.2014   Voith sees orders received liven up: Noticeably higher level of new business in the first half of ..    ( Company news )

    Company news ... the fiscal year

    -Orders received rose by 6 percent in the first half of the current fiscal year to around €2.8 billion
    -Group sales in slight decline on account of currency effects
    -Implementation of Group-wide success program “Voith 150+” begins to take effect as scheduled

    Picture: Dr. Hubert Lienhard, President and CEO

    In the first six months of the 2013/14 fiscal year, the Voith Group has continued its sound development in a slightly brighter economic environment, has won a significantly higher number of new orders and has thus started to reverse the trend in new business. Orders received, which were still on the decline in the past fiscal year, increased noticeably between October 2013 and March 2014 in comparison to the same period of the previous year by 6 percent to €2.78 billion, despite the negative currency effects of around €100 million. All Group Divisions made a contribution to the rise. Orders on hand improved slightly on the end of the fiscal year to €5.2 billion.
    The reversal of the trend in orders received will have an effect on the Group’s sales and earnings, albeit with a certain time-lag. As of the end of March, Group sales were slightly down by 4 percent in comparison to the same period of the previous year to €2.60 billion (€2.72 billion). This development was essentially due to negative currency effects, which are currently also impacting other companies, totaling around €120 million at Voith. Adjusted for this non-recurring negative effect, Group sales were up slightly on the previous year.
    Despite the decline in sales, Voith succeeded in making up for the negative currency effects in its operating result. The operational result before non-recurring items rose to €105 million (previous year: €103 million). The improvement in profitability is mainly due to the measures and initiatives introduced under the Group-wide success program “Voith 150+” (Voith is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017). Voith launched the program in the past fiscal year in order to set the sails for a sustainable and successful future. The main focus of the program is on optimizing structures and processes as well as the existing portfolio alongside recognizing and exploiting growth potential.
    As planned, the first positive effects of the program were not yet visible in the net income in the first six months. The net income of the Group decreased to €30 million (previous year: €63 million). This was due to positive non-recurring effects arising in the financial result and in income taxes that distort the picture in the same period of the previous year. Adjusted for these special effects, net income was 20 percent higher than the comparable figure of the previous year.
    “We are on schedule with the implementation of Voith 150+ and are working through our program step by step. Our earnings in the first half of the fiscal year demonstrate that the measures initiated are beginning to take effect”, explains Dr. Hubert Lienhard, President and CEO. “Furthermore, it has become apparent once again in recent months that our wide portfolio and strong position in our industries and key markets are paying off. This puts us into a position to exploit in the best possible way those opportunities that are increasingly offered by an environment characterized by a tentative recovery of important markets for capital goods”, continues Lienhard.

    Varying developments in the Group Divisions
    Voith Hydro looks back at a satisfactory first half of the fiscal year with a slight rise in sales to €668 million (€659 million) and a strong boost in orders received, which increased by 14 percent to €747 million. This growth rate, however, cannot be extrapolated to the full year, as is typically the case in the plant engineering industry.
    In the first half of the fiscal year, Voith Industrial Services generated sales of €574 million, a figure that is virtually unchanged on the previous year; adjusted for consolidation effects, there was a slight rise in sales originating in the Automotive and Energy-Petro-Chemicals divisions.
    For Voith Paper, the first half of the fiscal year proved once again to be difficult in light of an ongoing weak market for paper machines. On account of the decline in orders received in previous years, sales contracted by 11 percent to €673 million. On the other hand, orders received in the period under review rose by 5 percent to €709 million; these orders stemmed from Asia in particular, where pleasing successes were achieved and where the main demand stemmed from the strong-growth mid-size segment.
    In the first half of the fiscal year, the Voith Turbo Group Division saw an increase in orders received to €742 million (€724 million). Sales decreased to €682 million (€722 million). Adjusted to eliminate the activities of the Locomotive business, which is undergoing a strategic realignment, the core business of Voith Turbo grew slightly by 1 percent.

