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News - Mondi Europe & International Division

Newsgrafik #122568

Mondi Group Full year results for the year ended 31 December 2018  (Company news)

• Strong financial performance on all key metrics
---Revenue of €7,481 million, up 5%
---Underlying EBITDA of €1,764 million, up 19%
---Underlying operating profit of €1,318 million, up 28%
---Basic underlying earnings of 189.1euro cents per share, up 27%
---Profit before tax of €1,105 million, up 25%
---Recommended full year ordinary dividend of 76.0euro cents per share, up 23%
• Robust operational performance and strong cost control across the Group
• Capital investment projects on track and delivering growth
---Successful start-up of the modernisation of Stetí (Czech Republic)
---Focused capital investment project pipeline in progress, securing future growth
• Good progress integrating acquisitions, total spend €424 million
• Well positioned with sustainable packaging solutions portfolio
• Announced intention to simplify corporate structure
• Delivering against our 2020 Growing Responsibly commitments

Peter Oswald (photo), Mondi Group Chief Executive Officer, said:
"Mondi delivered a strong performance in 2018, with underlying EBITDA up 19% to €1,764 million. We benefited from good demand across our fibre packaging businesses, higher average selling prices and the contribution from our recent acquisitions. I am particularly pleased to report on a robust operating performance, delivering productivity gains and strong cost containment, mitigating the inflationary pressures on our cost base.

We continue to make good progress in delivering value accretive growth and enhancing the ongoing cost competitiveness of our operations through our capital expenditure programme. During the fourth quarter of 2018, we successfully started up the €335 million modernisation of our kraft paper facility in Stetí and we received the final permits to proceed with our investment in a 300,000 tonne kraft top white machine at our Ružomberok mill (Slovakia), while work to upgrade the pulp mill at the same site is progressing well. Expansionary capital expenditure projects at a number of our packaging operations and the integration of acquisitions completed in the year will further enhance our production capabilities and product offering to customers.

In November 2018, we announced a proposal to simplify our dual listed structure into a single holding company structure under Mondi plc, which we believe will streamline cash and dividend flows, enhance our strategic flexibility, increase transparency and remove the complexity associated with the current structure.

Looking ahead, while there are macro-economic uncertainties, we remain confident in the structural growth drivers in the packaging sectors in which we operate. Pricing is mixed going into 2019, with recent price reductions in containerboard grades and market pulp and stronger pricing in our kraft paper markets. During 2019, we are planning longer maintenance and project related shuts, while looking forward to the incremental contribution from recently completed major capital projects and acquisitions.

Mondi is uniquely positioned to develop sustainable packaging solutions. With our robust business model, strong balance sheet, focus on leveraging key industry trends of sustainability, e-commerce and enhancing brand value, and culture of continuously driving performance, we continue to look to the future with confidence.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #121955

Mondi takes a leading role with eight wins at the Worldstar Awards  (Company news)

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper has had its market-leading products recognised with eight awards at the WorldStar Packaging Awards. Open to packaging organisations from across the world, the competition acknowledges the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the market. Judges look for sustainable solutions to packaging challenges, demonstration of enhanced user convenience and reduced material waste.

The eight Mondi products announced as winners are:
-Glass7Box (photo) in the Household category from Mondi Austria
-Recyclable waste separation system in the Household category from Mondi Poland
-Side Support in the Transit category from Mondi Turkey
-Packaging closing optimization in the Transit category from Mondi Czech Republic
-Pick Up Tray in the Point of Sale category from Mondi Turkey
-Pallet utilization support system in the Other category from Mondi Czech Republic
-Yoghurt tray with tear tape in the Food category from Mondi Czech Republic
-BarrierPack Recyclable in the Packaging materials & components category from Mondi Germany

Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Packaging, said: “Mondi has been entering the WorldStar awards for a number of years and it is a pleasure to see how understanding of our capabilities has grown from strength to strength. Eight wins is testament both to the hard work and dedication of our R&D teams and the drive for sustainable innovations which is truly engrained in our DNA. I’m especially pleased for the team in Corrugated Packaging who have beaten their previous record of five awards with seven wins this year. We look forward to the awards ceremony in May.”

All of the winning products have robust sustainability credentials. The multi award-winning, BarrierPack Recyclable is a 100% recyclable flexible plastic laminate. A number of the products ensure a maximisation of space or capacity such as the ‘pallet utilization support system’, a simple system to fill voids in stacking pallets, and the ‘pick up tray’ which substitutes wooden baskets for corrugated cardboard trays that allow for a 71% heavier load. Other products, such as the ‘Glass7Box’ reduce waste through the creation of a universal packaging solution which can accommodate different products, in this case seven different types of wine glasses.

The Gala Awards Ceremony for the WorldStar Packaging Awards will be held on 15th May 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. Judging took place in China, during the WPO 2018 Board Meeting.

Further details on award-wining packaging
-Glass7Box: a corrugated box with a shock-absorbent structure created to accommodate different products. Designed for premium glass brand Riedel to reduce the complexity of the packaging process and offer greater flexibility when packing a broad range of products. Developed by Mondi Grünburg in Austria.
-Recyclable waste separation system: corrugated bins can be disposed along with the collected waste without additional costs for cleaning, return or maintenance. Developed by Mondi Warsaw in Poland.
-Side Support: an insert which acts as corner support when transporting heavy content, i.e. white goods. The product replaces EPS foam filler material offering better impact absorption during transit and as it is made of corrugated cardboard reduces CO2 emissions by 81%. Developed by Mondi Tire Kutsan in Turkey.
-Packaging closing optimization: a semi-automatic solution for closing the bottom of boxes which has the benefit of instant, tapeless closure suitable for high volume runs. The product saves 30% of time in the packaging process and has saved the initial customer c. 320km of plastic adhesive tape, equivalent to enough tape to go from Berlin to Prague or Munich to Venice. Developed by Mondi Bupak’s in the Czech Republic.
-Pick Up Tray: a simple yet functional design, that consists of just two fully recyclable pieces, a tray and handle that can carry a 71% higher product load (often food products). Developed by Mondi Tire Kutsan in Turkey.
-Pallet utilization support system: an easy-to-fold system that fills the voids in the top layer of pallets to support further stacking and therefore full utilisation of transport space. Despite its light weight, the pallet utilisation system has a robust structure which can withstand a top load of at least 746 kg, roughly equivalent to the weight of a giraffe. Mondi Bupak’s in the Czech Republic.
-Yoghurt tray with tear tape: a dividable corrugated tray for yoghurt. Its unique tear tape application is integrated into the tray in such a way that the two tray halves can easily be separated if needed. Mondi Bupak’s in the Czech Republic.
-BarrierPack Recyclable: a highly functional, fully recyclable and flexible plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and FFS rollstockfor food or other products made of PE film. Developed by Mondi Halle in Germany.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #121727

Eine vielversprechende Zukunft für Mondi Bupak und E-Commerce-Kunden in der ...  (Firmennews)

... Tschechischen Republik

Mondi Corrugated stellt Modernisierungspläne für die Positionierung seiner tschechische Produktionsstätte als hochmodernen E-Commerce-Knotenpunkt und
Innovationszentrum vor

Mondi plant weitere Investitionen in seine Produktionsstätte für Wellpappenverpackungen in Bupak, in der Tschechischen Republik, die bereits
in den letzten Jahren von beträchtlichen Investitionen profitiert hat. Durch diesen Ausbau wird die tschechische Produktionsstätte zu einem weiteren Flaggschiff der Mondi Gruppe im Bereich Wellpappenverpackungen.

„Der digitale Strukturwandel sorgt für rasche Veränderungen der Gesellschaft und unserer Konsumgewohnheiten. Insbesonders der Aufstieg des E-Commerce hat zu radikalen Veränderungen in der Verpackungsindustrie geführt. Aufgrund der wachsenden Nachfrage der Verbraucher, verlangt der wettbewerbsintensive tschechische Markt eine starke Präsenz bei Wellpappenverpackungen”, sagt Armand Schoonbrood, COO von Mondi Corrugated
Packaging. „Nachdem wir in jüngster Zeit in unsere mittel- und osteuropäischen Produktionsstätten Mondi Świecie und Mondi Simet investiert haben, ist der Ausbau unserer tschechischen Produktionsanlagen ganz einfach der nächste logische Schritt.”

Partnerschaft mit Kunden treibt Innovation voran
Die Investition in Höhe von 30 Millionen Euro, die voraussichtlich im Jahr 2020 abgeschlossen sein wird, umfasst die Installation einer hochmodernen Wellpappenanlage, um die Anforderungen der Kunden hinsichtlich fortschrittlicher und effizienterer Verpackungslösungen zu erfüllen. Mondi Corrugated Packaging zeichnet sich 2018 durch den Gewinn zahlreicher Innovationspreise im Bereich Verpackung aus. „Wir möchten diesen Trend fortsetzen und mit unseren Kunden zusammenarbeiten, um herkömmliche und
aktuelle Verpackungslösungen in Frage zu stellen und um kosteneffizientere, fortschrittlichere und nachhaltige Lösungen zu finden”, sagt Schoonbrood.

Das Angebot von Mondi Bupak richtet sich hauptsächlich an E-Commerce-Kunden, weshalb auch die Einrichtung eines „Customer experience centre“ geplant ist. Ein Team engagierter Design-Experten wird dem Kunden maßgeschneiderte Beratungsleistungen anbieten, einschließlich erstklassiger Simulationen für die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette: vom Papier zur Pappe, von der Pappe zum Karton und vom Karton bis zum Transport. Armand Schoonbrood erklärt: „Diese Investition wird Mondi Bupak in die Lage versetzen, Verpackungslösungen für alle denkbaren Herausforderungen zu liefern, vor denen unsere Kunden stehen können. Wir werden damit zur ersten Anlaufstelle für E-Commerce-Kunden auf dem tschechischen, deutschen und österreichischen Markt. Indem wir heute in unsere Produktionsstätte investieren, machen wir den Weg frei für die Perfektionierung der Verpackung von morgen.”

Die Investition wird die Produktionskapazität der Anlage verdoppeln, mit dem Ziel, jährlich mehr als 200 Millionen Quadratmeter Wellpappe zu produzieren.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #121478

Mondi enters market for 'Saturating Kraft' application with new paper grade  (Company news)

Mondi recently launched the new speciality kraft paper grade Advantage Boost for laminate applications on the European market

With the launch of Advantage Boost, Mondi is positioning itself as a new supplier of saturating base kraft papers for various decorative and compact laminates. Typical applications include internal and external building panels, worktops, flooring and shelving, as well as technical films for plywood. For converters, the new paper grade offers excellent uniformity, product consistency and optimised resin absorption.

According to Paulus Goess, sales director of Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper, “We are primarily targeting the markets for decorative and compact laminates in Europe in view of increasing demand arising from the current supply situation. For converters, our new offer increases paper availability. We are providing more volume to the market and bringing our services and experience as a long-standing paper and packaging company into the sector.”

After successful customer trials on the European market, Mondi is now officially launching the new paper grade. Functioning as a core layer in high pressure laminates (HPL) and continuously pressed laminates (CPL), and for use in technical films for plywood, Advantage Boost is available in multiple substances ranging from 60 to 120 g/m². It can be used in both high-end design products and everyday applications that call for maximum durability.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #121458

Mondi Group: Further re investment in new kraft top white machine  (Company news)

Update on Mondi’s investment in new 300,000 tonne kraft top white machine in Slovakia

Having recently obtained the necessary permitting, Mondi is proceeding with the investment in a new 300,000 tonne per annum kraft top white machine at Ruzomberok (Slovakia), with start-up expected towards the end of 2020.

Commenting on the project, Mondi Group CEO Peter Oswald (photo) said, “This investment provides an exciting opportunity for Mondi to leverage our cost advantaged mill in Slovakia to complement our portfolio and serve a growing market with innovative and sustainable containerboard solutions.”

The machine will produce a new and unique environmentally sound containerboard grade, kraft top white, which combines the strength, printability and appearance benefits of a white virgin fibre top layer with the economic advantages of a recycled fibre bottom layer. Its access to integrated bleached hardwood pulp production, scale and location benefits due to its brownfield nature will provide this machine a cost advantage difficult to replicate. Kraft top white will target the growing white top liner markets for applications such as shelf-ready packaging, point of sale displays, customised packaging, e-commerce, consumer durables and other specialised applications.

The related pulp mill upgrade at the same site is progressing according to plan with start-up expected in late 2019. This upgrade will debottleneck pulp production by 100,000 tonnes per annum, which will be integrated into the containerboard production once the new machine ramps up.

The total project cost has been revised to €340 million (up from €310 million), as a result of refinements to the machine’s technical concept and higher construction costs since the project was initially scoped. Group capital expenditure continues to be in line with our previous estimate of €700-800 million per annum in 2018 and 2019.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #121418

Gebackenes Hundefutter von MERA findet neues Zuhause in papierbasierter FlexziBox von Mondi  (Firmennews)

Papierbasierte FlexziBox vereint die Vorteile von Kunststoff mit der natürlichen Anmutung von Papier

Mondi hat das Konzept seiner bisher ausschließlich aus Kunststoff bestehenden FlexziBox-Verpackungen um eine neue, papierbasierte Produktreihe für Hundenahrung erweitert.

Als langjähriger Mondi-Kunde beliefert die MERA Tiernahrung GmbH, ein sozial engagiertes, mittelständisches Familienunternehmen in Kevelaer, die deutsche Handelsgruppe der Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH mit Petfood-Produkten der Eigenmarken.

„Der Wunsch von MERA war eine neuartige Verpackung, die die Vorteile eines Kunststoffbeutels – geringes Gewicht, hohe Barriereeigenschaften, attraktive Bedruckbarkeit und lange Lagerfähigkeit – mit der natürlichen Optik und Haptik von Papier verbinden sollte“, erläutert Fitore Loshaj, Regional Sales Germany, Austria & Switzerland bei Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging.

Also ging Mondi ans Werk und entwickelte für MERA eine brandneue Verpackung für Hundefutter in drei praktischen Größen, die zudem bedarfsgerecht auf die Anforderungen der Verbraucher zugeschnitten sind:
• 1 kg: eine Flachboden-FlexziBox mit Laserperforation für leichtes Öffnen und einem wiederverschließbaren Klettverschluss
• 3 kg: eine FlexziBox mit wiederverschließbarem Gleitverschluss
• 10 kg: eine FlexziBox mit Gleitverschluss sowie verdecktem Griff in der Seitenfalte

Alle drei Packungsgrößen werden aus einem Dreischicht-Verbund gefertigt: außen braunes Kraftpapier, in der Mitte transparenter Polyester (PET) und innen eine transparente Barriereschicht aus Polyethylen niedriger Dichte (LDPE). Ihre Wiederverschließbarkeit erhöht den Verbraucherkomfort und bewahrt die Frische der Tiernahrung. Die große Packung bietet außerdem einen integrierten Tragegriff. Und Papier, fügt Loshaj hinzu, hat den zusätzlichen Vorteil eines erneuerbaren Rohmaterials.

Die Papier/PET/PE-Struktur sichert eine zweckmäßige und innovative Verpackung mit verbraucherfreundlichen Merkmalen für die von MERA hergestellte Tiernahrung. Die innovative Verpackung unterstreicht außerdem die natürliche Qualität der in einem neuen Verfahren kross gebackenen Futternuggets.

„Wir wissen um die Kraft der Natur“, sagt Enes Tajic, Einkaufsleiter bei MERA Tiernahrung, „und legen besonderen Wert auf die Herkunft und Qualität aller Zutaten. Daher wollten wir eine Verpackung, die diese Prinzipien widerspiegelt. Mondi kümmerte sich darum und lieferte mit der papierbasierten FlexziBox eine ideale Lösung.“ Die neuen Produkte sind seit dem Frühjahr 2018 in allen Fressnapf/Maxizoo-Märkten und online unter dem Markennamen REAL NATURE Crafted Choice lieferbar.

Gestützt auf seine umfassende Erfahrung sowohl in Papier- als auch in Kunststoffverpackungen nutzt Mondi zur Produktion der innovativen neuen FlexziBox-Varianten zwei seiner Werke: Die Verarbeitung der Materialien erfolgt am Standort Steinfeld in Niedersachen, während das Bedrucken und Laminieren im Werk San Pietro in Gu bei Vicenza (Italien) stattfindet.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #121159

Mondi to showcase BarrierPack Recyclable, and a host of other ...  (Company news)

... packaging innovations at FachPack 2018

Latest developments boost the convenience factor for consumers

Picture: Mondi’s fully recyclable packaging material, BarrierPack Recyclable, drives circular economy forward. (Photo: Mondi, PR101)

Mondi, the global packaging and paper group, will highlight BarrierPack Recyclable, its fully recyclable plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and FFS roll stock, along with other innovative products targeting the ice cream, pet food, and food and beverages categories at the upcoming FachPack trade fair in Germany.

At the show –– to be held 25-27 September in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg –– Mondi will be at Booth 7-254 in Hall 7 to display a variety of products that enhance consumer convenience.

Mondi will partner with SN Maschinenbau GmbH –– based in Wipperfuerth, Germany –– to demonstrate the ease of processing BarrierPack Recyclable products. At booth 3A-242 in Hall 3A, SN German Pouch-Pack Technology will run the material on the FM 060 model –– an intermittent-working, horizontal, and rotary form/fill/seal (FFS) machine which can be customized for particular customer needs based on three basic machine variants (basic, premium and wet).

“We’ve been running samples of this Mondi laminate material, and are excited about its prospects to fill an important sustainability void in the market,” explained Oliver Betzer, SN’s global sales director. “At the show, we will produce filled and sealed pouches from rollstock to demonstrate the safety and the simplicity of the packaging process using Mondi’s BarrierPack Recyclable film combined with advanced SN machine technology.”

This collaboration between Mondi and SN underscores how they are taking a leadership position in developing more sustainable solutions that work in the production environment, contends Mondi. “The live demonstration at FachPack shows that Mondi and its partners have been doing, while competitors have been talking,” said Carl Stonley, Technical Account Manager at Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging, “Seeing is believing at trade shows. It’s one thing to say trials are likely to succeed, and another altogether to show them succeeding in real time.”

Offering convenience and sustainability
Earlier this year, Mondi added a barrier layer to BarrierPack Recyclable’s multilayer construction to provide a gas barrier that greatly extends the laminate’s breadth of potential applications. In addition to being fully recyclable and already providing a moisture barrier, the material offers exceptional mechanical properties and is suitable for a range of packaging style formats.

“Constructed using two layers of polyethylene film,” explains Stonley, “BarrierPack Recyclable is a highly functional, flexible, packaging material that’s easy to open and reclose for added consumer convenience.”

The material is stiffer, stronger and lighter than a conventional PET/PE laminate of the same thickness and it can be formed directly on form/fill/seal machines, as well as used for pre-made packaging. This past spring, the material was honoured as the “Best Technology Innovation in Plastics Recycling” at the 2018 Plastics Recycling Europe Awards in Amsterdam and just recently won the German Packaging Award in the category Sustainability.

“Our new laminate, BarrierPack Recyclable, is a leap forward for sustainable packaging,” said Stonley, “and we’re pleased to see others in the industry recognise that.”

An expanding packaging portfolio
While BarrierPack Recyclable may have pride of place on Mondi’s FachPack stand, it will hardly be the only noteworthy product on display, company officials note.

* Ice cream –– Mondi offers a large portfolio of complementary products for various ice cream and confectionary products, including convenient “easy-to-open solutions” that help to generate impulse purchases. As one of the capacity leaders in this sector, customers can consider Mondi as “one-stop shop” when it comes to ice cream packaging.

* Pet food –– Mondi has long served the pet-food sector with a broad range of solutions, and has a number of well-established customer relationships. Leveraging its “out of the box” thinking, it regularly partners with clients to develop innovative packaging developments for this market, which has generated new products such as premade plastic bags.

* Food and beverages –– Mondi continues to develop new packaging options for this sector that boost consumer convenience and contribute to more sustainable solutions. When it comes to coffee, for example, it offers aluminium-free packages, along with improved portion packaging. In the food arena, Mondi’s spouted pouches and SteamFast microwave cooking pouches fit perfectly into the busy lifestyles of people on the go.

For more information on any of these innovations, feel free to contact your local Mondi CPG representative, visit us or contact SN Maschinenbau online at or, or stop by either of our stands at FachPack. We’re here to make your life easier and more convenient!
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #120954

Premiere auf drei Fachmessen: Mondi zeigt BarrierPack Recyclable, Ultra-HD-Druck, ...  (Firmennews)

... den verbesserten SPLASHBAG und weitere Innovationen

FachPack – Nürnberg, Deutschland – 25. bis 27. September 2018
PACK EXPO International – Chicago, USA – 14. bis 17. Oktober 2018
Scanpack – Göteborg, Schweden – 23. bis 26. Oktober 2018

Das globale Verpackungs- und Papierunternehmen Mondi präsentiert im September und Oktober auf drei großen Fachmessen zahlreiche Innovationen, zu aktuellen Verpackungstrends und für den steigenden Bedarf an nachhaltigen Lösungen.

Bild: Der verbesserte SPLASHBAG von Mondi

Mondi wird viele seiner Top-Produkte sowie seine neuesten Lösungen für E-Commerce-Verpackungen, Convenience-Produkte, hochwertiges Design und andere Trends vorstellen. Die Nachhaltigkeit von Rohstoffen, Produktionsverfahren und Produkten ist zudem fester Bestandteil aller Geschäftsbereiche von Mondi.

Sara Sizer, Communication & Marketing Director der Mondi Gruppe, meint dazu: „Wir werden zeigen, dass wir bestens aufgestellt sind, um unseren Kunden als Berater und bevorzugter Innovationspartner zur Seite zu stehen. Weltweit steigen das Interesse und der Bedarf unserer Kunden an nachhaltigen Verpackungs- und Papierlösungen. Nachhaltigkeit ist kein Trend, sondern ein Muss – das zeigt sich auch bei den zentralen Themen auf allen Fachmessen.“

Mondi unterstützt die Nachhaltigkeit in der Branche beispielsweise durch das Sponsoring der Sustainability Awards 2018 von Packaging Europe, die im Rahmen der Scanpack vergeben werden.

Markteinführungen und verbesserte Produkte auf allen drei Fachmessen
Mondi wird auf allen drei Fachmessen ein neues Verpackungslaminat präsentieren: BarrierPack Recyclable verringert Kunststoffabfälle aus Verpackungen durch Recycling. Diese Kunststoffverbundfolie für vorkonfektionierte Beutel und FFS-Rollenware kann vollständig recycelt werden, ohne auf die bewährte Qualität und Funktionalität verzichten zu müssen. BarrierPack Recyclable gewann 2018 den Plastics Recycling Europe Award in der Kategorie „Beste technologische Innovation im Kunststoffrecycling“.

Sara Sizer: „Bei Mondi arbeiten wir am Aufbau einer Kreislaufwirtschaft, und diese recycelbaren Verpackungslösungen sind hervorragende Beispiele dafür, wie wir die Debatte über Kunststoffverpackungen durch kontinuierliche F&E-Arbeit und Partnerschaften in eine neue Richtung lenken.“

Mondi wird auch eine verbesserte Version seiner Marke perFORMing auf den Markt bringen. Dabei handelt es sich um ein naturbraunes, formbares Papier für Tiefziehschalen zur Verpackung von Lebensmitteln wie Käse, Fleisch oder Lachs. perFORMing kombiniert zwei Mondi-Materialien – das Papier Advantage Formable und eine neue von Mondi entwickelte Barrierebeschichtung – in einer neuartigen, patentierten thermoformbaren Verpackungslösung, die hervorragende Eigenschaften und optimale Formbarkeit bietet. Im Vergleich zu anderen Tiefziehschalen wird für perFORMing um bis zu 70 % weniger Kunststoff verwendet, und das Papier ist naturbraun und nicht braun eingefärbt.

Der verbesserte SPLASHBAG von Mondi wird ein weiteres Highlight auf allen drei Fachmessen sein. Dieser wasserabweisende geklebte Ventilbeutelsack eignet sich optimal für trockene, pulverförmige Materialien. Nach seiner Markteinführung 2015 wurde er laufend verbessert und ist heute wasserabweisender als je zuvor. Der Sack hält direktem Regen bis zu sechs Stunden stand und kann in feuchten Umgebungen bis zu fünf Tage lang gelagert werden, ohne dass das Füllgut durch Feuchtigkeit Schaden nimmt. Das ist eine Verbesserung um 50 % – von vier auf sechs Stunden – und setzt damit einen neuen Branchenstandard für Papiersäcke.

Weitere Produktpremieren auf der FachPack und der Scanpack
Besucher der FachPack und der Scanpack können sich selbst ein Bild von Mondis neuesten Lösungen für den E-Commerce machen. Die neuen Produkte bieten innovative Funktionen, die das Geschäftswachstum von Einzelhändlern unterstützen und den Endverbrauchern ein komfortables und entspanntes Einkaufserlebnis ermöglichen.

Die Mondi Vino Box® Sprint wurde speziell für Weinhändler entwickelt, da diese immer mehr Onlinebestellungen ausführen. Dieser Wellpappenkarton verfügt über eine integriertes Pop-up-Gefache. So können bis zu sechs Flaschen rasch verpackt und sicher versandt werden. Im Vergleich zu früheren Versionen dieser Verpackung wird der Karton mit dem Gefache nun in einem Stück geliefert. Der Versandkarton ist damit im Handumdrehen einsatzbereit. Dies spart wertvolle Zeit bei der Versandvorbereitung und ist eine rundum kosteneffiziente Lösung, mit der Onlinehändler noch besser von ihrem Marktwachstum profitieren können.

