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Global Hygiène to start tissue production in Charavines in 2020  (Company news)

The former Arjowiggins site in Charavines, France will become operational again. The new owner Global Hygiène plans to start producing tissue at the site in 2020, which will make it an integrated producer of tissue products.

French sanitary products manufacturer Global Hygiène has announced more concrete plans for the former Arjowiggins plant Charavines in the east of the country. The company, which had announced the takeover of the idle site back in 2015 and now finalised it, plans to start tissue paper production in early 2020. The installation work is scheduled to begin in September and will take 18 months. The financing of the project had now been secured and completed, said Global Hygiène. The company receives €490,000 from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and a total of €1.18m in subsidies from the national government. A total of €20m is to be invested in the project.

Global Hygiène plans to install a new tissue machine in Charavines with an annual capacity of 30,000 t. According to the company, the machine will produce tissue paper for the group's two converting plants in Auxonne and Vern d'Anjou. This makes Global Hygiène an integrated manufacturer of tissue products. The company currently buys around 30,000 tpy of tissue paper on the open market which it converts to tissue products at its two plants. Global Hygiène produces single-use wipes and sanitary products such as toilet paper, paper towels or medical drapes. The company employs over 130 people and its annual sales amount to around €47m. The start-up of Charavines will initially create 35 new jobs.

Luc Brami, CEO of Global Hygiène, said at the time of the acquisition announcement that the new plant would consolidate the company's leadership position in the market for sanitary products. The company was said to be the market leader with a market share of 15%.
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2.6% increase in Spain's paper production in 2015  (Company news)

Spain's paper industry is recovering. According to Aspapel, paper production as well as consumption in the country went up in 2015 compared to 2014. Packaging papers were especially sought-after.

"2015 is the business year when Spain's paper industry has begun to recover", writes Aspapel, the association of Spanish pulp, paper, and board manufacturers, in its report on the development of the paper industry last year. Paper and board output in the country in 2015 grew year-on-year by 2.6%.

The figure is highest among the six largest paper-producing countries in Europe, Aspapel said, observing that output growth was lower in Germany (+0.3%) and Italy (+2.2%) while production receded in Sweden (-5%), Finland (-0.9%) and France (-1.4%).

Aspapel notes that year-on-year growth was highest in the specialty and sanitary paper segments where production rose by 15.3% and 9.2% respectively.

Output growth in the country was not sufficient to meet the increase in domestic demand. The association reports that a total of 6.6 million t of paper were consumed in 2015, 5.6% more than in the previous year. Spain is the fifth largest paper consumer in the EU behind Germany, Italy, the UK and France.

Demand growth was highest for packaging paper and board last year. Consumption of corrugated case material increased by 8.2% compared with the previous year, consumption of coated board by 6.8% and that of other packaging paper such as kraft sack paper, paper for bags or coreboard by 9.3%.

Growing demand was met, not least, with higher imports in 2015. Aspapel reports that Spanish buyers imported 2.3% more paper and board than in 2014. By contrast, exports declined by 4.1%.
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