    Sound development expected to continue over the rest of the fiscal year
    For the second half of the current fiscal year 2014, Voith expects the modest recovery of the global economy to continue, basing its forecast on the economic indicators available. The economic environment for mechanical and plant engineering companies is likely to remain challenging on account of the subdued investment climate in many industries. Moreover, the current fragile recovery in the global economy is subject to risk. Looking ahead, exchange rates similarly remain an uncertainty factor for sales, orders received and earnings figures.
    In light of this, Voith anticipates a sound development over the rest of the fiscal year. Voith confirms its forecast of stable Group sales and orders received. A slight decline in the operational result before non-recurring items is nevertheless anticipated as a consequence of the still tense situation regarding the development of business at Voith Paper. Irrespective of this, the net income should nevertheless rise significantly as forecasted.
    “The intense groundwork of the past fiscal years is increasingly bearing fruit. Voith is on the right track, as can be seen from the sound developments seen in the first half of the fiscal year, to return to a sustainable and profitable growth path”, summarizes CEO Lienhard.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    05.06.2014   PulPaper 2014 - Day 3    ( Company news )

    Company news Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki, Finland
    3-5 June, 2014

    This happened on Wednesday at PulPaper 2014:
    Number of visitors on Wednesday 4 June: 4088

    Another day of satisfied participants and a lot of activities going on in the exhibition hall. Conference sessions, Paper Square presentations and Company and Products presentations continued to inspire and engage visitors and delegates.

    PI 100th anniversary celebration - what an amazing evening!
    In the fantastic warm Helsinki summer night, the PI 100th Anniversary Gala Evening treated its 1200 guests to a fabulous experience in the fantastic venue of the Helsinki Music Centre. The evening started off with welcoming words from Martti Savelainen, chairman of PI, followed by acknowledgement of new honorary members of PI. The Arne Asplund Mechanical Pulping Award was presented to Professor Per Engstrand from Mid Sweden University, in recognition of outstanding achievement in research and development of mechanical pulping technology.
    Following this was a multiaudiovisual show taking the guests on a 100 year journey through the Paper Engineers' history. The past ten decades where brought alive by actors Nicke Lignell and and Karl-Kristian Rundman, the fantastic singers Sara Aalto and Pentti Hietanen and talented dancers Aleksi Seppänen and Sanna Hento all accompanied by Mikko Mäkinen and his band.
    'After the performance, the guests were invited to a food buffé and drinks, followed by dessert and sister organisations from around the world taking to the stage to congratulate the centenarian.

    Sneak peek at what happens today at PulPaper 2014
    • Opening hours 9-16
    • The Paper Square program kicks off at 10 am with Helen Pan, Manager at Stora Enso Global Responsibility and Kirsi Seppäläinen, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Stora Enso Biomaterials, talking about 'Rethinking Global Responsibility in China and Latin America'. The Paper Square day continues with presentations from top management
    • The key note speaker, Harry Epstein, Growth and Innovation Strategist at Quadrant Management Consulting , LLC., USA will begin the Biofuture for Mankind Conference with his presentation on 'Drivers behind decistions in choosing materials for the future'.
    • For anyone in the print industry, the Biofuture for Mankind conference afternoon session on 'Print Across Societies' is not to be missed. Sustainable media and preferences of media consumers are two of the topics as well as the interesting panel discussion on the hot topic 'Is there future for print?'
    • The Thursday afternoon topic of IMPC 2014 International Mechanical Pulping Conference, is Mechanical Pulps in Paper and Board. At the final session, the best IMPC presentation by young researcher - ERGS Keith Kirkpatrick Award will be presented.
    • The Company and Product Presentations Programme goes on all day. Do not miss out on the panel discussion at the Company and Product Presentations stage. At 1 pm the hot topic of "Bio-based economy - hype or real business?" will be dealt with, moderated by Mr Jan Erola, Finnish journalist and TV personality and featuring several debaters.

    Two-day excursion to Jyväskylä to visit VTT and Valmet
    This afternoon, VTT and Valmet, are taking a buss load of registered excursion participants to Jyväskylä for an overnight excursion. Starting off with a dinner cruise on beautiful Lake Päijänne on Thursday evening and company visits on the Friday. VTT will demonstrate the world's only fibre foam technology platform and at the Valmet Paper Technology Centre, the delegates will get a chance to see the most advanced pilot paper machine environment.
    Signed up participants are asked to gather at 14:00 at the Northern Entrance of Messukeskus, departure is scheduled for 14:30.

    Wishing you a great last day - see you at PulPaper 2018!
    (Adforum AB)
    04.06.2014   Fiskeby: Construction of biogas plant starts     ( Company news )

