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Kadant Lamort SAS

Stock Preparation.
Kadant is a worldwide leader in supplying process systems and equipment to produce high quality white and brown grades of paper.

Paper machine Accessories.
Complete solutions in the following areas: doctoring, creping, profiling, cleaning and conditioning, filtration, forming.

Kadant Lamort SAS
39 rue de la Fontaine Ludot    P.O. Box 30046
51300 Vitry-le-François Cedex    France
Tel +33 (3) 26748080    Fax +33 (3) 26720833

FranciaVitry le François

Dirección:  39 rue de la Fontaine Ludot, 51302 Vitry le François Cedex.

Dirección de correo: CS 30046, 51302 Vitry le François Cedex

Teléfono: +33 (3)

Telefax: +33 (3)



Propietario: Kadant Luxemburg SARL

Presidente: Alain Serres

Directeur Fiberline/Fiberline Director: Thierry Le Guillou

Directeur Paperline/Paperline Director: Kevin Callus

Directeur Achats et Projets Engineering/Procurement and Project Engineering Director: Jindrich Pichl

Directeur Marketing/Marketing Director: Alain Lascar

Capital: EURO 3 212 420

Cifra anual: EURO 24 mill

Año de la fundación: 1908

Personal: 138

Programa de entrega: Racles et lames de racles, presses à vis, agitateurs à hélices, installations de conditionnement de feutre et de toiles, pompes à vide, pompes à pâte, machines et installations de préparation de pâte, rinceurs, installations de désencrage, installations de recyclage de vieux papiers, épurateurs, pulpeurs, épaississeurs, injecteurs d'air, injecteurs de vapeur, installations de crêpage, système de contrôle et d'amélioration du profil de feuille, réhumidificateurs de feuilles .
DPulpers low consistency, Helico and HeliDrumB pulper high consistency, dumping poire, Hydrapurge, Hydraflow, cleaning poire, drum screens, Centripetal and centrifugal pressure screens, multistage pressure screens ScreenOne, FiberNet, fractionators, full range of wedge wire fiberwall baskets for all screens and all applications, full range of stock preparation equipment and complete recycling installation for OCC line and for deinking processes, flotation cells and dissolved flotation unit, high low and medium consistency forwards cleaners, light weight cleaners Xtrem and Gyroclean, disc filters, drum thickeners, double wire press, screw presses, wet lap machines, disc refiners, deflakers, reject handling processes and equipment's, water filtration machines, gravity strainer, Petax filter, barrel filters, accessories for paper machines, doctors and doctor blades, wire and felt conditioning systems, wire and felt guides, steam showers, steam and air injectors, web profile control system, rotary joints and unions, high speed precision unions, multi-passage unions, syphon systems, thermocompressors, desuperheaters, steam systems, dryer management controls, vacum breakers, steam and air separators, pressure powered pumps, sight flow indicators, heat exchangers, direct injection heaters, flexible metal hose, air management systems. Brand names: Dpulper, Hydrapurge, Hydraflow, Helico, Helisoft, ScreenOne, FiberNet, Diabolo, UV Screens, Floatpurger, MAC Cell, MAK C, Fiber Wall baskets, Pure refiner, Xtrem, Gyroclean Scanjet, Lodding, A.E.S., Vickery Products, Thermo Web Systems, Black Clawson, Lamort, Cyclotech, Johnson, Fluiten, MClean