MailerBAG ist eine Versandtasche aus Papier für den Onlinehandel, die wiederverwendet und recycelt werden kann. Dank des doppelseitigen Klebebands mit einer Schutzfolie an der Lasche können Endverbraucher nicht gewünschte Artikel problemlos in derselben Versandtasche retournieren. Mondis Wellpappenkarton Re(Use) ist ähnlich konzipiert: Zwei Klebebänder und ein Aufreißstreifen erleichtern den Versand, das Öffnen und das Zurücksenden eines Pakets, ohne dass man dazu zusätzliche Hilfsmittel wie ein Klebeband oder eine Schere zur Hand haben muss. Nach der erfolgreichen Einführung in Deutschland und Polen wird dieser Versandkarton nun auch Kunden in anderen Ländern zur Verfügung stehen.

Auf der FachPack und der Scanpack wird Mondi sein neuestes Wellpappenrohpapier-Familienmitglied vorstellen: ProVantage Powerflute®. Dieses Papier, speziell für den sicheren Transport von Obst und Gemüse entwickelt, ist Branchenführer in Sachen Beständigkeit gegen Nässe und Feuchtigkeit. Es garantiert eine zuverlässigere Verpackungsleistung, insbesondere für den Langstreckentransport wertvoller Güter.

Mondi wird auf diesen Messen auch sein kürzlich eingeführtes Spezialkraftpapier Advantage Formable brown vorstellen. Dank der einzigartigen Papiereigenschaften, die eine symmetrische Verformbarkeit erlauben, eignet sich diese Papiersorte optimal für zahlreiche Verpackungsanwendungen im Nahrungsmittelbereich, wie etwa Tiefziehschalen.

Premieren auf der PACK EXPO: Ultra-HD-Druck, HYBRIDPRO und Peel Pak®
Auf der PACK EXPO wird Mondi den Ultra-HD-Druck auf dem US-amerikanischen Markt einführen. Dieses neue Druckkonzept mit einer hochentwickelten Separationstechnologie verleiht dem Flexodruck ein Höchstmaß an Klarheit. Die mit dieser Technologie erzielte fotografische Qualität nimmt es mühelos mit dem Tiefdruck auf, bietet aber die Betriebs- und Kostenvorteile des Flexodrucks. Die Druckauflösung entspricht mehr als 300 lpi (lines per inch). Mit dieser Innovation können Hersteller den wachsenden Bedarf an optimaler Druckqualität und kleineren Auflagen zu leistbaren Kosten decken. Der Ultra-HD-Druck wird für FlexziBox®, Mondis Produktlinie von wiederverschließbaren Beuteln, angeboten.

Mondi wird auch zwei Highlights unter den Industriesäcken vorstellen: Peel Pak® und HYBRIDPRO. Der Peel Pak® ist die ideale Wahl für die Verpackung von Trockenmilchprodukten und vergleichbaren Nahrungsmitteln unter Reinraumbedingungen. Er ist ein „Sack im Sack“: Der Innensack aus Polyethylen ist heißversiegelt und kann je nach Kundenwunsch von den äußeren Papierlagen komplett getrennt oder mit diesen verklebt sein. Lebensmittelsicherheit hat für Mondi Priorität: Alle zehn Industriesackwerke in Nordamerika sind nach dem Standard „Safe Quality Food“ (SQF) zertifiziert.

Als bewährter Lieferant des globalen Bausektors wird Mondi seinen preisgekrönten, hochwertigen HYBRIDPRO-Sack für Füllgut höchster Qualität auf der PACK EXPO präsentieren. Seit seiner Markteinführung im Jahr 2015 hat dieser wasserabweisende Papiersack bereits zahlreiche Branchenpreise und Auszeichnungen gewonnen. Der HYBRIDPRO ist das Ergebnis von Mondis fortlaufender F&E-Arbeit zur Entwicklung neuer Lösungen und engen Kooperationen mit Kunden. Er vereint das Beste aus zwei Welten: Er schützt das Füllgut wie ein Kunststoffsack und kann dennoch auf herkömmlichen Abfüllsystemen für Papiersäcke befüllt werden.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi: Half-yearly results for the six months ended 30 June 2018  (Company news)

• Strong financial performance
• • • Underlying EBITDA of €852 million, up 17%, with margin of 22.9%
• • • Profit before tax of €490 million, up 6%
• • • Basic underlying earnings of 89.2 euro cents per share, up 26%
• • • Cash generated from operations up 18%
• • • Return on capital employed 21.3%
• Excellent performance from Packaging Paper
• Good progress on major capital investment projects
• Integration of recent acquisitions on track, expanding the Group’s containerboard portfolio and network of industrial bag plants in high growth regions
• Interim dividend declared of 21.45 euro cents per share

Peter Oswald (photo), Mondi Group Chief Executive Officer, said:
“Mondi delivered a strong performance in the first half of 2018, with underlying EBITDA of €852 million, up 17% in the period. We benefited from good demand across our packaging businesses as well as higher average selling prices, while remaining focused on initiatives to drive performance and mitigate inflationary pressures on our cost base. We saw a strong operational performance across the pulp and paper businesses, with the exception of the extended shut at our Richards Bay mill (South Africa).

We continue to make good progress in securing future growth and ensuring the ongoing cost competitiveness of our operations through the delivery of our major capital expenditure programme of over €750 million, which is expected to contribute to earnings from 2019. The modernisation of our kraft paper facility in Steti (Czech Republic) is on track to start-up in late 2018 and work to upgrade the pulp mill at our Ruzomberok mill (Slovakia) has commenced, while we await final permits to proceed with our investment in a new 300,000 tonne kraft top white machine at the same site. We continue to make good progress on smaller capital expenditure projects at a number of our packaging operations, while integration of the recently completed acquisitions is progressing according to plan.

The trading environment remains positive going into the second half of the year, with pricing in key fibre based product segments remaining supportive. The second half of the year will be impacted by the usual seasonal downturn in Uncoated Fine Paper. We also expect continued pressure on the cost base across the Group, mitigated by our ongoing proactive and comprehensive cost reduction programmes.

Mondi is uniquely positioned to develop sustainable fibre and plastic based packaging solutions. With our robust business model, focus on leveraging key industry trends of sustainability, e-commerce and convenience, and culture of driving performance, we remain confident of sustaining our track record of delivering value accretive growth.”

Group performance review
Underlying EBITDA for the half-year ended 30 June 2018 of €852 million was up 17% compared to the first half of 2017. Stable volumes and higher prices more than offset higher costs, negative currency effects and the impact of maintenance shuts. The fibre based packaging value chain, comprising Packaging Paper and Fibre Packaging, was the main contributor to the improved performance, driven by a combination of higher prices and strong operational performance.

Revenue was up 4% on a like-for-like basis, supported by higher average selling prices across all our businesses and volume growth in Containerboard and Industrial Bags. Input costs were higher than the comparable prior year period with the notable exception of paper for recycling costs, with average European benchmark prices down 27% and 30% on the comparable prior year period and the second half of 2017, respectively. While there remains uncertainty, caused mainly by Chinese import policies, we are seeing signs of stabilisation in European paper for recycling markets, with benchmark prices holding steady during the second quarter and July. Wood costs were generally higher in local currency terms in northern and central Europe during the first half of the year. Energy costs were higher than the comparable prior year period driven by increasing commodity input prices. Cash fixed costs were higher as a result of inflationary cost pressures across the Group and the impact of mill maintenance shuts. Depreciation and amortisation charges were marginally lower during the period.

In June 2018, we completed the acquisition of Powerflute, an integrated pulp and paper mill in Kuopio (Finland) with an annual production capacity of 285,000 tonnes of high-performance semi-chemical fluting, for a total consideration of €363 million on a debt and cash-free basis. We are pleased with the progress made to date with the integration of this business, which further broadens our containerboard product portfolio and geographic reach.

In the first half of 2018, we completed a longer than anticipated annual maintenance shut at our Richards Bay mill, a maintenance shut at our Syktyvkar mill (Russia) and smaller shuts at some of our other mills. The balance of our maintenance shuts are scheduled for the second half of the year. Based on prevailing market prices, the full year impact on underlying EBITDA of the Group’s maintenance shuts is estimated at around €115 million (2017: €95 million) of which the first half effect was around €55 million (2017: €40 million).

Currency movements had a net negative impact on underlying EBITDA versus the comparable prior year period. The weaker US dollar had a net negative impact mainly on dollar denominated sales of a number of the Group’s globally traded products, while the weaker Russian rouble had a net negative impact on translation of the profits of the domestically focused Uncoated Fine Paper business.

Basic underlying earnings were up 26% to 89.2 euro cents per share, with strong improvement in underlying operating profit and lower net finance charges partly offset by an increase in the effective tax rate from 19% in the prior year period to 22% in the current period. After taking the effect of special items into account, basic earnings of 72.5 euro cents per share were up 1% on the comparable prior year period.

An interim dividend of 21.45 euro cents per share has been declared.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Packaging and paper trends at RosUpack signal changes in Russian market  (Company news)

Global packaging and paper group Mondi reports market-specific trends for Russia following its fifth year at RosUpack. This year, the major packaging exhibition in Moscow attracted about 23,000 visitors.

“At RosUpack 2018 we observed specific market trends for our partner industries, including retailers, packaging converters, and baby and personal care brands,” commented Albert Klinkhammer, head of public affairs at Mondi Group.

“Notably, Russian companies showed concrete and growing interest in the environmental sustainability of the packaging solutions we offer, including recyclability, light-weighting and renewable materials. We see this as a significant change for the Russian market. In addition to adapting product and packaging strategies for environmental sustainability, we also saw a rise in interest about packaging solutions for e-commerce and diapers, as well as premium quality printing papers.”

Here are the top trends from RosUpack 2018:
E-commerce market growth requires packaging that is durable and convenient
The Russian e-commerce market is expected to grow to almost 22 billion US dollars by 2020. The number of shoppers will grow from approximately 50 million in 2018 to 61.6 million by 2022, an increase of nearly 20% in four years. These trends were evident at RosUpack this year, where more visitors were looking for packaging designed specifically for e-commerce. These businesses should challenge packaging to optimise fulfilment as well as convenience for the end-user – for example, easy-open, tape-less closure for return shipment. Durability to protect the goods throughout long-distance transport, and attractive visual branding on or inside the packaging are other relevant aspects. Sustainability factors also matter, as brands look to prove eco-credibility with right sized, lighter and recyclable e-commerce packaging. Mondi introduced Re(use) to the Russian market, a recyclable corrugated e-commerce packaging solution with double hotmelt application. The first strip makes for process effective tape-less and easy closure at shipping. With the box being fully sealed, additional foil bag wrapping becomes obsolete. Consumers appreciat the convenient tear-open strip and easy re-closure via the second hotmelt strip for returns.

Growing diaper market makes local supply even more relevant
The Russian diaper market still has not reached its apex. Russia’s Minister of Industry and Trade reported that it could grow tenfold to 1.2 billion US dollars.The vast majority of diapers sold in Russia are manufactured locally. Some of these manufacturers came to RosUpack 2018 in search of local partners to produce outer packaging for their diapers and shorten lead times and reduce currency risks and import taxes. As well as high sealing strengths and excellent runnability on packaging lines, visitors were interested in high-quality printing and other features to support branding and increase shelf appeal.

Mondi’s plant in Aramil, southeast of Yekaterinburg, Russia, is a supplier of diaper packaging, with expertise in film extrusion, printing, lamination and bag converting. Here, Mondi produces custom wicket bags designed to give personal hygiene products high-impact shelf appeal. Along with high tensile and sealing strengths, these Mondi films and laminates run superbly on packaging lines.

Growing demand for premium paper for print marketing
While online sales and marketing continue to grow in Russia as elsewhere, a countertrend towards high-end printed materials for brand differentiation was also apparent at RosUpack 2018. Fair visitors were looking for high quality papers with unique technical and physical properties for a strong visual and sensory experience. Russia’s Bolshoi Theatre, for example, chose Mondi’s premium design paper PERGRAPHICA®, which is available in a variety of white shades and textures, for its programmes.

Infinite Black, a new paper offering in the PERGRAPHICA® portfolio received attention at RosUpack. With its rich black shade and smooth surface PERGRAPHICA® Infinite Black is designed for premium creative print and packaging applications, including shopping bags, covers or liners.

“PERGRAPHICA® is an amazing paper for creative designers. I am inspired to see at RosUpack the PERGRAPHICA “family” extension. We all are in touch with creative packaging every day – we like emotions triggered by receiving and giving gifts. Shopping bags, boxes, sleeves made out of PERGRAPHICA® Infinite Black make our gifts look fabulous from the first moment,” says Yuri Tikhonov, Managing Director of the Bolshoi Theatre printing house.

Global sustainable packaging trend arrives in Russia
Commercial inquiries at RosUpack 2018 revealed interest in environmentally sustainable packaging in the largest country in the world. Converters and brands at the Moscow trade fair showed interest in recyclable and renewable packaging solutions, sustainable production methods and resourcing, including sustainable forestry practices in Russia.

“Increased awareness of the environmental impacts of inappropriate packaging and waste could be accelerating this trend. We see that conscious consumers are driving companies to offer sustainable products and packaging. RosUpack is an important industry event and a marker of trends in Russia, so we were glad to show visitors how Mondi can be a strong partner and help them adopt more sustainable packaging. Sustainability is part of our DNA,” said Albert Klinkhammer.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi offers new digital formats in Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA® papers  (Company news)

Mondi has recently enhanced the portfolio of its key paper brands Color Copy (photo) and PERGRAPHICA® in new digital formats to offer bulk-packed paper options saving its professional printing customers time and money while increasing speed and efficiency.

The market leader for digital colour printing Color Copy is now offered with new digital formats as SRA3, SRA3+, A3+ and 33 x 48.3 cm, all of them available in long grain (LG) and short grain (SG). The SG format is the standard format for A4 brochure printing or book-on-demand printing and is now available bulk-packed, with reams on the pallet with or without a box enabling high-volume, long-run print jobs to run more smoothly. The offer specifically targets professional printing businesses looking for best possible printing results with satisfaction guaranteed, and getting the benefits of the finishing options.

Mondi’s premium design paper PERGRAPHICA® has also extended its offer to the creative and premium print industries, and is now available in a bulk-packed and reamed on pallet SRA3 format in both long grain and short grain options. The recent SRA3 update allows designers to digitally print and review their work on PERGRAPHICA® paper thus testing it, before actually going to (offset) print. In line with the brand’s promise and thanks to the product’s versatility, this addition supports designers to achieve outstanding printing quality turning their vision into reality.

“Customer satisfaction and flexibility are key drivers in our strategic planning,” says Mondi Marketing and Sales Director Johannes Klumpp. “For designers and printing professionals, grain direction in paper is critical, as it influences the paper’s creasing and folding behaviour. Our new folio line offers perfect cutting quality and accuracy direct from the mill, which together with our fully automated pallet stacking offers a clear competitive advantage for our flagship brands Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA®.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi Group completes acquisition of Powerflute  (Company news)

Further to the announcement made on 22 December 2017, Mondi confirms that all conditions have been satisfied and it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding shares in Powerflute Group Holdings Oy (“Powerflute”), a division of Nordic Packaging and Container Holdings, for a total consideration of €365 million on an enterprise value basis.

Powerflute operates an integrated pulp and paper mill in Kuopio (Finland) with an annual production capacity of 285,000 tonnes of high-performance semi-chemical fluting. The business will be integrated into Mondi’s Packaging Paper business unit.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mondi Group CEO Peter Oswald (photo) said, “We are excited to have completed this acquisition, which supports our strategy of investing in high-quality packaging and paper assets, further broadens our containerboard product range, and extends our geographic reach.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Fighting climate change with each cup of coffee  (Company news)

Mondi’s renewable packaging material helps Paulig Coffee lower carbon footprint.

Photo: Paulig’s coffee brand Mundo is the first product to be packaged using the new bio-based PE-laminate.

Climate change is harming our planet’s fragile ecosystems, driving the movement for drastic cuts to carbon emissions at a global scale. All industries have a part to play in this transition towards a low-carbon economy, including manufacturers of consumer goods.

The snacks, seasoning and coffee producer Paulig Group, together with Mondi, is responding to this challenge. Paulig Coffee brand is the market leader in Finland and the Baltics, and is the second largest provider of coffee in Russia.

The company strategically works to reduce its environmental footprint. In Finland for example, all its coffee roasteries run entirely on renewable energy.

Paulig has made a commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by 40% by 2020. To meet the target the entire supply chain is involved, including packaging.

The Finnish coffee manufacturer approached Mondi in autumn 2016 to find a packaging material with a lower carbon footprint.

Mondi successfully reduced its own carbon emissions by 38% between 2004 and 2017; the Group’s cooperation with Paulig is partly motivated by shared values and a joint commitment to reduce carbon emissions in line with climate science recommendations.

The two companies began to look into more sustainable packaging materials, starting with Paulig’s Mundo brand of high-quality, aromatic and Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee.

The majority of coffee packaging is made from laminates that contain layers of oriented polyamide (OPA), aluminium and polyethylene (PE), which form a crucial barrier against oxygen and light.

Kati Randell, Senior Manager for Strategic Packaging Development at Paulig, explained: “In the last five years, we managed to reduce laminate thickness by 10% per packaged kilogramme, without compromising on vital product protection. But we wanted to take our commitment to sustainability even further.”

Initially, Paulig considered biodegradable packaging materials but soon realised that renewables offered more potential for reducing carbon emissions. The objective is to replace all fossil fuel-based materials, including conventional PE, with renewable alternatives for Paulig‘s coffee packaging by 2025.

Mondi quickly responded to our needs and developed an alternative, bio-based PE material made from sugarcane in just over six months, Randell added. Coffee packaged with the new bio-based laminate is expected to hit the shelves during early summer 2018.

The new bio-based laminate from Mondi consists of a mix of standard PE and sugarcane-based PE, which provides the necessary peelability for easy opening.

Ultimately, this reduces the amount of fossil fuel used. In the future, Paulig aims to use even more bio-based PE in its coffee packaging.

“We hope to continue our collaboration and boost the popularity of bio-based PE,” said Christian Höglund, Business Development Manager at Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Top takeaways from the first European shopping bag summit  (Company news)

Challenges, opportunities and new ways of working were the topics of the day at Europe’s first shopping bag summit, hosted by Mondi.

Photo: Petr Jindra, Head of Technical Sales Service, Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper; shopping bag by the bag makers Litobal.

The paper bag industry took an important step towards sustainable innovation when leading shopping bag converters, suppliers and customers came together in Prague on 19 April for Let’s Paper the World 2018 – the first European shopping bag summit, organised by Mondi Group’s Speciality Kraft Paper segment.

Participants included global brands Benetton, H&M and REWE Group; bag manufacturers; papermakers and paper associations; ink and glue producers; bag machine manufacturers; and market intelligence leader Mintel.

The four top takeaways from this pivotal summit:
1. Shopping bags are now high-tech products
Gone are the days of the ‘simple’ paper bag. The technical demands of manufacturing the perfect bag for end customers’ needs are increasing continuously.

Today’s paper shopping bags are high-tech products engineered for specific applications within the food and non-food industry. Shopping bags need to meet a variety of requirements, especially when the end uses involve food, as Petr Jindra, Head of Technical Sales Services, Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper, demonstrated.

He presented a shopping bag produced by bag maker Litobal with a sophisticated, full-colour flexoprint on Mondi speciality kraft paper, proven to carry up to 25 kilos (food retail bags must carry at least 12 kilos), made of credibly certified fibre, and guaranteed safe for contact with food.

Demand for such high-tech bags is growing every day, according to the summit’s participants. Producing them is a technical feat that takes skill, innovation and the highest quality materials.

“It’s a big challenge. In the past, we focused on a few bag sizes and a small range of materials. Now we need to have open minds and find solutions to meet every need,” said Fulvio Curioni, Senior Vice President Legal for Curioni Sun, a paper bag machine manufacturer.

Alberto Bovo, Managing Director at Bovo SpA, said: “Thirty years ago we used to make bags from 120/130 gram paper. Now, if we use a good paper, we can produce bags with 70/80 grams that work just as well. But it’s very important to take care of all the details – the paper, the glue, the ink.”

From brown and white speciality kraft papers, to rough and smooth grades in a range of weights, from virgin and recycled fibres to water-based glues and inks – technical complexity is increasing continuously. Expertise and understanding of how all this technology fits together to make the perfect bag solution is more important than ever for manufacturers.

2. Sustainability is no longer an option – it’s a necessity
Shopping bags made of credibly certified fibre and designed to biodegrade, or be easily recycled or reused, are no longer a niche product for boutique brands. Today, sustainability is mainstream.

“I wouldn’t call sustainability ‘a trend’ anymore. It’s a given,” said Paulus Goess, Sales Director of Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper.

Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant at Mintel, shared examples from around the world of how consumer expectations have shifted for sustainability and packaging: “Consumers expect companies to set the sustainability agenda. They expect brands to be ethical on their behalf.”

“When you have brands like Procter & Gamble making packaging from recovered ocean plastic, that becomes the norm very quickly. If you’re not doing something, your brand can start to look outdated,” Cope added.

Tanja Dietrich-Hübner, Head of Sustainability at REWE International AG, said expectations and attitudes about sustainability in the food industry had “changed dramatically” in recent years. “As retailers, we’re held responsible that food and packaging are not only safe but also sustainable,” she said.

While more brands today, including H&M, are switching from plastic to paper bags, others like REWE and Benetton made the switch years ago.

However, Dietrich-Hübner emphasised that consumer awareness of what it takes to ensure products and packaging are sustainable and ethically produced is limited: “Information is the key, but it has to be understandable. We have to give people short, reliable information.”

Cope went further, challenging brands and paper bag makers to engage consumers about environmental factors and “put a name and a face to the people behind the bags.”

3. Demand for certified fibre is outstripping supply – sustainable forestry needs more focus
While rising consumer demand for sustainable packaging is a good thing, a clear effect is that demand for sustainable fibre is growing. Both paper and bag manufacturers spoke of stark challenges in meeting the increased demand for certified fibre.

Research and investment into alternative, sustainable fibres may be one answer to safeguard supplies. Increased focus on sustainable forestry is also needed to guard against deforestation and illegal logging, as just 11% of the world’s forests are certified.

Manfred Schachenmann, Head of Wood Supply at Mondi, underscored Mondi’s commitment to sourcing credibly certified fibre, in particular that certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) – the certification system preferred by small and family foresters and local wood associations in Central Europe – as well as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

“We all want to increase the share of certified fibre. To achieve that we need to promote certification systems such as PEFC in low risk countries,” he said.

Dietrich-Hübner of REWE International noted that organic and fair-trade food certifications are widely recognised, however, FSC and PEFC certifications are not well known to consumers.

“I think the market is ready to learn what the different wood certification standards mean,” she said.

4. Collaborate to meet new challenges in the paper bag industry
Another important takeaway from the summit is the need for more exchange and partnerships to innovate for what’s coming, including the growth of e-commerce and the circular economy, which will favour more re-use of materials.

More collaboration along the supply chain between product managers, technical sales and service, R&D, suppliers (including paper, inks and glues), end users, retailers – and even foresters – will be needed to develop the perfect paper bags for tomorrow’s needs.

“I’ve been working in the paper industry for 20 years. This is the first time I’ve seen such participation by customers in a specific market,” said Massimiliano Scotta, Head of Sales Region South and Americas, Mondi Speciality Kraft Paper.

“At this summit, we can see ourselves as partners in the same world, exchanging ideas about what consumers need, and technology and trends in the market, to find a common strategy,” Scotta added.

“We still have a lot of work to do on the details,” added Bovo Bags’ managing director Alberto Bovo, “but I feel confident that we can do it, if we all work together.”

The second European shopping bag summit is now being planned by Mondi.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Paper & Biorefinery 2018 - Die Papierindustrie wird zur Leitbranche der Bioökonomie  (Firmennews)

Bild: v.l.n.r. Max Oberhumer (Sappi Austria), Christian Skilich (Mondi)

Disruptive Veränderung birgt große Herausforderungen, bietet aber gleichzeitig auch enorme Chancen. Am Anfang des digitalen Zeitalters hatte die Papierindustrie den Ruf der Sunset Industry, jetzt ist sie auf dem Weg zur Leitbranche der Bioökonomie.
Die Paper & Biorefinery 2018 am 16. und 17. Mai 2018 stand ganz im Zeichen dieses Wandels.

Da fehlte jede Spur von Sunset Industry - einer Branche im Sonnenuntergang. Im Gegenteil: Disruption. Turning Challenges into Chances. Unter diesem Motto, dem Perspektivenwandel von Herausforderungen zu Möglichkeiten ging die Paper & Biorefinery Conference am 16. und 17. Mai 2018 in der Messe Graz über die Bühne. Hochrangige Vertreter aus Wirtschaft und Forschung diskutierten dabei die künftigen gesellschaftspolitischen Rahmenbedingungen sowie Chancen und Risiken für die Papierindustrie im Zusammenhang mit den neuen Trends und zukünftigen Veränderungen. Der digitale Wandel sowie die Transformation der Wirtschaftsweise in eine Bioökonomie bieten große Möglichkeiten für die Branche, die die biobasierte Kreislaufwirtschaft seit Jahren lebt und sich durch ihre Entwicklung hin zur Bioraffinerie ständig weiterentwickelt.