    Company news The construction started with a symbolic groundbreaking activity on the 22th of May 2014. The anaerobic water purification process is directly linked to the company's existing water treatment plant and is scheduled to be completed in 2015. The production volume is estimated to be about nine million Nm3 biogas per year, equivalent to an energy content of approximately 9,000,000 kWh per year.
    The groundbreaking marks the start of an extensive building project to be carried out during the year. During the summer the initial ground work next to the existing water treatment plant takes place. In August installation of process equipment will begin and the facility is scheduled to be completed in 2015. The production volume is estimated to be about nine million Nm3 biogas per year, equivalent to an energy content of approximately 9,000,000 kWh per year. Biogas is a renewable energy source and will replace electricity in the production of white lined chipboard.
    - With the biogas plant Fiskeby will increase our self-sufficiency in energy, says Torbjörn Hansen, CEO of Fiskeby. In addition, the new biogas plant will relieve the company's existing water treatment plant in a tangible way. The expanded treatment capacity will reduce the company's environmental impact and provide the potential for increased board production.
    The investment amounts to SEK 33 million, of which the Swedish Energy Agency has granted SEK 12.6 million.
    (Fiskeby Board AB)
    04.06.2014   MarquipWardUnited Establishes BW Papersystems, the Leading Global Sheeter Machinery ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Manufacturer, through Acquisition of Körber AG’s Papersystems Companies

    MarquipWardUnited, Inc., a Barry-Wehmiller company, has completed the acquisition of the operations of Körber AG’s Papersystems companies: E.C.H. Will GmbH, Pemco Inc. and Kugler-Womako GmbH. The companies become part of the newly-formed BW Papersystems, now the leading global supplier of sheeting and sheet packaging machinery, with solutions for the widest range of applications for the paper converting, manufacturing and packaging industries.

    BW Papersystems employs nearly 1,500 team members worldwide and is expected to generate revenue in excess of $370 million in FY 2014. “With almost $100M in revenue, 250,000 sq. feet of additional capacity and over 340 new associates, the acquisition of the Körber Papersystems businesses opens up a whole new beginning for our organization,” said Tim Sullivan, Barry-Wehmiller Group President. “We look forward to the exciting opportunities our new platform creates for our customers, suppliers and all of our team members worldwide. We are thrilled to partner with the great people from E.C.H. Will, Pemco and Kugler-Womako and we welcome them with open arms into the Barry-Wehmiller family.”

    As the frontrunner in technology for cut-size, folio-size and digital-size sheeting and sheet packaging, BW Papersystems offers innovative solutions for the most complex mill to the smallest converter. In addition, the new platform assumes the market leading position in the production of machines for the manufacture of passports and adds machines for stationery manufacturers and bookbinders to its portfolio. Additionally, MarquipWardUnited’s corrugating and finishing lines are part of the comprehensive BW Papersystems product offerings.“

    As part of the integration, E.C.H. Will and Pemco have been rebranded as Will-Pemco, to optimize coordination and the synergy that exists between the two businesses. The combined Will-Pemco entity assures seamless delivery and enhanced service levels.

    BW Papersystems now incorporates five of the strongest brands in the industry: Will-Pemco, MarquipWardUnited, SHM, Wrapmatic and Kugler Womako. Market leading technology is available for folio, cut size and digital sheeting and packaging, plus stationery, passport production and specialized paper converting applications. For the corrugating industry, customers can continue to rely on the well-known brands MarquipWardUnited, Curioni and VortX. With manufacturing plants in USA and Europe, parts and service centers in the USA, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and Shanghai plus the largest global team of aftermarket parts and field service professionals in the industry, both new and existing customers will benefit from more comprehensive support and service.

    Steve Brimble, VP Global Sheeter Sales at BW Papersystems, is excited about the company’s future, saying: “When we put all these brands onto one page for the first time, everyone immediately recognized the strength of the combined companies and the benefit for our customers. We see a great opportunity in both the technologies and solutions on offer now and in the potential for future product and service development. There is clearly hard work ahead of us, but the amazing people in this new group are excited to create something truly exceptional by working together with the spirit of truly human leadership, the bedrock of Barry-Wehmiller Group.”
    (MWU MarquipWardUnited Inc. Corporate Headquarters)
    04.06.2014   BOBST success at Interpack mirrors its leading market position    ( Company news )

