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With the completely revised editions of the Birkner media also in this year the publishing house provides a professional source of information in order to find orientation in the rapidly developing markets of the international pulp and paper industry and an opportunity to establish business contacts.

The company profiles reflect in detailed manner the companies’ efforts to find competitive solutions by new and/or modified products and production methods with a view to the rising energy costs and scarcity of resources on one hand and the modified paper consumption on the other hand.

The unique compilation of company profiles of the international paper industry encompasses raw material suppliers, producers and converters as well as supplying industry and offers the opportunity to establish all necessary business relations.

The new Birkner - International PaperWorld contains more than 28.000 company profiles from 153 countries for professional research and for maintainance or expansion of business affairs. More than 23.000 internet addresses may be used for fast communication ways.

Volume 1 contains in six parts company information regarding producers of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper and board, converters of paper and board, Buyers‘ Guide of producers and converters, brands and trade names, merchants and Buyers‘ Guide of merchants.

Volume 2 offers in six parts company information regarding waste paper trade, service companies, suppliers, product register of suppliers, associations and institutions as well as trade press. Volume 2 ends with the General Index, the search register for both volumes.

The professional access to the regularly updated internet database with current company and trade news, comfortable data research and data export function and worldwide maps complements the reliable book edition in an ideal way.

The publishing house wishes all customers of the Birkner media the desired benefit and business success.

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