Austropapier Präsident Max Oberhumer eröffnete die Veranstaltung gemeinsam mit Wolfgang Bauer (Institut für Papier- und Zellstofftechnik) und Christian Skilich (Austropapier Vizepräsident). Dabei übergab der Austropapier-Präsident nach zwei Jahren an der Verbandsspitze das Zepter an Christian Skilich von Mondi. In seinem Eingangsstatement appellierte Skilich an die Branche die Chance der Digitalisierung zu nutzen. „Disruption betrifft unsere gesamte Branche. Die Art wie die Industrie arbeitet wird sich verändern. Sie bietet uns die Möglichkeit effizienter, besser und kundengerechter zu werden. Wer nicht auf den Zug aufspringt, wird auf der Strecke bleiben.“ Seitens der steirischen Politik begrüßte der Grazer Gemeinderat Stefan Haberler die 420 Teilnehmer. In Vertretung von Nachhaltigkeitsministerin Elisabeth Köstinger stellte Generalsekretär Josef Plank die Pläne der Regierung im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel vor und resümierte „Die Papierindustrie ist bereits jetzt ein wichtiger Teil der Bioökonomie. Bündeln wir die Kräfte und entwickeln sie gemeinsam weiter.“ Im Economy.Forum gab unter anderen Verbund-Vorstandsvorsitzender Wolfgang Anzengruber einen Einblick in die Energiewirtschaft von morgen. Joachim Schönbeck von Andritz zeigte anlagentechnische Lösungen auf, um den zukünftigen Ansprüchen in der Produktion gerecht zu werden. Marco Lucisano vom Forschungsinstitut RISE Bioreconomy erklärte, wie die Transformation von einer fossilen in eine biobasierte Gesellschaft gelingen kann. Anhand von Sappi führte R&D Director Math Jennekens vor, welche Chancen der Wandel hin zur biobasierten Gesellschaft für die Papierindustrie bietet. Stefanie Lindstaedt vom Institut für Wissensmanagement an der TU Graz stellte vor, wie die Papierindustrie künstliche Intelligenz für die Produktion nützen kann. Zudem standen neben zwei Wissens.foren zu den Themen „Bioeconomy“ und „Recycled Fiber“ überwiegend technische Themen auf dem Programm – koordiniert vom Papierinstitut der TU Graz unter Prof. Wolfgang Bauer.

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wurde auch der Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi-Award vergeben.
Er ging an:
• Melanie Mayr für „Fines Characterization and their impact on technological properties in papermaking applications”
• Marion Frey, Daniel Widner, Jana S. Segmehl, Kirstin Casdorff, Tobias Keplinger, und Ingo Burgert für „Delignified and Densified Cellulose Bulk Materials”
• Alexey Khakalo für „Advanced Structures and Compositions for 3D Forming of Cellulosic Fibers”
(Austropapier - Vereinigung der Österreichischen Papierindustrie)

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Mondi wins two SAP Quality Awards for digital projects that benefit customers  (Company news)

Mondi, the global packaging and paper group, is the winner of two 2018 SAP Quality Awards presented on Wednesday, 25 April, at an awards ceremony taking place at the annual customer event, the SAP Forum in Linz, Austria. The winning projects are examples of Mondi’s continuing progress in digitalising aspects of its business in order to provide faster, better and more transparent customer service.

Photo: Winning 'Insight' project team

Mondi took home a bronze award for the project ‘myMondi’, involving the design and implementation of a B2B e-commerce platform for customers of Mondi’s Uncoated Fine Paper business. This user-friendly website gives customers an additional way of interacting with Mondi that is secure and available 24/7. Users can log onto myMondi to research the Mondi paper portfolio, place orders, track deliveries and manage other account functions. Mondi has received positive feedback from customers using this digital service.

Mondi won a silver award for a project called ‘Insight – Corrugated Packaging Customer Excellence’. This project implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system for Mondi’s Corrugated Packaging business. It further supports the customer’s experience, enhancing the communication flow with Mondi sales and service staff through speedy and transparent availability of current customer and market information.

Rudi Richter, Managing Director SAP Austria, commented, “I’d like to congratulate Mondi and everyone involved in the successful implementation of these two projects. They demonstrate Mondi’s commitment among leading global companies to offering best-in-class customer service by taking advantage of the latest digital systems. Both Mondi and its customers will benefit.”

Rainer Steffl, Mondi Chief Information Officer, added, “We believe that Mondi’s digital future goes beyond business as usual. These awarded software projects are just two examples to enable us to offer our customers superior service as well as make our own internal processes more efficient and transparent. We’re delighted they’ve been recognised by this year’s SAP Quality Awards.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119947

Mondi partners with TU Graz on a third Christian Doppler lab to research paper porosity and ...  (Company news)

...consumer impact

Mondilaunched its third scientific cooperation to date with the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Austria. Mondi is the corporate partner and sponsor of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for ‘Mass Transport through Paper’, which will research the porosity of paper and how particles – such as gases, compressible liquids and microorganisms – travel through paper. The findings are expected to have practical applications for Mondi packaging and paper solutions, for example for food packaging.

Photo: Leo Arpa, Head of R&D Paper at Mondi

Laboratory head Karin Zojer explains, “We want to understand the special pore structure of paper and be able to explain its influence on the transport of diverse types of particles through it. Only with this knowledge can the porosity of paper be swiftly and optimally adapted to the desired packaging application.”

Mondi has already partnered with the TU Graz on two other Christian Doppler laboratories: one launched in January 2016 that is currently studying fibre swelling and paper performance, and another that ran from 2007 to 2014 and researched Surface Chemical and Physical Fundamentals of Paper Strength.

Leo Arpa, Head of R&D Paper at Mondi, commented at the opening ceremony, “Our experience with our two previous Christian Doppler laboratory partnerships has shown the clear benefits of these unique scientific collaborations. Combining the knowledge of the Mondi laboratories with the expertise of TU Graz scientists helps us increase the efficiency and performance of our packaging and paper products. This enhances the state of research and benefits our customers by adding value to their product packaging or materials and thus enhancing their own customers’ experience.”

This latest research partnership will microscopically investigate the pore structure of paper to develop mathematical models that will aid the scientific investigation of various transport processes through paper. The aim is to predict how the pore structure determines individual transport processes through paper. This research has implications for a number of commercial applications, including how ink behaves in the pore structure of paper during printing, the ventilation processes when filling paper sacks with bulk materials, and the reciprocal effects between packaging and packaged goods, especially food.

Christian Doppler laboratories engage in application-oriented, high-level fundamental research. In this context, distinguished scientists co-operate with innovative enterprises. The Christian Doppler Research Association is internationally recognised as a best-practice example for the promotion of this co-operation. Christian Doppler Laboratories are jointly financed by the public sector and the participating private companies. The most important public sponsoring agency is the Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprise of Austria.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119862

Mondi joins WWF's Climate Savers business leadership programme  (Company news)

Global packaging and paper group adopts 2050 science-based targets to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C

Mondi Group has joined the ranks of global climate leaders by signing up to Climate Savers, WWF’s climate leadership programme for businesses. The packaging and paper group commits to reduce its specific production-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 0.25 t CO2e/t production by 2050. This commitment and others made as part of its participation in the flagship programme are in line with climate science targets required to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C.

Mondi’s participation in Climate Savers is an extension of a strategic global partnership between Mondi and WWF that started in 2014. The partnership focuses on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sector. In joining Climate Savers, Mondi commits to working to further reduce GHG emissions across its entire value chain and to taking actions to positively influence the packaging and paper industry as well as policy makers. Climate Savers members aim to transform businesses into low-carbon economy leaders.

Peter Oswald, Chief Executive Officer, Mondi Group says, “As a global player in the packaging and paper industry, we are part of an energy intensive sector. We’ve managed to reduce our specific CO2 emissions by 38% since 2004 by focusing on operational efficiency and energy efficiency. We join the WWF Climate Savers programme to reinforce our long-standing commitment to climate change mitigation and to demonstrate to the rest of our industry that using energy efficiently is not only necessary for the environment, but also good for business. We are proud to confirm our commitment to the science-based target needed to keep global warming well below 2°C for our production-related emissions.”

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, leader of WWF’s global Climate & Energy Practice says, “Climate change is one of the biggest threats of our future, with fundamental impacts on places, species and people everywhere. To change things for the better, we need to start acting now. We welcome Mondi’s efforts toward helping build a more sustainable business world and are happy to have them join the Climate Savers programme.”

To achieve its climate goals, Mondi has developed an ambitious programme to improve energy efficiency, replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, sustainably manage its forests and associated ecosystems, and source its raw materials responsibly. Mondi is also active in developing packaging and paper products that help its customers and consumers reduce their own carbon footprints.

Mondi’s Climate Savers agreement will run at least until the end of 2020, concurrent with phase two of its global partnership with WWF.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119520

Mondi joins WWF’s Climate Savers business leadership programme  (Company news)

Global packaging and paper group adopts 2050 science-based targets to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C.

Picture: Mondi©

Mondi Group has joined the ranks of global climate leaders by signing up to Climate Savers, WWF’s climate leadership programme for businesses. The packaging and paper group commits to reduce its specific production-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 0.25 t CO2e/t production by 2050. This commitment and others made as part of its participation in the flagship programme are in line with climate science targets required to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C.

Mondi’s participation in Climate Savers is an extension of a strategic global partnership between Mondi and WWF that started in 2014. The partnership focuses on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sector. In joining Climate Savers, Mondi commits to working to further reduce GHG emissions across its entire value chain and to taking actions to positively influence the packaging and paper industry as well as policy makers. Climate Savers members aim to transform businesses into low-carbon economy leaders.

Peter Oswald, Chief Executive Officer, Mondi Group says, “As a global player in the packaging and paper industry, we are part of an energy intensive sector. We’ve managed to reduce our specific CO2 emissions by 38% since 2004 by focusing on operational efficiency and energy efficiency. We join the WWF Climate Savers programme to reinforce our long-standing commitment to climate change mitigation and to demonstrate to the rest of our industry that using energy efficiently is not only necessary for the environment, but also good for business. We are proud to confirm our commitment to the science-based target needed to keep global warming well below 2°C for our production-related emissions.”

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, leader of WWF’s global Climate & Energy Practice says, “Climate change is one of the biggest threats of our future, with fundamental impacts on places, species and people everywhere. To change things for the better, we need to start acting now. We welcome Mondi’s efforts toward helping build a more sustainable business world and are happy to have them join the Climate Savers programme.”

To achieve its climate goals, Mondi has developed an ambitious programme to improve energy efficiency, replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, sustainably manage its forests and associated ecosystems, and source its raw materials responsibly. Mondi is also active in developing packaging and paper products that help its customers and consumers reduce their own carbon footprints.

Mondi’s Climate Savers agreement will run at least until the end of 2020, concurrent with phase two of its global partnership with WWF.
(WWF Forests for Life Programme)

Newsgrafik #119534

Mondi wins World Food Innovation Award with a packaging solution inspired by nature  (Company news)

The global packaging and paper group Mondi received a World Food Innovation Award 2018 in the “Best Packaging Design” category. The competition – organised for the fourth time by FoodBev media – recognises the company’s innovative concept for the Pistachio Dream box. Out of 220 entries from over 20 countries, the panel selected Mondi’s submission for its increased shelf appeal of dry food products at point of sale.

The judges welcomed the creative thinking behind the Pistachio Dream. The corrugated outer shell surrounding the nuts’ primary packaging enables easy stacking on the shelf and conveys the brand’s premium characteristics. The packaging structure and opening mechanism resemble the product itself: by simply pulling the two sides of the box apart, the end-user mimics the process of peeling off the outer shell of the pistachio. Besides facilitating easy manual assembly and opening, the exterior walls play an additional role – they provide a convenient receptacle for the empty pistachio shells after consumption. This enhanced functionality supports end-user convenience and boosts brand awareness. Combined with its intriguing design, the Pistachio Dream packaging positions the product as a premium item on the shelf that grabs consumers’ attention.

Armand Schoonbrood, COO Corrugated Packaging at Mondi, states that “today’s busy lifestyle means that consumers demand products that make life simpler and more comfortable while the product experience, health and environmental aspects continuously influence purchasing decisions. This convenience trend is particularly prominent in the food sector where the number of products on the shelf is continuously rising. Large and small brands compete for customers’ attention. As a result, we aim to develop new packaging concepts that proactively meet these needs and help set the scene for a future that stimulates the senses”.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119485

Mondi's fully recyclable packaging material, BarrierPack Recyclable, drives circular economy forward  (Company news)

Mondi has developed a fully-recyclable plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and FFS roll stock that is perfect for integration into existing recycling schemes.

BarrierPack Recyclable, an innovative new plastic laminate for pre-made pouches, provides positive environmental outcomes and value creation through a sustainable material with performance properties equivalent to conventional materials. It was developed in direct response to the need to reduce plastic waste without compromising on quality or functionality, and it supports the circular economy.

“Our new laminate, BarrierPack Recyclable, is a leap forward for sustainable packaging,” said Carl Stonley, Technical Account Manager at Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging. “In addition to being fully recyclable, it offers exceptional mechanical properties and is ideal for a range of packaging style formats. Constructed using two layers of PE film, BarrierPack Recyclable is a highly functional, flexible, packaging material that’s easy to open and reclose for consumer convenience. It’s functional in that the material is stiffer, stronger and lighter than a conventional PET/PE laminate of the same thickness and it can be formed directly on FFS machines, as well as used for pre-made packaging.”

The moisture barrier provided by BarrierPack Recyclable makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, such as dry food, food ingredients, personal care and pet care applications.

BarrierPack Recyclable provides sustainable alternative
Sustainable plastic packaging is evolving faster than the general understanding of the related materials and recycling issues. Industry-wide initiatives are driving development of recyclable packaging for a circular economy that maximises the lifecycle of plastic and minimises its ecological footprint.

Plastic packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, reducing food waste and increasing convenience. However, there is no doubt that more sustainable consumption and waste management practices are needed. BarrierPack answers the market’s need for sustainable alternatives for flexible laminates by offering full recyclability, validated by extensive trials by CeDo Recyling in the Netherlands, a leader in recycling technologies.

“Mondi is committed to developing sustainable plastics using circular economy design approaches, so we are delighted to be able to bring this valuable innovation to market,” Stonley said.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119127

Mondi relaunches IQ as 'The intelligent Paper Brand'  (Company news)

Mondi, the global packaging and paper Group, gives its office and professional printing paper IQ a brand new look. The IQ brand concept revolves around ‘Intelligence’ and what it means to be an intelligent paper solution, offering the right answer for all needs, from offset to digital printing. IQ combines this versatility with a 99.99% trouble-free runnability.

Since its launch in 2001, IQ has built up its strong brand recognition and is ranking today number two in brand awareness for all of Europe in the 2016 EMGE Cut-Size Survey. Mondi is building up on that high level of brand awareness with the rejuvenated image for IQ. This includes a new logo, freshly designed ream wrappers, and new sales and marketing tools.

“IQ is already one of the best-known paper brands in Europe,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. “So we want to maintain its high profile and also highlight the great versatility of this portfolio: There is an IQ suitable for every printing technology and every purpose. Whether for office or professional printing, IQ has the solution for you.”

The IQ portfolio has continuously adapted to customer needs and could therefore build a loyal customer base. The success of the IQ story also rests upon the good partnership between Mondi and Europapier, Mondi’s key distribution partner for the IQ range.

“IQ has always been an essential and reliable part of our long-standing cooperation with Mondi. We are pleased to work now together on promoting IQ papers even further,” says Helmut Limbeck, CEO of Europapier Group. “We very much like the new IQ campaign, which gives the brand a fresher image and also focuses on what IQ paper really stands for - an intelligent solution for all printing needs. Europapier is serving around 10.000 customers with IQ papers, which is an impressive proof point of this statement.”

The communicative power of IQ
Intelligence is defined as the mental quality that enables one to learn from experience and adapt to new situations. "This is exactly what our IQ papers stand for in the printing industry as they are versatile and can be easily adapted to all printing situations,” highlights Johannes Klumpp the story of the “Intelligent Paper Brand”.

Thirty-six colours and a grammage range from 60 up to 400 g/m² show the great diversity of the IQ portfolio. Symbolic for this diversity, new visuals were designed for all the sub-brands of the office and professional printing portfolio, each relating to the concept of intelligence. For its “high-performance paper” IQ PREMIUM a high-tech robot represents the enhanced productivity and quality the paper gives you in the work place. A bust of Leonardo da Vinci is featured on the new packaging of IQ ALLROUND, linking one of humankind’s greatest thinkers and multi-talents to a paper with perfect runnability that is the solid all-rounder among the IQ range.
Performance driven. Every day.

Not only is IQ versatile, it is also extremely reliable. Addressing end-customers’ challenges with printing, Mondi introduced the “Performance Champion” for their IQ paper portfolio. Provided it has been stored under proper conditions, Mondi ensures 99.99% trouble-free runnability of its paper on copiers, printers and other office equipment.

In addition, IQ SMOOTH and IQ PREMIUM both feature ColorLok® Technology, which enhances the quality of inkjet printing. With ColorLok®, pigments are held close to the surface, resulting in more vivid colours, bolder blacks and faster drying time.
Sustainable. Every day.

As with all Mondi uncoated fine papers, IQ is part of the company’s Green Range, which symbolises high environmental performance in sustainable paper production. IQ papers fulfil Mondi’s Green Range criteria for either FSC® or PEFC™ certification for responsibly managed forests. All Mondi IQ papers also carry the EU Ecolabel.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #119027

Mondi beliefert junge Fast-Food-Kette in Tschechien mit einzigartigen Take-away-....  (Firmennews)


Die Fast-Food-Kultur wächst rasant. So auch in Mitteleuropa, wo für diesen Markt in den kommenden Jahren ein erhebliches Wachstum prognostiziert wird. Diese Sparte der Gastronomie wird zwar nach wie vor von den großen internationalen Akteuren wie der McDonalds’s Corporation und Yum! Brands dominiert, doch es bleibt noch ausreichend Wachstumspotenzial für kleinere Marktteilnehmer. Aufgrund der stetig steigenden Anzahl an Burgerläden in der Region müssen insbesondere kleinere Start-up-Unternehmen immer kreativer werden und neue Mittel und Wege finden, um das Interesse der Kunden zu wecken. Oft benötigen sie hierfür Unterstützung. So hat Mondi, ein international tätiger Papier- und Verpackungsmittelhersteller, vor Kurzem eine innovative Verpackungslösung entwickelt, um die Differenzierung der Marke „Country Burger“, einer neuen Start-up-Kette in Tschechien, zu unterstützen.

Das im Jahr 2016 gegründete Fast-Food-Start-up Country Burger zeichnet sich vor allem durch hohe Produktqualität, eine gemütliche Atmosphäre und hohe Kundenorientierung aus und hebt sich damit von seinen Mitbewerbern ab. Dieses Start-up interpretiert durch die ausschließliche Verwendung des hochwertigsten irischen Rindfleisches und frischer regionaler Zutaten das Verständnis von „gesundem“ Fast Food neu. Diese Philosophie wollten die Eigentümer mit einer modernen Verpackungslösung für Speisen zum Mitnehmen unterstreichen, um ihre Marke von der Konkurrenz abzugrenzen und ihre Kunden zu beeindrucken. Dank Mondis Unterstützung konnten sie eine vielseitig einsetzbare, zu 100 % recycelfähige Take-away-Verpackung aus Wellpappe entwickeln, und ihren Traum in die Tat umsetzen. Die innovative „Menübox“ enthält ein kompaktes Tray, das Platz für einen Becher mit spezieller, sicherer Tragehalterung bietet.

Das überaus funktionale Design zählt neben der hohen Benutzerfreundlichkeit zu den größten Vorteilen der Box, die sich einfach zusammenfalten und je nach Bestellung – mit separaten Bereichen für Hamburger, Tortilla-Chips, Pommes frites, Getränke und vielem mehr – individuell anpassen lässt. Dieses neue einzigartige Design überzeugt Kunden nicht nur mit seinem Erscheinungsbild, sondern auch mit seiner Funktionalität: mehrere Speisen können damit gleichzeitig sicher transportiert und unterwegs genossen werden. Diese vollständig wiederverwertbare Verpackungslösung wurde im Oktober 2016 erfolgreich eingeführt und ist seither am Markt ausgesprochen gut angenommen.

„Die Verpackung war ein zentrales Element unseres Markenaufbaus und wir wollten daher sichergehen, dass sie unsere Werte korrekt und zuverlässig vermittelt. Durch die Verwendung der festen braunen Wellpappe konnten wir den Transportboxen einen einzigartigen „Country-Look“ verleihen, der hervorragend zu unseren Burgern passt und sich vom Wettbewerb deutlich abhebt. Angesichts des ausgezeichneten Feedbacks unserer Kunden sind wir überzeugt, dass wir unser Ziel erreicht haben“, so Lukáš Káninský, Geschaftsfűhrer bei Country Burger.

„Das speziell für Country Burger entwickelte Konzept dieser Menübox ist dank seiner Nachhaltigkeit, Benutzerfreundlichkeit sowie der Formatflexibilität wirklich einzigartig. Die Eigentümer waren von dem Markenpotenzial und den vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten begeistert, während den Verbrauchern besonders das intelligente Design und die hohe Benutzerfreundlichkeit gefallen haben. Wir von Mondi möchten deutlich machen, wie ausgeklügelte Wellpappenverpackungen das Geschäftswachstum erfolgreich unterstützen können, indem sie sowohl Vorteile für die Kunden als auch für die Umwelt mit sich bringen“.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #118967

Mondi Group signs an agreement to acquire Powerflute   (Company news)

As part of the dual listed company structure, Mondi Limited and Mondi plc (the “Companies” and together “Mondi Group”, the “Group” or “Mondi”) notify both the JSE Limited and the London Stock Exchange of matters required to be disclosed under the Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited and/or the Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules and the Listing Rules of the United Kingdom Listing Authority.

Mondi Group has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares in Powerflute Group Holdings Oy (“Powerflute” or the “Company”), a division of Nordic Packaging and Container Holdings (“NPAC Holdings”), for a total consideration of €365 million on an enterprise value basis.

Powerflute operates an integrated pulp and paper mill in Kuopio (Finland) with an annual production capacity of 285,000 tonnes of high-performance semi-chemical fluting. Powerflute’s premium semi-chemical fluting is sold to a diverse range of customers, primarily for packaging fresh fruit and vegetables, but also other end-uses such as electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Around half of the Company’s production is sold in Europe, while the remainder is exported globally.

For the year ended 31 December 2017, the Company is expected to generate revenues of around €183 million and unaudited pro-forma adjusted EBITDA of around €42 million. Powerflute will be integrated into Mondi’s Packaging Paper Business Unit.

Commenting on the acquisition, Peter Oswald, Chief executive of Mondi Group, said: “The acquisition of Powerflute supports our strategy of investing in high-quality packaging and paper assets. We are excited by this opportunity to expand our customer offering by further broadening our containerboard product range and geographic reach.”

The transaction remains subject to competition clearance and customary closing conditions and is expected to complete in the first half of 2018.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #118904

Mondi gewinnt fünf World Star Awards für innovative Verpackungslösungen in vier Kategorien  (Firmennews)

Bei den World Star Awards 2018 wurden fünf Einreichungen von Mondi für ihren innovativen Charakter ausgezeichnet. Der prestigeträchtige Wettbewerb, jährlich organisiert von der World Packaging Organisation, berücksichtigt Kandidaten aus 33 nationalen Wettbewerben auf fünf Kontinenten.

„Wir fühlen uns sehr geehrt und sehen die Auszeichnungen als Anerkennung dafür, dass wir unseren Kunden dabei helfen, Trends zu setzen und sich in ihren Märkten hervorzuheben“, sagt Armand Schoonbrood, COO bei Mondi Corrugated Packaging. „Fünf Awards in einer Nacht zu gewinnen ist unglaublich und der Lohn für die enge Zusammenarbeit und das Eingehen auf die Bedürfnisse unserer großartigen Kunden!“

Mondis preisgekrönte Lösungen stehen für Trends in globalen Märkten Sei es bei Verpackungen für Konsumgüter, für Getränke, am Point of Sale, für heavy-duty oder industrielle Anwendungen, die Lösungen erfüllen die Kundenbedürfnisse in Sachen einfache Benutzung, einzigartige Markendarstellung sowie hohe Materialeffizienz und Nachhaltigkeit.

Die Mondi ‚Grill Box‘ (Bild) gewann den Award in der Kategorie Verpackungsmaterial & -komponenten. Es ist eine einzigartige technische Lösung, die das Grillen mit Kohle einfacher, sauberer und sicherer macht. Die Verpackungselemente aus Wellpappe erzeugen einen Schornsteineffekt, so dass sich Anzünder und Kohle mit nur einem Streichholz entzünden lassen. Die Box selbst verbrennt und gibt die Kohlen nach 20 Minuten mit optimaler Temperatur frei. Für die Bedruckung kommt wasserbasierte Tinte zum Einsatz, die komplett verbrennt, ohne dass giftige Substanzen freigesetzt werden. Außerdem verfügt die Box über einen handlichen Griff und ist weniger anfällig für Beschädigung als herkömmliche Produkte.

In der Kategorie Getränkeverpackungen prämierte die Jury des World Star Awards Mondis auffälligen Getränkekarton ‚Take It‘ für sein Design und seine Funktionalität. Die Transportverpackung bietet maximierte Nutzerfreundlichkeit bei einem Minimum an Material – das Konzept der offenen Darstellung erlaubt Einsparungen von 60%. Das besondere Verriegelungssystem verhindert die Entnahme von einzelnen Dosen am Point of Sale und kann ohne Klebeband oder Kleber verschlossen werden. Nicht zuletzt fördert ‚Take It‘ den Markenwert durch die sichtbare Verbindung von Verpackung und Produkt.