    Company news For BOBST, it was a premiere participation to Interpack, and it was a very successful one. “We were able to finalise projects, kick-off new ones, foster existing relationships and make new contacts with professionals of the industry,” comments Eric Pavone, BOBST Business Unit Web-fed Business Director, as he sums up the company’s participation in the exhibition. He also explains the reasons for the great interest in BOBST products: “Not only are we continuously improving the performance of our high-end solutions for mature markets, we are also extending our product offer for emerging markets. Last but not least, our customers appreciate our service capacities that have been expanded significantly over the last twelve months.”
    The Business Unit Web-fed of BOBST offers printing presses, laminators, web coating and metallizing lines for flexible materials as well as web-fed folding carton printing and inline converting equipment. Its ongoing commitment to the packaging markets worldwide and the strength of its product portfolio are reflected in the Business Unit’s 2013 record performance (+ 8.9 % compared to the already excellent results of 2012).
    The F&K 20SIX range of CI flexo presses recorded excellent market penetration in both mature and emerging markets, performing especially well in USA, Mexico, Middle East and China. Solid sales strengthened BOBST flexo leadership also in the pre-print and non-woven segments worldwide.
    In the flexible materials gravure printing global market, BOBST maintained its premiership mainly with its comprehensive Rotomec 4003 platform. Strongest sales were recorded mainly in Eastern Europe and South East Asia. BOBST Web-Fed Solutions in folding carton over-performed against sales targets due to a high level of investments in South East Asia. This reflects the well-balanced positioning of its range of LEMANIC printing lines.
    The portfolio of BOBST CL and SL laminating machines made progress in driving compelling sales in USA, Germany and Italy mainly for the high performance duplex and triplex converted products. In special coating, BOBST extrusion coating and lacquering equipment sales are growing for highly customized applications with high added value in Europe and the USA.
    Leveraging on the performance of its latest innovative products such as General K4000 and K5000, the range of vacuum metallizing solutions continues to make strong inroads into the converting segment, further consolidating BOBST’s leadership in this market sector.
    The level of business activity at Interpack has provided good evidence that sales should further increase in 2014 despite a challenging business environment and economic uncertainty.
    (Bobst Mex SA)
    04.06.2014   FORTRESS ANNOUNCES LABOUR COST REDUCTION PLAN    ( Company news )

    Company news Fortress Paper Ltd. ("Fortress Paper" or the "Company") (TSX:FTP) announces that it has approved an employee reduction plan that will result in a reduction of approximately 16% of the salaried staff in the Company's dissolving pulp segment, including senior management, middle management and clerical staff. The impact in cost savings is estimated at approximately $2.2 million per annum. These layoffs resulted from a management directive to immediately reduce labour costs as part of a comprehensive cost reduction initiative undertaken in response to the challenging dissolving pulp market.
    "Fortress Paper is facing extremely difficult market conditions for dissolving pulp and we firmly believe in the need to be proactive to control our future," stated Chadwick Wasilenkoff, Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Paper. "The reduction in labour costs announced is anticipated to save the Company over $2 million per year and is representative of management's efforts to improve the efficiency of the Company. While layoffs are unfortunate, they are a necessary and prudent measure in these difficult times."
    (Fortress Paper Ltd)
    04.06.2014   Graphic Packaging Holding Company Completes Acquisition of U.K.-Based Benson Group    ( Company news )

    Company news Highlights
    -Acquisition enhances Graphic Packaging's European platform by broadening its offerings in food and consumer products and extending the business into the store brand market
    -Combination creates a $700+ million business in Europe
    -Acquisition complements Graphic Packaging's existing food and beverage business in Europe and provides an opportunity to further integrate our SUS® paperboard
    -Expected to generate $5-$7 million of synergies over the next 18 months

    Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), a leading provider of packaging solutions to food, beverage and other consumer products companies, announced that that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of the business of Benson Group, a leading food and healthcare packaging company based in the United Kingdom.
    "We are pleased to welcome the Benson customers and employees into Graphic Packaging," said David Scheible, Graphic Packaging's Chairman, President and CEO. "The strong presence of Benson Group in the store brand market complements Graphic Packaging's existing strengths in the consumer and beverage markets. I know that together we will set new industry standards for quality, customer service and innovation," adds Scheible.
    The combination of Benson Group and Graphic Packaging's existing European businesses is expected to greatly enhance Graphic Packaging's folding carton business in Europe, with sales in excess of $700 million. "This combination allows us to broaden our customer base and to offer our current global customers a wider range of new products and services. Like our strategy in the United States, we are committed to growing our European business around food and beverage end markets and optimizing our supply chain footprint around our customers' needs," added Scheible.
    Benson Group brings more than 200 customers and approximately 940 employees to Graphic Packaging, and operates four folding carton facilities in the United Kingdom that convert approximately 80,000 tons of paperboard annually.
    (Graphic Packaging Holding Company)
    04.06.2014   PulPaper - Day 2     ( Company news )

    Company news This happened yesterday at PulPaper 2014 - Opening Day:
    Number of visitors on Tuesday 3 June: 3161

    The first day of PulPaper 2014 had a lot to offer its participants.
    The official event Opening Ceremony attracted several hundred attendees and offered a solid program which started off with musical entertainment and continued with talks from Martti Savelainen, Chairman of the board of PI, and Marco Mensink, Deputy Director General of CEPI, and a very appreciated panel discussion between business leaders and students.
    The exhibition floor was buzzing with expectant visitors and exhibitors. Conference sessions, Paper Square presentations and talks from the Company and Products presentations stage were all in popular demand and left the audience with new valuable knowledge and insights.
    The PulPaper After Work was well attended and gave the PulPaper participants a well deserved and relaxed few hours with networking, mingling, nice food and drink in combination with live music from the Paper Square stage and the restaurant Olut & Wursti. Several exhibitors entertained their customers at their stands.
    The PulPaper Award was presented to the happy recipient, Professor Ali Harlin, co-ordinator of the Bioeconomy Transformation project at VTT. Professor Harlin was honored with the award for having generated trust in the development of the pulp and paper industries and for having lead the way with creativeness. Professor Harlin has also been a rigorous spokesman both in Finland and abroad for the necessity of change in the forest industry and the potenital of wood biomass when designing and developing products from the viewpoint of sustainable development.

