Vimpex Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Austria, Wien: Details

Vimpex Handelsgesellschaft mbH



Address:  Kärntner Ring 4, 1010 Wien.

Telephone: +43 (1) 50 15 10

Telefax: +43 (1) 50 15 11



Owners: Mag. Oussama Kuzbari; Mag. Louai Kuzbari

General Manager: Mag. Oussama Kuzbari; Mag. Louai Kuzbari

Employees: 27

Delivery program: Publikationspapiere, Druck- und Feinpapiere, Verpackungskarton, Verpackungspapiere, einseitig beschichtete Etikettenpapiere, Spezialpapiere .
Publication paper - improved newsprint, newsprint, machine finished speciality MFS, LWC magazine paper, MWC magazine paper, coated mechanical paper, SC mechanical, telephone directory; printing and fine paper - book paper, bond paper, business paper, business forms, uncoated woodfree offset paper, coated woodfree art paper, photocopy paper, continuous form paper, manifold paper, carbonless paper, letterhead paper, cable paper, testament paper, bible paper, thin print paper; Packaging board - cartonboard, corrugating liner, corrugating barrier liner, folding boxboard FBB (GC1/GC2/ivory board), solid bleached board SBS, coated kraft board, duplex gray back board, PE coated board, aluminium laminated board, uncoated cupstock and PE coated cupstock, platestock, gray board, solid board, detergent board; Packaging paper - MG/MF kraft paper bleached/unbleached, extensible sack kraft paper bleached/unbleached, natural kraft paper bleached/unbleached, one side coated paper, food wrapping paper, sackkraft paper, wrapping and bag paper; One side coated label paper - label paper, wet-strength label paper; Speciality paper - PE coated paper, aluminium laminated paper, butter paper, greaseproof paper, poster paper, silicon paper, abrasive paper, cigarette paper, coreboard, envelope paper, flexible packaging paper, insulation paper, metallizing base paper, release paper, cigarette paper plus ryo paper, security paper, self adhesive paper, synthetic paper, thermal paper, plug paper, twisting paper, Absorbex® paper, foaming paper, cone cup paper, ice cream cone paper, ice cream cup paper, cigarette inner liner paper, glassine paper, tea filter paper, reinforced PP paper, absorbing craft paper, cooling pads paper, baking paper

Activities: Exporteur/Importeur, Vertretung. Exporter/Importer, Agent


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