Der ‚Baca Stand‘ erhält einen World Star Award in der Kategorie Point of Sale. Er überzeugte die Jury mit seiner durchdachten, klebebandfreien Struktur, die das Produkt im Zentrum eines Gangs im Supermarkt positioniert. Das neuartige Darstellungskonzept besteht aus einem haltbaren Karton mit intelligentem Schließsystem, das zwei Trays mit der Hauptsäule verbindet. Der Aufsteller kann einfach und schnell befüllt werden; die Endkunden können Produkte ebenso leicht entnehmen. Darüber hinaus punktet die neue Lösung gerade bei der Effizienz: sie braucht 46% weniger Material und 20% weniger Aufbauzeit, verglichen mit konventionellen Regalboxen, die per Hand mit Klebeband befestigt werden müssen.

Des Weiteren erhielten zwei Wettbewerbsbeiträge von Mondi World Star Awards in der Kategorie Transit. Mondi und sein skandinavischer Partner aPak AB reichten gemeinsam die Verpackungslösung ‚Simple Sphere‘ ein, die Transportkisten aus Holz ersetzt, die normalerweise verwendet werden, um Autoverkleidungen von Schweden nach China zu transportieren. Diese hochbelastbare Kartonverpackung besticht durch ihre innovative Konstruktion mit Drehverriegelung, die einen extrem schnellen Aufbau in weniger als 30 Sekunden ermöglicht –und das ohne Schrauben, Kleber oder Band. Außerdem ist das neue Material leichter, beständig gegen Feuchtigkeit und Kondensation und verfügt über einen Antikorrosionsschutz auf Basis der patentierten VCI-Technologie. Im Ergebnis bietet ‚Simple Sphere‘ nicht nur kürzere Auf- und Abbauzeiten, sondern auch eine umweltfreundliche Alternative zu Transportkisten aus Holz.

Der zweite Award in dieser Kategorie wurde für Mondis hochbelastbare Stapelecken für das Verpacken von industriellen Axialventilatoren verliehen, die von einem Kunden beauftragt wurde, um Materialeffizienz und Handling zu verbessern. Die maßgeschneiderten Stapelecken sind aus einem Stück Karton gefertigt und sparen so 30% Material ein. Außerdem lassen sich die neuen Ecken zweimal so schnell zusammenbauen wie die vorherige Lösung und sparen damit 17 Stunden Zeit pro 1.000 verpackter Lüfter.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #118638

Ausbau des Werks Mondi Simet ebnet den Einstieg in den polnischen Markt für Schwerwellpappe  (Firmennews)

Im Januar 2017 kündigte der internationale Papier- und Verpackungsmittelhersteller Mondi einen Ausbau der Produktionskapazitäten für Schwerwellpappe im polnischen Werk Mondi Simet nahe Posen an. Zu den technologischen Neuerungen zählt unter anderem die Installation einer 2,8 Meter breiten, hochmodernen Wellpappenanlage mit drei einseitigen Maschinen. Das Werk produziert bereits zweiwellige Wellpappe. Die Vorbereitung für dreiwellige Schwerwellpappe liegt ebenfalls im Zeitplan – der Produktionsstart wird für das erste Quartal 2018 erwartet. Auf dem Markt wird der Ausbau des Mondi-Portfolios für Schwerwellpappe in Polen mit großem Interesse verfolgt. Kunden aus der Automobil-, Chemie- und Möbelindustrie sind bereits mit den Vorteilen der innovativen Mondi heavy-duty Lösungen aus dem spezialisierten Werk Ansbach (Deutschland) in diesem Bereich vertraut.

Nach Inbetriebnahme der Wellpappenanlage im August ist auch die Installation sämtlicher Weiterverarbeitungsanlagen mittlerweile abgeschlossen. Das neue Anlagenlayout und die erweiterte Produktionsfläche ermöglichen optimale Prozessabläufe. An der Installation und Inbetriebnahme der neuen Maschinen waren Experten aus verschiedensten Bereichen der Mondi-Gruppe beteiligt. Erfahrene und hochqualifizierte Maschinenführer wechselten zum neuen Mondi-Standort und zusätzliche Maschinenbediener für die Wellpappenanlage wurden eingestellt. Mit einer Vervierfachung der Kapazität und einer Verdreifachung der Produktionsfläche hat sich Mondi Simet zu einem wichtigen Standort für Wellpappenverpackungen in der Region Posen und darüber hinaus entwickelt.

Desweiteren wurde im Werk Mondi Simet ein 2,4 Meter breiter Boxmaker mit Hefteinheit installiert, welcher kurze Produktionsläufe mit Materialeinheiten von bis zu sechs Metern Länge ermöglicht. Hinzu kommt eine Rotationsstanze (RDC) zur Herstellung regalgerechter Verpackungen mit hohem Absatzpotenzial für den Einzelhandel.

Armand Schoonbrood, COO bei Mondi Corrugated Packaging, erklärt: „Der Ausbau von Mondi Simet stellt die bislang größte Investitionsausgabe in der Geschichte von Mondi Corrugated Packaging dar. Unsere Kunden sehen sich beim Thema Verpackung vielfältigen Herausforderungen gegenüber. Deshalb freuen wir uns umso mehr sie mit unseren neuen, unabhängigen Möglichkeiten bei der Wellpappeproduktion erfolgreich unterstützen zu können. Die neue Wellpappenanlage verfügt über hochmoderne Funktionen zur Qualitätskontrolle, wie z. B. ein Prozessregelungssystem für die automatische Anpassung von Temperatur und Feuchtegehalt des Papiers sowie ein Echtzeit-Kamera-Inspektionssystem zur Erkennung von Unregelmäßigkeiten. So können wir den Kunden von Mondi Simet eine stets gleichbleibend hohe Produktequalität bieten.“
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #118458

First Mondi Speed Data Hackathon explores big data solutions for paper and packaging industry  (Company news)

Mondi partnered with technical university to take a smart approach to innovation in the packaging and paper industry by challenging 50 of the brightest minds to apply big data to solve industry challenges.

Photo: Mondi Speed Data Hackathon. The newly formed groups were given less than two hours to ‘hack’ a concept for a big data application for the packaging and paper industry. Each group was assigned a Mondi expert to support the process and provide key insights from the industry perspective.

Mondi, the global packaging and paper group, welcomed 50 PhD students from all over Europe to participate in the first Mondi Speed Data Hackathon.

The Hackathon challenged the PhD students in advancing conceptual ideas for innovations within the paper and pulp industry by applying big data solutions to production processes, energy use, finance, maintenance, HR, sustainability, or any area. The students used industry insights from 14 Mondi experts as the basis for eight fresh innovation concepts.

The concept which convinced the jury most was titled “smart value chain”. It covered the full value chain for packaging and packed goods, with a focus on the end consumer, to create a closed feedback loop from the end consumer to the producer of the goods and packaging. Mondi has shared all results of the Hackathon with all participants in the spirit of open collaboration and knowledge sharing.

“Mondi’s culture embraces innovative approaches to evolve packaging and paper.” said Leo Arpa, Head of R&D Paper at Mondi. “At the hackathon, these talented students have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the industry. And Austria, as one of Europe’s leading scientific hubs for packaging and paper, is the perfect venue. Mondi´s focus on R&D ensures that our customers and consumers benefit from highly efficient and sustainable processes and supply chains.”

The hackathon was part of the three-day Cellulose Materials Doctoral Students Conference 2017 organized by Graz University of Technology under the auspices of the renowned European Fibre and Paper Research Organisation (EFPRO).

Tad Maloney, president of the European Fibre and Paper Research Organisation (EFPRO), says, “People are often surprised at just how much innovation is going on in the paper and packaging industry. It is very vibrant, with many organisations working on innovations that are right at the cutting edge of industry and science. By organising this year’s student workshop, Mondi showed its ongoing commitment to driving that innovation and its integral role in helping the industry keep moving forward.”

The hackathon is one example of Mondi’s many activities focused on innovation. The company is involved in numerous projects and collaborations and runs six innovation centres.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #117975

Mondi to show how packaging addresses industry and consumer trends at PACK EXPO Las Vegas  (Company news)

September 25-27, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center
Lower South Hall, Booth S-6715

Enhancing consumer brands with packaging that is more convenient and appealing

Mondi, the international packaging and paper Group, will show how its packaging solutions are addressing industry and consumer trends at the 2017 PACK EXPO trade fair in Las Vegas.

“Industrial customers and consumers today are sophisticated and demanding,” says Georg Kasperkovitz, CEO Mondi Consumer Packaging. “Whether for their own customers or themselves as end-users, brand managers prefer packaging that is convenient and that helps with the buying decision. Producers of consumer goods, food, animal feed and seed are asking the packaging industry for solutions and materials that are easy to use, increase brand recognition, differentiate at the point of sale, and build trust with consumers.”

At PACK EXPO, Mondi will show how it is using its capabilities to meet customer needs in the North American market and addressing these trends with its wide range of packaging solutions, including flexible packaging, bags and pouches, barrier coatings, technical films, and industrial bags. With a focus on food and beverage packaging, Mondi’s booth will feature a special product discovery area allowing visitors to discover how Mondi’s products touch millions of lives, every day.

Visit Mondi in Lower South Hall, Booth S-6715 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 25-27.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi and WWF extend strategic partnership by three years  (Company news)

Further commitment to sustaining ecosystems agreed

Mondi Group and WWF International announced that they have renewed their global partnership for a further three years.

In 2014 Mondi entered into a three-year global partnership with WWF, focusing on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sector. This global partnership has now been extended by another three years, becoming the longest standing WWF International partnership of its kind.

This partnership evolved from the collaboration between Mondi and WWF South Africa through the WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme, and is a clear signal that Mondi is committed to demonstrating that responsible environmental stewardship makes good business sense.

Phase II of the partnership will embed and extend Mondi’s stewardship of forests, climate & energy and freshwater, with the work being organised around three areas:
- Ecosystem Stewardship – with special focus on sustainable forestry development in north west Russia and collective water stewardship activities in South Africa.
- Manufacturing Stewardship – to demonstrate Mondi’s ongoing commitment to reducing its freshwater footprint, and its contribution to a low-carbon economy by further reducing Mondi’s energy footprint.
- Product Stewardship – via responsible sourcing of wood and fibre, and working to increase the availability of credibly certified fibre.

Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International says “Forests are providing some of the most vital nature services that underpin the global economy and are critical for supporting the lives and prosperity of local people, communities and humanity globally. If protected and managed responsibly these key ecosystems can continue to provide economic and social benefits now and for future generations, while contributing to the local and global ecological balance essential to all life on Earth. The partnership with Mondi focuses on achieving this, and we are very excited to take forward this new phase of collaboration."

Peter Oswald, Mondi Group CEO says, “This international partnership contributes to our goal of growing responsibly and sharing best practice in our industry. We’ve worked closely with WWF for many years and this partnership continues to give us a great platform for exploring sustainable solutions with a trusted partner. The work of the partnership is focused on the future and as we celebrate Mondi’s 50th anniversary this year, we’re able to recognise our past successes while firmly keeping our focus on the future.”

Ultimately, this partnership is working to ensure that forests continue to be an ongoing sustainable source of fibre within a world enriched by extensive, resilient forest landscapes benefiting biodiversity, climate and human well-being.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Update on Mondi's machine glazed speciality kraft paper machine investment at its Steti mill  (Company news)

Mondi has decided to postpone its €135 million investment in a new 90,000 tonne per annum machine glazed speciality kraft paper machine at its Steti mill in the Czech Republic.

Commenting on the decision, Peter Oswald (photo), Mondi CEO, said, “We have decided to postpone the machine glazed speciality kraft paper machine investment after a careful review of market conditions. While the proposed new machine remains an exciting investment opportunity, offering the lowest cost production of its sort in Europe, recently announced industry capacity expansions are expected to result in a market imbalance over the period in which the new machine was planned to come on line.

There is no change to our €335 million investment in modernising the mill including rebuilding the fibre lines, de-bottlenecking the existing packaging paper machines and a new recovery boiler, which is progressing as planned.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Aller guten Dinge sind zwei: Mondi gewinnt zweifach den Deutschen Verpackungspreis 2017 für ...  (Firmennews)

...Effizienzsteigerung von Wellpappe-Verpackungen

Der international tätige Papier- und Verpackungsmittelhersteller Mondi gewann in der Kategorie „Wirtschaftlichkeit“ gleich mit zwei Lösungen den Deutschen Verpackungspreis 2017. Der jährlich vom Deutschen Verpackungsinstitut (dvi) verliehene Preis würdigt damit zwei innovative neue Konzepte von Mondi: Zum einen für den Transport von Industrie-Ventilatorsystemen und zum anderen für POS (Point-of-Sale) Produktdisplays.

Die erste Verpackungslösung wurde für die Verbesserung der Effizienz im Transport schwerer und sperriger Produkte ausgezeichnet. Für den Transport von Industrie-Ventilatorsystemen werden Stapelecken aus Wellpappe genutzt, um bis zu sechs Geräte stapeln und für den Transport mit Wickelfolie zusätzlich sichern zu können. Mondi hat diese Anwendung mit der
preisgekrönten Verbesserung einen Schritt weiter getragen: Gegenüber der bis dato verfügbaren zweiteiligen Stapelecken ist die neue einteilige Lösung einfacher aufzurichten und verfügt über eine verbesserte Materialeffizienz. Die Jurymitglieder waren besonders von der Materialreduzierung um 30% und einer 48%igen Reduzierung der Aufrichtzeit im Vergleich zu vorherigen Lösungen beeindruckt.

Die zweite Verpackungsinnovation besticht durch leichtere Handhabung beim Aufrichten und Bestücken, sowie eine verbesserte Produktpräsentation und einfachere Entnahme am POS.
Die Transportrays fügen sich durch einen smarten Steckstabilisator zu einem stabilen und attraktiven Display. Diese neue Verpackungsmöglichkeit überzeugt im Gegensatz zur Vorgängerlösung durch den Einsatz von 46% weniger Material und einer Reduzierung der Handlungszeit bei der Palettenbestückung um 20%. In den Augen der Jury waren die daraus resultierende Kostenersparnis und die Einfachheit des Designs aussschlaggebend bei der Wahl des Produkts.

“Wir sind sehr stolz diese Preise zu erhalten und sehen uns dadurch in unserem Motto „Never stop improving“ bestätigt. Für Mondi sind diese Lösungen perfekte Beispiele dafür, wie der Markt davon profitieren kann, wenn man den Status Quo von Wellpappe-Transport und Display-Verpackung in Frage setzt. Die Auszeichnungen zeigen uns, dass wir den Markt so von der richtigen Seite ansprechen und spornt uns an auch weiterhin auf die Entwicklung umweltfreundlicher und funktionaler Verpackungslösungen zu setzen”, erklärt Jan Blankiewicz, Product Innovation Manager bei Mondi Corrugated Packaging.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi and IUFRO collaborate on sustainable business strategies  (Company news)

Forest science and business join forces to create a more sustainable future

Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, and IUFRO, the global network for forest science cooperation, will co-host an open dialogue at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress this September in Freiburg, Germany. The aim is to identify strategies and options for long-term structured collaboration between business and science towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Photo: Mondi eucalyptus plantation

Mondi and IUFRO are both committed to the important role of business and science in advancing action towards sustainable development, especially to combat climate change and its impacts, conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable economic growth worldwide.

The IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress on 18-22 September 2017 in Freiburg will highlight the contribution of forest research to answering questions of global relevance in the past, present and future. A series of Science in Dialogue sessions will offer opportunities to strengthen the interaction between science and important national and international policymakers and stakeholders, and to build bridges to other sectors such as water and energy from local to global levels.

One of these sessions will be the Science meets Business dialogue on Tuesday, 19 September. It will focus on challenges faced in reaching the SDGs and consider how science can address the needs of the private sector. It will also examine whether there is a gap between the requirements of the private sector and the knowledge, skills and competences delivered by forest-related education.

Christian Skilich, Operations Services & Technical Director, Mondi Group will represent the forest-based private sector. He stated, “Mondi is actively collaborating with the scientific community and intends to support joint strategies and actions. We share with IUFRO a commitment to structured collaboration on global key challenges, such as climate change, sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources and product innovation. Our ‘Growing Responsibly’ model is closely aligned with the SDGs and we see value in collaborating with scientific experts to deliver these goals.”

Prof. Mike Wingfield, IUFRO President, confirms: “Business and industry are major players in promoting sustainable pathways. It is essential for science to effectively identify and address information requirements of business and industry in order to create science-based solutions for a sustainable future. Mondi and IUFRO, who coincidentally are neighbours in Vienna, jointly have the expertise, knowledge and capacity to contribute to identifying pathways for sustainable development and options for the way forward.”

The Science meets Business dialogue will feature a keynote speech by renowned Cambridge University Professor Bhaskar Vira that will set the scene and address interlinkages and trade-offs between SDGs. This will be followed by statements of three high-level panellists representing the forest-based, food and energy sectors, who will then engage in discussion with scientists and the audience.

This collaboration between business and science aims to create a platform for linking their perspectives on key sustainable development challenges and to identify opportunities for knowledge exchange and mutual learning among scientists, young professionals and business leaders.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Congratulations to the winners of Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi Award 2017!  (Company news)

We are happy to announce the winners of the the Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi Award 2017, presented at the PAPER & BIOREFINERY Conference, in Graz, Austria.

Picture From left to right: Max Oberhumer, CEO Sappi Austria; Kurt Maier, CEO Heinzel Group; award winners Sebastian Porkert, Huy Quang Lê and Marco Beaumont; Christian Skilich, Group Operations & Technical Director Mondi.

The award recognizes outstanding publications (journal publications, review papers, survey reports, theses) having a potentially significant impact on the pulp and paper industry.

The winners of this year’s award are Huy Quang Lê for Wood biorefinery based on γ-valerolactone/water fractionation; Marco Beaumont for Modification of a Cellulose II Gel; and Sebastian Porkert for Physico-Chemical Processes during Reactive Paper Sizing with Alkenyl-Succinic-Anhydride (ASA).

The annual award is jointly given by Heinzel, Mondi, and Sappi, three international packaging and paper companies, to support young researchers (age 35 and under) working at, or in collaboration with, European institutes.

Picture From left to right: Max Oberhumer, CEO Sappi Austria; Kurt Maier, CEO Heinzel Group; award winners Sebastian Porkert, Huy Quang Lê and Marco Beaumont; Christian Skilich, Group Operations & Technical Director Mondi.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi sack kraft print grade adds value to new HAVENS Horsefeed brand   (Company news)

Picture: Advantage Semi Extensible White Print by Mondi Sack Kraft Paper - Improved branding options for strong, cost-effective and eye-catching bags

One of Europe’s leading equine nutrition companies, HAVENS Horsefeed, has selected Mondi’s unique Advantage Semi Extensible White Print for its latest brand Gastro+. The paper is the first sack kraft grade to combine excellent physical strength with great printability.

Mondi’s Advantage Semi Extensible White Print is the perfect sack kraft paper for equine feed producer HAVENS Horsefeed. In 2016 HAVENS formulated a new award-winning feed for horses and ponies that suffer from digestive problems or stomach ulcers. To set the new product and its launch apart from the existing portfolio and raise market awareness, HAVENS was looking for an outstanding and unique packaging and upfront paper solution to promote the product, its quality and the brand design.

Describing the requirements to be met by the packaging, Hans Graat, plant manager HAVENS Horsefeed, says, “We wanted to give a final special touch to our new brand Gastro+, and created a unique brand visual with outstanding colours. This gave rise to the challenge of finding the right paper to make the desired impact. We were keen to reflect the high quality of our product on the outside of the packaging, and were therefore looking for high gloss and whiteness. On the other hand, the bag needed to be not only very strong to protect the feed against outside influences, but also cost-effective and easy to carry and use for our customers. Our supplier Mondi Industrial Bags, in cooperation with Mondi Sack Kraft Paper, supported us in the decision making process.”

Mondi Industrial Bags has been working with HAVENS Horsefeed for more than 20 years. It collaborates with both Mondi Sack Kraft Paper and the logistics and supply-industry platform Trademax. Mondi’s bag experts convert paper bags for the feed producer and know the customer’s requirements very well. They also understand that the right choice of paper is crucial to achieving the best possible bag, converting and printing performance. According to Davide Battiston, sales manager of Mondi Gradisac Industrial Bags, “When we first heard about the new HAVENS product and saw its brand visual with the outstanding colours and print motive, we immediately knew that the only paper to use was Advantage Semi Extensible White Print, which our Sack Kraft Paper colleagues launched in 2015.”

Improved branding options for strong, cost-effective and eye-catching bags
For Mondi Industrial Bags, Advantage Semi Extensible White Print offers customers multiple benefits, explains Davide Battiston, “It offers the best printability in the sack kraft paper segment while allowing a simple bag composition with enhanced strength. This grade reduces ink consumption thanks to a unique surface that absorbs less ink than comparable papers. Customers who select the semi extensible print grade do not have to sacrifice outer ply strength in order to obtain brilliant printability – it delivers both properties at once. It also allows a lower grammage paper to be used as an inner ply. In consequence, we could offer HAVENS Horsefeed a more cost-effective solution while fully satisfying its requirements.”

Advantage Semi Extensible White Print is produced on the cutting-edge PM7 paper machine at the Mondi Štětí mill in the Czech Republic. It is a calendered extensible sack kraft paper that brings together high tensile energy absorption (TEA) and very good runnability with the excellent printability of a smooth finish paper. “We especially recommend its use as an outer ply of valve bags when high strength, supreme convertibility and a brilliant appearance are required. The outstanding printability is ensured by excellent sheet formation, high paper gloss, good surface smoothness, and optimised surface roughness and topography. The high printing quality translates into sharper images and improved branding possibilities for special bag solutions,” says Conny Josefsson, sales director Mondi Sack Kraft Paper.

From the customer’s perspective, the outcome is perfect, as Hans Graat remarks, “I am delighted that we chose Advantage Semi Extensible White Print and are working with Mondi Sack Kraft Paper. We have received very positive feedback about the new product, the printing and bag performance from our customers around the world.”

Mondi’s Advantage Semi Extensible White Print amalgamates several technical and logistical advantages:
- Printability – Brilliant printability is ensured by excellent sheet formation, high paper gloss, good surface smoothness, and optimised surface roughness and topography.
- Paper strength – Compared to existing smooth finished grades, Mondi’s new sack kraft papers provide enhanced strength.
- Optimised warehousing – Using only one paper quality instead of two for bag construction, Mondi helps producers to reduce their stock variety, which helps to bring down total costs.
- Print quality – For customers, the high print quality of Advantage Kraft White Print and Advantage Semi Extensible White Print means sharper images, improved bag branding possibilities and cost savings thanks to lower ink absorption.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi: Time is key in logistics – the hidden-champion in papermaking  (Company news)

Mondi supports novel self-pickup concept – Mondi, Pohl & Co., Hamburg Terminal and customer Model GmbH are reflecting on how to optimise cargo routes and long-distance logistics from the mill to corrugated board producer and their customers. According to Model GmbH, “Mondi’s support ensures that our customers receive high-quality products on time.”

Excellent service, on-time delivery and consistently high product quality – these are the principal requirements of our corrugated customers and have ranked among the top five demands identified by Mondi’s customer satisfaction surveys for many years. “The expectations are clear, but a lot of processes entailing logistics and collaboration with partners and corrugated customers play a part in satisfying them,” explains Florian Stockert, sales director Containerboard, Mondi Europe & International.

One of Mondi’s customers with exactly these requirements is the Model Group, an international developer and producer of intelligent, high-quality solid and corrugated displays. It places its faith in Mondi as a reliable partner capable of meeting these challenges. “We have been working with Mondi who is a trusted partner of ours for years and are very satisfied with its excellent product quality, specifications that meet our customers’ demands, logistics and service. Our needs ultimately reflect those of our customers – we want high-quality products that satisfy our needs and are delivered on time. With Mondi’s strong support, we seek to maintain the cycle of activities that keep our customers happy every day”, explains Katja Giesen, paper merchant at Model GmbH.

ProVantage Komiwhite – delivering paper on time from Russia to Germany and beyond

Mondi is one of Model GmbH’s top five suppliers of containerboard grades. One of the products used by the packaging group is Mondi’s ProVantage Komiwhite, a white top kraftliner produced in its Syktyvkar mill in Russia. Transporting the paper reels from the Komi Republic in the far north to Mondi’s logistics hub in Hamburg, and finally to Model GmbH, is a task that is performed with great agility by Mondi’s logistics team and sales force. From the mill to the logistics centre in Hamburg, Mondi’s ProVantage Komiwhite travels by train, ship and truck.

Hendryk Mackowiak, branch manager of the logistics company Pohl&Co., who has been overseeing logistics at Mondi’s Hamburg Terminal since 2011, understands the challenges presented by long-distance logistics for international players such as Mondi, “The perfect logistics set-up and mix is crucial for companies like Mondi that have production sites all over the world and sell to international customers. Delivering products undamaged and on time is not always easy – especially when operating globally. Mondi is a prime example of good logistics management and constantly challenges us to develop even better solutions for its customers’ success. The choice of location for the main logistics hub is a crucial one, and Hamburg is ideal. Appropriate most modern equipment and state-of-the-art IT solutions also make a critical difference and can enhance our customers’ ability to monitor stock and handle goods efficiently and with flexibility.”

Model: “Mondi’s self-pickup is beneficial, offers greater flexibility, and customises logistics.”

Since 2012, Mondi has been offering a new and unique service for its German, Austrian and Suisse customers through its Hamburg Terminal. Together with Pohl & Co., Mondi developed a self-pickup option to address customers’ logistical needs. “When talking to our customers we discovered that there is demand for joint logistics solutions that offer flexibility and optimise supply chain management. This is what prompted the development of a self-pickup option in Hamburg. Model GmbH is one of the first to combine this option with ‘normal’ logistics support,” explains Torsten Fleck, head of sales region Germany and Switzerland. The advantages of self-pickup lie in the optimisation of cargo routes, which transforms transport operations into a closed loop. After unloading consignments on customers’ premises, Model GmbH can direct the delivery trucks to pick up raw materials from the Hamburg Terminal on their way home, thus saving time, extra journeys and the cost of deliveries to its converting plants.