    So what happens today at PulPaper 2014?
    • Opening hours 9-17
    • The Paper Square program begins at 10 am with Heiki Ilväspää, Vice President at UPM Biomaterials talking about UPM Biomaterials - design meets performance. The day at the Paper Square will continue with presentations from top management.
    • The afternoon session at Biofuture for Mankind Conference brings up the topic 'Biomass - avenue for business' and biorefineries. Ed de Jong from Avantium Chemicals, The Netherlands, will share his view on this topic and Thomas E. Amidon, SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry, USA, will talk about the future prospects.
    • At the Company and Product Presentations stage in the exhibition hall, companies will present their latest news and innovations. Programme goes on all day.
    • Have a casual business meeting, tend to your inbox or just rest your feet at the Tieto Business Centre, equipped with free WLAN.
    • Stop by the Media Partner Center and get updated on industry news and meet representatives from our carefully selected media representatives from around the world.

    PI 100th anniversary Gala Evening
    Tonight is the night for the industry celebration of 2014! The 100th anniversary of PI - Paper Engineers' Association - will be celebrated in style with a spectacular gala evening in the Helsinki Music Centre. The dark suit gala dinner begins at 19:00, tickets have been bought in advance and are sold out since a while back.
    We wish PI a happy 100th anniversary and everyone a fantastic evening!

    Enjoy your day at PulPaper 2014!
    (Adforum AB)
    04.06.2014   PulPaper Award to Professor Ali Harlin    ( Company news )

    Company news The PulPaper Award together with a grant of 5000 euros from the Finnish Fair Foundation were granted to Professor Ali Harlin from VTT. Professor Harlin is coordinating the Bioeconomy Transformation project.
    -The name Ali Harlin has recently popped up in several projects where replacements for plastic and oil-based products are sought from the use of wood biomass. Professor Harlin has also been a rigorous spokesman both in Finland and abroad for the necessity of change in the forest industry and the potential of wood biomass when designing and developing products from the viewpoint of sustainable development, states Pirkko Molkentin-Matilainen, president and CEO of PI Paper Engineers Association.
    The PulPaper Award is granted to a person who generates trust in the development of the pulp and paper industries and leads the way with creativeness. In addition, the awarded person has promoted the industry with his/her own actions, ideas and by being an active spokesman for the industry. Characteristics for the winner are uniqueness, boldness, the ability to stand out and the courage to be a pioneer.
    - The forest based economy has gone through a reformation every 70 years - now it is again time for a change. The forest industry is thriving globally and the diminished consumption of paper is visible especially clearly in Finland. Thus Finland has developed into a forerunner in the forest-based bioeconomic research. This structural change has brought about new innovations from the use of energy to the use of materials. These innovative solutions are resulting in raw material efficiency, better turnover and renewed product selections, which lead to overall stability, summarises Professor Harlin.
    (Paperi-insinöörit ry / Paper Engineer's Association)
    03.06.2014   FiberMark Introduces Luxurious Product Portfolio for Upscale Health & Beauty Packaging     ( Company news )

    Company news FiberMark, a global leader in manufacturing innovative paperboards, fiber-based specialty covering materials and print media for world-leading brands, announces an innovative new portfolio of folding carton, turned-edge and bag stock products specifically engineered to meet the design demands of the upscale health & beauty packaging market.
    The dramatic visual and tactile appeal of FiberMark packaging materials draws attention to products in the retail environment and significantly drives sales---a must for upscale brands. With thousands of texture, finish and color combinations (including duplex options), FiberMark’s substrates are enhanced by the deep, rich color saturation of the products throughout the sheet, eliminating glaring white edges and ensuring color consistency from lot to lot.
    “Color is often an integral part of brand identity. With today's international supply chains and multi-site manufacturing, maintaining color consistency from site-to-site can often be a challenge for the folding carton packaging printer and converter,” notes Dr. Robert Conforti, Senior Vice-President, New Business Development. “Manufactured using precision color control processes, FiberMark's dyed-through premium packaging provides the solution to these technical challenges.”
    FiberMark’s packaging materials also offer superior decoration and performance characteristics for printers and converters, with custom sheet sizes available to help maximize yield per sheet, and rigid paperboards that are available in a wide variety of calipers, making it possible to eliminate liners. These premium boards and luxury covering materials are strong and durable while providing a stylish, refined alternative to white SBS.
    “FiberMark is dedicated to providing designers with an extensive array of premium packaging and luxury covering materials that reflect and enhance the value of high-end brands,” said Dr. Conforti. “We are pleased to introduce this new collection of decorative paperboards, bag stocks and covering materials that bring sophisticated visual appeal coupled with superior performance to upscale health and beauty brands.”
    (FiberMark North America Inc.)
    03.06.2014   Smooth start-up of first MoveRoll® Kicker    ( Company news )