“Many of our customers are located in the north of Germany or Denmark. To avoid idle runs and optimise our transport cycle in the future, we will be picking up paper rolls in the port of Hamburg, which improves flexibility and logistics for us as well,” says Katja Giesen, a paper merchant at Model GmbH.

Model: “Premium quality and timely delivery go hand in hand. Mondi supports us on both counts.”

Model GmbH has been using ProVantage Komiwhite for its unique box solutions for many years. Katja Giesen explains why this grade suits Model GmbH and perfectly satisfies its customers’ needs, “We value the converting benefits, quality and branding options provided by ProVantage Komiwhite. We use this grade mainly for packaging solutions for fruit and vegetable suppliers, e-commerce and the food industry in general. Modern packaging has to be more distinctive on the shelf, sustainable, if demanded made of 100% virgin fibre, and certified. ProVantage Komiwhite helps us to meet all these needs.”

Torsten Fleck, Mondi’s head of sales in Germany and Switzerland, and Model GmbH’s sales partner, highly values the customer relationship and sees Model GmbH as an ideal sparring partner for Mondi in many respects. He comments, “Model GmbH is a long-standing customer with which we have built a trusting and collaborative partnership. I personally appreciate its experience and the frank feedback it gives about our paper and service. Model was also one of the first customers to recognise, following the modernisation of our PM21 paper machine in Syktyvkar, that ProVantage Komiwhite is a match for our premium White Top Kraftliner ProVantage Baywhite, which is produced by the Richards Bay mill in South Africa. Using both grades gives Model GmbH the advantages of both availability and reliability. They can use both qualities – if one of the grades is not available, typically because of for instance bad marine conditions, the other quality can still be supplied because it takes a completely different transport route.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi hosted the closing event of the research project called Flippr°  (Company news)

Mondi hosted the closing event of the research project called Flippr° (Future Lignin and Pulp Processing Research) at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria lately.

The event marked the end of a four year collaborative funded research project between several company partners and Austrian Universities, Graz University of Technology, BOKU Vienna and University of Graz, on the topic of biorefinery issues. The main objective of the unique collaboration project has been the development of future business areas based on lignin and modern fiber utilization for the involved companies.

The Flippr° project is within the scope of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) managed COMET (Centers for Excellent Technologies) program.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi presents this year's Machine Clothing Supplier Award to Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems  (Company news)

Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems has won Mondi’s Machine Clothing Supplier Award in a competitive process overseen by Beatrix Praeceptor, Procurement Director Mondi Europe & International, and Peter Putz, Operational Director Packaging Paper, Europe & International.

Photo From left to right: Thomas Rost [Head of Operational Improvement], Peter Putz [Operational Director Packaging Paper], Martin Serr [Director Key Account EMEA], Beatrix Praeceptor [Procurement Director, Europe & International], Thomas Jäger [Senior Vice President Sales EMEA], Thomas Treml [Sales Director FRS East EMEA], Christian Meralla [Category Manager Pulp & Paper Consumables], Peter Puck [Category Manager Spare & Wear Parts]

This award was established in 2013 to showcase the best performing business partner in the machine clothing sector, which plays a critical role in the paper production process. “Our 13 mills rely on these tailor-made engineered fabrics to produce the high quality paper-based products that our customers expect,” explains Beatrix Praeceptor. Mondi set up an internal panel of procurement and paper production experts to evaluate all current suppliers and the winner was announced today during an event at the Mondi Europe & International headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems is a family-run multinational corporation in the mechanical engineering sector with worldwide operations. “We are extremely happy and proud to get this award. This will motivate us even more to take our products and services to new levels, which allow us to support Mondi in reaching together our common goals,’ says Thomas Jäger, SVP Voith Paper FRS.

Mondi strives to have a close collaborative partnership with its suppliers and this award showcases the importance it places on high-quality performance and service.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Mondi appoints Georg Kasperkovitz as CEO of growing Consumer Packaging business  (Company news)

Mondi Europe & International, a Division of the Mondi Group, has named Georg Kasperkovitz (photo) as its CEO Consumer Packaging effective from 1 January 2017.

In 2015 Consumer Packaging generated sales of around 1.5 billion euros and EBIT of 108 million euros. The business unit consists of the segments Consumer Goods Packaging (primarily laminates and stand-up pouches), Personal Care Components (including elastic film for nappies), Technical Films (e.g. barrier, label and surface protection films) and Siliconised Materials. In support of the strategic focus to grow its packaging business, in the last twelve months Mondi has acquired consumer packaging businesses in South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and Russia.

„The flexible packaging world is evolving quickly and we want to offer our customers more innovative solutions that fulfil their needs. I am excited that Georg is taking on this leadership role in this fast growing part of our business. His international experience and his track record in driving change add great value to our organisation,” said Peter J Oswald, CEO Mondi Europe & International.

Georg Kasperkovitz (50) is stepping into the leadership role of CEO Consumer Packaging held by Peter J. Oswald, who is also the CEO Europe & International.

Georg Kasperkovitz joined Mondi in March 2016 as Finance Director Consumer Packaging. From 2012 until 2015 he was CFO and COO of Rail Cargo Austria AG. For the previous 13 years he worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company Inc. He began his career with Eléctricité de France, where he had a number of positions, including Managing Director in Slovakia. Georg has a doctorate in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He is an Austrian national and married with two children.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

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Wood Import Cooperation for Mercer and Mondi  (Company news)

Mercer International Inc. and Mondi Group channel their demand for imported wood and import logistics through a joint venture, the company wood2M.

wood2M with its headquarter in Blankenstein Germany handles the import purchase of sawmill chips and industrial wood assortments for the Mercer mills in Germany and the Mondi mills in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden and Poland.

wood2M carries out the wood imports mainly from Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea region.
(wood2M Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)

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Mondi vollendet Übernahme von Beepack in Russland   (Firmennews)

Die Mondi Gruppe hat die Übernahme von LLC Beepack, einem Wellpappenwerk in Lebedyan, Russland (etwa 400 km südlich von Moskau) von einem privaten Investor abgeschlossen.

Das Beepack Werk, das künftig Mondi Lebedyan heißen wird, stellt eine Reihe von Wellpappentrays und -schachteln für Lebensmittel und Agrarerzeugnisse her, wie Getränke, Früchte und Gemüse, Geflügel und Milchprodukte. Zu den Kunden zählen sowohl örtliche russische als auch internationale Hersteller.

Mondi wird das Werk in sein Geschäftssegment Corrugated Packaging eingliedern, das über ein bestehendes Netzwerk von 15 Wellpappenwerken in Zentral- und Osteuropa verfügt.

Mondi ist in Russland bereits durch andere Geschäftsbereiche gut vertreten: Dazu gehören die Wellpappenrohpapier- und Papierfabrik Mondi Syktyvkar, die beiden Werke für flexible Verpackungen Mondi Pereslavl und Mondi Uralplastic sowie einige Vertriebsbüros in Moskau. Mondi beschäftigt derzeit rund 6.000 Mitarbeiter in Russland.

Peter J. Oswald, CEO von Mondi Europe und International sagte: „Wir freuen uns, dieses Werk mit seinen Mitarbeitern in unserem Unternehmen begrüßen zu dürfen. Diese Übernahme unterstreicht unser Vertrauen in Russland. Wir möchten in Russland Produkte herstellen und verkaufen, die einen Mehrwert bringen, und zugleich Russlands Ziel unterstützen, in der Fertigungsindustrie zu wachsen.“
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #114581

Mondi wird beim polnischen PakStar 2016 für drei   (Firmennews)

... ausgezeichnet und anerkannt

Bei dem 8. polnischen Verpackungswettbewerb PakStar 2016 wurde Mondi für drei Verpackungslösungen aus Wellpappe prämiert. Die Bandbreite an Funktionalität und cleverem Design der eingereichten Projekte, reflektiert Mondi’s ausgeprägte Kompetenz in Design und Produktion. Auch zeigen sie die endlosen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von Wellpappenlösungen, die durch Know-how und visionäres Denken entstehen. Die preisgekrönten Lösungen liefern Vorteile für die Handhabung durch den Endkunden, sind verkaufsfördernd oder nachhaltig.

Das von der Jury prämierte wiederverwertbare Mülltrennsystem (Bild) von Mondi erlaubt bei Firmen- oder Großveranstaltungen schnelles und flexibles Einrichten von Abfallbehältern zur Sammlung und Trennung von Müll auf dem Veranstaltungsgelände. Die Behälter können gemeinsam mit dem Inhalt entsorgt werden, ohne dass zusätzliche Kosten für Reinigung und Transport oder Instandhaltung und Mietgebühren entstehen.

Einfaches Aufstellen, leichtes Entsorgen und eine ideale Fläche für Werbeaufdrucke machen das Produkt zur perfekten Lösung für den kurzzeitigen, Themen- oder Markenbezogenen Einsatz. Das ökologische Aussehen der Container unterstützt zudem das Bewusstsein für Nachhaltigkeit an der Abfallsammelstelle.

Die Mondi Grill Box wurde als interessante technische Lösung ausgezeichnet, welche von den physikalischen Gesetzen beim Feuermachen Gebrauch macht. Die Raffinesse des Designs macht das Anzünden der Kohle beim Grillen einfacher, sauberer und sicherer. Durch die äußere Wellpappenverpackung entsteht eine Kaminwirkung für hocheffiziente Entzündung der Holzkohle -mittels Kleinholz- welche sich durch ein einfaches Streichholz bewerkstelligen lässt. Spezielle Belüftungskanäle im unteren Teil der Verpackung verstärken diesen Effekt. Die Box ist so entworfen, dass sie innerhalb von nur 20 Minuten nach dem Anzünden zerfällt die Kohle so bei optimaler Temperatur frei lässt.

Die rechteckige Form der Grill Box mit dem Griff zum leichten Tragen macht sie ideal für den Transport und neigt weniger zu Beschädigung im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Verpackungen von Kohle-Briketts. Für die Bedruckung der Box werden wasserbasierte Druckfarben verwendet um eine vollständige Verbrennung ohne Freisetzung von schädlichen Substanzen zu ermöglichen.

Die PakStar-Jury hat Mondi’s auffallender Einzelhandels Getränkeverpackung „Take it“ eine spezielle Anerkennung für Design und Funktionalität zugesprochen. Als Teil der Mondi „Pick and Go“ Produktlinie für den Handel, erzielt das Design maximale Funktionalität und einfache Handhabung bei minimalem Materialverbrauch. Im Vergleich zu vollverpackten Dosen erreicht man durch die offene Verpackungsgestaltung eine Reduktion des Materials von 60%.
Das „Take it“-Design hat ein einzigartiges und innovatives Verriegelungssystem, welches verhindert, dass am POS einzelne Dosen aus einem Multi-Pack entfernt werden können. Die Verpackung kann in der Produktion ohne Klebeband oder Klebstoff verschlossen werden.
Zusätzlich unterstreicht "Take it" die Bewerbung der verpackten Dosen durch das Schaffen einer optischen Verbindung zwischen der Wellpappen-Verpackung und dem sichtbaren Produkt.

Sebastian Markiewicz, Vertriebsdirektor Mondi Corrugated Polen, sagt, “Wir schätzen unseren Dreifach-Erfolg bei dem PakStar Wettbewerb als Bestätigung unserer Leistungen für den Kunden. Es zeigt, dass wir ein innovativer Spieler am Markt sind und dass es sich lohnt mit unseren Produktentwicklern in „Out of the box“-Ideen zu investieren.“

Die offizielle PakStar Preisverleihung findet im September 2016 im Rahmen der Internationalen Fachmesse für Verpackungstechnik und Kennzeichnung (TAROPAK) in Poznań statt.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #114426

Mondi's PERGRAPHICA® paper on centre stage with the Bolshoi Theatre  (Company news)

All promotional materials of Russia’s premier theatre now printed on PERGRAPHICA®

The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia has chosen Mondi’s PERGRAPHICA® design paper for all its printing needs. Launched in 2015, PERGRAPHICA® is the first collection of design papers offered by Mondi that is targeted specifically for the exacting needs of the creative and commercial print industries. The name, derived from Latin, means “the most exquisite.” PERGRAPHICA® is Mondi’s ‘Paper for Perfectionists’, combining unique printing properties and brilliant colour reproduction.

“The paper we have chosen for the Bolshoi programs reflects how we interact with the audience. Here, PERGRAPHICA® is a unique paper. It does not only share emotions, visualize images and promote creativity and inspiration, but enhances the status and highlights the best traditions of the theatre as well. The paper proves perfect in printing, aside from its splendid performance. This is truly the paper for perfectionists! With PERGRAPHICA® we never doubt the result,” said Yury Tikhonov, Director of the Bolshoi Theatre printing house.

“Mondi is greatly honoured to cooperate with the Bolshoi theatre. PERGRAPHICA® incorporates professionalism and sophistication, being a good match for offset and digital printing. We are really pleased that the number of customers being inspired by PERGRAPHICA® continues to grow. It speaks volumes about its high demand on the market,” said Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.

PERGRAPHICA® offers a variety of options: Two textures (Rough and Smooth), three shades (High White, Classic White and Natural) and six grammages between 90 and 300 g/m2. The paper can provide a soft, velvety feel for an elegant look and feel with PERGRAPHICA® Smooth, or a more open, coarse surface for a pure, natural effect with PERGRAPHICA® Rough.

PERGRAPHICA® is produced exclusively in Mondi Neusiedler, an ISO 14001-certified mill and is FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified, underlining its high eco-efficiency and low environmental impact when measured against other paper products. It is a part of our Green Range, the family of Mondi products with a strong environmental profile. PERGRAPHICA® is also the only design paper brand included in the WWF’s ‘Check Your Paper’ resource for third-party audited, environmentally friendly pulp and paper products (

Double V, the largest distributor and a system integrator for the printing industry, represents PERGRAPHICA® in the Russian market. “PERGRAPHICA® is more than a high-quality designer paper. It has become a strategic collection, which offers the whole range of white shades coming in different weights and textures. We are greatly pleased that The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia has chosen this particular collection and look forward to further growing our cooperation,” said Ludmila Chekalkina, Marketing and Communications Director, Double V.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #114143

A green future for Mondi Świecie  (Company news)

Mondi’s modernisation plans for Świecie mill are on schedule. Investments to deliver environmental benefits and greater energy efficiency.

The Green Świecie project at Mondi’s containerboard mill in Poland is one of the packaging and paper Goup’s largest ongoing investments. The state-of-the-art facilities are being installed in two modernisation steps to improve the mill’s environmental performance.

“Once complete, the upgrade will enable Mondi Świecie to achieve greater energy efficiency and ultimately become 100% self-sufficient in electricity. Green Świecie is expected to reduce the mill’s CO2 emissions at the same time, further contributing to our corporate commitment to sustainable development,” says Maciej Kunda, Managing Director Mondi Świecie SA.[1]

Sustainable. Every day. State-of-the-art green energy project
Green Świecie Phase I is a €166 million investment scheduled for completion this year. It includes the installation of a new recovery boiler and turbine (both in service already), and the replacement of two coal-fired boilers with a biofuel boiler. Mondi will also be investing €94 million in Green Świecie Phase II, which is scheduled for completion in early 2017. This investment will significantly increase the mill’s paper production capacity, ensuring full utilisation of the recovery boiler.

Outlining the project’s benefits and green credentials, Maciej Kunda explains, “Thanks to these investments, Mondi Świecie will be able to enter a low carbon energy generating era and be able to increase its supply of green energy to the grid. In addition to increasing the efficiency of energy generation, the new recovery boiler will emit significantly less dust than the original unit. All biofuel boilers obtain part of their fuel from by-products of the pulp process and residues from forestry operations, with the addition of sawdust and agricultural by-products resulting in low-carbon electricity.”

Green Świecie exemplifies best practice in green mill management and operations. Overall, Mondi’s energy investments over the last years, in recovery boilers mainly using biomass, will ensure that its mills are increasingly energy self-sufficient.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #114136

Clemens Willée elected WCO Chairman  (Company news)

On May 18, 2016, the WCO – Board of Directors unanimously elected Mr. Clemens Willée (photo), as Chairman of the Board.

Clemens Willée, 54, is Chief Executive Officer, Packaging Paper, at the Mondi Europe & International Division. He started his professional career at the BASF Group, where he held various positions, from Manager in staff functions to Group Vice President, including a 3 year assignment in Brazil. Before joining Mondi, he was CEO at Mauser Holding GmbH.

Clemens Willée joined Mondi in 2013 as CEO of the Packaging Paper Business Unit. He is of German nationality and holds a PhD degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen (CH). He is married and father of five children.

Mr. Willée is succeeding Dermot F. Smurfit/ Powerflute, who took over the Chairmanship – on an interim basis – after Michael Harwood passed away on May 17, 2015.

In his speech Mr. Willée underlined the necessity and importance for the containerboard industry to be represented by a worldwide association and that he is proud to follow Mike Harwood and Dermot Smurfit, who both have contributed a lot to the success of WCO, the World Containerboard Organisation.
(WCO World Containerboard Organisation)

Newsgrafik #113821

Mondi's ProVantage Komiwhite: The Nordic Fibre Paper – now with improved quality  (Company news)

Mondi Containerboard at RosUpack 2016 in Moscow

From 14 to 17 June 2016 Mondi Containerboard will be showcasing its highly functional virgin paper grades at RosUpack in Moscow, Russia, bringing along its latest improvements to the "Nordic Fibre Paper" ProVantage Komiwhite.

“Mondi Containerboard has been driving improvements in its Appearance portfolio recently. With the modernised paper machine PM21 at our Syktyvkar mill in Russia last year, we boosted the quality of the ProVantage Komiwhite grade. It is a first-class paper for strong, shelf-ready packaging solutions that seek to catch the eye with a bright and attractive appearance, and paves the way for enhanced branding,” says Florian Stockert, Sales Director Containerboard at Mondi Europe & International.

Customer focused. Every day – Get to know Mondi’s improved Appearance grade
ProVantage Komiwhite is an exclusive white top kraftliner benefitting from the strength of Nordic fibres. The enhanced quality is delivering a variety of advantages to corrugated box producers as regards strength, runnability, printability and overall appearance. “Alongside corrugators, end-users will also benefit from the properties associated with our latest ProVantage Komiwhite upgrade, including stronger box performance, lightweight packaging solutions, and enhanced branding options. This paper can make products more visible and set them apart from the competition. Final packaging performance depends not only on the packaging design, but also on the paper grades used during production. To achieve excellent performance, top-quality paper grades are essential,” comments Stockert.

Performance driven. Every day – Increasing speed and reducing material waste
Paper runnability on the corrugator is determined to a large extent by paper profiles and glue absorption. Good paper profiles and proper glue absorption not only allow higher production speeds, but also reduce material waste, thus bolstering corrugators’ profitability. “As a result of rebuilding PM21 we have improved paper profiles and modified the paper surface, allowing better glue absorption with our paper. Successful customer trials with our new white top kraftliner quality have demonstrated that the improved ProVantage Komiwhite offers several benefits to corrugating packaging businesses", as Pavel Kolegov, Technical Customer Service Mondi Containerboard, explains, “Thanks to thinner layers of glue, lower steam consumption, a reduced risk of washboard defects, and increased corrugator speed, faster production can now be achieved.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #112935

'Yes, we plant': Mondi plants trees with its new Green Range campaign  (Company news)

Mondi launches a new campaign for its Green Range office paper under the motto “Yes, we plant!”. The campaign deals with the topics of sustainable forestry and responsible paper production, but maintains an easy-going attitude. The Green Range online game plays a central role, because it skilfully combines entertainment with information. Players can win attractive prizes each month, such as a “fair phone” or “paper trophy”. The “fair phone” uses conflict-free minerals, is produced under safe working conditions and workers are fairly paid. It also has a longer life-cycle than the normal telephone, thereby reducing waste. Participating is even worthwhile without prizes, as Mondi donates one euro for each registered user to NGO OroVerde, which makes concrete, sustainable contributions to the protection of rainforests and biodiversity every day. A tree is planted for each player in the online game – a concrete contribution that every individual can make. “We would like to invite all of our customers and consumers to plant, play and win in our new online game. Learning about sustainability has never been so entertaining”, encouraged Johannes Klumpp.

What is Mondi Green Range?
Green Range is Mondi’s umbrella trademark for sustainable paper and packaging solutions. All Mondi uncoated fine papers belong to the Green Range. They are produced from FSC® or PEFC™ certified wood from sustainably managed forests or 100% recycled paper, or are produced totally chlorine free (TCF). This is how consumers can make a contribution – every day.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #112838

Mondi launches NAUTILUS® ProCycle - a bright white recycled paper  (Company news)

Full range of recycled papers with extensive certification at Drupa 2016 New “Yes, we plant” Green Range campaign for office papers

Mondi is expanding its portfolio of recycled papers with NAUTILUS® ProCycle (photo), a bright white 100% recycled paper with Blue Angel and EU Ecolabel certification. As a special extra, the NAUTILUS® range offers ColorLok technology for more intense inkjet colours and faster drying ink. “The expanded NAUTILUS® portfolio offers customers a full range of recycled papers and certifications to satisfy everyone’s needs”, stated Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper, Europe & International. “Market demand for bright white recycled paper with Blue Angel environmental certification has been rising for some time, and our new NAUTILUS® ProCycle paper meets this customer need. Our customers are our priority – each and every day,” continued Mr Klumpp.

Sustainable paper – every day
Blue Angel is one of the oldest, most prestigious environmental certification in Germany. Consumers can have confidence that certified products and services meet high environmental, health and performance standards. Products and services bearing the Blue Angel label must satisfy criteria that have been developed for each product group. “To satisfy the strict Blue Angel certification standards and our own high quality standards for recycled paper production, we looked for a reliable partner to supply us with recovered paper. After a thorough search, we found a competent partner we could work with over the long term”, explained Mr Klumpp. The use of high quality recovered paper allows Mondi to achieve a target whiteness of 140 CIE (ISO 100) with no optical brighteners, thereby satisfying the Blue Angel requirements. “This is an important step in our product development that allows us to meet customer needs as a leading producer offering a complete portfolio of recycled papers under the NAUTILUS® brand”, stated Mr Klumpp. “The paper provides a pleasing bright white with no tint”, he continued.

Presentation at Drupa 2016
Drupa 2016, the leading global trade fair for graphic and industrial printing, takes place in Düsseldorf from 31 May to 10 June. NAUTILUS® ProCycle will be presented as part of Mondi's recycled paper 2 portfolio at this event, together with its full range of uncoated fine paper. As a special highlight, visitors can watch a live demonstration of the high performance provided, as a version of NAUTILUS® ProCycle optimised for high-speed inkjet printing is printed on-site. Mondi's booth is located in hall 4, booth number C21.

Mondi launches new Green Range campaign
Mondi launches a new campaign for its Green Range office paper under the motto “Yes, we plant!”. The campaign deals with the topics of sustainable forestry and responsible paper production, but maintains an easy-going attitude. The Green Range online game plays a central role, because it skilfully combines entertainment with information. Participants can win attractive prizes each month, such as a “fair phone” or “paper trophy”. Participation is even worthwhile without prizes, as Mondi donates one euro for each registered user to NGO OroVerde, which makes concrete, sustainable contributions to the protection of rainforests and biodiversity every day. “We would like to invite all of our customers and consumers to plant, play and win in our new online game. Learning about sustainability has never been so entertaining”, encouraged Johannes Klumpp.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #112608

Papier in all seinen Fasern: TU Graz eröffnet Christian Doppler-Labor rund um den ...  (Firmennews)

...Naturwerkstoff Papier

Papier ist ein ausgeklügelter Werkstoff, der vom industriellen Druck bis zu seiner Verwendung als Verpackungsmaterial vielerlei Ansprüche gleichzeitig erfüllen muss. An der TU Graz eröffnete am Montag, 11. Jänner 2016, das „Christian-Doppler-(CD-) Labor für Faserquellung und deren Effekt auf die Papiereigenschaften“. Gemeinsam mit den Unternehmenspartnern Mondi Europe und Océ und gefördert vom BMWFW will das Grazer Team die mechanischen Vorgänge der Faserquellung von Papier erfassen und in weiterer Folge Simulationsmodelle von Papier erarbeiten.

Bild: Ulrich Hirn leitet das „Christian-Doppler-Labor für Faserquellung und deren Effekt auf die Papiereigenschaften", das an der TU Graz angesiedelt ist. © Lunghammer - TU Graz

Papier ist allgegenwärtig und muss so vieles: luftdurchlässig, stabil und reißfest sein, Farbe optimal aufnehmen und sich bei Befeuchtung keinesfalls unerwünscht verformen. Je nach Verwendungszweck müssen diese Eigenschaften perfekt kombiniert werden – der Schlüssel für die optimalen Kombinationen soll nun im Rahmen des neuen „CD-Labors für Faserquellung und deren Effekt auf die Papiereigenschaften“ an der TU Graz gefunden werden.

BMWFW fördert Innovation

„Holz und Papier haben in der österreichischen Wirtschaft eine starke Tradition“, so Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Wirtschaftsminister Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner. „Mit diesem Labor tragen wir dazu bei, dass auch diese grundstoffnahen Bereiche einen technologischen Sprung nach vorne machen. Davon profitieren alle beteiligten Partner und langfristig auch der Standort Österreich.“

Wie Fasern optimal quellen

Papier wird aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen gewonnen, ist – im Unterschied zu vielen anderen Verpackungsmaterialien – biologisch abbaubar und scheint als Alltagsprodukt wenig geheimnisvoll. Dennoch gibt es viele unbeantwortete Fragen, zum Beispiel: Wie verhalten sich einzelne Papierfasern, wenn Druckerfarbe aufgetragen wird? Wie lässt sich verhindern, dass sich feuchtes Papier ausbeult oder einrollt? Der Suche nach wissenschaftlich fundierten Antworten widmet sich ein Team rund um Ulrich Hirn vom Institut für Papier-, Zellstoff- und Fasertechnik der TU Graz im nun eröffneten CD-Labor. Der Laborleiter Ulrich Hirn erklärt: „In modernen Hochgeschwindigkeits-Tintenstrahldruckern sind besonders die Quellungsvorgänge innerhalb der Papierfasern relevant. Je weniger die Fasern quellen, desto kürzer ist die Trocknungszeit. Andererseits verleiht gerade die Faserquellung dem Papier mehr Festigkeit. Wenn wir Papiereigenschaften je nach Anwendungsgebiet optimal mixen wollen, müssen wir die Wasseraufnahme und die mechanischen Vorgänge bis in die einzelne Papierfaser verstehen, beschreiben und idealerweise auch simulieren können. Das ist in den kommenden sieben Jahren unser Auftrag im Rahmen des CD-Labors.“

Konkret will das Team des CD-Labors mechanische Modelle der genauen Quellungsvorgänge bei Befeuchtung und Trocknung des Papiers erstellen, Modifikations- und Verbesserungskonzepte entwickeln und damit die Basis für die Papiersimulation in der Druckmaschinenentwicklung schaffen. Den Wissenschafterinnen und Wissenschaftern stehen zwei große Unternehmenspartner zur Seite: Mondi Uncoated Fine and Kraft Papers, ein Papierkonzern mit Hauptsitz in Wien, und Océ Technologies B.V., ein Hersteller industrieller Druckmaschinen und Teil der Canon Gruppe mit Hauptquartier in den Niederlanden.

In Christian Doppler Labors wird anwendungsorientierte Grundlagenforschung auf hohem Niveau betrieben, hervorragende Wissenschafterinnen und Wissenschafter kooperieren dazu mit innovativen Unternehmen. Für die Förderung dieser Zusammenarbeit gilt die Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft international als Best-Practice-Beispiel. Christian Doppler Labors werden von der öffentlichen Hand und den beteiligten Unternehmen gemeinsam finanziert. Wichtigster öffentlicher Fördergeber ist das Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft (BMWFW).
Technische Universität Graz, Institut für Papier-, Zellstoff- und Fasertechnik)

Newsgrafik #112335

Mondi ranks first in mill performance in the EMGE cut-size  (Company news)

Mondi’s Color Copy, IQ, and MAESTRO® all ranked in top 10 for brand awareness in Europe

International packaging and paper company Mondi ranks again first in mill performance with their Uncoated Fine Paper mills in the new EMGE cut-size industry survey for 2015, even improving on its top rating in 2013. In terms of brand awareness, Color Copy, IQ, MAESTRO® and Mondi are all ranked within the top 10 in Europe. Snegurochka is the best known brand in Russia, mentioned by 75% of all Russian participants, while in Austria and Switzerland IQ, Mondi and Color Copy took the first three spots, with 40% of participants mentioning these brands.

“We are really pleased with the results of the EMGE survey, particularly our mill performance being ranked first in Europe yet again, for the seventh time in a row,” said Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. Being ranked first in Europe in the performance ratings for reliability of delivery – the most important factor according to the survey – product range and innovative marketing approach, is a testament to our firm focus on customer needs and our continued drive to innovate and do things better,” he explained. In Russia Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper’s outstanding customer service level was rated highest, and achieved top marks for a total of seven out of thirteen criteria including its product range and innovative marketing approach.

The EMGE cut-size brand and supplier benchmarking survey covers the image of white cut-size paper mills and mill brands in Western and Eastern Europe in 2015. This report presents the results of an interview survey among the trade (paper merchants, Original Equipment Manufacturers/OEMs, and Office Stationary Distributors/OSDs). The research focuses on mills and mill brands covering customer awareness, factors of importance and product/mill performance.

“We aim to continue to excel at what is important to our customers: reliable delivery of the right products at the right time and excellent customer service, every day” concluded Mr. Klumpp.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #112285

Walki and Mondi to terminate the acquisition agreement  (Company news)

In May 2015, we announced that Mondi Group had approached Walki Group, in order to acquire two of Walki’s extrusion coatings sites: Pietarsaari in Finland (photo) and Wroclaw in Poland. The deal was subject to competition clearance. The commission raised concerns about the impact on the competition environment, and a considerable time was spent on discussing ways to alleviate these.
However, a workable solution suitable for all parties was not found and therefore Mondi has decided to withdraw the application from the Commission and terminate the acquisition agreement.
The Industrial Packaging business, including the Pietarsaari and Wroclaw sites, will remain an integral part of Walki’s strategy.
(Walki Group)

Newsgrafik #112193

Mondi launches PERGRAPHICA® design papers   (Company news)

Mondi has launched PERGRAPHICA®, a new portfolio of premium uncoated fine papers designed for the exacting needs of the creative and commercial print industries. In central and eastern Europe, it is sold exclusively through Mondi’s long-term distribution partner Europapier. The PERGRAPHICA portfolio provides excellent printability on a choice of textures, shades and weights. Produced by the Mondi Neusiedler mill in Austria, PERGRAPHICA is FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified.

PERGRAPHICA® complements Mondi’s offering at the high end of its professional print portfolio. It is called ‘Paper for Perfectionists’ because it fulfils the most demanding requirements for sophisticated and elegant printed documents. Graphic designers, advertising agencies and fine book publishers are just a few of the creative industries that will appreciate PERGRAPHICA’s variety of options: two textures (Rough and Smooth), three shades (High White, Classic and Natural) and six grammages between 90 and 300 g/m2.

Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper, says, “We are delighted to work with Europapier as we launch PERGRAPHICA® in central and eastern Europe. We aimed for perfection in developing these design papers and believe the resulting portfolio offers unlimited creative possibilities.”

Innovative. Every Day.
Mondi left no stone unturned in developing PERGRAHPICA® as a premium design paper. To ensure optimal colour reproduction, Mondi worked with X-rite, the industrial leader in colour management systems, to develop specific PERGRAPHICA® ICC profiles and CxF files. The new portfolio already even meets the soon-to-be-introduced ISO print standard ISO 12647-2:2013M1.

As a hybrid paper, PERGRAPHICA® works well with all printing technologies. It delivers consistent, high-quality results whether used for offset or digital printing. It is also well-suited to a variety of post-print processing such as cellophaning, embossing, creasing, die-cutting and more. PERGRAPHICA® is available in standard folio formats 64x90 cm SG/LG, 72x102 cm SG/LG and other folio formats upon request.

Sustainable. Every Day.
PERGRAPHICA® is a Mondi Green Range product – one of many that support customers in going green. It is FSC® certified for responsible forestry, bears the EU’s Ecolabel and is produced exclusively in an ISO 14001-certified mill. It is also the only design paper brand included in the WWF’s ‘Check Your Paper’ resource for third-party audited, environmentally friendly pulp and paper products.

Johannes Klumpp adds, “The story of PERGRAHICA® begins at the crossroads of design and creativity. With its look and feel PERGRAPHICA® reflects emotions that bring your story to life.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #111484

Hit all the right notes with MAESTRO®   (Company news)

MAESTRO® office paper re-launch: The new MAESTRO® live in concert

Mondi, an international packaging and paper company, announces the re-branding of its MAESTRO® brand. New packaging designs of the product will be available in stores from early autumn onwards. The rebranding of the MAESTRO® product range was inspired by the orchestra maestro’s ability to handle all kind of musicians with diverse styles, just as Mondi aims to satisfy diverse customer needs with its broad MAESTRO® product portfolio.

In recognition of its strong international brand awareness and success, Mondi is revitalising the brand with a re-launch campaign, including new packaging designs, videos and jingles of different music styles. To highlight the unique qualities offered by the individual products, which are designed to meet the needs of today’s business world, every product of the portfolio refers to one musical style.

“The broad range of the MAESTRO® portfolio offers our customers optimal solutions for every need, just as musicians find the right song for their audience’s current mood. So you can count on MAESTRO® to set the stage for an impressive performance,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director of Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.”

Broad applicability and reliable quality
Mondi strives to understand and exceed customer expectations and to fulfil their printing needs every day. In order to flexibly cater to customer requests, MAESTRO® offers the right solution for a range of modern compositions in office paper. Elegance, versatility, strength, smartness or an urban feel – whatever needs to be expressed, MAESTRO® office papers have the right offering. “From dynamic contrasts for printing texts and colourful graphics with MAESTRO® extra, or MAESTRO® color with 30 different eye-catching colours to choose from, to efficient black-and-white printing with MAESTRO® standard, the MAESTRO® portfolio enables you to hit all the right notes,” explains Klumpp.

MAESTRO® papers are optimally suited for diverse office applications, with the portfolio ranging from high white to tinted papers with a high level of opacity and minimum dust generation, which consequently leads to less machine wear and cost savings with regards to maintenance and servicing. The proven ColorLok® Technology for MAESTRO® supreme, MAESTRO® extra and MAESTRO® bulky delivers excellent results on inkjet printers and enables bolder blacks, vivid colours and faster drying.

Sustainable. Every day.
Also with regards to sustainability the MAESTRO® brand offers a strong environmental profile. The entire MAESTRO® portfolio is FSC® or PEFC™ certified and thus part of Mondi’s Green Range. Mondi makes continuous efforts to further improve the environmental performance of its products and processes every day. Sustainability is a fundamental and integral part of Mondi’s corporate strategy. Mondi’s Green Range, introduced in 2006, is recognised as a symbol for strong environmental performance in the sustainable paper production, with all Green Range papers FSC®/PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or produced totally chlorine free (TCF). The company’s commitment is underpinned by close collaborations with public organisations and NGOs, resulting in numerous renowned certifications: FSC®, PEFC™, EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel, Austrian Ecolabel, PPI Awards for Mondi‘s environmental strategy and the long-term partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #111480

Mondi Group signs agreement to acquire Ascania nonwoven Germany  (Company news)

Mondi Group has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding share capital of Ascania nonwoven Germany GmbH (“Ascania”) from Schloss Neugattersleben Group, a private equity investment group for a total consideration of EUR54m on a debt-and-cash-free basis (5.7x LTM EBITDA).

Ascania is a producer of nonwoven fabrics and nonwoven composites used as components in personal care products. The business operates from one site based in Aschersleben, Germany. Ascania is a key supplier of nonwovens for diaper elastic laminates to Mondi. The business employs around 150 people and will be integrated into Mondi’s Consumer Packaging Business Unit. For the twelve months ended 31 May 2015, Ascania generated unaudited revenues of EUR53m and EBITDA of EUR9.5m.

Commenting on the acquisition, David Hathorn, Chief Executive of Mondi Group, said: “This acquisition supports the development of our Consumer Packaging business. It will strengthen Mondi’s position as the preferred supplier of hygiene components such as elastic laminates for diapers and enable further growth with innovative products for baby diapers, adult incontinence, femcare and medical applications.”

The transaction remains subject to competition clearance and is expected to complete by the fourth quarter of 2015.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #111206

Mondi presents alufree BarrierFilm for food packaging at FachPack 2015  (Company news)

When consumers buy packaged food like dried soups or herbs, they expect to store it for a period of time before use. The barrier functions of the packaging are crucial to making this possible. Furthermore, while protecting the packaged goods is important, what about the environmental aspects of the packaging? At FachPack 2015 in Nürnberg, Mondi Coatings presents its intelligent solution for this dilemma – alufree BarrierFilm.

Every packaged good requires certain barriers. Finding solutions for every specific demand is Mondi Coating’s core business. Until recently, the best barriers available were achieved with aluminium foils. Although aluminium provides a good barrier function, Mondi’s technicians have now found an intelligent alternative: the alufree BarrierFilm. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also offers other advantages. Because alufree BarrierFilm contains no metal of any kind, it is now possible to use a metal detector along the supply chain without losing any of the required functions.

The BarrierFilm was already awarded with the WoldStart Award, the DuPont Silver Awards and PPI 2014 for “Innovation in Sustainable Packaging”. It offers excellent protection and a long shelf life for food products. In addition, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging thanks to the removal of aluminium. One customer even reported that thanks to switching to this high-barrier liner for their convenience food packaging, they have been able to reduce the carbon footprint by as much as 25%.

“We are both proud and inspired by the recognition that comes with winning not only one but in total three awards with our non-foil high-barrier liner: the PPI Award, the DuPont Award and the WorldStar Award! It is a true testament to the innovative spirit, persistence and excellence in development that was required to deliver this great packaging breakthrough,” states Jussi Vanhanen, CEO Mondi Fibre Packaging.

By introducing a special sealing polymer that helps reduce the sealing temperature and subsequently lowers energy consumption, the sustainable approach has been further enhanced. In addition, the lower sealing temperature leads to higher efficiency on the filling lines. BarrierFilm also resolves another issue that aluminium laminates can cause: as it does not have a memory effect, it is not as sensitive to kink folds. The packaging stays scatheless and safe, emphasising the attractive visual appearance of the product and brand even more.

Mondi’s intelligent alufree BarrierFilm is available for a wide array of applications, including dehydrated food stuffs as well as products such as instant coffee that require an outstanding oxygen barrier. Upon demand, Mondi also provides the liner with easy-opening features such as laser perforation and can be processed on high-speed packaging lines.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #111188

HYBRIDPRO: combining the best of both worlds   (Company news)

Mondi makes further progress in the evolution of industrial paper bags by launching a bag that offers uncompromising weather protection and significantly extends the shelf life of its contents. The HYBRIDPRO is a technically demanding combination of paper and plastic, and is suitable for many industries and applications, particularly construction materials.

Conventional industrial bags made of paper tend to be vulnerable to rain and moisture. When exposed to direct rain on an unprotected pallet, a standard paper bag absorbs water and may weaken as a result. Handling may then become awkward, and the shelf life of the contents may be affected. In some cases, a switch to plastic bags is the answer. But this may not be the optimum approach, as the cost of investing in form-fill-seal (FFS) machinery tends to be high. Mondi, ever conscious of its customers’ needs, has come up with a hybrid solution to the dilemma: the HYBRIDPRO bag, offering the advantages of a plastic bag, yet fillable on conventional paper bag filling systems.
With the HYBRIDPRO, paper combined with plastic really can provide the best of both worlds: uncompromising weather protection thanks to the bag’s outer PE barrier layer, allowing genuine outdoor storage for lengthy periods and extended storage stability, without the need to invest in expensive FFS filling systems.

The next generation of water-repellent paper bags from Mondi
The HYBRIDPRO bag, which will be marketed under the slogan ‘Made of PaPEr – combining the best of both worlds’, represents a whole new concept in industrial bag design. Like a hybrid drive in a car, the HYBRIDPRO is an excellent combination of the available options: the inner ply is made of 120 g/m2 Mondi Advantage ONE sack kraft paper; the outer ply is a 40 μm-thick layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The innovative step here is that the HDPE forms a protective layer on the outside of the paper. Other bags also use a combination of paper and plastic, but not in this way. This is a considerable technical achievement that brings a new dimension to industrial bag design.
The HYBRIDPRO belongs to Mondi’s next generation of water-repellent bags, developed as part of the company’s focus on exciting new solutions achieved through ongoing R&D. The bag – for which a patent is pending – is yet another successful outcome of Mondi’s strategic emphasis on collaboration with customers during the product development process.

The benefits
With the HYBRIDPRO, building materials such as gypsum and cement enjoy excellent protection against direct rain during shipping or on site. The HYBRIDPRO also provides excellent protection against gradual moisture ingress during outdoor storage, thanks to the 40 μm thickness of the unperforated HDPE film. This means shelf life is longer than with standard paper bags. For example, according to building materials producer Knauf, who collaborated in developing the HYBRIDPRO, gypsum packaged in the HYBRIDPRO enjoys an eight-month shelf life when stored outdoors with no further protective layer – twice as long as if packaged in a standard paper bag.
This impressive performance outdoors makes the bag very user-friendly and has benefits when it comes to streamlining the supply chain of fillers and end-consumers: with longer shelf life, order sizes can be larger, for potential reductions in shipping costs.
Since the bag can be filled on conventional paper bag filling systems, investment in FFS systems, which tend to be expensive, is not required.

Compelling additional benefits
The bag’s outer ply – which forms the barrier against rain, moisture and dust – is made of plastic film, giving it an attractive, modern appearance, an important factor in many markets. The HDPE film can be printed in up to eight colours, including on the bottom patches, for a glossy, premium look, and the paper ply is available in a bleached or an unbleached version.
The HYBRIDPRO allows high-speed filling, with de-aeration twice as fast as with a standard three-ply bag (35 m3/h versus 18 m3 Workplaces, such as construction sites, are cleaner with the HYBRIDPRO, as less of the contents adhere to the outer layer – a benefit sure to appeal to end users.
The HYBRIDPRO is an eco-friendly solution: the total grammage of material used is less than with standard three-ply designs used for the same purpose.
Last but not least, the plastic and paper components are easy to separate, for optimum recyclability.

The HYBRIDPRO is a high-quality packaging solution conceived for high-quality contents. It is particularly suitable for building materials, including gypsum and cement, as well as many other moisture-sensitive products. The bag is suitable for filling contents at temperatures of up to 90 °C.
The HYBRIDPRO was developed alongside Mondi’s showerproof paper SPLASHBAG (launched beginning of 2015) as part of Mondi’s next generation of water-repellent bags, in keeping with Mondi’s strategic orientation to ongoing innovation.
The brand-new HYBRIDPRO will be presented to the public during upcoming packaging trade shows in Europe and internationally. The first trade show at which visitors will be able to explore the new bag is FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany. Mondi will be exhibiting from 29 September to 1 October in Hall 7, Booth 254.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #110270

Walki to sell the major part of its Industrial Packaging business  (Company news)

Walki Group, the leading producer of protective packaging materials and technical laminates, announces today that it has entered an agreement with Mondi Group to sell its Pietarsaari plant in Finland and the Wroclaw plant in Poland. These two facilities constitute the major part of Walki’s Industrial Packaging business, producing primarily packaging material for the paper industry as well as for the corrugated board industry. Excluded from the deal are the RFID-antenna production line (4E) and the pilot plant assets located in the Pietarsaari plant. The planned acquisition is subject to competition clearance.
“The proposed transaction enables Walki to focus all its resource on the growing markets of energy saving laminates and membranes for building purposes, as well as on selected segments of the consumer packaging market. This step is fully in line with our strategy to leverage on our strong R&D capabilities in developing new multi-layer laminate solutions for our customers”, says Leif Frilund (photo), President and CEO of Walki Group.
In 2014, the aggregated sales of the Pietarsaari and Wroclaw plant were 113 MEUR and they employed together about 245 people.
(Walki Group Oy)

Newsgrafik #107319

Mondi Group: Half-yearly results for the six months ended 30 June 2014  (Company news)

-Steady improvement in all key financial metrics
-Underlying operating profit of € 377 million, up 3 %
-Underlying earnings of 51.9 euro cents per share, up 5 %
-Cash generated from operations of €439 million, up 2%
-ROCE of 16 %, well in excess of through-the-cycle hurdle rate of 13%
-Acquisition of Graphic Packaging’s bags and kraft paper operations consolidates global market leadership position in Industrial Bags

Capital projects
-Recently completed projects delivering on expectation
-Ongoing major projects on time, within budget
-Interim dividend of 13.23 euro cents per share, up 39 %

David Hathorn (photo), Mondi Group chief executive, said:
“The Mondi Group continues to deliver a strong performance, generating
a return on capital employed of 16%. Strong cost management and contributions from successfully completed strategic capital investments, together with the benefits from downstream integration in key packaging segments, enabled the Group to offset the impact of lower prices in a number of paper grades.
We have continued to invest in the business for future growth. Highlights for the period included the successful commissioning of the
155,000 tonne bleached kraft paper machine at the Štěti mill in the
Czech Republic and the acquisition of Graphic Packaging’s bags operations and kraft paper mill in the United States. Together with the Group’s ongoing capital expenditure programme, including significant projects at our Ružomberok, Świecie and Syktyvkar operations, we are confident that these investments will deliver strongly into the future.
In the near term, anticipated price increases in some of our packaging paper grades should provide positive momentum. As in prior years, the second half of the year will be impacted by the planned annual mill maintenance shuts.
Market fundamentals remain sound, which, coupled with a continued economic recovery, should prove positive for further growth in the packaging businesses.
Overall, we remain confident that Mondi will continue to deliver an industry leading performance.”
(Mondi Group)

Newsgrafik #106897

Graphic Packaging Closes Sale of Multi-wall Bag Business  (Company news)

Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), a leading provider of packaging solutions to food, beverage and other consumer products companies, announced that it and its wholly-owned subsidiary Graphic Packaging International, Inc., have completed the sale of their Multi-wall Bag business to Mondi Group. The divested assets included 9 converting plants located throughout the United States and the Pine Bluff, Arkansas kraft paper mill.
(Graphic Packaging Holding Company)

Newsgrafik #106702

RosUpack 2014: Mondi Containerboard presents white-top kraftliner grades with excellent ...  (Company news)

... appearance and printability

At this year’s RosUpack in Moscow, from 17 to 20 June, Mondi Containerboard will be showcasing ProVantage Komipak and ProVantage Komiwhite, two paper grades from its Appearance portfolio. Visitors to the international packaging exhibition are invited to join the live presentations, which will take place on the Mondi booth, A127 in hall 1, every day at 11 am and 3 pm.
Florian Stockert, Sales & Marketing Director Containerboard at Mondi Europe & International, says: “Russia is an important market for us, and with our production site located in Syktyvkar we can offer rapid delivery and flexible lead times for ProVantage Komiwhite and Komipak throughout the country. We invite visitors to join our daily keynote presentations, during which our technical experts will be highlighting ProVantage Komiwhite’s outstanding qualities.”
ProVantage Komiwhite offers premium printing properties, strength and versatility for packing eye-catching goods. The white-top kraftliner is ideal for use in promotional corrugated packaging, point-of-sale applications, food and beverage packaging as well as industrial packaging, including for consumer durables and furniture. ProVantage Komipak, in turn, is perfectly suitable for use as a liquid packaging board. Both paper grades are made of 100% virgin fibre and produced locally at Mondi’s paper mill in Syktyvkar, Russia.
ProVantage Komiwhite will be exhibited in weights of 105, 115, 125, 135 and 175 gsm, while ProVantage Komipak will be displayed in the 290 and 320 gsm options.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #106378

Mondi Coatings develops sustainable collection bag for Nespresso   (Company news)

Following intensive product development, Mondi Coatings has introduced an innovative paper-based bag coated with Sustainex®, Mondi’s biodegradable, compostable and recyclable biopolymer solution. The novel bag will be launched as a collection bag for the Nespresso recycling programme. Thanks to the biopolymer extrusion coating of the FSC™-certified paper and a sealing strip, the bag can be safely closed and sealed against moisture.
Nespresso introduced a collection and recycling system for used aluminium capsules as part of the Nespresso Ecolaboration™ programme in 2009 with currently over 1'300 recycling collection points in Austria, adding up to a recycling capacity of 84%. According to the company, recycled aluminium generates only 5% of the CO2 emissions that are associated with primary aluminium. In order to offer its customers the utmost convenience, Nespresso Austria asked Mondi to develop a customised collection bag that reflects its sustainability principles.
Ranking among the pioneering companies that attach strategic importance to bioplastics, Mondi Coatings has assumed a leading role in the development of sustainable packaging. Sustainability and convenience are key elements of this product innovation. The aim was to create a collection bag that perfectly puts the Nespresso sustainability commitments into effect. Mondi was therefore identified as the ideal partner for satisfying the strict environmental and convenience demands of this project. Within a short period, Mondi Coatings originated the perfect solution: a paper-based bag made of FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper with a Sustainex® coating. The collection bag is made from renewable raw materials (up to 85%) and the paper and coating are fully biodegradable according to DIN EN 13432.
The novel solution offers utmost stability thanks to the rigidity of the FSC™ paper and the rectangular flat bottom. "The use of paper in combination with Sustainex® supports both the look & feel and the high environmental requirements that Nespresso envisioned," explains Michael Strobl, Managing Director Mondi Extrusion Coatings. Thanks to excellent sealability and its grease and moisture barrier, Mondi’s Sustainex® ensures maximum safety and tightness. Furthermore, the biopolymer coating is thermo-sealed and largely dispenses with glue, thus making this packaging an eco-friendly and biodegradable solution. "Both companies, Nespresso and Mondi, are strongly committed to sustainability and innovation," continues Strobl, before concluding. "Thanks to our in-depth know-how of biopolymers and various packaging technologies, we were able to develop a truly perfect solution in cooperation with Nespresso."
„Recycling of capsules is one of the major corner stones of the Nespresso Ecolaboration™ programme. As market leader, we value corporate responsibility and are proud of our independent recycling system. In close collaboration with leading experts, we want to make it as convenient as possible for our club members to collect coffee capsules. Thanks to the new Nespresso Recycling Bag we are confident to increase our recycling rate even more", comments Dietmar Keuschnig, Market Director Nespresso Austria on the innovative recycling bag. The collection bag offers customers maximum convenience – once the bag is full, it can safely be closed with the help of a sealing strip and then easily transported to one of 1.300 local recycling points. Both the bag and the coffee are fully compostable and the aluminium is infinitely recyclable – a perfect example of Ecolaboration™ in action.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #106053

Mondi keeps in touch with packaging trends at Interpack 2014  (Company news)

Booth A24/B23 Hall 9, Interpack 2014, May 8-14, Düsseldorf

Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, will present innovative, high-performance and eco-efficient solutions addressing the trends and demands of the packaging industry and end-users at Interpack 2014.