    Company news In two years of intense development work, we have developed a revolutionary pneumatic Kicker. Now, the first MoveRoll® Kicker has been assembled at a paper mill in Kemi, Finland.
    Compact in size and unique in design, the new kicker features robust sliding rails that kick the roll horizontally onto the next conveying device. MoveRoll Kicker is the first unit which can replace the stand-alone standard kicker and offers several benefits over the latter. A major benefit of MoveRoll Kicker is increased safety: When rolls are about to be kicked and during the actual kicking process, MoveRoll Kicker flashes a clearly visible warning light. Increased savings are another important benefit of MoveRoll Kicker: Depending on the application, MoveRoll Kicker can reduce the energy consumption of up to 75%, compared to traditional kickers. Furthermore, easy installation and maintenance allow for savings in installation and maintenance costs.
    The first project at the mill has been started by Mikko Rantanen, the CEO of MoveRoll.“Smooth start-up, understanding customer demands as well as learning more is so important with new innovations. So I feel my duty to be here, starting the first unit personally”, says Mikko.

    MoveRoll Kicker on display at PulPaper in Helsinki!
    We will showcase MoveRoll Kicker during PulPaper 2014in Helsinki. Visit our booth 6b19 for a great conversation on how we can help you to make paper roll handling easier than ever before and find out, why we are convinced that MoveRoll Kicker will revolutionize the way paper rolls are kicked!
    (MoveRoll Oy)
    03.06.2014   Voith launches high-performance press fabric with faster saturation    ( Company news )

    Company news The new Velocity press fabric Voith has introduced to the market offers impressively quick start-up and features a special yarn system allowing it to consistently maintain its dewatering performance and void volume over the entire operating life.
    The special yarn structure results in better pressure distribution over the entire width of the fabric, enabling Velocity to absorb water faster and reach a higher saturation more quickly. As a result, the desired hydraulic nip pressure is achieved in an efficient manner, which in turn guarantees optimum dewatering and superb paper quality.
    For even better results, Velocity can also be supplied with a Vector module, a three-dimensional non-woven component that increases the void volume of the fabric while retaining its compressibility. Moreover, Velocity has smaller pores than conventional press fabrics, generating a higher flow velocity in the fabric and thus preventing dirt from depositing on its surface. This self-cleaning function has a positive effect on paper quality.
    Velocity can be used for the manufacture of graphic paper and tissue as well as a range of applications for producing board and packaging papers. Voith offers the press fabric in three variants. Thanks to its modular concept it can be customized to the specific requirements of each application.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    03.06.2014   Tuesday 3 June: PULPAPER OPENING DAY     ( Company news )

    Company news Today at PulPaper:
    • Doors open up at 9 am - WELCOME!
    • At 10 to 12 am the official event Opening Ceremony will take place in the Congress Wing. Watch it being streamed live to the big screen at the Paper Square stage on the exhibition floor.
    • The Paper Square program begins at 12 am, right after the Opening Ceremony. Listen to presentations from top management of large companies.
    • The Biofuture for Mankind conference starts at 13:30 in the congress wing and the topic for the afternoon is Bioeconomy.
    • The IMPC 2014 International Mechanical Pulping Conference starts at the same time, 13:30, also in the congress wing. The IMPC Poster Presentation Award will be presented to the best poster presentation held yesterday. Participants of PulPaper are encouraged to visit the IMPC poster presentation in the congress wing of Messukeskus. See programme above.
    • At the Company and Product Presentationstage in the exhibition hall, companies will present their latest news and innovations. Programme goes on all day.
    • The PulPaper After Work starts at 16:30 with food, drink and live music. The get-together will be concentrated mainly to the Paper Square and the restarurant Olut & Wursti, but also to several exhibitor stands that will have gatherings of their own. Everyone is welcome, entrance is free of charge. Buy your food ticket for 20 EUR at the Event Office or at the Paper Square Café. The PulPaper Award will be presented at 17:00 from the Paper Square stage.
    • Stop by the Media Partner Center and get updated on industry news and meet representatives from our carefully selected media representatives from around the world.
    • Have a casual business meeting, tend to your inbox or just rest your feet at the Tieto Business Centre, equipped with free WLAN.