Centred around Mondi’s new claim – IN TOUCH EVERY DAY – visitors will be able to see firsthand how Mondi touches millions of lives every day through its broad range of products in use across the world ( The international audience can look forward to an extensive selection of announcements including:

- Seeing the first white kraft paper samples from Mondi’s investment in its Štětí plant in the Czech Republic (PM7)
- Touch Bag, an embossed industrial bag solution for improved branding and piracy protection
- ColdSealPack®, a self-sealing packaging solution
- PolyWoven Bag next generation, a lightweight and tear-resistant pinch bottom bag for food and non-food applications
- SteamPack® for convenient microwaveable packaging
- YBBS® Premium Board, an uncoated 100% virgin fibre wood and chlorine free solution for packaging applications such as high-value folding boxes or cupstock
- Miprotex, a tailor-made barrier to prevent the migration of mineral oil, available as barrier material or corrugated packaging

One of the centrepieces of Mondi’s 400 square meter booth will be a striking 5 meter giraffe. It will be made from corrugated material and visitors will be able to walk up to the booth’s first floor to see the giraffe’s head while learning more about Mondi and our strategic partnership with WWF – one of the world’s largest conservation organisations.

“Mondi keeps its eyes on what’s happening in the market so that we always offer our customers the best technologies and raw materials to meet highest standards,” comments Albert Klinkhammer, Director of Marketing and Communication, Mondi Europe & International. “This is the first Interpack since the 2012 acquisitions of Nordenia and two Duropack plants. We are excited at the prospect of showcasing our extended portfolio to new and existing customers whilst also finding smarter ways to help our partners to improve their business.”

At Interpack, Mondi will showcase its full spectrum of packaging and paper solutions from flexible packaging solutions to printed films and laminates, kraft paper, paper-based industrial bags, containerboard, corrugated packaging and extrusion coating solutions. For more information on Mondi’s products on display at Interpack visit

As members of the SAVE FOOD initiative, Mondi will also be present at this year’s Innovationparc Packaging. “We joined this initiative because of its goal to ensure that food is packaged properly from the field to the market.

We see our purpose as creating long-term value for stakeholders by transforming raw materials into innovative product solutions that meet customer needs in a responsible, cost-effective and sustainable way,” says Albert Klinkhammer.

Mondi’s commitment to providing the best technologies to meet customers’ needs has earned two WorldStar Awards from the World Packaging Organization. The awards will be presented during Interpack. The first is for our corrugated packaging solution developed for Schneider Electric. An outer box and inner components hold products in place and eliminate the need for foam or plastic packing materials. This resulted in a packaging solution that is lighter in weight, fully recyclable, and adaptable to products of different sizes.

The second award is for the development of a packaging solution for the Royco Packet Soup range. In partnership with Afripack Consumer Flexibles Mondi Extrusion Coatings developed a non-foil, co-extruded paper laminate that fulfils required needs like high printability, high shelf life, reduced carbon footprint and optimum protection of the ingredients from the outside.

You can find out more about Mondi and the IN TOUCH EVERY DAY project here:
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #105497

WWF and Mondi to sustain ecosystems through responsible business practices  (Company news)

WWF and Mondi Group announced that they will work together in a three-year strategic partnership that focuses on increasing environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sectors.

The partnership, which links one of the largest packaging, pulp and paper producers in the world with the world’s largest conservation organisation, sends a strong signal that addressing environmental sustainability makes good business sense.

The partnership will focus on minimising the impacts of Mondi’s operations on forests, climate and water, and encouraging sustainable practices in the industry.

The work programme will cover three main areas -
- Ecosystem Stewardship - building on the successful Mondi Wetlands Programme in South Africa, this work will focus on protecting high conservation value ecosystems in Russia and other regions and increasing the value and resilience of multi-functional production landscapes in South Africa.

- Manufacturing Stewardship –further reducing the water and climate footprint of Mondi’s operations and promoting resource efficiency, recycling and longevity of products, including the cascading use of wood and forest products where appropriate.

- Product Stewardship – further enhancing the environmental performance of Mondi’s products through; among others - credible certification and efficient life-cycle use of materials in their paper and packaging products.

“As population grows and competition for land increases, forest-based industries that rely on renewable resources can play an important role in protecting and managing vital ecosystems,” says Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International. “Companies like Mondi that choose to contribute to sustainable resource use and nature conservation are ensuring their own long-term viability, while contributing to the well-being of people and the planet today.”

David Hathorn, Group CEO Mondi says, “Mondi and WWF have a successful association working together on projects. This international partnership enables us to join forces on a larger scale. Sustainable development is integral to our business, and we are very pleased to be working with WWF as we continue to reduce our footprint and share responsible practices across our industry and beyond.”
(WWF International Paper Team)

Newsgrafik #104275

Mondi presents its new biodegradable and compostable paper-based bag for pet food and ...  (Company news)

... food packaging

Mondi Consumer Packaging is highly committed to integrating sustainable development into their business model and to provide its customers the best suitable packaging and the lowest possible impact on the environment. The latest innovation in the field of sustainability is a new hybrid paper-based bag, which is biodegradable and compostable whilst offering the excellent protection thanks to an innerlayer of biodegradable film required by the pet food and food industry. The novel paper-based bag is designed as pinch bottom bag, hence offers all the advantages of an eye-catching presentation in combination with a green image.
Last week at German trade fair FachPack Mondi successfully presented the biodegradable paper-based bag - its’ novel sustainable solution. The biodegradable paper-based bag consists of one or more layers of paper and a layer of biodegradable film, which ensures an excellent grease and oil barrier. These properties are especially important to the pet food and food industry, as utmost protection of content is mandatory. The sustainable pinch bottom bag, which is produced in Mondi Novasac, Italy, is suitable for automatic filling systems and easy to palletise. The strong, reliable bag presents an ideal communication panel thanks to its large printing surface. To optimally present customer brands, the hybrid bag is available with white or brown paper, the later emphasising a natural appearance.
“Our new bag provides the advantages of a pre-made paper-based bag ensuring product safety and freshness. And offers, in addition, the major advantage of biodegradability and compostability”, Ralph Landwehr, CEO Mondi Consumer Packaging and North America explains.
Although often used as if both terms mean the same, biodegradable is quite different from compostable. While biodegradable simply means to be consumed by microorganisms and return to compounds found in nature, ‘compostable’ makes the specific demand that the object breaks down in a compost pile, the biodegradable paper-based bag therefore is fully integrated in the environmental life cycle.
The flexible concept of Mondi’s pre-made paper-based bags offers a wide range of packaging solutions. Some of the major features are sturdiness along with great flexibility in size, design, and printing options. All requirements for direct contact with food are fulfilled, i.e. HACCP, BCR/IoP. The latest extension of this portfolio helps also to reduce environmental impact thanks to its biodegradability and compostability according to EN 13432 (requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation).
The biodegradable paper-based bag is suitable for various products, such as flour, sugar or rice and the ideal packaging solution for the pet food industry.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #103726

Mondi's climate neutral offering expanded to include all high-speed inkjet papers   (Company news)

Mondi, an international packaging and paper manufacturer, has expanded its offering of CO2 neutral papers to include its line of high-speed inkjet paper products. This has been done to underline its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions overall and also in response to the growing demand for climate neutral products in the professional printing market.
“Climate and resource protection is a vital part of our product stewardship and is increasingly turning into a competitive advantage for Mondi,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. For buyers all over the world, across all industries and business fields – but also in public administration – environmentally sound paper procurement is continually growing in importance. “For our customers, the paper they use for printing represents a significant component of their environmental message,” Mr. Klumpp adds.
One such Mondi customer, LBBW, has been engaged in the area of sustainability for many years now. “We want to actively contribute to climate protection and support a low emission economy. This is why LBBW developed its own climate strategy in 2011, including a defined target for reducing our CO2 emissions. In addition to reducing energy consumption through technical optimisations and the use of green energy, purchasing and using CO2 neutral paper is another important step towards reaching our goal,” explained Wolfgang Nickel, Head of the Group Output Management Services, Landesbank Baden – Württemberg.
Together with the climate protection specialist ClimatePartner, Mondi calculated the carbon footprint of its paper products back in 2010. On the basis of this calculation, Mondi launched Color Copy, its premium laser paper, fully CO2 neutral from cradle to Mondi gate. NAUTILUS®SuperWhite has since also been offered optionally CO2 neutral. Mondi has now a fully developed company-wide IT-based product carbon footprint program to calculate a detailed carbon footprint of all paper and packaging products. The calculations are based on the “10 toes” model developed by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI). “We are able to calculate the carbon footprint of each product, at each stage of the supply chain, to determine the effect of our greenhouse gas reducing activities at every stage,” so Mr. Klumpp. “Sustainable development is not a separate part of our business. It is our business.”
Dr. Klaus Reisinger, CEO of ClimatePartner Austria, adds: “The paper’s carbon footprint – which makes up roughly 70% of the carbon footprint of a print job - has been calculated and the measures for reduction have been determined jointly with Mondi. Unavoidable emissions are offset via emission reduction certificates from a new hydro power project in Santa Catarina, Brazil.”
Mondi has reduced its CO2e emissions per unit of saleable products by 25% since 2004 and has an overall rate of renewable energy usage of 58%. Mondi strives to increase environmental efficiency across the company by reducing water and energy consumption, lowering emissions to air and water, and by preserving biodiversity. To promote knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders both in the industry and within the company itself, Mondi hosts environmentally focused ‘Green Events’ as well as ‘Green Trainings’ and also offers online learning tools, such as the ‘Green Range Trivia Game’ (
All Mondi-branded papers now carry the company’s Green Range label, which stands for sustainable paper production and consists only of papers that meet three core criteria: FSC® or PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or TCF (totally chlorine free) bleached.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #103567

Get in Touch with Mondi at FachPack 2013  (Company news)

Picture: ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua

The international packaging and paper group will be showcasing its
fullest range of products at a 380 sqm booth at FachPack this September.
“Around the Mondi world in three days” will be the theme and a striking hot air balloon will hang from the ceiling as its centrepiece.
Mondi will be showcasing an enlarged range of products from all business segments.
“FachPack is one of the leading packaging trade shows and we have found it be a fantastic forum for connecting with new and existing customers and partners. We are presenting products from across our portfolio – from sophisticated consumer packag ing solutions to
corrugated packaging and food safety solutions”, explains Albert Klinkhammer, Director of Marketing and Communication, Mondi Europe & International.
Mondi’s product range has grown with the 2012 acquisitions of Nordenia and two Duropack plants.
FachPack takes place between 24 and 26 September 2013, in Nuremberg, Germany, and visitors will be able to find Mondi at Hall 7 (Booth 7
- 254/7 - 160).

The latest products on display will include:
-Stac-Pac®: an innovative, weather-resistant dispatch and storage container made from punched, heavy corrugated cardboard.
-Aroprotex: new tailor-made aroma barrier to protect food from external influences and keep the aroma inside.
-SmartID Bag: smart industrial bag equipped with its own serialised data matrix code for identification purposes.
-PolyWoven Bag: new extremely durable, strong but also lightweight packaging with pinch bottom and an attractive all-over print.
-ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua: new solution for packaging applications in very humid environments.
-FIBROMER®: new sustainable alternative to other composites in many sectors, including automotives and furniture.

As Mondi’s product range is now so extensive, a new marketing line called IN TOUCH EVERY DAY will be unveiled at FachPack. “Our claim will illustrate how we connect with millions of people every day through our broad range of products that are in use across the
world,” says Albert Klinkhammer, Director of Marketing and Communication, Mondi Europe & International.
As well as exhibiting its products, Mondi will also be hosting a series of Speaker Corner sessions on topical subjects such as
mineral oil migration and counterfeiting. All business partners will be welcome to attend the sessions and join in the discussions.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #103448

Mondi ranks first in mill performance in the EMGE cut-size survey 2013   (Company news)

Color Copy (picture) also ranks first in brand awareness for colour applications in Europe

International packaging and paper group Mondi ranks again first in mill performance with their Uncoated Fine Paper mills in the new EMGE cut-size industry survey for 2013. According to EMGE, a paper industry consultant in Europe, Mondi could even improve its top rating in 2011. For colour applications in Europe, Color Copy ranks first in brand awareness with more than double the mentions (48%) than the brand ranked second (22%), underpinning Color Copy’s position as a leading brand in the market. Snegurochka is likewise the best known brand in Russia, mentioned by 87% of all Russian participants. Four other Mondi brands were also listed among the top 10 in Russia.
“We are really pleased with the results of the EMGE survey, particularly our mill performance being ranked first. But also the fact that Mondi UFP is the top scorer on what was ranked overall as the single most important factor in Western Europe – namely the reliability of delivery – was a confirmation of our efforts this past year,” said Johannes Klumpp. In terms of environmental policy, also a highly ranked criterion in Western Europe, Mondi was ranked 2nd. Mondi UFP’s outstanding customer service level was rated highest in Eastern Europe, where this criterion is ranked among the most important.
The EMGE Mill and Mill/OEM Brand Benchmarking Survey covers the image of white cut-size paper mills and mill brands in Western and Eastern Europe in 2013. This report presents the results of an interview survey among the trade (Merchants, OEMs, Office Stationary Distributors) of the image of white cut-size paper mills and mill brands in Europe. The research focuses on mills and mill brands, awareness, factors of importance and product/mill performance.
“It is the right way to go - to excel at what is important to the customers: reliable delivery of the right products with a strong environmental profile and excellent customer service – and we intend to continue doing so,” concluded Mr. Klumpp.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)


Mondi adds its support to the Verdigris project and becomes the first member from the ...  (Company news)

... paper industry

Mondi, the international packaging and paper manufacturer, has become the latest company to join Verdigris, the environmental initiative from graphic arts research group Digital Dots. Mondi is the first representative of the paper industry to join the Verdigris project.
Verdigris helps all parts of the print chain evaluate the carbon footprint of print and electronic media, from the point of file creation via production to final distribution, use and disposal. The project's goal is to raise awareness of print’s capabilities in reducing environmental impact, through cooperative content development shared with an international network of trade publishers.
"We are very pleased to have signed on as an Associate Member of the Verdigris Project,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. “Print does have a positive story to tell: Paper is a recyclable material that comes from a renewable resource. As a leading producer of office and professional printing papers, we are reliant on forests as the primary raw material for our products and we have a responsibility to maintain the healthy functioning of the forest ecosystems we own and manage. Sustainability is vital to Mondi’s business and our license to operate and we are happy to use the synergies between the paper and printing industries to tell this story."
Mondi's manufacturing process looks at the issue of carbon footprint from the ground up, starting with the development of a sustainable forestry programme. In 2012 Mondi Group sustainably managed around 2.1 million hectares of boreal forest in Komi Russia and 306,000 hectares of plantation forests in South Africa. Mondi Group planted some 31 million new trees in 2012.
A further development from Mondi has been the Green Range of products. As of January 2012 all Mondi branded papers now meet the company's Green Range criteria. The Green Range consists entirely of FSC™ / PEFC™ certified paper from responsibly managed forests, totally chlorine-free paper or 100% recycled paper.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #102549

Mondi Kraft Paper wins award in INTEGRATE Global Suppliers Innovation Programme   (Company news)

Picture: Hans Finsterer, Director of Overseas Sales, Mondi Kraft Paper

Mondi Kraft Paper was among three award winners in the INTEGRATE Global Suppliers Innovation Programme organised by CEMEX. Mondi was recognised for its concept entitled ‘The Future is High Porous’. This was for bags made of Mondi’s high-porous sack kraft paper which offer significant weight reductions and higher strength, coupled with improved operating performance.
CEMEX initiated its Innovation Programme to foster collaboration with its suppliers and promote innovation as a win-win process. Innovative ideas lead to improvements throughout the value chain and cost reductions. The award recognises the top three ideas submitted by a field of 79 international suppliers that are invited to participate in the programme. Among other attributes, the winning ideas are ranked by the extent of innovation, cost economy, speed and ease of implementation, and scalability for different countries and operations.
According to Hans Finsterer, Director of Overseas Sales of Mondi Kraft Paper, "Product innovation is a high priority at Mondi. We know that ideas developed together with our customers have the highest benefit for all parties involved. Mondi’s high-porous sack kraft paper portfolio meets the strictest demands regarding quick filling, strength, porosity, stiffness and attractive POS printing. Cement bags produced from Mondi’s high-porous sack kraft paper deliver cost savings to both the bag converter and the cement producer. The weight reduction and smaller number of plies result in lighter and stronger bags that deliver significant cost savings."
CEMEX presented the awards at a ceremony on Thursday 14 March at its corporate headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. Among those attending the event was Hans Finsterer, Director of Overseas Sales for kraft paper, who accepted the prize on behalf of Mondi. Mondi Kraft Paper is very grateful for this recognition and is looking forward to a prosperous partnership with CEMEX in the future.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #102301

Mondi launches FIBROMER®, a cellulose fibre reinforced polymer   (Company news)

Mondi has launched FIBROMER®, a revolutionary polymer reinforced with cellulose fibre that has numerous injection moulding applications for industries such as automotive, logistics/transport, electronics and furniture.
Mondi developed FIBROMER® in a new compounding process that homogenously mixes kraft pulp fibre – a renewable resource produced by Mondi – with a polymer granule. The result is a new composite that offers clear advantages for injection moulders and original equipment manufacturers over other composites used in manufacturing, such as those using short glass fibres, other natural fibres or talcum-filled material.
Clemens Stockreiter, COO Mondi Kraft Paper, commented: “Product innovation is a high priority at Mondi. We recognised that requirements for composite materials were changing: converters and manufacturers want polymers that are not only strong and stable, but also customisable to a certain degree and preferably from renewable or sustainable sources. We are excited to launch FIBROMER® which meets all those needs and has great potential for a number of industries.”

Advantages of FIBROMER®
FIBROMER® enables faster injection moulding cycles and higher productivity. It has higher material strength, increased stiffness and high-impact strength at low temperatures. It provides higher heat distortion than talcum-filled compounds and enhanced dimensional stability.
At the same time, FIBROMER® is a lightweight solution that has low odour, low density and very low abrasion. Cellulose fibre is available year-round at a consistent quality.
What’s more, FIBROMER® meets important criteria for sustainability and green manufacturing. It is produced from renewable resources and is highly recyclable – in line with Mondi’s commitment to product responsibility and sustainable business practices.
Mondi’s global distribution network will offer FIBROMER® in a variety of product options that are customised for different industry applications. Customers may choose from among defined variations in fibre content, matrix material, tensile modulus, tensile strength, impact strength, heat distortion temperature, and melt flow index. This means FIBROMER® is suitable to a range of injection-moulding applications – from crates and bins to automotive interior and structural parts.
FIBROMER® was developed by Mondi’s own research & development department, which builds on more than 130 years of in-house expertise and fibre know-how. The company is committed to responsible sourcing of raw materials and benefits from intensive fibre manufacturing scale and a global supply and distribution network.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #101833

Mondi showcases expanded high-speed inkjet portfolio at the 2013 Hunkeler Innovationdays ...  (Company news)

... February 11-15 in Lucerne, Switzerland

Picture: DNS paper reels

Mondi professional printing papers will be on display at stand I18 and used for print applications by various original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Mondi’s focus on the digital printing market continues into 2013. At Hunkeler Innovationsdays, the international packaging and paper producer will present its expanded high-speed inkjet portfolio, which comprises a comprehensive offering of grammages and shades for this growing market.
“In the past year, we have expanded Mondi’s high-speed inkjet portfolio to offer more variety and greater options for businesses and printers. Current printing demands, with applications that vary from transpromo and direct mail to book printing, require a portfolio that offers a wide range of optics, haptics, environmental options and accreditations,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.
At stand I18, Mondi will feature its smooth, high-white, recycled, off-white and coated high-speed inkjet papers optimised for both dye and pigment inks. These include DNS® high-speed inkjet CF (coated feel), DNS® high-speed inkjet NF (natural feel), 100% recycled NAUTILUS® high-speed inkjet, BIO TOP 3® high-speed inkjet and DNS® enhanced color inkjet, which is Mondi’s first high-speed inkjet paper with a pigment-coated inkjet surface.
Klummp adds, “BIO TOP 3® high-speed inkjet, for example, is our off-white recommendation for book printing. It is a TCF paper with no optical brightening agents and has a natural uncoated feel. On the other hand, DNS® high-speed inkjet CF could be the perfect fit for stylized marketing applications that require a high-white, smooth coated feel.”
Hunkeler Innovationdays also marks the debut of DNS® enhanced color inkjet to a broader professional printing market. As a pigmented paper, DNS® enhanced color inkjet delivers a higher colour density, allowing dye inks to reach density levels comparable to pigment ink. The inclusion of a pigmented grade to Mondi’s high-speed inkjet portfolio adds a further dimension to an already varied assortment.
With the growing demand for CO2 offsetting within the printing industry, Mondi also offers a CO2 neutral option for all high-speed inkjet papers as well as 100% recycled NAUTILUS® SuperWhite. Mondi’s colour laser paper Color Copy is fully CO2 neutral.
All Mondi-branded papers are part of the Green Range of eco-conscious papers that are FSC® or PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or TCF (totally chlorine free).
(Mondi Europe & International Division)


The 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Awards go to 7 paper producers and 46 paper brands  (Company news)

WWF, the world´s largest conservation organisation, is today announcing the winners of the 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Awards in the categories “Transparency” and “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands”. WWF praises the transparency of 7 paper producers and the “excellent” environmental performance of 46 paper brands published on WWF´s Check Your Paper database of eco-rated papers.
The WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2012 for “Transparency” go to Arjowiggins Graphic, Lenzing Papier, Metsä Board, Mondi, SCA, Steinbeis Papier and UPM for providing public information on the environmental footprint of the majority of their papers in one or more product categories on WWF´s Check Your Paper website.
The WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2012 for “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands” go to 46 third-party audited papers that scored at least 90% of achievable scores in WWF´s eco-rating and/or the maximum 5 stars in all performance categories: forest, water and climate. The award-winning 46 brands cover coated, uncoated, newsprint and tissue papers and come from 10 producers/merchants: Arjowiggins Graphic, Lenzing Papier, Mondi, SCA, Steinbeis Papier, UPM, Antalis McNaughton, Kimberly Clark, Leipa and Van Houtum. Details on the Awards can be accessed on
WWF created the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2012 to give credit to manufacturers and suppliers that post their brands on Check Your Paper, using WWF´s eco-rating method for measuring the environmental footprint of papers. WWF´s Check Your Paper is a global benchmark tool for transparency and understanding the total value chain sustainability of paper. It enables paper producers and merchants to list their products online and buyers to search transparent information on the environmental footprint of pulp and papers.

WWF applauds all producers/merchants who submitted their papers to WWF´s Check Your Paper database for making positive steps towards improving the transparency of the value chains they are part of.
“Supply chain transparency is increasingly a vital tool for more and more buyers of raw materials and finished goods”, said Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager of WWF International´s global pulp and paper work. “WWF encourages responsible buyers worldwide to choose suppliers who provide transparent information on the environmental footprint of their paper production.”

For further information:
Helma Brandlmaier, Senior Advisor Paper Footprint and Market Change, WWF International Tel: +43676842728219
(WWF International Paper Team)


Mondi Group: Interim Management Statement  (Company news)

This interim management statement provides an update on the financial performance and financial position of the Group since the half-year ended 30 June 2012, based on management accounts up to 30 September 2012 and estimated results for October 2012. These results have not been audited or reviewed by Mondi’s external auditors.

Audited results for the year ending 31 December 2012 will be published on or around 21 February 2013.

Except as discussed in this interim management statement, there have been no other significant events or transactions impacting either the financial performance or financial position of Mondi since 30 June 2012 up to the date of this statement.
Group Performance Overview

Underlying operating profit for the third quarter ended 30 September 2012 was €135 million (year to date €405 million, 2011 €490 million) in line with that of the comparable prior year period (Q3 2011 €136 million) and below that of the prior quarter (Q2 2012 €150 million). This was in line with expectations and reflects a stable trading environment considering the impact of the traditionally weaker European summer months, annual maintenance shuts at a number of the Group’s larger operating sites during the quarter and ongoing strong cost containment.

Sales volumes were, on average, similar to those achieved in the previous quarter but above those of the comparable prior year period, although demand in the downstream converting operations was below that of the prior year. Third quarter average benchmark selling prices across all grades were below those of the comparable prior year period. Selling price increases were realised in kraft paper during the quarter and price increases for containerboard are effective from early in the fourth quarter of 2012.

On average, input costs in the third quarter were similar to the previous quarter and below that of the comparable prior year period. Benchmark recovered fibre costs decreased by 23% in the quarter and were 30% below the comparable prior year period. As a result of the anticipated start-up of new recycled containerboard capacity in Poland in early 2013, regional market pressure on recovered fibre costs is expected in the near term.

The weaker South African rand and stronger US dollar versus the euro benefited mainly the South Africa division and, to a lesser extent, the Packaging Paper business.

During the quarter, all conditions precedent for the acquisition of Nordenia International AG were met and, with effect from 1 October 2012, the Group acquired a 99.93% interest in Nordenia for a cash consideration of €259 million.

As part of its continuing focus on its core businesses, the Group concluded the sale of its 50% share in Aylesford Newsprint to The Martland Holdings on 2 October 2012. The shares were sold for a nominal consideration following recapitalisation of the business. The net cash flow effect of the transaction was a €17 million outflow, while the estimated loss on disposal was €71 million. Following the sale of Aylesford Newsprint, the Group has restructured its reporting in South Africa to combine the Mondi Shanduka Newsprint joint venture into the South Africa division.
Divisional Overview
Europe & International

As indicated in the half-year end results, following the completion of the acquisition of Nordenia, the Group has rearranged its Europe & International business into four segments: Packaging Paper, Fibre Packaging, Consumer Packaging and Uncoated Fine Paper. The commentary that follows is based on these new reporting segments.
Packaging Paper

Packaging Paper performed well during the period benefiting from continued strong cost containment. Underlying operating profit was at similar levels to the second quarter, although still below that of the comparable prior year period.

Average benchmark selling prices for the quarter for virgin containerboard were approximately 3% higher than the previous quarter, white-top containerboard selling prices were largely unchanged whilst average prices for recycled containerboard were well below those of the previous quarter (9% lower), on the back of lower recovered fibre input costs (23% lower). Containerboard prices remain well below the levels of the previous year. During the quarter, sales volumes were negatively impacted by the planned maintenance shut at Swiecie, but demand remained at similar levels to the previous period. On the back of supply contraction in the virgin containerboard market and stable demand, selling price increases have been negotiated across all containerboard grades, the benefits of which are expected to be realised in the fourth quarter of the year.

Price increases for sack kraft paper took effect from July 2012. Good demand continued to be seen in export markets offsetting ongoing weakness in southern Europe. The major annual maintenance shuts in this segment are planned for the fourth quarter when demand in the downstream businesses is traditionally lower.
Fibre Packaging

Fibre Packaging performed well during the quarter with underlying operating profit well above the comparable prior year period and similar to that achieved in the previous quarter, benefiting from a comprehensive commercial excellence project leading to improved margin management and strong cost containment as well as non-recurring income of €3 million from the sale of land. Selling prices were at similar levels to those of the previous quarter whilst sales volumes were lower than the previous quarter and those achieved in the comparable prior year period. Input costs were relatively stable, with the main paper price increases only starting to take effect in the fourth quarter.

The industrial bags business benefited from stable demand in northern Europe and good demand in non-European markets, offsetting the impact of the weaker southern European markets. Restructuring activities in light of the structurally weaker demand are currently being evaluated for implementation during the fourth quarter of 2012. Higher paper input costs and seasonally weaker demand will impact returns in the fourth quarter.

Corrugated packaging enjoyed the benefits of lower recycled containerboard prices in the third quarter, although margins are expected to come under some pressure in the fourth quarter on the back of generally higher paper input prices.

Performance in the Coatings business remained stable, albeit still below our expectations due to low returns from the US business, impacted by the start-up of a new plant.

In September 2012, Mondi concluded an agreement with Duropack GmbH to acquire two corrugated box plants in Germany and the Czech Republic, consuming 130,000 tonnes containerboard per annum, and a 105,000 tonne recycled containerboard mill in the Czech Republic for a consideration of €125 million. The acquisition is in line with the Group’s strategy to strengthen its leading position in corrugated packaging in central and eastern Europe. The transaction remains on track for completion during the fourth quarter.
Consumer Packaging

Consumer Packaging delivered steady returns with underlying operating profit similar to that of the previous quarter. Sales volumes were higher than the comparable prior year period whilst sales prices were largely unchanged.

The acquisition of Nordenia with effect from 1 October 2012 will significantly enhance this business. Integration activities are progressing well and all closing activities have been completed. The focus in the near term will be on integrating Nordenia into Mondi, aligning processes and refining and implementing the expected synergy benefits.
Uncoated Fine Paper

Uncoated Fine Paper continues to deliver strong results despite a generally difficult trading environment, driven by a cost reduction programme. Underlying operating profit for the quarter was above that of the comparable prior year period but below that of the second quarter, due to the normal seasonal summer slowdown and planned maintenance shuts at Neusiedler and SCP Ružomberok. Benchmark selling prices were slightly higher than the previous quarter, at similar levels to those achieved in the previous year, whilst sales volumes remained at similar levels to the comparable prior year period. Although wood costs were largely unchanged, some relief was seen towards the end of the third quarter.

The anticipated start-up of a new paper machine in Russia in early 2013 as well as the phased reduction in import duties following Russia’s integration into the World Trade Organisation over a four year period starting in 2013 will impact this business. Ongoing cost optimisation initiatives in Russia will seek to mitigate any potential margin pressure.
South Africa Division

South Africa Division (including Mondi Shanduka Newsprint) benefited from a positive domestic trading environment and the weaker South African rand. Operating profit was slightly lower than the comparable prior year period and below that of the immediately preceding quarter primarily due to inventory build leading up to, and the impact of, a planned maintenance shut at Richards Bay which was concluded early in October.

A recent increase in domestic pulpwood prices will result in an estimated additional €10 million gain on fair value of forestry assets in the income statement in the fourth quarter, based on prevailing wood prices.
Financial position

Net debt was €1,188 million at the end of the quarter, down €85 million on the half-year. The acquisitions of Nordenia and the Duropack corrugated assets as well as the disposal of Aylesford will increase net debt in the fourth quarter of 2012.

On 21 September 2012, Mondi successfully launched a 3.375%, 8-year, €500 million Eurobond maturing in September 2020. The Group also cancelled its unutilised €250 million bridging facility arranged specifically for the acquisition of Nordenia. On 29 October 2012, Mondi issued an unconditional and irrevocable guarantee to the holders of the Nordenia bond.

During the quarter, the Group’s investment grade credit ratings of Baa3 (Moody’s Investor Services) and BBB- (Standard and Poor’s) were reaffirmed.

The Group continues to be strongly cash generative and working capital levels remain within the Group’s targeted range. Capital expenditure increased during the period compared to the previous quarter due to the preponderance of maintenance shuts during the period as well as increased spending on the energy improvement projects. Total capital expenditure for the year is expected to be around 90% of the Group’s annual depreciation charge.

Finance charges during the period were lower than the previous quarter on both lower average net debt and lower effective interest rates, but are expected to increase in the fourth quarter as net debt rises following the completion of the Nordenia and Duropack acquisitions.

The average maturity of the Group’s committed debt facilities at 30 September 2012 was approximately 5 years. The Group had available €941 million of committed, unutilised borrowing facilities at 30 September 2012, immediately preceding the completion of the Nordenia transaction.

Price increases in the main packaging paper grades offer support for the remainder of the year. Looking further forward, continued soft demand on the back of the prevailing macroeconomic uncertainties and some additional capacity expansions in certain of our core markets remain a concern, although it is encouraging to note that the strong supply side fundamentals remain generally intact.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)


Mondi introduces OLMO 2.0+ – the next generation of peelable process liners for the...  (Company news)

... flexible foam industry

Mondi Extrusion Coatings has been in the business of process liners for the flexible foam industry for 30 years. The rising demand for flexible foam has triggered the development of an enhanced and even more efficient solution. Within a short period of time, the engineers of Mondi have come up with a process liner that meets these demands and offers even more – a full service package including technical assistance, cost optimisation, reel width standardisation and a unique recycling scheme: OLMO 2.0+.
The original, tailor-made “Olmo paper” was developed by Mondi 30 years ago and helped the flexible foam industry to optimise their production and products. Now, Mondi has taken the next step towards better runnability, productivity and reduced environmental impact. The new process liner provides cost savings and enhances the quality of the product. Thanks to the full coverage of the foam block on all four sides, chemicals cannot evaporate and the foam block is protected from UV light as well as moisture. In addition, the entire production process is cleaner as the machine conveyors are shielded from sticky foam and the workers profit of a reduced toxic vapour exposure.
OLMO 2.0+ combines a strong Mondi paper with a special polymer layer that is tailor-made for the foam industry. “The new material solves various problems associated with conventional processing paper or standard polyethylene films”, Tom K. Schäbinger, CEO Coatings & Consumer Packaging, proudly explains. “OLMO 2.0+ is designed to run on all machine types and supports an increased prime foam output of our customers”, he states and continues, ”in addition, our undamaged OLMO 2.0+ paper can be recycled in a number of ways, thus offering environmental benefits.”
The runnability could be improved significantly as the new solution comprises a more stable process liner with a reduced risk of web breaks. This also leads to a better production safety for the employees thanks to the minimised contact with potentially toxic vapours. But the new solution goes even further than presenting only a better process liner. Mondi offers OLMO 2.0+ as a full package with additional services such as technical assistance to run the process liner most efficiently, help with cost optimisation projects as well as waste recycling solutions. “We are happy to support our customers in the best possible way”, Schäbinger states and concludes, “and this new solution fulfils our aim to translate our know-how and backward integrated supply chain into measurable profits for our customers.”
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #98722

Mondi presents the latest innovation in paper-based bags – the Hermetic Closed Pinch ...  (Company news)

...Bottom Bag

Paper bags are very popular in various industries and have been facing increased requirements with regard to barrier properties. Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging has therefore developed a novel paper-based bag, which offers high-barrier features comparable to plastic bags. This pioneering packaging does not only offer prolonged shelf life of products but also the possibility to reduce the use of preservatives within the pet food formulation.
“Market trends towards intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions have been the trigger for our latest product development. The hermetically closed pinch bottom bag features enhanced barrier properties whilst offering the natural look and feel of a paper-based packaging”, explains Stefan Gutheil, Managing Director Consumer Packaging. The innovative bag provides an oxygen barrier as well as a high grease resistance, thanks to the thermo-sealed bottom and corners. In addition, the hotmelt used in the sealing of the barrier ply fin provides the high protection typically provided by plastic bags. The bag was designed to withstand most critical ambient conditions in terms of temperature and humidity.
The hermetic pinch bottom bag prolongs the shelf life of products as well as retains the taste and flavours of the packed products for an extended period of time compared to other paper-based packaging solutions. Furthermore, customers benefit from the reduced amount of required preservatives in the pet food formulation. The robust laminate and the hermetically closed bottom and corners make the bag the ideal solution for safe deliveries in hot, humid countries. The bags were able to stand current testing for grease resistance of up to 20% fats and mechanical properties, which are common for big sacks (up to 20 kg). “In order to optimally meet the needs of our customers, we are currently working on the development of customised solutions including handles or spouts”, Stefan Gutheil says.
The hermetic closed pinch bottom bag is made up of a kraft paper carrier layer, which is – depending on the specific requirements – either laminated with an EVOH-based film or extrusion laminated with aluminium as physical barrier. Moreover, customers can choose from various bag designs: normal or semi-extensible kraft paper as external ply or in even more sophisticated solutions, clay coated greaseproof paper laminated with PET or PE. The main applications of the bag are the pet food and feed industries.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #89663

QuadTech signs strategic agreement to supply Mondi with inspection technology for ....  (Company news)

...sheet-fed corrugated converting presses

QuadTech has signed an agreement with Mondi, an international paper and packaging Group, to include its inspection technology on the group's sheet-fed corrugated presses that feature in-line die-cutting capability. Central to the agreement will be the installation of QuadTech's Inspection System, which inspects the entire substrate width throughout the production run. The system detects common defects such as hickies, hazing, streaks, misregistrations and color variations. Thanks to high-powered software, which enables the system to follow the operation at a speed of up to 7,000 sheets per hour, the system is capable of the most reliable benchmarking possible, Golden Template comparison. The first pilot installation is planned in December 2011 in Mondi's Bad Rappenau plant.
The partnership with QuadTech will enable Mondi to meet brand owners' higher quality expectations. Mondi chose QuadTech as a partner because it is seen as the only press control provider with extensive knowledge and experience in this niche of the corrugated converting market, in addition to its global support network.
Karl Fritchen, President of QuadTech, commented: “QuadTech’s Inspection System has several installations in the corrugated sheet-fed market, and this gives us a unique, proven track record in helping converters reduce waste levels and meet the higher quality expectations in this market niche.”
Inspection of corrugated substrates requires special algorithms that simulate the substrate’s washboard surface and overcome the associated challenges of illumination, in order to distinguish defects accurately.
(QuadTech Corporate Headquarters)


Mondi launches a new package design for IQ and MAESTRO® reams   (Company news)

Mondi launches a new package design for IQ and MAESTRO® reams. The new packaging displays a contemporary design that highlights key product features.

Mondi announces a new package design for its most popular office paper brands IQ and MAESTRO®. The design provides a more contemporary look that draws attention to the characteristics and environmental accreditations specific to IQ and MAESTRO® and their sub-brands.
“The impetus for the new package design came from customers wanting straightforward product information that could be accessed quickly in a busy office environment. Therefore, we increased the visibility of all environmental accreditations so they appear on the front, back and sides of IQ and MAESTRO® packaging, as well as key product characteristics,” says Johannes Klumpp Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.
On the back side of each package of IQ and MAESTRO®, customers will find a table that concisely describes the entire brand portfolio, providing the range of grammages available, formats, and recommended applications. Furthermore, logos are accompanied by explanations about each label and certification, such as Green Range, FSC®, ColorLok® or TRIOTEC®.

The colour-coding and motifs for all IQ sub-brands have remained the same. However, in place of the narrow colour band that ran across the top of IQ packages, customers will now find a bold swatch of colour – gold (IQ selection smooth), brown (IQ premium), orange (IQ appeal), blue (IQ allround) red (IQ economy) – and the sub-brand name wrapping around the upper right corner and down the side for easy identification. The same holds true for IQ color, Mondi’s tinted range that is available in a transparent plastic wrapper to reveal the colour of the paper. A horizontal strip of colour along the bottom right corner of the ream also displays the grammage, sheet count, format, and printer suitability.

MAESTRO® customers know this brand as the high performance paper for business users and the new packaging now better reflects this concept. Using consistent MAESTRO® sub-brand colours – gold (MAESTRO® supreme), silver (MAESTRO® extra), purple (MAESTRO® bulky), red (MAESTRO® special) and blue (MAESTRO® standard) – the new wrapper image combines the MAESTRO® logo with a close-up view of hands typing on a computer keyboard. On the transparent package for the tinted MAESTRO® color, the logo is multicoloured, echoing the 29 shades available.

In addition to IQ premium, IQ selection smooth, MAESTRO® extra and MAESTRO® supreme, customers can now find the ColorLok® logo on packages of IQ appeal and MAESTRO® bulky. The primary benefits of ColorLok® Technology are realized with inkjet printing and result in brighter images and graphics, crisp text with bolder blacks, and less smears due to rapid drying. To promote the extended paper range with ColorLok® Technology, Mondi will launch a ColorLok® campaign toward the end of 2011.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #85191

Mondi expands its ColorLok® papers to include NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, IQ appeal and...  (Company news)

...MAESTRO® bulky

Inkjet users can look forward to more choice now when it comes to achieving printouts with vivid colours, bolder blacks and faster drying times.
Global paper and packaging manufacturer Mondi has recently expanded their range of ColorLok® papers to include 100% recycled NAUTILUS® SuperWhite and office brands IQ appeal and MAESTRO® bulky. The ColorLok® logo can also be found on packages of IQ premium, IQ selection smooth, MAESTRO® extra, MAESTRO® supreme, DNS® premium, and NAUTILUS® ReFresh TRIOTEC.
“There is a visible difference between inkjet printing on paper with and without ColorLok® Technology. Our investment in ColorLok® Technology for a broader range of our uncoated fine papers is an added value for customers,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.
The primary benefits of ColorLok® Technology are realized with inkjet printing, resulting in richer, brighter images and graphics, crisp text with bolder blacks, and less smears due to rapid drying. With ColorLok® Technology the pigment remains at the paper surface while the ink penetrates deep into the paper, resulting in the crisp, vivid print quality.
To promote the extended paper range with ColorLok® Technology Mondi will launch a ColorLok® campaign toward the end of 2011.
(Mondi Europe & International Division)

Newsgrafik #69521

Fruit Logistica 2011  (Company news)

Picture: ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua

Mondi is participating to Fruit Logistica in Berlin in February 2011. The focus of the exhibition is the presentation of ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua and ProVantage Fluting Aqua. These two Containerboard paper grades are highly recommended for packaging solutions in the fruit and vegetable industry. ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua as well as ProVantage Fluting Aqua own ISEGA food contact certificate.
Product highlights:
- ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua is sufficiently water resistant to replace wax coated board. With regard to the converting process ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua has perfect gluing properties, shows excellent runnability, features good printability and allows higher speed at corrugators as no wax-dosing units are needed.
- ProVantage Fluting Aqua was developed after extensive research to perfect its resistance against water penetration and humidity and to replace wax coated flutings. This partly sized fluting is 100% recyclable and boasts excellent runnability and gluing properties.
About Fruit Logistica:
FRUIT LOGISTICA is the leading international meeting place of the fresh produce trade. From 9th to 11th February 2011, more than 2,000 companies from across the entire fresh produce value chain will be present in a single location – including global players as well as small and medium-sized suppliers from all around the world.
For three whole days, FRUIT LOGISTICA provides:
- an across-the-board presence of top international exhibitors
- an excellent platform for initiating business deals excellent opportunities for making worldwide business contacts
- a unique opportunity to gain a complete overview of the latest trends in the fresh produce business
(Mondi Europe & International Division)


Mondi unterstützt das Symposium Unternehmensberichte  (Firmennews)

Das 5. Symposium Unternehmensberichte stellt Ideen, Konzepte, Prozesse und Lösungen rund um die Unternehmensberichterstattung in den Mittelpunkt. Mondi zeigt sein 100% Recyclingpapier Nautilus®, das als CO2-neutrale Variante ideal für Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsberichte geeignet ist.
Am 22. und 23. September 2010 findet in Frankfurt am Main das Symposium Unternehmensberichte des Fachverbands Medienproduktioner statt. Als Mitglied des f:mp wird Mondi auch als Sponsor des Symposiums Unternehmensberichte teilnehmen. Auf dem Symposium Unternehmensberichte 2010 geben renommierte Experten Einblicke in die Möglichkeiten und Ausblicke auf die zukünftigen Trends.
Mondi wird die Vorzüge des neuen 100% Recyclingpapiers Nautilus® SuperWhite hervorheben, welches sich auf Grund des hohen Weißegrades und des hervorragenden Umweltprofils bestens zum Druck von Unternehmensberichten oder speziellen Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsberichten eignet. Es wird zu 100% aus recyceltem Papier hergestellt und ist auch CO2-neutral erhältlich. Teilnehmer des Symposiums können sich von dem Papier überzeugen, da die gesamten Seminarunterlagen auf Nautilus® SuperWhite gedruckt sind.
„Das Symposium Unternehmensberichte thematisiert eines der bedeutendsten Instrumente der Unternehmenskommunikation. Umso wichtiger ist neben Glaubwürdigkeit und Relevanz der Inhalte deshalb auch die effiziente und qualitativ hochwertige Umsetzung“, erläutert Rüdiger Maaß, Geschäftsführer des f:mp. und Moderator der Veranstaltung. Hinzu kommt, dass die Rahmenbedingungen der Unternehmensberichtsproduktion von hochkomplexen gesetzlichen Bestimmungen, heterogenen Daten und Informationen, exklusiven Ansprüchen an Gestaltung und Multimedialität, zunehmend wachsenden Anforderungen der Aktionäre sowie einem hohen Zeit- und Kostendruck gekennzeichnet sind.
Das Symposium vermittelt einen umfassenden Überblick sowohl über inhaltliche und rechtliche Anforderungen als auch über produktionstechnische Perspektiven und die Bedeutung des Projekt- und Dokumentenmanagements. Nachhaltigkeit, Social Media und Communication-Sharing sind nur einige Bereiche, die in der Unternehmensberichterstattung immer mehr an Bedeutung gewinnen. In diesem Jahr wird ebenfalls zum 2. Mal der „MEDIENPRODUKTIONSPREIS für Unternehmensberichte“ vom f:mp. vergeben. (Fachverband Medienproduktioner e.V. (f:mp.))


Color Copy mit frischer, neuer CO2 neutraler Papierverpackung  (Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation)

Color Copy präsentiert sich mit neuer Papierverpackung sowie mit CO2-Neutralität. Die neue, kundenfreundliche Verpackung besticht durch ein modernes Design und kommuniziert klar die Produkt- und Umweltvorteile.
Color Copy, das professionelle Papier für digitale Farblasersysteme von Mondi, ist ab September 2010 in einer neu gestalteten und umweltfreundlichen Verpackung erhältlich. Nach der Umstellung von einer transparenten Verpackung auf eine Papierverpackung hat Mondi sich nun entschieden, auch aus Color Copy ein CO2-neutrales Produkt zu machen.
Die Wiedererkennbarkeit von Color Copy bleibt auch im neuen Design bestehen durch die bereits bekannten Farben Cyan, Magenta und Yellow. Allerdings sind nun die Umweltzertifizierungen, sowie Grammatur und Format auf den ersten Blick erkennbar. Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director von Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper erklärt die Motive für die Designänderung: “Der Umweltaspekt spielt für unsere Kunden eine sehr wichtige Rolle. Die neue Emballage zeigt auf der Vorderseite ganz deutlich das FSC-, Green Range- und CO2-neutral-Logo sowie die EU-Blume. Detaillierte Informationen zu diesen Umweltzertifizierungen werden auf der Rückseite angeführt. Die Umstellung von einer transparenten auf eine Papierverpackung bedeutet für unsere Kunden wie auch für die Umwelt weniger Müll.“
Als CO2 neutrales Produkt, bietet Color Copy unseren Kunden einen zusätzlichen Umweltvorteil. Wie in jedem industriellen Prozess wird auch für die Produktion von Color Copy CO2 ausgestoßen. Diese Emissionen werden durch die Investition in verifizierte Reduktionsprogramme neutralisiert. Wenn Kunden Color Copy kaufen, nehmen Sie eine pro-aktive Rolle in der Reduktion von CO2-Emissionen ein und helfen so den Effekten des Klimawandesl entgegenzusteuern.
Die neue, leicht lesbare Papierverpackung zeigt auf der Rückseite die Produktvorteile, Information zu Mondi‘s Green Range, der Color Copy‘s FSC-Zertifizierung, die EU-Blume sowie eine Beschreibung zur CO2-Neutralität. Ebenso zeigt es Produktbilder des gesamten Color Copy-Sortiments inklusive Grammaturen und Formaten.
“Color Copy ist über die letzten zwei Jahre laut einer FOGRA-Vergleichsstudie immer führend in der Gesamtdruckqualität“ sagt Johannes Klumpp. „Color Copy war das erste Papier welches speziell für Digitaldruck entwickelt wurde und wir arbeiten konstant an der Qualität, um den Kundenanforderungen und den hohen Anforderungen des Digitaldruckmarktes mit der besten Qualität gerecht zu sein“.
Color Copy ist in einem breiten Sortiment von 90 bis 350 g/m2, A4, A3, SRA3, A3+, Halb- und Großformat, Rollen und Xeikon Rollen verfügbar. Color Copy ist Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) zertifiziert und ist Teil von Mondi’s Green Range Familie. Alle Green Range Papiere sind FSC-zertifiziert, zu 100% chlorfrei gebleicht (TCF) oder 100% Recycling-Papiere.


Mondi – Gewinner des Trigos Sonderpreises 2010  (Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation)

Mondi gewinnt den Trigos 2010 in der Kategorie Sonderpreis "Maßnahmen gegen Armut und soziale Benachteiligung" für seine gemeinsamen Projekte mit der Caritas unter dem Titel: “Integration durch Bildung“

2010 ist das europäische Jahr zur Bekämpfung von Armut und sozialer Ausgrenzung. Bildung, Armut und Integration gehen Hand in Hand. Nur wer die Sprache beherrscht und eine fundierte Schulbildung hat, kann sich leichter integrieren und hat später bessere Zukunftschancen.
Dieses Jahr reichte Mondi erstmalig seine Projekte zum Thema „Integration durch Bildung“ ein, die in Kooperation mit der Caritas umgesetzt werden. Das Unternehmen bekam dafür aus 166 eingereichten Projekten den TRIGOS-Sonderpreis verliehen. Die Jury begründete ihre Entscheidung wie folgt: „Das Projekt von Mondi setzt dort an, wo bereits frühzeitig Armut und sozialer Ausgrenzung vorgebeugt werden kann: Durch Aus- und Weiterbildung in sogenannten Lerncafés, durch Elternarbeit und „soziales Lernen“ wird benachteiligten Jugendlichen die Integration und somit auch der soziale Aufstieg erleichtert. Mondi hat Bildung als effektive Präventionsmaßnahme gegen Armut und Arbeitslosigkeit erfasst und dies in drei beispielhaften Projekten in Kooperation mit der Caritas und unter Einbindung engagierter MitarbeiterInnen umgesetzt. Mit der Verleihung des Sonderpreises an das Projekt von Mondi setzt die Jury ein Zeichen, dass Armut auch in Österreich ein akutes Problem darstellt, dem sich jedoch Unternehmen wirkungsvoll und qualifiziert widmen können.“
„Corporate Social Responsibility ist eine zentrale Säule unserer Unternehmensphilosophie. Mit der Verleihung des Sonderpreises an das Projekt von Mondi setzt die Jury ein Zeichen, dass Armut auch in Österreich ein akutes Problem darstellt, dem sich jedoch Unternehmen wirkungsvoll und qualifiziert widmen können. Wir sehen es als Teil unserer Verantwortung, einen Beitrag zur Chancengleichheit und nachhaltigen Entwicklung der Gesellschaft zu leisten“, unterstreicht Peter J. Oswald, CEO Mondi Europe & International.
In drei Caritas-Projekten in Österreich wird durch professionelle Lernunterstützung, Elternarbeit und „sozialem Lernen“ Kindern und Jugendlichen aus sozial benachteiligten Familien - vorwiegend mit Migrationshintergrund - die Integration erleichtert sowie Chancengleichheit für künftige Ausbildungen und beim Einstieg in den Arbeitsmarkt geboten.

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