    Most Welcome to the opening day of PulPaper 2014!
    (Adforum AB)
    02.06.2014   Press Release on the Open House event held by Bieling & Petsche Stanzformen GmbH in ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Elixhausen near Salzburg.

    In December 2013, cutting die manufacturer Bieling & Petsche Stanzformen GmbH , with its Salzburg-based production site, moved into new company premises in Elixhausen near Salzburg, having made a conscious decision to continue manufacture at two production locations in Austria. The pivotal factors for this were the proximity to the customer base, the specialised skills of the workforces in Grödig and Vienna and, not least, the social responsibility the company has towards its employees. At the two locations in Elixhausen and Vienna, Bieling & Petsche is operating in its own properties and each facility has a floor space of 1,100 m².
    On 16 May 2014, the company formally presented the new building in Elixhausen to international customers with an Open House event. Approximately 150 visitors attended – from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Italy – and they gained a positive impression of the company’s performance ability. Alongside presentations and specialist talks held in the marquee, attendees were able to fully exploit the opportunity to witness the daily routines of a diemaker. Staff members were on hand to explain their individual work steps and techniques, enabling them to be easily grasped – literally. Many of these customers experienced live for the first time how their tooling comes into being and how much outlay is put into the technology required in order to guarantee consistently perfect quality.
    In his welcome address, Managing Director and majority shareholder Gerald Minniberger naturally included details about the history of his company. We learned, for example, that the company was founded in Grödig on 21 February 1972 by Messrs Winfried Bieling and Günther Petsche. In 1979, the first laser system for die production in Austria was installed. Special mention should be made here that this was actually an in-house development. During the years that followed, laser systems, plotters and rule processing equipment were developed and constructed in Salzburg and marketed across the whole of Europe. Their first customer was the company known today as DieVision Holding B.V. in Holland; when the equipment was installed in 1980, this marked the beginning of a long-standing, close working relationship and friendship between both diemakers. So it was not surprising that Frans Valkenburg, the owner of the DieVison Group with plants in Holland, Belgium and Poland, was amongst the visitors at the Open House.
    Gerald Minniberger, who has been running the Bieling & Petsche operations since 1996, continued to explain that his company now has four laser systems with a total capacity of 8,500 watts, plus 10 rule bending machines, two cutting machines for straight rules, three high pressure water systems for processing rubber, three milling cutters for Pertinax and steel as well as three special installations for producing stripping tools. At each plant, both flat form and rotary tools are built. The range of services offered also includes stripping and blank separation tools. At the same time as the move into the new building in Elixhausen, the diemaking company Andreas Moser Laserstanzformen GmbH was also acquired and integrated into the new location. This was achieved with the full support of Andreas Moser who is currently plant manager at Elixhausen.
    An additional milestone in Bieling & Petsche’s development was reached in 2012. This was the year when CITO-SYSTEM GmbH joined the company as a partner. This business relationship is also based on a long-standing friendship between both company heads who used to work together back in the 80s and is associated with the marketing and development of laser systems.
    During his presentation, company director and partner of CITO-SYSTEM GmbH, Jürgen Marien, focused on the collaboration within the Die Future Group. This is a development alliance where CITO works together with the European diemakers already mentioned in this article. Mr Marien talked about the joint developments that have already been implemented in the tooling used by Bieling & Petsche and the DieVision Group. Due to the market demand of the diecutting industry, these developments are increasingly being used by other diemakers. Whilst the current projects were being presented, two subject areas aroused particular interest amongst the visitors at the Open House event: the compact measuring devices for die-cut products which were introduced and the project for an alternative base sheet material for cutting dies. The Die Future Group is working on a new material which possesses a much better dimensional stability than wood, is also lighter than wood and which in addition should show a big improvement in terms of being CO2 neutral. Jürgen Marien then continued by stating that he anticipates the first cutting dies made with this material to be in production in 2014.
    The Open House event continued until the following day. On Saturday 17 May 2014, neighbours from Elixhausen, friends of the company and staff family members were given the opportunity to get to know the plant better. The employees’ offspring were particularly interested to find out all the things their dads have to deal with during the working day! Throughout both days, additional excitement was provided in the form of an archery tournament. No-one was surprised when Friday’s winner was a customer from Switzerland, because he was simply carrying on the tradition of William Tell. Musical entertainment was provided on the Friday by the upbeat songs of cabaret artist Walter Martetschläger.
    02.06.2014   Rayonier Board of Directors Approves Separation of Rayonier Advanced Materials    ( Company news )

    Company news Board Approves Distribution of Rayonier Advanced Materials Stock

    Picture: Paul Boynton, Chairman, President and CEO of Rayonier Inc.

    Rayonier Inc. (NYSE:RYN) announced that its Board of Directors has approved the separation of its Performance Fibers business, which will be known as Rayonier Advanced Materials, and declared a special dividend distribution of all outstanding shares of Rayonier Advanced Materials common stock to Rayonier’s shareholders.
    “Today’s announcement is a major milestone in the completion of our separation,” said Paul Boynton, Chairman, President and CEO. “Rayonier and Rayonier Advanced Materials will soon be independent, industry-leading publicly traded companies, each with its own opportunities to maximize value for our shareholders.”
    The Board of Directors approved a distribution of one share of Rayonier Advanced Materials common stock for every three common shares of Rayonier held by Rayonier shareholders. Cash will be paid in lieu of fractional shares. The distribution will be effective on June 27, 2014 for shareholders of record as of the close of business on June 18, 2014.
    After the distribution, Rayonier Advanced Materials will be an independent, publicly-traded company and Rayonier will retain no ownership interest in Rayonier Advanced Materials. Rayonier Advanced Materials common stock is expected to begin regular trading on or about June 30, 2014 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol RYAM. Rayonier will continue to trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol RYN.
    Distribution of the stock dividend is subject to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) having declared effective Rayonier Advanced Materials’ Registration Statement on Form 10, as amended, which Rayonier Advanced Materials has filed with the SEC. The special dividend distribution is subject to the conditions set forth in the Separation and Distribution Agreement between Rayonier and Rayonier Advanced Materials, which has been filed as an exhibit to Rayonier Advanced Materials’ Registration Statement on Form 10.
    The distribution is also contingent upon receipt of a private letter ruling from the IRS confirming that the distribution of shares to U.S. shareholders will be tax-free. However, cash paid in lieu of fractional shares may be subject to federal income tax.
    No action is required by Rayonier shareholders to receive shares of Rayonier Advanced Materials common stock in the distribution. Rayonier intends to distribute an information statement to all shareholders entitled to receive the distribution of shares of Rayonier Advanced Materials common stock in June 2014. The information statement is an exhibit to Rayonier Advanced Materials’ Registration Statement on Form 10, which describes Rayonier Advanced Materials and the risks associated with owning Rayonier Advanced Materials common stock, as well as other details regarding the separation.
    After the separation, Rayonier will own and operate the company’s existing Forest Resources and Real Estate businesses. Rayonier will be a geographically diverse forest resources company with 2.6 million acres of high-quality timberlands, including approximately 200,000 acres well situated for real estate development along coastal Florida and Georgia. The company will maintain its status as a tax-efficient Real Estate Investment Trust. The company intends to maintain its strong balance sheet and pay a competitive dividend to its shareholders and expects to retain an investment-grade credit profile.
    Rayonier Advanced Materials will be the world’s leading producer of high-value specialty cellulose fibers, with proprietary cellulose chemistry expertise and manufacturing process knowledge developed over 85 years. The company’s primary production facilities in Florida and Georgia manufacture a wide range of customized high purity products, using both hardwood and softwood. The company is expected to continue to generate strong cash flows and to pay a dividend competitive with its peer group. Rayonier Advanced Materials has secured a BB+/Ba2 grade credit rating.
    (Rayonier Inc.)
    02.06.2014   Jacobs Receives Contract from P.T. OKI for Chlorine Dioxide Plant in Indonesia    ( Company news )

    Company news Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE:JEC) announced that it was awarded a contract by P.T. OKI Pulp and Paper Mills for the design and supply of an integrated chlorine dioxide plant for its pulp mill project in South Sumatra, Indonesia.
    Officials did not disclose the contract value, but noted that when completed, the plant is anticipated to produce 172 metric tonnes of chlorine dioxide per day, making it the largest chlorine dioxide plant ever built. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned in 2016.
    Under the terms of the contract, Jacobs is designing and engineering the plant, supplying key equipment and materials including Jacobs’ proprietary Chemetics® equipment, and providing technical services for plant erection, operator training, commissioning and testing.
    In making the announcement, Jacobs Group Vice President Terry Hagen stated, “We are pleased to build upon our successes in supplying several chlorine dioxide plants to clients in Indonesia since the 1980s, and look forward to providing quality and value to P.T. OKI on this significant project.”
    (Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.)

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